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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 24, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when >> fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. that is not your job to tell me. >> what i need to do with my body. that's between me and my doctor. someone to stand up for us and you guys are elected to do that. please come help us. >> now at 9, a city council meeting getting heated tonight is leaders in san jose unanimously approve a vaccine mandate. the new rule passed tonight requires people to show proof of vaccination in order to attend large indoor events held in city owned buildings. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis the new mandate is not sitting well with dozens of protesters who interrupt an item eating or those who spent hours speaking against the proposal
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countries. dan thorn live for us in san jose tonight he joins us with more on this decision. pretty controversial. >> that's right. vicki protesters today actually getting so upset that they forced city council to go to an hour long recess this afternoon. several people also voicing their displeasure through the public comment period. but despite all of that city council unanimously passed this new mandate. >> if vaccine and masked protesters come out against san jose city council. their signs, calling the pandemic government tyranny as the city will now require proof of vaccination for large indoor events at city owned buildings could be a break here. >> the people are mandating inoculate do this. that are a criminal probe like this are the mandate affects places like the s ap center. the convention center and the san jose center for the performing arts attendees of events with 50 or more people will need to show proof of vaccination.
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>> public comment at tuesday's meeting included several people sharing their frustrations with the plan. >> is not your job to tell me. what i need to do with my body. that's between me and my doctor. we should have the right to choose and country in the land of the free and this is not free for to be mandated. there were far fewer people who spoke out in support of it before the city council. i 100% support a vaccine mandate and passport. >> and look forward to the day that i can safely go out of my house and not be surrounded by anti-vaxers religious extremists and conspiracy theorist. a new indoor mandate comes as covid-19 continues to spread key indicators continue to head in the wrong direction. the goal is to cut down on rapidly rising infections by encouraging people to get vaccinated. mayor sam liccardo responding to those who are not on board with the new rule. there's obviously no sure fire way of eliminating covid we don't
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live in that world. we live in a world in which. >> we need to take reasonable measure. second reduce risk. well, this new mandate does not go into effect immediately. mayor sam liccardo says that he will be allowing venue operators some time to adjust grant. >> and they will need time. dan talking about city owned buildings here. are there any talk so about expanding this and having vaccines be mandatory to go inside, you know, places like restaurants and bars. >> definitely something that the city council will likely be considering because of what san francisco has done in terms of making sure that people show proof of vaccination for restaurants bars and indoor gyms. of course, we're going to take a little bit more time right now to sort of see what the results are of that and see what sort of information they can get out of studies of what
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san francisco's been doing. but it's certainly something that san jose city council is thinking about and will likely be discussing at a later date. >> all right. dan thorn live for us tonight in san jose. thank you, dan. thanks, dan. and with the pfizer vaccine receiving full use authorization. many are wondering when the state is going to require students to get the vaccine right now. california teachers and staff are required to be vaccinated but only students 12 and older, of course, are eligible to receive the shot. first jonathan mccall talk with education leaders about the timeline is live tonight with us in the studio with details it's a big question that many parents have grant and vicki all signs right now pointing to a matter of not if. >> but only when. when a vaccine mandate could be in effect for california students talking with the alameda county superintendent of education today. she says is the one thing that is on the mind. top of mind for county education leaders across california. >> entities, wasted no time
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across america monday. implementing mandatory covid-19 vaccine requirements after the fda granted full use authorization to the pfizer covid-19 vaccine here in the golden state. teachers are already required to receive the vaccine or get weekly test. but now many are wondering just how long it will take before the vaccine is mandated for students. if i had >> look at the way the winds are blowing that there's enough interest and momentum in this for there to be. pressure. >> to have this be mandated. >> okay. monroe is the superintendent of the alameda county office of education. she's also the president of the union representing all 58 california counties superintendents whether there will be a mandate is something that is frequently so it's definitely something that's coming up with this news. i think that this will begin to have more attention and get more traction. monroe says
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while it is likely that a mandate will be on the way for students. it's still unknown at this time when it would take effect or what the requirements would look like right now. children under the age of 12 have not received the green light to receive the vaccine each county varies i could say that the majority of this is something that has been discussed and just anecdotally i can say would be welcomed. not all, not all communities would think that this is a good idea as covid-19 cases spike among california students. now back in class after more than a year. she says efforts to limit spread. it's cool simply don't compare to having the vaccine that can protect students outside of the classroom right now. it's the mitigation measures it's making sure that we're following all of the guidance as closely as possible. >> and the game changer at this point from where we were last school year the availability of vaccine.
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>> so monroe says once this would take effect there wouldn't be any issues with trying to enforce the mandate. parents would simply have to show proof of the vaccine when registering their children for school. an interesting note on the timeline on when this all could happen. she says actually would depend a lot on the upcoming governor recall election depending on who's in office at the time. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. thank you, jonathan. on the peninsula, the san mateo foster city school district is dealing with a cluster of covid cases between august 16th in august 22nd. there were 14 tested positive for coronavirus. there was also one teacher who tested positive. you can see how many cases popped up at each school on your screen. most only having one to 2 cases foster city elementary reported the most one parent of a kindergartner there says that the district has done a pretty good job handling the outbreak. >> they are doing their best
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the right to a place is not much you can do. >> most of these in school outbreaks come from community or at home transmission. the dozens of students exposed cannot come back to school until they get a negative test. we have reached out to the school district and are waiting to hear back. >> an optimistic outlook this tuesday. doctor fauci said today he believes the u.s. could have some return to normalcy from the pandemic come next. spring. 2022, but he notes. that is only if there is a significant surge, if people getting vaccinated. however, this uplifting forecast comes at a time with the bay area has some hopeful news of a toll kron four's. dan kerman reports. >> as our fate is in our own hand. a glimmer of hope from white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci about when the u.s. could get covid-19 under control. we can get through this winter and get really the majority
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overwhelming majority of the 90 million people. >> who have not been vaccinated vaccinated. i hope we could start to get some good control in the spring of 2022. >> here in the bay area already some positive news that this 4th surge might be close to over that surge that we experienced through july is beginning to abate. marin county health officer doctor matt willis says it's not just happening in marin county. among the 58 counties across the state. those that have the highest vaccination rates are in fact seeing the earliest signs of a plateau. >> willis says there still remains a high rate of transmission, which is why other safeguards must continue. >> alone are not going to solve this. we need to calm our vaccine strategy, 8 with other everyday behaviors that we know are protective facial being sensible about not coming to work and were sick. physical distancing where we can manage that women. things
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outdoors around the north. those are all still critical elements of controlling transmission infectious disease. experts agree and say. >> if this, in fact, is the end of the 4th surge. certain behavioral changes must take place this time around. if we're to have long lasting success every time. >> throughout the pandemic that there's been. church. we've stopped it. it's come back down. but then we've opened up too quickly again and relax star guard too quickly. and so we've left ourselves at a higher plateau and then we build on that plateau. so we keep building and building and building up the numbers. but, you know, we don't have to do it that way. >> and that takes us back to doctor fauci is comments that it's really all up to us how things go by spring in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> let's do this. all right. stay with kron 4 for continuing covid coverage to scan the qr code with your mobile device. you'll be directed to our web page.
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dedicated to the pandemic hits on kron 4 dot com. the national weather service says at the reno sparks area of nevada recorded its worst ever air quality yesterday, smoke from the nearby counter fire. >> engulf the entire region. this is video behind me from last weekend taken by dustin may, matt, you can see just how smoky this drive is all along a road in nearby truckee, sad situation there. the counter fire has been burning now for 10 days. cal fire says nearly 118,000 acres have been scorched 632 structures have been destroyed. evacuation orders remain in place in parts of eldorado county and evacuation warnings have been issued for parts of amador county, meaning the people there should be ready to leave at a moment's notice at last check. just 11% containment. we're also monitoring the dixie fire and that continues to burn across 5 northern california counties. it's been active now
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4.41 straight days and it is scorched more than 733,000 acres remains 43 percent contained tonight. it has destroyed more than 1200 buildings and continues to threaten more evacuation orders remain in effect for parts of plume us lassen and tame a counties at this time. cal fire is using 41 helicopters. 689 engines and over 8,000 personnel on the ground fighting both of these fires. and tonight president biden approved a major disaster declaration for the dixie and the river fire which have burned nearly a 123,000 acres up in eldorado county. all right. time now for our 4 zone forecast. this. >> we get a check on the weather. but first, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look. yeah, guys. for all that smoke from the fire and it is taking direct aim in were especially from the calder fire. you can see all the area surrounding tahoe, a very poor to
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extremely poor to the worst air quality conditions. you can imagine. and that is just kind of settled in there for the night tonight. there's been some slight improvement over the last couple of hours but not much. and now tonight. well, the winds start to calm down that smoke and the settles in and likely will settle into the tahoe basin. so you can see that in around the fire fire just south i'll show you that in just a moment. but spreading all that smoke in that direction. now, we've been some fortunate winds our way as we're getting more of a westerly component win that west wind brings that nice ocean air and brings the weather around the bay area. you've got the cool fog out there, but that fresh air nice and green into santa rosa and means we're looking good through san francisco in an amount. you are seeing some areas shaded yellow here. that means moderate amounts of plumes. but right now these latest conditions for the winds in and around the fire. you can see the fire here just to the south of 50 just the south west of lake tahoe. but the winds today caring all that smoke back up right
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toward lake tahoe. so bringing them some horrible conditions up there. but now we're starting to see things kind of settle down. wind wise and that's good news for a couple reasons that smoke will settle down a little bit. also firefighters, a chance. get better handle on that fire. and that's just one of numerous fires burning around the state, northern california. see all the smoke, a continuing in the other fire. the dixie fires up toward chest. of course you have the fog along the coastline that's when dealing with. but they're still got more southeast component to win that means and blowing it up on the south and headed east that music keeps most of it away from the bay area. now that's going to change. i think as we head toward the next 24 hours. we're looking okay in fact, overnight tonight we're going to see a nice fresh, a marine push and that will bring you some nice clean air. so as we head toward tomorrow afternoon, they will see some blue skies around the bay area. but you see up and around those fires. the smoke and likely continue now as we get into thursday or so. i think the winds switch directions. i think we're dealing with smoke again back in the bay area, possibly into the weekend that smoke or it
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could be double. if you're at all. good like well, a offer the loft. it doesn't make a big difference, try offer not that but just on thursday, i think it's going to be a surface offshore wind, which will bring the smoke down in areas where we all breeze. so that could be a problem. in other words, batsman that thanks live with. president biden says he will stick to the august 31st deadline to evacuate americans and other foreigners from kabul after aborting from the taliban that staying past that date would bring consequences following meeting in kabul between taliban leaders and the cia director. >> our dc correspondent basal john has the latest. >> sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations brings added risk to our troops. the biden administration is sticking to the august 31st deadline. >> to get americans and afghan refugees out of afghanistan that the mission has been to end on the 31st. that is the assumption that we are working
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towards pentagon spokesperson john kirby says the state department is reaching out to americans who are still in afghanistan to communicate to them, let them know what. evacuation plans are possible. we're seeing increased pace, increased pace in the flight schedule a couple and with the help of a global coalition army major general hank taylor says more than 21,000 people were evacuated from kabul in 24 hours. one aircraft left on or about every 45 minutes. the taliban opposes any extension and says foreign nationals must leave by the deadline. lawmakers are worried there's no possible way that we can get. >> every american still in afghanistan out in the next 7 days. house republican leader kevin mccarthy says there should never be a time where the taliban and directs us actions. we should stay until every single american. >> is able to get out of afghanistan. the pennsylvania democratic congressman matt cartwright has concerns, but
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it's still hopeful about how things will look on september. first these people are on top of their game and they're taking this enormously seriously. >> so i have a lot of faith that they're going to get this right reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> the bay area's now a place of refuge for some people who are leaving afghanistan as u.s. officials scramble to get more people out of that country before the end of the month. kronon's theresa explains the role our region is playing in the evacuations. >> these are people who feared for their lives that in tiny family's case, they were beaten by the taliban, getting to the airport congressman roe conn is office worked at a feverish pace to get this family to milpitas in the east bay from afghanistan. >> it is just one of several families the representative tells kron 4 news. his office staff continues to try and help in this international crisis. >> well, we're all different requests were receiving from american citizens. some from green card holders, some is
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afghan who are in a vulnerable position fear for their lives. women's rights act activists are just afghan afghan women and then we're receiving requests about translators, people who helped us in our war, in our fight for 20 years. we've all been watching over the last week as as what. >> has become one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time as unfold in afghanistan and you know, we quickly started working with partners on the ground. the international rescue committee and we kept on your partner's that see housing upon arrival in united states. was that biggest first need. >> christopher knoll t is air bnb is director of corporate affairs. he says so far they have helped place thousands into housing as they arrive at of afghanistan. and so, you know, we've committed you know, housing 20,000. >> refugees, most united states, but also abroad. this
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past weekend we were able to work with our partners to the police. about 200 families in housing, including in san francisco and seattle chicago as for the soul taney family. congressman ro khanna says that they are settling in after their very strenuous journey to the united states like them. a new lease on. >> on life. so it's one of staff. extraordinary gratitude and i think a lot of stress for what they've endured over the last week. >> terry says stasio kron 4 news. we have more coverage on the evacuation of afghanistan. it's on our website. kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen there and you'll be taken straight to our web page there. you'll find more on what's next afghanistan along with local reaction and where you can get help for loved ones. >> now to the mess on van ness, the improvement project on the big thoroughfare through the city was supposed to bring san francisco its first rapid bus transit system. project is coming under fire once again. fox
9:20 pm
news host laura ingram describing it as a debacle on twitter and that's not even close to the worst the venice quarter project is running nearly 3 years behind schedule. it's also currently around 37 million dollars over budget. the reasons behind the delays were recently examined in a civil grand jury report which says that the delays were caused by avoidable setbacks in replacing the sewer and water lines underneath the roadway and that the sfmta, the organization in charge of the project should have done a better job assessing what was underground before starting construction. a spokesperson for the transit agency says they are trying to do better. >> we are actively working on incorporating those into our west and for the other projects throughout the city. this project is about 78% complete. all the major underground sewer and water work has been completed.
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>> bus rapid transit service is expected to begin on van ness in the year 2022 planning for a similar project on geary is underway. >> marks 3 months since the fatal mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose. and today officials gave an update on when trains could be up and running again. 9 vta workers were killed on may 26 by their co-workers. samuel cassidy and since then train said been out of service as employees grieve in recover from this terrible tragedy as of today, all 42 miles of light rail tracks have been inspected and more than 300 employees were retrained and recertified. the trains will be running tests routes this week. and if all goes well service could be restored within one to 2 days. the officials say that they are aiming for a limited service by sunday for the forty-niners versus raiders pre season game at levi's stidium.
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>> still to come on kark 4 news at 9 bars and restaurants in the bay back open for business after a rough year and a half. but why are a lot of them seeing an increase in cancellations and in southern california. hundreds of recall ballots were recovered before anybody even noticed. they were missing the strange place officers found those official ballots and we'll hear from the family of a san quentin guards who died of covid white. they're now filing a lawsuit against the state in the prison. boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade. just twenty-five bucks a month gets you unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone. that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data a free samsung galaxy 5g when you switch and trade-in. all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network.
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>> in the north bay. a civil lawsuit has been filed against san quentin prison officials and state corrections authorities and the death of a prison guard. >> gilbert polanco died from covid after an outbreak at the prison. proffers. has made you report. >> basically the cdcr officials created a covid cesspool and require their inmates and employees to marinate in that. >> that accusation sums up the bases for this civil lawsuit filed against the california department of corrections and rehabilitation on behalf of the family of sergeant gilbert polanco. he died last august following an outbreak of covid-19 where he worked at san quentin state prison co-counsel for the political family. julia. sure, when describes the circumstances leading to sergeant death from
9:26 pm
covid-19 matter may 30th of 2020 that california department of corrections and rehabilitation. >> transfer to a 122 inmates from the california institute for men and she now standpoint state prison where in town. >> and that kicked off a wildfire of covid prison. >> which was catastrophic. there's many things the government can do. but they can't make decisions that create an obvious are known risk of of death or serious injury to many people. and that's exactly what they did here sadly, plot. go get was like 55 year-old gilbert polanco was a u.s. army veteran who started working at san quentin prison when he was 21 years old. >> he is remembered as a loving father devoted husband and a dutiful cdcr employee. they want him to go like that. and then i asked not to, you know, that. let someone else take that of the ship. and he
9:27 pm
would tell me there's nobody. they have no one according to cdcr population covid-19 tracking san quentin has had a total of 28 deaths and currently among employees there are 12 active covid-19 cases in the last 14 days regarding the lawsuit ac dc i representative sent kron 4, a statement that reads in part, quote, on the polacco matter. cdcr has not been served with the lawsuit but we will evaluate the details and determine next steps. >> we extend our deepest condolences to sergeant political family, friends and colleagues unquote. has it made you kron. 4 news. >> still to come on kron 4 news at 9. what authorities are saying about a massive hole to robbery that happened in the north bay. also the supreme court ruling today that affects people in mexico trying to get to the u.s. and why trump supporters are happy about this one and one on one
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>> some restaurant owners in san francisco are reporting a significant drop in business center rise in canceled reservations this month pointing to concerns over the delta. very that's what we've
9:31 pm
been hearing open table data shows the dining is actually down 16% in the city compared with july. our taylor sackey she spoke to restaurant in san francisco tonight. restaurant the restaurant tours rather joins us now live from the city with more taylor. >> the key, you many restaurants tell me that they saw significant drops in reservations and more last minute cancellations coincide with changes to the city's indoor mask and vaccine mandate. one russian actually tells me that they saw a reservations drop as much as 50% say things are starting to bounce back now. >> guests are seated at some of the tables inside san francisco moroccan rod on tuesday. however, the empty tables out may be taken once are on loose as it's been this way for almost a month when the city mandated there's going to be proof of vaccination for indoor dining and when the mask were also for indoor dining. we saw huge
9:32 pm
drop in our a spike in cancellations no shows i would probably venture to say it's about 50%. that's the first couple days. chief law, lou says many diners expressed concerns over rising delta variant cases. >> and changes in city mandates and they were actually telling us that colleagues. so there's a work also tested positive and thinking twice about going out because they need to get tested as well or odd isn't the impact. taurant feeling >> open table data shows that dining is down 16% in san francisco compared with july. the coast honestly before the delta variant came along, everything started opening up again. we had a lot of tourists from texas, from florida, from even international. >> and then once the delta really started taking over the news and all the california rivers really started to get really affected by it. >> and that's when everything started slowing down again, jr pushy with a new really? north beach says. >> he also received several cancellations after the announcement of the seas vaccine mandate for indoor
9:33 pm
dining. however, both restaurants are hopeful saying things are just starting to pick back up this week. and last week we looked really good as far as reservation going back up to 8 with these to be before the announcement. >> well, it's certainly been a wild ride for many businesses, especially restaurants here in san francisco and wall open table data shows that business were dining. that is down 16% in the city compared to last month. overall business is down 66% compared to the 2019 levels live in san francisco until every second reporting kron 4 news appreciated taylor now to sonoma county, where 5 people are in custody for allegedly robbing an ulta beauty store of more than $10,000 in merchandise. >> reportedly happened just after 6.30 monday night when officers showed up. they say they saw a group of people taking off in a car following a short chase officers say they spotted the suspect's car crash near lake ville highway and south mcdowell 5 suspects were eventually taken into
9:34 pm
custody all face multiple charges related to the theft and petaluma police say they are working with other agencies around the region to see if these people may have been involved in previous robberies at that store or at other stores around the bay. >> kron 4. is your local election headquarters republican recall candidate kevin kiley received a big endorsement today. former candidate see throwing his support behind the sacramento area assemblyman. she tweeted out his endorsement saying that he believed kiley has the, quote, intelwect curiosity and temperament to get california back to normal as he dropped out of the recall race earlier this month to to health issues. caitlyn jenner has been touring the state trying to convince voters to pick her to replace governor newsome today. she spoke with kron four's, ashley zavala about her campaign's latest effort center plans for california. >> in this race. caitlyn jenner is no longer only taking aim at governor gavin
9:35 pm
newsome, but also on the front runner of the replacement candidates. larry elder, she talked about how she would do things differently. compared to elder and newsome. >> we need a pr person that's more inclusive and that's me with exactly 3 weeks until election day. former olympian and reality tv star caitlyn jenner wants to prove how she could be a champion for california for latest move as a recall replacement candidate. >> calling on conservative radio talk show host larry elder to drop out of the race for his disparaging remarks about women and allegations from his ex fiance that he brandished a gun at her. if that is true is not the type of person that we want as governor of this state. what would you do to support and protect women. should you take office. the reason this. >> recall is happening. it's because of the women of california, the mothers. kids have been out of school. for a year. we need to give them the best opportunity to succeed. and right now the tax
9:36 pm
structures. we are the worst state in the nation. as far as a business friendly environment we need to change those type of things. jenner has declined to debate other republican candidates, all who have signaled they would drop statewide vaccine mandates or covid-related rules jenner would not directly say if she would do the same. so yes, i am for the vaccination. >> i think it's a good day, but i'm also far. personal freedoms. this is a free country. what's left. but it is a free country. few to make your own decisions and i respect the decisions that you're going to make that decision to take the vaccine should between you and your doctor. >> i asked general how she has a republican would work with california's overwhelmingly democratic state legislature. she responded by saying she would push to make the legislature part time as a means of saving taxpayer dollars at state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> an investigation is underway in torrance after police found more than 300 an
9:37 pm
open recall ballots in the back of a man's car parked at a 7.11 officers arrested the man who was sleeping inside the car. they also found a loaded gun drugs and other pieces of mail scattered all across the back seat. now they want to know why those ballots were there and what the man intended to do with the most of the ballots were addressed to people in lawndale anyone who's ballot was stolen is going to be sent a brand new one kron 4 news has more recall election coverage on our website just scan the qr code on your screen there with your mobile device and find out more about the candidates in the race ballot information or important election dates. >> i got to >> coming up on kark 4 news at 9 right place, right. time for an off-duty officer. when a baby starts choking why that officer now wants to reconnect with the mom. >> and in sports, the giants in new york taking on the for one player. it was a great,
9:38 pm
great game and are extremely tough circumstances this is one of those stories you don't have to care about sports to appreciate jason dumas has
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make this the summer you taught them what it means to serve. the summer of hauling happiness by the ton. and bringing home hardware by the handful. where traditions were passed down on the tailgate. and the only thing more powerful than the feeling was the truck that took you to it. make this the summer of ram. right now, get 0% apr financing,
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or well-qualified returning lessees can lease the 2021 ram 1500 for $309 a month. ♪ ♪ >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants were looking to get their east coast road trip off to a good start tonight and one player in particular came up. huge. despite playing
9:41 pm
under very tough circumstances. giants fans in new york. that's my last. love to fans that travel to the east bringing boost when playing with a heavy heart. his grandmother passed away today from covid her name was margaret is dedicated tonight. and playing maybe the best game of his life. that solo shot by brandon made it one nothing giant. but in second inning, mike yastremski. he gets in on the home run party. that's his 20th of the season. 3 nothing giant. top of the 4 elements way junior. what a season he's having gets over the center field fence. that's a 2 run shot. 17. now the next batter is bell again. and guess what? >> he felt. no pun intended. his second home run of the game. first all, time home run game of his career coming on the same day he dedicated it to his late grandmother. gabe
9:42 pm
kaplan brandon talked about this tough day after the game. >> well, i'm kind of emotional in the dugout. brandon, that told a few people about i think he it really want to talk about it much before the game. i couldn't help but feel like. something powerful wasn't play there when you get that first home run of brand gets all of our support that is really feeling for right now but did want to dedicate this game to my obviously love very much. and you know, it's been pretty tough day. >> you know, kind of in a daze all day you know, it's clear that come out here and do that for her and so in a dedicated rest of the the season to or as well. and she was a huge supporter of mine. so this really does mean a lot. >> may she rest in peace now the a's desperately needed a win today they took on the mariners at the coliseum
9:43 pm
bottom of first no score too warm for mitch moreland. he gets things going for after those were my talk about for the 8th. that makes it a one. nothing game early on. but then the wheels started to come off top of the 3rd tied at one. luis torrens. he lines one into right just like that. the mariners take the lead to the top of the 8th garrett kalanick send this one to right. is going to drop on the warning track. the runner will score seattle pad its lead to 3, 8, couldn't get anything going all night. the left 8 men on base. they lose 5 to one. all right. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back
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>> democrats on capitol hill are on track to pass 2 massive infrastructure package is one invests in traditional infrastructure. the other invests in with the biden administration calls human infrastructure our alexandra limon has details now on how democrats were able to finally reach a deal after months of negotiations. >> house democrats were finally able to agree and vote on advancing that multi-trillion-dollar budget resolution. now congress has to get to work on deciding exactly how much money to spend and what to spend it on. >> today. the house of representatives taken
9:47 pm
significant step toward making historic investment is going to transform america. >> after negotiations went into the middle of the night monday. house democrats finally reached a deal with each other on tuesday that moves the budget resolution forward involves common sense. >> and prudent spending on what americans need california congressman jim costa was one of about a dozen democrats who held up negotiations. >> costa thinks 3.5 trillion dollars is too expensive. many of us believe that that is aspirational. and >> agreement is ultimately reached on reconciliation. it will not be that number. that's not a number that i can support. but speaker pelosi did get democrats on board to start working on the budget reconciliation package that invests in so-called human infrastructure measures like healthcare, green energy and free pre k and community college. congress still needs to decide exactly how much domestic spending will happen. what is important to us.
9:48 pm
>> as a nation should be reflected in our budget. the deal. democrats reached also guarantees on the trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure package before september 27 republicans like leader kevin mccarthy are not on board with the plans saying right now the sole focus of congress should be afghanistan until every americans out. we should not be working on anything else. >> once the exact spending levels for the budget resolution are agreed upon both the house and senate will have to vote on the final version of the package and in the senate. every single democrat will need to support the package in order for it to pass reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> the supreme court also decided on some pretty big issues today. justices refused to block a court ruling that ordered the biden administration to reinstate a trump era asylum policy, not policy in question forces, those seeking asylum in to the u.s. to wait in mexico. a
9:49 pm
federal judge in texas or during that program to be reinstated last week and with the 3 liberal justices in dissent. justice samuel alito ordered a brief delay to allow the full court time to consider the biden administration's appeal. all right. weather time now is we get a check on the 4 zone. forecast hasn't really been. >> super hot. you know, for a lot of the summer know it's been a fairly mild. the chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to explain that and a whole yeah. last couple days been cool, especially. but we're going to heat things up summer heat really get things going probably near triple digits as we get to friday afternoon and saturday at least in some of the valleys out there today. we've had a nice see breeze and that kept our air quality looking very nice around the bay area the past couple of days as things have improved, saw some blue skies out there myself today. looking good in that air quality is looking good as we're going to see more of that fog moving in on shore tonight. so the breeze has been blowing out there. that is the good news bringing that nice fresh air things are
9:50 pm
going to i think is we're going to see more of an offshore wind develop as we get into thursday. that's going heat things up and bring some smoke back our way. not tonight. we'll see plenty of fog and low clouds rolling on shore, maybe even a couple of patches of drizzle. a couple mid to high level clouds as we head through the day tomorrow. you can see just a couple remaining patches along the coastline. you see what kind of thin out as we get more closely to that full season where the fog starts to go away about 61 degrees downtown san francisco. you're in the 50's and 60's co side tomorrow. so cool breezy out toward the beaches. 70 in millbrae about 71 and burning him. 74 in san carlos 72 woodside the south bay. you've got a mix of 70's and a few 80's and nice and warm got some sunshine inland, maybe size 84 degrees a little more 84 in concord about 72 hercules and 68 degrees in richmond back toward the coastline. we'll keep those numbers cooler generally in the 60's out toward the beaches. so next couple days. here we go. those temperatures warming back. getting hot on thursday. i think maybe that offshore wind developing going to see hot temperatures, especially into friday and
9:51 pm
saturday. probably some temperatures getting near triple digit heat before cooling down as we head toward the middle of this next week, guys excellent. an off-duty police officer helped a mother in livermore with her baby who appeared to be choking. and now that officers looking to get in touch with the mom to find out how the babies doing michelle kingston. >> spoke to the officer today. >> oh, my god, he's choking. an off-duty police officer helping a mother save her baby from choking last weekend. this happened to them or more on first street. >> the officer says he was on his way home from the movie theater with his family when they came across woman on the side of the road. the. >> appeared to be crying hysterically. she was holding her baby kind of against her shoulder. so i stopped the car jumped out of an eye. >> what over to her officer gilbert roach-ah san pablo says the woman handed her baby over to him. he noticed the
9:52 pm
baby's cheeks were getting blue. he did some ross while he instructed them on to do a finger sweet to attempt to clear the airway here. you can see officers approaching instructing his family to call 911. after 2 to 3 minutes. the baby cough to through up and began to cry. and that's when i knew that their way was clear at that point livermore police arrive to take over officer te'o. she now wants to connect with them on and make sure the baby is ok, i definitely don't feel like right thing. >> that anybody in that situation has seen her there distraught as she was would probably tried to do the same thing. michelle kingston, kron 4 news. >> the music world is mourning the loss to one of the road tonight kron 4 news at 9 returns. we take a look at the incredible life of rolling stones drummer charlie watts.
9:53 pm
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>> talk about one of the greatest drummers of his generation. charlie watts the poise understated member of the legendary rolling stones has died. you know, watch was the driver for the stones for more than a half century. his publicist said that he passed away peacefully in a london hospital surrounded by his family was 80 years old. doug kolk has more now on how the music world is remembering this icon.
9:56 pm
>> well, we got word earlier this month that charlie had pulled out of the stones upcoming fall tour at the time the statement said he was recovering from a medical procedure. we now wonder if there was more to that. for every recognizable iq. charlie watts was the man behind the beat. he was the one and only drummer for the undisputed biggest band of all time. the rolling stones. >> charlie joined the group in 1963 only months after the rolling stones at the time. charlie was a jazz drummer in a club frequented by fellow bandmates jagger and keith richards. it was richard to beg watts to join the band. and that he did playing on the
9:57 pm
stone self titled debut album. and subsequently almost all of the albums following. charlie was also renowned graphic designer credited for creating the back cover to the 1967 album between the buttons. he designed the elaborate stage is for many of the stones. massive stadium tours. and was the brains behind the famous 1975 flatbed truck press conference to announce >> she charges on jazz. and you know, tyson home. they used to do promotions for flatbed truck. >> every time we tried to appease the promotion that we was refer back to that as being the best one. >> even though he mostly defied the stigma of a rock star living a quiet life in remaining faithful to his wife throughout his time in the road. charlie battled demons, including alcoholism and a
9:58 pm
heroin addiction in 2005. he was diagnosed with throat cancer. in a statement tuesday. the rolling stones announce the death of charlie watts mentioning he passed away peacefully in a london hospital surrounded by family. charlie watts was 80 years old. doug kolk ktla 5 news. >> well, i mean, we're we're both big stones fans but didn't know some of those the details find new artistic and creative streak. yeah. away from the music a little bottle. my favorite rock stations playing the stones all day long. all day, all night. that wraps up kron 4 news at thank you for being with us this hour. keep it here, though. our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken and catherine are here with kron 4 news at 10. first time i the stones was in 81. it was going to be their last tour. >> in doing it for 40 years. every years or that's true. great. thank you. grant vicki. >> here's what we're working on a 10 o'clock san jose will soon require proof of vaccination for large events at city owned buildings and
9:59 pm
the policy is not being welcomed by everyone. what went down during tonight's city council meeting. >> also vaccine mandates are now on the table for california. the alameda county superintendent explains where those discussions stand tonight. those stories and more on kron 4 news at 10.
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