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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news to know an awful lot of landlords that polishing off those innovation papers. it's really, really critical that. >> when we work in a healthcare setting. we protect the patients, not just ourselves. >> now, 10, the end of september marking a new phase of the covid pandemic in california as the state's eviction moratorium is lifted while 10's of thousands workers are now required to get vaccinated. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. we start tonight with the eviction moratorium officially expiring at midnight. >> after being extended several times during the pandemic the state legislature no longer have the support to do it again. fueling concerns of a looming wave of evictions. according to a
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recent analysis about 724,000 california households are still 2.5 billion dollars behind in rent. >> we cannot afford to have 10's of thousands of people out in the streets because they're addicted over 50% of our rental housing stock is in single family homes owned by small owners if they haven't and are not going to get paid soon. many of them are going to have to sell where they face foreclosure. >> however, renters are not being left out to dry just because the moratorium is lifted. you can be protected from evictions but only if you have applied for state or federal assistance. governor newsom says one 0.4 billion dollars in rent relief is available from the state. those protections. well, tonight. >> evictions court order prove evictions. if a landlord and tenant seek and apply to get the rental assistance that the
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state has put aside. >> several cities and counties have issued their own eviction moratoriums, but there may be restrictions. for example, while alameda county residents are protected against eviction until the covid state of emergency declaration is over the eviction moratorium for small businesses and nonprofits is expiring tonight. >> sweeping new vaccine mandates officially went into effect today. they affect california's health care workers as well. as the largest city in the bay area. our grant lodes joins us here in the studio with the details grant. well, ken, pam today september 30th is the deadline for san jose city employees to prove they've been fully vaccinated as a condition of their employment. according to city hall of the more than 7,000 employees you have here 92% are in compliance fully-vaccinated got the shots 394 workers have requested exemptions from the vaccine for the religious or medical
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reasons. and as of today, 256 of those exemptions have been approved that these numbers include first responders doug and police officers, firefighters paramedics. we also data from the city as well. city hall. 87 1% of all police officers and 92% of all firefighters here have been fully vaccinated. the police and firefighter unions. what the city to allow weekly covid testing as an option instead of getting vaccinated as of tonight, the city has not budged on its demand. you get vaccinated. so what happens to these workers who don't want the shot, don't get the shot and they don't get exemption. well, officials say there could be consequences up to and including termination. but they say no one is going to be let go overnight. >> those employees who received one dose of the covid vaccine by october 1st will be given every single time to
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receive their second dose and will not be subject to disciplinary actions unless they fail to receive their second dose. so we're hoping we can work with our employees. >> to avoid that. >> san jose city manager says disciplinary action will be handled on a case by case basis. the other vaccine mandate that took effect today affects all health care workers in california. governor newsom signed the executive order back in august giving workers and hospitals until today to verify their vaccination status. we reached out to some of the biggest health care systems in the bay area and the state. 97% of workers at kaiser are fully vaccinated 92% at center health fully vaccinated and 97% at stanford medicine are fully vaccinated. we also spoke with doctor peter chin-hong ucsf who tells us 100% of all medical students. there are fully vaccinated. he also says numbers like these should ease concerns that the
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vaccine mandate would lead to a potential shortage of health care workers. >> it's so critical to have this vaccine may need to be ready. have a shortage with and traveling there says. at least in the bay area. those predictions come to light. >> and as for those health care workers who are still choosing not to get the shot. we know this much employees at stanford who are not fully vaccinated and did not get an exemption will be on unpaid administrative leave until they comply with the state's order. ken pam back to you. all right. grant, thank you very much. >> well, happening now, the west contra costa unified school district is still in an ongoing special meeting tonight discussing a proposal to require all eligible students, 12 years and older to get vaccinated. it's past the school district would be the 4th east bay school system to require student vaccinations. couple showed
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the sack he has been following this meeting for us. joins us live now from our newsroom with more and taylor. what is the latest. well, pam, after a long 3 and a half hours, a school board members are still in those discussions on this heated topic and. >> as you'd imagine, people have a lot to say again, the board is talking about vaccine requirements for eligible students who are 12 years and older. so far tonight we've heard from a lot of passionate parents and teachers. addition to those who showed up in person more than 300 50 people tuned in on zoom earlier this evening. so far public comments have been a mixed bag. several people speaking out against vaccine mandates and others in strong support saying this is the best way to protect students and the community. here's what some parents had to say. >> i'm speaking to strongly oppose vaccinating staff and especially students. i would pull my daughter from the district that this please postpone your decision on mandated vaccines for the students strongly in favor, possibly more in favor of any other resolution that were
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brought in front of his board. >> for these 2 vaccine mandate resolutions tonight. please do not give in to anti-vaccine misinformation, which is not at all science-based commenting in favor of a vaccine requirement for staff. >> and for students over 12 and for volunteers on i just have to address some of the. false information that was stated earlier and comments. >> now contra costa county's health officer put out this letter earlier today in part reading, quote, for the safety and health of students families and the community. and as an effective tool to help keep students in the classroom i have for my strong support for each and every school district that takes continued an additional steps to promote covid-19 vaccination for their students. now earlier this month, west contra costa unified was on the verge of becoming the first bay area school district to approve student vaccinations. however,
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that original meeting was pushed back to tonight and said oakland unified school district became the first to approve such a mandate last week. several others have since followed. that's the latest now live from the newsroom. tell of key kron 4 news taylor, thank you for that report. here's a look at those districts that have passed the vaccine mandate. piedmont students will need to show proof of vaccination by november. the 17th. >> hayward students must be vaccinated by december the 70 and the oakland mandate takes effect. no earlier than january. 1st, the berkeley unified school district is also discussing a vaccine mandate. but no decision has been made yet. there. new tonight at 10, the pleasanton unified school district is talking about whether to have police officers on their school campuses. officials say between 2015 2019 pleasanton. police responded to an average of more than 1000 calls every year for services city schools. but the program for
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school resource officers came under intense scrutiny last year during the george floyd protests and the district is now examining what the future of the program will look like a major move for police reform in california today, governor gavin newsom signed a bill into law. >> that will require changes in policing practices. the law allows the states, the state rather to decertify an officer who engages in serious misconduct. the certification would prevent that officer from working at another law enforcement agency. kron four's amanda hari has a closer look at the laws in question, how local families affected by police violence are reacting. and it's high time that california joined the modern age there's areas where we have nothing to brag about both governor gavin newsome and civil rights and police brutality dante pointer agree the signing of sb 2 has been needed. >> california will be joining 46 other states that have a system to strip officers of
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their badges for professional misaonduct. it's almost unbelievable to think that we were lacking at the back of the class on something this important point or tells me he's dealt with cases where this law would have made a difference. they have a police officer who's facing discipline for violating somebodys rights as opposed to being stand up and facing the music instead they reside, then they're allowed to go to another community and terrorize that community pointer says this law will prevent these types of things from happening. family members of angelo keen toes spoke at the bill signing key to a died late 2020 days after a struggle with antioch police who forcibly held him down during a mental health crisis is long overdue. the necessity for it preceded my brother's death that preceded george floyd's death. the los angeles police protective league and the san francisco in san jose police officers association issued a statement saying that they're pleased to see that the original text of the bill was adjusted to serious misconduct. >> and not minor infractions like traffic tickets. the
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statement also said quote, now that ad certification process has been established. we urge senator bradford and the legislature to focus on producing the rise of shootings homicides and robberies. each of our cities are grappling with hawaii, new jersey and rhode island are now the only states without a statewide system to take police off the streets if they violate professional standards amanda hari kron 4 news. >> and now a live look at the white house tonight where with just hours to go before a government shutdown. president biden signed a short term spending bill that extends federal funding through early december. the president's signature came after the senate and the house clear that bill today. the measure also provides more than 6 billion dollars to help afghanistan refugees resettle in this country and 28.6 billion dollars in funding for communities ravaged by hurricanes wildfires and storms. among the key issues
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up next, contentious talks over raising the nation's debt ceiling in order to avoid a financial crisis. >> i wish we republican cooperation on things like the debt limit. there's negotiations they'll have representatives who are advocating for their points of view. that's democracy in action. >> late this evening. president biden's bipartisan infrastructure plan suffered a significant setback. but at least the negotiations continue. house speaker nancy pelosi put off a vote which was planned for today because it did not have enough votes from the democrats. >> take a look at this. almost 200 firefighters fought for hours to try to put out this massive fire that tore through a storage yard in carson. that's an industrial neighborhood south of downtown la authorities say the property housed several containers of sanitary alcohol wipes which caught fire with the alcohol. it spread rapidly. it's still not clear exactly how that fire began. one of the world's most active
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volcanoes is at it again on hawaii's big island. this is a live look right here at the kill away. a volcano you can actually this is what makes it really interesting. you can hear a volcano as well as see it. let's listen. just for a moment as this volcano continues to churn. >> this began spewing lava at the hawaii volcanoes national park yesterday. officials say there is no present danger to nearby residents. scientists say the increased earthquake activity in what they call ground swelling and they raise the alert levels ahead of the eruption callaway is most recent eruption began began last december. it lasted 5 months locals have been asked to stay indoors to avoid exposure to ash and clouds. >> wild pigs are back to terrorizing homeowners in the east bay. people living in lafayette have been complaining about the pigs
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running wild trampoline there. well, manicured lawns. but officials say they are working to stop these problematic picks kron four's. dan thorn is live in lafayette tonight. he joins us with more on this pick problem. can. >> well, kim, these feral hogs are back to picking out on people's lawns here in lafayette. this first became a problem back in 2019. the city called in a trapper to help out. they did do a good job. but now these invasive animals are back there in search of food there in search of water and their fight for survival has become a costly one once again in lafayette. a number of lafayette lawns. look just like this grass trampled and tossed about it's the work of some parched and pesky >> they are here. they're really driven down by the drought conditions. they're looking for food there looking for water jonathan county on ag is lafayette's parks, trails and recreation director. but over the last few years of fielding more than a 100 wild hog complaint
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calls. he now has the unofficial title as the area's pig professional. it's nice to be able to be in a position right. can information to the community. there's a lot of neighbors. they're really upset by the damage that happened. you hear whispers about pigs in a back fence. never had turned to so many pigs in the area. and it's really a sign of the times and these drought conditions. they're driving the wildlife. >> further into the neighborhoods and out of hills. the city has dealt with this pick problem once before in 2019, the invasive animals to through neighborhoods and athletic fields causing more than $25,000 in damage. a trapper was able to get rid of more than a dozen of them. >> but now they're back. we had about 6 or more pigs come last night. our dog was in the window barking about 1230, and looked out the window and pigs were all over. linda morris has lived in the burton valley neighborhood for more than 20 years and couldn't believe what was happening. we came
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out to scare them and they didn't want to leave. we were throwing stones trying to get rid of them. and they just didn't care charles t and moved to lafayette just over a year ago. >> he sympathetic to the pigs fight for survival but he also wants the city to stop you know, keeping my fingers crossed that they don't come back in the syrian city will take care of the problem for now sections of trails with in lafayette community park have been closed off to keep people and pets safe from the picks. >> county and he is expecting to get a handle on the hungry hot. >> we have currently closed some trails at the north in the park for the safety of the visitors while we work to mitigate the pick problem. we want to ensure that there's no encounters between any hikers and pigs. >> as for what you can do about the pay problem. there's not really much you're going to have to either notify the city or hire your own the city is, however, asking people to keep your dog on a leash, especially at lafayette community parks this way. you
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don't have any possible unwanted run-ins with any wild picks reporting live in lafayette. dan thorn kron 4 news stand. thank you for that report tonight. and this is not just a problem in lafayette earlier this month. feral pigs were caught tearing up lawns and landscape in san ramon that damage can cost thousands of dollars. the california department of fish and wildlife says the pixel looking for food as well because of all the dry conditions that is affecting all of us. we know how bad the drought is getting our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with that part of the story. a lot of the animals feeling the effects to up in the hills looking for something little water out there. and yeah. >> see that as well. but drought conditions about as bad as you can get out there. we've got to exceptional drought conditions across most of the bay area. extreme drought conditions for the south and exceptional doesn't get worse than that. and there's where we sit right now. >> in across much of the western half the united states is not scallop you open to oregon seattle and stretching all the way across the
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montana. we've extreme drought conditions across many parts of the western half of the u.s. now, here's some good news here is the long-range forecast. this comes from noaa. this is the 8 to 14 day forecast for a precipitation and you can see california. we like to see that above normal forecast for precipitation possibly starting late next week through that following week. so through the 14th of october. so if this holds true, this could go a long way of looking at some models and some of the models want to paint some impressive amounts of rainfall more than an inch of rain as we head into next weekend. if that happens, that will go a long way to bringing an end to the fire season year and maybe in northern california that's still a long ways out in the forecast right now. we've got clear skies out toward the golden gate bridge coming patches of fog trying to form out there likely going to see some overnight tonight. temperatures running still very warm inland. i think that's kind of giving a clue of what kind of weather we can expect for tomorrow. those temperatures are going to be warming up again. you're looking at 70 right now in
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concord, 70 in pittsburgh, 71 in brentwood, cooler along the coastline in the 50's. but yeah, we've got a cold front out there that cold front is going to move by tonight behind that front. we've got high pressure building in and here come the offshore winds not too strong. no high fire danger but a very, very warm to hot day around the bay area tomorrow, guys, thank lawrence. other news tonight, the head of global safety for facebook in the hot seat during a hearing on capitol hill today. >> follow reports about instagrams effect on teenagers. lawmakers from both parties are furious with the social media giant over what they say is a lack of transparency about exactly what kind of research the company has and what it has shared publicly. today's hearing comes after leaked internal data revealed the platform along with instagram, which is owned by facebook is negatively affecting the self esteem in mental health of teenage girls. >> instagram. is that first childhood cigarettes meant to
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get teens hooked early there. some struggling on our platforms. you want to build product changes to improve the experience and help support that. >> the global head of safety for facebook claims the company has taken steps to make the platforms healthier facebook has paused but not ended plans for instagram kids, tailored feature for users 13 and under. but lawmakers say that's not enough. still ahead tonight, the latest effort to try to reduce crime in the city of oakland where you can expect to see new security cameras. plus, protesters take over the golden gate bridge. why they are demanding congress take action on immigration before. >> she is celebrating 5 decades since she opened shape the news. how alice waters has pushed the nation back to fresh farm to table eating and is still going strong to this
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for millions of people in america, a daily meal isn't a choice between different dishes. ♪ ♪ it's a choice between food
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and other crucial needs, like medicine, electricity ♪ ♪ or childcare. ♪ ♪ food shouldn't be an impossible choice. now you have a choice too. how will you choose to end hunger? take action this september during hunger action month. shut down the golden gate bridge this morning in the name of immigration reform. democrats had originally included those reforms and a possible pathway to citizenship. >> in their 3 and a half trillion dollar reconciliation bill, but the senate parliamentarian ruled that those proposals could not be included. the demonstration continued. a few hours later, and san jose where protesters argued that immigrants have worked hard and paid their
10:25 pm
taxes but are not seeing the benefits of their hard work. >> ignored the parliamentarian's include immigration reform. relieve so that people like me, members of this community teachers and our parents. my parents could i have a pathway for citizenship. it's time to do the right thing. >> according to the center for american progress there are roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states this weekend. the native community is celebrating their tradition and history at a free event called indigenous peoples day. and for many locals, this is one of a few opportunities to come together and pass along those traditions to the next generation. kron four's. ella sogomonian is here. she has a lot more on and ken, this event is one way to share many lessons among the native community regardless of which tribe because they are featuring very. >> a diverse tribes. actually, they're all found here across california as well as over in mexico and so the message is loud and clear. we are here
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and their culture is thriving so organizers are really excited to welcome everybody on to the grounds there in san jose. in order to collectively honor their history and traditions. >> you've got to leave. midland. billy has been dazzling bay area audiences with an aztec dance group for more than 20 years. this weekend. he is hosting yet another event in san jose titled indigenous peoples day. welcoming natives of all tribes to share and observe age old traditions starting with the land recognition and featuring men walk along with aztec dancers and artisan creations. it's important to do this. and not only that, 2 to teach our children which here in the bay area. there's a large population of not only. >> may be quote, unquote native american, but also. >> you know, makes, again our is what some people call that you've done or maybe or latino. some people say, you know, community here in the
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bay area in most of those children and most of those people have indigenous blood in them. so it's it will also want to empower them with identity, with culture, with community, with traditions many northern california tribes are not federally recognized and without land where they can gather. >> so there has been a growing movement to reconnect to ancient routes and proclaim that their people and customs are alive and well today after searching for his own pima and aztec family history to get out of sunnyvale launched the unified indigenous movement page on instagram during the pandemic which quickly amassed 10's of thousands of followers in search of community. i love the fact that i'm able to help people. reconnect. >> i love the fact that i'm able to spread spread awareness. get explains like his own family many native americans pretended to be mexican. >> taking on new last names to hide from spanish settlers today. he's looking forward to the weekend to instead honor their ancestors and passed down lessons to his own kids.
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and now that i found out. >> more about my history and my reults. i feel more connected and i feel more at home. that you know, it's i feel more at peace that i know i am and i can raise my kids the way you know what that what this knowledge i teach them so they can teach their kids how we can keep it going so vera encourages people to move past any roadblocks that may come their way in search of their identity. >> the indigenous peoples day event starts tomorrow. it's going to go on through sunday at the garden at the flea on in san jose. we've posted those details up on kron. 4 dot com live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> hello. thank you. next at 10. no more needles. how getting the covid vaccine could soon be as easy as applying a patch to your skin. >> plus historic bust in the east bay. how police were able to confiscate 10's of thousands of illegal marijuana plants and where it all going. that's still the u n. that is
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what through something >> her name is known around the world for making organic eating popular again after the break. i sit down with alice waters and her daughter as they reflect on 50 years of a restaurant and evolutionary was when a truck hit my son,
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i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> we think about it 50 years ago. few people even heard of the phrase is organic fresh food farm to table. pesticide free eating. but little did we know that a movement was brewing in berkeley dedicated to pulling us away from fast and processed food with a seemingly revolutionary idea of just getting back to basics. alice waters a diminutive. but powerhouse of a woman opened the doors of her now world famous shape a nice restaurant in 1971 and help start a movement. she calls herself a food activists. so does her daughter. >> each has a new book. i talked with him about waters groundbreaking work. the future of food and her drive to change the fast food culture. >> the beauty and deliciousness. thanks, >> seasonal products. >> it's been 5 decades from her world renowned shape a nice restaurant in berkeley and alice waters is still on a fresh food farm to table
10:33 pm
mission and her daughter singer is on that mission with her. a mission born at chapin east 50 years ago. >> and feeling very a going to be able to pass down values to the next generation. they just feel very. >> sentimental and very proud of. about people who ate institution and institution. she's taking mission of the restaurant and expanded it so much. >> shape. unease has been the backdrop for her passion pushing the nation away from a fast food processed foods culture and back to basics. seasonal fresh pesticide free. homegrown and farmers market type eating. growing your own food. it's like printing here on monday over the last 60 years. water says we have been brainwashed about food and told that cooking is her new book we are what we eat is her latest call to action. it's
10:34 pm
something shocking to pain. how we can manipulating in every way, but the food culture, it's not just about malnourishment. >> and they're telling you food should be fast cheap and easy, then everything should be available all the time. 24 7. we just pick your and have said cable rates in contrast her slow food values. this is >> everybody says fresh food eating is too expensive. alice waters disagrees. she says shopping at local farmers markets like this one are growing a community or a home garden are a great place to start as she says, teaching young people fresh food values early in school is key to turning things around and the kids love it. >> in fact, she already has
10:35 pm
more than 25 years proving it works through her edible schoolyard program at berkeley. martin luther king middle school. >> a public school systems are everywhere. so even in food deserts. so if the schools can themselves the engines and bring it and both into the classroom, but also into the cafeteria and you're already all one facet of that problem. >> fannie's book, always home is a testament to her mother's values about food becoming her own. he didn't like that shape back there. filled with memories moments and recipes growing up with the restaurant and a mother determined to teach her to live to cook and eat close to nature. >> but as i've gotten older appreciated the rigor of my mom's vision and the fact that it is so much about the future and about preserving the planet and the teacher and the
10:36 pm
and shoring up the future for all of our children. >> the future they are concerned about. but waters is still fearless about her dream to have people eat better seasonally and closer to home supporting local farms and local ranchers directly for her. the next food revolution all comes back to regenerative on processed the wholesome and him that food. could the answer. that the and cage. with what you're eating every day. could to fall in love. it's amazing. >> during the pandemic shape. unease has only been open for takeout. that will continue until sometime next year. alice waters next big project is a partnership with u c davis to launch an institute
10:37 pm
of edible education. it will teach her slow food values to the next generation of cooks. educators and farmers. >> it's fun to see people now in the city growing their own fruits and vegetables in their backyard or board step or window sill. if that's all the have been used to be so common we were kids and then it everything changed. so she's back to basics and her whole philosophy. there's chickens in san francisco in those fresh eggs. you know, speaking of a gardener, we've got one on our we did. >> guys another better than those fresh fruits and veggies that's research grow your own out there tonight. we are looking at mostly clear skies over san francisco. beautiful sight out there as we're seeing that offshore wind kind of holding on right now. but breaking down a little bit of the coastline. that means we're likely going to see some changes out toward the beaches but everywhere else. wow, it is going to be some kind of friday. get ready. we're going to crank up the heat. this one more time before the season comes to an end. this looks
10:38 pm
like we'll start to see cooler temperatures in the coming months. but now we're going to enjoy the beautiful weather out there over the bay. looking good. nice and clear couple patches of fog trying to form along the coastline. today we saw those temperatures jump, though. we're in the 80's in san francisco. that was a hot day for san francisco. 83 also in oakland 87 in san jose 89 degrees in livermore 90 in concord and 90 degrees in santa rosa. all right. those winds near you can see a little bit more of a northerly component developing in parts of the north bay right now. we'll see more of that. the sea breeze still right along the immediate coast. that may be just enough to squeeze an kind of a thin patchy fog there right up toward the coast. but that's about it. otherwise. overnight tonight. the good news is the fire danger. we could put that away these winds even though they're going to be out some offshore winds. not real strong. a real gusty. you'll see that. a very light winds out there right now and then overnight tonight, not much. you know, the mountaintop, just some fairly light winds to 5 miles an hour or so. but you see more of north easterly component developing overnight tonight. there still carry an
10:39 pm
on shore breeze right at the immediate coastline. but tomorrow afternoon likely to see that sea breeze kick in and cooling down just a little bit after what looks like a pretty hot day outside overnight tonight skies stay mostly clear the exception right along the coastline and then tomorrow, lots of sunshine, even warmer, i think by tomorrow afternoon and this weekend that dry weather pattern continues this weekend. the following weekend that could very well change. all right. outside tonight we've got a cold front slowly fall apart making its way in the california and then it's going to kind of dissipated well fade away. and as that happens, high pressure building in behind that. that is going to warm those temperatures up with that offshore wind developing in. that's going to crank up the numbers again around the bay area. fact, maybe a little warmer by tomorrow afternoon a cold front stretching through overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. the kind of scooting out of town live behind lots of sunshine on the backside of it. that's where we'll see those temperatures begin to warm up. in fact, i think more 90's going to be popping up inland by tomorrow afternoon and the tri valley about 89 degrees in napa. 88 santa rose 83 in mill valley
10:40 pm
downtown san francisco, you're probably easily in the mid 70's along the coantline. you can see a lot of 60's. so next few days, changes are in the maybe some fog tomorrow along the coast over the weekend, maybe a little fog toward the beaches otherwise hot inland and then the clouds start to move in. lot of uncertainty in the long range forecast. but i like that looks like we've got a chance of rain coming our way. maybe late next week. but a chance in there on friday and saturday. still way up the forecast. but we'll see what happens. all right. we'll take that chance. yeah. thanks a lot >> take a look at this bus from daly city police say say they confiscated several illegal gambling machines as well as. >> drugs guns and a large amount of cash from a home on monterey avenue. police say they believe the home was being used as an illegal gambling site. 4 suspects were arrested and booked into the san mateo county jail on a number of different charges and a year and a half long investigation resulted in what's believed to be the largest illegal pot bust in bay area history on wednesday yesterday the alameda county sheriff's department served over a dozen search warrants
10:41 pm
at 18 different locations in oakland, san leandro and castro valley in all that. he say they more than a 100,000 marijuana plants and get this almost 10 million dollars in cash of course, pot is legal in california. but authorities say these plants we're likely being grown without the proper state oversight. you know, this is basically modern day bootlegging like we saw in the 1920's all about money and profit and greed taxation regulation. >> come with oversight and penalties and when you when you decide not to operate under those guidelines. the life a lot easier. until you get caught. >> sheriff's department says marijuana plants are being taken to be burned at an incinerator in the central valley. least 7 people have been arrested in connection to the illegal grow, although they are still searching for more potential suspects. >> an extra layer of security is coming to oakland's chinatown neighborhood hit hard over the past year by
10:42 pm
criminals targeting members of the asian community 20 surveillance cameras have been donated by the san mateo cloud based service incorporated. the cameras will be installed at several blocks in the neighborhood in an effort to try and discourage people from committing crimes as well is helping police identify suspects and potential investigations. >> but implementing cameras. we know that there many people feel much safer. we hope that as folks cameras. who live and work in this community that they hear the message that there's a community behind them that we stand with them that we care about them we care about their safety. >> china town leaders have also formed a volunteer patrols and residents have been given whistles to quickly alert others if they see a crime occurring. >> still ahead tonight, few diseases are is devastating as cancer. how san francisco doctors helping cancer survivors feel normal again and next in sports, the giants
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trying to hold off the dodgers to get closer to that division title. kate rooney has the highlights sports director jason dumas live from oracle park.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> one. '05. that is the number of wins the giants have this season after they beat
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the d'backs tonight and somehow. >> they still need to war. >> to clinch their division. those dodgers just will not quit. they won tonight as well. while the giants were engaged in a real nail-biter at oracle. let's check this one out. the d'backs in town, madison bumgarner place for arizona. now making his return to oracle park in the inning. it was a disaster for the giants. they gave up 3 runs plus you see it here. starter at the mount scott has near get injured. it was to find out after the game. it's a right hamstring strain was trying to cover first base. he had to leave the game. >> the not he came to plate before he even threw a pitch in the first inning extension. some pleasantries with former battery mate buster posey. then got a well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd oracle park. they still love him. >> we're going to the bottom of the 4th matt on the mountains now pitching a brandon crawford. takes bumgarner the opposite way and got on the solo homer tied it
10:47 pm
up 3 to 3 a career-high 24th of the season for crop. the d'backs retook the lead in the 5th the bottom of the frame buster posey. so wanted to left field corner. no big deal. austin slater wait home sort of 4, 4, tie and madam is done after 5 innings. he gave up those 4 runs on 8 hits. all right. bottom of the night. lamonte wade. this is why they call him late night lot hard grounder gets through steven duggar scores. the winning run giants win it 5 to 4 on their 5th walk off of the season. they remain 2 games up on the dodgers. who won again tonight with 3 games left their magic number is now down to 2 kron, 4 sports director jason dumas says out at oracle right now. got to see it in person. jason, was that moment as exciting at the park. is it looked like it was on tv. >> keita sure wasn't. does anything about this team surprise you anymore. i mean,
10:48 pm
they get down 3 to nothing in the top of the first inning. they have to pull their starting pitcher. but guess what? it does not matter. this team continues to fight. they continue to battle not kate, you mention little mount way junior during your highlights. well, i got to meet his parents before the game. and i remembered where they were sitting. so when the bottom of the 9th came in lemont stepped to the plate. i ran over to their seats. and guess what, i was standing next to them as their baby gave the giants their 5th walk-off win of the season. and it was just jubilation in the crowd. that moment was just indicative of this team. they continue to fight. the dodgers are going to give them anything. but they persevere and they win the games. they have no business winning. >> you know, we talked all year using isn't the resilient word to describe the scene. that's precisely how i kind of describe them in this game. they were just or just fighters and tough enough to
10:49 pm
climb back and get a big hit at the end there with lamont especially you can you're trying to. >> focus on the day and then even more so. you know, pitch to but i mean, everybody is obviously watching respond going on over there ultimately, though, all we can control is what, you know. we do >> you heard him say they are watching what's going on down in socal with the dodgers in the dodgers are not relenting. this team is 41 in 13 since they acquired mac church or so the giants are really earning this. so guess what, now? there, 2 games up with 3 games to go they can conceivably win the division tomorrow night with a win in a dodgers loss. but this season has been indicate of of anything. they can't count on that dodgers lost. they're going to have to play this one through and of
10:50 pm
course, we'll have all your coverage throughout the regularoseason and into the postseason. but i'll be here tomorrow night for that possible division, clinching win. we'll have to see how it all goes. but for now, that's all i have at oracle park i'm jason dumas kron 4 sports. all right. thank you so much, jason should be a fun one tomorrow night. one of the best races my lifetime. alright. draymond green showed up at warriors training camp today and hoops news. he >> for media day monday and the first 2 practice sessions, he'd been out with an excused absence. but good to see him today shooting around with the team of course everyone was most eager to hear from the always outspoken star after the practice session and he didn't disappoint dream on had plenty of thoughts about the subject that has dominated the start of training camp and that, of course, is teammate andrew wiggins vaccination status. >> it's not my place nor my business on whether he is fascinated or who else is fascinated or if you're not or
10:51 pm
he isn't. she is. that's none of my business. it's your own personal choice at the end of the day, what you do, what your body and you know, my place to tell him what he should or shouldn't do is. >> you can always count on dream on for some interesting conversation. the warriors first regular season. home game is october 21st. so presumably that's the deadline for wiggins to get vaccinated without missing any playing time. do the chase center large event rules. we're going to have to see. >> what happens. that's it for sports for now. more news coming up
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
>> so having to roll up your sleeve for a covid vaccine. why not get a patch. researchers say they're working on it. one reason some people are hesitant to get a shot as a fear of needles. so teams of researchers at stanford and the university of north carolina working on tiny patches that can deliver vaccines when applied to the skin they're currently being tested on animals patches contain micro needles that are so small. researchers say they're barely noticeable. >> a san francisco plastic surgeon is leading an effort to spread awareness of cancer victims and give them hope and guidance doctor karen horton says many cancer patients don't know the options available to them until after they're diagnosed or they can't afford reconstructive surgery. there's a benefit aimed at helping those women.
10:55 pm
>> and reconstruction is so important. such an important journey are part of the journey for women that are facing cancer because when pass to be removed and entire meeting this tech to me for cancer or one part of the is removed a lot then we really want to help restore the rocks form. yes, studies have shown that if women have an immediate reconstruction meaning they go to sleep. they have the most active and have the reconstruction as part of the same procedure experienced much of a loss emotionally and psychologically as women who have their removed and then wait until either after chemotherapy or radiation there be before they have their press restore the website domain name did br a benefit dot com and we are raising money virtually that will go directly to women in need financial assistance to pay for the reconstruction who throughout california. we are
10:56 pm
hosting a virtual fashion show where 2 of my patients are modeling a beautiful lingerie line that was. put forth more women that are facing changes in their body such as cancer. the name of the line ever and it was created by a cancer survivor herself. her name is kerry kotler. a woman maintain her sense of being able. we're close. and, you know, lot of beating sue. >> and for women who've already lost of rest. restoring the bras form and it just has measurable benefits. it just helps them feel whole again, and it helps them to move on as much as possible after their cancer diagnosis. it's just i had tears running down my face. and so heartwarming. >> there is grand prizes are there is a lecture, a shopping experience and we are constantly uploading new videos of patients sharing their reconstruction
10:57 pm
experience. >> talking about why they have reconstruction what it meant to them. and you know what they can share with other women that are think may be facing cancer right now are considering having a reconstruction years after the cancer diagnosis. so it really is going to be amazing. >> the bra benefit fund raiser will last the entire month of october. we posted a link with details on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> great cause. great can wrap it up for us. thanks for joining us. have a nice night, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow night.
10:58 pm
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