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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 3, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at night. >> and just like that. the team that no one at the start of the season predicted to even make the playoffs clinch the national league west division at home in front of a packed oracle park. yeah. we're going to start off talking about the giants tonight. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm justine waldman. jonathan is off tonight and our sports director jason dumas says going to break down the win and tell us what's next for the giants in just a few minutes there still more baseball to be played. but we do want to start tonight by hearing what giants fans are saying about tonight's big win. kron four's to the sacking was at oracle park and
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brings us the sights and sounds. >> a san francisco giants fans on sunday. as the giants took on a must-win attitude to their regular season finale against the san diego padres totally exciting. you can feel all the electricity all through the whole stadium. despite saturday's loss. fans were optimistic about their chances on sunday feeling great. we're going to turn w today clinch the nl west playoffs, 107 went. having a great time everybody's really dialed in. this is definitely a playoff atmosphere weekend. all the playoff games in the world series during the early 2010's run. it was fantastic. >> and we're just looking forward to some more playoff magic here in our part, jj panzer in his partner michelle bear. injure have been going to giants games together for years and has since become a family part of >> our family really coming to see that eye and actually
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dated caught. >> and they were both their first games. so this is really something special for us. so we're really happy to be here today. a special game for all giants fans on sunday. a san francisco defeated the padres winning the nl west title for the first time since 2012, it feels great because the past couple years haven't been super great a blessing every time the giants do well. i think. >> keeping the car fell property opposed in a throwing in some i think we could do like pretty good team in the playoffs. bring on the ring, baby. go for it all. >> don't stop believin. kuz kron four's. taylor sacking reporting for us tonight. and again, we'll have the games highlights and see who the giants faces next. that's coming up in sports. >> in just a few minutes. now, though, let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside at san francisco city hall lit up
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tonight in giants colors and our meteorologist rebecca strom is here now with a look at the week ahead that has a lot of changes coming. yeah, it really does justine a little bit of something for everyone. so if you like the warmer conditions, we're going to see that in the next couple days that it's going to switch to cool. >> and then we could see some wet weather as well. just keep in mind and keep it to kron 4 because we'll bring you the latest. that is for sure. but yes, a nice clear shot of san francisco. in fact, not a cloud in the sky tonight barely any fog are seeing clear skies and all of our live cameras, especially right here in downtown at city hall. go giants and we're going to see clear conditions pretty much during the overnight hours even waking up for your monday morning. things should be nice and clear and visibility should be good on the roads tomorrow. so i just keep that in mind. we're going to see a whole lot of sunshine as we get into tomorrow. very similar to what we saw today. and look at the temperatures outside right now. very mild. we're in the 60's and 70's. so take advantage of it. try to
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enjoy it because things are definitely going to be changing 70 degrees right now in downtown san francisco 68 in downtown oakland san jose. you're currently at 74 degrees. so nice mild evening and those clear conditions and then tomorrow still warm. still, sunny and we're going to see some 80's inland, even some low 90's and some are hot spots tomorrow. but then later in the week, that's when things are going to start to change and things are going to feel more like fall. so that were already in october, right. so things are going to get more normal about wednesday through whether rest of the week and then we could see the possibility of some rain friday and saturday. i'll have more details on that a little bit later. so tomorrow's breakdown of our highs. we have to get through all these warm temperatures before we can get to the cooler conditions 76 degrees tomorrow and san francisco, a high of 78 in oakland and then we're going to see some 80's along the east bay shoreline like in hayward 83 degrees there 85 in fremont tomorrow. upper 80's for much of the north bay nevada. you'll be at a high of 89. and then of the
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livermore valley. that's where we're going to see those 90's pop up 91 there in 91 expected in conquer. but looking ahead over the next couple of days. lots of sunshine tomorrow, then we're going to start to see some cloud cover taper through a little bit of a drop in temperatures but still warm on tuesday. and then a real drop into wednesday, mostly cloudy conditions. we're going to see inland highs only top out into the 70's and 60's along the bay and the coast. i'll talk more about the rainfall, though, that we can possibly get to later in the week and into next weekend coming up in just a bit. justine. thank you so much. 106. that's the number of homicides so far in oakland this year. the latest victim, a woman from fresno who died after an early morning shooting in east oakland. >> this happened on foothill boulevard near the franklin rec center when officers arrived at the scene, they found evidence of a shooting, but no victims and not long after they say they got a call from an area hospital saying 2
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people had walked in with multiple gunshot wounds. investigators say the woman died from her injuries at the hospital. this marks the city's 100 and 6th homicide of the year. no other information was released about the condition of the second victim. and union city police are dealing with the city's first homicide of the year. police say a 35 year-old man died in the shooting that happened on friday night around 8.30, on queen and drive. >> when officers arrived on scene, they located. i'm a single victim, a male who is 35 years old least one gunshot wound officers on scene, attempted life. they but ultimately the victim was pronounced at the scene, but a fire matter. >> officer jimenez also told us the shooting happened in a residential area. they're still investigating the cause as well as looking for suspects. now to contra, costa county where 4 people died and 3 different car accidents this
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morning. the first one happened around one, 30. the chp says it happened on 80 southbound in hercules and police say 3 cars were involved. one driver died. 3 others were injured and near martinez on highway 4 police say a car there. had 3 people inside and went down an embankment and crashed into a tree. police say 2 passengers died on the scene. the driver is out of hospital recovering for minor injuries. and then lastly in el sobrante one person died. 3 others were injured in a crash on san pablo dam road north of bear creek road. police say that crash happened around 1130 this morning. san francisco police arrested a driver for participating in this sideshow from last night. it happened a masonic avenue and fulton street right near the panhandle. this is video from the scene, from the citizen app. police say the driver who was arrested also had their car towed. will turn out tonight to our coronavirus
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coverage and 6 months after congress passed the american rescue plan billions of dollars in aid have still not reached the public, the federal stimulus package included 350 billion in state and local programs. however, an associated press report found that more than half of us cities reported no new funds are being distributed over the summer. the biden administration says it's not concerned about the pace of the spending because the package was designed for both immediate relief and long-term projects. several states across the country are being reminded how vicious the delta variant is the 5 states with the highest percentage of the fully vaccinated populations are all in new england with vermont leading the way followed by connecticut, maine, rhode island and massachusetts hospitals across eing full n are intensive care units and staff shortages are starting to affect care despite the relatively high vaccination rate. the u.s. as a whole is now averaging about 55.5% of
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people who are eligible who are now fully vaccinated. doctor anthony fauci says clinical trials of new covid pell being developed by merck. the drug company. a pretty promising. but the key to stopping the pandemic is getting more people vaccinated. >> you have now a small molecule drug that can be given orally and the results of the trial that would just announced yesterday and the day before really quite impressive is that potentially something that would that would make vaccine not necessary. oh, absolutely not. that such a false narrative that someone says, well, now you have a drug. remember the easiest way to stay out of the hospital and not die is don't get infected. >> doctor fauci says 70 million eligible americans still have yet to get vaccinated, making them far more likely to get the virus and then die from it. the biden administration is pushing more us airlines to mandate vaccines for workers
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and to set a deadline now for december 8th the white house covid response coordinator is reportedly working with several airline executives to hammer out this plan. some of the airlines want the date pushed back but reports of showing the white house is urging them to act sooner rather than later on friday, american airlines announced that over 100,000 of its employees would get vaccinated but did not specify a deadline. with the holidays. coming up, the cdc is issuing new guidance on how to celebrate safely. the first piece of advice you guessed it, get fully vaccinated before seeing your friends and family. the agency also recommending to hold gatherings virtually or outside. if you are getting together inside mask up. try to leave the windows open to let the air circulate. and as always, if you're not feeling well, stay home. stay with us here on kron 4 for continuing covid covered scan. this qr code with your mobile device and you'll be directed to the special section on our website. we can find the latest on masking rules
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vaccination rates and also where you get a booster shot. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. and coming up tonight we have the latest on the condition of a person who a shark attacked. >> near bodega bay. that's the latest on the cleanup effort at a ma
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>> the first thing that goes there it's probably not real probably just a false alarm. so my script themselves on a rock or something.
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>> nope. man is recovering tonight after a shark bit him while he was surfing near bodega bay and those paramedics say they got a call around 9 o'clock this morning saying a surfer had been bitten on his thigh kron four's amanda hari has the latest now on the surfers condition. >> california highway patrol says the surfer that was bitten by the shark is in stable condition and is expected to survive. but his injury is severe the paramedics. i spoke to say that he was an experienced surfer. >> got the call didn't go out in. for shark attacks at really get every day. a scary morning for a group of surfers at salmon creek beach. >> one of the surfers was bit on the thigh by a shark. you can see the man being placed into a helicopter in this photo to be taken to the hospital today. give a fire protection district paramedics. jonathan bauer and timothy say that this is something they've never experienced before. probably just a false alarm. that was their initial reaction. but as
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they started to get more reports. they realized it was real. >> they say while the cause a shark. it's very unusual. that type of injury is something they're used to finish. eating injuries are treated basically the same all the time. being a knife or a stabbing wound or you noticed, stephanie, something. anything really? they knew immediately that they would need california highway patrol. >> to airlift the man to santa rosa memorial hospital, but they say they're used to that process being so isolated and being so far from the hospital. >> air transport. something that we do frequently used paramedics says the man was conscious and responsive when they arrived on the scene at the man was experienced in the water. he expressed to me, sir. spot for your 4 both paramedics want to emphasize that shark attacks are extremely rare it's not something that happens frequently enough to where it should be something concerned hhat people should be worried about avoid the day today because of california state parks is investigating why the shark attack happened. >> amanda hari kron 4 news.
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quite the story to share their. let's talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here from our camera on top of mount tam facing towards the east bay bay bridge. looking good tonight says the city it's warm up there and our meteorologist rebecca strom is here now. >> with if the warm conditions are going to continue during this work week. yeah. we're going to see a couple days justine. so take advantage of it and then things are going to start to really cool down around the bay area. >> and nice clear all of our live cameras that i'm checking especially here at san francisco international airport. perfect shot here. no fog, no clouds in the sky. it is a very warm outside as well. so like i said, if you want to go and run some errands or if you're out and about tonight and even tomorrow. take advantage of it because we're going to see a big cool down and things are going to feel more like fall, more like october as we get through the rest of the week. but so far, though, no fog and then known know what cloud cover either in the marine layer is going to be really shallow tonight we're
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definitely going to be waking up to a nice clear conditions on the roads tomorrow morning. a nice way to start off your work week and temperatures outside 60's and 70's very mild 69 right here in san francisco. 70 degrees still in half moon bay 70 also in redwood city. we're looking at says 74 in downtown san jose mid 70's in concord right now and then mid to upper 60's across much of our north bay zone 67 in napa right now. 64 currently in nevado futurecast for showing us that things are going to be a nice and clear the fog is going to stay away from us tonight. tomorrow. and then once we get towards tuesday and wednesday, that's when things are going to start to change in temperatures are going to start to shift to the far north of us. we're going to see a somewhat conditions for washington and oregon. but it's going to steer clear of the bay area until we're monitoring another storm system that's going to be heading our direction coming out of the pacific northwest could be touching down as early as friday evening going
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into saturday. so part of your weekend. it could be wet. it looks like a sunday, though things should dry out. so that is some great news dust off the umbrellas and get them ready just in case. and of course, keep it tuned right here and we'll keep monitoring it for you, temperatures, though, we have to get through the warm to hot ones as we get into tomorrow, 70's at the coast 78 mill valley tomorrow. 76 for the high in san francisco. lots of sunshine in half moon bay for going to be heading over towards the coast 72 there. we're looking at 80's along the east bay shoreline hayward. you'll be at a high of 83 tomorrow. vallejo 83 and then some 90's start to pop up as we move further inland conquered a high of 91 expected and the livermore valley. you'll be in the low 90's tomorrow as well. now, looking ahead, it's going to slightly start to dip as we get into tuesday, look at almost a 10 degree difference for some of our inland temperatures. the clouds are going to be a rolling through and then become really prominent as we get into wednesday, temperatures inland, mid 70's. and then
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we're looking at 60's around the bay and then low 60's at the coast. so by wednesday, things are going drop, maybe to a 15 degree difference on average hump day as really feels right. >> all right. well, if you dread getting gas in your car. you're not alone. these days, whether it's regular mid grade, our premium gas prices are about a dollar higher than they were a year ago today. reporter felicia bolton has more on what's fueling the soaring prices. >> prices at the pump are leaving some drivers stop people trying to travel and costing us more >> makes average cost of gas is on the rise yet again. >> and it's hitting most americans, right where it hurts that i 1520 yards like $3040. and you're saying just tear gas. the reason for that is simple. >> crude oil prices. the price tag on crude is close to $80. a barrel fueling the rise in
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gas prices to nearly a dollar over a year ago. >> and it comes at a time when consumers usually see a fall dip in gas prices after summertime travel. but not this year. andrew grows with triple a says depending on where you live, you might not see a drastic increase at all because if you're closer to the source, the cheaper, the he says some of the it's behind the current price increase are the pandemic. refugees fleeing afghanistan and the blame placed on the current president in office. >> administration is are really not to blame for rising gasoline prices. gasoline prices it. it's a it's a global market. the main source for the uptick in prices. natural disasters. >> but a lot of that has to do with the after effects from hurricane ida. >> and nicholas because though they rolled through. all right around labor day and i didn't particularly took for time
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about 70% of the gulf oil production and now that's down to about 16% off line. >> that was felicia bolton reporting for us tonight and does not and their natural gas prices have surged more than 100, 80% over the last year. expect some sticker shock when it comes to heat your homes. this winter. still ahead here tonight, president biden is working to find common ground within his own party. >> to push a major spending plan forward. happening
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tomorrow in the north bay nurses from sutter santa rosa, regional hospital will protest the lack of staffing. >> the nurses say they're suffering from moral distress because they say they're overwhelmed with covid patients and they have demanded the hospital increased staffing. but they say sutter has not made any changes. the nurses say the hospital is jeopardizing patient care. they will hold a demonstration in front of a hospital at 5 tomorrow night. and in san francisco, hundreds of people took part in a rally today, not only to speak out against recent restrictions on women's reproductive rights like the new texas anti-abortion law, but also to remember rosie, who menace who died in 1997 after she was denied money to be able to get a legal and safe abortion and instead went to get a non license. non-regulated black
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market abortion and died as a result, the people protesting a woman's right to choose. and it has also been like that all weekend long. here's a look now at some similar scenes from across the country. people rallied at their state capitals and at city hall. we have video here now from san diego. little rock, denver and albany, new york. they all have the same message demanding that women be able to make their own health care decisions. happening tomorrow. santa clara county supervisors will launch an initiative to help homeless families and pregnant women find places to live this event will take place tomorrow morning at the county government building in san jose. we plan to bring you a live report on our streaming app kron on as this gets underway. i'm rebecca strom in breeze or rodriguez. tonight, we're looking at clear conditions and warm temperatures but a big change heading for this week and the possibility of rain into next weekend. >> i'll have all the details coming up after the break. stay with us.
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>> not a big story we're following out of southern california tonight. where crews are cleaning up after a massive oil spill. thankfully officials say the crude oil has stopped leaking. but before they could stop the leak miles of beach had to be shut down this morning as at least 126,000 gallons of crude
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oil leaked into the waters off of huntington beach in orange county. and the race is on now to save wildlife that already begin washing up on shore covered in oil. >> this heartbreaking. i mean, something has to be done >> investigators say it's amplify energy's oil rig that is responsible for the spill that now covers at least 18 square miles. officials say while the cleanup is already underway. it could take months to get the situation totally under control and sadly this is not even the biggest oil spill that hit the state in recent years. reporter jonathan elio takes a look back at the history of oil spills. we've seen over the past few years. >> the oil spill invading the coast of orange county is reported to be roughly 13 square miles in scope originating from a pipeline off the coast of huntington beach connected to an offshore oil platform. the leak has spewed at least 126,000
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gallons of crude oil into the pacific ocean making its way to our beaches. the slick blanket of pollution is devastating. but compare this to the blowout on an offshore platform in 1969 that disaster released between 3 4 million gallons of crude oil into the santa barbara channel kilring thousands of birds dolphins seals and sea lions. it was the largest spill off america's coast at the time and sparked environmental policy change and their creation of earth day problems like thns. do not happen often. i think it's relatively believes the last oil spill we had several years ago and that was from a tanker not from oil rake. >> blowout, at least off southern california. so it doesn't happen that often of southern california. oil i'm kind oil spills. typically happen in areas like the north
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sea where there's a lot of weather and a lot of waves officials and public safety personnel consider each crisis a learning experience in 1968 major tanker owners and operators around the world. formed a special organization. >> to study and address the issues of spill prevention and response and starting in 1972 congress passed the clean water act giving the environmental protection agency and coast guard expanded authority to prevent and respond to oil and hazardous substance releases the epa required facilities with above ground or underground storage tanks to formulate spill prevention control and countermeasure plans even with the safeguards oil spills will impact marine life and human beings who get too close to the polluted waters or coastline. cleanup could be a very long process. they typically start by putting booms all water. and
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those are kind of i liken them to water wings for kids, their flotation devices that. >> prevent the oil from from getting farther out into the ocean. they also have a process where they can take a boat and skimming off the top. if it's really that they light it on fire. but then you're putting the talks come tulsa's the atmosphere. so that's not great. >> shocking moments caught on camera in the heart of hollywood yesterday. a woman was randomly stabbed by a man who was later shot by police when a 19 year-old woman approached officers suffering from stab wounds. la police say their officers shot the man who was in his 30's with beanbag rounds. but that did not work. they pulled out their guns and shot him in the shoulder with dozens of people watching. >> we just signed up for a bus tour. and so we were just kind of take a look at the stars on the way. we've got to that corner and then that's when everything happened and then started from one of my phone. that's when we hear it all the
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shots is about 6 or 7. >> shots. >> authorities say no officers or witnesses were injured. the young woman and the suspect were taken to the hospital. both are expected to survive. one person is behind bars tonight following an overnight ambulance heist in sacramento. sacramento. police say a stolen ambulance from a local hospital was driving recklessly and hitting cars injuring a person, a helicopter found the stolen vehicle downtown and that's when the suspected ambulance thief try to make a run for it but didn't get to go too far before he was arrested. police say the suspected thief was arrested on several felony charges. a teenager in the u k has been charged after staging a motorcycle accident that wasted critical first responder resources surveillance cameras captured him wheeling his bike onto the road. laying it down and then crawling underneath it. the teen later called for help and was rushed to a nearby
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hospital where he told doctors he couldn't feel his legs. he also pretended to slip in and out of consciousness those are the allegations. it's unclear why he pulled this stunt. he was forced to pay a fine. now in the south bay or in santa cruz. i should say police arrested a man for an alleged carjacking last night. police released this photo of the evidence that they seized. they say that 2 suspects allegedly pepper sprayed the victim before stealing the car. police arrested the driver after a chase that ended after he crashed into a parked car. no word on an arrest or if and the other suspects were involved. police reported no injuries. and now let's get the latest on our wildfire coverage tonight we'll start with the knp complex fire that's burning in the sequoia and kings canyon national park parts of fresno county are now under evacuation warnings where authorities are telling people to be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. the fire has burned nearly 68,000 acres.
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crews continue working to protect the giant sequoias. there. the fire is 20% contained in eldorado county fire crews continue to make good progress in repairing the fire lines and removing dead trees caused by the caldor fire the size of the fire has not changed since yesterday at nearly 222,000 acres and that remains 91% contained officials are expecting. closed areas to become smaller because there's increases and containment and also seasonal weather changes right now on kron 4 dot com. you can find more details and information to get you ready for wildfire season scan the qr code on your screen right now. with your mobile device and you'll be taken right to our website. kron 4 dot com. so you can. if the pair. let's talk about some of those seasonal weather changes as we take a live look outside right now here at downtown san francisco, warm night out there tonight. but there's some rain on the way for later in the week. a big drop in temperatures is coming. our meteorologists recuits trump here now with a
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look ahead. yeah. just team we could see a drop-off as anywhere from 15 to even 20 degree difference as we get towards a friday and into saturday with the chance of rain. so much to bring the what. >> we've got a scene over the weekend. and then as we get into tomorrow, i'm still tracking some of those warm conditions outside right now. a nice clear night for you. and it's definitely warm out there. we're looking at temperatures in the 60's and 70's. but right now this is our camera on top of the east bay hills. just a nice clear shot of the most of the bay area right now. future cast for showing us. yes, nice clear skin dish and over the next couple of days with the lots of sunshine until we get to wednesday the middle of the week that's we're going to thick and we're going to see m- more cloud cover those cooler temperatures are on the way to the bay area as well as the storm system that a green line you see on your screen that is heading our direction. it could be bringing us some rain friday night into saturday. so the first part of your weekend could be a little bit wet with some much needed rain that we definitely need around the bay
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area sunday. it looks like things should be drying out the for you. but again, things are going to be a lot cooler than what we're seeing even right now. so outside for this hour 60's and 70's. it is a nice night around bay area 69 degrees in downtown san francisco 68 in oakland. we're looking at low 70's along the east bay shoreline like hayward, 70 degrees there. 71 currently in fremont downtown san jose, you're at a high of 74 and conquered a nice in warm at 75 degrees. so those clear skies skies will continue during the overnight hours. you're going to wake up to a great visibility tomorrow morning. if you're going to heading to work and the using the roadways should be really nice and say for you there visibility wise tomorrow. still warm. still sunny, we're going to see some 90's and some are hotter inland spots again and then things are going to change once we get into tuesday and wednesday much cooler conditions. and like i was mentioning the rain possible on friday into
9:38 pm
saturday. so look ahead. you can see it start taper down temperature wise. we get into money from tuesday, almost a 10 degree difference in lynn by wednesday. you're looking mid 70's inland, mid 60's around the bay and then low 60's at the coast. a lot of talk more about your temperatures tomorrow for the afternoon highs and break it down neighborhood by neighborhood in just a couple of minutes. justine, back to you. it is hispanic heritage month and this weekend we're celebrating actor danny trejo. he is one of the most recognizable. >> character actors in movies and on tv. but his road to success. it was not an easy one reporter sam rubin sat down for chat with the actor. >> he's played. countless tough guys on the big and small screen. i played inmate number one. i bad guy o chicago beach guide with jet all never had now is one of
9:39 pm
the biggest names in hollywood in town. danny trejo is known as the nicest man guy. someone is always giving back to his community. everything. good, sam. that has happened has happened as a direct result of helping someone else. >> everything. that's the way i live. >> but he didn't always live that way. trejo spent his youth in and out of prison. you have to understand them 9 to 2 i live in the day, but he turned his life around getting sober and becoming a drug counselor and he was helping others trying to stay clean that led him to the set of the 1985 film runaway train. i walked on this movie set guy sees a lot of use mou. i got to do that. >> next trip. have copy of every here to that one shot lead to a career spanning over 3 decades with over 300 tv and film grads.
9:40 pm
>> including machete and the popular spy kids feel like to you. >> to be that guy. i think it's such a long i still got kids 5, 6, years old coming want download news like such a such a lesson in addition to the big hollywood career trail was also successful. restaurant tools were in one of your >> the fact that we could be in one of 4 locations right now, that's not counting the goes. and the going inside the doughnut shop just personal business. buy their food. but she's just giving off a look back any people call we're having this fundraiser about case. >> it sent on unfolds is. that's what we do. that's why this is all terrific. when you see your happy customers use families coming. but it was pretty that feel like they're coming into my living. we're having. might get. did you know we did enjoy. i love the
9:41 pm
of this is really how do i think off. there is no one come like this in the world. humble. right >> and right in here. >> good plug there. that was sam rubin reporting for us tonight. we have an entire section on our web site dedicated to hispanic heritage. all you have to do is scan this qr code on your screen right now and we'll take you to that page. you can watch all the stories we've been doing this month. up next, we'll talk sports and with a win over the padres, the giants have clinched the nl west division for the first time since 2012. >> sports director jason do s has highlights from the game coming up. and don't forget saturday october 9th. the blue
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angels will fly over san francisco. you can join us right here on kron 4 to watch the blues live. the air show is 2 hours of high-flying stunts featuring the spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. the fun starts saturday, october 9 to 2 right here on kron. 4.
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>> well, let's talk about the
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weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside here at a shot showing us the transamerica pyramid in downtown san francisco. let's see what the weather has in store for us this week. some big changes by the time we hit friday and our meteorologists rebecca strom is here now with a look at. all. that's on the way to kind of find my umbrella yeah, definitely justine it looks the feeling of those summer days are coming to an end to try to enjoy it. enjoy all the clear conditions around the bay area. we're tracking a clear and warm night tonight, no matter where you're going to be another shot of downtown san francisco are seeing it to no fog in the sky. no clouds in your way at all. and definitely going to be a warm to even hot in some spots. >> as we get into tomorrow, it's going to be very similar to what we saw this weekend around the bay area 60's 70's much of the city 76 in downtown san francisco tomorrow we're looking at the 60's to low 70's along the coast and are you'll be at a high of 68 72 in half moon bay with lots of sunshine. it will be a beautiful day out at the
9:46 pm
coast of the beaches. burlingame little bit warmer there at 83 degrees millbrae a high of 80. and this is where we're starting to get into some toasty temperatures near 90 degrees expected in woodside high of 89 82 in palo alto tomorrow. 83 in mountain view across your south bay zone anywhere from the mid to upper 80's and even a 90 degree mark in morgan hill, 87 in downtown san jose. lots of sunshine and some are inland temperatures. these are the hottest ones on the board pleasanton, you'll be at a high of 91 livermore. 91 as well. 88 degrees in signal. we're looking at 80's along the east bay shoreline 84 for the high in union city tomorrow afternoon 70's along the bay berkeley will be a high of 7678 in downtown oakland. but up and over the east bay hills were jumping into those 90's once again danville, you'll be a high of 94 under whole lot of sunshine 90 degrees in fairfield tomorrow. if you're going to be heading over towards a wine country. now you'll be topping out at 86 and we're looking at
9:47 pm
to 89 in nevado, a lot cooler at stinson beach in the 60's. so things are definitely going to be changing tapering down. you can see just over the next couple of days by getting into wednesday. we're going to look just enid about a 15 degree temperature just mid 70's on wednesday and the possibility of rain later in week. we'll be tracking that storm for >> all right. now to national news and president joe biden spent the weekend trying to unite democrats behind his legislative agenda. the white house scrapped their timeline to get both an infrastructure and spending plan passed and says they're now focusing on delivering our washington, dc correspondent anna wiernicki has the latest. >> for president. biden left for delaware this weekend. he said he's going to take his time to push both items on his wish list to congress. he says in order to make that happen. democrats are going to have to adjust the price tag. >> we're concerned about delivering white house senior adviser cedric richmond said
9:48 pm
on fox news sunday that there's no set timeline to pass president biden's build back better agenda we're not using artificial timeline and we're not concerned with process. richmond says president biden's main focus is getting both the infrastructure bill and budget reconciliation package across the finish line. but democrats are divided on the price tag. president biden told democrats on friday that progressives will have to come down from the 3.5 trillion dollar price tag for the spending bill vermont democrat bernie sanders said on abc's this week that's already much less than the 6 trillion dollars. he initially proposed 3 and a half trillion should be a minimum. but i accept that there's going to have to be give and take bernie sanders. >> the far left. democrats are driving the bus and joe biden is just along for the ride wyoming republican senator john barrasso said on fox news sunday that if democrats want to pass a pricey spending plan. they'll have to do it alone. every republican is
9:49 pm
united against it. senate democrats would need every democrat on board to pass the bill through reconciliation. >> and right now democratic senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema say they won't support it unless democrats bring the price tag down by at least one and a half trillion dollars. >> the house is out of session for the next 2 weeks. and the senate is scheduled to convene on monday for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, it took a 162 games and a 107 winds. but the giants can finally say they are division chance. they win the nl west for the first time since 2012, we're going to get to the celebrations momentarily. but let's first see how it all went down. house at oracle. it's under 40,000 in. remember, there was a 49 ers game at the same time, beautiful day in the bay. no score in the bottom of the 3rd until buster posey changes that his single scored
9:50 pm
wilmer flores and logan webb. 2 nothing giants. bottom of the 4th. now 3 to one giant wilmer flores steps up to the plate in big way that double make the 5 to one good guys oh, baby. you can start taste and that bubbly case that. this might have been the play of the game. coming up right here, logan webb with in the midst of pitching a gem. his first career home run as well. you got to love it all smiles. >> and here is the final out of the game. coming up. >> 7 they see it. >> final out right here home. strikeout. they get their night and now west division title all smiles with hear from the chance. >> our players are always setting the tone they believe that they can go out and win every night. it doesn't mean that we're going to win every one of them. but the belief is
9:51 pm
there makes it all the more special a lot was going to be talking is going to be dry. you know, if the dodgers that was our goal going and >> there was also a football game today out in santa clara niners hosting division rival seattle jimmy garoppolo left after the 1st half was the strain. catherine in came trey lance for the first extended action of his career land had some good moments. you have some bad moments. here's a good moment. wide open. be both samuel 76 yard touchdown pass finished 9 for 18 for a 157 yards and 2 touchdowns. unfortunately, it wasn't enough. alex collins. 14 yard rush gibson barreling his way into the end zone that put the seahawks up 28 to 13 russell wilson added 2 touchdown passes and ran for one
9:52 pm
forty-niners fall. 2821. but of course, the big question, how long will jimmy g be out. so undergo an mri tomorrow but it is not looking good will happen all right. everyone can stop panicking. >> andrew wiggins has gotten vaccinated and he will now be eligible to play and the warriors first home game on october 21st it was really inevitable. if you think about it, there was no way wiggins was going to lose out on all of that money. 300 k a game or with half the games in the season in the prime of his career. this topic is officially dead and glad that i don't have to talk about it anymore. we're going to put that one to bed. >> get into the fatigue of that topic will need your energy up because the giants are in. the was going to be. so it's going to get excited. i can't wait. friday can't come quick enough. remember wednesday's when we find out who they cardinals versus
9:53 pm
dodgers. they play the winner of that game. so. >> we'll be waiting on a show them. exciting sports week 100%. get your get your rest. i will stay hydrated. i will. >> we'll be right back. yeah. big water
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> well, there's no winner for last night's powerball drawing the estimated jackpot for the next drawing will be upwards of 670 million dollars. no
9:56 pm
ticket matched all 5 numbers on saturday. but here are the numbers anyway. 2838 4247 52 powerball. number one, it has now been 40 consecutive drawings without a grand prize winner and now we have a very large jackpot. the next drawing is set for monday. the great glass pumpkin patch returned apollo up to today. the pumpkin patch featured thousands of glass pumpkins. another autumn theme shapes and variety of different colors. the pumpkins handcrafted by more than 25 artists and the show took place at the pollo arts center for the 25th year this weekend. and pumpkins. they look pretty. they're in class and they make great pumpkin pie, but they're also very tasty treat for animals at the oregon zoo. these animal celebrated the start of spooky season with some pumpkins to keepers carve them before they gave the mound. everyone from the crocodile's even elephants enjoyed smash boom. didn't take much there to. >> destroyed
9:57 pm
>> this. there is the annual dog. doc competition that happened in columbia county in georgia. dozens of dogs from across the country are competing this weekend as part of the ultimate air games dogs of all sizes and classes can take part with some able to jump upwards of 30 feet. this weekend's event was put on by the hudson river aire dogs at which isn't on profit dock diving club in columbia county. they can go really far try. that's going to do it for us here. during kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. we sell a lot more local news and sports and weather coming up right after this break. i'm justine waldman. i'll see you for kron. 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. watching kron. 4 news. >> tonight at 10. there is a chance of rain later on in the week. bay area air quality advisories are going to remain in effect through monday. what you need to know as we head into this next week as we take a live look here now facing toward san francisco and the east bay. thank you so much for joining us here during kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. jonathan is off this evening now smoke from wildfires in southern california is expected to


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