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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  August 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> hard to deal with. it is what it is. you know, that and see me as thought. i mean, i knew it. i really haven't looked back since. and because i knew everything was gone. but i just haven't seen it. >> the devastation continues as crews work around the clock to contain 9 large wildfires burning right now across california between those 9 nearly 33,000 californians are under evacuation orders. cal fire says right now california is almost 3 times over the number of acres burned for this time of year compared to the 5 year average now major contributors to the acres burned include the dixie fire. the second largest fire in state history. >> ald the counter fire in eldorado county, which is now the nation's top priority for resources as it nears the tahoe basin kron four's. ken
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wayne joins us now with more on efforts to contain those fires. yeah. this has been going on for weeks and weeks and we're still not really quite even into the heart of fire season yet, which is just. >> why this is so distressing. this whole area currently enveloped in flames by the counter or fire. look how big this is range down here all the way to this end up here by highway 50 past khyber sets 24 miles to give you some perspective, lake tahoe itself from south shore to north shore is just short of 22 miles. so that fire is larger. then lake tahoe. that gives you an idea of just how big it is. cal-fire officials say it's burning in what they call a timber basket. some parts of this area been have burned in the last few years. but other spots haven't been touched by flames for decades. cal fire says that added with a lack of moisture in the plants and the soil is allowing the counter fire to burn in ways they've never seen. here are the latest numbers from cal fire's website. more than a 117,000 acres have burned since the
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first fire started 10 days ago, 632 buildings have been destroyed at least 34 others have been damaged. the fire is currently 9% contained which may not sound like much, but that's up from 4% since yesterday. that tuition orders to remain in place for parts of eldorado county and just to the south of the fire. we're talking around down many people living in amador county remain on standby as an evacuation warning there is in effect. as for the tahoe basin itself. cal fire chief thom porter says while the fire is not expected to spread that far. they are not ruling anything out. and so i personally don't believe the fire is going to get into the base and proper. but that could i could be for long by that. >> the weather has has outstripped and mother nature has taken over and taken fires like the dixie to places that i never thought was possible. >> as for the dixie fire, it
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continues to burn across 5 counties in the northern part of the state. cal fire says the perimeter for the fire is currently about 500 miles around it scorched more than 731,000 acres. it remains 40%. contained has destroyed more than 1200 buildings and continues threaten more than 11,000 others evacuation orders remain in effect for parts of plumas lassen and a hammock counties. i want to show you something. this is like allen or which is essentially completely surrounded by the dixie fire. we always talk about lake tahoe is a destination place for people going to the lake. a cow manure is also very, very popular spot. so to find out more about the winds, the conditions out there with the fire and the smoke. here's our chief. meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah. hardly. how enormous these fires are in the potential to grow even larger. now we're talking about. >> places up near tahoe and all that smoke working its way in that direction. look at that in around lake tahoe. you're looking at the worst possible smoke that we could imagine up there. and that's
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kind of sitting around the lake. now unfortunately for we have the winds switch and that blue smoke away from the bay area. but as blowing it toward that whole area. and you can see all that area surrounded in that smoke and they will continue to see more that poor in that direction until the wind pattern begins to change we're going to see all the smoke continue to work its way up to that whole area. now they're seeing the winds up there. right now. they're not huge but they are pretty consistent in bringing the winds around that fire and they'll do that over the next 24 hours here before we start to see a little bit of a change in the wind pattern. those winds will continue to bring some of those embers and all the potential for that fire to grow right up to the taller. and of course, all that smoke is not the continuing to move in another direction. it's headed right that way and that's what they're going to see. so on the low picture, you can see the fires burning across the state. now you see the fog along the coastline. see more of that smoke continued across from some of those fires burning in through northern
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california. the calder fire. you've got the dixie fire and other fires up toward the shaft areas. well, more continue to move in a northeasterly fashion that will do so for tonight and tomorrow, i think as well. and then the wind pattern is going to start to change. i think that wind pattern is going to shift that smoke back toward the bay area as we head in toward thursday. the latest on our smoke forecast model will take you through the next 18 hours here you can see much of the bay area now a very much improved. you can see in blue there. you look up toward the tahoe area. you see the areas in red and purple. those are very poor air quality let's roy through time here as we head through the night tonight. you get that nice fresh ocean air continue to push on shore all the way into the sacramento valley and that will bring us some nice air for tomorrow after that looks like everything begins to shift gears. high pressure starts to build back into the bay area as that ridge builds in. i think we start to see a little bit more of a north northeasterly wind that is going to pump some of that smoke back in the bay area on thursday and probably into friday. 2 guys. back to you.
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>> kron. 4 is your election headquarters and we are less than a month away from the recall election. caitlyn jenner has been touring the state to try to convince voters to pick her to replace governor gavin newsome. and today she spoke with kron four's, ashley zavala about her campaign's latest effort, send her plans for california. >> in this race. caitlyn jenner is no longer only taking aim at governor gavin newsome, but also on the front runner of the replacement candidates. larry elder, she talked about how she would do things differently. compared to elder and newsome. >> we need a pr person that's more inclusive. and that's me with exactly 3 weeks until election day. former olympian and reality tv star caitlyn jenner wants to prove how she could be a champion for california for latest move as a recall replacement candidate. >> calling on conservative radio talk show host larry elder to drop out of the race for his disparaging remarks about women and allegations from his ex fiance that he brandished a gun at her. if that is true is not the type of person that we want as
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governor of this state. what would you do to support and protect women. should you take office. the reason this. >> recall is happening. it's because of the women of california, the mothers. kids have been out of school. for a year. we need to give them the best opportunity to succeed. and right now the tax structures. we are the worst state in the nation. as far as a business friendly environment we need to change those type of things. jenner has declined to debate other republican candidates, all who have signaled they would drop statewide vaccine mandates or covid-related rules jenner would not directly say if she would do the same. so yes, i am for the vaccination. >> i think it's a good thing. but i'm also far. personal freedoms. this is a free country. what's left. but it is a free country. few to make your own decisions and i respect the decisions that you're going to make that
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decision to take the vaccine should between you and your doctor. >> i asked general how she has a republican would work with california's overwhelmingly democratic state legislature. she responded by saying she would push to make the legislature part time as a means of saving taxpayer dollars at state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> now republican recall candidate kevin kiley has received a big endorsement today. former candidate doug oc endorse the sacramento area assemblyman oc tweeted out his endorsement saying he believed kylie has the quote in select a curiosity and temperament to get california back to normal. she dropped out of the recall race earlier this month due to health issues. our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. it will take you straight to our web page where you can read about the candidates running in the recall election will also find important dates and information on how to cast your ballot.
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>> still to come, getting back on track after a tragedy when the vta expects to have that light rail service up and running again. >> plus, an outbreak on the peninsula which school district is dealing with a cluster of cases and stay away from hawaii. that is the message from the state's governor white. >> he wants tourists to pick a different destination.
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>> now is not a good time to travel to hawaii. that's the message from the governor of hawaii who is urging tourists to stay away amid a surge in covid cases. governor eta is urging people to reduce travel to essential business only at least until the end of october. honolulu's mayor rick blanche already says he's willing to restrict indoor gatherings to 10 people and outdoor gatherings to 25 these changes take effect wednesday. >> we do know is not a good time to travel to the restaurant capacity has been restricted. there is limited access to rent a car. it's and we know that the visitors to succumb to the islands will not have the typical kind holiday that they expect to get when they visit hawaii. >> is encouraging people to get vaccinated against the
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virus. the cdc's several places to its list of high-risk travel destinations. they are the bahamas haiti kosovo, lebanon morocco and city mart at the health agency says these are now considered level 4 covid very high locations. people are advised to avoid traveling. there. but anyone who must go should be fully vaccinated before hand dozens of other nations are also on the list. you can check out all the locations by going to the cdc's website and looking under travel notices or it's also posted that on kron 4 dot com. remembering his co-workers 20 years later. how one flight attendant is honoring the lives lost on september 11.
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> this week marks 3 months since the deadly mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose in today, officials gave an update on when trains could be up and running again. workers were killed on may 26th by their co-workers. samuel cassidy. since then trains have been out of service as employees grieve and recover from that tragedy as of today, all 42 miles of the light rail tracks have been inspected in more than 300 employees were retrained and recertified trains will begin running a test routes this week. and if all goes well service could be restored within one to 2 days. bt officials say they're aiming for a limited service by sunday for the forty-niners
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versus raiders pre season game at levi's stadium. in the north bay. sonoma county is moving up its deadline for teachers and staff to prove they've been vaccinated by 3 weeks. sonoma county, teachers and administrators. well, now need to show their proof of vaccination by september 24th. that's 3 weeks earlier than the state deadline, which is october 15th now someone does not get the vaccine, then they will need to be tested once a week for the virus, the county health officer said it was important to move up the deadline because of the rising covid cases in sonoma county. county officials say that since schools opened earlier this month. there have been 38 cases of covid-19 that have been identified among 32 students and 6 staff members meanwhile on the peninsula, the san mateo foster city school district is dealing with a cluster of covid cases between august 16th in august 22nd. >> there were 14 students who tested positive. there was also one teacher who is positive. you can see how many cases popped up in each school
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there on your screen. most having just one or 2 cases. however, there were some schools that had clusters. one 8th grader at bowditch. middle school says this makes him want to switch back to online. learning. >> my school had like 2 to 3 cases already. >> i mean, i know. i don't like personally like to go to back in-person school. i want to stand in line, >> that's what district gave us a. >> the dozens of students. exposed can not come back to school until they have a negative test. we've reached out to the school district and are waiting to hear back. >> taking a live look outside from our mount tam camera. you could see a thick thick layer of fog and that fog is also near the golden gate bridge that you can actually see the bridge. >> which is sometimes not the case. but yeah, it is kind of dreary over there. but we'll take that. >> absolutely. i mean, the fog is really helped out the bay area, especially in this kind of situation. helping clean
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out the atmosphere somewhat. we've got warm days ahead, though. high pressure really going to be taking over at the reagan near triple digits as we head toward the weekend. air quality, of course, has been the big issue as of late looking good into san francisco. all the way to half moon santa rosa napa valley. they start to get a little if he's oakland and further inland in the dublin and livermore and of course in the san jose. you've got some yellow there that some moderate amounts of pollutants. we're still tracking the smoke from the fires were getting a southeasterly wind. the that is blowing that smoke well away from the bay area and that will continue to be the case is that smoke is going to track in that direction and that will be taken away for the bay area, at least for a day. and then i think that changes as we get into thursday, more of an offshore flow right now. you can see these winds coming up, the southwest right now across the bay area. that is that nice air coming off the ocean waters. that will be the case over the next 24 hours. you can see more of subside overnight tonight. that's when that smoke kind of settles in and around the fires that you have any smoke locally a kind
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of settles in overnight. the by the afternoon, the winds start to pick up again to move it along and we'll see that play out again for tomorrow. temperatures for today. 65 degrees a little bit below the average in san francisco 71 in oakland 79 degrees in san jose 85 in lemore 82 and warm and conquered and 76 degrees in santa rosa numbers around the bay area. looking nice this evening. if you're stepping outside beautiful, 74 in san jose 68 in hayward, 63 in alameda. the 67 degrees and low 70 in petaluma and 73 degrees in santa rosa changes are coming our way. high pressure start to nudge its way in here. i think as we get the weekend, that's going to take over. that means temperatures are going to start to warm up outside tomorrow. probably in the 80's inland. so not too warm just yet. you see a lot of 70's around the bay in the 60's along the coastline this weekend. yeah, we're pushing up near 100 degrees as we get to friday and saturday hot hazy and more smoke in our skies. the lawrence. >> it's a sad day in the world of music. rolling stones,
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drummer charlie want has died at the age of 80 watts. publicist says that he passed away peacefully in a london hospital earlier today surrounded by his family. watts was the only driver to sit behind the kit for the rolling stones for more than a half a century. he held down the beach for songs like satisfaction start me up and painted black amongst hundreds of others for more than 50 years. >> a former flight attendant is paying special tribut to friends. he lost on 9.11 to mark the 20th anniversary of the deadly terror attacks. paul, the is pushing an airline beverage cart from boston to ground 0 in new york the day of the attacks happened to be a vacation day for him. he was off. but his noymal schedule would have put them on flight one. 75, the first plane to be flown into the world trade center. finito says his campaign called polly's push honors the crews of all 4 flights. he's raising money to help support their families.
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>> first it was his homecoming. then he was far from home. now spiderman has no way home. we're taking a look at the latest marvel trailer after the break.
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make this the summer you taught them what it means to serve. the summer of hauling happiness by the ton. and bringing home hardware by the handful. where traditions were passed down on the tailgate. and the only thing more powerful than the feeling
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was the truck that took you to it. make this the summer of ram. right now, get 0% apr financing, or well-qualified returning lessees can lease the 2021 ram 1500 for $309 a month. ♪ ♪ >> there you go. it's gone. >> the new spiderman trailer dropped and social media at least in some others where surprise, some confused with the return of some familiar villains here to explain it all is entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier.
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>> so as grant, tom holland is put on a spiderman suit for no way home in theaters. december 17. but it's the blast from some old spider-man's past that has everybody talking. >> alfred molina is doctor octopus is back. prize in his role from 2000, 4 spiderman 2, but that's not all. that little green ball is a pumpkin bomb hit that defoe's green goblin from 2000 to spiderman is also make an appearance at i want you look closely at that likely fall. that's a tease that we could see. jamie foxx as electro from 24 teams. the amazing spiderman 2. so why is this happening the entire world is about to get that. peter parker spider-man benedict cumberbatch's doctor strange is joining the spy team casting a spell. the seemingly create a multiverse where all the spider-man co exist. so the rumors of tobey maguire and andrew garfield return could be true. but
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marvelous thing tightly. i think that that was going to be in new york. the first one was yet you washington we're in long island in europe i think that that will warrant a very. >> new york manhattan adventures. tom got his wish. and he also gets the spent plenty of time with costar turned rumored girlfriends. well. i'm i'm excited for the film to come out. i can't wait for everybody to see. >> and you know, we we all work so armor. also, you know, we're all so close from that. >> and you want to tune in to e t tonight to find out why tom cruise landed a helicopter. a helicopter in somebody's backyard. plus a look behind the scenes, brad pitt margot robbie's new movie for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. why. >> the head is exciting. >> they can get entertainment tonight right here on kron 4, 7, 30 and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. appreciate you being with us this hour. stick around. a lot more news ahead coming up on kron 4 news at 6. catherine heenan and ken later here with that. >> thank thank you. grant a
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part of what we're working on tonight at 6. we're tracking the fires, of course, in northern california. the caldor fire now burning dangerously close to tahoe. there's a lot of concern. it could reach the tahoe basin will have a live update from cal fire on the latest efforts and some good news for the bay area. the covid-19 summer surge could be over soon. health officials say cases have risen in the past couple of weeks. >> this is the nation's top doctor now has a timeline on when the u.s. could beat this virus. but of course there's a catch. i'm ken wayne
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sign up today. >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> it's wild fire. watch tonight as the caldor fire continues to race through eldorado county. this wildfire is now the number one firefighting priority in the country. that's according to cal fire. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. pam moore has the night off. >> the caldor fires causing a very poor air quality in the lake tahoe area. we have a time lapse video from the south shore. the day beginning with moderately blue skies and then turning orange. you can see it happen. the air quality index ranks unhealthy iran or healthy or unhealthy air to a score of 500 based on the amount of particulate matter in the air and


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