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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3 pfizer's covid-19 vaccine becomes the first to receive full approval from the fda. what this could mean for more potential and ease. and hundreds of thousands of acres burned across the state and thousands of firefighters are working around the clock to save homes. we'll have the very latest on the wildfires burning in northern california. and a proposal in the east bay would ban a certain police restraint tictics after a man died when an officer placed a knee on his neck. hear from the antioch mayor about the possible changes. now from the
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area's local news station. >> this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> now it has been grant. those have been waiting for full approval should go get your shot now. >> 8 months after its been injected into millions of arms. the pfizer vaccine gets full approval from the fda. good afternoon and thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 on this monday. i'm sanaz tahernia. after a long wait. the pfizer vaccine has received the fda's approval in today's decision may help lift public confidence in vaccinations as the nation battles the highly contagious delta variant's, our washington correspondent basil john reports. >> it hit another milestone. key milestone monday. the fda gave its full stamp of approval to the pfizer biontech vaccine. if you're one of the millions of americans who said that they will not get the shot when
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it's until has full and final approval of the fda. it is now happened. president joe biden says news should help fight back against the nationwide increase in cases across the country. virtually all the covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths continue to be among the unvaccinated and with approval in place. the pentagon says a vaccine mandate for military personnel is on the way. the health of the is as our military or civilian employees families and communities as a top priority. the vaccine is still only approved for those 12 and up the lawmakers say the approval could pave the way for mandates. >> the protect unvaccinated children. >> the teachers should be vaccinated in this student should be wearing masks in classrooms all across massachusetts and all across our country. massachusetts senator ed markey and pennsylvania senator bob casey, see, there is no reason for people to doubt the vaccine now. but if there were some lingering doubts that have because of this question.
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>> they should now be the result and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell agrees year ago. >> we didn't have a vaccine. now we do. we know works. >> we need to get shots in arms reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> now governor newsome responded to the fda's announcement giving his full approval of the pfizer vaccine. earlier today he issued the following statement saying, quote, the fda's full approval further confirms that the pfizer vaccine needs a rigorous scientific standard for safety and efficacy protecting against serious illness, hospitalization and death with covid-19 cases rising across the nation due to the delta variant. i encourage all californians to trust the science and protect themselves and their community by getting vaccinated. in the south. we now a new mandate for thousands of city employees is now in effect for san jose city workers. they either have to be vaccinated or get weekly covid tests.
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kron four's rob fladeboe caught up with city employees this morning and he joins us now live in downtown san jose with reaction. >> rob, what happens workers don't comply. >> well, they don't comply, then they could be placed on unpaid leave and they don't want that to happen right now. but 81% of the city workers are already vaccinated, but that is not good enough with the infection continuing to spread. let's take a look at some video of this is a city hall here this morning, which only just opened as you recall may the week before last and partially but going forward, the new policy says that all people here at city hall in all city own facilities for that must show proof of vaccination or they have provide evidence of a negative covid-19 test on a weekly basis or as you if they don't comply, they could be placed on a unpaid leave. now, i did have a chance speak with a couple of folks outside san jose city hall and they're telling me that they're pretty much all in with this new
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policy. >> it think you're going to have people that feel, you know, that's their own private issue and concerns around you know, a governmental agency, you know, dictating how they should or shouldn't behave whether it's, you know, getting a vaccine or whatever. and i respect that as well. but i just we're at a in time where at least person. i want this to be completely over with. and i think the only way we get there is if we ensure 100% vaccination that's what i understand direction from our to be vaccinated. and i had a meeting last week where i provided proof that i was. so i think it's practical in the right thing to do. >> now, the city of maybe taking this policy a step further. the city council tomorrow expected to consider a new proposal that would require all of facilities like the center for performing arts where i am now. the san jose convention safety center. the san jose civic and all of these other city own will have
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to require vaccination, not just for employees but for visitors any time that there's going to be at least 50 people in those facilities to therefore deter the spread of infection in the community. but again, affective today all city employees from now must show proof of vaccination or they'll have to get a test once a week. that's negative. that's the latest here in san jose. for now sanaa's. back to you. rob. thank you for >> california is seeking a presidential emergency declaration due to the wildfires burning across the state this afternoon callow. yes. and cal fire provide an update on all things wildfire related kron four's noelle bellow was listening in. she joins us in the newsroom and she has an update now. well. >> it's more than 13,000 personnel are spread out across the state right now battling 12 active wildfires, 9 of them considered to be large fires. now the biggest one being the dixie fire right now. it stands at 40%
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containment. it's been burning for more than a month. and it's the second largest wildfire in state history. but it's the caldor fire that officials are calling the number one priority right now. it's just 5% contained and it is knocking on the door of the lake tahoe basin. it's burning in a timber environment that officials say is exceptionally dry. they say the dryness of the area is actually making the flames in the forest burn in ways they've never seen and spot fires are growing rapidly due to extremely dry brush, which is making it pretty hard for them to get a handle on now smoke from those 2 fires is what's causing scenes like this. this is video from south lake tahoe over the weekend. fick orange smoke lingering in the air and showing no signs of clearing out any time soon. officials said today nearly 33,000 californians are under evacuation orders and 9
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national forest have been closed due to the fires across the state. but there is some good news as officials are looking ahead. for 7 days out. we're looking at. >> conditions in the south part of the state that are low to moderate as far as risk for new large damaging fires. that is very good news for us. very, very good news in the north part of the state. we're looking at moderate conditions again for new large fires. that doesn't change the fact that we have many large damage, damaging fires that are ongoing, particularly in the north part of the state and they're going to continue to grow and get bigger. but it does allow for us to move resources to surge resources from the south part of the state and from some of the areas where we're not having as much activity into the fires to protect lives and property and the environment. >> now officials say they are continually pivoting resources
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across the state to make sure there are enough in every corner to handle the tasks at hand. i'm going to have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kron on. you can download that for free in your app store. sanaa's. back to you. thank, you know, wow. >> now the bay area air quality management district is issuing an air quality advisory for today and tomorrow. this comes as wildfire smoke from northern california is trickling down to the bay area. pollution levels are not expected to exceed federal health standards and no spare the air alert is in effect still, however, they are recommending that people with respiratory issues avoid being outside for as long as possible. it's now time for a check on our forecast. this is somewhere in the bay area. not quite sure. you can see a very. >> very thick layer of fog. i'm told that this is a mount tam from our mount tam cameras
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of you over the bay and into the city. obviously we can't see that right now. so let's turn things over to kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr. very, very heavy fog. but are expecting any wind in the coming days. released clear out some of the smoke that we're seeing here. you know us we're getting some surface winds will show you what the number. >> but the real issue is we're not getting them vertically mixing as you just saw this, the soupy fog from the mount tam camera because right above there, temperatures are much warmer and much drier. yes, typical inversion. but we didn't get that vertical mixing, as you can see this hour still have over cast of the golden gate bridge and that's going to be a problem. we do have a front. we want to make note of that. that just delays the heating that's going to happen later this weekend. yes, that heating means more of the spare, the air coming our way. 70's east bay shoreline right now 81 for any off. we've got 60's 70's up to the north bay. 77. meanwhile for san jose. for comparison sake because that fog has been so, so intrusive today covering a lot of san francisco's. you can see we're
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pretty much where we were this time yesterday for open. but folks, it's all the fog mix out real quickly temperatures pop a little bit more so moving up a couple degrees beyond what they were from yesterday. there are the winds great. but their surface. so they're not helping that mixing process too much aloft mostly pretty much on shore. winds that we do have a front or back yard that will play into our forecast a little bit. we'll be talking about that later. 82 by next hour, 71 7 o'clock. clear skies where you don't have fog at about 61 1 on at 10 o'clock. there it is. upstream. this is what we expected race on through. we're going get some scattered clouds going on here. it's really like to do much of anything. it's just going to delay the inevitable with high pressure building and another heat spike coming our way. good news is that will break up by the end of the weekend will begin into the woods on that and a bit sanaa's. >> coming up today here on kron, 4 news at 3. a woman was shot while driving on. i 80 in vallejo. plus, check your
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i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> welcome back. eliminating need to neck restraints for officers in an east bay city. that's among the goals of a new legislative proposal kron
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four's haaziq madyun spoke with the mayor behind the legislation. >> a new police policy could be on the horizon for officers in the antioch police department in the form of a legislative proposal that would ban officers from using their knees to restrain people. any police technique that that can cause positional asphyxiation including, you know, i need a neck restraint. antioch near lamar thorpe is introducing the legislation to the city council and he says it doesn't stop with bending the knee on the neck can be anything from the techniques. it can be anything from when your hand on somebody's back and using all of your body weight. to keep them down. that's that's something that can cause position of fixation. so anything that obstructs the airways. >> we want we want to certainly take a deep look at me and banned from from any use. >> he says reforming the police department was a key part of his winning mayoral campaign and reducing in custody deaths. it's the next
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step in keeping that promise was been part of the public debate for quite some >> since are 2 recent in-custody deaths that were within 45 days of each other. i we wanted to certainly take a look at that. i'm trying to. >> take my time spend more. into something created making something doing something creative. one of the persons killed in antioch police custody as 30 year-old angelo quito. >> keep those stepfather. robert collins has this to say about the legislative proposal. i am thankful and i'm hopeful >> it may be that it's insufficient it may be that it's not their whole change of behavior, but it is definitely a positive step lamar thorpe says if the city council approves the legislation. it will likely fast track becoming a new police policy. we talk in january that here. we're talking maybe a month or 2 away.
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>> i reached out to the antioch police officers association to see what they have to say about this. i received no reply. has it made you kron. 4 news. >> and the north bay. now a woman was shot in her car while driving on. i 80 in vallejo. the chp is now trying to figure out of the victim was targeted kron four's charles clifford has details. >> well, terrifying moments on sunday evening when a woman driving along interstate 80 in the dark with suddenly attacked without warning just after 10 sunday evening, a woman driving this car along westbound interstate 80 in vallejo was shot at by an unknown assailant. the woman was able to pull over near redwood street and call for help. her vehicle struck at least 10 times on the driver's side. at least one shot hit the tire. the woman was injured and taken to the hospital as of monday afternoon. her condition is unknown. the california highway patrol is investigating. they say the shots may have come from a dark colored sedan, but they don't have any description of the shooter or shooters. the motive for the attack is unknown and it's unclear if
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the woman was the intended target or an innocent bystander. now investigators are asking that if anyone was in the area along interstate 80 in vallejo around 1045. on sunday evening and may have seen or heard anything that they contact the california highway patrol. but for now in solano county, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> less than a mile away from that freeway shooting police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened last night along fairgrounds drive near the north a whole community center and just on the other side of highway 37 from 6 flags discovery kingdom when police arrived, they found a 21 year-old man dead on the scene. no arrests have been made. but chp says the freeway shooting and the shooting of the man. don't appear to be connected. in the south bay. now a san jose man is in custody in connection to a assault of a 16 year-old girl. 44 year-old edison. a garcia guzman is suspected of
3:19 pm
allegedly sexually assaulting a teenager hitchhiker earlier this year. the girl tells deputies she was picked up by a man who gave her alcohol and allegedly physically and sexually assaulted her. the girl was then left stranded in an unincorporated area of san jose garcia was mine reportedly admitted to meeting with the girl. the night of assault and he was booked into the santa clara county main jail on a $500,000 bail. and take a look at this mount lions have been seen roaming around in parts of the bay area and pacific a mountain lion hopped over the fence and into someone's backyard. vanessa cairns shared this video with us. the footage that was taken saturday evening that she lives in the area of park pacifica. she said the mountain lion was about 6 feet long and another mount line was seen on terra. that's in the half moon bay area. eric lawson shared this ring camera video with us from saturday morning. he said he's been seen mountain lions in the area since july of last year. switching gears now to
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talk about our weather. this is a very foggy live look at the golden gate bridge kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr is here. david, it's a cool day today. but we're in a we're in store for a warm-up this week, right. that we are. and it's cool around the immediate bay in san francisco coastal areas like half moon bay where it's been overcast all day today. >> well, inland, they still were topping off and some lower 80's going on and that's going to continue. but really get rocket and when we get to thursday friday, high pressure is going to build in the location of its going to kind of interesting because in some ways is going to turn off parts of the southwest monsoon a little bit. so this fog, which is basically here, but it's aloft over. most of the region will drop a little south drop a little the ground there. we'll see some surface fog as well. reducing visibility. and that also philip, the delta a bit too, by daybreak tomorrow and mixing out over most of the inland areas. however, in san francisco golden gate. it might be more of a struggle 70's at this hour. now for a lot of the east bay shoreline 80's, as you go inland 60, a
3:21 pm
chilly degree santa rosa, they've had fog a lot this morning to are today. 77 san jose. we do have at the surface winds going on shore providing some cooling in london. you've been having some heating happening this afternoon. problem is we're not mixing it up stairs the coming up a little bit here. we'll talk a little bit more about the longer range forecast which has size was talking about another baking for a size. thank you, dave. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 3 deadly flooding in the east. we'll get the latest from tennessee. search and rescue efforts are underway right now after devastating floods. but after the break, it was the first weekend of vaccine proof for many indoor activities here in san francisco will tell you what worked and what didn't. we'll take a closer look at aftftft take a closer look at aftftft the break. when that car hit my motorcycle, take a closer look at aftftft the break. insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. >> businesses in san francisco that now require proof of vaccination from their customers coming inside, which includes bars and restaurants just finished up their first full weekend of enforcement kron four's maureen kelly checked with several people in the restaurant industry to see how it went. >> when the owner of milk of sorrow pizzeria in north beach first heard about the new mandate. he was worried about it being in a tourist destination. he was concerned it would mean fewer customers going inside his restaurant. but says that he found an app that helps him verify vaccination information. and on monday says he was pleasantly surprised by how well customers have responded
3:25 pm
since the new rule went into effect that would actually be ducked. we were asking for the bucs inicia prove. i think everybody want to, you know, dying in a safe. >> most people had maybe one or 2 people that didn't know about it. but there was no pushback. laurie thomas has the golden gate restaurant association. she also owns rosa's cafe on union street and around the corner. she says she had very few problems this weekend. with the new mandate and heard similar reports from the 15 or so other restaurant tours. she's talked to since i've heard of one or 2 people having some people unhappy about it. many of us have gotten myself included one or 2 e-mails, 3 or 4 from upset people who are, you know, against. >> being asked to prove or get the vaccine. but overwhelming majority. went very smoothly. one woman i found dining out with friends this afternoon said this was the first time going out to eat in. the city says the new health order went into effect and well today they chose to sit outside where vaccine verification is not required by the city's
3:26 pm
health department. >> she was reading. i don't think it's a hassle at if you're vaccinated and you have the car just like when you pay for a bill using your electronic wallet. and i i think it's a wonderful thing because we're all in it together. the next hurdle for the various businesses affected by this new health mandate. >> is to get vaccine verification from their employees by october 13th. >> but the head of the golden gate restaurant association doesn't think that will be a problem here. she estimates that here in the city somewhere between 9598% of restaurant employees are already vaccinated. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> stay with kron for continuing coronavirus coverage to scan the qr code with your mobile device and you'll be directed to our web page dedicated to covid-19 coverage. that's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> up next here on kron. 4 news at 3 farewell new your we'll hear from the next governor on his last day and the plans lieutenant governor kathy hochul has in store for her career. plus another
3:27 pm
massive sideshow, this time in san francisco bay area community step up efforts to crack down on these illegal events. and after the break, many of us have received our ballot for the recall election of governor newsome. but there's now growing concerns over holes on the ballot when you can do to keep your vote safe. that story's next.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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>> let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look outside. this is along the embarcadero. you could see those trees just blowing in the wind kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr is here with our forecast today of the answers in the wind to i guess, anyway. you have innocent night much nicer picture there and spooky here. the a shot from u c berkeley see the fog returning a little bit. it's going to be quite active over the next least couple of going forward. what we have is a reinforcing front that go into too much for us. help fortify or marine layer as we see it coming back again tomorrow. maybe some coastal drizzle on all that. >> then tuesday night here comes throw some scattered clouds. our way. and after that we go into warming or bake mode into the remainder of the week. now for tonight with all the said fog temperatures around the bay mid-fifties. it looks like we've got fog and coastal drizzle still possible. san francisco open scattered fog and clouds in san jose will be treated to hazy skies and calm
3:31 pm
conditions, temperature. check. word 83 happening. well, inland helping to drive those winds as this air rises. it pulls in that marine layer and you can see the numbers already in the lower 70's along the east bay shoreline. so what we have lying ahead early bay fog and coastal fog mostly sunny into the afternoon as temperatures range from 60's at the coast 80's inland that will carry through the early part of the week. then late in the week temperatures plow through the 90's, then by sunday we turn the corner and we cool back down again as that high breaks down o'shea some long range models. with that in your 70 forecast who sent thank you, dave. >> and to a big story we continue to follow. the u.s. is racing to evacuate. americans and allies out of afghanistan. this as the taliban warns the united states against keeping troops in the country beyond august 31st. our washington correspondent alexandra le mon brings us the latest.
3:32 pm
>> good evening. and the taliban has made it clear it wants u.s. troops out of afghanistan by august 31st and u.s. officials said today they are working as quickly as possible to get as many people as they can out over the next week. the pentagon says 16,000 people were evacuated from kabul in the past 24 hours by the u.s. and allies. >> but didn't say how many of those are americans overall. we've we've been able to evacuate several 1000 americans. we are in communication with the taliban for the establishment. a statement. >> of several checkpoints to increased throughput and facilitate safe passage. pentagon officials say troops are expanding operations to help americans officials said since the end of july, 42,000 people have been relocated from afghanistan, including 37,000 since the evacuations began on august 14th for military installatuons. >> as well as dulles
3:33 pm
international are receiving afghans as they come into the united states while the pentagon and white house are focusing on the progress videos from kabul show scenes of chaos and the shooting left one afghan soldier dead and several others wounded cannot rule out the hustle actor wasn't a shooting incident last night. officials say the u.s. is working to get as many people out of afghanistan as quickly as possible. we believe that we have time between now and the 31st to get out. any american who wants to get out. >> and one big challenge is that the u.s. government doesn't know exactly how many americans are in afghanistan because not all of them choose to register with the government. we also don't know exactly how many afghan allies have helped both the u.s. government and ngo's over the past 20 years, reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> now one of the evacuation planes arrived at ramstein air force base in germany with one more passenger than it left
3:34 pm
within afghanistan air force officials say an afghan woman went into labor during the flight. the woman was having complications of the pilot had to descend to increase air pressure which helped stabilize the mother right after touching down a medical team boarded the plane and deliver the child in the cargo hold of the c 17. mom and baby are both set to be in good condition. and now to some california politics, we're following up with election officials after some voters have reached out to us with concerns over holes in some recall ballot envelopes and those holes can be found on envelopes depending on the county and some can expose and voters answer to one of the questions on the ballot. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what officials suggest you do to keep your ballots secure. >> in this photo from a nevada county viewer a hole on the side of the recall ballot envelope exposes an unfilled ballot bubble. another photo shows that one removed from below the unfilled bubble is
3:35 pm
one of the options on ballot question. one shell gavin newsom be recalled from the office of governor. this is not the case for every county. donna johnston with the california association of clerks and elections. officials explains some for self-control as to how they placed the ballot into some counties have a completely blank side of the ballot. they could pull that that direction. so there's absolutely nothing showing. >> when they play sudden to below some of the holes do not correspond with some lopes with any information about whatsoever. why did these holes exist on the ballot at all. there for different reasons. there are one reason is that they help identify that the balance been extracted from below for the counties that use processing equipment and the others. the holes are placed. so that will obviously apparent boehner will know exactly where to sign me up a little. so it's on either side of the the area that they're supposed to sign. >> according to political data recall ballot return tracker. more than half a million ballots have been returned to
3:36 pm
local elections officials about 3% of all ballots for those who already turned in their ballots, possibly with answers exposed johnston says those voters should not worry says officials are very hardworking dedicated people who are just trying to help get every vote to count. >> they want to make sure that that every ballot gets processed. and so for sunday, they are not concerned with how somebody voted but making sure that their ballot is is properly cast for voters who might still have concerns with the turning the mail in ballot. johnson says there will be opportunities to vote in person when polls begin opening september 4th. in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. now our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. >> it will take you straight to our web page where you can read about the candidates running in the recall election also find important dates and information on how to cast your ballot. and as national news today is new york
3:37 pm
governor andrew cuomo's. a final day in audit office cuomo resign from his position in the wake of a harassment scandal involving 11 women and recorded farewell address the governor defended his record and attack the harassment investigation by the state's attorney general. >> you know me, i am a fighter. and my instinct is to fight this because it is unfair ana unjust in my mind. but you also know that i love new york. and i serve you. that is the oath that i took. and in this moment. i believe the right thing. is that my service come first, prolonging the situation could only cause governmental paralysis. and that is just not an option for you and not an option for the state, especially now. >> lieutenant governor kathy hochul will become the first
3:38 pm
female governor of new york when she sworn in just after midnight tonight. hochul has already said she plans to run for a full four-year term next year. still coming up this hour. your next family hike may have to be rescheduled tell you which national forests have been forced to temporarily close in california due to the wildfires. >> also wind in our warming world. how climate change could make your glass of pinot or more potent. plus another reason hit the green. how playing golf could actually help you live longer. before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more,
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health. now, if you're looking live longer, you may want to hit the links. experts are shedding light on the positive effect golf has on longevity. >> according to a doctor for morehouse college golfing. as long as you're walking 18 holes can actually burn a surprising amount of calories golfers can burn up to 2000 calories in a round walking between 5, 7, miles depending on the course. now as an at outside activity golf. also provides vitamin d exposure stress relief. and because you're playing with others, it has social benefits. it's also low impact and can be played at almost any age. meanwhile, global warming is apparently
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making your red wine stronger. scientists say vineyards are heating up due to climate change causing grapes on the vine to have a higher sugar content. wine experts say this makes them more alcoholic wants fermented in bottled up white wine is set to be less affected due to the grapes being harvested earlier and grown in cooler climates. >> still ahead, deadly flooding in tennessee. nearly 2 dozen people killed and many still missing. we'll have the latest on the situation there and where the storm will move next. k
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>> now take a look at this video. this is cell phone video that captured a large side show over the weekend in san francisco. it happened at 6 than harrison at 03:00am sunday morning and no arrests have been made. but spectator cars blocked to traffic from moving in before police arrived. eventually dispersing large crowd. this comes almost a year after city leaders and police pledged to crack down on sideshows. they even pass new legislation last fall that now allows vehicles involved to be impounded for up to 30 days and said 15 additional city cameras in our use for surveillance of these activities. now sideshows are dangerous. problem plaguing most of the bay area. so far the city of san jose has taken the strictest approach to cracking down on these events in june of this year, san jose
3:46 pm
became the first major us city to also make it illegal to promote sideshows whether on social media phone or word of mouth. and in 2019 city leaders made it legal to be a spectator at a sideshow now san francisco police didn't say whether or not anyone was hurt and sunday morning sideshow. but if you do have any information or video. police would like to hear from meal. go to some national news now, search and rescue efforts are under way after devastating flooding struck middle tennessee, killing at least 22 people. now among the victims, twin babies who were swept from their father's arms during the catastrophic flooding. it's feared the death toll could rise as dozens remain missing alina abovian brings us the latest developments. >> look at what the power. >> of water can do catastrophic flooding in middle tennessee. saturday leaving a path of destruction and devastation. a record shattering rainfall washed away homes and rule roads. the
3:47 pm
town of mcewen, about 50 miles west of nashville. sop to 17 inches of rain in just one day and say the flooding in some areas took out roads, power lines and cell phone towers leaving many out of touch from loved ones. rescue crews searched desperately sunday amid shattered homes and tangled debris. at least 20 people died. dozens are still missing to the bodies recovered were toddlers. tweens 7 month-old ryan and riley who were swept away from their father's arms is just. >> breathtaking in its heartbreaking. everything's ruined inside. >> if you have a value. also among the dead is a foreman who worked on loretta lynn's ranch in humphreys county. the country music legend said on facebook when spears was a longtime foreman and friend. the downpour was unlike any other record breaking 3 inches an hour creeks behind homes turned into raging rapids. this business owner says he
3:48 pm
had 6 feet of water in his restaurant. everything he owns is now gone. we've got. >> from other businesses that actually washington normally windows smashed out. >> tennessee governor bill lee toured the impacted areas calling the devastation overwhelming the president sending his condolences and federal aid will offer any assistance they need for this terrible moment. >> that was alina abovian reporting for us this afternoon. national weather service is projecting more of these storms in the future due to global warming. now from floods on the east to wildfires on the west. all the wildfires we're dealing with are forcing the state to shut down some of california's national forests. the u.s. forest service issued an emergency forest service closure for 9 national parks. you can see them on your screen right now. this will last until sepnember 6th. that's according to the agency. forest officials say anyone violating the order
3:49 pm
could face fines up to $5,000.6 months in jail. let's check on honorees path with our meteorologist dave spahr. dave. some impressive rain there which we could see some of that here on the way west to voice. we could use that. that is true. that amounts being projected from andre here in massachusetts, about 5 inches of rain going on for today. it is now. >> post tropical now and it's a pattern we do have see a juicy squall line just about to hit cape cod. as you can see for this evening. but coverage. area's pretty great with this fast-moving system expected to exit into the atlantic. there are 3 other possible systems to be watching in the atlantic. the hurricane center is watching as we see the fog roll on in east bay shoreline. you can see the sun is still making its way through a little bit. there. so upstream, obviously the fog returns tomorrow. the sierra rain machine is turned off in the afternoon thunder shower activity, which is kind of a good thing. in some ways don't get lightning with this now tuesday night into wednesday comes our front
3:50 pm
behind that there may be a brief spurt of an offshore wind event from that. then the high pressure builds and away go the temperatures for tomorrow. this is all before anything happens. 80 still far in the east bay up in the we've got 70's since 70's for the most part, the checks in at 6767 also open and 71 for hayward longer-range. now, we obviously have that system. i just mentioned passing through, ok, that will be middle of the week. then the high pressure builds and notice how quiet it is in the 4 corner states least for a good chunk of arizona and nevada, the river of california. then after that high breaks down into the the monsoon snaps back again. as you can see, getting into the sierra as well. while we wait for something from the pacific to come our way, which doesn't appear on the card. so look at the temperature change front gets here tuesday night. wednesday. word 84. up to thursday when that high positions in the right spot around 100 and heading into the weekend. east bay shoreline temps, lower 80's again will break the back of the sunday and on into early next week to knots. today.
3:51 pm
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we're about to wrap kron 4 news at 3, but not before giving you a dose of cuteness firefighter working the river fire up north has rescued a phone. take a look at the rare fire is burning in parts of clay month and shasta trinity national forests. the firefighter found the animal barely hanging on. but after giving it some water, the fun began to perk up. now the baby deer is being cared for at a wildlife rescue or just season. and powerball is giving players a 3rd chance to win per week. the nationwide lottery game is adding drawings to monday's and the first one is tonight. players still choose 5 numbers and won powerball number for each $2 with the purchase. lottery officials say adding a 3rd drawing each week does not
3:55 pm
change the power ball ball on or cash prizes. they believe adding a monday. drying will result in larger faster-growing jackpots dollars. time now to check in with newsnation is see what the team in chicago is working on tonight. tonight. on the donlon report, a threat against americans. the taliban making new demands who the u.s. is ordering now to help evacuate the thousands left. >> in afghanistan a what it means for president biden moving forward. now here's leland vittert with a preview of on balance. >> thanks. joe threats from the taliban and a deadline quickly approaching what the terrorist group says will happen if the united states does not withdraw its troops in time. that's coming up on ballots night followed by news nation prime. >> i can find newsnation on the channels listed details available on our website. kron 4 dot com. before we go, let's get one final check on our weather with dave spahr hate. >> sanaa's. we're looking for temperatures pretty much in the middle 50's going on to
3:56 pm
tippy around the immediate bay. the fall comes back again as we expected lingering around those coastal areas into the afternoon hazy in com expected san jose at 55 high temperatures tomorrow. well, inland popping in the lower 80's. that's it. you're going to see similar performance on wednesday. things don't get rock. and as we till we get to thursday 70's. meanwhile, to the north bay oith 67 for the lay. whoa. what's going to lay all this really is a little front or back yard is going to have some scattered clouds as we get into the day on tuesday and tuesday night afterwards little bit of a brief spurt to maybe some offshore winds and then temperatures go climbing. look at this from to wednesday. 8497 thursday right up to 100 and to the weekend starts to break a little bit on sunday and then will cool off into next week. so does thank you, dave. >> well, the news doesn't end here. our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app. and we'll have a look at coming up. we'll have a look at some of the most dramatic video caught by
3:57 pm
wildfire cameras. we also have a live interview with cnn. it's about policing, social media posts about afghanistan. so just grab your phone open the camera app on your phone, scanned. the qr code you see on your screen right now. it will take you directly to your app store. we can download the kron on app for free just in time for that continued coverage. and that's it for kron 4 news at 3. i'm thanks for watching.
3:58 pm
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