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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> once the fda approves the vaccination in different cohorts starting with 12 and above grade 7 to 12. we will begin to apply that requirement in the next term. >> tonight at 10 new coronavirus vaccine mandates for school age children all but imminent here in california. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. governor newsome announcing today. the first in the nation mandate that will require all eligible students to get vaccinated against covid. >> the mandate applies to students attending in-person classes at both public and private schools. it will take
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effect once the fda fully approves vaccines for children. 15 and under chip yost has more on the future requirements. >> many ways the most predictable announcement. throughout this pandemic. isn't it. >> friday. governor gavin newsom announced that all k through 12 students will be required to get a covid-19 vaccine in order to attend in-person classes at california schools wants a vaccine is fully authorized by the fda for their age group. newsome says they will implement the order in stages starting with 7th to 12th graders. but the order won't go into effect for at least a few months since currently kids 12 to 15 are only authorized to get a vaccine shot under an emergency use authorization in kids under 12 haven't been authorized to get one at all. once the fda approves the vaccination in different cohorts starting with 12 and above grade 7.
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>> to 12. we will begin to apply that requirement in the next term. either january 1st or july 1st, which ever comes sooner. but what about people like rose patterson who was reluctant to give her 7 year-old shocked only thing there for like his 8. i feel like i i wouldn't get it done because he's too >> and their body is different compared to ours that i have both as it stands now, patterson could apply for a personal belief. exemption. that's allowed because the covid-19 vaccine requirement wasn't acted as a regulation. not by a vote of the legislature. if the legislature does get involved later that personal belief exemption could disappear the legislature shot over and over again that we are willing to pass. >> strong vaccination laws. and if we have to come back and do it again next year. we will do that. >> parents have mixed reactions to the vaccination
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mandate for school children. at least one group in the east bay is adamantly opposed to it from forestry says stasio talks with a parent says he's part of a growing movement and calls mandates and over extension that won't be tolerated. it is absolutely overreach. john bessemer is a father of 2 children in the contra costa county school district. >> he says given the vaccine mandates issued so far in california. he wasn't surprised to hear governor gavin newsom's announcement friday. but. >> a lot of people who had a lot of emotional responses to it that i'm part of a big group on social media of over 500 parents. my message to them was, you know. take a deep breath. we're going to get this. we're going to be ok because we want to go to make decisions for ourselves for our kids. and our own health. we want to be able to make our decision not based on you know, politician is telling us we don't think it's fair. john says that the group held a rally last week and plans more. we don't think that the
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federal government, especially downtown sacramento out there. we don't think that they're looking out for our interests. we feel that if we get a loud voice. we're going we're going to have more of an impact literally a local levels. we've got rallies planned. we had one want to request friday night. he also says if necessary if the mandate does happen. >> then he and others. he knows plan to pull their kids out of public school are now in the process of actively creating a system of co-ops, not charter schools because you have to get the process. co-ops to pull our kids out of school. and begin co-ops and then buying educational. curriculum online and teaching our kids ourselves. john says he wants to add that he is not anti-vax but believes the covid-19 vaccines need more research especially before calling for a mandate. we feel as if our rights are being stripped away. >> little by little theresa
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stasi kron. 4 news. >> hours before governor newsome statewide covid vaccine mandate. the west contra costa unified school district issued his own mandate for students and staff students, 12 and older must show proof of their first shot by november. the 15th and their second shot by december. the 15th those younger than 12 months received their first shot. no later than 30 calendar days after their 12th birthday and their second shot 60 days afterwards, parents in the district are split on their views. but the district superintendent says communication and education will be key. >> i think part of as we learned last night is communication and education. to our community. what i realize for some of those parents were calling in. that we're in disagreement. i if that do with sharing. so really was about how do we
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more effectively communicate to our parent community about the safety of the covid vaccination. and how do we really educate our parents and our students and our teaching staff as well. >> students who qualify for a religious or a medical exemption will be required to submit to rapid testing once every 2 weeks. >> san jose city officials, police and other unions have come to terms over a dispute over that city's mandatory vaccine policy. this comes amid warnings that dozens of police officers refusing the vaccine might resign or retire and just hours after the deadline for the compliance. the deal grants about a 140 officers. 80 firefighters and a few dozen dispatchers who have refused the vaccine. the option of submitting to a twice weekly covid test in lieu of getting the vaccine workers who have had one dose of the vaccine by october 1st will be given a reasonable amount of time to get the second shot after december
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31st. those not fully vaccinated will face further discipline, including and up to termination. >> all of our employees are received. they're notice that notice indicates that they will be subject to discipline, which includes a week suspension without pay if they are not vaccinated and the sanctions will fractured upward from and may include. termination. >> testing will be done at the employee's own time and expense agreement allows for a one week grace period before any disciplinary action is taken. starting next week. san mateo county is launching a covid booster clinic. the clinics will take place. san mateo county event center. the first clinic will be held thursday next thursday from 09:00am to 04:00pm another clinic will also be held next friday, october 8 as well as others on october 12th and 13th a reminder. must be over the age of 65 or have
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underlying conditions. you can also get the shot. if you have a job that puts you at increased risk of exposure to covid the booster shot is only available for people who received the 2 dose pfizer vaccine. one drug company says it has developed a pill that could cut the risk of covid hospitalizations and deaths in half. >> the company merck is now planning to apply for emergency use authorization for the medication. doctor anthony fauci says merck reached the white house covid response team on his findings late yesterday, the data show that patients who take the anti-viral pill within 5 days of covid symptoms had about half the rate of hospitalization and death compared to patients who received a placebo indy. >> placebo group there with 8 deaths and in the treatment group they were no deaths. that's also very important and very good news because once a recommendation is made, then we go through the same process of getting the recommendation epfor its usage to the cdc.
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>> the white house coronavirus response coordinator says that not replace the need for the vaccine. stay with khon for for our continuing covid coverage. you can scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device will be directed to the special section on our website where you can find the latest on masking vaccinations and boosters. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> as you mentioned, moratoriums come to an end. some tenants will be forced to decide what to do with their pets. some animal shelters are anticipating a lot more animals over the next few months kron four's amanda hari talked with shelter leaders about how they are getting ready. >> hoping for the best but ready for the worst. that's how many bay area shelters are preparing for the end of the
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housing moratorium but after the 2007 has increases. we did see an increase in surrender in many shelters around the country bracing for that right now. this situation in the picture moratorium steve with contra costa animal services says they're already preparing to see higher intakes. >> he says, quote, one of the most common reasons people will surrender their pets. the shelter. >> is due to changes in the living situation. but the eviction moratorium now ending we're preparing for an increase in surrender requests. people of both contra costa animal services and east bay spca agree that surrendering your pet should be the last resort were trying to get as much information we can about ways that we can help support people keep their heads. vice president of operations with east bay spca carolyn air up in. >> tells me they have programs to help struggling families. there's a pet food pantry of free behavioral health line hold program that offers free
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temporary boarding for people working at a social worker to find housing. she also suggests reaching out to others for help people can reach out to their family and friends and see if there's anyone in their life that might be able to provide some assistance. >> in terms it morning at the head at home and or just helping this instability. oakland's eviction moratorium is still in place but air up in says the east bay spca is prepared to help relieve any overcrowding. a partner shelters throughout northern california. this will help shelters avoid turning away animals or euthanizing animals. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> if you're a rancher or a landlord and you need to apply for financial assistance are programs in place to help you out. just head to our website for information on how you can apply that at kron 4 dot com. >> to raise all across the bay area are losing their branches and their leaves earlier than usual. the experts blame the dry weather conditions, the
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drought for putting the trees at risk of dying early in sacramento. jamie, when has more on what we can do to save those trees. >> we use to climb trees used to spy on them for as long as daniela marsh can remember the trees in sacramento have always been a way for her to enjoy the outdoors, especially here at mckinley park. i think it's beautiful right now. i know that given the extent of the drought that we are in. we're we won't be able enjoy this much longer and it's the dry conditions making arborists concerned about the future of these trees that will see the increase in stress of the treats. >> so with that stress your sheehan decline far we've dropped early coloration will be, as you can see here this tree its leaves are crispy in getting ready to fall off all its branches are brittle. >> and dry. arborists say this is not a good sign this early in the fall season. >> when you have stress street, you can also have weakened branches that will. it will cause early and
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failure. but there are some ways to treat these issues that can possibly save trees. life. >> tree. experts say deep watering to get to the roots fertilizer and pruning are all very important to a tree's health >> you know, proper training will help manage that weight. that's on muslims and help reduce the chances of still in a victory can't be saved remove them as soon as possible, especially before the winter season. get those those really disease trees and those dead trees get him taking out as soon as possible because those are just more likely there the more like this. they'll well, the streets here may not be doing well now arborist say we can plan for the future. >> by planting trees that don't require much water. we need trees. >> we definitely need trees. i hope that we continue to try to save them and do plan more in sacramento. gina, when fox 40 news. >> now, the 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at a lit downtown san francisco our
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chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is very happy to talk about this hot weekend forecast. yeah. we may not have another weekend like this for the season. this is going to be a hot one all around. and even to the coastline. yeah, those numbers are going to be running into the 70's in many this is one of those weekends get out there and enjoy we've got major changes. i think as we head toward the latter part. maybe next weekend we even start talking about rain right now, though. yeah. clears can be. we are seeing some patchy fog just off the coastline. the very thin lair trying to develop tonight, but we see it in probably right along the coastal areas. they're getting that sea breeze right now that a cool you down in the mid-fifties nap moon bay. mid-fifties nap moon bay. >> but you get inside the bay. degrees in san mateo right now. still 70 in little more 73 in concord. when you see numbers like this, this time of night, you know, are headed for tomorrow. these numbers going to be up once again expected to be hot. many of the valley. looking good out there. nice and clear for tonight today, the number soared well above the average of 85 degrees today downtown san francisco 87 in oakland 89 degrees in san jose 91 in
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livermore, 90 in concord and 91. >> in santa rosa. things get interesting now as we're seeing a change in the weather pattern right now seeing a little bit more of a northerly when you see the fog as made its way in the monterey bay and some of that going to steve ken, right along the san mateo county coastline overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. the winds becoming more offshore again tonight. the good news is not a real strong offshore wind events so we don't have to worry about the fire danger and no red flag warnings, but it's going make for some gorgeous weather. is that offshore wind blows that is going to bring the temperatures says that air begins to sink and dry. it heats up in a hurry and that's going to send these numbers even warmer. i think by tomorrow afternoon than what we had today. now by the afternoon. tomorrow. again, we'll see a bit of a sea breeze kick in to expect that and again, you see a couple patches of fog along the coastline. otherwise mostly clear skies a little dense fog, though, toward the coast. then tomorrow mostly sunny and hot away from the coastline. sunday going to be very similar. then we get to next week and everything really begins to change. all right.
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high pressure now sitting along the coastline getting ready to build in. we had a weak cold front slides on by, but now that ridge builds in behind that cold front. guess what, we get that offshore wind again. the more that north northeasterly wind and there it is. that is going help to crank up the temperatures and warm us up all around the bay area all right. let's a forecast on this friday night, looking at 70's in the monterey bay, maybe 80's in carmel valley. southern california. those temperatures running up in the 80's and the 90's and of course, the high country this time of year need time to go up there overnight lows. going to be dropping down maybe low 40's overnight tonight. but by day you're looking at some warm temperatures kind of need time to get up there in the high country. those temperatures mid 70's and truckee low 70's in the south lake tahoe. but enjoy, you know, this week we're talking about 70's next weekend. they could be seeing their first snowfall season will have more on later tenet okay. thanks, laura. 3 deaths have been reported just this week on the bart system. all of them suspected drug overdoses.
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>> one passenger was discovered during the height to the monday commute. kron four's, maureen kelly has the details. >> the most recent death believed to be drug related happened here tuesday night at the pleasant hill bart station. according to bart police logs and sfo bound train was held as bart officers responded to a report of an unresponsive male bart passenger. they administered narcan which can reverse an opioid overdose, but it didn't work. and the man identified as 36 year-old frank sanders, the 4th of richmond was declared d o a the other 2 fatal suspected d's happened monday. a man was found not breathing at the daly city bart station just after 10:00am medics were unable to revive him. the san mateo coroner has identified that man as 34 year-old william hogarth and describes him as trans. and then later just before 05:00pm during the evening berryessa bound train was stopped at the fremont
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station for another unresponsive man. again, narcan was administered, but it didn't save him. he has yet to be identified that's a lot of his scary. all bart police personnel are equipped with narcan and their police logs show twice this week. they were successful reviving 2 unresponsive. people using the lifesaving nasal spray while fentanyl has not been definitively linked to these recent d's is driving the spike in fatal overdoses here in the bay area. >> i asked a harm reduction program coordinator for the san francisco department public health about the signs of someone experiencing an overdose someone would be bluish in color unless it was someone who is african american >> you know, a person of color, they may turn to greatness. you would also hear very distinctive gergel in their breathing. we refer to that. that's a death rattle parts as passengers witnessing any kind of medical emergency can inform their train operator using the intercoms located at either end of the
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car. >> or contact brpd using the bart watch app or dialing 911. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> in san francisco. a playground is destroyed after a fire there last night. this is what is left of sue bierman playground near the ferry building the city's rec and park department says park rangers were alerted at about 1130 last night that fire crews have put out a fire at the children's play area. you can see how the flames poured into the air portions of the playground unaffected by the blaze may reopen next week. no word yet on how this fire started. in the south bay los altos high school is open again or at least return to normal after it was evacuated because of a bomb threat. >> santa clara county fire department says that all men avenue between valencia drive in suncoast lane were closed. but that has since opened. the fire department says it's the incident management team is working with the school to try to find out exactly what
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happened. and we'll keep you posted if they have any updates on hat was behind that bomb threat. >> well, here's some good news for the first time since the pandemic started. here we are oakland's first friday festivities are back. the nighttime community event kicked off tonight with a number of vendors, serving of food and selling their local goods from first and thorn has more on the long-awaited festivities in oakland. people together is what this event is all about. but the covid-19 pandemic kept people away from gathering here along telegraph avenue. >> but venders and organizers and the people that are here are really glad it's back. it's been more than 18 months. but the friday night party is back >> first fridays returns with dozens of vendors serving up hot and tasty food and t shirts hats and other clothing representing the town first fridays are back as exciting time. fine. it's it's so good to be back. this event is a
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big boost for the area's small businesses. the covid-19 pandemic forced many of them to struggle and temporarily pulled the plug on the telegraph avenue street this owners are really glad to have him back and the rainbow. >> it was a very trying it was very testing. a lot of businesses, a lot of popular a strong running businesses that make to be a small business. a kind of is really a testament to our supporters. first fridays only helps the local economy, but it brings together the community event goers say it's important to show support this place is amazing. you can see all the people out here after being stuck inside for like a year now. >> and it's just so cool to support the local businesses out here. it's been a while. i used to come down out so excited that that the return of first fridays hit a few snags before getting to this point, permitting and security
10:22 pm
fees created some complications and kept the event from starting back up last summer. >> a corporate sponsorship stepped in to help with settling some of those issues. but costs aside, organizers are eager to keep first fridays allies. >> hopefully we get back to normal. get back to business as before it may be hard. hopefully that's what. that's what are you hoping for. >> oakland. first fridays will be happening. the first friday of every month. the event runs from 05:00pm to 09:00pm and masks. for now are strongly encouraged reporting in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 10 after a year off because of the pandemic that countdown. the fleet week is underway. organizers are ensuring that everyone stays covid-safe. plus a new way to monitor your thc was some tech creators came up with that can tell you if you have smoked. >> too much marijuana and a
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>> words of warning tonight from the contra costa county sheriff's department to avoid the area of valley oaks drive in stone valley road in alamo. that's because there's a big sinkhole. no water services
10:26 pm
are affected for nearly 200 homes of valley oaks road and surrounding streets. crews say that they will not. they will. that will not be restored until tomorrow. this is video from early this morning showing east bay mud crews at him, the avenue at danville boulevard. they are still working to make repairs to a broken water main officials say an 8 inch pipe broke just after midnight that pipe is more than 70 years old. >> this is the second sinkhole water main break in alamo just this week. >> and a heads up for drivers in the east bay this weekend. caltrans will be closing highway 4 for repairs that closure starting started just a short while ago, 10 o'clock about a half hour ago. the closures from discovery bay boulevard in contra, costa county all the way to tracy boulevard in san joaquin county eastbound travelers can begin their detour at the byron road intersection. the closure is expected to end monday morning at 5 o'clock. >> and this weekend bart is shutting down the track between the south hayward and union city stations. the
10:27 pm
tracks will be shut down for construction work buses will replace trains. but bart reminds everybody that riders should plan to add about 25 minutes to their trips. the section of track will also be shut down again. the weekend of october. the 16th. we have more news for you at 10 o'clock. the countdown to fleet week is underway. the event is back this year. >> how city officials plan to keep everybody safe during the pandemic. a federal judge is questioning the legality of the texas abortion ban. more on how the new legislation continues to be challenged in several different courts and the 14th annual moms against poverty, charity gala is happening tomorrow. the organization is hoping to help with this year's donations. those stories and more on kron 4 news returns. and we've been talking about the heat. but there's also a chance of rain in the forecast. >> we'll show you close. look at that when we come back.
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>> fleet week returns to the bay area next week is the first in 2 years because the pandemic canceled last year's event corps kron four's haaziq madyun explains how city officials plan to keep everybody safe from crime and from covid. >> a blue angels are back in the bay area skies for the 40th anniversary of fleet week so we are so excited to be here today to announce that fleet week is happening after
10:31 pm
a year off last year due to the global pandemic has always millions of people are expected to turn out over the 7 day experience in san francisco. >> public safety is always a top priority. keeping spectators safe will be in the hands of this group of first responders law enforcement. the coast guard and the san francisco public health department led by doctor grant colfax who tells you the rules regarding covid-19 during the event. there is little bit different the the local rules on local property. >> basically we can continue to encourage people to wear a mask. you must wear a mask indoors given the large crowds are also encouraging people to wear a mask outside. sfpd and deputies with the san francisco sheriff's office will handle the public safety duties on the well for saracens go. police department will have officers patrolling all of the venues. >> foot patrols on bicycles, on motorcycles and unmarked
10:32 pm
police cars. >> our plainclothes staff will be in uniform. are people will be out there working with the police department because the most important thing is to be a visible to turn the u.s. coast guard has safety tips for those planning to enjoy the air show out on the bay. please always carry a vhf radio on board and have enough life jackets for all passengers think a vhf channel 16 as the 911, if you will, on the water. >> a francisco fire chief janine nicholson tells you how best to use the actual 911, emergency system on land during the show. >> if you have an emergency call 911. if you need information, call 3, 1, 1, so don't lock up 911 for non emergency. use the 3, 1, one line. police officials say if you are planning on driving to san francisco to enjoy fleet week to remember not to leave any personal valuables visible inside of your vehicle. >> haaziq madyun kron 4 news.
10:33 pm
>> blue angels will be fine over san francisco for fleet week and you can join us right here on kron 4 saturday, october 9th for blue angels live. that's 2 hours of high-flying adventures featuring the spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. it all starts saturday the 9th a 02:00pm right here on kron. 4. >> and our special host is can way, by the way. all right. take a look at this. this is pretty fascinating for the first time ever and ocean drone has captured video from inside a hurricane. the national oceanic atmospheric administration released this incredible video from inside hurricane sam as it barreled across the atlantic ocean this week. the wind speeds were more than 120 miles an hour. the drone also battled 50 foot waves and it collected data which scientists hope will give them a better understanding of how large and destructive hurricanes grow and intensify. they say critical new knowledge could
10:34 pm
improve forecasting that could help reduce the loss of life. and if they have a line of volunteers waiting to go inside a hurricane. you standing right here. >> ready to go i'm chief meteorologists would like to go do that. that's for sure. chase tornadoes too. but yeah, that's what i like to do. and hey, you know, this is some kind of storm sam boy, it has been amazingly strong so far. we've been very, very fortunate. it has not moved over. >> a lamb has been getting very close. now you see bermuda. well, this one just kind of skirting along the coastline there, bringing them some heavy rain. you see kind of wrapping around. but the core that low staying off the coast and the hurricane force winds staying off the coastline as well. that being said, huge swells moving in along the coastline. some of those got a gusting to as high as of the 75 miles an hour near the coastline of some swells up to 50 feet. how about that? this will continue to make its way up toward the east and that is some good news. that takes his way away from the coastline and looks
10:35 pm
like that will continue that trend right through the weekend. in fact, as we get into sunday, that's when i lay up off canada and leaves the u.s. pretty much alone, although there's going to be some big-time swells out toward the coastline. if you felt this early on this evening. just about 7.15, this evening. we did have an earthquake that near san leandro just 2 miles to the north near oakland as well. and actually another little aftershock after that of one 0.3, it had a fairly shallow depth of a 3.9 mile. so if you're on top of that, you're certainly feeling that shake for a short time out there tonight, kind of a neat night out there as we're seeing some patchy fog just a thin layer and it's right down the surface near the coastline, we may begin to see some of that make its way near the golden gate. but looking good right now. and of course, today was just a spectacular day high pressure overhead. we have a cold front kind of swing by the kind of fall apart as it moved on through now high pressure is going to build in behind that. that's going to warm these temperatures up tomorrow into the 80's in san francisco and oakland san jose. nearly 90 degrees, high pressure building in that is going to send this storm system north of the bay area
10:36 pm
and bringing them some rain up in pacific northwest. the bay area going stay dry. we're going get those offshore winds going again. but then things begin to change so this weekend. here we go. the long range forecast looking good as we've got this first system kind of going by and falling apart leaving high and dry over the weekend. but as we head toward next week. everything begins to shift gears that ridge of high pressure that is so dominant this weekend. that breaks down. and here we go. we've got a cold front dropping in off the coastline begins to fall apart on wednesday. but the clouds start to roll in the bay area. but then as we get in toward the latter part of the week. well, that low kind of spins around off the coastline finally spinning up possibly bringing some rain to the bay area late on thursday into friday and look at that may be the first significant snow of the season in the sierra nevada as we head into the weekend too. so that's also good news. we'll see if that all holds together. still a long ways out forecast. but right now got a great weekend. ahead, get out there and enjoy it. not to have many more weekends like this. the season temperatures out the coast in
10:37 pm
the 70's. that is going to be very, very nice area. beach weather. yeah, one more time all right. thank you. well, after months of negotiations last week, the police reform negotiations between the democrats and the republicans on capitol hill. >> broke down. but calls for action on this issue are not going away. a washington, dc correspondent raquel martin caught up with the head of the national sheriffs association who says he too is eager to finish the job. >> the head of the national sheriffs association tells me he was growing optimistic about the prospect of a deal on police reform after democrats made some concessions. it removes some of the more divisive provisions like abolishing qualified immunity. now he's just hoping there's still a bipartisan way forward. we need to stay at the table. we need to talk the head of the national sheriffs association says he's disappointed lawmakers failed to strike a deal on police reform after
10:38 pm
months of negotiations of the language. with that we saw. i would say we're 90% on board. jonathan thompson says with a crime on the rise. he supported the compromise plan to ban told cold and no knock warrants while also adding more money for police training and mental health resources. the mental health problem in this country. it's an embarrassment. >> we're putting in jail. people who belong in hospital ultimately talks fell apart over how to enforce change. >> democrats wanted to withhold federal police grants if local agencies failed to adopt tactics. thompson says that was a bridge too far. we feel very strongly that law enforcement is a local function one-size can't fit all iowa senator chuck grassley blames democrats for sinking the deal that 100% of what they want. that's not compromise. ohio democratic senator sherrod brown disagrees. there's plenty of blame all the way around with no legislative deal in sight. the white house is pledging to take executive action on
10:39 pm
police reform after consulting with both civil rights and law enforcement groups. but so far we've not heard from the white house. thompson says in the end he won't. the administration does not step in and that lawmakers come back to the table. it comes to getting it right and we stand ready to have those discussions. several civil rights organizations are also calling on congress to return to the negotiation table but say if a deal cannot be reached. president biden must step up and take matters into his own hands for now in w shington. raquel martin, back to you. >> president biden made the trip to capitol hill late this afternoon to try to make the case for passing his agenda. this comes after house speaker nancy pelosi was forced to delay yesterday's vote on the infrastructure bill because of infighting between progressives and moderates within the democratic party. progressives are demanding a vote on the 3.5 trillion dollar bill that includes free community college, child care assistance and medicare expansion before supporting
10:40 pm
the infrastructure bill and they say right now they remain confident. and these are the things we're fighting for. the build back better agenda the president's agenda. i feel. >> positive. i mean, i really. but if we're still going to deliver on both of these things. >> today's meeting is not the first president biden has had with democrats to try to move his agenda forward. >> a federal judge is raising questions about the controversial new abortion law in court today in court today. the judge asked lawyers for the statewide. texas would want a law that allows citizens to take civil actions against other citizens who might be involved with an abortion. the legislation went into effect last month. that bans all abortions once a fetal heart activity is detected at about 6 weeks, which critics say is before many women know they're even pregnant. meantime, the justice department has filed a suit in hopes of blocking the law. the u.s. supreme court has allowed it to stay in place. >> it is not excuse me. it is
10:41 pm
unknown when this latest ruling is expected. >> tomorrow marks the 14th annual moms against poverty, charity gala. the group is also called. >> map. >> the bay area. nonprofit is raising money. once more to try to send covid and school supplies along with other central's to children. the group. does this work not only here and across the u.s. but around the world. in 16 different countries. kron four's ella sogomonian is hosting the event this year and she highlights maps humanitarian efforts for us. because during covid there's a lot of folks and hygiene, a lot of focus on again. food scarcity for disadvantaged communities. so they're really all encompassing. if you want to help children also families in need. >> still ahead, former president jimmy carter is 97 years old. how you can wish him a virtual happy birthday.
10:42 pm
>> in sports. giants try to get their magic number down to one to clinch the nl west titles sports director jason dumas that oracle for the highlights reaction and an update on the dodgers coming up.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> someone could soon become a multimillionaire tomorrow. that's right. the powerball jackpot is now worth more than or at least about 620 million dollars. the next drawing is
10:45 pm
tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. so if you're interested, don't forget to buy your tickets. some smartphone app creators are taking the next step in tracking and first behavior from binge drinking now into tracking. >> marijuana highs researchers in new jersey claimed to have developed a smartphone sensor that can tell if you're too high on marijuana, the new artificial intelligence system detects the intoxication by examining behaviors before and after cannabis use researchers tracked a 100 volunteers reported using marijuana twice a week measure gps noise light and activity. traced by the censor. the sensors spotted behavioral differences with 90% accuracy. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> well, the giants are going to have to keep that bubbly on
10:46 pm
ice for at least one more night because of those pesky dodgers will get to them in a second. but first, let's check out and see how the giants got their win tonight. there are a 106 win before the game out. we junior it was given the willie mac award, which is the highest award in the organization given to the most inspirational player on the team. not a more deserving player, then lamont. but in the first inning, this guy has been hitting the leather off the ball. darin ruf. his 16th home run of the season and the giants go up one, nothing now later in funky play here. mike checked his swing but still catches the ball. brandon crawford comes in to score. and just like that. it's 2 nothing giants. things are rolling. anthony de had a great game tonight. he pitched 5 scoreless innings and struck out 3. he has been reliable all season long. bottom of the 6th, the giants get an
10:47 pm
insurance run from the willie mac winner. they go up 3 to nothing lead a year. he is having lamont wade and that is all they needed for this guy. camilla deval gets the save. it's tough is filthy. the giants win 3 to nothing. they now have a franchise record. a 106 wins on the season. the magic number is down to one. let's hear from darin ruf in gabe kepler after the game gave saying, hey, we can't be focused on the dodgers. >> we really do have to focus on our job. it's it. it requires too much energy to have a lot of intensity on on. our game and somebody else. so we will stay focused on ours. this group is special and. >> we're all really you know, too. >> to finish these last 2 games you know, hopefully hopefully win the division state a few days often. >> but let some things heal up and i really, get ready for
10:48 pm
that first game. >> now, i told you had mentioned the dodgers. they were losing 5 to one looked dead in the water until this trey turner hit a grand slam to tie it up in the bottom of the 6. right now is the top of night there up 8 to 6 that team just refuses to die. it is just indicative of what this race has been the giants win the dodgers win 2 heavyweight just trading blows in trading blows. but guess what? after tonight. it won't matter what the dodgers do angmore, at least in the regular season. >> now the giant truly run their fate control. it a win tomorrow or sunday and they are the nl west division champs and they'll get to pop that bubbly and we'll have you covered in the meantime. but look, that's all i have for
10:49 pm
sports live from oracle park.
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
>> our president jimmy carter celebrating his 97th birthday today plan to spend it with his loved ones at his home in georgia. but hundreds of people probably millions of people across country can wish him a happy birthday on a virtual car that was set up by the carter center. jimmy carter is the oldest living former president ever. it is
10:52 pm
hispanic heritage month. and tonight we're celebrating actor danny trejo. he's one of the most recognizable character actors in movies and television his road to success was not an easy one. reporter sam rubin chatted with the actor and has more. he's played countless tough guys on the big and small screen. i played inmate. number one. i bad guy o. >> chicago google guy with jet to a high ball. never had now is one of the biggest names in hollywood in town. danny trejo is known as the nicest man guy. someone is always giving back to his community. everything. good, sam that has happened has happened as a direct result of helping someone else. >> everything. that's the way i live. >> but he didn't always live that way. trejo spent his youth in and out of prison. you have to understand you 9 to i know you live in the day, but he turned his life around
10:53 pm
getting sober and becoming a drug counselor and he was helping others trying to stay clean that led him to the set of the 1985 film runaway train. i walked on his moves. it guy sees a lot of use mou. i got to do next trip every a view of the that one shot lead to a career spanning over 3 decades with over 300 tv and film grads, including machete and the popular spy kids feel like to you. >> to be that guy. i think it's such i still got kids 5, 6, years old hope will want download news like such a such a lesson in addition to the big hollywood career trail was also successful. restaurant tools were in one of your >> the fact that we could be in one of 4 locations right
10:54 pm
now, that's not counting the goes. and the going inside the doughnut shop first will pay for commercial business buy their food. but she's just giving off a look back any people call we're having this fundraiser about case. >> it sent unfolds is that what we do? that's why this is all terrific. when you see your happy customers use families coming. but it was pretty that i feel like they're coming into my living. we're having. might get. did you know we enjoy i love the of home. this is really how do i think there is no one the more they like this in the humble. right and >> it right in here.
10:55 pm
>> that was sam rubin reporting. we have an entire section on our web site dedicated to hispanic heritage. you have to do is scanned the qr code on your screen with your phone. it will take you directly to that page at kron 4 dot com. good looking food and what a fun guy to yeah. definitely looks like that. all right. all right. let's check in with a loss before fun thing. yeah. hey, this is a great weekend to get out there and enjoy not only the weather, but there's a lot going on out there and it's a great day. they've got the sunset community festival. >> right there near the coastline usually get a lot of fog, but not this time it is going to be beautiful out there. of course, you can see little face painting going on out there. they have some music, some food. and yeah, it's going to be a good time starting at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. there may be just a couple of patches of low clouds but not going to be many. and then it's going to be a warm day for the sunset. you're going to be low 70's there. so enjoy the day and bring that sunscreen. if you want to head here and you like to see some of the vintage and handcrafted stuff. yeah, you can see that at the village and handcrafted maker's
10:56 pm
market. that is going to be in vallejo. that starts in the morning. you might want to go out early. if you're worried about the heat, it is going to be a hot day there as we head toward the afternoon upper 80's, maybe some low 90's. it's going to be sunny all day long. very comfortable in the morning. you should start out. sunny side up to. how about this? of course you see a lot more this coming our way. it's october and we've got the west bray pumpkin patch in berkeley that opens up at 9 o'clock in the morning. they've got all the pumpkins out there already in the decorations to sunny skies. warm temperatures. bit of a breeze in the afternoon but not bad. temperatures will be low 80's. and if you want to check out something like this. the kind of feel to it. yeah. palo alto. they're going to be talking all about bats. they're going to be talking about that starting at one 30 in the afternoon. sunny skies and warm temperatures. you want to wear some sunscreen. this is an outdoor event. those temperatures running in the low 80's in the afternoon. all right. out there. now we've got nice, clear skies. it's going to stay that way. all night of right along the coastline, there may be just a hint of some patchy fog. not going to be much. it's only a
10:57 pm
few 100 feet thick so numbers, even along the coastline in the 70's, in the sunset, 73 in pacifica 73 in el granada inside the bay up in the 80's in many spots. in fact, maybe some 90's we get into pop up as you head further down the peninsula. some 90's in the south bay east bay looking at those 90's to and it's going to be hot one. enjoy the hot weather emergency see some big changes coming our way after this weekend cooling things down by next thursday. friday. maybe we start talking about some showers and some snow in the sierra thank you know, i thanks all of you for being with us. have a great weekend. see him
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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