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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 26, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. >> we will hunt you down. make you pay. >> president biden just moments ago blaming islamic terrorists for the deadly attacks at the kabul airport in afghanistan and vowing to avenge american deaths. thank you so much for joining us this thursday right here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman will begin with everything we know about the situation in afghanistan after the deadly explosions right outside of the kabul airport. here's a map now to show you where the airport is located. one bomb went off near the
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abbey gate and another not too far away at a nearby hotel. here's what we know right now. it is confirmed that 12 us service members have been killed in 15 more have been wounded. 16 afghans were killed. there are still 1000 americans that need to be evacuated from afghanistan and isis k has taken responsibility for this attack. earlier today during a pentagon briefing, general kenneth mckenzie said that the u.s. is prepared to take action against those responsible and you heard what the president had to say just there right now saying we will hunt you down and make you pay. those were his words to the people responsible for these deaths in this attack. now for the last week and a half, the u.s. has been trying to evacuate thousands americans out of afghanistan. president biden says the u.s. will continue with the evacuation missions, saying that we will not be deterred and we will continue the evacuations saying that what america says it's going to do something unless something exceptional happens. it will do it. let's get the latest
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now from our dc correspondent alexandra limon. >> allies who lost lives. given iw the service of liberty. the service security. the service of others. >> u.s. officials say a suicide bomber is responsible for an explosion that killed 12 us service members and injured 15 more at a gate at the kabul airport. there are also a number of additional reported attacks, at least 60 afghans have been killed. the attack on the abu ghaith was followed by a number of isis gunman who opened fire on civilians and military forces. general kenneth mckenzie said troops must physically search those entering the airport and being that close led to the high number of us troop casualties. republicans like congressman mike wools blame the biden administration for mishandling the military withdraw just end this deadline. >> go allow our military, our special operators that are in kabul right now to go into the
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city and go out in the hinterlands and bring americans home. but illinois senator durbin says the attack is a reminder that pushing back the deadline is a dangerous prospect to some extent. >> on the taliban's promises that they will keep us safe during this process. and i think that is what is motivating president biden stick with original timetable. pentagon officials say there was clearly a failure because the attackers passed through several checkpoints controlled by the taliban or afghan forces before reaching the airport gates and u.s. troops. >> i was at and alexandra limon reporting for us. but much more on this as we continue our coverage. right now because we spoke with bay area. congressman john garamendi earlier today. he serves on the armed forces committee. and according to the congressman, these attacks were anticipated, but there was hope that they would not be carried out. he also says he does not believe anyone
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expected the total collapse of the afghan government. >> fact of the matter is there was no government has taliban simply walked in. totally and prepared and. in no position to control the city of some 4 billion people. our goal is a very dangerous place. we do when the afghan government collapsed was dangerous before that the suicide bomb bombings. >> we're. >> taking place on a rather regular basis in kabul over the last 3, 4, the to that the tragic deaths of. hundreds of people. >> representative, you're monday's interview first aired live on our digital streaming app kron on. you can watch the entire interview right now on that streaming service. the taliban is not in control. and regardless of who is responsible for the blood. the terror attacks in kabul. we can expect some more of the same. so says a south bay educator and terror expert
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with firsthand experience in afghanistan. he spoke with kron four's rob fladeboe who brings us this report. >> and so we could be isis k or it could be another faction within the taliban san jose state political science professor doctor leonard lira says there is no doubt the deadly bombings in afghanistan are acts of terror and terror is almost always politically motivated. he says. >> and there was a statement that was sent in this attack and were claims responsibility for it is probably going to be saying that we have the power to act. >> whenever we want wherever we want. therefore we need to be a force to be reckoned with when we start to figure out who's going lead afghanistan at americans depart, a former u.s. army strategist in the war on terror serving in both afghanistan and iraq. >> doctor leonard says the bombings are an indication of just how tenuous to hold the taliban has on power is the u.s. pulls out. i think the bigger indicator of how much
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lack of control the taleban really by that. i mean that >> we're working with the u.s. help us evacuate by the 31st was not the 31st yet and so. they want to be able to hold us forward and want to be able hold them to their word and it doesn't look like they're able to hold their and bargain either. and so it looks like. was a terrorist attack and looks like it was probably a faction that so trying to vie for control as they stuff their government talked earlier expects more acts of terror to follow as rival factions compete for power. >> complicating evacuation efforts and putting more troops and american allies at risk. it definitely raises the bar and increases the risk for our our troops that are on the ground the allied troops are there as well trying to. >> evacuate american citizens and their national citizens.
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>> if we stay past that deadline, deaf and we'll see more attacks in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> we have much more coverage on the situation in afghanistan on our website. kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be taken straight to our web page. and there you can find a full replay as president biden's address that he just gave starting at 2 o'clock this afternoon. that's how you can find out what is next for the country along with local efforts to help refugees. that's all on kron. 4 dot com. and now to the east bay and oakland is considering requiring the city's employees to be vaccinated against covid-19. this is coming as alameda county is seeing a new surge in covid cases, a draft of the mandatory back a vaccination policy has been given to the city's union labor partners for a review. the policy will apply to all city employees, including full and part-time as well as interns and volunteers. if this mandate is approved, the
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city workers will be asked to be fully vaccinated and submit proof by november. 1st. happening right now. hundreds of people in san jose remain evacuated following a gas leak that we first told you about yesterday right here on kron. 4 news at 3 kron four's. charles clifford is joining us now live from san jose with the latest. and when all these families might be able to finally get back home. good afternoon, charles. >> other yes. so this gas leak started yesterday just after 3 o'clock. so it's now been going on for a full day. i started when a contractor working near the intersection of race and park avenue. i may have done some damage to a gas line. crews are working to repair the damage, but it could be several more hours before people are allowed to return home. now this leak started near the intersection of park avenue and ray street. it involves 2 different gas pipes, an 8 inch and a 12 inch pipe that pg e is trying to
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cap. we understand that 325 homes in the area have been evacuated. those folks have been allowed to stay shelter set up a bascom community center or the red cross has also been helping. people have also talk to folks who've been staying with friends and family. i talked to one mother and daughter who are eager to get back into their house because their cat was left behind. they need to get some food into their cat. they say they're not happy about being out of the house. but they're ok with it for safety reasons. it's a little bit of setting. but it is, you know, and thankful that the neighborhood and catch on fire. the fire department says they're hoping to reopen the area, allow people back in. >> by early thursday evening. we're kind of working on a case by case basis with people so that we can send our personnel. >> into that in the evacuated area to try to with those needs. but it is really a case by case were not letting people back into the evacuated area at this point. >> all right. back live now at last check, pg e was on schedule to finish up their work at some point late this afternoon, early this evening so people can start going back
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home again. they do say that about 50 homes in around the area of the leak will remain without gas service for the foreseeable future. pga's have to go to each homes and make sure there's no leaks and restart gas service there also that intersection. >> race and park will remain closed indefinitely because we're going to fix the roadway and repair the pipes in the ground. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news, thank you so much, charles. >> we'll turn our attention now to the weather forecast as we take a live look outside from our camera at san francisco international airport and a plane there had enough. hopefully they're going somewhere. good. you can see some of the hazy skies there in the background and the bay area air quality management district has issued an air quality advisory for wildfire smoke for friday and saturday and are meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a closer look at the current conditions. good afternoon, they're just see? yeah. we love that live show in the plains the land or take off from as airport. let's take a live look outside from coit tower seeing some breezy
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winds out there with those leaves just. >> making its way around the bay area. we are tracking also smoke and haze out there right now that is going to increase for your friday into your saturday. so we do have an air quality advisory in effect because of that change in wind direction. so getting more of that sea breeze effect from that live picture out at coit tower. but we're going to notice more of a northwesterly flow that's going to increase at smoke and haze particles. moderate amounts of those for your friday afternoon. and when tracker for getting more of a cool sea breeze influence. but we're already starting to notice that change in wind direction out there right now and temperatures for the most part, quite the spread 60's 70's, 80's and yes, even 90's as you make your way inland toasty. for those of you livermore 93 degrees. we're tracking a 30 degree difference between you and pacifica 62 degrees with the widespread 80's and 90's right now for most of the
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north bay and also seeing a warmer air mass anywhere from about 5 to 15 degrees of warming. double digit warming. for those of you in santa rosa, 15 degrees warmer than where you were just 24 hours ago that warming trend going to continue peaking on saturday. it's going to be a hot weekend inland all weekend long in the bay area. more my full forecast in just a few minutes back to you. just thank you. marie said we have much more coverage ahead on the situation that's happening right now in afghanistan after the attacks at the airport. >> but for now we'll go to the east bay where donations are being accepted for afghan refugees will let you know how you can help as well. and as the delta variant continues to surge across the united states. some lawmakers want the white house to release a report and how the pandemic began. we'll be right back with more news right here on kron. 4.
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>> we're back. and now let's get to the latest on the wildfires that are burning across our state in northern california. the dixie fire is now 45% contained. according to cal fire's last updated has burned more than 740 747,000 acres across 5 counties. more than 1200 buildings have been destroyed. this fire is still threatening almost 2000 others. it's now gone on to its 5th week. evacuation orders remain in place for parts of plumas county. and due to the counter fire highway 50. that closure has been extended east to the
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junction of highway 89 and a new evacuation order is in effect for eldorado county. we have it listed right here on your screen. also, no vaccation shelters. now open in douglas county, nevada. and according to cal fire's last update. this fire has now burned more than 136,000 acres and it is 12% contained just to give you a perspective on the air quality where it's really bad right now is in lake tahoe. this is a live camera from one of our cameras that are situated at heavenly ski resort and we can see we're starting to get that orange smoky eerie sky look today because of all the smoke that is covering the air. again, this is in lake tahoe and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is checking on the air quality. there. is it going to improve it all for this weekend. what about here in the bay area. yeah. you know, unfortunately it's not really going to improve for those of you at lake tahoe. it's been really bad all week long because of the nearby
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dixie and caldor fires for us here in the bay area. it's going to worsen starting friday. >> peaking on saturday because of that warmer air mass and change in wind direction. we're going to see more of an offshore wind. those warm dry northerly winds going to push smoke and ash from the monument and dixie fires into the bay area starting friday morning through saturday night going to see improvement, though early this upcoming week thanks to the return of that cool sea breeze. but for those of you at you're going to notice little improvement may be some later in the afternoon or early evening hours because of that change in wind direction out of the west-southwest. but right now air quality very poor to worse. in fact, most of this with that maroon worst air quality out there but still extremely poor for those of you throughout that northwest quadrant of this so if you want to escape the smoke and haze in the bay area and head to the sierra your best bet is just stay closer to home because we are noticing better
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air quality for us compared to sierra conditions. but overall, mostly sunny skies not just for us here in the bay area. but also dry and clear. for those of you in this year. you are going to notice that haze, though, throughout the next couple of days and temperatures warming up as well. mid 80's for truckee, low 80's. for those of you at south lake tahoe but warming up into the mid 80's for most of this year. this weekend. details on our warmer bay area forecast mild temperatures along the coast and hot temperatures expected to make its way inland with triple digit heat. details coming up in my full microclimate outlook in just a few minutes. just him. back to you. thank you so much for brees. i'm not santa clara county officials are expanding a program to help low income bay area residents with respiratory issues. >> it's called the clean air filtration program. 3,000 free air filtration systems will be distributed to low income residents in shelters for homeless people with a medically diagnosed respiratory condition with much of northern california
3:19 pm
burning in the hot temperatures ahead. health and county officials feel now is the time to take action to help those who may not be able to help themselves. >> we just think that the best health strategy is to prepare for these wall, far smaller events before they have. we must be ready to protect our health from wildfire, smoke and the clean air filtration program is essential to ensure we are here for most vulnerable residents. >> this program is our already underway in the north bay. drought conditions are forcing the city of milpitas to take drastic water, saving measures. check this out because this is the new watering schedule for male pages. residents. if your street address is an odd number. you can water your yard on monday. thursday and saturday. that's what we see there in gray and then if you haven't even street number, you can water your yard on tuesday's. fridays and
3:20 pm
sundays. that's the areas that are checked in blue. looks like no watering is allowed on wednesday and watering is allowed from 06:00pm until 09:00am if you need to read more about this. all the details are on our website. kron 4 dot com. in the east bay and oakland police officer he was not seriously injured. no officers were hurt. the police department says they did recover to firearms at the scene. we're working to get more information here and we'll pass along details as soon as they come into the newsroom. there is an investigation underway right now after a fatal police shooting occurred at a fremont mobile home park last night. this incident happened at the south lake mobile home park on fremont boulevard. police say the gunman shot a man in the head and left that victim with life threatening injuries after police arrived on the scene. the suspect was located
3:21 pm
near the mobile home park about 45 minutes later, one of the officers police are saying shot and killed the suspect. police say they're still investigating what led the officer to shoot and killed the suspect. details here straight ahead on kron 4 news at 3 because parents at one east bay. school are upset over how school officials reacted to a teacher testing positive for covid. >> some say that their kids, the students we're not treated fairly. plus, lawmakers in washington are asking the white house to release a report with details on the start of the covid pandemic. we'll have those details next. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow.
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>> in our coronavirus coverage this afternoon, president biden has a classified report from us intelligence agencies on their investigations into the origin of the covid-19 virus. some lawmakers are pushing for a declassified version immediately. our washington correspondent jessi turnure has more details. >> this is not a political statement. this is not a g. >> people democratic congressman troy carter's home state of louisiana hit a grim milestone this week. the most covid-19 deaths in a single day since the start of the pandemic. republican congressman mike walters, home state of florida said the same record and nearly all of them were unvaccinated. i have
3:25 pm
taken. >> the vaccine as have my family, i that's our way out of this walton carter said they are seeing promising upticks in vaccinations since the fda gave ful approval to the pfizer shot. >> with similar authorizations for the other vaccines likely on the way. the lawmakers hope that only increases. a lot of people are going to be much more comfortable. that's how we're going to win this battle. >> to encourage more americans to get vaccinated. carter also wants the biden administration to declassify a new intelligence report on the origins of covid-19. this is not some, you know, cooked >> or because as long as people think that they're less likely to participate in cure or in a vaccination. but for waltz sharing the report with the public is more about accountability surrounding the now growing theory that the virus leaked accidentally from a chinese lab. it's clear the chinese have covered it up. >> what what i want to know. >> is who knew.
3:26 pm
>> within the administration and when when president biden called for the investigation. he said he planned to make the findings public in washington. i'm jessi tenure. virus. researchers have not publicly identified any new evidence to strengthen the lab-leak hypothesis. they have said, though. >> it's unlikely that a definitive answer about covid-19 origins would be available any time soon. that work usually takes years for decades. meantime, in japan, the country is suspending use about one point 3, a million doses of the moderna vaccine after unused vials were discovered to be contaminated. the health ministry says it was reported multiple vaccination sites. some doses may have been administered, but no adverse health effects have been reported so far. the doses were produced in spain. a japanese pharmaceutical distributor suspended the doses manufactured in the same production line as a precaution. and that's moderna to investigate the problem
3:27 pm
next. coming up at 3.30 why rico candidate. larry elder is under fire for comments he made. >> about san francisco and california wants to pay drug addicts to stay sober. how would this work and where with the money to pay them come from all those details are next. ross will bring you the very latest information on the attacks in afghanistan. plus, how you can help refugees. you are right here in the bay area. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock in our top story this thursday, the attack on the kabul airport in afghanistan. that is left 12 americans dead and many others wounded. so here's what we know right now. according to the pentagon, 12 us service members have been killed. and i believe the number of wounded went up to a 140. there are still 1000 americans the need to be evacuated from afghanistan and isis k has claimed responsibility for the kabul airport attacks earlier today during a press briefing. president biden said the u.s. will take action against those responsible. we will stay on top of the latest on the situation that's unfolding in afghanistan right now. there's so much more on our website kron out kron. 4 dot com. but right now for more insight on the developing situation and to d brief us on the president's address will bring in mark fisher, who is the
3:31 pm
senior editor at the washington post. thank you so much for your time this afternoon. it's good to be with you. can you just give us your reaction to the president's address. >> well, the president, the is in his element when these kinds of tragedies occur he's able to referred to his own personal his own son's experience in the military and he does sooner very emotionally affecting way that this is a very rough day for any administration goes through a terrorist attack like this and he determined to strike back at those responsible for the attack and get the sherman just as much to complete the withdrawal of american forces in americans in afghanistan in the next 4 so what one might school. is there a contradiction there? can you effectively go at the people who committed this crime. if you're withdrawing from the country and that's the political debate that we're going to have in the coming days. >> so the president was asked this during the this deadline
3:32 pm
that's been set of the end of the month. this is still going to stick with that. as far as withdrawing troops and withdrawing americans. and he said if you say you're going to do it, you're going to do it unless something exceptional happens. this doesn't classify as something that's exceptional. >> well, certainly is exceptional. however, president pointed out correctly that to the alleged perpetrators of this attack are not that that old on as the president's that are bad guys, but they're different. bad guys and the bad guys who did explosions? the bombs in kabul word isis k, which is extremist group that is actually a poster that all of 't want to get into the difficult position going after the wrong culprits. so there are those who said that that was part of the problem going into afghanistan first so in the end, i what he's trying to do is a little bit of cake. have his cake and eat it go ahead
3:33 pm
with withdrawal continues to defend his decision to do the withdrawal in this fashion even as he shows that he's going to be tough and going to hold these people to account for these crimes that took so many american lives and isis k is how is that different from just isis. isis kz. it's a regional group of based in. afghanistan is is but in some ways more extreme and certainly we're given to this route terrorism, the toe and claims to be at this but what we do know is this is a group that is opposed to tell them that wanted at least has told the biden administration that they intend to cooperate. with the u.s. and getting its forces out safely. and in the presence of toll was also been cooperative in helping to evacuate some of the people to the americans and afghans who have helped americans in this rush to leave the country. >> so as of now, the president said he's not going to be
3:34 pm
putting more troops in afghanistan to sort of speed up or cleanup. this evacuation process. but at the same time he said for the terrorist group isis k that's responsible. we will hunt you down and make you pay. what does that look like. >> well, that's a good if if you go back to the example we've seen in the previous 3 administrations. there certainly has been no hesitation to go after using drones we long forces without committing ground it does not sound like the president is at given to the idea of committing ground troops to afghanistan. so one could expect that through some combination air power that there would be an effort to identify those responsible and take them out. that's been the pattern of american since the beginning of the war on but it does. this is a president was very low to recommit to
3:35 pm
putting ground troops in a place like afghanistan where yet again today he explained why american interests there are quite minimal. >> it has been chaotic and deadly this evacuation out of afghanistan. what do the next few days look like as we hit that august 31st deadline. >> well, both the president and the top leaders in the pentagon have said today repeatedly that they expect there will be more such attacks will be successful or not. obviously can't but they obviously have saying isis k or other terrorist groups are going to try this again where and don't know if they have strong indications of that. but they are expecting something. and so that has to be weighed against the continuing effort to remove americans and helpful afghans from the country and that process continued today the president said that the last 12 hundreds if not thousands more afghans were able to be pulled out by the united states and the flow of the
3:36 pm
afghans to the united states now over a 100,000 people. so the biden administration to be more successful than they even predicted they might be in those who helped us out of the country away from possible retribution by the toll. >> are we safe here in the united states. >> it's always the ultimate question that's a question that got us involved in afghanistan in the first place. this like the last 2 says that we don't need to be there in order to be safe been repeatedly said taking out o-cedar leadership taking out bin made us safer from that group. but the president was very careful to say that there are continuing to terrorist threats from many countries around the world, including because he said civil closer to us than afghanistan and so this is remains a dangerous world and one which at least
3:37 pm
islamist are somewhat in bold and certainly by the fact big people who they align themselves with have chased the united states from afghanistan and afghanistan. is now run by a group that we share some of their values, namely that all >> marc fisher with the washington post, thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 today. good to be with. we'll go now to the east bay and afghan refugees are collecting donations to help those who've been forced to leave their country with just the clothes on their backs. kron four's. we've got reports of from hayward where the afghan community is stepping up to help their own. >> time is of the essence of ghani's seeking asylum in the bay area need help. and an olive branch has been extended in hayward my can my people in this situation especially since belt. he dee dee and her family were in the same position 35 years ago. people forced to flee their home
3:38 pm
country during the soviet invasion bowl left the house they left long and they don't have that's why we want to all that much. a d d and others in the community stopping by them. as jury mosque in hayward thursday donating new clothes shoes toys and other items that will be packed in boxes and backpacks before distribution. on door, trying put up against these items will go to the refugees traveling from afghanistan arriving soon here in the east bay and every little bit helps. it's not just the items is, it's the love and thought behind to know that you have a community here that actually cares about you. people that have never met families that you've never even knew are here working. >> long hours of the night dedicated to make sure that their transition a lot more 30 years to come. i finally is over it is not my family. i don't about my family all.
3:39 pm
>> 36 million people is my family. my brother, my sister and they need everyone to pitch in in hayward, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> we have more coverage on the situation after in afghanistan on our website, kron 4 dot com just scan this qr code on the screen right now and be taken street to our web page. you can read the president's full remarks from today. also find out what is next for the country along with more local efforts to help refugees. that's all on kron. 4 dot com. >> coming up, we will continue our destination. california series. if you need to get away and want to go camping. but you want to do it in style will go to sonoma county for ad lamping getaway. plus, outrage at a middle school in the east bay after a teacher tested positive for covid parents say their children were treated unfairly depending on their vaccination status. the parents looking into legal action that story's next.
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coronavirus coverage and parents of the danville middle school are upset that school officials separated their children. >> after a teacher tested positive for covid-19 parents of charlotte would middle school say they were notified monday that a fully vaccinated teacher had the virus students return to class the next day, but only the students who were vaccinated. they say were allowed to stay on campus the rest were sent home. one
3:43 pm
parent says her 12 year-old daughter who is not vaccinated, was upset about being called out to the front of the school over the loudspeaker and was embarrassed at being singled out because of her vaccination status. >> vaccinated. kids were all kept in the quad and the unvaccinated kids were kept in a hallway outside the office. they were 100% segregated. i had feeling of panic. >> how is it going to catch up houses greats. what's going to happen to him. all the students who were sent home tuesday must provide proof of a negative test by today. thursday. >> otherwise they still to stay home. parents say the experience for their children was traumatic and they are now exploring legal action against the school and the san ramon valley unified school district over how this incident was handled. we'll take a very quick break right here on
3:44 pm
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kron 4 is your local election headquarters and an update on tomorrow's rally with governor gavin newsome. vice president kamala harris has canceled her plans to come campaign for governor newsom. >> due to the ongoing crisis in afghanistan. harris was planning on attending the car rally at the cow palace. but that event has been canceled. the whole event has been canceled. no word yet. and if or when it will be rescheduled. of course we will let you know. recall candidate in conservative radio talk
3:47 pm
show host larry elder is facing more scrutiny from other candidates. this time for his past comments on drugs. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> republican recall candidate larry elder facing more criticism thursday for his past statements on recreational drugs in a 2019 fox news interview elder said drug abuse and homeless problems in cities like san francisco will not be solved by government intervention because they are moral and spiritual issues in a 2016 interview on the ribbon report. elder said he supported government getting out of drug enforcement at the federal and state level, other republican recall replacement candidates reacting for him to suggest that is it's dangerous. >> it's wrong and it really shows how out of touch he is with californians and what's going on in our in our great state to say that it's okay to do heroin and methamphetamine. out public places. that's crazy. it was disappointing that larry was not there at the debate. i think it's important if you're going to
3:48 pm
run. >> the 5th largest economy in the world. i think you want to face the press and face the voters, frankly, the new scrutiny against the polling front runner comes after candidates condemned elder for his comments about women and allegations from his ex fiance. he brandished a gun at her. >> both doctor and caitlin jenner have urged elder to drop out of the race is not the type of person that we want as governor of the state, the california republican party has not endorsed a candidate chairwoman, jessica millan patterson says this is exactly what the party wanted candidates to do and each one of these candidates is one going have to make the case to californians throughout the state why they would be the best person to succeed this governor and to defend their own records. so i think that this is healthy. i think that this is good for californians elders campaign would not respond to a request for comment in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen right now and
3:49 pm
we'll take you straight to our web page where you can get the latest on the candidates and details on how to cast your ballots. don't forget to the state of california is considering a plan to stop increases in drug overdose related deaths. they are now considering paying drug users to stay sober. governor gavin newsom asked the federal government for permission to use tax dollars to pay for through medicaid. people would earn small payments for every negative drug test over a period of time. most people who complete the treatment without any positive tests would earn a few $100. the federal government has used a similar program with military veterans research shows it is one of the most effective ways to get people to stop using drugs. let's talk about our weather forecast right now to take a live look outside here along the san mateo bridge air quality. we're trying to check that out from this picture right here not terrible out there today but an air quality advisory is kicking in for
3:50 pm
friday and saturday because of wildfire. smoke. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details and also the warm-up that's on the way yeah, that's right. just seen. in fact, we're tracking pretty good air quality along the coast and east bay shoreline. thanks to that cool sea breeze. >> but the change in wind direction is going to have an huge impact on our air quality and also temperatures as well for the end of your workweek forecast downtown san francisco warming up to 72 degrees. so few degrees above average. we're going to notice above average temperatures from coastal valleys for your friday afternoon. thanks to those northwesterly winds smoke and ash in the nearby monument and also dixie fires will actually impact our bay area forecast half moon, bay and deeley city warming up into the upper 60's. so 40 with 70's there with widespread mid to upper 80's from brisbane to burlingame, millbrae and burlingame 88 degrees below 90's for those of you in san mateo and san carlos tracking widespread
3:51 pm
90's and triple digit heat for the south bay. morgan hill, 100 degrees san jose 88 degrees for you in cupertino in the low 90's with mid 90's for livermore at 97 degrees as our walnut creek and conquered toasty temperatures for in denver, og in the mid-nineties there with mid 80's for those of you in richmond and widespread 80's 90's in triple digit heat in the north bay vacaville a 104 degrees sonoma not that far behind at 97 degrees with santa rosa and petaluma both at 91 degrees and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. it's only going to get hotter. widespread triple digit heat inland on saturday. 70's along the coast in 80's throughout the east bay shoreline. but we are going to see cooler weather with seasonal temperatures returning early this upcoming week and better air quality as well. thanks to that cool sea breeze. back to you. just seen. >> thank you so there are some people just love camping. they like being out in nature. >> while others prefer a more
3:52 pm
luxurious way of going on a vacation. but what if you can combine those 2. that's exactly we're going to do right now in our latest edition of destination, california has mellon. townsend takes us to wine country for a little glam thing. >> or should i and while even in sonoma welcome, the world have been tucked away in the beautiful rolling hills and vineyards of sonoma county is the perfect place to unload unwind and recharge your mental with the level of sophistication that hiking in the woods with a sleeping bag and a flashlight. glamping is an easy way to spend the night outdoors. it's where you show up and everything's taken care of for you. owner of wild haven can barber open this campground last june with only 10 happens during covid-19 and is very active. fire season. fast forward to today. there are now 40 cabins, the pretty
3:53 pm
high demand before opening this business. i lived in san francisco and saw how so many people are frustrated with the fact that they couldn't find a campground. >> we've all had pretty rough year. we all know the nation. there a fee for your mind, your body. is just easy way to to get into nature. >> with a dedicated onsite crew cleaning 7. these safari like cap and stay in tip top shape for a safe and perfect glamping experience. we have these custom design. they're all about 200 square foot tense with covered porches in picnic, tables and fire pits. then some are nicer tentative and every 10 comes with a very comfortable bed memory foam mattress let's not forget about some of these top notch amenities here. we have a store that sells beer and wine and champagne and cheese and crackers and ready-made smores now, if you really want that, the ip glamping experience. check this out.
3:54 pm
>> your very own personal leave with exclusive access to the russian river that can't be found within 15 miles. i love one to show up. >> you feel very comfortable and at home with us. fox forty's destination, california. i'm melanie town. >> let's not camping. if you don't have smores, that's for sure. you can scan this qr code with your phone right now. we'll take you to our destination. california section on our website. you can find all the stories on lots of fun things to do across think tire state that we've been posting, including a hot air balloon. ride in napa paragliding in tory pines and also taking a ride on the sacramento river. fox train. it's all on kron. 4 dot com up next, a unique message of love, displayed with care. how a farmer. >> paid tribute to a loved one. can you tell what's being
3:55 pm
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