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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  September 3, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> for your help tonight. there is yet another new covid area that health officials are keeping an eye on. it is called the move area. but at
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that spot and you but as a stanford epidemiologist tells kron four's has in there are some familiar things we can do to prevent catching that new variant. >> so but again, we expected these fires to continue evolving changing meet dating. >> it's not a surprising fact. these virus mutates less than some other viruses. >> medical researchers in the u.s. are keeping a very close eye on the variant. however, the general consensus opinion among health professionals like stanford hospital epidemiologist doctor jorge salinas is that i don't believe that our audience needs to worry too much about these particular variant. covid-19 isn't bad enough who can argue with that covid-19 has changed the world that we once knew. but doctors salina says the reason we don't have to worry about the move area is because the same health and safety guidance for covid-19 and the delta variant will work against the latest
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variation of the coronavirus, the same recommendations they apply to any variant which is getting vaccinated washing your hands mean being inserted. the stands. >> wear your mask. >> so now let's talk about what is known about the covid-19 move area. >> it's it's a very and recently recognized. it's circulating for a number of months. initially recall. nice in colombia. it has some features that make it interesting. however, it is not going to see their a variant of concern. >> at the moment. in fact, the head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. doctor fauci says the move area is not even close to being as dominant as the delta variant and that vaccines are still quite effective against the covid-19 variants. again, we need to take these very seriously. but their recomendations are virtually the same no matter what variant is circulating. >> has it made kron 4 news.
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>> take a look at coronavirus data across the state on this friday. as of today, more than 22.7 million californians have been fully vaccinated. that's about 67% of the population. there are more than 11,000 new infections reported in the last 24 hours and 119 people died from the virus starting today. most indoor businesses in the city of berkeley are required to ask for proof of full vaccination against covid. >> but as khan forcefully to call reports, the city is allowing a grace period before enforcement in order to allow businesses to prepare. >> the berkeley health department is giving businesses a one-week grace period before enforcing its new health order requiring most indoor businesses to have customers provide proof vaccination against covid-19. hopefully we'll be able to start before the deadline on the 10 me some medicine is general manager of see it on 4th and says he is using this time to prepare staff for
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what's to come and pick the we're not looking to upset we're just looking to get everybody on the same page and, you know, make it as painless as possible. madison says the restaurant will not turn unvaccinated people away or vaccinated patrons that are unable to provide through. we have our park london a patio 100% available to be an accident. he is sorry, restaurant down. the street is also in training phase and believes week is plenty of time to get staff members up to speed. whatever the city says in the public health say is is. is appropriate for the pandemic. and we're we're happy to go along with the executive chef nathan gabriel says his crew will do its best to make everyone comfortable people like provide great service be clear. and also just, you know, do your best to make experience good. you know, there people who might not have proof the could forget your phone. you can get your card indoor to over 15 to collect the vaccination status of all in berkeley. philippe
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djegal kron 4 kron 4. is your local election headquarters is recall election season. >> some cybersecurity experts from across the country urging the california secretary of state to do a special audit of governor newsom's recall election. yeah. this comes after some sensitive software for the voting systems used in most counties was released to the public by that. my pillow ceo and trump supporter michael and l. >> our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how state leaders and election officials are responding. >> california could be the next state at the center of the nation's debate on election's integrity and security. a group of cyber security. researchers are urging the california secretary of state to do a statewide risk-limiting audit after the recall election that kind of audit reviews, paper ballots to detect any possible interference. the request comes weeks after my pillow ceo mike lindell hosted an election fraud event and released software for the dominion voting systems
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election management system that system is used in 40 of california's 58 counties in a letter to secretary of state shirley weber. the group wrote while the software versions are not identical to those used in california differences are relatively minor. the release materially elevates threats to the trustworthiness of the election. anything that erodes the confidence voters had in the elections process is is about done. uh johnston is the president of the california association of clerks and elections officials. she's also the clerk of centre county which uses dominion voting systems. she says installing the election software is a very secure process. she says all counties. those using dominion or not must physically pick up the software from the secretary of state's office. only certain individuals can get it that we take that put it on to you. >> our system. but verify that system is indeed there. correct system is working properly and everything we have in walk is a goal
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location. california has done risk-limiting audits. but the secretary of state's office noted state law currently does not provide for one for this recall election. it's unclear if that can change with less than 2 weeks left until the election date and with less than one week left in the legislative session. the secretary of health. the state office is really good with communicating with all elections officials and letting us know what's going on. leaders of the state senate and assembly elections committees would not comment friday security experts and state leaders acknowledge california has a long history of having solid election security in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> our coverage of the recall election continues at kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on the screen. it will take you straight to our web page where you get the latest on the candidates and details on casting your ballot. and still ahead, a 6 and alert for new parents, be on the lookout for one company's nursing pillows for your baby. how experts say they could be dangerous. both of our bay area. baseball
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several infant deaths are tied to baby products from the company called buffy. that's according to new reports that includes its nursing pillows and infant loungers. >> according to consumer reports, 7 infants died. one was injured after using the products. bobbie says it supports the recent warning. but as the company does provide instructions with its products which say to only use them while the infant is awake and supervised. >> a warning for people planning to celebrate this labor day weekend at lake berryessa know charcoal barbecues or campfires will be allowed this weekend. now the county is issuing fire restrictions at the lake. the restrictions will last until further notice due to concerns over fire danger may recall last august c l and you can lightning complex fire burned through much of the lake berryessa area. >> coming up next. 3 federal unemployment aid programs are set to expire on labor day. but that does not necessarily mean people are heading back to work. we'll explain coming
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explore floor & decor in person or online at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. tonight, 3 key pandemic-era unemployment benefit programs are days away from expiring. >> including that extra weekly $300 for some some states have already ended the programs. but here in california, they expire on labor day monday. kasia gregorczyk has the details.
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>> yeah. last forever. we can't just keep getting money out to giving money. and it's not sustainable way to keep the economy running so weather is going to happen. september 6 or december 6. you know, whatever may have been, it would have had to come to an end at some 0.3 federal unemployment aid programs created under the march 2020 cares act are set to expire monday. the first covered, those not traditionally eligible for aid. the second extended aid for those who exhausted their state's benefit period. >> and the last was a weekly boost intended to help people recover. more of their lost wages. it started as 600 extra dollars a week and was later reduced to 300 from an economic standpoint is people do need to get back to work. i mean, we more missing people in the labor force in the recent that is so important is right now. you're seeing all of these are and supply constraints look anywhere. there's problems with inflation. you hear place in left and right part of the problem for that is supplied.
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we're not able to manufacture products. they were not able to transport those products because of this labor crunch. meanwhile, nearly everywhere you look there's a help wanted sign countless businesses have struggled to hire. however financial expert chase will see points out nearly 9 million people were still claiming unemployment in the united states during the month of july will get this. >> the number of job openings from the most recent report. 10.0. 1 million was a record high. more job openings than unemployed people in the economy that there's a big mismatch there. again, that was cash. a good reporting for us tonight. >> well, let's get the 4 zone forecast from first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look at a big weekend ahead. yeah, a lot of things going on out there want to check out some of the festivities on this labor day weekend. hey, if you're headed out, want to give you a couple good ideas of things you might want to do so. yeah, the first is a chance of free fishing.
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that's right. you don't need a license this weekend. you can fish for free. on the bay of many of the reservoirs. many of the lakes plan on those temperatures wide range of find some 70's inside the bay 60's along the coastline. hot 90's in the valleys, hazy sunshine. but a time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. it will be a bit on the hazy side because of some of that smoke. this one also a free event. this one, the free offer in the symphony festival. that will be in san jose right there. san jose state will be mostly sunny, those temperatures running low 80's by 07:00pm for that tomorrow night and it will be a little bit breezy out there, too. this one always a big favorite of many people. this is the millbrae art and wine festival. of course, that call that great food. you want to get out there and enjoy. it's a nice walk. it will be beautiful out there. sunny skies will be a little bit hazy and it will be on the warm side. the temperatures running up in the mid 80's and just a bit of a breeze in the afternoon. all right. one more for you. this is free shakespeare in the park that will be taking place. a redwood city and 4 o'clock in
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the afternoon. but as warm temperatures will be cooling off, though, throughout the evening hours. breezy too. and all these fun things. they are all free. so get out there and enjoy on this holiday weekend. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, many of us are ready to enjoy this long labor day weekend. the going to stop for bay area baseball teams. in fact, this is a critical weekend for both oakland and san francisco. the a's open a big series against the toronto blue jays on the road. they are 2 games out of a wild-card spot to start the day. so let's take a look at how this game is going. however, i have a major update from this court just within the last moment, the blue jays in the bottom of the 8th inning just hit a grand slam in a tie things up 88. they also scored one run right before that to make it 8, 4, so just things are not good again, just ignore this. it is 8, 8, in the bottom of the 8th up in a's were hot very early. they actually score 2 in the first tony kemp added a 2 run shot in the 6th.
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that's the only reason i would ever have my phone out here is just to check that score for you. i'm by myself. i don't have a producer upstairs. i want to keep you very, very up to date. we will have the final from that game coming up at 8 o'clock in sports moving along to college football. the season is officially here. stanford kicks off their season tomorrow in the allstate kickoff classic down in texas. the cardinal looking to build off a promising though short and twenty-twenty season where they won 4 straight games down. the stretch. i caught up with coach david shaw. >> to find out the expectations for this season. >> red black and white. back on the football field at stanford university players taking part in training camp for the first time since 2019. we're just competing every day is just getting more and more competitive. we're turning up the. >> the and if you every day. >> and just the between offense. >> just coming together really nicely the cardinal are welcoming a sense of normalcy after a tumultuous
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twenty-twenty. thanks to covid-19 the pac 12 football season was delayed until november. and the cardinal were forced out of santa clara for most of the season because of county covid restrictions and it's not too far. you know, just in our that. >> if something happens that we can adjust. we're ready to% adjust that we need to. given what could happen. head coach david shaw are ready to pivot at any moment. but he feels good about the team's health and safety protocols and over 85% vaccination rate. >> in fact, the shah says they're starting the season stronger than ever before. >> this is the healthiest we've been in years feels great going out there able to compete. our guys have done a great job of being smart sent off the ground being competitive but not combatants with stanford standout davis mills heading to the nfl. the quarterback position remains a tight competition. >> shaw says both jack weston tanner mckee will see action in the season opener stanford
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takes on kansas state and all-state kickoff. classic at atnt stadium 9 o'clock saturday played for spectators. >> to get the reactions from a touchdown. a big kid, you know, a fourth-down conversion. they just add at to the players on the field the coaches that environment so important college football. so. >> i'm excited to have fans back. >> yes, college football much more fun this year with fans. of course, i also want to mention the opener of the giants dodgers series just got underway a few moments ago. that is a huge game going on oracle park. san francisco in la are currently tied at the top of the nl west. i know where you stand on this game. can do you cheer on the giants. still pan. okay. okay. okay. i don't know if you're oaklander giants here, i thought you were an a's fan. >> okay. all right. people who don't like that. i like both they play each other.
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>> tell you the you know, as long as you're not at all a fan. we always in our book, right. thank you. kylen. >> all right. well, coming up, you can mash them fry and roast him. now you can sleep in one. i can win a stay in the potato hotel. take a look
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at this is giant potatoes actually a hotel in boise, idaho, of course, in honor of national potato month restaurant chain mcalister's deli is giving one lucky fan and all expenses paid trip to the potato capital to stay in this giant but that's not all. they're also be various potato themed excursions during the four-day. stay. if this sounds like your dream vacation. you can learn about out in iran. mcallister delhi's website. the deadline to enter is september 14th. how us and french fries and a big welcome to the world to this baby giraffe at the perth in australia. it was a joyous but difficult day yesterday for mom. she was in labor for 2 and a half hours. >> mama giraffe is seen here cleaning the baby girl. but it seems that she is not the biggest fan of bath time. >> yeah. so cute. potatoes and wraps. a good late in the shot. yeah. have a nice evening, everybody will be back at 8 o'clock.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: wall of water. >> and have basements became a death trap for so many victims. >> my god. >> their commute from from. >> there is no water, there is no light. one functioning background. >> and let the cleanup again. >> class, the search for this dedicated deliveryman. to give him a tip. then, labor day staycation. >> is covid keeping millions of


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