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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 11, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news we're up early and so are you. today is wednesday august 11th. i'm reyna harvey. first, let's start this morning with a check of weather which on stray book. good morning you. good morning. rain is going to be another hot one across the bay area much like yesterday was. >> in fact, if you remember what happened yesterday and just plop it into today. it's actually going to be pretty similar. kind of a carbon copy situation going on for inland areas. i wouldn't say that's ideal because it was
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excessively hot. you look outside right now from our sutro tower. cam shows you that low cloudy blanket. you can see some of the lights in the distance. those 2 lights hanging out the center of the screen. some of the very tops of our buildings in financial district in downtown san francisco. so that cloudy blanket actually very similar to what it was yesterday. a thin veil but resulting in some lower visibility in pockets, especially once you head up in hills near the coastline through the golden gate and such now as far as temperatures go, most of us are currently in the 50's and 60's oakland alameda hayward fremont in san mateo all at 59 degrees. berkeley and san francisco 56 right now. a little bit more mild in areas like livermore dublin and pittsburgh in the mid 60's where you can step outside actually feel pretty comfortable, which is that lightest of jackets on this morning by the time we reach the afternoon any sort of fog cloud cover is pretty much gone unless you're right along the immediate coastline and daytime highs rise. well back into the upper 90's. some upper 70's to low 80's right
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along the bay staying cool in the 60's for the most part near the coastline will be talking exactly what to expect, not just for the rest of today, but rest of the weekend into next week, too, in the forecast to come reyna. tom, thanks for that. so we do have a hot spot in the south bay. this is one. oh, one southbound at our lock avenue. >> in san jose in at least one to 2 lanes are blocked there. we're going to keep a close eye on. that doesn't seem to be causing much of a delay along 6.80 it looks like it is just a secluded to that one location. let's get a look at the bay bridge really quiet this morning. a little under 11 traveling from the east bay into the city. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issues a little under 13 minutes to make that drive. let's also look at the richmond. sandra fell commute as you travel out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes for you and the golden gate bridge. no reports of any major fog to slow you down this morning about 20 minutes as you head into the city. on
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to our wildfire coverage firefighters making some progress battling the dixie fire overnight. containment is now up to 27%. but the fire has burned more than 400 and 90,000 acres. it's hard to several small communities and it's still threatening more homes. rowena shattuck has the latest on the firefight. there. >> if i >> low outs like this are what firefighters fear burning logs that roll into areas and spread the fire. so they hurry to get on top of it and put it out right away. it's been battle as flames ravaged the area. heavy ridge threatening the homes below span along 20 days. 21 days. >> and now they all run together an hour. so. >> for many residents like making near leaving. their home is not an option where a
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5th generation rancher. they we have a ranch just a couple miles down the road. >> they've been staying on the field out there. just trying you know, survive because we've got you step out the house and there's no has been power for 6 days. we've got generators. but. you know that help and helping run freezers keep to me. i saw that kind of stopped. >> part of a foxtrot strike team from the porterville city fire department stood vigil under house through the night because it's been here. they have they been gray. >> they're working with us right now. just trying to get that line cleaned up saying they can just move on. >> lines are in place. we have folks spread out there holding watching for the rollout. as long as the weather cooperate with us they should go out. >> embers from the front line of this fire, which is just a couple of 100 yards from the back of this house are igniting smaller fires right here in the front of the house is just another dangerous aspect that firefighters are dealing with.
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>> but firefighters hope to stop the forward spread of the flames that are dangerously close to the backs of several homes. contingency control lines that are in the back property here. >> if i step back a minute about get into our lives and everything's looking really good so on the ground. other fire crews are turning to the air with drones to help determine how and where the fire is moving. >> for making she says being a family of walker's self-sufficiency is a way of life that we've got lots of water here. we've got all of our own equipment. you know, we've got our own water truck. that's that's right. and so. >> we definitely pretty self-sufficient here. >> that was rowena shattuck reporting this morning. coming up in the 6 o'clock hour. our own kron 4. sarah stinson will be live at the dixie fire. just like she was yesterday, but she has the latest overnight developments for us. now with less than a week until the new start of the school year. san francisco unified is now requiring all
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teachers to be fully vaccinated any employee not fully vaccinated by september 7. we'll have to undergo covid testing at least once a week on forced halep was actually has the details for us on tuesday. >> san francisco unified school district announced that it will now require all employees including teachers to get vaccinated by september 7th if staff members do not meet that deadline. they'll be required to test for covid at least once weekly. the move comes after sf usd said last week that it would not require teachers to be vaccinated but superintendent doctor vincent matthews says the reversal decision was made after reviewing recent covid-19 data in the city. given that we're in the midst of rising cases in new variants in the community vaccine requirement is a necessary step. >> keeping our students staff and family say the teachers union united educators of san francisco says this vaccination requirement is something that they've been advocating for in meetings with the school district.
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>> we've played an active role. not only just our public statements, but also and, you know, closed door sessions with the district can saying, look, listen to educators are coming back we need to provide our communities. the safest environment. and we're actually very, very happy to hear that they've changed that right, that the pandemic situation and that the delta variant is changing daily and leaders the to that to that san francisco unified school district has about 10,000 employees. >> and so far, half of them have submitted their vaccination status to the district of those employees school district says a majority are already vaccinated. the remaining staff members will have until august 31st to submit vaccination verification. in addition, masks will be required inside all schools, which also follows the city's mask mandate executive vice president of the teachers union frank of that rest says they've also been working with the school district on what to do if cases make their way into the classroom. unfortunately cases to pop up. >> and we need to have protocols in working with the district working with are what
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we call our you bc's which our site union representatives to make sure that every school saying. >> has a safety plan. >> in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. the oakland unified school district also announced yesterday that it too, will be requiring all staff members to be vaccinated. now they're going to have until august 26 7 to verify their vaccination status. a staff member who is not fully vaccinated. we'll have to get a covid test once a week, according to the district more than 3700 staff members have already reported their vaccination status. 92% of them are fully vaccinated. students in the oakland unified school district returned to class on monday. well, happening today, governor newsom will be in alameda county. he's going to be at an elementary school to talk about the state's effort to protect students as more schools start to reopen. he will also talk about the new push to encourage people to get vaccinated as covid cases rise in california. the
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governor's visit is set to take place around 11 o'clock this morning. we'll have live coverage our 24 hour streaming service kronon you can download that app for free. over in the north bay. there's a growing pressure on officials in solano county to issue a mask mandate indoors. solano is the only county in the bay area without a mask requirement in a letter to the help slow the spread of the virus in the community. they say that in the past month, the number of people hospitalized in the county because of covid has increased from 13 to 87. they also say that this is putting increased stress on the healthcare system. county officials have not yet responded to this request. happening today. a new statewide mandate for visitors to hospitals as kron four's. rob fladeboe reports you're going to be vaccinated before you go out. >> with the covid-19 delta
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variant on the rise in many communities. visitors here to san jose's valley medical center or any hospital across the state for that matter will only be allowed access if they've been vaccinated or can show proof of a negative test. >> the mandate was announced last week by the california state department of public health taking a look at the video. we can see that it goes without saying that pretty much everybody in hospital environments are masked up anyway, that said visitors to any of california's hospitals, public or private will be only allowed access if they're vaccinated against covid-19 or provide evidence of a negative covid-19 test. the order applies to hospitals. skilled nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities the new statewide policy says all health care facilities either verify that visitors are fully vaccinated with documentation to prove it. those either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated must show proof of a negative test which shows where it was given and proof of was done within 72
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hours. in a statement, a spokesman wrote santa clara valley medical center, spittle and saint louise regional hospital in gilroy will all comply with california state public health order. >> regional medical center and his sister hospital. good samaritan said they, too will implement the policy effective tomorrow. there was no immediate reply from stanford or other south bay hospitals. but universal compliance is widely expected. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> all right. where you can grab your phone right now. go ahead and scan the qr code on your screen for our continuous coronavirus coverage. it's going take you over to our website. we have updated information about mask mandates, breakthrough cases and much more just go ahead and scan a qr code on your screen. all right. well, still to come, across morning news police are looking for a man after 2 women were sexually assaulted and palo alto. you're looking at that sketch. but more on that coming up. and a hit and run.
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>> caught on camera in the oakland hills. the victim says he believes the driver was trying to kill it. and after the why announces new covid restrictions, how they could impact your next trip.
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>> heads up. if you have a
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trip to hawaii plan soon. the state is once again issuing covid-19 restrictions. the governor signed an executive order which includes limiting social gatherings to 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors high-risk businesses, including restaurants, bars, gyms and churches have to be capped at 50% capacity for events larger than 50 people like weddings organizers must contact their county leaders in order to move forward. as of right now there have been no changes to the state's safe travel program and fully vaccinated. people can travel to hawaii without getting a covid test. first. the new restrictions go into effect immediately. well, back here at home, we are checking your weather on this wednesday. middle of the week for us here. john, lot of sunshine on the way. good morning. lots of sunshine. some heat in my mom's birthday earth day bob. >> maybe she's watching. she actually watched a lot of fauria. yes. happy birthday myers crossed if you're not.
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no pressure, it is beautiful out there right now because temperatures are into 90's yet. what if you want to enjoy, it may be a jog do so a little bit earlier in the day. >> also maybe after the sun comes up that you've got some time ahead of you if you're up this early anyways, you're not doing it for job, you're doing it to get to work looking out there currently you can downtown san francisco financial district with that low gray that's hanging out right there. good to moderate air quality across the bay area right now. livermore down through gilroy and morgan hill looking at moderate pockets. the worst of air quality is obviously well to our north as well as on up into the sierra where we are seeing the dixie fire still burning a record number of acreage. for some of our neighbors up there. so sad to see radar shows you dry skies that we do have across the region. high-pressure still built big picture set up is holding its not changing much from yesterday. most smoke is still heading out of the region. we're still tapping into some coastal fog at times still tapping into some of that heat that we have
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inland, 60's and 70's for your highs and san francisco. some 60's right along the coastline today and then looking at some 80's along the bayshore burlingame 82 sing. carlos 86 mountain view 83 today, south bay temperatures in the 80's to low 90's with san jose 89 campbell at 90 degrees fremont on up to hayward a tease for you while livermore 97 danville, 98 these are some of our uncomfortable areas. much more comfortable from san leandro to richmond. we're highs only be in the 70's today. 80's 90's to one triple digit on the map. that's for you in vacaville are very hottest spot today. santa rosa down through petaluma in the mid 80's today getting a look ahead in our next 7 days. daytime highs will remain in the 90's pretty consistently. all the way through the weekend and well into next week do expect some heighten the fire danger, some risk of heat exhaustion especially if you're spending time outside during afternoon hours. inland bayside in coastal areas. much better options for any outs or outdoor recreation with highs
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only in the 60's to 70's reyna. john, thanks for that. so we do have a hot spot is in the south bay one. oh, one southbound. >> just south of alum, rock avenue. again. we'll keep a close eye on that. at least one of the lanes there are blocked looking at the bay bridge traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 11 minutes for your drive time here for 18. let's head over to the san mateo bridge. look at things there. a little under 13 minutes for your drive time on major issues or delays the richmond sandra fell commute as you're traveling out of richmond still under 10 minutes for your drive time and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes into the city will have more on that coming up. but for now, let's get back to this national news we've been following new york governor andrew cuomo has resigned amid harassment allegations he once again apologized to his accusers but still denies he sexually harassed these women. tom, a covid has the latest. let's start new york. tough. with the truth.
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>> his tone consistent since these allegations first came to light last december defiant. >> the reaction was outrage. it should have been. however. >> it was also falls, but also contrite. don't get me wrong. this is not to say that there are not 11 women who i truly offended. there are. and for that i deeply deeply apologize. >> at the state capitol. lawmakers from both parties were determined to spend many weeks and millions of dollars seeing this through 2 thirds had already made up their minds to impeach. >> the content of the report are deeply disturbing. we will review that report in detail, including the underlying evidence. >> new york attorney general letitia james whose report was released. exactly one week ago saying in a statement that today closes a sad chapter for
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all of new york. but it's an important step toward justice. >> the governor. did not violate brittany commisso minutes before the governor resigned. his lawyer appeared by video conference verbally shredding the a g s report and the conclusions drawn. they're in the investigators acted. as the prosecutors. the judge. and the jury of governor cuomo. >> that was tom reporting from new york city. governor cuomo will leave office in 14 days. a developing story this morning overnight, the city passed a 3.5 trillion dollar budget resolution. now this is going to lay the groundwork for democrats to pass a massive spending bill without bipartisan support. and all of this comes after the senate passed a massive infrastructure bill yesterday. our washington correspondent has been on top of all of the basil john is live in dc this morning with the overnight details. good morning. basal.
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>> well, renay, good morning. it was a long night filled with amendments for this 3.5 trillion dollar budget resolution. but the end democrats have their way. >> the yeas are 50. the nays are 49. and the concurrent resolution as amended is agreed to just before 4 in the morning, the vote, a rama ended and the senate approved the 3.5 trillion dollar budget bill. senate democrats have just took a massive step. >> towards restoring the middle class in the 21st century and giving americans more americans. the chance to get their senate democratic leader chuck schumer says reaching this point was not easy, but necessary. the democratic budget will bring a generational transformation to how our economy works for average americans. the budget resolution would help the federal government focus on assisting families fighting climate change and raising
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taxes for the wealthy. republicans stood firm against the bill. >> people want to pretend this is just business as usual. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said this measure will ruin the country's economy. this reckless and spending spree isn't nothing. like we've saying this blueprint now heads to the house along with the infrastructure bill. now top house democrats announced that house lawmakers will return to capitol hill on august 23rd to vote on the budget resolution and other measures reporting live in washington. i'm basil drawn. thank you for that report. faisal. >> and after the break, a strange turn in the murder case. kristin smart. why defense attorneys for the man accused of killing her want to call convicted murderer. scott peterson to the stand will have a look at that. we get back f the name of
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convicted killer scott peterson has emerged in another high-profile case, the murder of cal poly, san luis obispo student kristin smart and a bizarre move attorneys for accused killer paul flores dropped a bombshell claim suggesting a link between peterson and smart. scott and peterson did attend cal poly at the same time as flores and smart. they were also at the same party the night smart vanished even though peterson was ruled out long ago legal analysts say it's a tactical move that could influence
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potential jurors peterson was convicted in 2000, 4 in the highly publicized murder of lacey and their unborn son. >> what the defense is trying to do is so seeds of doubt in cast doubt on the investigation of their clients and say, look, scott peterson, one of the most notorious murderers in the country went to school with kristen smart and he's already been looked at what's going on here. >> flores is charged with killing smart while his father ruben is accused of helping his son conceal her body. kristin smart's body has still never been found. >> well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a bay area college professor accused of setting several fires in california. we have the details after we get back break. the welcome back to the
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kron 00:00am morning news the time for you now for 29 08:00am. many of are waking up trying to figure out what to wear middle of the week. we've got the monday and tuesday. >> and it's supposed to be a fairly warm one, isn't that right time. yeah. looking at another hot one today it temperatures climbing near if not 2 triple digits for some of our hottest temperatures further inland. so a scorcher one to enjoy your morning hours and you're late late afternoon hours after the sun starts to go down where we're sitting right now is pretty nice. we do have some low gray that's hovering across the bay. your view from berkeley right here. actually above its
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because you can see this thin marine layer has pushed and resulting in some pockets of lower visibility, but nothing super widespread, actually fairing pretty well in that regard. for your tuesday or wednesday start 50's and 60's for those current temperatures san jose at 62 livermore, one of her more mild spots right now at 66 pittsburgh dublin at 64. in the meantime, from alameda oakland up to berkeley over to san francisco. it's all 50's. a look ahead in our next 7 days shows temperatures rising into the upper 90's by the weekend. we will be in the mid to upper 90's this afternoon to it's another hot one much as yesterday was. so just in to sup 8, the sunscreen. plenty of water too. if you're heading outside towards the middle of the day. reyna. john, thanks for that. we do have a hot spot in the south bay us one. oh, one southbound south of rock avenue. one lane there. >> has blocked keeping a close eye on that. but as you have from the east bay into the city this morning. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. things are


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