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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  September 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> a few hours ago, congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown later tonight with just hours until funding was set to expire. lawmakers in both the house and the senate nt ed to keep the govern up and running at least until december. washington correspondent kelli myers joining us now live with the all the last minute drama that unfolded on capitol hill. good evening, kelly. >> good evening. at lawmakers were really up against the clock here with funding set to expire at midnight tonight. but they were able to get this through the senate, the house and to the white house. >> the president signed that within the last hour here averting a government shutdown. >> with only hours to spare the bill is passed congress moved to avoid a potential government shutdown. this a
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good outcome. one. i'm happy we are getting done. senate majority leader chuck schumer pushed ahead with the vote thursday to fund the government through december 3rd, a short-term bill that includes funding to resettle afghan refugees and deliver disaster relief to states 15 republicans, including senate minority leader mitch mcconnell voted in support of the bill. do our part. >> joe was shut down the house that approved the government funding bill just in time to get it to the president's desk for approval. nobody wants to be settled with the government shutdown. but the shutdown avoided attention now turns to avoiding a looming financial meltdown by raising the debt ceiling gop senators blocked an earlier effort. but democrats like representative david price are preparing to go it alone. i wish we republican cooperation on things like the debt limit. white house press secretary jen psaki ashore. democrats will get it done there's negotiations. they'll have representatives who are advocating for their points of view. that's democracy in action.
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>> and will congress came together to avoid a government shutdown. lawmakers are growing even more divided over the president's infrastructure agenda. members of the president's own party pitted against one another as they try to figure out how much they're going to spend on what they called human infrastructure portion of the plan reporting live here in washington. i'm kellie meyer. kelly, thank you so much. >> a major move in police reform today in california's governor gavin newsom signs legislation requiring changes in policing practices sb 2 allows the state to decertify a police officer. wind gauges in serious misconduct, serious misconduct is a fence here and decertification would prevent that officer from working at another law enforcement agency. governor newsom says he's mindful that quote, california is a leader in police reform and a lag or on police reform. he says well, s p 2 is progress. california still has a lot more work to do. >> i mean, we have a lot to be
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where we have nothing to brag about. california is asserting itself in certain areas, but it's remarkable that we still struggle in other areas. senator reference just on this critical and important bill on decertification there's 46 other states 46 other states that established foundational laws to address that issue. why is it so hard? to the right thing. and yet it remains still hard to do the right thing. the opportunity to lead in those spaces presents itself. when we sign these bills. but we have work to do. just because you signed a piece of legislation doesn't change things fundamentally stay application. program. passing is not problem solving. >> the police unions for the cities of los angeles, san francisco and san jose have issued the following statement in response to sb 2 signing saying in part, quote, despite the fanfare, senator brad for who authored this bill. his attempt to decertify peace
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officers for traffic tickets unfounded complaints and unsubstantiated allegations was defeated. the biased panel established in his bill has 0 authority to decertify officer. they can recommended to the post commission now that ad certification process has been established. we urge senator bradford and the legislature to focus on reducing the rise in shootings. homicides and robberies. each of our cities are grappling with. >> turning now to our state's drought emergency. and this is the latest drought monitor map just released today. see most of the bay area and the state is under either exceptional or extreme drought conditions. the maroon the red. you're a little bit of northern california and then a decent amount of southern california in the orange. she there the light orange are the darker arner turns. that means moderate or severe drought in those areas and because of the ongoing drought, the city of
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livermore is adding 3 restrictions for residents. now you have landscaping irrigation that is now limited to 3 times a week. you can only water certain days and times residents are prohibited from using their sprinklers between 9 in the morning and 6 at night. you must use a hose, a watering can or a drip irrigation system if you're watering your lawn, your grass so when can you water. well, the city is allowing homeowners with odd numbered addresses to water their lawns on monday, wednesday and friday. even numbered homes. you get tuesday thursday and saturday to water. >> let's take a live look outside right now here in san francisco. long coit tower court to stay in san francisco today. warmer weather is on the way. hold off on watering your lawns for a little bit longer. doesn't sound like there's a lot of rain coming either. what might surprise you might. we might have a little free be coming our way of all things. hold true.
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>> we're talking about course. we've been talking about the drought and all that concerned with that. and you've seen around the bay area not only here but all along the western half of the united states. look at all the colors in the deep, a reds all around the extreme to exceptional drought conditions across a good part of the western half the u.s. but things could begin to change. in fact, the latest long-range forecast for noah elise to extending outwards 8 to 14 days and that will take us a between that period of october 8th the following weekend right to the following week. there could be the possibility of above normal precipitation. this is the very latest forecast coming from noaa during that period. there's been some signs of some changes storms, possibly late toward next week, maybe thursday or friday and the possibly pump to do a little subtropical moisture to the bay area that holds true. not only would that be a significant amount of rain that could bring an end or a good part of the end to the fire season not only here much
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of northern california. keep your fingers crossed for that. the short term, though it's going to be another hot one tomorrow. you can see those 90 sort and parts of the interior valleys 1670's along the coastline next couple days. no worry about the rain just yet. some hot weather over the weekend. clouds gathering much cooler as we head in toward next week. thanks to lourdes. well, do not lose hope just because you lost your ring. >> how a misplaced wedding band eventually found its way home. plus one of the most active volcanoes on earth is living up to its reputation tonight. we'll have a live report on the eruption. >> it's happening right now and why decent sized animal, maybe the reason some east bay students have the rest of the week off from school. we'll
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>> hope you're not eating. but to oakland elementary schools will be closed for the rest of the week because of a flea infestation esperanza elementary and core mat-su discovery academy which are located on the same site have been dealing with the problem exterminators have not been able to get rid of all the fleas with lighter treatments. so now they're going deep. they are tearing up all the carpets where the fleas have laid eggs. experts have been brought in and they think the problem the fleece. it's because of wreck cool. it. >> we want to make sure that we we stop the spread and then
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gave a little bit more time for the treatments have been done by the to take effect. they're going to be coming in and catching the raccoons and any of the can get reading those. so that will be a source we're going to swell and then we'll be doing a deep cleanings law. >> yaks. the schools are expected to reopen monday, although exterminators say it could take at least a month and a half or so for all those fleas to be entirely gone. well, the campuses are closed. students are being offered short term independent study and have homework assignments. teachers are encouraged to work with their classes. virtually. >> well, if you're looking forward to seeing of those fall colors who might be a little disappointed why the leaves are losing their a
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> one of the most active volcanoes on earth is erupting on hawaii's big island. it started yesterday afternoon and it is showing no signs of slowing down. there goes. officials say they're keeping an eye on increased earthquake activity and ground swelling. >> lauren day is live in why tonight with this spectacular sight. lauren, i imagine a lot of people are trying to get a glimpse. >> oh, yeah. hawaii volcanoes national park is expecting upwards of a 1000 or more people a day. both locals and visitors wanting to come here in person. they want to check
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out the sites themselves because it is absolutely spectacular. i feel so lucky that i get to be here and witness this with my own eyes. earlier today. we could see this just massive white plume. just billowing out of the crater behind me now. people don't need to worry locals in the community because the eruptions contain 2 with in holly momo crater that's directly behind me. so what that means is from where i'm standing right now. just long the crater rim. we can't see the lava with our own eyes. but we can see that plume and it's even more spectacular at night time because the lava is at the base of the crater and its just pulling down. there's one gets dark out this entire sky lights up orange. and i want to show it's a little rainy out right now. so my chart for calvin zoom into my phone. if you can see this photo. i took this photo with my iphone last night. >> and this is him here. this is calvin. you can just see the glow from the lava just lighting up the sky. it was so incredible. it truly was that bright? this photo i took this
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morning around 06:00am hawaii time. you can see a little bit of that glow there. and this is what it looks like right now. we had some not so great weather come through in the last 2 hours or so. but you can see as we push in this is holly momo crater. you can see that plume just billowing into the air. and just be on this rock wall that you can see is where the lava is. but from a bird's eye view you could see its. i want to go to some images that was put out by usgs. you can see what i'm talking about here. the lava spewing into the air. we heard that some of the fishers were spewing as high as a 5 story building. now, this is just pulling at the bottom of the crater. and that's what's making the sky so orange at night. and if you think seeing these images are amazing. being here in person is even better. it's almost like you can truly feel that this volcano is alive. it's just something about being out here and the reaction from locals and visitors. it's just really special. take a listen. i feel like i was just
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>> just that they didn't beauty here a it's magical it. so magical. >> it's magical. something that you can't witness in the united states. yeah. other than here. >> yeah. just absolutely incredible. so many people i spoke to were just at a loss for words. again. the good news is it safe to be here as long as you know, you're in these roped off staying on the on the pathways in the overlook areas. but it is safe to be here because this eruption is contained to with in holly momo crater. that means the locals who live in this area at this point. no, no people, no homes, no buildings are being impacted now, as for a timeline of how long q a will is going to be rough for experts say they don't know. it could be weeks. it could be months. we last saw this happen in december 2020. in fact, almost 9 months to the day i was standing right here. seeing this exact same thing and it is just just as spectacular. now that
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eruption lasted several at this point we're just going to wait and see what mother nature decides to do reporting live from cuba where more kron 4 news back to the studio. >> all right, lauren, thank you so much. that is fascinating for sure. meanwhile, fall may look different. thanks to climate change, autumn known for, of course, producing a variety of different shades of leaf colors. but this year portions of the u.s. according to experts will not see those colors because of rising temperatures and extreme weather events. droughts have caused some leaves to turn brown before reaching their peak colors and some leaves were already on the ground before the fall season due to heat experts say the best way to combat this is preserving forests and reducing fossil fuels, a northern california woman believes a lucky ring saved her from being shot. 22 year-old ta see month. forte says. >> this started when she was doing laundry and her placer county home last year. and
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then she heard a loud bang. she started to feel some pain in her hand. her middle finger started to swell up. and that's when her fiance had to cut her ring off the next day she spotted the bullet that hit her ring. and it turns out shooting took place less than 50 feet away from her backyard fence and 2 men were later arrested for that shooting. >> there >> article at placer county posted later on saying that they had caught them moves like a shooting up. okay. >> suspect ran from the cops with the gun. >> 2 men were arrested for that shooting and she and her fiance say they don't doubt for a moment. just how for a moment. just how fortunate they were not to after my car accident, for a moment. just how fortunati wondered what to my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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story defies the odds in order to reunite a wedding ring with its owner after was lost for years. yeah. you don't want to do that. this whole thing unfolded on the big island involving strangers who are now forever. joined through an unlikely series of coincidences. sam spangler has the heartwarming story. >> last year. lexi and cj jordan ames decided to do a cliffside photo shoot for their first anniversary, even jumping into the ocean to get some extra special shots. >> it was a really rough day on the lake before it at that specific location. a sigh. >> it struggled to get out after swimming for about 20
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minutes and i reached up on the rock band and that really felt like somebody just pulled it off. i think c j's wedding band. they search for over a month. even using a metal detector, but they came up empty combing social media didn't turn up anything either. that is until another couple took the same plunge. >> just a normal day, you know, by the ocean. and i decide to jump one of the clips on there. and when i was climbing out of the ocean. i noticed that there was a ring and a lot rocks. hey guys, we need your help. jim ryan and karin posted the ring on facebook and even made a tiktok video trying to find the owner over a year passed with no look at the big island is a small community just last week photographer jamie stroll through tiktok and saw something she recognized that i thought, there's no. >> possible way that this could be the rain. but sure enough, i reached after confirming that it was the same range amy called let's
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see who was stunned to the point of tears because she formulated a plan to surprise her has no idea. >> about what's about to happen. >> lexi orchestrated a meeting with ryan incur in on the beach walking excuse me. excuse me. i'm really by taking selfies you mind if you take up 4 of us here. this beautiful >> honestly just worked out perfectly some why style perfect aloha. >> they pulled him. thank goodness for fabio right. haha. he found the rate and it all worked out. you're going to lose the ring was the guys ring to good piece of advice 90 bucks f, but it's special. very special right. it should more than 5 o'clock. keep it here, though. a lot more coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 6 and by night is and
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yet and that real hear why thanks to you both this. a new grant coming up tonight at 6. >> we're working on several stories, including this one. people with unpaid rent could now once again be evicted the moratorium officially ending at midnight tonight. but there are still protections for people who have been affected by the pandemic. how you can still get help and avoid getting kicked out. and another deadline today. affective now san jose city employees must be vaccinated against covid. what this means for those refusing to get the shot, including first
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. we not afford the >> 10's of thousands of people out in the streets because they're addicted. >> concern across the bay area for people with unpaid rent. the eviction moratorium officially expires at midnight tonight. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, even though the moratorium is ending renders short on funds. still have an avenue to protect themselves from eviction first and herman joins us now live from the city with more. dan. >> that's right. that protection that they have this to apply to the state program for rental assistance as long as they've applied until it's


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