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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 12, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na ♪ ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na ♪ switched it. yeah, i can't. >> now with 3 want to dine inside a san francisco restaurant. you'll have to prove that you've got vaccinated against covid details and san francisco's new vaccine mandate that was announced today as the delta variant continues to drive up covid cases. plus, the fda considers covid vaccine booster shot. so who can get one. and also the california republican party ramps up its outreach efforts in order to reach hispanic voters in order recall governor gavin newsome. you're watching kron 4 news at 3.
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>> from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> is to protect the workers is to protect kids. it's protect those who can't. >> get vaccinated. >> now 3. the city of san francisco's about to become the first major us city to require proof of vaccination for many indoor businesses and large events. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. we have a lot to get to. there's a one of a kind move by the city. that's coming during a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations and kron four's. maureen kelly is going to join us live now with details on when this will go into effect. and also why this decision was officially made. good afternoon, maureen. >> good afternoon. just seen. i am out in front of the subio in north institution and bar that for some time now has already been asking people
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requiring them to show that they are fully vaccinated before going inside getting a drink. in addition to having to show that they are 21 years of age. now starting a week from friday. all bars in the city will have to do the same as well as many other kinds of the south this month. >> they're what the city is calling high contact indoor businesses that serve food and beverages where people take their masks off to eat and drink. in addition to bars the new health order also pertains to restaurants theaters and entertainment venues as well as indoor gyms and fitness centers. and for large indoor event of a 1000 people or more. this is only for those currently eligible for the vaccine so only people over the age of 12. those under 12 can still join their families inside a restaurant. this is all to try and combat a new surge in cases driven by the delta variant. in addition to protecting the workers and those little ones on able to
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get vaccinated. the mayor says this is also about keeping the citi open for business is to make sure that we don't go backwards to make sure. >> i never have to get up in front of you and say i'm sorry. i know we just reopened and now the city is closed again because we're seeing too many people die. this all goes into effect by august 20th by october 13th the same businesses will have to get proof of vaccination from their workers as well. >> now that this does not pertain to people who are coming to a business take pick up a to go order. and if you show up place like the subio. you can also. sit outside and not have to show proof of vaccination. reporting from san francisco. i'm maureen kelly. >> the problem thank you so much. marine and we will continue our team coverage right now. on san francisco's new vaccine mandate. kron four's haaziq madyun has reaction from businesses.
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>> 3 key sectors of san francisco's business community fitness centers, restaurants and bars are on the front lines in terms of engaging with customers about vaccination status. so how do they feel about mayor london breed now requiring that customers show proof of being vaccinated. >> we are of vaccinations for folks going to the gym is actually a very good say you know, health focused him straight to start with. and so if we can give our clients that are coming just one more way air of confidence that they're going to have to work out in a healthy environment. >> we're all benjamin bleiman of the san francisco bar owners alliance says his group was ahead of the curve on this weeks ago by asking customers to show proof of being vaccinated after a poll we did oger 80% of our of our membership responded. they would like to go through with that. and we declare that we would be. >> only allow unvaccinated individuals to hang out indoor
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and our stab lish it made a lot of but in actual practice, it actually was a little bit of a nothing if anything, almost every single person who walk through our doors that we're hearing about was happy about it, how to approach customers about showing proof of being vaccinated in a restaurant setting. >> presents a different set of challenges says the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association. laurie thomas. so there's a couple ways you can check. you don't have to check just at the door, although that would be easiest. but many us are short-staffed right. like i'm, you know, maybe we don't have a host every shift or a manager who can watch and or so. >> it's going to be at the point where in a restaurant maybe you're you're seated and you'll be showing proof, which does maybe be a little problematic. if you have somebody to get up and move outside. >> but ideally at the door or at the bar or before there's a point of service meeting before you get a drink or your food has made you kron 4 news. >> now the city of berkeley may soon be following suit. the berkeley mayor.
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>> tweeted, quote, san francisco's decision to require proof of vaccination for many indoor activities is a move that i welcome which is based on scientific evidence as an effective way to mitigate the spread of covid-19 berkeley is currently exploring this stay tuned for details and crime force with duval is following up with the measures in alameda county and contra, costa county, the ones they may or may not take his full report is coming up today at 3.30, now as covid-19 hospitalizations rise across the country. americans with weakened immune systems may soon get some extra protection. the food and drug administration is expected to announce authorization of booster. shots reporter sandra mitchell has details. >> the 3rd shot would be recommended for cancer patients. those with hiv and transplant recipients earlier today doctor anthony fauci said people with those conditions just need more protection. those who have immune suppression of some sort or another. >> they likely never got a good immune response to begin
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that, in fact, we know they generally don't get a good immune response. we think they should get that additional boost sooner rather than later that very soon. patients will be advised to get the same shot. those who got a double dose of pfizer's should get another pfizer shot. >> and those who got moderna should get moderna. doctor fauci says this doesn't mean the vaccines are ineffective. it just shows that no covid vaccine has indefinite protection and that eventually all of us will need a 3rd dose we are now rapidly doing the studies to try and determine to whom when and what kind of a booster we're going to be doing. the real question is going to be when do you get to the point. >> we're in an orderly fashion. if you do have to boost. >> how do you do that? also today, more concerns from a new study in florida where covid cases are at an all time high. researchers from the mayo clinic found that the murder no vaccine provides much more protection against the surging delta variant than
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the pfizer vaccine. moderna was 76% effective against the variant pfizer only 42% effective at preventing those breakthrough cases. but the same researchers stress, both vaccine strongly protect against severe disease. the fda says the risk of hospitalization or death is 25% higher for those who are not vaccinated and that should be some comfort for the 190 million americans who already have been vaccinated. that was sandra mitchell reporting for next up for a 3rd shot could be the elderly. >> we're going continue to monitor any kind of announcement that comes from the fda today and i'll bring it to the comes down during kron 4 news at 3 o'clock. now let's go to the latest, though, on the dixie fire that fire has now burned more than 510,000 acres. it is 30% contained. the fire has been burning now for nearly a month. hundreds of homes have
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been destroyed. kron 4, sarah stinson reports now from the town of greenville which was reduced to rubble. >> the dixie fire completely destroyed the town of greenville overall. it's burned 1000 plus structures and that includes the fire station here in town. i talked with the firefighter who not only lost his place of work. but also. >> his home own home. it burned. there's nothing. you know, it's sad. i can see my chair warm all my gear was, you know, i can just imagine might you're hanging out there and my name, george hughley has been with the indian valley fire rescue for 5 years. he says he loved working and living here. >> but seeing it all look like this is eerie. >> i couldn't tell bit one building from from another. i was unsure what street i was on a times as willie walks through the rubble of his own fire station. he described what it was like when those flames first started roaring
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towards his town. it just rained amber's. it just came down all at once. all at once. that was thousands of fires around me and we knew it was time to go is probably should left a little earlier we had trouble getting now. >> willie joins other agencies like cal fire says there's going to be a lot of obstacles as they try and gain full containment. one of our top priorities is to continue to protect any structure that is being threatened by this fire. we don't want to lose any more structures from this point forward. we still have the fire department were still fighting fires now local firefighters say they're not going to let all of the destruction in their town, get them down right now. they're focusing on gaining full containment and stopping the flames. >> from destroying any other nearby community reporting in greenville. sarah stinson back to you. >> it's time now to talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here in san francisco and the wildfire smoke is impacting bay area, air quality and
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let's get the latest now on that with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. >> hey there just seen. yeah, we're noticing moderate air particles right around the bay area shoreline some improvement, though, for north bay and east bay valleys. but we are going to notice the air quality advisory extended from now through friday. so one more day of hazy skies because of those nearby wildfires. well to the north and east of the bay area. and that is having an impact on air quality specifically for everyone in the bay area for your friday. so we are tracking moderate amounts from coast to valleys and hazy skies out there right now. mixed in with that marine layer going to keep that smoke jury in the upper levels out there right now with the radar for showing some showers out there. often the pacific trying to clip the northwest portion of the north bay, but they're going to remain off the coast of the bay area. so it is going to be a drier
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calmer in clear night. hope you enjoyed the light rain that we saw this morning bringing us tree says amount of measurable rain that's going to be it. we're going to see patchy drizzle at best but still tracking that drying trend out there for us in the bay area. even continuing to your friday afternoon and a warm-up heading our way. this weekend. details at in my full forecast in just a few minutes to steve. back to you. thank you so much for breeze. we're just getting started here during conference at 3 in coming up, an east bay woman is suing park police after she says they used excessive force. >> we'll explain. also on our coronavirus coverage. there is a new covid vaccine incentive program in contra, costa county. how it could mean money in your pocket if you get someone else vaccinated. and after the break, new details into the murder of 2 young children in mexico. the california father. >> now charged in the killings. now we're learning the shocking and disturbing reason. authorities say it killed his own children.
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>> now with 3 we go to southern california where we're learning more about a santa barbara man who allegedly confessed to killing his 2 young children after taking them to mexico. investigators say matthew taylor coleman believe the children had dna from a serpent. college. the state has the latest. >> what was supposed to be a family camping trip for the santa barbara family of 4 turned to a grisly murder
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investigation south of the border. a federal criminal complaint. alleges matthew coleman took his 2 year-old son and 10 month-old daughter to mexico without telling his wife over the weekend and brutally murdered their children. he appeared in an alley federal courtroom wednesday charged with the murder of us nationals surveillance video shows the 40 year-old father checking into a real study to hotel on saturday with his children. then leaving the next day without them. mom. abby coleman filed a missing person's report with santa barbara police on sunday. authorities asked her to use the find my iphone app to locate coleman's phone tracking his last whereabouts the baja de many million people. that's where mexican authorities say they found the children's lifeless bodies in a ditch near the ranch. the farm worker making the grim discovery in the most. let me just both, and think what i want to find out a little telling reporters in spanish. he saw the kids in diapers covered with blood. the complaint states coleman
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murdered his children by shooting a spear phishing gun into their chests. each stabbed as many as a dozen times coleman was taken into custody as he tried crossing the border back into the u.s. authorities say coleman confessed to the murders saying he was enlightened by qanon and illuminati conspiracies believing his wife, quote, possessor been dna and at pass it on to his children and that he was saving the world from monsters the couple operated love water. the santa barbara surfing school for children. >> that was carlos the seder reporting for us this afternoon. coleman is set to be arraigned on august 31st. now back here in the bay area morgan hill police are asking for help identifying 3 people who allegedly stole apple products from a wal-mart store last night. the suspected thieves are 2 men and a woman scene there in the pink shirts. here's a close-up picture of her. so if you have any information on the suspects. you're asked to give
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morgan hill police a call. now. east bay woman is suing bart police after she says they used excessive force when she was stopped for not paying her fair. now, this incident happened at the san leandro part station back on december 31st of 2019, but it's this newly released body camera video that's just come out and you can hear should take death row offering to pay the fare. but the officers denied that request and then the encounter took a very different turn. denver alleges the officers failed to issue a verbal warning before using force and her lawyer adopt a pointer says while his client did of aid. the bark fair. the outcome was out of line. >> it is way in which the officers, including the sergeant was so comfortable.
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using. this is brutish display of force in public. broad daylight. it appears to be that that that bart perhaps have still not gotten the message. this is a $3.60 ferry. choose. there's no way that for that small amount of money for what is a minor infraction that a person should wind up getting punch multiple times thrown to the ground. pressed against the ground in such a way where it's hard to breathe and you start thinking about is where i'm going to die. >> was taken to jail and charged with resisting arrest and fare evasion. the attorney there says the charges have been dismissed by the alameda county district attorney's office. in a statement on behalf of bart police the officers association reads in part, quote, the allegations in the lawsuit are just back and selected images do not accurately convey the totality of the encounter. we're
3:20 pm
confident the officers will prevail after all, the evidence is considered through the judicial process. breaking news now just into the crowd for newsroom. britney spears. her father is stepping down from the conservatorship that has controlled the pop star's life and money for 13 years. according to several reports coming up this afternoon, james spears filed legal documents saying that while there are no grounds for his removal. he will step down. the decision comes after months of public and legal wrangling by his daughter. and a recent weeks for new attorney. in a statement britney spears's new attorney called the decision, quote, a vindication for britney again, the breaking news we're learning just now. is that britney spears father will step down from controlling her money and her life that will end conservatorship that's been going on for 13 years. much more on this throughout the afternoon and evening right here on kron. 4.
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switching gears now to talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside at the richmond sandra fell bridge a little hazy out there today and there was a rogue shower that rolled through the north bay meteorologists mapisa rodriguez is here now with more on the forecast for the rest of the day and looking towards the weekend yeah. we also saw that a rogue shower first arriving for those of you in the east bay specifically oakland where you also saw traces amount of rain. >> let's take a look at the temperature trend out there right now. little bit cooler for most of our inland valleys still in the low 90's, though, for conquered 91 degrees pacific and the low 60. so about a 30 degree difference there. san jose 81 degrees, very seasonal temperatures for those of you in oakland out there for your thursday afternoon. 72 degrees getting more of a northerly flow keeping nevado and san anselmo in the mid 80's. so some mild temperatures there. but napa in the mid 70's because you're getting more of that cool sea breeze influence. but we are tracking double digit cooling for santa rosa and fairfield little change around the bay
3:22 pm
area shoreline. but we are seeing the return of that marine layer. so august rolling in across the golden gate bridge and radar for tracking some light scattered showers trying to make its way into the bay area, specifically in the northwest portion of the north bay. most of it, though evaporating before it hits the ground. also known as virga but overnight lows tonight going to remain on the mild side upper 50's to low 60's antioch, though, only cooling down to 68 degrees. the temperatures tomorrow. little change from today's about 4 degrees above average for concord n livermore, 92 degrees low 90's for nevado as well. a few degrees above average for oakland in the mid 70's. but exactly where you should be for downtown san francisco at 68 degrees and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook slight bump in temperatures this weekend. we're going to be about 5 degrees above average but then cooling down with near average highs. first thing monday of this upcoming week. just 8. back to you. thank you so much for reasons. still ahead, soaking up the last seconds of
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>> as students gear up ftr the upcoming school year. many parents might be focused on shopping for school supplies and clothes and preparing to return to in person. learning and experts are saying it's important for parents to provide emotional support for their children as the new school year begins one way to do that is to have a discussion with your child about what in-person learning. well, look like. >> encouraging parents to talk to the kids what school is going to look like. they'll be still masks on indoors. and the safety layers of what they're going to be doing encouraging the kids to feel like what they do washing hands wearing their masks is actually a way of protecting other people is a really hopeful message for young children. us are going back. they feel like they're part of it and they have a sense of control as well. >> the pediatrician they're also says another good idea is to involve your child's pediatrician to answer any questions you mayfield. you're not fully equipped to answer.
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and this week right here on kron 4 and on kron-on, we're helping you get ready to head back to school will tell you all about the covid protocols. a different school districts around the bay area and give advice to parents on how students can advocate all the various challenges ahead. there are a lot of them. so to get crime on ready for school. you can scan the qr code on your screen right now and we'll take you straight to the app store so you can download the kron on app for free. because pencils not change. >> coming up next here on kron, 4 news at 3, the recall election of governor gavin newsome is about a month away an exclusive poll showing hispanic voters would vote to recall. newsom will take a look at how the california republican party is capitalizing on this plus data from the 2020 census has just been released. but the numbers are showing about the caucasian population in the united states. and after the break, reaction is pouring in over san francisco's latest vaccine mandate. while other counties follow suit. all that a lot more when kron 4 news at
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3 back.
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california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits.
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flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. >> we'll go back now to our covid coverage. this afternoon in the big story we're watching those that san francisco's new health order that requires indoor venues to verify visitors vaccination status want force. we should all spoke with people to get their reactions to this new policy. >> we spoke with 8 commuters at the pleasant hill bart station who shared their opinions on san francisco.
3:31 pm
requiring indoor businesses obtain every patrons covid-19 vaccination status before entry. i'm in agreement with that. reality, the people that are vaccinated. they're getting the virus anyways, their reasoning varied. but all agreed with the city's new health order. it said would hurt. you know, you never know. between who's wearing a mask, not wearing a mask. it's one of those things that will get us out of this pandemic faster to get people vaccinated sure. we're all just say the vaccines are safe and prevent serious illness. people who work in and commute to san francisco say there is enough science to prove getting inoculated provides protection for the public. i don't think it's extreme. everybody has that. >> if the and other things and maybe they got in. you don't have you and you do months rubella. and enjoy this because you will. that's an aide some say getting people to keep their masks is a bigger concern. i do think they should allow you.
3:32 pm
>> into their store no matter if you're vaccinated or not. as long as you're wearing a mask and keep proper distance from everybody that's my and your thoughts i agree with you. if you're not you know, you're taking the risk the businesses have the right to make their own decisions there. but. >> it's a pretty small ask for the public health. we reached out to contra costa health services on whether or not it may adopt san francisco's new policy. >> same with the alameda county public health department. both saying there will be no changes to current health orders at this time. but will monitor how the new policies rollout in san francisco in new york and will notify the public. if there is a change in pleasant hill. philippe djegal >> also warriors fans will have to be fully vaccinated against covid to watch the dubs game at home. chase center released a statement
3:33 pm
saying, quote, following today's mandate from the san francisco department of public health that any indoor event with more than 1000 attendees. requires fans, age 12 and older to show proof of vaccination. chase center will comply with these guidelines effective as of the venues next event, which is scheduled for september 15th. time now check of our weather forecast as we tak a live look outside right now at the san mateo bridge hazy skies out there right now in our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with a look at. the rest of today's forecast. not looking ahead towards the weekend. hey, recent. yeah, never too early to plan ahead for the weekend, right, justine. let's take a look at your microclimate friday outlook. >> temperatures holding steady, 60 degrees for downtown san francisco. so very seasonable day time highs there, mid 60's. for those of you in dealey city and half moon bay. sorry, not going to get spoiled with another round of wet weather was light but still definitely memorable specially because you haven't really seen that much rain
3:34 pm
here in the bay area for the last couple of hope you enjoyed that this morning. no graham burlingame in the mid 70's with winds out of the west-southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour throughout the peninsula. low 80's for san carlos mid 80's for those of you in redwood city and we're tracking widespread mid to upper 80's for most of the south bay san jose 83 degrees milpitas 88 degrees for your afternoon highs. and still in the low 90's for livermore. so you're going to be about 5 degrees above average. there, walnut creek and conquered also in the low 90's with mid 70's for richmond all the way through oakland and san leandro throughout most of the east bay shoreline gustier winds for the north bay valleys could see gusts upwards of 45 miles per hour or less. so just keep that in mind near advisory level. but so far no wind advisories have been issued from the national weather service napa 85 degrees with nevado and santa rosa warming up into the low 90's in the warming trend.
3:35 pm
continuing this weekend holding steady saturday through sunday after the warm-up. but cooling down to right where we should be by early this upcoming week. back to you. just staying. thanks so much for recent will now go to politics here in california and with less than a week until the recall ballots hit mailboxes. the california republican party is targeting. >> hispanic voters in an effort to get more people to vote. governor newsom out of office. this is coming after our recent inside california politics poll showed majority of that racial group would vote to recall newsom. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala got an exclusive look at how the party is hoping to accomplish this and also sat down with the party's chairwoman. >> dozens of california, gop volunteers gathered for a virtual workshop thursday. the focus build relationships and gain support for governor gavin newsom's recall from latino voters with this governor camp by is the people of california and the movement that's been created by his failed leadership. the group
3:36 pm
plans to spend the next month in gauging with latinos to religious and community groups going door to door and propping up phone banks. they're working to reach business owners impacted by shutdowns and lower-income let you know is affected by the state's taxes and housing issues. thursday's workshop comes after all, recent inside california politics. emerson college poll showed growing support for governor gavin newsom's recall. >> 54% of hispanic respondents said they would vote to remove the governor from office studies show about 30% of californians voting population is latino what our job is that the california republican party is to make sure we turn those voters out i know you are the first gop chairwoman. >> what do you think is just not sitting well with this group when it comes to this governor. >> well, i think within the latino community there are some very specific issues that are in trouble to our everyday life in that pursuit of happiness. number one is being able to find a good job so that you can provide for your
3:37 pm
family. number 2 is making sure that your children have a good education so that they can have a better life. and number 3 is making sure that our streets are safe. see a gop officials say the group now has 64,000 volunteers. a 52% increase from the last election cycle. those volunteers are set to mobilize on the gop is day of action. this upcoming saturday. >> the group that knowledge is there's a lot of work to do in a little bit of time in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, meantime, radio host in gubernatorial candidate a full report coming up during kron 4 news at 6 o'clock tonight. we'll see what he has to say. ross about a month away from california's upcoming recall election in kron. 4 wants to make sure that, you know who's on the ballot and what they stand for. you can see all the major republican candidates go head to head in the debate coming
3:38 pm
up later on this month. its actually next week. thursday, august 19th inside california politics is hosting the debate right here in the crowd for studios. it's going to be live on thursday, a week from today at 07:00pm. it's going to be a good one. now, meantime results from the 2020 us census have just been released showing the country is a verse a fine while the population is shrinking for the first time on record. the white population. it share fell from 5th 63.7% in 2010 to just under 58% in 2020 here in california. latinos are the largest ethnic group making up more than 39% of the state's residents. the census bureau believes this will set off an intense partisan battle over representation at a time of deep national division and fights over voting rights. the numbers could help determine control of the house and the 2022 elections. >> after the break. there is a
3:39 pm
new incentive to encourage people to get vaccinated in contra, costa county and even if you've already been vaccinated, how it could mean money in your pocket and prom for we are the bay area home of the raiders. you can watch the silver and black take on the seattle seahawks in their first pre season game this saturday right here in front 4. it starts at 5.30. there's a kron for raiders pre-game show followed by the game that starts at 6 and then they'll have analysis of all the action on the kron 4 raiders post-game report right after the game and force kron 4 news in prime time now the actor will be there for that. but companies that we will be right back.
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where there is a rise in covid cases and hospitalizations in contra, costa county. that is forcing health officials to take new measures. >> to encourage vaccinations. take a look at this graphic from the contra costa county health department. and you can see that the county is currently. has 188 patients in the hospital with covid 46 people in the icu, the graphics all showing the number of hospitalizations increased steadily over the last month. the county reported nearly. 3600 new covid cases in the last 14 days and to prevent more people from getting sick coach cross county health officials
3:43 pm
are launching a new program that will pay people $100 for every person they were for that gets fully vaccinated residents who are age 14 and older as well as organizations like sports teams community groups, faith, faith groups and businesses are eligible to receive the payments that are $100 each for each person who completes their vaccination series. participants will not be kept and how many were payments. they can receive but will have to fill out a tax form after receiving $600 in payments since additional payments are considered taxable income for payments will be dispersed monthly once the referred residents have received their full vaccine series this interests, you and you want to read some more about it. we have a link to this new vaccine incentive program in contra, costa county on our website. kron 4 dot com. still ahead, we will continue our destination. california serious with a trip to torrey pines in southern california. >> looks fun to you and you want to go on a high-flying
3:44 pm
adventure. we have details of lives.
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>> alright summer is wrapping up, but there's still some time this fewer trips if you've got some time for did. here's a suggestion. torrey pines in southern california has some of the most beautiful
3:47 pm
views in california. and there are several ways that you can enjoy them. you can simply take a hike or you can also go on a high flying paragliding adventure. reporter heather lake takes us for a look. >> it's a paraglider's playground. the gliderport is one of the only places in the world with perfect conditions for story here at torrey this is. >> possibly the world's best soaring site. the beautiful coastal breezes come in hit these act long straight cliffs and blow up and over like a big way for more than 90 years, this site has been a staple for people experiment ing and mastering free flight. we can teach you as much as you care to learn about this poor kid chance to steer the glider. >> tell you a bit about its control our strategy in flying along with like this is your artists. put that on my backpack. and after watching
3:48 pm
if you take offs and landings, i decided i might as well give it a try. and as it flying off a cliff isn't extreme enough. there's a new adventure where you basically get to go flying with a feathered >> up and away we go is is so crazy trying a style of tandem flight that's only done into unknown places in the world. and this is called. >> parahawking an expert in falconry and paragliding from the total raptor experience takes you along with one of his birds to see these animals in action. it really gives you that the sensation of being a bird. >> being up there next to a burden that a flying so close that. to me that's sort of the ultimate birdwatching experienced. >> and for those looking for a different clips. i did venture well. keeping your feet on the ground a few miles north is the tory pines nature preserve with 1500 acres of land and miles of trails with views of the pacific. from the hiking to the flying the sights and
3:49 pm
torrey pines are a day trip for the memory books in jolla for destination, california. i'm heather lake. >> now, if you scan this qr code with your phone right we'll take you to our destination. california section on our website. kron 4 dot com. and you can find stories there at all the fun things to do across the entire state this summer. there's still a little summer left to be had. let's enjoy it now air travel might be slowing down as covid cases spike but millions of americans still plan to take a vacation during the upcoming labor day weekend despite concerns over the delta variant. according to data that was released by aaa travel bookings have increased at least 11% over 2019 and hotel bookings have increased almost 50%. aaa also wants to remind people to remain informed and flexible as policies and guidelines continue to change. in southern california. firefighters went above and beyond the call of duty to help an elderly man in orange
3:50 pm
county who collapsed while mowing his lawn. the 92 year-old man was taken to the hospital. so a crew from the orange county fire authority station 65 finished all of his yard work. they mow his lawn. they raked us leaves in the yard. they swept the driveway, the sidewalk. firefighters say the last thing he should have to worry about is his yard when he comes home from the hospital. and as far as that man's condition is neighbors say he's doing a lot better. that is a very great act of kindness. as we take a live look outside here at sfo still a little hazy out there today. fog and clouds rolling in air quality is questionable. let's get a check on that now with our meteorologist mabrisa yeah, that's right. justine. in fact, air quality, not just questionable in the bay area. but tahoe as well. in addition to above average temperatures. so. >> we are seeing hazy skies sticking around. there and stormtracker 4 tracking over all that fog bay right along the coast. we are seeing some
3:51 pm
showers out in the pacific trying to make its way into the bay area. but we're going to remain dry and clear for the remainder of today. radar for though, seeing spotty scattered showers out there. so much more active out in this year. it is going to help clear out the air quality, though, there at least for today. but we are tracking futurecast for seeing another round of possible showers for your friday afternoon and warming up as well. mid 80's for south lake tahoe, low 90's for truckee and your sierra forecast for the next 3 days. upper 80's on saturday and sunday. so it is going to be toasty out there in this year this weekend for us here in the bay area. also going to track a warming trend after tomorrow conquered in livermore holding steady in the low 90's for another day for your friday afternoon. mid 70's for oakland mid 80's for napa and downtown san francisco at 68 degrees at mountain view in the low 80's and taking a look ahead at your next 3 day outlook. we're
3:52 pm
going to warm up saturday and sunday into the mid 90. so we're going to be about 48 degrees above average for most bay area cities away from the coast and just seen for the destination. california kind of like that tandem paragliding you want to be in the front or the back. >> you want to go together. we can do that. i'm afraid of heights. so you'll have to hold head and can sit this really easy. so that should be thank risa. well, new today, facebook will not be bringing back its employees to the office until at least january the company pushed back its plans to bring back same the rise in cases because of the delta variant of covid just a few weeks ago, facebook was still planning to have. fully reopened its offices by october with requirements for vaccinations and masking. but again, it's been pushed back now till next year. and up next, a very pricey piece of delicious history. how much someone paid. >> for a single slice of prince charles and princess
3:53 pm
diana's wedding cake. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. to take e your home. loan isn't some kind of trick it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back.
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to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better look at breaking news we're watching right here in the bay area. this afternoon. very slow traffic on the golden gate bridge on one heading into the north bay into marine county as we understand it right now. >> that there is a small fire that has broken out along the freeway in sausalito and that has caused this backup very slow traffic right now going
3:56 pm
into marion county and this is a caltrans camera showing us that crews are working on that small blaze on the side of the road air. they're showing us where the issue in question is happening right now. again, this is us won in sausalito. the cross street there. unclear at the moment. but again, that is going into marine county traffic really slow. so we'll continue to watch this for you and stay connected with us for your for traffic alerts right on the kron 4 app updates will be at 4 and also during conference at 5 o'clock tonight. a very sweet, but it expensive slice of history. a slice of cake from prince charles and princess diana's 1981 wedding has sold at an auction for over 25 $100. it was originally estimated to sell for around 4 to $600. but there was so much interest in it. the piece of cake was preserved by a royal staff member with plastic wrap and then stored in a freezer. the
3:57 pm
auction came just a few months after princess diana's sons agreed to loan her wedding dress to go on public display at kensington palace. 40 year-old wedding cake that's for you. it's pretty cool, though. they can eat it or just keep it. while the news does not end here with coverage continue at the top of the hour during kron. 4 news at 4 o'clock and then we'll see you tonight during kron, news at 5 and in prime time at 9. i'm just evolve. and sir, appreciate your time. we'll see you right back here tomorrow.
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