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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 1, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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neighborhood. so right now the people who live on the other side of this break. they're able to at least use the iron horse trail to get out of the neighborhood, at least that's what they're allowing now because they can't go through this street because of this water main break and now this has been going on since about 1230 this morning. it was a 9 inch cement pipe that broke they're not sure why it but they're thinking maybe it's just because of its age. it it was put down like in 1950. so it's over 70 years old. >> it broke. they is bay water wasn't notified at around 1245 this morning and they have been trying to search and look for it. >> the main gate valves. so they could shut off the part of the problem why they is because it basically underwater is all letter underneath here. so they're they're going to try to search
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for that. they were hoping to shut off by 7 o'clock. >> this morning. but here we are at the 7 o'clock hour and it's still flowing pretty i also bought were just briefly spoke to the owners of the school here. it's called creative learning center. >> well, it's not flooded. it's all ok, but he obviously can in fact any classes today. so this is going to be shut down for the day. so that's just something i want to put out there. if you have your kid that goes through this. creative learning center. it will be closed today because of this water main break. now this water main break is a lease affecting a 182 people in the area. this is the 3rd one in just one week's time. they had one yesterday and they had one a week ago today and felt for the one that happened just a week ago today is just barely getting thick. so once they even turn off the they still have our long, so to speak road ahead of them in trying to repair it completely and get service back to the
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people who are out of service right now. back to that. >> so like rate was saying, it's a shame you only because we don't have any water right there in a drought. so i know they're trying to fix it and stop them that the leak and the break and all that. but in the meantime. >> i'm just making this up. is it some kind big water truck that could bring out their right and it's empty and then they take a hose in the it all. and so that we can put that water somewhere where they did. yeah. >> i know. i totally totally felt the same way. in fact, i mean, that's comment. with the media representative for east bay night and they're like, yeah, you know, it you know. we're in a drought. that's what we're trying to shut it off. that's just their priority, trying to find and locate that gate valve and shut it down completely because they are trying to minimize as much waste that they're doing. that's happening right now. in fact, i got to tell you, they said they even been able to down some of this that it was going shoot out a lot more. a lot more was coming out when it
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initially broke yes, well, that's a. thanks, yoli let's deal. there's no into delight in my the first to invent this. i know there's got to be a like a suction thing because i've it up the water and put in some good. we out there because that's an excellent idea. could save a lot of extra water that we have out there that we can reuse it for something else. good idea. i think we should take it to the city council. i like water truck on the ready that's actually super hopefully they get that shut down pretty quickly because that is a lot of water that's spewing out there. >> now we are looking at some clear skies for most of the bay area, just the opposite of the rainfall that we do need. we're about to get hotter just as dry and sunny, as we've a% been in the bay area this weekend. you look outside at the golden gate bridge. we actually did have some fog out here earlier this morning. obviously that's no longer a thing in the picture at the golden gate right now, visibility is fine. all across the bay and our current conditions are quite clear as the sun continues to rise a little bit higher. now current temperatures are in the 50's for most of the bay oakland.
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you're at 59 double in at 50 degrees. low. 16 alameda currently and some 40's across the north bay area. definitely don't want to forget the jacket this morning talking just how hot it will be this weekend in your forecast. first, though, back over to irena with your look at traffic. tom, thank you for that. wish i could say it's friday light, but it is not that we actually have a. >> little under 14 minutes free to make it into the city wants. you finally into the maze that some other accidents out there like one in hayward. a southbound north of west, a street. >> and so the center lanes there are impacted by that traffic collision keeping a close eye on that. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13. it's no major issues or delays. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head out a rich man across towards center failed get uptick in traffic there on this friday. it will be a little under 13 minutes for you to make that commute and the golden gate bridge. we started let really foggy this morning. but again, both northbound and southbound lanes are open about 20
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minutes into the city from 37. we'll have more on that coming up. for now, let's go back to this breaking news. 7. '04, right now and a supreme court justice has covid justice brett kavanaugh has tested positive for covid-19. >> now he doesn't have any symptoms and he was fully vaccinated has been since january. his wife and daughters are also fully vaccinated and they tested negative. but brett kavanaugh, the high court justice does have covid the new term begins on monday and the justices have to hear arguments actually after an 18 month absence so they have a lot of work to do because they haven't been, you know, in session in person because of covid and now he has covid. so, you know, that's going mean. well, he's going have to quarantine because can spread covid when you so i that'll be the next story. i'm sure at this point he's tested positive. we know late last night. so if you do the math on, you 10 day quarantine, maybe he zoom in from home on
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monday with the rest of the justices in person. 7. '05, right now. other breaking news with covid. this could be a game changer. merck says it has a pill to treat covid exactly with the company says the pill could actually cut the risk of hospitalization or death by have, which is big news conference. camila barco is following that from the research labs of merck. in south san francisco. high camilla. >> good morning. so, yeah, that pill can be coming sooner rather than later. merck executives say that they a plan to their data about that new pill for review in the coming days. now like you guys said those early results showed that your chances of hospitalization or death is cut in half with this new pill. the patients involved in the research received it within 5 days of showing covid-19 symptoms. mark tracked 775 adults who had mild to moderate covid-19. but those people were not in the hospital. they were considered
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at higher risk for severe disease due to health problems. however, there was another group of patients they received a dummy pill but they suffered severe symptoms. now appeal was so successful that a group of medical experts recommended mark stop the trial early because the initial results were so strong. >> the drug is designed to stop the coronavirus from replicating and it's meant to be taken as for pills, twice a day for 5 days it's unclear how much it will cost. however, in the meantime, medical experts continue to push for people to get vaccinated. >> despite a covid-19 call in the works. they say covid vaccinations. how prevent you from getting infected and reduces your chances of being severely l number excess that they plan to produce. they can't produce 10 million doses by the end of this year. the u.s. government plans to buy at least more or more than a million of those doses. it marks covid-19 pill is authorized by the fda. back to
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you. all right. thanks a lot, camila. and just to know you cannot use it when you're the hospital. we have an ivy drug available. >> for that. more breaking news overnight. and this is about covid to students staff in west contra, costa unified district. they are required to be vaccinated. yeah, exactly. the mandate was made late last night kron 4 sarah stinson has been following the story all morning long. so sara, what are the updates? >> well, you can add to the west contra costa unified school district to the list of school districts in the bay area, putting a vaccine mandate in place for staff and students. the district says that staff and volunteers have to show proof of their covid-19 vaccinations either by being fully vaccinated or having the first shot by october 15th second shot. no later than november. 15th and final and full proof must be provided by december 7th. now let's take a look at what students ages 12 years and older. they must show proof of their first shot by november
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15th and their second shot by december 15th. but if a student does in-person extracurricular activities that date is speed up, sped up a little bit. they must get their first vaccination shot by november. 1st and their second by december. first now for students younger than 12 years old. they must received their first shot. no later than 30 calendar days after their 12th birthday and second shot 60 days after their birthday. now parents have very strong opinions last night before the vote was made. some in favor. a lot of people against it really kind of divided. take a listen. >> i'm speaking to strongly vaccinating staff and especially students. i would pull my daughter from the district that this is mandated. >> please postpone your decision on mandating vaccines for the students are strongly in favor, possibly more in favor than any other resolution that were brought in front of his board for these 2 vaccine mandate
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resolutions tonight. please do not give in to anti-vaccine misinformation, which is not at all science-based commenting in favor of a vaccine requirement for staff. >> and for students over 12 and for volunteers on campus. >> board and district administrators believe a vaccine mandate is the best next step to keep everybody safe and to help end this pandemic oakland and piedmont unified school districts have already approved vaccine mandates for eligible students. berkeley unified is still continuing discussions. now there are some exemptions for the vaccine mandate for the west contra costa unified students, those who qualify for the exemptions and get approved. they will be required, though, to submit to rapid testing once every 2 weeks. for now reporting live in the newsroom. sara stinson, back to you in studio. all right, sarah, thanks for that. a lot of moving pieces there. >> and they get a fix meeting
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having the numbers real begun see. the people are some of the people. and today will listen to the governor. governor newsom is in san francisco and he's talking about the same thing about her kids and schools and apparently highlighting the state's effort to make sure that our students and employees of schools are safe in the classroom. but beyond that, we don't know exactly what is going to say. we only know this announcement is happening here in the bay area in san francisco at 10 o'clock this morning and we'll be covering it live with our 24 hour. news app kronon 7.11 is the time and starting next week, san mateo county is launching a covid booster clinic. the clinic is going to happen at the san mateo county event center. they're going to be a few of them. the first one is next. thursday and then friday 09:00am to 04:00pm. then they're going to have another one around on the 12th and the 13th as well. and a reminder who can get the boosters right now. the rollout is just for, as you know, 65 and older that told you have to be and you can also get the shot if you have a job that puts you at high risk of covid you're at, you
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know, increased exposure. this booster shot for those who have already gotten 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine. it's 7.11. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news barr is shut down parts of the tracks in the east bay. we're going to tell you what you need to know to get around and how long it could delay you. plus more security is coming to oakland's chinatown will tell you the new steps to keep the asian american community. they're safe. and after the break, congress avert a shutdown. but their work is not done. we're going to have more on wh well, happening
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tonight, a heads up for drivers in the east bay this weekend. caltrans will be closing highway 4 for repairs. >> starting at 10 o'clock. the closure is from discovery bay boulevard in contra, costa county all the way to tracy boulevard in san joaquin county eastbound travelers can begin their detour at the byron road intersection. the closure is expected to in monday morning at about 05:00am. a heads up for bart riders this weekend. bar is going to be shutting down the tracks between the south hayward and union city stations. the tracks going to be shut down for some construction. well, buses will replace trains the bart says that riders should plan to add about 25 extra minutes to your trip. the section of track will also be shut down. the weekend of october 16th. >> 7.15, so that kind of update you on the out of traveling. this weather. hi,
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john. you know what? if you want some summer weather, just stay right here in the bay area because we may be into the first weekend of october. but we are looking really hot to kick off the new month. conditions out there this morning are crystal clear across the bay. look at that view of the sun shining on court quite hour this morning lighting it up in a real orange glow. we do have some haze on the horizon today may be contributing to that extra glow, but it's just a gorgeous start out there clear at the coast. clear along the bay clear inland. and that's the way it's going to stay high pressure. ridge built up across the region. and that's also going to contribute to even more and more 90's in this forecast working our way into saturday and sunday. so get ready for a hot one. inland areas like the central valley. do have air quality advisories. none of those for the bay area. but do expect some moderate pockets towards the afternoon. today's daytime highs rise into the 70's at the coastline. it will be a perfect day for drive up and down one o one. it's also going to be a great day out towards point raise and along the coastline 80's for san francisco through san jose and
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up the east bay shoreline than solid 90's for inland portions of the region. antioch livermore at 92 each conquered up to 93 are hot spots today or walnut creek and danville at 96 degrees each tomorrow and sunday are going to be our hottest days monday, pretty warm too. and then paul decides to venture back in come next week. look at where will be next. thursday. our inland areas will be cooler than our coastal areas today. so quite the change of pace towards next week. john, we literally have a little bit of everything on that forecast right now. >> all right. let's get a look at your far from friday. light. i'm not seeing any major accidents though happened in in the city right now. i do see, though, however, that just popped up a disabled vehicle, oh, one southbound south of 80 west in san francisco. and so the right lane there is blocked we are seeing a couple of delays as you're traveling into the city will take a little under 14 minutes to make that drive to that fremont street exit.
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let's head over look at the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. no issues at all. under 13 minutes traffic moving nicely. the richmond sandra fell commute as you're heading across a look at that. a little under 11 minutes. so no major delays just more uptick in traffic and the golden gate bridge again. everything smooth. no fog to slow you down about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city. daria. >> it's 7.18 and for your money. customers, abandon bed bath and beyond last month and their shares tumbled and hackers may have figured out a way to get into locked iphones joy das is live at the nasdaq market with those and more stories. high joya. >> all right. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. there are reportedly flaws that allow a hacker to steal money from a locked iphone security. researchers announced finding surrounding a vulnerability with visa cards specifically one of these a card is set as the default car for express
7:19 am
transit and apple pay on the iphone. now, apple said that the fault lies and visa system and that any unauthorized payments are covered by the says 0 liability policy united airlines unvaccinated staff fell from 5.93 to 3.20 once the airline started firing, people who wouldn't get vaccinated united has the strictest vaccine mandate policy of any airline shoppers weren't too happy with that. best me on stores over the summer. the company saw a weakness in california, which is one of its biggest markets. the retailer said that a combination of things, including supply chain problems and marketing missteps hurt its sales marvel star scalia hansen and the walt disney company have settled the breach of contract lawsuit. the suit claimed that disney had breached eu hansen's contract when released black widow on its streaming service disney plus, at the same time that it debuted in theaters. terms of the deal were not disclosed live from the nasdaq market site. i'm joya doss. thank you, joy. all right. you have a good weekend. we'll see you.
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well after averting a government shutdown. the house is now at work to pass the president's dollar. >> infrastructure plan. but the plan has run into some setbacks. basil john has more on the infrastructure battle as democrats aim for a vote later today. >> good morning. progressive. house members have made their demands clear. but senate moderate democrats refused to budge on their position progressive and moderate democrats are at a steel me on how to proceed with the president's infrastructure package. we will not be able to vote for the reconcile for the infrastructure bill. >> until the reconciliation bill has passed. >> house democrat for paul says the infrastructure bill alone has negative effects on climate change. she and other progressives refused to budge from the 3.5 trillion dollar price tag for the reconciliation bill. 96%. >> of democrats in the house and the senate support that number. we have 4% that would like something different west virginia senator joe mansion is part of that 4%.
7:21 am
>> and says 1.5 trillion is his limit. >> i brought a 1.5 as you see nothing. but now the 1.5 was always done from from my heart and basically what we could do not jeopardize. don't jeopardize our com. republicans have kept themselves out of these discussions as they have made their standpoint clear on the reconciliation bill. i think the majority of overwhelming. >> out of our members are going to vote no because they don't view it as an infrastructure bill. house speaker nancy pelosi wanted to put the infrastructure bill up for a vote. thursday night but pushed back to friday. >> both progressives and moderates say they are ready to negotiate. the house will reconvene at 9.30 this morning. but there is no clear time as to when a vote could happen. reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> 7.21. and coming up this morning, wild pigs are backing causing trouble in the east bay that looks like a rampage. i heard we're going to show you the damage they're doing and what's going to be done to try to stop
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(background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. they're bad. >> roaming through the east bay there lafayette these wild pigs are destroying people's yards the neighbors are upset. they've been complained about the page read aloud and causing property damage everywhere they go. yes. here's what they're trying to do list is that before. first
7:25 am
of all, with the pigs are trying to do. they just want food water with the city is trying to do. well. they've dealt with this before they hire a trapper and in one case, the trapper got rid of about a dozen. it looks like there's another doesn't yet to figure out what to do with. the problem continues. neighbors are they had enough of this. >> we came out to scare them and they didn't want to leave we were throwing stones trying to get rid of them. and they just didn't care one. you know, keeping my fingers crossed that they don't come back in the syrian city will take care of the problem. there's a lot of neighbors. they're really upset by the damage that happened. you hear whispers about pigs in a back fence. never had turned to so many pigs in the area. and it's really a sign of the times and these drought conditions that are driving the wildlife. >> further into the neighborhoods and out of pills. >> they're very cute. i don't think they hurt anybody. they've just heard a lot of lawns but still raining there unruly babe would never behave not at all. and now right now what they're doing because this trails within the lafayette community to parks
7:26 am
have been closed. they're keeping them a way. they don't want people there. they don't want pets there because i don't know. maybe maybe the pixel turn on you. >> but they didn't before. i mean, what we've seen this problem before and here is the video from the feral pigs that were tearing up lawns in san ramon and this cost thousands of dollars of damage show. it's just something that we've got to figure out a deal with aside from the fact that like who has is green on stayed ever want my art. it's just they would paige love much and all i got month time now 7.26 coming up, we've got a pill now that can help you if you come down with covid, you have to take it right when you feel the symptoms and we've got the latest. it's not on the market yet, but we've got the latest from an expert after the break.
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>> 7.29 right now. and we're taking a live look here at the bay. it pretty gorgeous out there. i would say it's like a smells good out there. to like it. smells good. pumpkin spice that's the smell of october for rain. and i know for you just like to should do. but they got to be a nice coffee today. to pot. ok to hide what will happen to it's definitely
7:30 am
taking a little bit of a delay this weekend following his arrival october's here. but it's back to the 90's we go and some upper 90's by tomorrow and sunday, too. we do have a return of that cooler weather into next week. so just get her through this weekend. if you love the heat savor, every bit of it. >> your view outside of the golden gate bridge is crystal clear right now. there was a brief dose of fog at the bridge earlier. it's an can moved away after that. and now you're looking at clear skies all across the bay area. sunshine is going to really help temperatures to rise quickly today. so if you want to cool feel really now is your chance to enjoy it before temperatures start to warm up. most of us are still in the 50's. perfect jogging weather this morning, san francisco at 57 berkeley in alameda in the low 60's. some 40's in the north bay. so don't forget your jackets up there, especially talking some 90's today, even more than in the forecast for tomorrow and sunday all still to come, reyna. tom, thank you for that. right. look at the bay bridge will start with that a little under. >> 15 minutes for your drive time. what you do reach the maze to make it to that fremont street exit. we also
7:31 am
have an accident that's in san lorenzo 8.80, southbound south of us fearing boulevard, the right shoulder as and been impacted by that accident. the san mateo bridge. let's head over there and get a look at things heading across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 9 minutes as you're heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge also looks great. a little under 20. >> breaking news is a big breakthrough when it comes to covid merck has developed a pill that they say could cut your risk of symptoms or even death in how exactly the company says. all of those things are supposed to happen. >> and so a lot of people are talking on the internet been looking at what people are saying already. joining us right now to talk this morning about that ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong. good morning. >> morning. morning well, good morning. and it is a big morning. if this is a breakthrough that we think it is so tell us more about what this pill is supposed to do.
7:32 am
>> area. this bill is bill that should be taken within 5 days of getting symptoms. and it's really going to be a game changer. it's really easy to take. it's going to be likely an medicine and it most significantly it cuts or rate some not only hospitalizations but deaths as well. so nobody died in the trial who received the drug. not these are vaccinated and 8 people died in the placebo group 7% hospitalized in drug group and about 14% night. so cutting non-hospitalized patients coming in and that's easy take easy to scale up twice a day. it's almost like having time of flu for influenza. i think it's really, really going to moving forward. so if this is upheld that you would take.
7:33 am
>> at the first signs of covid just whether or not you've been vaccinated. so anybody who gets covid. you suddenly feel a cough or a sneeze or whatever your suffering. >> and you start taking this pill. >> yes, you start taking it. and the amazing thing is the side effect profile is really, really only about 10% of side effects and both the placebo and the drug arm and there were more choose discontinued. the placebo are not even the drugs. so it's going to be really safe. and i think, well, tolerated studied and 170 countries more than 700 people. and it was so good that the drug trial is have to stop the trial early because there was so much benefit in the people took the drug that it was unethical to continue his trial with giving half the placebo or sugar pill. this is amazing because okay. i got a great example. my kid who's in utah is a college kid. >> he thought mom. i have
7:34 am
covid any was like i said, well, if you have coal is breakthrough, by the way, is accident. i'm like, well, if you have covid, there's no treatment. it lets you get to the emergency room stage and then you get maybe disappear. if you're lucky. so this will be for somebody like him. is that right. like so your home with covid and you don't want to go to the hospital. >> yes, exactly. it's going to be for early you know, probably be something you can easily get prescribed. and the most amazing thing i think there's going to be evidence coming up, said it's being studied now that even in contacts of people have covid you take the pill and it will prevent you from in fact, in the first place. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. hold on a second. we already have a vaccine for that so are you saying now now we are going to suddenly take this pill as well as the vaccine. i'm not clear on this. >> say you're in and there's say a patient in a nursing home. got covid and
7:35 am
breakthrough covid to protect the other patients. why risk you can just give them this pill and that's currently being studied. but my prediction is that it will also show benefit and not only preventing disease in the prison taking it. but preventing somebody whose expose from even getting it in the first place. okay. i don't want to get my are too much in the details because it's not out there yet. the i guess the point is when. when will it be out there. what are we waiting for? >> so right merck is showing interim results of the trial. they're planning to these results to the fda emergency use authorization. >> i mean, kind of all know the drill by now it goes to the ft. they pour with a date. i think the state island so fantastic that i couldn't imagine it not being improved pretty soon. the bill also the incredible thing is it can be easily scaled up. so, you know
7:36 am
what? what we have right now. with it's ivy only or even monoclonal antibodies for early disease, which is similar in the way we use that. that's really, really difficult to give and the says says you know, poor. i this, you know, up till it could have a lot of benefit. >> well, yeah, because i you don't want to wait in till you're in the hospital to get treatment. the whole idea is we will take this now. you know, because like you said, monoclonal antibody and and the rim to severe. that's it's too late. so i'm glad to cut that off and also monoclonal club. i love drug is all new. >> pirro here. wow. how is what a kid they call these things so simple. >> i think they'll come up with the street name at some point something that sounds really, you know, superhero like yes, yes. covid acts or something like that of all right. in the meantime, though, because this could be i don't know. you didn't say, weeks it's it's all about the vaccine still is that right.
7:37 am
know it's always going to be all about the vaccine. this is really just like the vaccine is kind of the cake and this is just like a little bit of frosting on top of the cake but you can't just eat the frosting alone. you really need to get that mean protection. >> i think that's a great point. you bring up area. this is not going to supplement of be a substitute for vaccines. this is really for people, maybe get breakthrough infection or maybe who didn't get are. >> immune response from the vaccine like people new compromise, although group was an study get nice trial. it's ok, that's great that you brought that up. i wanted to say something about people online already talking about this. yeah. and they brought up side effects and potential side effects. and what's interesting about this is they're saying that both groups in that trial. >> we're slightly more common to receive the side effects a report that with the dummy pill actually. >> so people hesitant about side effects from this. what would you say to them.
7:38 am
>> say you know, so far from the reports. i'm not very common. only about one percent of the folks who real. will this continue the drive course. they didn't know what they were getting pill or a dummy pill and 3% of the people had the wto actually discontinued it. so it just means that, you know, the power of the mind and think a month side effects is really him impressive, but also that the side effects in general is going to be really, really low probability in this truck if you think about one to 3%. one to 3. and of every 100 people will probably stop the bills because of potential side effects. all right. thanks a lot, doctor. we appreciate it. >> and we'll await for that pill. thank you. definitely. thank while we learned a lot will be right back.
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>> another one too. the season for the job. >> a walk-off win in the bottom of the 9th inning after heart attack for giants fan of the beginning of this game. but it was a final a 5 to 4
7:42 am
and now the magic number is down to 2. so that means the giants can clinch the al west tonight if they beat the padres and the dodgers lose to the brewers. but let's just be concerned with ourselves, right. i mean, we just need to win the magic number so we can win the nl west, which would be great if we did it. if you the first time since 2012 first pitch for that game is 6.45 at oracle. so we've got 3 games 3 games versus the padres. and again, the magic number is down to 2 to get the title. and that's we want is the division title and that's why we're rep and its magic somehow this is supposed to work on some of the john has been you'll see when we get back. go giants of or 2. we'll be right back.
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and now get the cleaning power of mr. clean in a wipe to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. and we're checking out the weather and all while the airport is nice and clear. nothing in your way. i guess if you're leaving, but this one of those days that the coast especially where you just want to soak it all in. >> barca. darrow is also going to be absolutely gorgeous. believe it or not, we've got some 80's on the way for areas like the embarcadero 70's at the coastline. all of its sunny great way to start the weekend, get those reservations and early. if you're heading out towards the coast because, you know, everyone is going to be heading out that direction. inland areas are getting on the hot side. so it may be october first. well into fall.
7:46 am
now, as we know here in the bay area. that does not mean a lot is first fall weather goes. we still have some of our hottest and sunniest weather. that is certainly the case as we make our way into this first weekend of the new month central valley has air quality advisories in effect this weekend. we don't have those in the bay area. but we do have some moderate pockets of air quality expected later on today that i just want you to be aware of 70's 80's for your highs in sf today. 70's pretty consistently out at the coast montero. one of our cool spots at 65 san bruno at 80 degrees. same for you in brisbane and even hotter than that, the further south you get in the peninsula woodside up into the low 90's, as you will also see in campbell, the status and morgan hill. well, san jose getting close enough at 89 3 months of 88 today. tri valley in the 90's in our hottest spots in the bay today will be danville and walnut creek each at 96 oakland and berkeley certainly warming up to 83 say for you in vallejo. well 90's for other areas to know like antioch, pittsburgh vacaville sonoma nevado and
7:47 am
center fell all back into the 90's and i'm expecting even more of them on the map come saturday and sunday. now monday will still be hot but we're starting to take a turn for the cooler and by tuesday down into the 80's inland by wednesday and thursday. some of our hottest of inland areas will be cooler than our coastal spots will be today so that feels like quite the change of seasons get through the heat enjoyed the feel of it and look forward to some fall feels into next week. tom, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic as you're a lot of traffic. >> building here at the bay bridge this morning. so we're far from friday. light a little under. i'd say about 13 minutes or so for me to make it to the maze. 2 that fremont street exit in the city. >> let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 not see any major issues here. so that's the good news. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond across towards center fell a little sluggish as well. a little under 12 minutes as you're heading out of richmond and let's check out the golden gate bridge yesterday. a lot
7:48 am
of activity happening here. but both the northbound and southbound lanes are currently open as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls. it will be a little under 21 minutes. starry, back to you. 7.47 and remember the the protection and expired yesterday. >> well, this morning, renters are protected right from that statewide moratorium on the ban because they lifted yesterday. so the concerns are today. what about if you can't pay rent, there is still help available kron four's, dan kerman explains. >> across california concerns from apartment, residents and their advocates about california's eviction. moratorium which ends september 30th. many people are not back to work full time can't get back to work full time. >> and this is gonna hurt on. we cannot afford to have 10's of thousands of people out in the streets because they're addicted after extending the moratorium several times. the state legislature no longer have the support to do it again. >> something the california apartment association was
7:49 am
pleased with over 50% of our rental housing stock is in single family homes owned by small others. >> if they haven't and are not going to get paid soon. many of them are going to have to sell where they face foreclosure. so now is the time. but the expiration of the moratorium does not leave renner's hanging out to dry. >> we extended. >> beyond the moratorium protections that are the strongest in the united states through march 31st of 2022. >> during a speech wednesday. the governor reference california's covid-19 rent relief program, which is already paid out or is about to pay out one 0.5 billion dollars in rental assistance. >> every household participates and the california covid-19 relief program. and they will be protected the eviction process cannot proceed as long as the household is participating in the rental assistance program. state officials say people can go to the state's housing is key website. >> and apply for rental
7:50 am
assistance. anytime between now and the end of march until a determination is made as to whether you qualify for rental assistance. you cannot be evicted. well, the state's eviction moratorium is ending several cities and counties have their own eviction moratorium. >> such as alameda county and the city of oakland to name a couple. you should check with your local jurisdiction to see if that also applies to you. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in the east bay an extra layer of security is coming to oakland's chinatown neighborhood hit hard over the past year by criminals who are targeting members of the asian community 20 surveillance cameras have been donated by the san mateo cloud based service for cadotte incorporated. the cameras are going to be installed at several blocks in that neighborhood. all in an effort to try to discourage people from committing crimes as well as helping police identify suspects in potential investigations. but implementing cameras.
7:51 am
>> we know that there are many people feel much safer. we hope that as folks cameras. who live and work in this community that they hear the message that there's a community behind them that we stand with them that we care about them and we care about their safety. >> china town leaders have also formed volunteer patrols and residents have been given whistles to be able to quickly alert others if they see crime occurring in those neighborhoods. well, take a look at this bus from daly city police say they confiscated several illegal gaming machines as well as illegal drugs, guns and a large amount of cash from a home on monterey avenue. police say they believe the home was being used as an illegal gambling site. 4 suspects were arrested and booked into the san mateo county jail on several charges. >> time now 7.51 and a year and a half long investigation has resulted and what appears to be the biggest illegal pot bust in bay area history on wednesday, the alameda county sheriff's office served over a dozen search warrants in 18 different locations throughout
7:52 am
oakland san leandro and a castro valley and all they seized a lot of plants. a 100,000 pot plants. nearly 10 million dollars in cash and pot illegal in california. authorities say these plans likely even though pot is legal. these plants were illegal. they were grown without any proper state oversight. >> you know, this is basically modern day bootlegging like we saw in the 1920's all about money and profit and greed taxation regulation. come with oversight and penalties and when you when you decide not to operate under those guidelines. the life a lot easier. until you get caught. >> it's amazing to see all these bags of trash because that's exactly what we're doing or they're doing with all those plants. look at this. they pull him up. they stick them in trash bags. >> and they're going to burn them in the central valley. so i guess. >> hold your breath. because that's a lot of pots. mel going outflow. there. at least 7 people have been arrested, by the way, after this grow operation was busted 7.52. is
7:53 am
the time. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7 55 and in bay area news fleet week is back and we missed it on monday. it all pops off leak was put on hold last year because of the pandemic. and i feel we're
7:56 am
even looking at without we are just what you're going to be hearing sand. we've got lots more coverage on this show. we take a look at what's going to happen. the parade of ships. the blue angels, those all part of it. and today the police in francisco public health. they're going to be laying out their plans for how we're going to be safe during this whole new thing. exactly because we have to do that. that's that start seeing more that that's going to happen there. but hey, driverless cars are every morning when i come into work, i see these cars. i do, too. and yeah, i think to myself do they only like 3 in the morning as that's what i see the most of them. the california dmv issued permits for these companies. now for waymo and crews to offer their rides for a feat because this past month it was free. but now they're going to be able to operate parts of san francisco county and san mateo county. they don't go any faster and 65 miles an hour. and i don't see where you be doing that in first time i saw them driving. i know that they were driverless ryan kind of scared me. well, they do have a guy behind the wheel just to take the wheel if something goes
7:57 am
wrong and they'll continue with that. but they will be operating now from 10:00pm to 06:00am 7.56. we've got lots more ahead here on the kron 00:00am morning news coming up in the next hour, governor newsom is in the bay area today making a big announcement about our kids and schools. and now there is a pill that they say you can take if you get covid it saves you from death and hospitalizations. we've got more in a live report. plus, west contra. costa county schools. they're issuing a mandate for the kids and the students
7:58 am
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>> the bay area's local news station. if you now with breaking news. >> good morning and happy friday to you. i'm darya folsom we've got breaking news that we've been following all morning long. a water main break in alamo and it's a mess out there. water all over the place. and ari, every time we go back to you. ellie sevices live shot. >> i get a little sad because of all the water and we're in a drought. let's see how much progress they've made in cleaning it up. so far. high only. >> and not much progress. in fact, sometimes. and i see the water looks like it's doing out more than it was before. you know, east bay mode is hard at work trying to look for that. the gate. >> i'm about to start it to kind of hard to locanl


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