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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 23, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and it is official. the fda formally approves pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. but will it change minds and what will that mean for vaccine mandates. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, an important milestone in the fight against coronavirus in a summer surge fueled by the dangerous delta variant the fda today formally approving pfizer's covid vaccine our grant lotus standing by here in the studio tonight with the latest details grant pam ken, the 2 dose pfizer shot was of course, first authorized for emergency use. that was back in december for people 16 in up now. 12 and up can get it. and since then, it has been administered and. >> something of an experimental phase, but that all changed today, full fda
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approval carries the agency, strongest endorsement of a product that we have that now. and this comes after more than 188 million doses of the vaccine have been administered. so far in the u.s. in the fda had a lot of data to work with when determining just how safe the vaccine is the agency inspected. the company's manufacturing plant as part of this approval process and health experts say this has 3 major benefits. first only a fully approved vaccine can be advertised publicly. so you can expect a bigger marketing. push it get people the shot. secondly, people who maybe didn't want to get the shot because it hadn't been fully approved. well, it might be more likely now to roll up their sleeves and thirdly, it makes it much easier for employers and the military universities to mandate vaccinations.
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>> if the majority of them and i think it will be are going to be and effects nation for either all or some of their employees. you're talking about a large swath of the american public. so it's going to make it make a very big difference. the fact that it sends up to that. >> is good news. and because the rest of the world looks at that legitimacy. the people who may be on the fence and rest of the world was more has sent about it may also then see it as our way forward. >> today's announcement has already created a ripple effect in terms of mandates here in the bay area. san francisco city employees now have 10 weeks from today. that's november. first to prove they are fully vaccinated. the city was waiting for the fda to grant that full approval before issuing that 10 week countdown november first in san francisco. once that takes effect, san francisco will join san jose where a mandate for city employees went into effect today and the city of
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richmond is now requiring all city personnel to be fully vaccinated by october 18th. now that the pfizer vaccine is fully approved. we may see other cities issuing similar vaccine mandates will keep you posted their camp. and for now, back to hugh grant. thank you for that. well, although the pfizer vaccine has been fully approved. still a lot of work for the fda yet to be done. there are more covid vaccines that need full approval and children under the age of 12 still can't get the shot until the fda says so. >> on 4 mccall live for us in the newsroom with that part of the story. jonathan and ken, good evening this approval for the pfizer vaccine for the full authorization done. the warp speed, according to the food and drug administration. >> it took them only 97 days to pour through 340,000 pages of the pfizer application. we've learned that another vaccine could just be weeks away from full use authorization wall. the 3rd could be months away.
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>> there were 3 letters that matters most when it comes to getting the green light from the fda. that's a bla or a biologics license application once approved companies no longer are in emergency use authorization and can fully market its products through advertisements and direct marketing to consumers. moderna started submitting its application to the fda back in june just weeks after pfizer some believe that moderna could get the full use authorization in a matter of weeks. johnson and johnson has not yet submitted its bla application yet but could do so by the end of the year after monday's announcement, a number of entities across america wasted. very little time making the vaccine mandatory the pentagon said that the vaccine will now be required for all us service members. the city of new york also announced that more than 100,000 teachers will now be required to get the vaccine. united airlines shortened its deadline for workers to get the vaccine. initially they had until october 25th that
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changed on monday. 2 september 27th despite its full use authorization. the fda, though, is still warning against using the vaccine on children younger than the age of 12. keep in mind, though, that with that full use authorization off brands in generic brands of the vaccine can also now hit the open market. >> and that does have the fda concerned that some parents will use the vaccine on kid owes younger than the age of 12. the fda warning parents not to do that, saying they still need more time to gather more data about the impacts of the vaccine in that age group. but during an interview tonight on nbc nightly news. the head of pfizer said that the company is actually in the process. i'm making a vaccine specifically targeting the delta variant, but he says they don't think they'll actually needed because the current vaccine is effective in the newsroom tonight jonathan mccall kron 4 news. jonathan, thank you for that. the director of california's health department is also celebrating the full approval approval of the pfizer
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vaccine. in a statement. >> doctor tomas going said, quote, for weeks we have watched cases go up an alarming pace among individuals who are not vaccinated while the vaccinated are largely protected, especially against severe and long-term illness. we know the vaccines work. we know vaccines are safe. we know they save lives. if you're not vaccinated, let this be the milestone that gets you there get vaccinated to protect yourself and help put an end to this deadly pandemic and quote, more than 10,000 new cases of covid were reported today in california and 3 new deaths. those numbers include totals from over the weekend. 65% of the state's eligible population is now fully vaccinated against covid. another 10% has gotten at least one dose. >> happening tomorrow. one of the most iconic church is in san francisco is issuing its own vaccine mandate. grace cathedral will be requiring proof of vaccination for anybody age 12 and up. church
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leaders say the move follows guidance from public health officials that on events and on gatherings. well, for dan thorn is live in san francisco tonight. he joins us with more on this decision by the church. dan. >> well, pam, church leaders say that we're still in a public health crisis. so they want to keep their visitors and there many parishioners safe during this time churches are not involved or included rather in the city's proof of vaccination mandate. but because of the amount of people that go here to grace cathedral and the amount of events events that they hold the church leaders say that instituting this mandate is the right thing to do. the esteemed grace cathedral in san francisco's hill is putting in place its own proof of vaccination for visitors citing a growing covid-19 case rate and the amount of people who attend or visit the large place of worship. >> church leaders say the mandate is necessary as a matter of life and death. a number of deaths and the
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number of hospitalizations particularly unvaccinated people. so. >> we're saving people's lives. dean malcolm clemens young says there's been a mixed response to the plan within the congregation. but he feels more are for it than against it. the city's vaccine requirement regarding indoor spaces does not apply to churches. dean young says everyone at the church should feel healthy and safe and vaccines and masks are the best way tocdo that. being able to be out in the world. such a blessing and a gift. it comes with a responsibility. the responsibility is getting vaccinated. >> tourists who come to see the inside of the cathedral will also be subject to the mandate. grace cathedral is one of the largest up his couple cathedrals in the country and has some congregants of churches throughout the u.s. reject innoculation grace cathedral will continue to support it. >> i really do encourage other religious leaders talk to a number of them in. they keep saying to their congregants. they say it's a matter of personal choice. it's a matter. i'm not a doctor. that all those kinds of things and those that's not helpful.
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>> proof of vaccination for events here at grace cathedral such as tomorrow night's yoga will be. it will be required for you to have proof of vaccination. that's beginning tomorrow. but for everybody, including church services that begins on sunday. august 29th reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news said and thank you for that report tonight. stay with kron 4 for continuing coronavirus coverage to scan the qr code with your mobile device and you will be directed to our web page dedicated to covid coverage. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> now to our wildfire coverage the caldor fire continues to rage in eldorado county after more than a week. firefighters are starting to get a small part of that blaze under control. at last check. containment was at 9%. the fire has burned more than a 114,000 acres destroying at least 450 homes. more than 17,000 buildings remain
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threatened. >> governor gavin newsome has requested a presidential major disaster declaration for a california counties because of the wildfires, according to cal. oh, yes, the office of emergency services account or fires, not just their top priority, but the number one fire in the entire country that is in terms of response. cal fire is getting more air assistance from orange los angeles and ventura counties to conduct nighttime. the fire suppression operations to help increase the counter fire's containment. >> aircraft have been here for the last several days and last night was the first night that they were that we had clear enough air where it was safe enough to fly them and it was used effectively last night. >> more air support is also coming in from the national guard. officials say these outside resources could be lifesavers during this difficult fire fight. >> new at 10 amid the
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devastation from the caldor fire. search crews are looking for a man who has been missing in eldorado county since last week when a has details on that. >> monday about 8 o'clock in the evening. well, you know, that you change his mind and he wasn't going to leave its was going to stay there. wait it out. and if you have to leave your weight loss in gym. bradford and his family are hoping to hear from his uncle marvin creal. >> as the threat of the caldor fire crept closer. marvin filled this truck with items. important to him and guns. he like point is that were made. i guess that meant something to him a bunch of. his paper work, jim offered to go there and help his uncle. but martin said he'd be fine by wednesday. jim called all of his uncle's numbers after hearing the area of grizzly flats was gone. i called all of us to have. this isn't to call the thought is jimmy in i you okay. and then the phone.
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now there's a lot boys in the background of phone going to try to come back >> it just once or and that was the last. the family has heard from marvin the el dorado county sheriff's office has been looking for him and is asking the public's help. apparently when they found his truck somewhere abandoned including the keys in the ignition park somewhere in the grizzly flats area. fox 40 went to find martin's creekside drive home this deer sat quietly staring at the devastation around it. the whole neighborhood decimated by the caldor fire will. sadly this is all that we have found left of marvin is property. the house is completely gone. we know that there were 3 cars parked here in the front that large box and in the very back of the property. >> we see what's left of a jeep. just about 4 miles from the home. firefighters were battling spot fires in the
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canyon above grizzly flat road multiple choppers were doing water drops. at the same time. >> the family hopes martin pulled over to help someone or maybe he needed help and someone took him to the hospital. >> he had bad knees and was known to have car problems. this. >> really good. got. it's a really >> that was rowena shaddox reporting tonight. finally, the dixie fire. it has burned more than 727,000 acres across 5 counties. it has destroyed more than 1200 buildings. most of them homes and it continues to threaten more than 12,000 others containment did rise today up to 40% and distressing sight at lake tahoe. look at all that smoke. >> the nearby wildfires are driving dense orange tinted smoke into the air above the lake residents indlake tahoe are being asked to stay inside. avoid exercising outside in wear a mask if they have to be outdoors here in
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the bay area. our air quality is expected to get worse throughout the week. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the details lawrence. yeah. catch a little break. now. we're getting in on shore breeze. they don't get in the high country and around lake tahoe and you saw how horrible there. >> air quality is up there and it continues to be that way. tonight. we're looking at some of the air centers up there tonight and you can see in or around tahoe. very poor to some of the worst quality that you can expect in the air from our sensors that they can find so that dense smoke continues to sit in that direction. the bay area somewhat lucky, though. we're getting that on shore breeze and that is bringing us much better air quality see a lot of greens dobbs around the bay area. that's looking good. couple in the north bay mill valley into oakland and also the san jose you're looking to moderate amounts of pollutants. otherwise the rest, the bay area really good air quality right now. i think some fresher air to come at least for the short term up there right now. that fog has moved on shore. and that's a really
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important part of our progress down near the surface. you're getting some fresh air up above you still see that haze. but we're not bring that the air that's thousands of feet up. so a good news we've got to change the wind pattern for today. most that air going from the southwest to the northeast. you see those plumes of smoke popping up in the afternoon and that will be the case again overnight tonight and tomorrow you can see that sea breeze pickup and all the plumes of smoke are going to be blowing away from the bay area. that should help to freshen up our air as we head through time. in fact, latest forecast model shows you the smoke. we're going to see more of that blue begin to move in the bay area that's nice fresh ocean air and you see over time here as we take into tomorrow. all that fresh air even right to the delta and around much of the bay area by tomorrow afternoon the air quality should be much improved. the skies should look a little more blue by tomorrow afternoon. thank you, lawrence. of-icials in the san francisco unified school district are looking to spend nearly 3 million dollars on
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portable air purifiers in order to combat the poor air quality from the wildfires. >> many classrooms are relying on open windows to improve ventilation mitigating the spread of covid. but the unhealthy air is making that difficult. the san francisco board of education must first approve the purchase of any extra air cleaners. they will then be distributed to classrooms on a rolling basis. new video from the citizen app tonight of several illegal sideshows in san francisco over the weekend. >> the most recent sideshow happened in the mission at 24th and mission streets around 9 o'clock last night. a very busy area kron four's terror attack has been following the story for us. she's live in san francisco tonight. so taylor in the police have been cracking down all over the bay area on these sideshows. were there any arrests in these sideshows over the weekend. >> can unfortunately san francisco police haven't made any arrests in either of these cases. however, city leaders say that doesn't mean that future arrest and car and pounds won't follow.
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>> sunday. sideshow spree in san francisco. first in the soma neighborhood at 6th and harrison streets before 03:00am. >> and then again, hours later in the mission district at 24th and mission streets. >> tease that are extremely dangerous. they put not just the bystanders lives in harm's way. but, you know, just everyday people that are living in their homes because if anything, god forbid were to happen. and emergency vehicles had to get through like they did about a month shots. faa helped to write legislation passed last fall to crack down on such shows in the city. >> this legislation allows cars involved inside shows or stunt driving to be impounded for 2 weeks and up to 30 days at the suspect has several offenses. >> since then, supervisor suffice as police have impounded of 44 cars in nearly a year before people get their car told they could get their car back in a day or so.
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>> this now says mandatory hold for 2 weeks. however. >> in both events last weekend, san francisco police didn't impound any cars or make arrests just because no one's cars was told immediately doesn't mean that they won't go. >> after the evidence been present in and get the vehicles at their place of residence. and in fact, they've done that out of the 44. >> they were good number that they showed of the people's house and told their vehicles from their residents. he says. >> san francisco police is recently formed specialize stunt driving response unit also uses city cameras at sideshow. hot spot locations for investigations. >> and to monitor these illegal activities supervisor suffice as the city is also looking to make changes to some popular sideshow streets like traffic and speed impediments. >> as we continue to see the sideshows in san francisco supervisors suffice as we could see more strict laws here in the city. can pan.
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>> taylor talking about stricter laws. you know, we've been talking about this for a long time. any idea what those laws might be. >> well, can a supervisor selfies actually pointing to what they do over in san jose. now, you may recall back in june a couple months ago they became the first major us city to make it illegal to promote these events on social media to messages on your phone and even through word of mouth. >> back to you. all certainly a lot of work to do to try to get this squared away. thank you for that report. tonight. the highway patrol is investigating a shooting on interstate 80 in vallejo that sent a woman to the hospital. it happened last night around 10 o'clock. the chp says the driver was able to pull off the freeway and call for help. she is expected to survive her injuries. the cars you can see had at least 10 bullet holes. the only information on a possible suspect is that the shots came from a dark colored sedan. it's unclear if the woman was the intended target in the east bay cocker police are investigating the death of
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a 14tyear-old who they say may have accidentally overdosed on medication. >> police say the teenager a student at concord high school died at his home on saturday. the department shared this image of a pill on social media saying that he may have ingested the pill just like this one, but they did not identify with that bill was an official cause of death has not yet been determined, but police are warning parents and students to be aware of any pills that might be circulating in the community. more reforms could be coming to antioch police department. mayor lamar thorpe is looking to ban several controversial and potentially deadly police restraint techniques. >> including applying a need to a person's neck. >> prohm techniques. it can be somebody's back in using all of your body weight to keep them down. that's that's something that can cause position of fixation. so anything that obstructs the airways we want we want to certainly take a deep look at me and banned from from any use.
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>> over the past year. 2 people have died in the custody of antioch police. one of them was 30 year-old angelo quito, a navy veteran who died after an officer put his knee on key to his neck during an arrest last week. a jury ruled his death, an accident. but family members argue a ban on need to neck. restraints could have saved kato's life. >> he would be alive today. if maybe there's insufficient, it may be that it's not their whole change of behavior, but it is definitely a positive step. >> merah thorpe says he plans to submit a proposal to the antioch city council tomorrow night. if approved. he says of pull a policy could be implemented before the end of this year. today. california attorney general rob bonta announced several reforms coming to the bakersfield police department. this after a years-long investigation found the department's conduct resulted in the use of unreasonable force as well as unreasonable stops searches, arrests and seizures. >> the community speak out about injustice. it's our job
10:23 pm
as leaders not just listen, you must take action to correct it. we're going to engage the community to identify those long-term chronic issues. they're facing our community. >> under a 5 year plan the department will revise its use of force policies, practices and training and says it will improve how use of force is reported both the courts, an independent monitor will oversee their progress. >> still ahead tonight, a tidal wave of deadly flood waters in tennessee. how people there are trying to pick up the pieces tonight. plus of accusations continuing in afghanistan. why u.s. troops could stay in that country. beyond the august 31st target date and andrew cuomo no longer the governor of new york. what he did before leaving office that has surprised many here in the san francisco area.
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>> and one of his final acts as governor of new york, andrew cuomo granted clemency to 6 people, including san francisco district attorney boudin's father david gilbert was serving a 75 years to life sentence for his involvement in a fatal armed robbery of an armored truck back in 1983. he has served 40 years of that sentence gilbert is now eligible for parole. tweeted out this statement about his father's release. he says quote, my heart is bursting on
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the eve of my first child's birth. my dad who's been in prison nearly my entire life was granted clemency. he never intended harm. yet his crime devastated many families. my heart breaks for the families that can never get their loved ones back. lieutenant governor kathy hochul is now officially the first woman governor of new york. she was sworn in at midnight on the east coast cuomo, meanwhile, is still maintaining his innocence against claims of misconduct. >> there will be another time to talk about the truth and ethics of the recent situation involving me. but let me say now that when government politicize his allegations and the headlines condemn without facts. you are undermined the justice system. >> there are moments in like, appeared to choke up a bit as he thanked new yorkers for the honor of serving as governor. he ended by urging them to stay new york. tough cuomo chose to resign rather than
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face impeachment after a report concluded that he acted inappropriately with at least 11 women. >> kron four's your local election headquarters. some voters have reached out to us with concerns over holes in their recall ballot. you can see the hole right there. it's fairly common on many. ballots. this photo is from a viewer in nevada county. the holes on the ballot exposing an unfilled bubble that bubble is one of the options on ballot question number one asking if governor gavin newsom should be recalled from the office of governor elections. officials say the explanation for that hole is pretty simple. and not something you really need to worry about. >> for self-control as to how they placed the ballot into some counties have a completely blank side of the ballot. they could pull that that direction. so there's absolutely nothing showing when they place a done below some of the holes do not correspond with some lopes with any information about whatsoever.
10:29 pm
>> officials say the holes exist to help ballot processing machines identify when the ballot has been extracted with the envelope. if you scill have concerns over voting by mail. there will be opportunities vote in person when the polls open on september 4th through election day on september 14th. >> next at 10. the growing terrorist threat in afghanistan. what the pentagon is revealing about the presence of isis in that country as the efforts to get people out ramps up. plus experts say it is toxic and potentially lee sold a new warning from the fda and the dangers of using an animal. the worm or as a covid-19 treatment and confronting last 2 over crime waves of green. >> how a new kind of therapy is helping bay area. women who were once stricken by tragedy feel hopeful again. and when can a tropical system actually have 2 different names and talk about that. the 4 zone forecast coming up next.
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>> several new developments in afghanistan tonight as the u.s. races to evacuate americans and allies ahead of an august 31st deadline. >> president biden is being pressured to extend that deadline even as the u.s. troops there face increasing now the taliban has issued a warning allison harris is in washington tonight with the
10:33 pm
latest. >> there is a terror threat to us forces at the airport in afghanistan right now to our forces at the airport is a serious threat from isis k which we're trying to deal with. nobody wants to see anybody else hurt. and certainly nobody wants to see anything that could impact our ability to continue to conduct this evacuation operation. president biden addressing the risk in remarks sunday every day. we had troops on the ground. >> these troops in this incident is at the airport face the risk of attack from isis. >> as soldiers and marines conduct the most successful evacuation in a 24 hour period so far since the taliban takeover extracting 16,000 people from sunday into monday. and the flights are continuing hour by hour the president's national security adviser saying the u.s. has developed the where with all to get every american out of kabul by the august 31st deadline even though the administration admits it does not know how many americans
10:34 pm
remain in afghanistan. u.s. military commanders are now in daily talks with the taliban. the taliban sending a message to the u.s. that pushing back the deadline would violate their agreement ultimately. >> it will be the president's decision. how this proceeds no one else at home. there are growing concerns that terror groups will re form in the region as a un report says there are extremist groups aligned with the taliban, not just the taliban but al qaeda, isis terrorist organizations that want to attack the united states. >> now have an entire country as a sanctuary from which to do so. are there al members and and remnants in afghanistan yes, al-qaeda's capacity to do what it did on 9.11 to attack us to attack our partners are from afghanistan. >> is vastly vastly diminished. now as allison harris and reporting, president biden says us is maintaining constant vigilance to disrupt terror threats. >> according to the white house. there are now 26 countries on 4 continents
10:35 pm
contributing to the evacuation processing and resettling effort. >> in national news, a tidal wave of flash floods over took part of tennessee this weekend killing at least 22 people and causing catastrophic damage. >> look at what the power. of water can do just incredible. >> residents say the record shattering rainfall came out of nowhere. it washed away homes in rural roads and took out power lines and cell phone towers leaving many people unable to get in touch with their loved ones among the dead. 7 month-old twins who were ripped out of their father's arms and washed away. >> for his take it is heartbreaking cars, trucks. you know, buildings houses everything was just floating down river. >> or down the road. >> at least 10 people could still be missing tonight, a number that has significantly dropped over the last 48
10:36 pm
hours. still thousands of people are without power tonight. more weather troubles on the east coast. we're tracking the remnants of former hurricane henri de now slowly churning along the east coast on 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, as look with what's going on there or yeah, someone fortunate didn't come on as a full-fledged hurricane. we can just before landfall into a tropical storm. nonetheless. power outages trees down. what a mess. it's caused all along that area across rhode island and new england. it continues to churn out there right now and we're not done with the quite just yet. in some more thunderstorms still popping up in the cape cod just about to make its way in the atlantic. but you see a roll right on through. it makes you a little bit further to the east. and there they go right to boston. they had a stormy evening when things begin to dry out there. now, most the moisture beginning to move out in the atlantic where looks like it's going to move away. sustained winds now only 25 miles per hour. so this is a post tropical cyclone now, not hurricane or even a tropical storm or depression either, but it's going to move off the
10:37 pm
coastline as it moves away here in the next 12 hours making its way on the looks like maybe up toward newfoundland isn't heads out toward the middle of the day tomorrow. but after that really is pretty much done. it looks like for now. but that's not the only interesting storm to show you something that only happens every so often it's kind of rare here. but remember last week we're talking about grace grace moved haiti. jamaica. do you can have been in slow finally making landfall as a major hurricane in central mexico. now started to weaken and fall apart. but as a move across the ocean back out in the open waters again. guess reform to once that happens, it gets rename. so it's actually got 2 names. it's the same storm grace marty. marty now sustained winds of 45 miles per hour. a tropical storm system moving west at 70 miles per hour. looks like the good news is that moves out of some cooler waters and begins to fall apart and then low longer will be a significant storm system. all right. out there for tonight. we do have some patchy fog moving over san
10:38 pm
francisco around the bay area. more of that to come throughout the night. and that is some good news. we love to see the fog, especially after dealing with so much smoke around the bay area probably saw the little blue and your skies over the weekend. today. a little haze move back in as those winds ever so slightly that can really bring a big difference with that smoke in our atmosphere 50's around most of bay area right now. today the temperatures 65 degrees in san francisco. 72 in oakland 81 degrees in san jose running below average in the valleys 85 in livermore, 70 doctor and then 70 degrees in santa rosa. i think as we look toward tomorrow afternoon, we'll see these temperatures running a little bit below the average again, maybe low 80's inland, lot of 60's and 70's around the bay and then some temperatures in the 50's and 60's along the coastline next couple days. we'll keep those temperatures down. i think as we head into thursday, i think we see that wind shift directions. again, i think we're seeing offshore flow. the service means probably some poor air quality. i think as we head into thursday and probably saturday and friday and saturday as well as high pressure builds over ed, we're
10:39 pm
not going to see much mix in the atmosphere. so a lot of smoke, a lot of haze going into next week. yeah, ok. thank you, lawrence. in the east bay, the moraga police department is mourning the loss of one of their own this week corporal kevin mooney died on saturday after a battle with covid. >> he joined the department in 2013 rose through the ranks to serve as morocco's detective. before that, he served in the contra costa county sheriff's office. this also a member of the u.s. marine corps is there in marine uniform police chief john king says mooney earned a reputation as a fierce advocate for victims and his presence will be missed. he's the kind he was the kind of police officer that god forbid a member of your family was ever a crime victim. >> he's the guy you want investigating. they don't get any better than the sky at the end. we're going to. we're going to miss him terribly. >> it is not clear whether or not mooney was vaccinated against covid-19. the police chief says he encourages all of his officers to get shot. but he didn't say whether or
10:40 pm
needed mooney leaves behind a wife children and several grandchildren. he was 58 years old. >> on the peninsula. the san mateo foster city school district is dealing with a cluster of covid cases between august, the 16th and the 22nd. there were 14 students who tested positive. also one teacher tested positive. the district has not reveal which campuses were affected. the cdc has added 6 locations to its list of the. >> riskiest covid destinations saying travelers should avoid visiting any of these countries. here they are. they include the bahamas haiti kosovo. >> lebanon morocco. >> and saint martin, according to the cdc destinations that fall into this very high covid risk have recorded more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents in the past 28 days. the cdc says anyone who must travel to one of these countries should be fully
10:41 pm
vaccinated. first. >> this story is very odd. while some people are not getting the covid vaccine. the fda is now urging people to stop taking veterinary vet and veterinary drugs which are meant for horses to try to poor to treat covid back to a vaccine. the covid virus. this after the agency received a number of reports of people being hospitalized for self-medicating with what's called ivermectin. that's a drug used to treat parasites or warms in animals. the fda even tweeted from his official account, quote, you are not a horse. you are not a cow seriously. all stop it. that's again from their official website. ivermectin is not an antiviral drug. again. it is generally used to treat or prevent parasites in animals. some welcome news here in the bay area after being gone for more than a year and a half. first fridays will return to oakland organizers made that
10:42 pm
announcement today. oakland's first fridays will hold its first event since pandemic began on october 1st. >> no other details have been revealed just yet. traditionally, the event takes over a few blocks of telegraph avenue from west grand the 27th street on the first friday night of every month. thousands of people come to see local artists and musicians and enjoy some of oakland's best cuisine coming up next in sports as the wild-card and division races continue to heat up the a's host the mariners coliseum. >> sports director jason dumas has the highlights. still ahead they say that scene in on around salt water actually >> a positive impact on the brain. even dislike looking at water can be healing. a relatively new approach to healing from trauma of pain and loss needed now more than ever because of covid coming up, a closer look at sir or ocean there.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> the death and sickness caused by covid has increased the need for ways to handle grief. people are looking for emotional healing but that can be a challenge knowing what to say or do those in pain often feel alone and misunderstood and there are different kinds of therapies using art or music or meditation. and now a relatively new one is called surf therapy. >> i found a bay area woman practicing that for herself and to help others. >> inhale.
10:46 pm
>> this is not a yoga class, not a surfing lesson. it is a gathering of women supporting one another as they move through their grief led by someone who knows the subject to well after the pandemic and the loss of my sister. i came to the realization that. >> grief is so universal and it's so hard to talk about kelsey ellis is a certified grief counselor in twenty-twenty. her twin sister. audrey was one of the first people in the u.s. known to die from covid before much of the world really even knew what it was. now kelsey uses her passion for the ocean and surfing for classes and she calls waves of green recently as the love from our hearts to the speaker. >> you never really know. you're going to
10:47 pm
>> waves of grief is a free program over the months since it started. the women have come with all kinds of pain and loss for some relationship has ended or a loved one has passed by have lost home for the wildfire or dealing with abuse trafficking loneliness. the key. here is the community of others who listen and understand that we find some sense of the least and the ocean. >> kelsey's parents instilled a love of the ocean in both of their daughters and now that same love is helping all of them deal with their grief. >> that's right. and the beach. it wasn't just surfing. it was love at the gave us power. and also helped us heal in many ways we can be more proud. it's a perfect backdrop to help people. because it's. >> sanctuary and she's sharing that in creating a sanctuary place for these other people. i feel that. >> they see kelsey being
10:48 pm
healed in being so touched by it. they're not afraid. >> in a corner of the beach. the women share their feelings and their thoughts and then head into the sea to face their waves of green. >> i feel supported it when i come here and i feel love n. it's beautiful to be by the ocean doing this. so i i always come back stronger and giving me an opportunity in a place to open up about my grief and be vulnerable. i'm an immigrant here and i haven't seen my pants for while and then i go out to the mother ocean. >> it's a leap. however, i feel falling off the modern age. and my mom. i feel like she's hugging me and she's there with me. we talk a lot about like waves of >> if you are. grieving someone you can have like strong waves of anger, sadness it's so easy to want to like push those slaves away just to leave all of your stress on
10:49 pm
land sort who beats, you know what you're going through. emotion. whenever kelsey is here. she says sister audrey is never far from her thoughts. i feel her with me so strongly and i know that she would so be here to see loved the water i know that it i was the one that had passed like she would be doing something very similar to. >> if you would like additional information about waves of grieve. we are putting a link to the foundation website on ours kron 4 dot com. it is named after kelsey sister, audrey marie l s dot com there you can get details on the drop-in class times as well as sign up for specific programs or you can make donations. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the a's are coming off of a soul crushing series with the giants where they blew 2. any leads on pinch hit. they're looking to rebound against the
10:50 pm
mariners. but it seems like the a's just love to see their souls crushed. vendor. you know, he has some humor. the candidates feel some catch-up. all right. let's go to the highlight bottom of the 6th tied at 2 until matt olson. he gets a hold of that hanging curve. and he hits it out. the park a's take the lead on all since 32nd homer of the season. top of the 9th lou trivino in to close it. he's it. to leave that one right over the plate. that's a solo shot the mariners tied at 3 later in the inning. trivino. you hate to see this. 2 run. going to come into the score and just like that lose the lead. they could muster anything in the 9th baseball 5 to 3 the look to swim ashore two-game series with seattle tomorrow. that's now 3 games in a row. they've lost after leading in 8th inning or later. that's the first time
10:51 pm
that's happened in franchise history since 19 21. oh, hate to the giants. on the other hand, going the opposite direction trending in the right way. they've won 8 straight series win. they'll still there. still barely have any breathing room in the division. the dodgers are right on their tails. just 2 and a half game back. that is why this stretch next is so important for san francisco, 3 of their next 4 series are against playoff teams in one of those teams is you guessed it. the dodgers, the tough stretch will start with a 3 game series against the mets gave cap where knows it will be a tough we have our work cut out for us in the series. >> with the mets. it is a stretch a lot of games in a row and it is an east coast where we're going to go play 2 top teams in the mets in atlanta. but for us as always has been and will continue to be. when we talk about this,
10:52 pm
it's it's just one game rights. the first game of of the series is the first thing road trip that we're going to be focused and i think we're going to be able to see to reset your with the off day in and use that as a as a catalyst to to recover a little bit. >> all right. another pre season game in the books which will an evidently lead to another week of trey lance shattered land start off a big shaky on sunday. can see the interception right there. but. >> he went in and locked on locked in. i'm sorry. as the game went on, he finished the day with a 102 yards through the air to go along with 2 touchdown passes. >> including that want it's a new he definitely looked improved from the first preseason game. that was his second pass to travis benjamin, i believe that one. but has enough to earn that starting spot. that is the million-dollar >> something's amiss and the chiefs game and effort was focused on a in this game. so
10:53 pm
so make some corrections throughout the game 2 issues. i that happen the way. so you got to the film. so some things that he was aware of that he did. i think we need a more complete got in there. >> play a lot of football. a lot here. so i think he's thrown one interception since high school. so, you know, it's kind of to watch him go out there and throw throw pick have a couple close. things able as they used to. and i know got down pretty bad to watch him go out there and recover almost 9 survey to see you feel you have 2 quarterbacks that are ready to start. yeah. i think we have 2 quarterbacks that week. and i think we have 3 quarterbacks you be ready to start got a game plan to get a chance to win. and i think all our guys are capable of that. so but i want make a big announcement last night. but much of an agenda must make an announcement. so there are any position. >> all right. that's your look at s
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
>> and one final check of weather outside. the clouds are moving on shore right now. we're going to see him tomorrow morning. when you wake up air quality. not looking bad. we've got a lot of green showing up around the bay area. couple spots uses moderate amounts appaloosa mill valley. also in parts of richmond tomorrow we're off and running with some cool temperatures co-signed 1560's. there along the coastline, maybe some drizzle to start out the morning highs only in the 50's 60's near the coast about 70 burning him should be nice in the afternoon 76 degrees and carla 7, 2, in mountain view. of 70's 80's in
10:57 pm
the south bay by tomorrow afternoon east bay temperatures up in the 80's low 80's those running a little bit below the average for this time of year, but still pretty comfortable outside about 68 in oakland 78 to rent a 67 degrees in hercules about 73 degrees in benicia tomorrow. so looks like a decent day temperatures below average for the next couple days. then we start to heat things up. and i think that smoke we turned the bay area on thursday and friday, by the way, i don't know if you've noticed temperatures starting a little chillier at night. know, the ball is pretty close overnight lows in the 40's and okay. thank you, lord. thank you for being with us tonight, everybody. see you tomorrow night. good night.
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