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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 1, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. officials as police and other unions have come to terms over a dispute about the city's mandatory vaccine policy amid warnings that dozens of police officers refusing the vaccine might resign or retire. >> the agreement comes just hours after the friday deadline for compliance kron four's rob fladeboe has the details on the agreement.
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>> the union representing san jose police and city officials burned the midnight oil early friday to craft a deal. but for now appears to avoid a scenario that might have seen dozens of officers resign or retire rather than get vaccinated against covid-19 the deal grants about 140 officers 80 firefighters and a few dozen dispatchers who have refused the vaccine, the option of submitting to a twice weekly covid-19 test in lieu of the vaccine as the deadline for compliance to ride the agreement gives officers and other city employees. refusing the vaccine. a one week grace period before any disciplinary action is taken. >> all of our employees are received. they're notice that notice in the case that they will be subject to discipline, which includes a week suspension without pay if they are not vaccinated and the sanctions will upward from there and may include.
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termination. this deal. >> which we've advocating all along with really tries strike a balance. we've always encourage our members to get vaccinated at the same time, ms. respecting an individual's choice. the testing will be done at employee's own time and expense. >> workers who have had one dose of vaccine by october first will be given reasonable time to get that second shot after december 31st. those not fu4ly vaccinated will face further discipline. the deal prioritizes the ability to provide critical services without interruptions from exposure says the mayor. >> our first responsibility to our community is to be able to be there when there's a 911, call to provide emergency medical response police response. we've got to be mindful. always of that basic mission is san jose. rob
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fladeboe kron 4 news. >> on the peninsula starting next week. san mateo county is launching a covid booster clinic. the clinic will take place at the san mateo county event center. the first clinic will be next thursday from 00:00am in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. another clinic will also be held next friday october the 8th as well as october. the 12th and 13th a reminder. you must be over the age of 65 or have an underlying condition to get the shot so you can get the shot. if you have a job that puts you at increased risk of exposure to covid the booster shot is only available for people who received the 2 dose pfizer vaccine. now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside of going gate bridge and a good day to roll the window down when you're. >> crews in pretty much anywhere tonight. that's right. lauren standing by to tell us what's ahead for our weekend weekend. looking very hot as we've got high pressure overhead. those offshore winds are blowing outside making for a beautiful evening out there. yeah. this one of those evenings you want to get out
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there and enjoy we may not have many more like that. the season. so look at that in that gorgeous, the sun setting here, the bay area, the colors now beginning to show up clear skies across most the bay area. some fog not too far off, though. you can see it just kind of lingering off the coastline right now. that will be pushing onshore. but it's a relatively thin layer of fog. so not to move all the way into the bay. >> all right. laura is forecast this work. it's interesting. the weekend looks good. high pressure overhead, your skies. stay nice and clear and well, it's going to be pretty hot. many spots with 90's in the valleys as we get into next week, things cold front finally breaks down that ridge. also the clouds start to roll in on wednesday and then by late thursday, a slight chance of showers. i think a better chance now on friday maybe lingering into saturday and that's where we're going to play unsettled weather coming our way could be a significant rain event. the kind of rain event that could bring an end to the fire season of all things hold together so long. way to go. but right now looking like a hot weekend and enjoy that temperatures begin to cool, especially on tuesday. those clouds roll in chance of showers by next friday. thanking arts and sports era go the giant to clinch their
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first division title in 9 years. tonight. >> sports director jason dumas has a live report from oracle park coming up. >> plus another major sunscreen company recalling 5 aerosol sprays because of the hazard this ingredient.
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what are you waiting for? your help on this friday. a recall alert to pass along. coppertone says it detected benzene a chemical linked to
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cancer in 5 of its sunscreen that includes pure and simple for children and babies. >> sport mineral and the travel size sport spray. the products were made between january 10th of june 15th of this year. >> if you have the products you're told to stop using the spray. there's been no reports of illnesses so far. >> a heads up for drivers in the east bay this weekend. caltrans will be closing highway 4 for repairs and that starts tonight at 10 o'clock. the closure is from discovery bay boulevard in contra, costa county all the way to tracy boulevard in san joaquin county eastbound travelers can begin their detour at the byron road intersection. the closures expected to end monday morning at 5 o'clock and happening tomorrow. bart's shutting down the track between the south hayward and union city stations starting tomorrow through sunday. the tracks will be shut down for construction buses will replace trains for bart says riders should plan to add at least 25 minutes to their trips. this section of track will also be shut down the weekend of october 16th. i
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still love doing it. that but has if your something >> her name is known around the world for making organic eating popular again after the break. i sit down with alice waters and her daughter as they reflect on 50 this is a
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live look at the canary islands and look how dramatic this is a bright red river of lava from a volcano continuing to flow towards the sea. it's been more than 10 days now since this eruption started in that time the lava has crept 4 miles to islands. and in fact, just say the island does appear to be getting larger in size. now that the cooling lava is added to the coastline. >> no deaths thankfully nor serious injuries have been reported. this is the island's first eruption and what, 50 years, more than 60,000 people have had to evacuate. you can hear it to meantime in hawaii volcano eruption there is continuing on the big island. it's drawing tourists. the u.s. geological survey confirmed. >> wednesday that the eruption began at the summit of the kill away. a volcano. the area that is erupting is not close to where people can hike or drive. and yet volcano national park expects 10's of thousands of visitors to that
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area. the kill on the big island is one of the most active volcanoes on time now for the 4 zone forecast as we take another peek at the still backed up the bay bridge toll plaza. people trying to get to the city. they our meteorologists. lawrence karnow joins us with his own ideas about some fun. in fact, for thing, i don't think a traffic jam qualify a lot of bay area this weekend. if you want to check this out. >> there's a great weekend to get out to the sunset. you're going to find lots of sunshine. you know, it could be very, very cloudy. and the sunset. they've got the sunset community festival. as you can see, this could be a little face painting going on. some music, some very good food. that all starts at 11 o'clock temperatures. they're going to be in the low 70's. that is a very warm day for the sunset. if you want to head that direction. also, how about this, if you handcrafted goods, the vintage him handcrafted maker's market takes place in vallejo starting early in the morning.
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that's probably a good time to go out as will be a lot cooler. but by the middle of the day. those temperatures running well in the 80's by the afternoon. probably some upper 80's. so it's going to be sunny all day long and it's going to be very warm wear that sunscreen. if you're headed out there and enjoy also, how about this one? you know, this was coming our way right. all those pumpkin starting to show up in the many of the stores and yeah, some of those pumpkin patches to this. the west for a pumpkin patch in berkeley that's going to open up at 9 o'clock in the morning. you're welcome to go check that out. they've got all the beautiful pumpkins out there and yeah, should be a great day to enjoy that as well. sunny skies warm temperatures, just a bit of a breeze in the afternoon. all right. kind of following in line to the halloween theme. and this is all about bats. and you'd like to learn about the need looking. beth, look at that guy hanging from the tree. i know a lot of people think they're a little spooky, but they could be cute and cuddly too. and you can learn all they're going to talk about that in palo alto that starts at one 30. it will be sunny and warm wear sunscreen if you're headed there, that is an outdoor event. guys, back to you. >> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> conway junior with this 2021 willie mac award. that's the highest honor that you kind get out each year to someone on their team. obviously an honor of willie mack. so he's out there right now. getting a standing ovation. we haven't even started this game. but to the game tonight, the giants are 2 games out winning that division at the magic number to do so. they can win that division with a win tonight in a dodgers loss. >> when 2 more wins in the season or 2 more losses for the dodgers so a lot can happen. but pretty high chance they can win that division. and yesterday i said it's like a heavyweight fight watching the dodgers and the giants go
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back and forth with all season long. but this season it's like giant have their 3 heavy hitters. coming to the starting tonight with anthony di school tomorrow night to have kevin guys, man and on sunday they have logan wet on the phone. happens. gate. is keeping his team with that tunnel vision as they keep their eyes on the prize. >> we're going to. treat this game like 2 very important take it seriously. but also be relax into it. know that this is a critically important game today. so as yesterday and so so will tomorrow be most likely partners chance it was going to be as critical importance days. and will expected to be right. i think that's the right mindset. >> so they had the stage is
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set. does look funny. tonight we're hoping for a dodgers loss. but. this whole season any indication of what will happen tonight. the dodgers will likely win and the giants will have to take it all the way to the last game of the season. but they're really good shape. like i said, it that magic number is 2. >> what to give them a way 2021 willie mac award winner >> represents play on and off the field is the highest award given in the organization in honor of the late. >> willie mccovey. so great stuff there. course he hit the game winning hit last night. a walk off with a giant and one more note, if the giants win tonight, they will set a franchise wins record. so a magical season and we can't wait to see how it ends for now. that's live at oracle park i'm jason back to you guys can can. all right. jason, it's miles everywhere, especially at the park. thank
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you. >> 50 years ago. few people even heard the phrase is organic fresh food farm to table. pesticide free eating. but little did we know a movement was brewing in berkeley dedicated to pulling us away from fast and processed foods with the seemingly revolutionary idea of just getting back to basics alice waters. a powerhouse of a woman opened the doors of her now world famous shape a nice restaurant in 1971 and she up to start a movement. >> she calls herself a food activists. so does her daughter each has a new book. i talked with them about waters, groundbreaking work, the future of food and her drive to change the fast food culture. >> the beauty and deliciousness. thanks, plate. >> seasonal products. >> it's been 5 decades from her world renowned shape a nice restaurant in berkeley and alice waters is still on a fresh food farm to table mission and her daughter singer is on that mission with her. a mission born at chapin
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east 50 years ago. >> and feeling very a going to be able to pass down values to the next generation. i just feel very. >> yes, sentimental and very proud of. about people who ate guidance to to shun any institution she's taking mission of the restaurant and expanded it so much. >> shape. unease has been the backdrop for her passion pushing the nation away from a fast food processed food culture and back to basics. seasonal fresh pesticide free. homegrown and farmers market type eating. growing your own food. it's like printing here on monday over the last 60 years. water says we have been brainwashed about food and told that cooking is her new book we are what we eat is her latest call to action. it's something really shocking to pain. how we can manipulating
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in every way, but the food culture, it's not just about malnourishment. >> and they're telling you food should be fast cheap and easy, then everything should be available all the time. 24 7. we just pick your and have said cable rates in contrast her slow food values. this is >> everybody says fresh food eating is too expensive. alice waters disagrees. she says shopping at local farmers markets like this one are growing a community or a home garden are a great place to start. and she says teaching young people fresh food values early in school is key to turning things around and the kids love it. >> in fact, she already has more than 25 years proving it
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works through her edible schoolyard program at berkeley. martin luther king middle school. >> a public school systems are everywhere. so even in food deserts. so if the schools can themselves the engines of an and bringing both into the classroom but also into the cafeteria and you're already addressing facet of that problem. >> fanning's book, always home is a testament to her mother's values about food becoming her own. he didn't like that shape back there. filled with memories moments and recipes growing up with the restaurant and a mother determined to teach her to live to cook and eat close to nature. >> but as i've gotten older appreciated the rigor as my mom's vision and the fact that it is so much about the future and about preserving the planet and the teacher and the end shoring up the future for all of our
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>> the future they are concerned about. but waters is still fearless about her dream to have people eat better seasonally and closer to home supporting local farms and local ranchers directly for her. the next food revolution all comes back to regenerative on processed the wholesome and him that food. could be the answer. that and cage in. with what you're eating every day. could catch shoot of fall in love. h. it's amazing. amazing. during the pandemic shape of days has only been open for takeout. that will continue until sometime next year. alice waters next big project, a partnership with u c davis to launch an institute of edible education. >> it will teach or slow food
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values to the next generation of cooks and educators and farmers. you know, its greatest can go online and find so many ways to grow your own produce and you don't need to have much land. you can do it in your window sill. i know really. and because the climate is perfect for in area. yeah. it's wonderful that people are really going back to that back to basics in
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you could become a multimillionaire tomorrow. could that have good. yes, that's right. powerball jackpot is now worth some 620 million dollars. the next drawing is tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. so don't forget if you plan to buy a ticket and take your co-workers out. yeah. haha, right. former president jimmy carter is celebrating a big, big birthday 97 years old. he plans to spend it with his loved ones at his home in georgia. but hundreds of people all across the nation can wish him a happy birthday on a virtual birthday card set up by the carter center. jimmy carter is the oldest living former president ever. and in fact, he's been married with rosalynn. i think like some 75 so an amazing couple. and that's pretty former president, former navy nuclear submarine officer very active humanities for the white house was the humanity organization habitat habitat for humanity. yeah. he's he's amazing. he's
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done it all yet. all right. thanks for watching. we'll see you at 8 o'clock. have a nice evening, everybody.
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♪ ♪ >> the shocking new abbey body cam video. >> we want to know the truth if he actually hit you. >> what gabby's stocker fiance did to her. then, now they've both got it. >> i have tested positive for covid again. >> i obviously gave you covid. >> what's up with tom brady? he looks ill. >> i don't know what the deal is. i have to try to figure this out. >> trump and the hero marina. >> helped evacuate children, you saw him. >> the only problem is the marine corps says it wasn'


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