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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 4, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news here on monday. >> october 4th. hopefully you had a really great weekend and over the next couple of days. are going to be just as nice as the weekend was. so john shrable, our meteorologists tracking that for us in john, yesterday was a warm one had to turn my fans on back yesterday and again, my when i left this morning, my house very hot. is going to be another hot one like it was yesterday. today. today is actually the last of the hot
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ones rain up today. the daytime highs inland are rising well into the 90's. again. we've got some 80's right along the bay shore. >> so much like yesterday. you'll be turning the fans on finding yourselves a cool spot to get to tomorrow starts to cool down, though that really allows fall to settle in for honestly, the rest of this forecast after today. so if you're done with the heat, just get through today and the rest of the forecast is looking really good. a lot cooler for those of you that are feeling the heat so much anymore. your view outside her berkeley hills camera is showing you some really clear skies overhead. we've enjoyed these clear skies for a while now, just some isolated pockets of fog right at the coastline that have been nothing more then pockets of fog just for a couple of areas time and time again. we are looking at predominantly clear skies of the coast yet again today. still a little dose of fog in a couple of areas. now radar is showing these clear and dry skies much as you enjoy this weekend did make for a really warm weekend. if you're closer to the coast, you enjoyed it. if you're along the bay are further
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inland. yeah, maybe kind of done with those hotter temperatures concord. you're at 60 right now. brett, what at 65 san francisco berkeley and alameda. also hanging out in the 60's this morning. so a lot of us are actually pretty mild. santa rosa. our cool spot at 48 degrees after what is a fairly warm start to this morning. we do have another hot afternoon ahead of us highs into the low 90's inland 80's along the bay and 70's solidly right along the coastline. but get ready, though there are some big changes just around the corner. in the forecast and that's still ahead, ray to tom, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic on this monday morning. not tracking any major hot spots. >> a little under 10 minutes for you to make it from the east bay into the city. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes for your drive time there. the richmond sandra fell bridge pretty quiet at this hour. a little under 9 minutes for you to make your trek across towards sandra fell and let's check out the golden gate bridge clear skies 20 minute
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drive into the city more traffic and weather coming up for now, a man is expected to survive after a shark bit him while he was surfing near bodega bay on sunday morning. well, day a fire protection district paramedics say the man was bitten on his hand or on his thigh and he had to be airlifted to the hospital. kron four's. amanda hari has that story for us. >> a man that was with the shark bite victim when it happens, says it all happened so quickly. he wasn't able to process just how scary it what's. >> also nice on l a he was saying he was saying how. >> he was gerry davis was surfing with a shark bite victim on salmon creek near bodega bay early sunday morning. he says a wave overtook the victim and then davis saw the shark when he was back into i saw the dorsal fin of the shark.
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>> and then saw the tail end of the show. when the victim started yelling about the shark both davis and the victim paddle back to shore when they got to the beach davis saw the bite and i saw his leg. it looks like he had a red stripe on this. let's see he called but that was actually the davis says about a dozen surfers all came to shore to help. they used a surf least to apply a tourniquet soon. paramedics arrived within minutes the ambulance, he and then a couple minutes more today give a fire protection district paramedics. jonathan bauer and timothy say that this is something they've never experienced before. but they knew how to handle that ball. the cause was very unique. the attacked by the shark. >> that hitting injuries are treated basically the same all the time. being tonight for a stabbing wound or you noticed, stephanie, something. anything really they called in california highway patrol to airlift the man to santa rosa memorial hospital. both paramedics want to emphasize
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that shark attacks are extremely rare these are very, very infrequent. and so it shouldn't be a cause to concerned of the water. and so they're going to be doing an investigation and what. >> caused this california highway patrol says the victim is in stable condition and that he will survive. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> well over in the east bay, a fresno woman died after being shot in east oakland early saturday morning. it happened around 3.15 foothill boulevard near the franklin rec center. police say they found evidence of a shooting, but no victims. once they arrive on scene. not long after that. they got a call from an area hospital saying to people walked in with multiple gunshot wounds. investigators say the woman died at the hospital, making it the city's a 106 homicide of the year. no other information was released about the condition of the second victim. also over the east bay union city police are investigating their first homicide of the year. it happened friday night on queen
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and drive police say they found a 35 year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound. there he was later pronounced dead at the scene. police say they're looking for suspects as well as investigating. why the shooting happened in the first place. and sacramento police arrested a suspect after they stole an ambulance early saturday morning. police say they received reports ambulance driving recklessly hitting multiple cars ultimately injuring the driver, the helicopter found the stolen ambulance downtown police say the suspect ran away in the area of 23rd street and democracy. ali, the suspect is facing several felony charges. the city of fairfield is cracking down on sideshows there on wednesday. the city's ordinance on site shows spectators are going to go into effect. so that means people were just watching a sideshow could face a misdemeanor charge. there. the new ordinance prohibits knowingly being a spectator at a sideshow or speed race. it
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is enforceable on all city roadways. public property, private property without the owners consent. it also applies to drivers passengers and also pedestrians violated. the ordinance could result in jail time or $1000 fine. the city of sales adopt a similar law also crack down on sideshows there. now to our wildfire coverage. let's start with the came the complex fire burning in and around sequoyah as well as the kings canyon national park parts of fresno county are und r evacuation warnings where authorities are telling people to be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. the fire has burned more than 62,000 acres. and crews are still working to protect the giant sequoias here. this fire is just 20% contained.
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>> and the sandwiches with giants beat the san diego padres and outlast the dodgers to win the nl west on the last day of the regular season. it was the giants a 107 victory which is a franchise record. most importantly the giants avoid the winner take all wild card game. let's show you how they managed to pull it off in the 3rd inning buster posey puts the giants on the board with a 2 run single and then the next any wilmer flores comes through with a double to make it hot. >> giants. then later in the buster posey again with a base hit up the middle that gave the giants a six-run lead. then in the 5th inning starting pitcher logan webb at the plate. he hits his first career home run. that makes it 9 to one san francisco goes on to win by a high of 11 to 4. here's some reaction from the players after the game. >> and the thing about 107
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game. loss a little bit the last 10 days or so. least of the makes it all the more last into the season that was our goal and we knew was going to be talking is going to be dry. you know, if the dodgers that was are all going. and we've got >> all right. a giant will take on either the dodgers or the louis cardinals in the division series. well, here's the schedule because you got a lot to watch. it is a best of 5 series with game one on friday at oracle part game 2. is also be oracle park on saturday. >> game 3 is going to be next monday in either louis or los angeles. all right. here's a look at the playoff schedule. >> and we have >> i guess we'll have that are on our website at kron 4 dot here we go. okay. looks like friday, october 8 saturday,
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october night game to then the next game and october 11th the end game for tuesday. october 12 game 5 is thursday. october 14th. all right. well, fans would allow team the giants being crowned in al west division champions for the first time since 2012, it's been awhile kron four's. >> taylor was aqi has reaction from the fans. >> a san francisco giants fans on sunday. as the giants took on a must-win attitude to their regular season finale against the san diego padres totally exciting. you can feel all the electricity all through the whole stadium. despite saturday's loss fans were optimistic about their chances on sunday. feeling great. we're going to w today clinch the nl west playoffs, 107 when having a great time everybody's really dialed in. this is definitely a playoff atmosphere weekend. all the playoff games in the world series during the early 2010's run. it was fantastic.
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>> and we're just looking forward to some more playoff magic here in park apart. jj panzer and his partner michelle bear injure have been going to giants games together for years and has since become a family part of >> our family really coming to see that eye and actually dated caught. >> and they were both their first games. so this is really something special for us. so we're really happy to be here today. a special game for all giants fans on sunday. a san francisco defeated the padres winning the nl west title for the first time since 2012, it feels great because the past couple years haven't been super great a blessing every time the giants do well. i think. >> keeping the car fell property opposed it. in a throwing in some what could do like pretty good team in the playoffs. bring on the ring, baby. go for it all.
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>> don't stop believin. >> a lot of excitement there that was taylor was aqui reporting hopefully she had a good time there. well, still to come on the kron 00:00am morning news democrats set a new deadline to pass spending bills. >> and a live report. we're going to tell you obstacles they face in the senate. plus, it's officially the star of lee. we the festivities you can expect to see in the city throughout the next few days.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news the time for you now. 04:14am, here on october the 4th a lot happening over the next few days and i hear another warm one, john. that's the case for us today. at least right.
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>> yes. so one more warm day rain and that we're looking at a pretty nice cool down for really the rest of the forecast after today. today, though, settle in for another day with that heat for sure. you're look outside here at san francisco. you got city hall there in the distance looking really nice and clear this morning we're yet again starting this morning out with barely any fog. just a couple of spots right along the coastline where you may see a pocket or 2. the vast majority of even the coast as fog free in the rest of us are also off to that note. so are we sitting in the big picture set up here. what we do have a cold front to our north. this is about to cool down pretty noticeably to our south. we do have this low pressure area bringing southern california, a few clouds today, maybe a couple of sprinkles for upper elevations really bay area, though we're just still holding on to one more hot day ahead of this cool down. that is just around the corner. air quality is going to be moderate for most of the bay area this afternoon. we do have some air quality issues remaining in the central valley. it's actually been really, really poor for some
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of our valley neighbors are conditions here. haven't been perfect, but definitely better that our neighbors further inland, 60's and 70's for your highs in sf today. nearing 80 degrees in both mission and financial district. so it is another warm one even for areas closer to the coastline. elder not a daly city. half moon bay each into the low 70's wall. solid 80's for most of her bayshore cities for yet another one saying carlos 88 redwood city 86 palo alto and mountain view each 84 temperatures nearing if not to the 90 degree. mark san jose in cupertino right up to 88 degrees fremont to hayward in the mid 80's and some solid 90's again for inland valleys from the tri valley through walnut creek concord do expect those 90 solidly oakland right at 80 degrees below what 85 vacaville that antioch over to pittsburgh in benicia. also all in the 90's today. we can add nevado and center fell to that list with point rays at 70 today. another sunny one for you. out at point raise
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today. now tomorrow's temperatures do cool down. we will cool into the 80's her very warmest on tuesday. a full 10 degree cool down 4, our inland are beside and even our coastal areas which will cool from the 70's to the 60's now wednesday and thursday, we get even cooler with 70's inland. and that's the way we stay into the weekend friday night into saturday morning bringing a potential of rainfall and i'm going to be keeping all my fingers crossed that that rainfall does pan out in a meaningful way. reyna john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at the traffic this morning. we do have an accident along 80 westbound east. >> the university avenue in berkeley. so again, keeping a close eye on that. but as you make it from the maze to that free much exits. going to be a little under 12 minutes for your drive time. there. let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes. the richmond sandra fell commute a as you head out of richmond. let's also check out the golden gate bridge clear skies. no major fog about 20
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minutes into the city. lit orange county crews worked to clean up a potential environmental catastrophe. a major oil spill close miles of shoreline and trigger. an urgent response to protect the orange county coast. carlos a seagull has the latest on this developing situation out there. >> an ecological disaster in the waters off the orange county coastline. the leak at an offshore oil rig spilling more than 120,000 gallons of crude oil affecting the communities of new port and huntington beach is about the oil spill. so i decided to just get my stuff and get out there. see what it can do. >> might a davila put her gloves on to volunteer on her own and clean up the environmental mess. i what i saw was just chunks and chunks of oil. it looked like. >> really hard sand. but with the like try to break it apart. it was impossible. the toxic spill was reported saturday morning. it's deadly consequences washing up on
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shore. there was a discharge of oil of heavy crude oil that took place. >> we assess about 4 and a half miles off the coast of huntington beach. in new port beach. the spill was likely caused by pipeline leak from a facility operated by beta offshore. the california subsidiary of houston-based amplify energy, a platform located 5 miles off the coast. the pipeline has since been shut off. we currently have divers on the. >> potential source we are investigating the source and potential cause officials have closed off the ocean ensure from see point to the santa ana river. >> even canceling the air show which draws thousands aircraft could be seeing grounded sunday afternoon. >> federal, state and local authorities warning people not to fish, swim and surf due to the possible health hazards. >> there shouldn't be anybody swimming. we are proactively trailing the beach and notify people to get out of the water cleanup. now a monumental
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task. >> we do have both on water and onshore operations ongoing right now we have boats deployed that are recovering oil that is able to be recovered. >> well, that was carlos a reporting for us this morning. now democrats have another busy week ahead of them after their party failed to unite behind the president spending plans last week and the white house and democratic lawmakers set a deadline of october 31st hopefully to get the bills passed. raquel martin joins us live this morning to explain how much the social spending package is going to be good morning. workout. >> good morning, rina will. that's right. yesterday democrats that they want to try to get the president's legislative agenda across the finish line by the end of this month. but with clear divisions still right between progressives and moderates. it's likely going to be a bumpy road ahead. >> democrats are resetting the clock to pass president biden's legislative agenda
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october 31st is or new target date sunday on cnn's state of the union, illinois democratic senator durbin said he's hoping progressives in the house and moderates in the senate will come together to get the job done. i think the american people are looking for us to come up with effective ways to help them in their daily lives. congresswoman pramila jayapal, the head of the progressive caucus says her members will not fix that moderates proposed one 0.5 trillion dollar framework for president biden, social spending bill, what we've said from the beginning as it's never been about the price tag. it's about what to deliver. the chief says bottom line, the plan must tackle key social issues from childcare to pay believe. >> to climate change. how do we get all of those things in. but, you know, and it but perhaps for shorter period of time. >> be able to get then to the number from that the president need every democrat in the senate and house on board to pass its plans on fox news sunday wyoming republican senator john barrasso says republicans will not help
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democrats pass more reckless spending every republican is united against it. republicans also oppose helping democrats raise the debt ceiling last week. they blocked democrats attempt to tackle the issue. the treasury department is set to run out of money by october 18th. and for weeks now, we've heard the treasury secretary warned that if congress does not take action to raise the debt ceiling. the impacts on the u.s. economy could be detrimental. >> today where he will hear from president biden. he's expected to call on republicans to work with democrats to resolve the issue for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you in a thank you for that report. recount. >> and billions of dollars from the american rescue plan have not reached the public despite being past 6 months ago, the federal stimulus package includes 350 billion for state and local programs. an associated press analysis found more than half of us cities reported no new funds were distributed over the summer. the biden
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administration says it's not concerned about the pace of the spending because the package was designed for both immediate relief as well as long-term projects. well, still to come on the kron 4 morning news gas is getting more expensive throughout the united states. >> why experts say the prices are unusual for this time of the year.
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>> san francisco fleet week is celebrating its 40th anniversary. the air show
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includes the navy parachute team. the red bull force wing suit skydivers as well as the blue angels. if you will, in person. the city's covid protocols are still be in place during fleet week. masks are required. on all us navy vessels. you can also be asked to wear a face covering and show proof of vaccination with a matching id for any events that take place inside fleet week brings thousands of people to san francisco. the fire department has a message for anyone who may have some questions. >> if you have an emergency call 911. if you need information, call 3, 1, 1, so don't lock up 911 for non emergency. use the 3, 1, 1, line. >> these are some of the events that are going to be happening this week. the fun kicks off today with a concert at the our local tab bar then on wednesday the shift horse began. they honor fallen concert is also going to be wednesday at 6 o'clock. and
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you can look at the vessels on thursday, saturday, sunday and monday, the parade of ships starts on friday at 11:00am the air show starts friday and runs through this weekend. and finally, you can check out the canine heroes on saturday from 10:00am until 02:00pm. kron 4 is your blue angel station. if you don't want to deal with the traffic or the crowds. remember, you can always watch our live coverage. >> from the comfort of your own home. wherever we're going to have a live show on saturday. october 9 at 02:00pm host. it local anchor and pilot. ken lay. >> well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're taking a look at the history of oil spills in california. why experts say it just happen often. welcome back to the
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kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. the time for you now. >> 04:30am, and another warm one on the way. john, we were talking about this earlier said that you use all of the fans last night. we'll get this morning. house was still really warm. and today we're expected to be. >> a little warmer just on par with where we were yesterday. yes. so today right around the same as yesterday. honestly, we're going to be back into the 90's for daytime highs. inland 80's right along the bay. some salt 70's out towards the coastline, which although really comfortable. >> as war for coastal spots.


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