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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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controversial and potentially deadly police restraint tactics such as the need to the neck technique. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, the mayor will propose a ban on those tactics to city council tomorrow night. kron four's as he you talk to the mayor about this new legislation. a new police policy could be on the horizon for officers in the antioch police department in the form of a legislative proposal that would ban officers from using their knees to restrain people. >> i'm trying to. >> take my time spend more. into something create with making something doing something creative. one of the persons killed in antioch police custody as 30 year-old angelo quito. >> i'm sorry. >> keep those mother because i'm looking to collins could not hold back the tears. when i asked her and her daughter bella about the legislative proposal. yes, we think the session utley could have
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prevented his staff i mean, he would be alive today antioch near lamar thorpe is introducing the legislation to the city council and he says it doesn't stop with bending the knee on the neck can be anything from the techniques. it can be anything from. >> when your hand on somebody's back and using all of your body weight. to keep them down. that's that's something that can cause position of fixation. so anything that obstructs the airways. >> we want we want to certainly take a deep look at me and banned from from any use. >> he says reforming the police department was a key part of his winning mayoral campaign and reducing in custody deaths is the next step in keeping that promise was been part of the public debate for quite some >> since are 2 recent in-custody deaths that were with him 45 days of each other. and now i feel like i'm
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coming back to my own, i guess heat, though stepfather robert collins has this to say about the legislative proposal. i am thankful and i'm hopeful >> it may be that it's insufficient it may be that itts not their whole change of behavior. but it is definitely a positive step lamar thorpe says if the city council approves the legislation. it will likely fast track becoming a new police policy. we talk in january that here. we're talking your way. no, we're talking maybe a month or 2 away. >> i reached out to the antioch police officers association to see what they have to say about this. i received no reply. has it made you kron. 4 news. >> in the north, a terrifying moments for a woman who was driving on interstate 80 in vallejo. the highway patrol says her car was struck by almost a dozen bullets incident happened just after 10 o'clock last night. police say the driver was able to pull off the freeway and call for help. when officers arrived on the scene, they say they found her white sedan with at least 10 bullet holes.
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the woman was taken to the hospital with at least one gunshot wound. she is expected to survive. investigators did not provide any information on a suspect only that the shots came from a dark colored sedan. the motive for the attack is unknown. it's also unclear if the woman was the intended target or an innocent bystander. a seven-mile from that freeway shooting. the police are investigating a deadly shooting. this happened last night along fairgrounds drive near the north community center just on the other side of highway 37 from 6 flags discovery kingdom when police arrive. they say they found a 21 year-old man dead at the scene. no arrests have been made. the chp says the freeway shooting and the shooting of this man do not appear to be connected. >> another big story we are following tonight. pfizer's covid-19 vaccine now has full fda approval previously the fda had only granted emergency use authorization of that vaccine. that means the vaccine is no longer considered as being an experimental phase and local
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infectious disease. experts say the approval will likely lead to a slew of vaccine mandates outdoors. dan kerman has been talking to medical experts about all this and he joins us live from ucsf with more. dan. well, we've seen lots of places throughout the bay area and california already put in these mandates governments as well as universities. it's not the case necessarily all the way across the country. >> many corporations and businesses and universities waiting for this infectious disease. experts say now they say they will go ahead and put forth that mandate like we're seeing here. the fda's full approval of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. >> could lead to a dramatic increase in the number of people vaccinated. >> businesses and institutions in the united states. a lot of them have been waiting for this approval before mandating vaccination. so i think we're going to see a lot more institutions like universities. governmental and
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private enterprise. now mandating vaccination u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says. >> it may also convince individuals on the fence to push ahead on their own. >> a lot of people who said i really genuinely want to see what the fda has to say where the real stamp of approval. and i think they're going to get vaccinated and that will help. >> and medical experts say the fda's full approval of pfizer's vaccine could also have a global reach. >> the fact that it sends up to that is good news. and because the rest of the world looks at that process. for be on the fence and rest of ay the world was more has sent about it may also then see it as our way forward. ucsf infectious disease. specialist doctor peter chin-hong. >> says that will help get more people vaccinated
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worldwide, which is really what's needed to put an end to this pandemic. >> it's not too late. in this is the time it may be too late in the future when we have another variance. but right now we have the technology. we have the tools and hopefully this will give us the push to get mall. people vaccinated so that we don't have to get to that point where you have to do this all over again. >> now. moderna has also applied for full fda approval experts expect that to come sometime within about a month live at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> and the pentagon said today it will require service members to receive the covid vaccine. now that the pfizer one has received full approval. president biden hailed the fda's decision. here is what he had to say earlier. >> the fda approval is the gold standard. and as i just said now, it has been grant.
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those have been waiting for full approval should go get your shot now. >> governor newsom also responding. he says, quote, the fda's full approval further confirms that the pfizer vaccine meets a rigorous scientific standard for safety and efficacy protecting against serious illness hospitalization and death with covid-19 cases rising across the nation due to the delta variant. i encourage all californians to trust the science and protect themselves and their community by getting vaccinated. >> in the south bay, the city of san jose has joined the ranks of a growing number of cities requiring employees be vaccinated against covid-19 the alternatives include getting a weekly test or face possible discipline kron four's. rob fladeboe explains. >> i mean, the finance world as an analyst during a break from his job at san jose city hall. longtime transportation department employee david near hood said he is all in with the city's new policy mandating that all city
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employees be vaccinated against covid-19. i just we're at a in time where at least person. i want this to be completely over with. and i think the only way we get there is if we ensure 100% vaccination following similar policies imposed by santa clara county and other public agencies. the city of san jose effective today requires all city employees to show proof. they have had a covid-19 vaccine or get tested weekly. those who refuse could be placed on unpaid leave. everyone i spoke with outside city hall said they had been vaccinated and agree with the new policy. i had a meeting last week where i provided proof that i was. so i think it's practical in the right thing to do. everything in its do their part right. >> we want to get out of this pandemic on tuesday. the city council will go a step further by considering a proposal to require proof of vaccination for everybody before entering the city own convention center that's ap center san jose. civic theatre's or any
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facility holding events that would host 50 or more people. >> such policies make david near hood for one feel more comfortable about being out and about. i. >> been very frustrated by the pandemic. i'm a very social person. i like to get out about shot, not wear a mask. and, you know, having to continue to abide by mask policies and and to certain extent not being here at city hall with all my coworkers has been very frustrating. i wanted to end. >> in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> so a lot of people wonder this what happens if you are fully vaccinated. but still end up catching the coronavirus infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong ucsf weighs in on that. >> the answer is at this moment. they act very similar to any unvaccinated person gets covid. that is they isolate for at least 10 days. you don't need to do another test to show that you're negative. this may change in the future as we get more
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information that maybe the virus will. clear much foster and vaccinated. folks. we do have knowledge that before doubt that that was happening. but we need more data before modifying not to tickle of public health guidance. >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coronavirus coverage. a scan, the qr code with your mobile device. you will be directed to our web page dedicated to covid coverage it's all on kron. 4 dot com time now for our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at a typical summer view with the golden gate bridge with >> rien layer hanging above the towers. yeah. and lawrence is here. our chief meteorologists also talk about to haiti's. yeah. a lot of haze around. but did you notice this weekend actually that sky become a little bit blue out there. yeah, that was nice to see. but we're going to be dealing with the haze. i think on and off until they really put out the fires any switch in the wind conditions could bring some of that smoke in the bay area. right now we're seeing a nice on shore
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pushing again. you're looking at the clouds begin to make their way bouncing up against the east bay hills already more that moved to the golden gate bridge right now and more on the way for tonight. so that's going to clean up the lower levels of the atmosphere, probably going to see some drizzle up toward the coastline as well. but up above still have some of that haze out there as well. those active fires continue to burn across the high country. although the good news was today is most the winds were coming out of the southwesterly direction pushing that smoke to the northeast that help to keep most of that away. but still have to deal with some of that overall high pressure trying to get in here. but this trough is going to carve itself out. i think and the next 24 hours are going to keep the temperatures running a little bit below the average staying hazy in northern california, not as much of the bay area. i think we'll start to clear out your skies. but then things are going to begin to change by the end of the week. i think maybe some of that smoke rolled back into the bay area. the temperatures we're going to get hot. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. also coming up after a full weekend of vaccine
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enforcement. we're checking in with some san francisco restaurants on how things went. >> plus getting clarity on recall election ballots. some people are still asking questions and we have some advice for concern. voters. >> they say that being in on around salt water actually a positive impact on the brain, even dislike looking at water can be healing. >> a relatively new approach to healing from trauma pain and loss needed now more than ever because of covid coming up, high profile, a bay area woman teaching others how to find comfort at the scene.
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flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. >> businesses in san francisco must now require proof of vaccination from their customers coming inside which includes bars and restaurants just finish up their first week of enforcement is a matter of fact, while four's maureen kelly checked with several people in the restaurant industry to see how things went. >> when the owner of milk of sorrow pizzeria in north beach first heard about the new mandate. he was worried about it being in a tourist destination. he was concerned it would mean fewer customers going inside his restaurant. but says that he found an app that verify vaccination information and on monday says he was pleasantly surprised by how well customers have responded since the new rule went into effect. the and they're happy they're to dine in a place where they know everybody a vaccinated.
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>> so i think it is a little bit of work that we have to do to to that on the other side. most people had maybe one or 2 people that didn't know about it. but there was no push back or thomas has the golden gate restaurant association. she also owns roses cafe on union street and around the corner. >> she says the first weekend went very well for the most part and has heard similar reports in the 15 or so restaurant tours. she's talked to since i've heard of one or 2 people having some people unhappy about it. many of us have gotten myself included one or 2 e-mails, 3 or 4 from upset people who are, you know, against. >> being asked to prove or get the vaccine. but overwhelming majority. went very smoothly. one woman i found dining out with friends this afternoon said this was the first time going out to eat in. the city says the new health order went into effect and well today they chose to sit outside where vaccine verification is not required by the city's health department. >> she was reading. you think this is going to you at all from going out to eat.
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>> no, if anything, i think it will encourage me to eat inside more, which we've only been eating outside. >> the next hurdle for the various businesses affected by this new health mandate. >> is to get vaccine verification from their employees by october 13th. but the head of the golden gate restaurant association does not think that's going to be a problem here. she estimates that in san francisco somewhere between 9598% of restaurant workers here are already vaccinated. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> coming up with elections officials after some voters have reached out to us with some concerns over holes in some recall ballot envelopes. those holes could be found on envelopes depending on which county they were in and some can expose of voters answer to one of the questions on the ballot. ashley zavala explains what officials suggest you should do to keep your ballots secure. >> in this photo from a nevada county viewer a hole on the side of the recall ballot envelope. exposes an unfilled
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ballot bubble. another photo shows that one removed from below the unfilled bubble is one of the options on ballot question. one shell gavin newsom be recalled from the office of governor. this is not the case for every county. donna johnston with the california association of clerks and elections. officials explains some self-control as to how they placed the ballot into >> some counties have a completely blank side of the ballot. they could pull that that direction. so there's absolutely nothing showing when they place a done below some of the holes do not correspond with some lopes with any information about whatsoever. why did these holes exist on the ballot at all. there for different reasons. there are one reason is that they help identify the balance been extracted from below for the counties that use processing equipment and the others. the holes are placed so that will obviously apparent boehner will know exactly where to sign me up a little. so it's on either side of the the area that they're supposed to sign according to political data recall ballot
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return tracker. more than half a million ballots have been returned to local elections officials about 3% of all ballots for those who already turned in their ballots, possibly with answers. exposed johnston says those voters should not worry says officials are very hardworking dedicated people who are just trying to help get every vote to count. >> they want to make sure that that every ballot gets processed. and so for sunday. >> they are not concerned with how somebody voted but making sure that their ballot is is properly cast for voters who might still have concerns with the turning the mail in ballot. johnson says there will be opportunities to vote in person when polls begin opening september 4th. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code you see on the screen with your mobile device that will take you straight to our web page where you can read about the candidates running in the recall election. also find important dates and information on how to cast your ballot. >> we'll take a look at this a man in connecticut is using a
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body board to when the ruler skid through, i should say a flooded street. all the water came from tropical storm already which hit the northeast over the weekend. it is weakening as it moves west. the system also caused flooded streets in many other parts of the region, including hoboken, new jersey. that's what you see here. many areas are still without electricity. utility crews are working as fast as they can to try and restore power. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been following this storm is here with more on the s lucky that it came on his only a tropical storm originally thought moms are so we can just before. >> making landfall. that was good. but still a mess. i mean, look at all the rain we've got all that tropical moisture. now that is continuing to wrap around on released the remnants. and that's causing some major storms. they can still see some more. thunderstorms may become more tornadoes out of the system and what they're really getting pounded there. as you can right near middletown. also new bedford. some very heavy storms working
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their way in that direction and to the north about boston. guess what, you've got some more stormy weather head in your direction. so very long night ahead, as the storm system in a take a little while before it makes its way back on the atlantic. so right now honoree sustained winds of 25 miles per hour. so this is really a a post tropical storm system. now post tropical cyclone and it's moving east northeast at 9 miles an hour. so that's a good track that is going to take it back out in the open waters. let's put it into motion. i'll show you what's going to happen. there you go. all that are spinning around and by tomorrow morning, looks like finally henri makes his way back into the atlantic things beginning to settle down out there as well. hey, we've got another storm system worry about this was grace now crossed across mexico and has now been renamed to marty continue to sit out there sustained winds of 45 miles per hour. this storm system expected to weaken, though, as it pushes into some cooler waters. but kind of interesting. none. not often you see that it will cut all the way across the land
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mass. what makes his way out of the gulf of mexico makes his way into another ocean. the pacific ocean. they renamed the storm. and in this case they renamed the gender too, about that. we're going to see some changes coming our way. and we've got some cooler temperatures. the next couple days, numbers going to be down just a bit below average 70's a few 80's inland but don't get used to. and much warmer weather is on the way. fact, as we head in toward next weekend. some of these temperatures getting near triple digits. >> thank you, lawrence will take a look at this mountain lions have been seen roaming around the peninsula in pacifica, a mountain lion hopped over the fence and into somebody's backyard. vanessa car and shared this video with us. the footage taken on saturday evening. she lives in the area park pacifica. she said the mountain lion was about 6 feet long. nothing to play around with another mountain lion seen in months that's in the half moon bay area. eric lawson share this ring camera video with us from saturday morning. he said that he's actually been seen mountain lions in that area since july of last year. wow.
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>> several national forests are now closed temporarily here in northern california because of extreme fire conditions the big fine. you could face if you decide to go in any way.
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people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections —some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at summer might be winding down for some. but as we know, san
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francisco summer is really just getting started. >> nsf parks. alliance is celebrating by bringing back its sundown cinema series. the series includes 5 outdoor film screenings across different city parks through october 22nd. it all kicks off this friday. at little dolores park with a showing of sister act. other films include princess diaries a league of their own and soul every showing is free and open to the public. but you can buy the ip tickets to get reserve seats all the showing start at 06:00pm after 4 months of being closed. sfo has reopened its longest runway during the closure crews repay the equivalent of 75 football fields and laid more than 60 miles of cabling for some lighting infrastructure. now that the runway is back. open. crews will work on installing the new lighting repaving project was originally set for next year. but it was accelerated due to the current reduced flight schedules caused by the pandemic. and now to some closures, all of the wildfires
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that we're dealing with are forcing the shutdown of a number of national forest, the u.s. forest service issued an emergency for service closure for 9 national parks. you can see them listed now on your screen. >> this will last until september. the 6, according to the agency force. officials say anybody violating the order could face fines up to $5,000 as well as up to 6 months in jail. additionally, the eldorado national forest is closed until at least september 30th because of the caldor fire. and speaking of the wildfires coming up on kron 4 news at 6. we have an update from cal fire on the wildfires burning in northern california. their latest plan of attack next. >> and evacuation flights out of afghanistan are ramping up at the white house. still can't say if the operation will finish by the august 31st deadline. details in a live report how the president is weighing in.
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racing to evacuate. americans and allies out of afghanistan. this as the taliban is warning the united states against keeping troops in that country beyond august 31st kron four's, washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us now with the latest on this. alexandra. >> good evening. and the taliban warns there could be consequences if u.s. troops remain in afghanistan after august 31st. meanwhile, u.s. officials say the u.s. is working


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