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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 1, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. we recognize good enough. never is. and that's why we recognize our responsibility to do more. >> now at a california leaders taking the next big step towards creating the safest covid environment in classrooms mandatory evacuation of vaccinations for students across the state. >> we want to go to make decisions for ourselves for our kids that we don't think it's fair despite praise from many in the health community. there are parents displeased with the decision. we have team coverage on the mixed community reaction. plus, why animal shelters may soon be feeling the effects of the end of the eviction moratorium and
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how they're getting ready. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm pam moore. i'm ken wayne. it's a major move in an effort to try to keep california school children safe. >> governor gavin newsome announcing the country's first statewide coronavirus vaccine mandate for student cloud for zell a sogomonian is live in the studio tonight with details and reaction l a. >> pam and ken, it may be the first of its kind and the governor expects it will not be the last period. james denman middle school in san francisco today. gavin newsom outlined the mandate which requires all students to get a covid shot for school by july. so it's going to be a while before it goes into effect. but this would apply to all california students enrolled in 7th through 12th grade that of course, depends on the vaccines, getting final federal approval for everybody. 12 and up right now, the shots have emergency authorization use for those 12 to 15 years old and final signoff is expected some time next year. and when federal approval for the vaccine comes for children between 5.11
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years old. the state will require kindergarten through 6th graders to also get the vaccine. the state will grant exemptions for medical reasons and religious beliefs. but any student without an exemption who refuses to get the vaccine would be forced to go to independent study at home from a medical standpoint, infectious disease. doctor peter chin. hong says that this vaccine mandate make sense. >> first of all and prevent disease and kids. secondly, it will prevent disruptions when one person in the classroom has covid and everyone has to subject to contact tracing. there it is. that we've realized that with time the kids detention that conduits of infections in the household. even if they don't get sick. many of them they bring it to potentially ballroom. people in the household. they want to cover. the ground as much as possible. only a security blanket to create not just a
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safe school environment but to create a community environment that's safe. >> so the mandate eventually will affect more than 6.7 million public as well as private school students. until now, newsom had left that decision on student vaccine mandates to local school districts. but he says that districts can accelerate the requirements and he expects a many well about 84% of everybody, 12 and older in california has received at least one dose of the vaccine so far and just 63 and a half percent of people between 1217 years old, have gotten at least one dose. so the governor hopes that this mandate helps to get more young people vaccinated reporting in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news l a thank you for that. california's largest teachers unions are backing this vaccination mandate. >> a california association of school boards. >> i'm excited to see the governor's taking this staff. and i mean that leader in >> i am also just, you know, one thing we know is that safe kids, safe classrooms are
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important for all of our kids and this is a step to ensuring states. a fox friends for our kids. >> it took the california medical association says, quote, this is not a new idea. we already require vaccines against several known deadly diseases before students can enroll in schools. the newsom administration is simply extending existing public health protections to cover this new disease just cause so much pain and suffering across our state, our nation and the entire globe over the last 18 months. parents had mixed reactions to the vaccination mandate for school children. at least one group in the east bay is adamantly opposed to it from forestry says stasio continues our team coverage with reaction from one parent says he's part of a growing movement and calls mandates and over extension that won't be tolerated. it is absolutely overreach. john bessemer is a father of 2 children in the contra costa county school district. >> he says given the vaccine mandates issued so far in california. he wasn't surprised to hear governor gavin newsom's announcement friday. but.
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>> a lot of people who had a lot of emotional responses to it that i'm part of the big group on social media of over 500 parents. my message to them was, you know. take a deep breath. we're going to get this. we're going to be ok because we want to go to make decisions for ourselves for our kids. and our own health. we want to be able to make our decision not based on you know, politician is telling us we don't think it's fair. john says that the group held a rally last week and plans more. we don't think that the federal government, especially downtown sacramento out there. we don't think that they're looking out for our interests. we feel that if we get a loud voice. we're going we're going to have more of an impact literally a local levels. we've got rallies planned. we had one want to request friday night. he also says if necessary if the mandate does happen. >> then he and others. he knows plan to pull their kids out of public school are now in the process of actively
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creating a system of co-ops, not charter schools because you have to get the process. co-ops to pull our kids out of school. and begin co-ops and then buying educational. curriculum online and teaching our kids ourselves. john says he wants to add that he is not anti-vax but believes the covid-19 vaccines need more research especially before calling for a mandate. we feel as if our rights are being stripped away. >> little by little theresa stasi kron. 4 news. >> hours before the governor's announcement. the west contra costa unified school district issued is own mandate for students staff students, 12 and older must show proof of their first shot by november 15th and their second shot by december 15th those younger than 12 must receive their first shot. no later than 30 days after their 12th birthday and their second shot 60 days
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after that as the governor said today, districts are allowed to accelerate the vaccine requirement and 3 other east bay school districts plan to make covid vaccines mandatory for eligible students. hey with students will need to show proof of vaccination by december 17th he'd much students must be vaccinated by november. the 17th and the oakland mandate takes effect. no earlier than january 1st, the official date has not yet been released. san jose city officials police and other unions have come to terms over a dispute over the city's mandatory vaccine policy. >> this comes amid warnings that dozens of police officers refusing the vaccine might resign or retire just hours after the deadline for compliance kron four's rob fladeboe has details. >> the union representing san jose police and city officials burned the midnight oil early friday to craft a deal. but for now appears to avoid a scenario that might have seen dozens of officers resign or retire rather than get vaccinated against covid-19
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the deal grants about 140 officers 80 firefighters, a few dozen dispatchers who have refused the vaccine, the option of submitting to a twice weekly covid-19 test in lieu of the vaccine as the deadline for compliance to ride the agreement gives officers and other city employees. refusing the vaccine. a one week grace period before any disciplinary action is taken. >> all of our employees are received. they're notice that notice indicates that they will be subject to discipline, which includes 8 week suspension without pay. if they are not vaccinated and the sanctions will fractured upward from and may include. termination. this deal. >> which we've advocating all along with really tries strike a balance. we've always encourage our members to get
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vaccinated at the same time, ms. respecting an individual's choice. the testing will be done at employee's own time and expense. >> workers who have had one dose of vaccine by october. 1st will be given reasonable time to get that second shot after december 31st. those not fully vaccinated will face further discipline. the deal prioritizes the ability to provide critical services without interruptions from exposure says the mayor. >> our first responsibility to our community is to be able to be there when there's a 911, call to provide emergency medical response police response. we've got to be mindful. always of that basic mission is san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. stay kron 4 for continuing covid coverage scan. this qr code with your mobile device. it will take you to the special section of our website where you can find the latest on masking. >> vaccinations and booster shots. it's all a kron. 4 dot com. >> now to 4 zone forecast on
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this friday night. look at this beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge on a clear friday night to just want to kind of hang your feet over the side lovely just a beautiful night out there. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with the hot weather that's coming through this weekend. i can see that now all the police arrive. come take your way. but certainly need to look at the beautiful side all the way toward the coastline now looking good, but. >> we are seeing a little patchy fog out there. hanging just off the water's edge and that will move in a little bit later on. temperature wise number still very nice. 74 degrees right now in fremont, 72 now in san jose just kind of a nice evening. you would you like to hang outside, maybe go for a walk 74 degrees and 7 tail 77 now in concord, 78 pittsburgh, 70 in a bottle and 74 degrees in san and sell even 81 in saint so these temperatures running warm and you know, we're going for tomorrow. looks that. couple patches of fog. you see hanging off the coastline there. a little more northerly component to the wind developing for tonight. that
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means a lot of sunshine coming our way. couple patches of fog may form right along the coastal section. but it's only going to be a thin lair and that will dissipate pretty quickly. so leave behind a- whole lot of sunshine to start out the weekend as temperatures going to be little bit warmer too 90's again, inland a few 90's popping up around the bay lot 80's even into san francisco. some 70's out of the coast. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up on kron, 4 news at 8 stay away unless you live in this neighborhood. what has caused the second sinkhole in a week. one east bay city, one of a pill could keep those infected with covid out of the hospital. a drugmaker believes it's created that bill. so what comes next. plus the advice for pet owners who may be thinking of surrendering their animals because of the eviction moratorium and
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>> as a fiction moratoriums come to an end in parts of the bay area. some tenants will be forced to decide what to do with their pets. some animal shelters are anticipating increase in take over the next few months while four's amanda hari talks with shelter leaders about how they're getting ready. >> hoping for the best but ready for the worst. that's how many bay area shelters are preparing for the end of the housing moratorium but after the 2007 has increases. we did
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see an increase in surrender in many shelters around the country are bracing for that right now. this situation in picture moratorium ended. steve with contra costa animal services says they're already preparing to see higher intakes. >> he says, quote, one of the most common reasons people will surrender their pets. the shelter. >> is due to changes in the living situation. but the eviction moratorium now ending ing for an increase in surrender requests. people of both contra costa animal services and east bay spca agree that surrendering your pet should be the last resort were trying to get as much information we can about ways that we can help support people keep their pets. vice president of operations with east bay spca carolyn air up in. >> tells me they have programs to help struggling families. there's a pet food pantry of free behavioral health line hold program that offers free temporary boarding for people working at a social worker to
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find housing. she also suggests reaching out to others for help people can reach out to family and friends and see if there's anyone in their life that might be able to provide some assistance. >> in terms it morning at the head at home and or just helping this instability. oakland's eviction moratorium is still in place but air up in says the east bay spca is prepared to help relieve any overcrowding. a partner shelters throughout northern california. this will help shelters avoid turning away animals or euthanizing animals. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> if you are a renter or landlord and you need to apply for financial assistance are programs in place to help just head to our website for information on how you can apply it at kron 4 dot com an experimental covid bill. reduced hospitalizations and deaths by half and people recently infected with the covid virus. >> drugmaker merck made that announcement today and said that it would soon ask health
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officials in the united states and around the world to authorize the drug's use it is cleared that drug would be the first pill shown to treat covid that could be a major step forward and global efforts to control the pandemic. all covid therapies now authorized in the u.s. require and i the or an injection. the results have not yet been peer reviewed by outside experts and experts say the pill will not replace the value of the vaccine to help prevent covid in the first place. starting next week, san mateo county is launching a covid booster clinic. it will take place at the san mateo county event center. the first clinic will be next thursday from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, the next one friday during the same hours, there will also be 2 other clinic days october the 12th and 13th you must be over the age of 65 have an underlying health condition or work, a job that puts you at increased risk of exposure in order to get the booster shot. words of warning
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tonight from the contra costa county sheriff's department to avoid the area of valley oaks drive in stone valley road in alamo and. >> pretty clear why there's a big sinkhole out their water services are affected for about 200 homes up valley oaks road and in the surrounding streets and they won't be restored water service until tomorrow. this is video from earlier this from east bay met crews at hemi avenue at danville boulevard. they're still working to try to make repairs to that broken water main officials said an 8 inch pipe broke just after midnight that pipe is more than 70 years old this is a second sinkhole water main break in alamo in just one week. earthquake in san leandro. >> that's right. our chief meteorologists lawrence karnow is gathering details on the earthquake on the location as well. as when it hit lot, you guys not too long did have an earthquake in san leandro. this one. considered a minor
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quake. but boy, if you are sitting on top of that, you likely felt that shaking happening too long ago. in map start to pick up on a little bit. now you can see the quake measuring 3.2, that's about 2 miles north of san leandro. again, this is a fairly shallow this is only 3.9 miles down. so that means all that energy gets the surface very, very fast. and you can feel that there's the location right there north of us and then drove east of oakland up in the hills. there and certainly some shaking there. we'll keep track of that. sometimes you get some minor shakers after that as well. outside, though, yeah. you got clear skies looking good out there all the way to the coastline right now and some warm temperatures around the bay area. want to show this to you. change is coming as we head through the weekend looking like an extremely warm weekend around the bay area fact hot in some spots as high pressure sits oeer head the offshore winds blow. but watch the changes start to happen as we head into next week. the clouds begin to roll in. here comes the cold front starts to fall apart a bit as we get
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into wednesday, but that will bring a lot of cloud cover into the bay area. definitely cooling down the temperatures then watch what happens kind of rotates around. i think we'll see a cut off low developing in. those are hard to forecast right now. if that holds true, we could be looking at rain. maybe some significant rain as we get late thursday and friday and possibly into the the following weekend as well. not this weekend. this weekend is looking spectacular temperatures of the 90's hot inland. you can see a lot of 80's, a few 90's inside the bay and even a few 70's along the coast line temperatures cooling down those we head into next week with a chance of showers. but we'll keep you updated. see if anything happens with that earthquake right now. 3.2. and of course you could see some more minor aftershocks after. that is thanks like okay. heads up for drivers in the east bay this weekend. caltrans will be closing highway 4 for repairs. it starts at 10 o'clock tonight. >> the closure is from discovery bay boulevard in contra, costa county all the way to tracy boulevard and san joaquin county eastbound travelers can begin their
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detour at the byron road intersection. the closure is expected to end on monday at 5 o'clock in the morning and a heads up for bart riders this weekend. bart is shutting down the tracks between the south hayward and union city stations. the trash will be closed for construction buses will replace trains but bart says riders should plan to add about 25 minutes to their trips. this section of track will also be close. the weekend of october 16th still ahead at 8. the countdown to fleet week begins after a year off because of the pandemic. the high-flying event is back. how city officials plan to keep millions of spectators safe. fleet week comes back to
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the bay area next week. it is the first one in 2 years because the pandemic caused the cancellation of last year's event. kron four's haaziq madyun explains how the city's law enforcement and health officials plan to keep everybody safe from crime and covid. >> a blue angels are back in the bay area skies for the 40th anniversary of fleet week. so we are so excited to be here today to announce that fleet week is happening after a year off last year due to the global pandemic has always millions of people are expected to turn out over the 7 day experience in san francisco. >> public safety is always a top priority. keeping spectators safe will be in the
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hands of this group of first responders law enforcement. the coast guard and the san francisco public health department led by doctor grant colfax who tells you the rules regarding covid-19 during the event. there is little bit different the the local rules on local property. >> basically we can continue to encourage people to wear a mask. you must wear a mask indoors given the large crowds are also encouraging people to wear a outside. sfpd and deputies with the san francisco sheriff's office will handle the public safety duties on the world for its after school police department will have officers patrolling all of the venues foot patrols on bicycles, on motorcycles and unmarked police cars. >> our plainclothes staff will be in uniform. are people will be out there working with the police department because the most important thing is to be a visible to turn the u.s. coast guard has safety tips the airshow lot out on the
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bay. please always carry a vhf radio on board and have enough life jackets for all passengers think a vhf channel 16 as the 911, if you will, on the water. >> a san francisco fire chief janine nicholson tells you how best to use the actual 911, emergency system on land during the show. >> if you have an emergency call 911. if you need information, call 3, 1, 1, so don't lock up 911 for non emergency. use the 3, 1, one you are planning on driving to san francisco to enjoy fleet week to remember not to leave any personal valuables visible inside of your vehicle. >> haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> the blue angels will fly over san francisco for fleet week. join us here on kron 4 saturday, october. the 9th for blue angels live. that's 2 hours of high-flying stunts and fun featuring the spectacular al bad acts of the navy's best pilots. the fun
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starts saturday. october. the 9th at 02:00pm right here on kron. 4 and the host is our very own pilot. >> coming up next at 8 o'clock, not what you'd expect to see the playground flames shooting sky high. we'll have more on that. plus new details about what else investigators discovered during an illegal marijuana bust in the east bay and live performers are back as oakland celebrates the arts for the first time in more than a year. kron 4
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>> take a look at the charred remains of a san francisco playground. this is what's left of the suit biermann playground. it's near the ferry building the city's rec and park department says park rangers were alerted last night that fire crews have put out this fire at the children's play area. the site is the only playground within a half mile and has served more than 1000 children in the area portions of the playground unaffected by the blaze might reopen next week. no details yet on how that fire started. new details from the alameda county sheriff about what else investigators found when they made that historic marijuana grow bus this week. investigators found at least 40 rolex watches at a house in castro valley connected to one of the suspects. they're also designer handbags in gyms. gym bags rather stuffed with a million dollars cash and in an oakland warehouse he found at least one bottle of cognac and a refrigerator filled with
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$1000 bottles of napa valley wine. hundreds of thousands of marijuana plants were discovered in different locations in oakland and heywood and cash valley in san leandro. so far 7 people have been taken into custody. 3 deaths have been reported just this week on the bart system. all of them suspected drug overdose. one of them came at the height of the evening commute four's maureen kelly reports. >> the most recent death believed to be drug related happened here tuesday night at the pleasant hill bart station. according to bart police logs and sfo bound train was held as bart officers responded to a report of an unresponsive male bart passenger. they administered narcan which can reverse an opioid overdose, but it didn't work. and the man identified as 36 year-old frank senders, the 4th of richmond was declared d o a the other 2 fatal suspected d's happened monday. a man was found not breathing at the daly city bart station just after
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10:00am medics were unable to revive him. the san mateo coroner has identified that man as 34 year-old william hogarth and describes him as transience. then later just before 05:00pm during the evening berryessa bound train was stopped at the fremont station for another unresponsive man. again, narcan was administered, but it didn't save him. he has yet to be identified in the says like school and people's going back home is. >> wow. this bart rider was shocked by the timing of the fremont death and by the sheer number of recent suspected drug fatalities on the system. she uses regularly that's a lot of his scary. while another writer i talked to says. >> he surprised it doesn't happen more often. >> i think the number of people that come on the train that have. that i couldn't suspect of being on drugs is astoundingly high. i reached out to bart board member bevan dufty for comment.
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>> he replied saying, quote, we are not immune to what all is doing across the country and our officers administer narcan and have saved many lives this year. all bart police personnel are equipped with narcan. >> and their police logs show twice this week. they were successful reviving 2 unresponsive. people using the lifesaving nasal spray off at mall has not been definitively linked to these recent suspected toadies. it is driving the spike in fatal overdoses here in the bay area. >> ft says heroin compared to fentanyl is like a firecracker compared to a grenade. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> now our 4 zone forecast as we get to the weekend, a live look outside looking out over downtown san francisco. a pretty sparkly clear night getting ready for the weekend, lawrence. and i guess is going to be t-shirt and flip-flops weather. yeah. just taking on the shores. cannot have many more weekends like this, right. so get out there and enjoy it if you can. it is going to be sunny and nice warm all the way to the coastline. beautiful out there toward the golden gate bridge right now. we are free of fog. we may see a couple of patches
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of fog developing right along the water's edge overnight tonight. can we kind of creepy look at other to a thin layer. only a few 100 feet, but it will be moving on shore temperature wise. we've got a lot of 70's inland, 60's and 70's inside the bay in cooler 50's along the coastline highs tomorrow will soar to about 83 degrees downtown san francisco. it will be cooler, but nice in the sunset in the 70's, 77 in daly city, about 70 in half moon bay about 86 degrees in millbrae 87 in burlingame, in 93 and get hot in san carlos, the south bay looking at 80's 90's by tomorrow afternoon, plenty of 90's. of course, over the east bay hills 93 in pleasanton, 92 in dublin, 93 in walnut creek and about 86 degrees in hercules sunshine. hot weather. as you make your way anywhere around the bay area away from the coastline, even toasty out toward the water's edge and then things begin to change as we head into next week. the clouds begin to roll in a chance of showers late next week. thank still ahead, a date for the first time in more than a year of beloved oakland tradition is back. >> we'll tell you about.
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>> and a bay area nonprofit going strong for 14 years now and celebrating this weekend with a charity fundraiser achoo! probably covered in germs protection lysol to go kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria ... ... including the covid-19 viru. take trusted lysol protection, now on the go. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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>> tomorrow marks the 14th annual moms against poverty, charity gala and the bay area nonprofit is raising money once more to send covid and school supplies along with other essentials to children. they do this work not only here in the united states, but around the world. in 16
8:38 pm
different countries. kron four's, ella sogomonian is hosting the event this year. she highlights maps humanitarian efforts for us tonight. >> because during covid, there's a lot of folks and hygiene, a lot of focus on again. food scarcity for disadvantaged communities. so they're really all encompassing. if you want to help children also families in need. >> tickets to gala and feel have sold but mapping courage is year around donations, of course, which this year will also help a new venture called shop at math, that venture supports artisans. it earning their own money and boosting their local economies in struggling countries such as afghanistan and senegal. you can visit moms against poverty, dot org this friday night party is back in oakland. first friday returns tonight with live performances, food trucks and more. >> it's way for the community to come together to celebrate and support the arts and it's a big boost for the area. small businesses east bay
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tradition was put on pause. of course, last april to the pandemic. our first and thorn talked with some of the small businesses there tonight. we'll have more coming up on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock then next. today. dallas waters the famous chef and owner of chez in berkeley is an organic farm to table food activists and so is her daughter. >> they both have new books and i talked with him about the future of what they call the slow food revolution and is force forty-niners top offensive weapon may be out for sunday's game against the seahawks, of course, want to chec go back 50 years and few
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8:42 pm
people even heard the phrase is organic, fresh food farm to table pesticide free heating. but. >> a movement was brewing in berkeley dedicated to pulling us away from fast and processed foods for this seemingly revolutionary idea of just getting back to base. just getting back to basics. alice waters a powerhouse of a woman over the doors of her now world famous shape a nice restaurant in 1971 as she helped start a movement. she calls herself a food activists sodas or daughter. each has a new book. i talked with them about waters groundbreaking work, the future of food and her drive to change the fast food culture. >> the beauty and deliciousness. thanks, plate. >> seasonal products. >> it's been 5 decades from her world renowned shape a nice restaurant in berkeley and alice waters is still on a
8:43 pm
fresh food farm to table mission and her daughter singer is on that mission with her. a mission born at chapin east 50 years ago. >> and feeling very a going to be able to pass down values to the next generation may just feel very. >> sentimental and very proud of. about people who ate guidance to to shun any institution she's taking the mission of the restaurant and expanded it so much. >> shape. unease has been the backdrop for her passion pushing the nation away from a fast food processed food culture and back to basics. seasonal fresh pesticide free. homegrown and farmers market type eating. growing your own food. it's like printing here on monday over the last 60 years. water says we have been brainwashed about food and told that cooking is her new
8:44 pm
book we are what we eat is her latest call to action. it's something really shocking to pain. how we can manipulating in every way, but the food culture, it's not just about malnourishment. >> and they're telling you food should be fast cheap and easy, then everything should be available all the time. 24 7. we just pick your and have said cable rates in contrast her slow food values. this is >> everybody says fresh food eating is too expensive. alice waters disagrees. she says shopping at local farmers markets like this one are growing a community or a home garden are a great place to start. and she says teaching young people fresh food values early in school is key to turning things around and the kids love it.
8:45 pm
>> in fact, she already has more than 25 years proving it works through her edible schoolyard program at berkeley. martin luther king middle school. >> a public school systems are everywhere. so even in food deserts. so if the schools can themselves the engines of an era and bring it and both into the classroom, but also into the cafeteria and you're already all one facet of that problem. >> fanning's book, always home is a testament to her mother's values about food becoming her own. he didn't like that shape back there. filled with memories moments and recipes growing up with the restaurant and a mother determined to teach her to live to cook and eat close to nature. >> but as i've gotten older appreciated the rigor as my mom's vision and the fact that it is so much about the future
8:46 pm
and about preserving the planet and the teacher and the end shoring up the future for all of our >> the future they are concerned about. but waters is still fearless about her dream to have people eat better seasonally and closer to home supporting local farms and local ranchers directly for her. the next food revolution all comes back to regenerative on processed the wholesome and him that food. could be the answer. that and cage. with what you're eating every day. could catch shoot of fall in love. h. it's amazing. to really is remarkable during the pandemic shape. unease has only been open for takeout and that will continue until sometime next year.
8:47 pm
>> alice waters next big project, though, is a partnership with u c davis to launch an institute of edible education. it will teach or slow food values to the next generation of cooks and educators and farmer fun to see. the kids said growing and eating their own food. because when you grow it yourself, you want to see what it tastes like we they could be pretty picky. have some pride in it to like i did this. best school program is remarkable fact list. so, you know, tomato that you grew taste better than you store. crew. that's right. yeah. all right. thanks, >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. well, the giants have grown a season that no one could have imagined. it's like the biggest orange pumpkin in half moon bay with the wind tonight couple with the dodgers lost tonight. >> giants would clidch their first division title since 2012 things right now looking good to see the score 6th
8:48 pm
inning giants with a 2. nothing lead. thanks to a darin ruf home run. mike yastremski rbi single both in the first inning and anthony disk of funny. he is doing it on the mound as well for the giants. pitching 5 scoreless innings before just coming out. we'll keep you posted on the giants here at the ballpark in san francisco. but now we turn to the dodgers just as important really, when you think about things and milwaukee. he is doing business for giants fans. brewers are up 5 to one on la in the 4th inning there. so. if the scores continue, it would be a giants national league west championship later tonight. we'll keep our fingers crossed. meanwhile, the forty-niners are dealing with a rash of injuries to their stable of running backs and to their defensive back or and to make matters worse star tight end? george kittle 85. he's questionable for sunday's game against the seahawks with a calf injury did not practice wednesday or thursday. was a
8:49 pm
partial participant today head coach kyle shanahan says he's hopeful his best offensive weapon will be ready for seattle at levi stadium. >> said earlier in the week that i thought to be alright, the fact that he wasn't ready to go on thursday. just worried us a little bit more than expecting end. fact, you could do a little bit today was much more encouraging than what it was yesterday. and i hope that we have that same result tomorrow. still some slowing pain. don't do what we can to make sure that i'm available to plan sunday. >> you know, it's trending in the right direction. >> i would lie to you guys. what i. >> george is the best rate because he's a he's an entertainer. sure. and these he's a dominant offensive. we did learn today. and this is key, right. it's not a muscle shirts on a calf muscle strain. he got stepped on site. more of a contusion, which is better when you think about the chances of re injury. if it was a strain he
8:50 pm
goes out and he does something that irritates it. it could really set him back for many weeks or even months. but it's not to minimize the issue he is dealing with, but it is less scary, so to speak, that if it was a muscle strain it. it's it's really a muscle contusion. so hopefully the swelling can go down and if there's anybody that's going to play while hurt. you know, he's as tough as it gets. will say. all right, grant, thank you go go giants from for celebrating hispanic heritage. coming up, we're taking a look at. >> danny trejo's rise to stardom how he became known as the nicest bad guy after spending years of his life in and out of prison.
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>> is hispanic heritage month. and tonight we are celebrating actor danny trejo. he is one of the most recognizable character actors in movies and television got that face yeah. that look is a road to success was not an easy one. reporter sam rubin chatted with the actor about his life of crime and his road to redemption. he's played countless tough guys on the big and small screen. i played inmate number one. i bad guy o. >> chicago google guy with jet to a high ball. never had now is one of the biggest names in hollywood in town. danny trejo is known as the nicest man
8:54 pm
guy. someone is always giving back to his community. everything. good. sam that has happened has happened as a direct result of helping someone else. >> everything. that's the way i live. >> but he didn't always live that way. trejo spent his youth in and out of prison. you have to understand them 9 to just i didn't know was end of the dayp but he turned his life around getting sober and becoming a drug counselor and he was helping others trying to stay clean that led him to the set of the 1985 film runaway train. i walked on this moves. it guy sees a lot of use mou. what i got to do that. >> next trip. have every here to that one shot lead to a career spanning over 3 decades with over 300 tv and film grads. >> including machete and the popular spy kids what's it feel like to you.
8:55 pm
>> to be that guy. i think it's such a long i still got kids 5, 6, years old coming want download news like such a such a lesson in addition to the big hollywood career trail was also successful. restaurant tools were in one of your >> the fact that we could be in one of 4 locations right now, that's not counting the goes. and the going inside the doughnut shop first will pay for commercial business buy their food. but she's just giving off a look back any people call we're having this fundraiser about case. >> it sent out and that's what we do. that's why this is all terrific. when you see your happy customers use families coming. but it was pretty that i feel like they're coming into my living. we're having. might get. did you know we enjoy i love the of holding this is really how do i think
8:56 pm
there is no one the more they like this in the humble. >> right and >> right in here. >> he is a funny guy. that was sam rubin reporting. we have an entire section on our web site dedicated to hispanic heritage. all you have to do is scan the qr code on your screen. we'll take you straight to that page at kron 4 dot com. that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 and our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. grant is back with more on the top stories ahead. grant. that's a look. coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 9. the covid vaccine will be required. >> for all students in california. the timeline that know about. >> and we have reaction as well from bay area educators also oakland's first friday. it's back. it's back. life is
8:57 pm
kind of getting back to normal how local businesses are reacting after a major, major setback due to covid. grant lotus. pam moore is going to get up stretch your legs a little bit, but still sit back down. she and i. 4 news at night. coming up.
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8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. now at night.
9:00 pm
governor newsome announcing the nation's first covid vaccination mandate for school children. but the rules he announced today will not take effect immediately. >> and will not apply to each and every student. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm pam moore in for vicki liviakis tonight, the vaccine mandate will go into effect for all elementary through high school students following full fda approval and. >> our ken wayne joins us live in the studio with details on the governor's plan after the federal approval kicks in pushing have reaction from parents. yeah. this is the first in the nation effort and we're going break it down for you. the governor says the mandate requires students. >> in rolled in 7th through 12th grades to get a covid shot for school by july. but it will be law before it goes into effect for students because federal regulators must fully approved the vaccine for that age group. once the fda approves the vaccination in different cohorts starting with 12 and above


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