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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 13, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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we are one month away from the recall election. and governor gavin newsome kicked off his campaign to keep his job today. why he says californians. >> should vote no on the recall. and the recall election is turning out to be a battle between newsom and larry elder who held his first major press conference today. we're chilly. we'll take you there. and a coronavirus outbreak inside of an east bay school district. what learning about the cases and what's being done to prevent further spread. now from the area's local news station. >> this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> we can go whole covid clip in just a matter of weeks. if we don't take this moment seriously. in turn. those ballots back in the simple fact just vote no. and go to the >> now at 3 governor gavin newsom comes back home to san francisco to persuade voters to let him keep his job. hello. thank you so much for joining us this friday. the 13th right here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman this event in the city kicked off a weekend of action for the democratic governor. this is mail ballots have arrived at voters homes and that recall election date is about one month away. kron four's maureen kelly was at the governor's first campaign stop this morning. she joins us now live from san francisco. good afternoon. worry. >> justine that's right. many of us got our ballots in the mail and today the governor started his push to condense
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the mostly democrats in this state to fill those ballots out and get them in the mail. governor gavin newsome came back home to san francisco where launched his political career surrounded by progressive and moderate democrats backing him up. >> inside manny's community space in the mission district there. he told many members of the media gathered for his kickoff event. but the stakes of this recall could not be higher at a time where the state is battling yet another extreme fire season and still in the grips of a pandemic. he faces a lot of challengers on the ballot. but mostly singled out the current front runner among them, conservative radio talk show host larry elder saying he's to the right of donald trump. larry elder does not believe. i don't believe in climate change. he calls it a myth, a crock day one. he proudly states as do all the other republican candidates day one, they probably state. >> day one. that they would eliminate any mask requirements in our public schools to keep our kids safe and healthy and in person to
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get the social emotional support. they deserve day one he would repeal that as he would repeal any requirement for vaccine verifications, including health care workers. the stakes are profound. newsom has reason to go on the offensive. >> take a look at our exclusive inside california politics poll with emerson college 46% are planning to vote on recalling the governor 48% want to keep governor newsom and 6% are undecided early voting for the september 14th recall election opens this monday. political analyst michael yaki says newsom has to motivate democrats to actually fill those ballots out. according to the latest poll. >> he was down by 20 points among latinx voters and he can't afford to lose that we can afford to lose any votes. you can afford lose anyone who voted for joe biden in the last election. this the kind of thing where. every vote is going to count. it's going to be the other side is
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incredibly motivated to get out the vote is to do the same thing with his side. >> president joe biden tweeted out his support for governor newsome yesterday it. they said both the president and the vice president will come out and campaign against the recall in the coming weeks. governor newsome hits the road and head south to san diego and los angeles tomorrow reporting from san francisco. i'm maureen kelly kron, 4 news, thank you so much, marino. also this morning. >> larry elder held his first major press conference in his run to replace governor gavin newsom. >> the recall candidate front runner and the governor not mincing words for each other today on the campaign trail. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us now live. she has details. good afternoon, ashley. >> good afternoon, justine yet today marks really not just a campaign blitz for governor gavin newsome but also larry elder and other candidates running to replace the
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governor. this is the final weekend before ballots hit mailboxes for the majority of the state. >> i'm going to win election after recall conservative radio talk show host larry elder holding his first major press conference virtually friday. he mainly criticized governor newsom and california is democrat led government reason for the part of the reasons i left wing politics is a reason for the rising crime left-wing politics. there's a reason for the rise of homelessness and it's left a lot of people haven't connected the dots. recent polls, including one from inside california politics and emerson college show almost californians are undecided on who they would pick to replace newsom. >> elder has the lead among republican heavy field of candidates elder condemned newsom's handling of the pandemic and said he'd throw out any mask or statewide vaccine mandate for right away that i was running away with
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this >> meanwhile, it uses campaign event in san francisco. larry elder was the only replacement candidate. the governor mentioned by name newsome denounced elders, conservative views including his climate change denial and anti-abortion stance. i go down list. >> to the right of donald trump. to the right of that's what's at stake in this election and don't think for a second. you can't have in that role. >> we should note at larry elder's press conference today elder did not take any questions from any mainstream local and statewide media or any journalists who regularly hold elected officials accountable. elder has been invited butut will not debate and any of the next 2 debates, including ours. that is we are larry elder's team, though, does say that they have provided comment to other journalists across the state. but today they wanted to give an opportunity to other members of the media reporting live in sacramento ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>> thank you so much. ashley. now you can see the major republican candidates go head to head in a debate next week inside california politics is hosting the debate right here in our kron 4 news studios. it airs next thursday. august 19th at 07:00pm. well, going on to our coronavirus headlines and today the cdc approved booster shots of pfizer moderna's covid-19 vaccines for people who have weakened immune systems. it's unclear when the shots will be administered. but it is expected to be pretty soon. kareen wynter has the latest. >> a unanimous tote today by cdc vaccine advisers. the panel recommending an extra covid vaccine dose for those who are immunocompromised. the cdc director must now decide on whether to adopt this new guidance on thursday. the fda authorized an additional 3rd dose for those who are immunocompromised. this as cnn reports based on data from the u.s. department of health and human services. 8 states now comprise half of the nation's
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covid hospitalizations alabama, arkansas, florida, georgia, louisiana, nevada, texas and mississippi have been concerned throughout the pandemic where the governor just extended his state of emergency by a month to give public health leaders and other government officials more time to respond to the crisis. the order was slated to expire on sunday, mississippi just broke its single-day record for hospitalizations icu admissions. and new cases. clearly the southeast is in the. >> the thrust of an exceptionally. contagious variant of this particular virus and and because of that, we're in a very different situation than we were in 2 weeks ago, 8 states considered hot spots reportedly have covid patients account for at least 15% of their overall hospitalizations with combined totals that make up approximately 51% of patients. >> louisiana has also just reported its highest number of covid hospitalizations since the start of the crisis. even with the possible approval, a booster shots experts warned against relaxing existing protocols for the virus. the key message is don't let down
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your guard about using the things proven things. >> masks, physical distancing hand washing of ways of crowds making sure you have sort of ring of protection. as for the need for booster shot. health leaders expressed concern about how much protection the immunocompromised had received so far from their vaccinations. >> the emergence of the deadly delta variant resy urgency even more ensuring this fragile population have the same benefits as those who are not immunosuppressed. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us this afternoon. and now we go to the east bay where the san ramon valley unified school district is dealing with more than a half a dozen positive covid-19 cases on 4 separate campuses. but as kron 4 sweet ago reports the virus has been isolated to just those cases. >> during the first week of school. 7 students from a mix of elementary middle and high school campuses within the san ramon valley unified school district have tested positive for covid-19 one of those
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cases reported at los cerritos middle school. we've been concerned about it. the actions to be increased off. job says he is confident in the school district's health and safety protocols but worries for his 13 year-old and 10 year-old sons he's vaccinated you need to be better of. it got a younger son was not vaccinated because he's too young. >> and concern for him. the school district says all of the positive cases are students at the trend that we're seeing. the delta. you know it. it was expected all than happy to not see it the first week that it >> it is what it is. at this point. no positive cases have popped up among teachers or staff from what we understand of the transmission was in the community, not in our schools. in addition to los arrows, middle school. 3 cases were reported at this. the elementary school. one case at san ramon valley high school. >> in 2 cases at california. high school when a student is
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identified as having covid. they must go home superintendent doctor john malloy says all of the people who are considered close contacts have been notified. he says since all of them wear masks indoors and many have been vaccinated. most are still in school or in modified quarantine. yes, we will have cases. >> but it's how we deal with them. that's important. 7 cases. we've dealt with it effectively in a population of 30,000 kids were back on campus this week in the san ramon valley unified school district. >> that's what we're focusing about. 950 districts. students have either opted for virtual learning or independent studies. >> in danville collegiate all kron 4 news. >> much more ahead here on kron. 4 news at 3, how keeping lake tahoe blue is becoming harder and harder because of climate change. plus, proof of full vaccination goes into effect for many indoor businesses in san francisco next week. so what do you do
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if yof have lost your vaccine card. you're having trouble getting a digital version of it. we've got answers for you straight ahead. and after the break, police in san francisco are trying to solve a 15 year-old murder case. now there is an increase reward for information that could help find this california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today.
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>> san francisco police are offering a $250,000 reward for
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information that could help solve a cold case murder this week marks 15 years since 17 year-old aubrey a casa was killed. he was at the intersection of grove and baker streets. that's just north of the panhandle when he was shot several times and every year around the date of his death. his family, friends and police officers gathered at the site where he was murdered to remember him. >> let's get admitted a car for his a graduation, but it didn't make it. you know, it still hurts. it hurts. and can do to bring awareness, not just to my son but other mothers and fathers that are out there suffering in silence. >> since the shooting arbery's mother has been advocating against gun violence. the future of lake tahoe's health may be in jeopardy u c davis is top how environmental research center has released its annual state of the lake report which now suggest
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climate change and above average temperatures may be affecting tahoe's clear blue water. melanie townsend breaks down this new report. >> the last time researchers were able to see 100 feet down in lake tahoe is clear water was in 1960. but in the last several years, the average depth of visibility was no more than 70 feet due to environmental changes. doctor jeffrey shaw toe with the environmental research center says this is keeping them from reaching their goal of improving tahoe, uc-health and clarity. the biggest factors being heat in microscopic put the same to change the way from this is how to pitch is increasing. >> so this temperature of 20 degrees celsius. 68 degrees fahrenheit. actually a actually that does so sad
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cheer lake tahoe also dropped 2 and a half feet last year. this combined with the reduction of uv radiation from wildfire smoke in warmer surface water temps will only exacerbate the buildup of an invasive species of asian clans. >> in algae called notified on the left. here beautiful, beautiful there was a bottle of this is what i did. o with a child should look like now. so what can be done to save the lake from bacteria and plants. >> turk researchers have come up with several different solutions. and one of them comes in the form of animal treats. >> and you change she look at thank, you know, the plan is to harvest these tiny yet. highly destructive trip isis then and then those don't reach as a way of so many engage in people's awareness of the nation change for now, turk scientists will continue to monitor with drone flyovers
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diving expeditions in psa keeping lake taupo blew the lid. china beyond just having tools could even having a new tool in sacramento. >> melanie townsend, fox 40 news. >> not our wildfire coverage in plans to repopulate areas evacuated due to the dixie fire have now been canceled. cal fire had originally planned to allow residents of some areas of plumas county, including the towns of chester and lake on the door. to return home today. but those plans are now delayed because of spot fires along highway 36. and tomorrow will mark one month since the dixie fire started and residents of greenville. that was basically destroyed by the fire are returning now to see what's left of their homes. hundreds of homes were lost in the town and many residents were only able to escape, but the clothes on their back. still, people are saying they are grateful. no one was killed. local officials say it's too soon to think about whether
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they will attempt to rebuild the town. officials there are saying changes are needed to prevent fires like this from happening again. >> we need to change right now. how we manage our wild lands because if we don't, then places like greenville. we're going to see on repeats again and again and again. >> and the dixie fire has burned over 517,000 acres and is only 31% contained as of this afternoon. we'll switch gears now and talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here at coit tower from our camera right here in our kron 4 news studios in san francisco. quite nice out there today. warmer weather is on the way for the weekend. so says meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. >> did i get that right. i mean, yeah. meteorologists justine waltman rivals. boy. let's take a look. good air quality, though. that's going to be the issue throughout today. we're tracking moderate
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air particles in our east bay valleys in south bay with even poor air quality for solano county. so we are tracking temperatures. well into the triple digits for solano county this weekend and stormtracker 4 tracking smoke and haze fortunately no spare the air alerts or heat advisories in effect for this weekend in the bay area. but don't let your guard down. we're going to see moderate amounts of air particles streaming through the bay area all weekend long with that air quality advisory. now extended through sunday expect some improvement thanks to that stronger sea breeze by tuesday of this upcoming week. also tracking hazy skies out there. for those of you heading out to the sierra dry clear conditions for us here in the bay area. but look how active it is right now in this year with pop up thunderstorms near daughter summer. we're tracking lightning also being reported and for south lake tahoe right now just seeing light steady rain, even throughout most of truckee as
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well. but we are going to notice that severe weather continuing throughout tonight calmer conditions by this weekend. for those of you heading out to this year. this weekend. 88 degrees for lake tahoe and then warming up into the low 90's by sunday with little change on monday. so we are going to have a special weather statement in effect for those of you in this year because of the smoky hazy conditions. in addition that above average temperatures as well. your full bay area forecast. coming up in just a few minutes. just team. back to you. thank you so much for recent. still ahead, coming up at 3.45 there is new after the bay area that could help you save some money on groceries. >> and also help the environment at the same time. we'll explain how it works. and after the break, it is back to levi stadium this weekend. for forty-niners fans, the safety protocols you need to know about for the big game. plus, details on how you can catch the raiders right here on kron 4 tomorrow.
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>> football is back and both the raiders and the forty-niners kick off their preseason schedule this weekend. and this will also be the first time that the niners will play in front of fans at levi stadium since the end of the 2019 season. and despite the recent surge in cases. the team is not limiting capacity inside the stadium. there are going to be safety protocols in place. you're not required to prove that you are vaccinated or prove that you don't have covid-19, but they
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are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. if you are inside, you won't have to wear your mask. those. yeah. if outside, you don't wear your mask. but if you go inside like to the bathroom. you will have to wear a mask regardless of your vaccination status. the team will have hand sanitizer available throughout the stadium. wash your hands kickoff starts at 5.30 now, on saturday, the raiders are going to play in front of fans at allegiant stadium in las vegas for the very first time marcus variable not be playing because he suffered a leg injury at practice head coach jon gruden says he should only be out for a few days. but don't expect to see much of derek carr either any of the other starters. >> gives you goose pumps. you know, gets excited and i don't think you're going to see a lot of the players play. unfortunately because of, you know, the reality of what this is. this is an exhibition game. but to unite with our fans and. kickoff football season officially in las vegas is somewhere really excited
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about something. we really take a lot of pride. >> the raiders will be taking on the seattle seahawks on saturday and kron 4 is the bay area, home of the raiders. you can watch the silver and black take on the seahawks in their first preseason game this saturday right here on kron. 4. it all starts at 5.30 with the kron for raiders. pre-game show, followed by the game that starts at 6 coming up. and then you now analysis of all the action you on the kron 4 raiders post-game report. and then of course you can watch kron 4 news in prime time right after we're very excited jason and kate have a big show planned for you. >> up next for us getting you ready for school. how parents can get prepared and have a successful start to the school year. president biden says he wants to make community college free for americans. i'm reshad hudson reporting in washington here are the next steps on the plan.
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>> also with many places asking you for proof of vaccine of covid-19. what happens if you lost your card, you got we've got the shops. we don't have a digital vaccine record. there are a lot of options will walk you through the process.
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>> now to the east they were first responders in contra, costa county will have to be vaccinated against covid-19 or get weekly tests. this is according to a new health
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order that was just released today from the county health department, the order takes effect on september 17th health officials say the order is in response to a recent surge in cases as of wednesday. 188 people were hospitalized in contra, costa county with covid that is a 400% increase from one month ago currently 80% of those hospitalized in the county are unvaccinated. and all week we've been talking about how to help students returning to in-person instruction. have a successful school year and communication between parents and children is the key. that's according to mike a program assistant for the first 5 contra costa program for example. she's saying parents can talk to their children about the new environment. they're going to be in or show their children photos or even schedule. zoom calls or meetings ahead of time with their teachers. and while it can be a stressful transition for kids. parents may be dealing with some anxiety of their own. >> chow. he thought the
3:31 pm
parents energy. so it's so important for us to one mind that parents to remain calm model. your behavior. staying calm. because they're watching you. the children are watching your serving in their learning how to react and respond from you and so it's so important for us to model that behavior and to really prepare. as well and support. the parents emotion got a brave. children are brave. remember, they're watching you. if you are confident in this transition, they're going to look to you as the whole model and they're going to know this is a safe place because he's modeled for >> parents can take advantage of first 5 contra, costa services for free. the program has centers in both contra, costa and solano counties. now, when senators return to capitol hill next month. they will begin the process of debating on a 3.5 trillion dollar bill into tackling the
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number of president joe biden's a number of president joe biden's priorities. one of them includes free community college our washington correspondent reshad hudson has details. >> when passing the 3.5 trillion dollar budget blueprint. this week. the senate completed an important initial step towards president biden's goal of making community college free for americans. >> we have just as much work to do in a higher at spaces. we do in k 12 education secretary miguel cardona says president biden's free community college plan will help cut down on student debt. you should have mountains of debt. when you graduate college. >> cardona says the department of education is also working to make it easier on those who already have student loans. >> we've. for given over 3 billion dollars in student loan debt already. and we're looking for ways to make sure that we're keeping our borrowers front and center. >> the plan to make community college free is supported by
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the national education association. public education is a right that every student in every family should have accesseto it shouldn't matter where we live or what their zip code in this karen white with says not all students want to attend a four-year institution. >> some students are going to want to do 2 years and move into a certain career. the president's 3.5 trillion dollar bill also calls for free preschool for 3, 4, year olds and paid and family sick leave. >> republicans oppose the bill because they say the high price tag is too much for the country to afford reporting in washington. reshad hudson. >> we'll do some international news right now. get the latest out of afghanistan. where 3,000 troops are helping with the evacuation efforts of the u.s. embassy in kabul. this is the taliban moves closer to the capital city. the taliban takeover comes just weeks before the u.s. set to fully withdraw troops from the region. the defense department is acknowledging the situation
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on the ground in afghanistan is quickly getting worse. but stands by the decision to withdraw troops. well, 3,000 troops will be evacuating the embassy. they will be leaving the defense of the city to afghan troops. >> certainly concerned the speed with which the taliban has been moving to is a this is a moment for. the afghans to unite. >> there are a little over 4,000 personnel still at the embassy. the biden administration warned taliban officials that the u.s. would respond if the taliban attacked americans during the evacuations. not to the east coast and the new york state assembly will suspend its impeachment investigation into governor andrew cuomo once he steps down. this is according to the chamber's top democrat. and this is because the assembly judiciary committee cannot legally impeach and remove an elected official who's no longer in office. the
3:35 pm
3 term democratic governor announced his resignation on tuesday over harassment allegations and an investigation by the state attorney general that accuse cuomo of sexually harassing at least 11 women. he is set to leave office on august 24th and new york's governor kathy hochul will take over becoming the first female governor in new york, state's history. let's take a live look outside right now along the golden gate bridge fog has settled in across the shot today and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with our friday. the 13th forecast. is it a lucky one? oh, it's a very lucky one at that or is it scary to see spooky will see spooky. >> wait a minute. we'll look at the weekend forecast looking good, though. so it is a lucky 13 live look outside golden gate bridge and we are tracking, though that fog bank out there right now. cooling down temperatures along the coast in the mid 60's for downtown san francisco in
3:36 pm
pacific up low 70's for those of you in oakland and mid 80's right now for livermore conquer. not that far behind at 86 degrees san jose 78 degrees and those of nevado in the low 80's with upper 70's for napa. some pretty uniform numbers there. but overall tracking widespread cooling throughout the bay area shoreline, a few degrees of warming, though. for those of you in santa rosa. and when tracker for tracking a stronger sea breeze. even extending into the east bay shoreline with oakland seeing sustained winds right now at 21 miles per hour and radar for so far very dry and calm. but we are seeing some upper level moisture with what was once tropical storm kevin making its way during the overnight hours into the bay area could bring us some steady sprinkles for your saturday morning. but look how quickly we dry out and clear out. that's because our warming trend is going to contribute to that mild overnight lows yet again upper 50's along the coast with low to mid 60's as you make your way inland 5 to 10 degrees
3:37 pm
above average to start your weekend forecast. so lucky. 13 really paying off this weekend because we're going to see spectacular weather a little bit. warm inland, though triple digit heat for nevado upper 70's for oakland in downtown san francisco in the mid 70's for you and the warming trend slightly hotter on sunday. that's what it's going to peak. but they've cooling down with seasonal averages by tuesday of this upcoming week to see back to you. thanks so much from recent you plan to go out in san francisco starting next week you're going to need your covid-19 vaccine card to enter businesses. >> that draws a large crowd of people. but does this mean you have to carry around that actual cdc card that you got, which is so bizarre that it's not big enough to actually fit into your wallet. but, you know, mean, if you have one. so if you don't have that, you can't find it. kron four's haaziq madyun explains. what else you can do. >> this time next week if you want to work out in a see a show, get a drink or eat in a restaurant in san francisco,
3:38 pm
you're going to need one of these proof that you are fully vaccinated against covid-19. it is not advisable to carry your original cdc vaccine card around with you. laminated copy would be a better option for more options. we turn to the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association laurie thomas, a picture on your phone and that vaccination card that you can see that you've either had 2 shots of. >> the 2 shot dosage or one shot of the j and j dosage. it could be an app like i've downloaded one called calm pass from san francisco. i mean, from california where you go in and entered in and it shows up. you know, there's multiple apps and then, you know, we also will need a picture id. a picture id to verify the person with the vaccination card is the same the identification card. >> a digital certificate can be acquired by visiting the state of california's digital covid-19 vaccine record page there. you can into your name and date of birth and then you
3:39 pm
will be linked to a qr code and a digital copy of your vaccination. take a picture of that and say that to an album on your phone. however, when it comes to actually presenting a visual reference that you've been vaccinated so there's no there's no universal. >> proof needed. >> one out because member, we're going to we're going to see different kind of. passports from different, you know, backs it. that's a nation apps or whatever from different locations getting your official covid-19 vaccination card from your local cvs or walgreens is pretty much instantaneous following the shot. >> there's no wait time you can check with your personal health care provider for any lag in turnaround time after being vaccinated. this is not rocket science is just like when we were under 21, show me your id and we're just going to add the show me the vaccination card san francisco's proof of covid-19 vaccination requirement goes into effect friday august 20th
3:40 pm
2021. >> haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> coming up next right here on kron. 4 news at 3. going to talk about pandemic. babies being born during the covid crisis is impacting babies. i q levels also in health news, a new study is finding when the average person's metabolism actually peaks in tanks. see what it really slows down.
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>> for your health. this afternoon. what we think we know about metabolism may be totally wrong. research published in the journal science says metabolism peaks at age one. it was found to be 50% higher at that point. then in adulthood and after age one metabolism then starts to gradually come down until age 20. that's what it levels off. and then it stays like that until age 60, which is when it starts to decline. the study also found that there are no real differences between the metabolic rates of men and women. lots of that just but that one now for your health right now. researchers at brown university say children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal motor and cognitive performance compared to other children. things like clothes day care, schools and playgrounds are factors here and the changes have forced parents to juggle work on with child care and teaching
3:44 pm
previous research has shown that the first few years of a child's life are critical to brain development. up next, there is now a new way to save money on groceries and also help the environment at the same time. >> we'll explain how this new app works right after the break. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back. bay area homeowners, learn how your neighbors are accessing hundreds of thousands of dollars
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i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> a san francisco icon has passed away. james hormel was the first openly man appointed to an ambassadorship by then
3:47 pm
president bill clinton named him to the ambassador of luxembourg, locally in 1991 at the height of the aids epidemic. he donated money for what would become the james see formal lgbtq. center at the san francisco public library. he was also awarded the title of lifetime achievement. grand marshal of san francisco's pride parade. he was 88 years old. california senator dianne feinstein paid tribute to normal with a statement reading in part, san francisco lost a great friend today, a philanthropist civil rights pioneer and a loving spouse and father james hormone lived an extraordinary life and will be deeply missed by many while his nomination was controversial at the time. his service was distinguished in help advanced lgbtq rights both at home and abroad. i will miss his kind heart and generous spirit. it's those qualities that made him such an inspirational figure and beloved part of our city.
3:48 pm
house speaker nancy pelosi also paid tribute with a statement saying in part in our community and country. jim was recognized as a significant champion of the arts and education. his love of his family loyal to his friends made him a beloved figure in our community. it is fitting the gyms name is etched in history as the first openly us ambassador, but his extraordinary greatness is forever etched in the hearts of all who knew him. meantime, the contra costa sheriff's office is remembering deputy sheriff carlos france east today back on this day in 2015. the deputy drowned in el dorado beach near lake tahoe while trying to save a friend. the sheriff's office tweeted we stand with this family and friends and will never forget his sacrifice and service. he was with the contra costa sheriff's department for 3 years. well, it does seem like everything is costing a little bit more these days. so what if groceries worth 50 bucks could cost you just under $6.
3:49 pm
there's a new company that's made its way to the bay area and not only will it help you save money on food. but it's also a saying it will help fight food waste at the same time, kron four's noelle bellow shows us how. >> it sure that it's so simple to do something that makes sense. and i think today we or need to do things that just make sense, too good to go. it's the latest worldwide effort to reduce food waste. and a few months ago. it made its way to the bay area in the bay. mean, we don't not even 3 months ago. we've already saved more than 70,000 lucy bash is the co-founder of too good to company created in denmark 5 years ago with the intention and dream of a planet with no food waste. now. it's 14 million users around the world are using its app to buy products that would otherwise get tossed that connects stores that might have left to live by the end of the day. >> to consumers. people like you and who can pay a small
3:50 pm
price and the app to come at the end of the day and couldn't hold the food that would have been thrown away. all you have to do is download the app and set your location. it will automatically show you which restaurants and grocery stores are having deals, places like luke local in san francisco. the minimum amount when fact can >> 3 on i would say that our backs are filled with at least $55. >> local cells about 6 bags a day at the too. good to go. rate of 5.99 customers can find anything from bacon to fresh produce cup cakes and bread and their bags. it's actually items that are super fresh still on there. just past their best buy to so we have fresh sally general manager alejandro palomar a says being able to reduce waste and bring in new customers is a big benefit. there is really. >> not a lot of work and you're able to sell something that he would have just tossed
3:51 pm
before. >> there's no joining fee for businesses or customers, too good to go just takes a flat rate of a buck 79 on each bag and here in the bay, there's even a donate feature encouraging users to help fight food insecurity with the sfa moran food bank. >> and that's when you kind of closing the new and making sure that of course you can find a way you can also help writing food insecurity. so, you know, it's making that when we got again, where everyone can benefit currently about 400 businesses in san francisco. oakland and berkeley our partners with too good to go in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> well, it's almost the weekend this point. let's get a check now on our forecast as we take a live look outside from our mount tam cam in marin county. >> there is some fog out there. its not mel valley just yet, but it is out there covering the city. so let's see how the weekend is going to shape up with our meteorologists resort week as yet t g, i f bay area. it's
3:52 pm
friday. let's take a live look outside coit tower. we are noticing a mix of sun and clouds a little bit cloudier today compared to yesterday contributing to our cooling trend. but tomorrow a lot more sunshine. and with that warmer temperatures, we're going to be about 5 degrees above average downtown san francisco warming up into the mid 70's. those of you in the sunset district. upper 50's and we're tracking low 70's for those of you at half moon bay mid 60's a piece for pacifica and daly city slightly calmer sea breeze as well. so winds out of the west-northwest 15 miles per hour or less. millbrae and burlingame flirting with 80's at 79 degrees. but san mateo and san carlos going to warm up into the low 80's and we're tracking mid 80's for those of you in mountain view, widespread 80's and 90's as you head towards the south bay san jose 87 degrees. but santa clara going to be warm toasty in the low 90's as his milpitas and mid 90's for those of you in livermore. so about 5 to 10 degrees above
3:53 pm
average for most bay area cities from coast to valleys. berkeley 81 degrees with richmond in the low 80's in concord and walnut creek 96 degrees of it is going to be downright hot. there. scorching heat for those of you in solano county, triple digit weather pittsburgh and vacaville well into the low 100's and we're tracking triple digit heat for those of you in a bottle not that far behind santa rosa at 98 degrees and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. we're going to peak on sunday. so far no heat advisories have been issued from the national weather service. but we are tracking warm weather all weekend long. cooling down to seasonal highs. thanks to that stronger seabreeze pushing all that smoke and ash away from the bay area by tuesday of this upcoming week. back to you. just saying thank you so much for brees. and we're going to take a quick break, but stay with us here on kron. 4 news at 3 because we're going to show you how animals. >> are beating the heat in the >> are beating the heat in the pacific northwest and it's when a truck hit my car, >> are beating the heat in the pacifthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth,
3:54 pm
so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today.
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cuteness alert as some animals in washington are trying to stay cool while the state experiences a heat wave. check this out. this is the northwest animal truck wildlife park where the bears, our plan in a pond. there's also some wolverines. they're just their way through a big bath of ice. that's a wolf had a very special pool. the national weather service is reporting record breaking heat for washington with temperatures reaching 96 degrees. so those animals are
3:57 pm
not used to it. they're trying to figure out a way to stay cool like all other people who live. in that area as well. and that's going to do it for us right here on kron. news at 3 on friday. the 13th i'm justine waldman, thank you so much for joining us here see tonight during conference at 6 in prime time at 8 o'clock tonight. don't forget, we have our raiders pre-game show. >> tomorrow saturday. that's at 5.30. then the big games on it 6 and there's a post-game show that's going to be great in the sea in prime time news afterwards. have a great weekend and we'll see you back here real soon.
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