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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3 light is at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic when the nation's top doctor says the u.s. could defeat covid-19 if people get vaccinated. and is ation efforts pickup in afghanistan. president biden is vowing to stick to the august 31st. a troop withdrawal deadline. if the taliban continues to cooperate. you might want to rethink your hawaii travel plans. why the governor is warning tourists not to come to the islands. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia an optimistic outlook at this tuesday. the nation's top doctor has a new timeline on when he believes we could beat the pandemic if more shots go into arms, doctor anthony fauci said this week he believes the u.s. could quote, some return to normalcy from the pandemic by the spring of 2022 and is urging everyone who can to get vaccinated. we can get through this winter. >> and get really the majority overwhelming majority of the 90 million people who have not been vaccinated vaccinated. i hope we could start to get some good control in the spring of 2022. >> now, according to data from the cdc about 51.5% of the u.s. population is fully vaccinated it isn't yet clear to health experts. what proportion of the population needs to be vaccinated to reach a level of protection that could sustain a return to normalcy. meanwhile, us
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surgeon general doctor vivek murthy says it is possible the vaccine authorization process for younger children could be pushed through before christmas. but he adds that the trials are entirely different for younger kids and should not be rushed. the pfizer vaccine is now fully approved for children. 16 and older and for emergency use in kids as young as 12. pfizer is expected to submit vaccine trial data for 5 to 11 year-old by late september for fda approval. in the north. a solano county is the only bay area county without a mask mandate. but now one city in the county is considering implementing its own indoor mask mandate. now the city of benicia will hold a vote on the matter tonight. their proposed mandate would be for all indoor spaces in the city, including commercial buildings. seminole county health department says it doesn't think making people wear masks inside is necessary. but the nation's
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mayor says covid cases are rising and implementing a mandate may be their best chance at slowing cases down. >> and now is not a good time to travel to hawaii. that's the message from the governor of hawaii who is urging tourists to stay away amid a surge in covid cases. >> governor eta is urging people to reduce travel to central business. only at least until the end of october. honolulu's a mayor rick blaine hardy says he will restrict indoor gatherings to 10 people and outdoor gatherings to 25 these changes take effect wednesday. >> we do know is not a good time to travel to the restaurant capacity has been restricted. there is limited access to rental cars and we know that the visitors to succumb to the islands will not have the typical kind holiday that they expect to get when they visit hawaii.
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>> is encouraging people to get vaccinated against the virus. the cdc has added several places to its list of high-risk a travel destinations. they are the bahamas haiti kosovo, lebanon morocco in saint martin. the health agency says that these are now considered level for covid very high locations. people are advised to avoid traveling there. but anyone who must go should be fully vaccinated before hand dozens of other nations are also on the list and you can check all of those locations by going to the cdc's web sites and looking under travel notices. we're just visit our website kron 4 dot com. we go now to the situation in the middle east. president joe biden is not backing off from his initial deadline it to get americans out. he held a briefing just about an hour ago. i washington correspondent basil john reports on the federal government's plan to reach this goal. >> sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations
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brings added risk to our troops. >> the biden administration is sticking to the august 31st deadline to get americans and afghan refugees out of afghanistan. the mission has been to end on the 31st. that is the assumption that we are working towards pentagon spokesperson john kirby says the state department is reaching out to americans who are still in afghanistan to communicate to them, let them know what. evacuation plans are possible. we're seeing increased pace and increased pace in the flight schedule. a couple and with the help of a global coalition army major general hank taylor says more than 21,000 people were evacuated from kabul in 24 hours. one aircraft left on or about every 45 minutes. the taliban opposes any extension and says foreign nationals must leave by the deadline. lawmakers are worried there's no possible way that we can get. >> every american still in
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afghanistan out in the next 7 days. house republican leader kevin mccarthy says there should never be a time where the taliban and directs us actions. we should stay until every single american. >> is able to get out of afghanistan. the pennsylvania democratic congressman matt cartwright has concerns, but it's still hopeful about how things will look on september. first these people are on top of their game and they're taking this enormously seriously. >> so i have a lot of faith that they're going to get this right reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> now the bay area is becoming a place of refuge of 4 americans green card holders. an afghan refugees fleeing afghanistan bay area. congressman ro khanna says his office receives 10 to 15 requests a day from afghan families looking for help to get their loved ones out of the country just yesterday. the soltani family arrived safely in milpitas. they say they were beaten by the taliban while trying to head to the couple airports
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representative kiahnna says there will be time later to ask questions about how this process has unfolded. right now. the focus needs to be on helping those who need it. >> right now as americans. is it the bay area. let's focus saving as many lives as possible. please contact our office. if you know anyone in afghanistan was trying to leave in needs to be on the state department i've really been touched by how much support we've received from the bay area for these families. and i think right now our country should just be united. getting americans out getting a green card holders out, getting our allies out invulnerable, afghan women and children. now. >> representative khan a says if you want to help transport families once they arrive or help in other ways. you can also reach out to his office. meanwhile, air bnb is doing its part to help evacuees with the need for temporary housing today. the company's founder and ceo announced it's pledging to house 20,000
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afghan refugees for free. just over the weekend, about 200 families were able to be placed in air bnbs in san francisco. seattle, chicago, atlanta and washington, dc and there are air bnb locations in other countries opening up for temporary housing as well. >> you know, right now we're we're looking at this sort of in a week's time frame. but again, really deferring to our our partners in, you know, various ngo's, resettlement agencies to do this for all the time. and you know, we're going to evolve our support as the needs on the ground of all this. well, right now our biggest focus is just making sure that has people are getting off planes in the united states and they're identified as having a need for housing that, you know, we're able to support that need. but, you know, as i think the last 7 days we should all of us. this situation has continued to evolve and you know, we're going to do what we can to evolve with it. >> now, if you have space, you want to share head to the air bnb, dot org website. there's a page for you to add yourself to the list. now to our
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wildfire coverage caltrans released this video today showing the situation along highway 50 due to the counter fire highway remains closed between sly park road and myers. the fire scorched more than a 114,000 acres in eldorado county. it is creating very hazardous air quality in lake tahoe where thick orange tinted smoke has filled the air residents. there are being asked to stay indoors. avoid outdoor exercise and wear a mask if they have to be outside. the dixie fire continues its path of destruction having destroyed more than 1200 buildings. the dixie fire is currently 41% contained. and today it's burned more than 730,000 acres. fire officials say the eastern border of the fire near janesville is secure while the western edge of the fire was active for most of the night due to low humidity and heavy fuels. and back here
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in the bay area. this is a live look outside along the embarcadero. it's sunny out there, but our air it looking much better than prior days. tahoe we know is really suffering. let's get a closer look at current conditions here in the bay area with meteorologist dave spahr sanaa's. we have a lot of green. it's on the board here for a good chunk of the bay. but down here in the southeast see some yellow approaching this is no. this wasn't here. just about an hour or so ago. this is real time information so you can see some moderate air quality start to nudge in here a little bit. >> let's send you off towards the east. just to see what we're talking about it like being surprised even hearing goes downhill up in the sierra look at this. awful. we're still very poor over good piece of geography while this continues and we get into next or latter this week member that high pressure is going to built. we're not going to have a lot of winds working in our favor that means this stuff can start encroaching out towards the bay area as we start to get into the weekend live look at the east bay shoreline. little bit of haze. we have blue skies off to the background that fog coming
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back again for tonight. greeting us tomorrow morning. that program continues tomorrow. maybe a little bit into thursday morning. but that's actually going to be flat. and with the high that builds as we approach the weekend. that means some of the higher elevations won't get the benefit that typically get some of this marine layer. the not going to get overnight. so therefore they'll be drying out even overnight 80's to the far east bay right now. we've got 70's north bay. nevada already at 81 77 coming in for san jose in just a check in the current winds. we have them as we expect on shore, but they are going to weekend and the afternoon evening hours. we typically get this within la heating. but we're going to start to see that change with the high kind of controlling things that shuts down the winds, which is one of the reasons why the temperatures 10 to race ahead. we'll take a look at your forecast for tonight and what you'd expect for tomorrow. so thank you, dave. >> coming up today here on kron, 4 news at 3. the tail light rail service could resume soon for the first time since the deadly mass shooting in may. we'll have an update.
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and more questions than answers remain today after a california family was found dead on a hike. new series. authorities are looking into. and right after the break. we are 3 weeks away from the recall election against governor newsom will hear from the defendant oriole candidate caitlyn jenner today in a
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>> welcome back. time now to
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talk california politics. caitlin jenner has been touring the states to try to convince voters to pick her to replace governor gavin newsome. she spoke with our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala today on her campaign's latest efforts and her plans for the states. you need a pr person that's more inclusive and that's me with exactly 3 weeks until election day. former olympian and reality tv star caitlyn jenner wants to prove how she could be a champion for california. her latest move as a recall replacement candidate. >> calling on conservative radio talk show host larry elder to drop out of the race for his disparaging remarks about women and allegations from his ex fiance that he brandished a gun at her. if that is true is not the type of person that we want as governor of this state. what would you do to support and protect women. should you take office. the reason this. >> recall is happening. it's because of the women of california, the mothers. kids have been out of school. for a year. we need to give them the
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best opportunity to succeed. and right now the tax structures. we are the worst state in the nation. as far as a business friendly environment we need to change those type of things. jenner has declined to debate other republican candidates, all who have signaled they would drop statewide vaccine mandates or covid-related rules jenner would not directly say if she would do the same so yes, i am for the vaccination. >> i think it's a good thing. but i'm also far. personal freedoms. this is a free country. what's left. but it is a free country. few to make your own decisions and i respect the decisions that you're going to make that decision to take the vaccine should between you and your doctor in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. now republican recall candidate kevin kiley has received a big endorsement today. >> former candidate doug oc endorse the sacramento area assemblyman oc tweeted out his endorsement saying he believed
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kiley has, quote, the intellect curiosity and temperaments to get california back to normal. she dropped out of the recall race earlier this month due to health issues and our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. we'll take you straight to our web page where you can read about the candidates running in the recall election. you'll also find important dates and information on how to cast your ballot. this week. marks 3 months since the deadly mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose. and today officials gave an update on when trains could be up and running again. 92 workers were killed on may 26th by their co-workers. samuel cassidy. since then trains have been out of service as employees grieve and recover from that tragedy as of today, all 42 miles of the light rail tracks had been inspected and more than 300 employees were
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retrained and recertified trains will running tests routes this week. and if all goes well service could be restored within one to 2 days. officials say they're aiming for a limited service by sunday for the forty-niners versus raiders pre season game at levi stadium. time now to talk about our weather. this is a live look at the fog rolling in it as a rolling in sofo this afternoon. we are expecting a warm up for the 2nd half of this week on from meteorologist dave spahr has all of our details abc that bird just kind of that's all that go by. is that that's a bird. yes. okay. so, yes, it looks like that things are going on there. that's the phone with the fog. you really never cleared up the coast, though, and this is kind of a good thing because we like this moisture doing its thing around the. >> the bay base and a little bit here. we're not going to have this luxury coming up towards the end of the as this high builds that marine layer is really the flat like a pancake. so it's going to
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allow some drying of a lot of the vegetation going on this again is half moon bay that we have going on there 81 antioch unconquered 84 for livermore still holding on to those 70's along the east bay shoreline. 74 santa rosa. but a warm 81 coming in for nevado. breaking it down for you. go in the evening hours about 72 at 7 o'clock inland now 61 in about 10. but of course, fog around the bay. big picture here. by the way, these excessive heat warnings down in southern california's they'll be baking red flag warnings off the salt lake city. and what we see here is the secondary front. that pretty much is going to throw some scattered clouds tomorrow. that's really about it. we're not going cool off is just going to kind of delay our warming trend. we're expecting towards the latter portion of the week. tonight, 53 with that fog rolling on in some coastal drizzle return. 55 oakland. 56 coming in for san jose. meanwhile, the lows tonight across most of the bay pretty much selling in the middle 50's. again, even inland with 47 santa rosa. so let's just walk through the futurecast for not much to see. but here's the drizzle
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overnight wednesday here comes this little front up towards our north scattered clouds with it. that after that thursday and into friday, temperatures start to climb. here's just a sample tomorrow's before anything happens, though 80's the far east bay 70's. meanwhile, up in the north bay we're about 8075 san jose. so coming up in a bit. we'll have a cascade of candor to check out some speculation about what may be in store for us next week. >> say that being in on around salt water actually a positive impact on the brain even dislike looking at water can be healing. >> and it's a relatively new approach to healing from trauma pain and loss will take a closer look at surf or ocean therapy. and more questions than answers remain today in the death of a california family on a hiking trail. what police believe caused their deaths will be
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look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> we turn now to several bizarre deaths that has investigators stopped the california family, including their dog were found dead on a hiking trail in a remote area of the sierra national forest. no signs of damage to their bodies and no obvious revelations from the autopsies. the question now is what caused their deaths and should others be concerned about hiking in that area. nancy loo reports on new theories that authorities are looking into.
3:24 pm
>> exactly a week later, the mystery deaths of john gerrish, ellen chung. their one year-old daughter me do and the family dog oskie remain a mystery. their bodies were discovered on a hiking trail in the sierra national forest south of yosemite. the family enjoyed hiking and had recently moved to marry posts up from the bay area. think a great way to describe that would just be like universal friends because they just made. >> everybody feel comfortable around them. they're just genuine people. the autopsies confirm no signs of trauma. and initial suspicion about toxic gases from old mining shops has shifted to toxic algae blooms in them or said river. the u.s. forest service issued an alert just last month and there was said to be signage on the trail warning hikers not to swim wade or allow pets to enjoy the water. lg is not uncommon during the summer months all over the country. so warnings about the health threat are posted in many areas. but in many instances such as at saylorville lake in iowa, the
3:25 pm
warnings are ignored with covid and everything from that right about now, it's pretty rare for these algae taxes to actually kill people. but it can happen. >> people can be exposed to the saxons even if they're recreating in the water but actually the saxons can travel miles in the air. so even if you're not right next to a toxic algae where you can be exposed potentially to these actions. >> that was nancy loo reporting on the toxicology results will likely be key in learning the cause of deaths of the family. officials expect those results back in the next few weeks. up next here on kron. 4 news at 3 a phone scam to tell you about here in san francisco. police want you to look out for. >> and we'll hear from the family of a san quentin guards who died of covid now filing a lawsuit against the prison. and a chaotic. a store robbery will go to the north bay where
3:26 pm
suspect tried but failed to get away with $10,000 worth of
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5 people in the north bay have been arrested after police say they stole $10,000 worth of beauty products. >> from ulta store in petaluma, kron, four's charles clifford reports. >> well here in sonoma county, 5 suspects are in custody for allegedly robbing an ulta
3:29 pm
beauty store on monday evening and they are each facing multiple charges. the petaluma police department responded to the store around 06:37pm on monday. reports of grand theft in progress when they arrived on the scene, they found a group of suspects fleeing the area in an acura sedan. the suspect apparently stolen over $10,000 worth of merchandise an officer attempted to pull over the vehicle and then fled. there was a brief chase and a short time later that vehicle with those suspects was found crashed near lake highway and south mcdowell at least 2 of the suspects attempted to flee the area on foot. but all 5 were eventually taken in to custody. they're facing charges of commercial burglary conspiracy and obstruction of an officer. now the suspects were taken into custody were 23 year-old. linda ford 27 year-old kenneth temple. 22 year-old anthony sterling. 22 year-old, mariah senegal and 28 year-old. richard branson. now the petaluma police department says they're aware that the ulta store here has been robbed before and they're
3:30 pm
also aware of all to beauty store robberies around the bay area and they say they're working with other. >> agencies in our region to see if these suspects may have been involved in some of those robberies as well. but for now in the north bay. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> the san francisco police department is warning residents of a phone scam where the caller poses as a police officer. they will cite office tweeted out the warning today saying that the color will tell the victim that their identity may have been stolen. the scans involve a request for personal information such as name date of birth or information from your bank account. police say to not give out personal information over the phone to these collars they suggest making a proper police reports for anyone who gets a call like this and on the peninsula, the san mateo foster city school district is dealing with a cluster of covid cases between august 16th and august 22nd. there were 14 students that tested positive for coronavirus. it
3:31 pm
was also one teacher that tested positive. you can see how how many cases rather popped up at each school on your screen. most only having one to 2 cases foster city elementary reported the most one 8th grader at. bowditch middle school says this makes him want to switch back to online. learning. >> my school had like 2 to 3 cases. are any i mean, i know i don't like personally like to go to that and in person school. i want to stay online. that's what conditions gave us. >> the dozens of students exposed cannot come back to school until they have a negative test. we have reached out to the school district and are waiting to hear back. in the north bay. sonoma county is moving up its deadline for teachers and staff to prove they've been vaccinated by 3 weeks. sonoma county, teachers and administrators will now need to show their proof of vaccination by september 24th. that's 3 weeks earlier than the state deadline, which is october 15th now someone does not get the vaccine, then they will need to be tested once a
3:32 pm
week. the county health officer said it was important to move up the deadline because of the rising covid cases in sonoma county. county officials say that since schools opened earlier this month. there have been 38 cases of covid-19 that have been identified among 32 students and 6, 6 staff members. announce a more news this afternoon today. a civil lawsuit was filed against officials at san quentin prison and the california department of corrections and rehabilitation for the death of a prison guard who died after getting covid-19 while he was on duty kron four's haaziq madyun reports. >> basically the cdcr officials created a covid cesspool and require their inmates and employees to marinate in that. >> that accusation sums up the bases for this civil lawsuit filed against the california department of corrections and rehabilitation on behalf of the family of sergeant gilbert polanco. he died last august following an outbreak of
3:33 pm
covid-19 where he worked at san quentin prison co-counsel for the political family. julia. sure. when describes the circumstances leading to cited plot goes death from covid-19 matter may 30th of 2020 that california department of corrections and rehabilitation. >> transfer to a 122 inmates from the california institute for men and she now standpoint state prison where in town. >> and that kicked off a wildfire of covid prison. >> which was catastrophic. there's many things the government can do. but they can't make decisions that create an obvious are known risk of of death or serious injury to many people. and that's exactly what they did here sadly locko gives life 55 year-old gilbert polanco was a u.s. army veteran who started working at san quentin prison when he was 21 years old. >> he is remembered as a
3:34 pm
loving father devoted husband and a dutiful cdcr employee, then want him to go like that. and then i asked not to, you know, that. let someone else take that of the ship. and he would tell me there's nobody. they have no one. regarding the lawsuit ac dc i representative sent kron 4, a statement that reads in part, quote, on the polacco matter. cdcr has not been served with the lawsuit but we will evaluate the details and determine next steps. >> we extend our deepest condolences to sergeant political family, friends and colleagues unquote. has it made you kron. 4 news. i a. >> it's an extremely sad day in the world of music. rolling stones, drummer charlie watts has died at the age of 80 watts. publicist said that wants passed away peacefully in a london hospital earlier today surrounded by his family. watts was the only drummer to sit behind the kit for the rolling stones for more than a half-century. he
3:35 pm
held down the beat for songs like satisfaction start me up and painted black amongst hundreds of others for over 50 years. time now to take a look at our forecast is a live look outside from our mount tam camera in mill valley is a definitely a cool shot. lots of fog out there. not so much in terms of a haze that we were seeing with that air quality in the wildfire. smoke. prof are meteorologist dave spahr has more details day. we're seeing a lot of that haze kind of flow out for now. but it's likely to come back again as this high starts to build later in the week. >> we have a little intrusion of a weak front towards our north. but that's going to throw some scattered clouds tomorrow delay the inevitable, which is a warm-up phase friday into saturday. so the game plan is this early in the week. we've got the patchy bay fog still mostly sunny into the afternoon. temps 60's to 80's. but late in the week friday, particularly temperatures pop well inland. we might see 100 and then next weekend will gradually pull
3:36 pm
back. we get into sunday so the way down to mexico, this collection of yhunder showers. kind of interesting. isn't it, folks at the hurricane center say this may develop into something. this is not marty. this is something after it. and i forget that. i think it's going to be an end is going to be its name. coming up now let's go through the long range forecast models with all of us. we have the high that builds for us. we've been talking a lot about that warm spells hot spells heat spike. we've got going on. we're in the next week now and look at this. something here off the coast of la. that may be something they're watching. if it stays tropical at that point. and if it were to strike la be the first time that's happened since 1939, but just even as tropical juice left over and so forth. still going to watch that because that's really like the monsoon on steroids to see what the impact would be for us again, they'll be late next week to thank you, dave. >> 5 million dollars of the state budget is headed to san francisco's japan town. some one member. phil ting announced today the money will
3:37 pm
go toward the buchanan mall project. officials say the area has not seen a significant upgrade for nearly 50 years and the pedestrian walkway on buchanan street that stretches into the fillmore district is in need of renovation and repair the revitalization looks to help japan town businesses recover from the pandemic. but supporters say it's much more than that. >> this is in a sense, one big project, which is to in the be can a mall in japan town in the film or bringing these communities together and making right. some of the historic wrongs that have been done to the japanese american community and the african american community. >> now some of the money will also go toward restarting fountains in the area as well. business owners and community members are being asked to give their input on how to proceed with those upgrades. coming up. are you going to outside land. this october need to bring one very
3:38 pm
important thing with you. aside from your wrist band. and san francisco has been knocked off the list for the most expen
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against covid-19 or showing no negative covid-19 test. within 72 hours of attending the festival. the announcement comes as other music festivals like coachella also announced proof of vaccination and the policy is subject to change following city and county regulations outside lands will be taking place halloween weekend in golden gate park. for your money. now san francisco has been knocked off is on wbur's list for the most expensive rent. and now new york has topped the charts some for his august. 2021 report shows the median rents for a one-bedroom in new york goes for 28 100, 2000, 800, $10. san francisco is at 2800. so just about $10 less. then comes boston at 2300 san jose's, 2200 in washington, dc 2000, 162 round out the top 5 most expensive cities to rent summer says san francisco in new york city were initially hit hardest by the pandemic as
3:42 pm
people moved out during the lockdown nationwide. the median rents for a one-bedroom is up about 9% and overall number says rent is accelerating at an alarming rate. still ahead, a relatively new approach to healing from trauma pain and loss that's needed now more than ever because of covid. coming up, how a bay area woman is teaching others how
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the death and sickness caused by covid has increased the need for ways to handle grief. one bay area woman is practicing a new therapy that takes people out to our local beaches. kron four's, pam moore explains. and in hill. this is not a yoga class, not a surfing lesson. it is a gathering of women supporting one another as they move through their grief led by someone who knows the subject to well after the pandemic and the loss of my sister. i came to the realization that. >> grief is so universal and it's so hard to talk about kelsey ellis is a certified grief counselor in twenty-twenty. her twin sister. audrey was one of the first people in the u.s. known to die from covid before much of the world really even knew what it was. now kelsey uses her passion for the ocean and surfing for classes and she
3:46 pm
calls ways of green recently as the love from our hearts to the speaker. >> you never really know. you're going to >> waves of grief is a free program over the months since it started. the women have come with all kinds of pain and loss for some relationship hasn't or a loved one has passed by have lost home for the wildfire or dealing with abuse trafficking loneliness. the key. here is the community of others to listen and understand that we find some sense of at least in the ocean. >> kelsey's parents instilled a love of the ocean in both of their daughters. and now that same love is helping all of them deal with their grief. >> that's right down the beach. it wasn't just surfing. it was love at the it gave us power. and also helped us heal in many ways.
3:47 pm
>> we can be more proud. it's a perfect backdrop to help people. because it's sanctuary and she's sharing that in creating a sanctuary place for these other people. i feel that. >> they see kelsey being healed and being so touched by it. they're not afraid. >> in a corner of the beach. the women share their feelings and their thoughts and then head into the sea to face their waves of green. >> i feel supported it when i come here and i feel love and. it's beautiful to be by the ocean doing this. so i i always come back stronger and giving me an opportunity in a place to open up about my grief and be vulnerable. i'm an immigrant here and i haven't seen my pants for a while and then i go out to the mother ocean. >> it's a leap. however, i feel pollard often mother nature and my mom, i feel like she's hugging me and she's there with me. we talk a lot about like waves of
3:48 pm
>> if you are. grieving someone you can have like strong waves of anger, sadness it's so easy to want to like push those slaves away just to like leave all of your stress on land sort who beats, you know what you're going through. emotion. whenever kelsey is here. she says sister audrey is never far from her thoughts. i feel her with me so strongly and i know that she would so be here, too. she loved the water i know that it i was the one that had passed like she would be doing something very similar to. >> now if you'd like additional information about waves of grief. we are putting a link to the foundation web sites on our website. kron 4 dot com. some exciting news coming out of u c berkeley today. nasa gave the schools space sciences lab the green light to put 2 satellites into orbit around mars by 2026, the mission dubbed escapade is an
3:49 pm
effort by scientists to show relatively inexpensive spacecraft can be assembled in a short period of time to explore other planets. the cost of this mission is around 80 million dollars far less than the typical nasa mission that rick often requires more than a decade of preparation and can exceed 1 billion dollars in costs. the mission's goal is to collect data that could help reconstruct the climate history of mars and determine how and when it lost its atmosphere, which once was dense enough to allow for running water rivers and lakes and possibly even oceans. let's turn things now to our weather kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr standing by as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, blue skies along the east bay shoreline. we are gearing up for a very warm 2nd half of the week. dave, i know that story space. got you excited because i know you love
3:50 pm
everything i can to get, you know, as saying it's not something our grand kids to say. >> when they have self-replicating the norman probes later to say i remember the day we had eo build them. what i were younger. >> here's what's going on with the air quality this actually decreased a little bit down to the south bay a bit. but we're pretty much green for now and where the problem spots are no surprise in all of this. all this mess up here to the sierra now later on with this high building. this is going to start drifting back west. so our air quality is likely to fall as the week progresses. 72 we expect inland by 7 by 10. we're at 61. of course, the fog in around the bay and that marine layer is going to be really much flattened again by the end of the week. mid-fifties furloughs around the bay that's called scattered clouds for oakland. san jose is looking at hazy and calm now on futurecast for over the next 48 hours or so. we have a little weak front tomorrow for some scattered clouds. our way. it's just delaying the inevitable which is the warm spell temperatures plowing up to around 100 or so we're expecting on friday. it's
3:51 pm
quick because it will break down again by the end of the weekend and next week tomorrow's highs. mid 80's off to the east bay. we've got 70's and 84 nevado and 75 for san jose. but it's up up up after that. here's a sample. you can say wednesday tomorrow 8393 thursday, bump 98 were it near 100 into about sunday before it starts backtracking getting into monday. meanwhile, on the east bay shoreline will be treated with lower 80's. keep it here. california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages
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>> listen up oaklanders are you looking to declutter your home. well, if you are, you're in luck happening. the saturday that bulky a block party is back to help you dispose of your large unwanted items. it goes from 09:00am to one pm at 7, 1, 0, 1, edge, water drive the city asks you to bring proof of residency and the event is free. and a team from osaka university in japan has created the world's first realistic or out wide. you beef on a 3 d printer the scientists say it's has marveling just like the real thing. the new technology takes a stem cells from cows and weaves them together to build muscle fat and blood vessels in what's being called a near perfect re creation. no animals were harmed in making this state. time now to check in with newsnation to see what
3:55 pm
the team over in chicago is working on for us tonight. tonight on the dollar report. time is ticking in afghanistan. a lot of developments. the taliban now saying it will stick to that august 31st deadline. >> we look at who the u.s. government is meeting in secret and the new pressure from other world leaders. now here's leland vittert with a preview of on thanks, joe. the race to evacuate afghanistan. what a gop congressman plans to do. >> to hold the president to his word of getting americans out. plus misleading media. some called it a walkout. but we're gonna reveal what these florida doctors actually did on the job. that's coming up on balance night followed by news nation. prime. >> now you can find newsnation on the channels listed here. we also have details available on our website kron 4 dot com. and before we go, let's get one final check of our weather with dave. they were talking about near triple digit heat once again here in the bay area. you know, it's still, you know, and of august september this is the zone we get this heat spikes. and before we get there will still
3:56 pm
be treated to the fog overnight greeting us tomorrow morning. >> this is the usual for fred. performance. but don't expect that to hold as the week starts to wane for us late in the week. friday. temperatures pop well inland. yes, near 100 by the weekend. it will start to break down. this is what it looks like our 7 day forecast here. we'll be all the way up in the 90's by thursday, 98 friday. 100 possible into sunday. that will start to break a little bit cooling off into next week. and the next week may have some treats of its own supposedly. we'll see what happens. upstream with some tropical moisture may be sneaking in here as a possibility way late next week. so does they thank you for that. >> well, the news doesn't end here. our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app. and here's a look at what's coming up. we'll have a live interview with u c berkeley after nasa has given them the green light to launch 2 satellites to orbit mars by 2026 so grab your phone scan, the qr code you see on your
3:57 pm
screen right now. it will take you directly to your app store where you can download the kron on app for free and watch the continued coverage and that's it for kron. 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia. thanks watching.
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