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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 10, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ na-na-na-na ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na ♪ ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na ♪ ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na ♪ >> now at 3 new york governor andrew cuomo has resigned after an attorney general investigation found he sexually harassed several women. a wildfire state of emergency fires in northern california, burning through hundreds of thousands of acres. we're live as crews battle those flames. and just days before the start of the school year. a vaccine requirement is announced for san francisco teachers and staff. >> from the area's local news
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station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. take. >> responsibility for my actions. >> the shocking announcements today. disgraced new york governor andrew cuomo announcing he's stepping down following allegations that he sexually harassed 11 women. thank you for joining us today. at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia cuomo announced his resignation this morning addressing his accusers and sharing a message for his 3 daughters meanwhile, he could still face a criminal investigation. it was alleged misconduct. kareen wynter has the latest. developments. >> new york's embattled leader boarding a flight out of manhattan after this shocking announcement. the best way i can help now. is if i step aside. andrew cuomo saying he will step down from office in 2 weeks following a barrage of harassment allegations after last week's scathing report from new york's attorney
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general aligning, the claims of cuomo's 11 accusers. many of whom are state employees. others who the governor met in personal settings or at public events. the report found in part that cuomo allegedly engaged in unwanted groping kissing and hugging with these women. and at times made offensive comments toward them before confirming his resignation. a defined cuomo still denied any inappropriate behavior toward the accuser's while still acknowledging and apologizing to anyone he offended in my mind. >> i've never crossed the line with anyone. i didn't realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn cuomo also called the impeachment investigation into him that have been launched quote, politically motivated saying he decided to step down because he would, quote, never want to be unhelpful in any way. i'm not negotiating a deals on monday before cuomo revealed plans to leave office. the new york state assembly's judiciary committee met to decide whether to draft
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articles of impeachment against him. >> following the attorney general's independent investigation from democrats and republicans to the president himself there were many calls for cuomo's resignation with this republican senator saying today just a moment ago i would have called him the harry houdini of politics to escape. this one. >> i think it was inevitable. i didn't know what was going to have this urgency almost top aide. melissa derosa one of his biggest advocates and strategist just stepped out on sunday telling some media outlets that serving the people of new york has been the greatest honor for life as this chapter closes on the once revered political leader praise during the pandemic for leading his state out of the crisis and now pushed from office due to his legal problems, cuomo left new yorkers and the public with these final words. thank you. >> for the honor of serving you. it has been the honor of my lifetime. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us. president biden addressed the governor's
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announcement today. here is what he had to say when asked about his time in office. >> i respect governor's decision and. i i respect decision he made. there isn't a of a job. i mean both on everything from. access to voting to infrastructure, whole range of that's why it's so sad. >> cuomo's lieutenant governor kathy hochul has been tapped to take over cuomo's role. coming up at 3.45 we'll have a live interview on the latest in this investigation. so make sure you stay tuned. another big story we're following today at 3 governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency as wildfires continue to rage across the states that covers a trinity to and shasta counties. all in northern california to the mcfarland and monument fires the governor had already declared states of emergency in 7 other counties due to the wildfires. california has secure fire management assistance grants from the federal government's. the
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destruction from the dixie fire. now spans across 5 counties is nearing 500,000 acres. and cal fire says it's only 25% contained. cal fire's now able to evaluate some of the destruction from the dixie fire. so take a look. this is the area near greenville. you can see on the map of the building is marked red. that means the building has been destroyed. if it's black. it's good news. that means the building was not damaged. and check out this video from the alameda county fire department at the monument fire in trinity county and the firefighters posted this video to their instagram page. it shows the moving across the trinity river to reach home the monument fire has burned more than 50,000 acres and is only 3% contained officials are concerned about the fire spreading due to drought conditions and temperatures reaching more than 100 degrees portions of highway 2 tonight 99 remains closed. so again, if you are planning to travel that way to get to the oregon or northern california coast,
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you will have to find an alternate route. and our fire coverage will continue throughout caught kron 4 news at 3 coming up at 3.15. we'll have a live report from the scene of the dixie fire. we're following some breaking news out of richmond right now. you can see smoke near the chevron refinery kron 4 has reached out to chevron and local authorities and are waiting to get details. we are following the story closely. we will have the latest on our streaming service kronon. >> and new starting september 7th all san francisco unified school district employees will be required to be vaccinated. >> new today at 3 that was san francisco's a superintendent talking about a new vaccine mandates. the district announced today that all district employees have until september 7th to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. anyone who doesn't get their shot by none. we'll have to get tested for covid at least once a week. this is a surprise announcement from the
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school district as just last week. it said only encourages staff to get vaccinated. and starting tomorrow you will have to be vaccinated or have proof of a negative covid test. if you want to visit epsomeone in the hospital in california. kron four's rob fladeboe joins us now live from santa clara valley medical center in san jose with details of that order. rob. >> facing us. that's right. this is yet another action designed to stop the further spread of the coronavirus, the highly contagious delta variant in particular, the state department of public health made announcement last week. it takes effect tomorrow. let's take a look at the video and i can tell you at least anecdotally when you visit various hospitals around the area, including a good samaritan here in san jose. also valley medical center that it goes without saying that pretty much everybody in the hospital environments are already masked up anyway. that said, though, effective tomorrow visitors to any of california's hospitals, public or private. >> will only be allowed access
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if they're vaccinated against covid-19 or provide evidence of a negative covid-19 test. the order applies to hospitals skilled nursing facilities as well as intermediate care facilities. now looking at the details. the new statewide policy says all health care facilities most either verify that visitors are fully vaccinated with documentation to prove it. by the way, those either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated must show proof of a negative test which shows where it was given proof that it was done within the past 72 hours. a spokesman for valley medical center in the other 2 santa clara county run hospitals o'connor in st. louis is in. gilroy says the policy will be in place tomorrow. a spokesman for regional medical center and its sister hospital. good samaritan said it too, will be implementing that policy there was no immediate response from stanford. some of the other hospital. all hospitals are expected to comply with this order. i'm also told the state is looking into some possible
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exceptions to yet to be announced exceptions. but beginning tomorrow. if you go to the hospital visits him and you have to be vaccinated or prove that you had a negative test. >> live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> thank you for that, rob. in the east bay now an effort to combat crime in oakland. the president of the city's chinese chamber of commerce says he's fed up. that nothing is being done to stop violent crime. and now he's calling on governor gavin newsom to declare a state of emergency. kron four's. haaziq madyun has the story. >> california governor gavin newsom seen here walking the fine line observing destruction from recent wildfires. now the governor is being summoned to the city of oakland to help stop another situation that is being described as out of control crime. >> governor newsom, we want you to do this. the, the state of emergency was we want you to bring in county florida, highway patrol. i'm not only asking you to put money
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chinatown. i'm asking sitting to movies. the chp. good to see to low. and we as we need to help. >> this call for a state of emergency from the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. karl chan comes in the wake of 2 good samaritans being pistol whipped and wounded after being shot while trying to prevent 2 women from being robbed in chinatown. >> so this bob rae getting longer a so again, what they like. this is just the latest incident. >> last week to asian american women were robbed at gunpoint while they were closing up their restaurant. that is preceded by an almost endless stream of violent attacks one after another against the city's aap. i community caught on video and to this point, it appears that nothing seems to be a determined. karl chan has had enough. he says it's time for a different strategy. so i'm reading this letter urging that we >> on behalf of the public kind of funny. he does a rash,
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a few days with size hot jackie's assaults and robberies to see double lent hostage. citizens the in the state off continue was clear for our safety. well being. livelihoods and the oakland chinese chamber of commerce is holding oakland city leaders partly to blame for these conditions. >> so the reason actions. >> fund, the police by a majority of the oakland city council. and for it says the base, the dire situation. im not is enough. >> i reached out to governor gavin newsom's office oakland mayor libby shaft and oakland city council president nikki fortunato bas to see if they support the call for state of emergency. i will let you know. they have to say coming up tonight on kron 4 evening news. has it made kron 4 news.
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>> time for a quick break. but coming up, construction has started on some popular resorts in will have the details on what that means for your vacation. plus, it was a big day in washington with the senate passing the bipartisan infrastructure deal. and next we'll have a live report showing the progre
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welcome back to kron. 4 news at 3. our wildfire coverage
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continues with a live report from the site of the dixie fire. we're now joined by jennifer mcgraw eho surveying the destruction. >> over in greenville. jennifer, what are the conditions been like up there today. >> you know, it's cooler this morning. but a thick heavy smoke grounding a lot of the tankers and helicopters. they just can't go up in the sky because it's just too dangerous. they were hoping that the smoke will clear out a 1 1 o'clock and here it is. what now 3.15 and there is just still heavy smoke, but the smoke is 2 fold because it's also helping to suppress the fire and the winds have picked up, which is a good thing. that's the big fear and that's what caused all this destruction here in greenville. we're almost on wait for of this dixie fire 3 weeks in this is what happened a lodge there at basically every business in here except for about 4, maybe the dollar general and one home. but hundreds of homes destroyed livelihoods taken away. in addition to that, we're talking about the people who
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are still dealing with this fire. so surrounding sit towns like the ones behind that ridge. that's taylor's bill right now. firefighters are working to save that neighborhood to say that community people there are even leaving because they're worried about their livestock. and that's another problem out here. people haven't had electricity for weeks now. and in this world community, you have to have generators to pump water. so it's just an utter mess anyway. you put it from evacuees being forced out of their homes. people trying to take care of their animals. and of course just i mean, just look around everything. you look at it, it's melted. the trees are gone. and when we talk about these communities that are just decimated. we saw paradise and paradise is still struggling to recover and there are people there who real really will never rebuild because it's just they can't they can't afford it. there's not fire insurance. you name it. they're so many problems with these wildfires and what is just so upsetting is that they continue to happen. we keep seeing these fires year after year. the goal now is for
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firefighters to get the upper hand on this fire. we are worried about the end of the week bringing in to mulch us wind and storms. and that could really start fanning and fueling these flames will have much more for you and we'll hear from the people themselves later on. for now. i'm jennifer mcgraw in greenville. back to you in studio. >> jennifer, thank you for that report. >> now the dixie fire is now the second largest wildfire in state's history is burning close to 500,000 acres surpassing the mendocino complex fire from 2018. >> according to calfire, the 8 largest fires on record in the state. all happened in the last 4 years. the largest wildfire was last year's august complex fire that burned and part of the same area. the mcfarland fire is currently burning clear currently burning in right now. time for a check of our forecast as we take a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. it's a bit hazy out there. but definitely sunny kron, meteorologist john trouble has more on the details.
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>> lots of sunshine across the bay area today. something that i do hope you enjoy especially closer to the coastline where that sunshine has been in short supply of time says marine layer has been pretty dense right up against the shoreline. as for san francisco abundantly clear skies just a little bit of gray hanging out right along the golden gate. now what we are seeing further inland is a very, very hot afternoon. so of course these areas are just going to be naturally more comfortable. we do see the return of a sea breeze as we work our way into the latter part of the day, which is going to push in some fog and low cloud cover. much as we saw earlier this morning and it's also going to help to at least cool temperatures off tonight, a little bit so you can open up those windows into the evening and hopefully let some of that cool air back in after what has been such a hot day today looking outside at daytime highs. it's going to continue to be in the 90's over the next few hours, especially for inland valleys. we're a 60's at the coast 70's and 80's can be found right along the bay shore under all that sunshine.
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>> and now some national news today, the senate successfully pass president biden's one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package, investing in crumbling roads expanding broadband and promoting clean drinking water. several republicans joined democrats in supporting the bill. washington correspondent kellie meyer has a breakdown of the votes. >> big bipartisan turnout here on capitol hill was 69 senators voting in favor of the infrastructure package. i spoke with several senators after the vote from both sides of the aisle who are celebrating this rare achievement, but for others they fear that this will just add to the country's already growing debt. the bill as amended is passed in a rare bipartisan vote. the first part of president joe biden's infrastructure agenda cleared the senate. this is a big, big thing. virginia democrat mark warner was part of the group that helped get the 1.2 trillion dollar deal across the finish line gain the support of all 50 democratic senators, including georgia's
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jon ossoff. i voted to pass this historic bipartisan investment. >> in georgia's infrastructure in america's infrastructure. in the end 19 republicans voted with democrats. one of them. north carolina's thom tillis what we're talking about is demonstrating that we can come up the bipartisan agreements. but a majority of republicans couldn't get on board with the bill. florida senator rick scott voted against the measure over the size and scope. this first for me because i support infrastructure. >> less than half this money is going to go to roads, bridges, airports and seaports. senator marco rubio said he didn't support the bill because it tied to the larger human infrastructure package which is a 3.5 trillion dollar bernie sanders budget. president joe biden celebrated the passage and thanked the senators who voted in support of the bill that i truly believe will transform america. this isn't the end of the road. the house still needs to pass the package and house speaker nancy pelosi has already said she won't do that without the 3.5 trillion dollars spending deal in tow
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reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. california senators are calling the infrastructure bill a win for our state's the bill includes billions of dollars to help prevent wildfires. >> deal with drought and upgrade. the state's roads, bridges and public transit. senator padilla released a statement that reads in part, quote, this bill will improve californians lives and start to rebuild our infrastructure. in an equitable and sustainable way. senator dianne feinstein is also praising the passing of the infrastructure bill she wrote in part, california has the 5th largest economy in the world. but our infrastructure has not kept up with our growth. this bill changes that ensures that our state will continue to lead the world in and of innovation and development. >> in other news the search is on in the south bay for some missing french bulldog puppies will have the details after the break. and changes are coming to some resorts in lake
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3:25 pm
base to base gondola power lines, internet lines, snowmaking pipes. >> that are all under the ground that we need to make sure that we're rerouting not getting in the way of what constructing this list. >> at this point in the project, helicopters are delivering buckets of concrete to places on the mountain where support structures will be anchored for using the helicopter to do things that. >> you know, you could use a truck to do, but it will be more environmentally sound helicopter for public relations manager alex behold ski explains the project is many years in the making. the 2 resorts had to first come to an agreement with the landowner. so the gun to look across private property. >> and then there was a long environmental review process. now it's just up to the weather. the visibility and the availability of construction materials. some of the helicopter pilots had to take time off this project to go fight fires. >> with any construction project. obviously timelines are very dependent on a lot of different variables. so the resort is not yet announcing a target completion date. we really made a lot of progress
3:26 pm
on this project and where we're really looking forward to see how far we've before the squaw valley and alpine meadows joined forces as one resort in 2011. but to get from one base to the other. you have to drive 7 miles. this can be a very long 7 miles when the roads are covered in snow. >> the gondola solves that problem when it's completed. its going to be great. people aren't able to go from. >> one mountain to the other in about 16 minutes. they want to get their cars. we can take some cars off the road in between the 2 resorts, squaw valley which will have a new name. this fall is open during construction for hiking biking, aerial tram rides and just taking in this amazing scenery. there are some hiking trails towards the bottom that have some detours in place right now because we really don't want people getting in the way of any of the construction work for their safety. so if you head to our web sites while pine dot com before your visit. you can kind of check what hiking trails might be a little bit different than usual in squaw valley. dennis shanahan fox 40 news.
3:27 pm
>> coming up next, a french bull dog and her puppies have been reunited with their owner. but some puppies remain missing. and schools across the bay area are back in session this week, but not without restrictions. we'll have reaction from parents on mask mandates. and with the return of school comes the return of extracurricular activities that were put on hold during the pandemic. we'll check in with choir teachers on how they're teachers on how they're preparing for their s after my car accident, teachers on how they're preparing for their s i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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2 purebred french bulldogs valued at a combined $30,000 have been recovered from ken gang members in san jose. >> but police need the public's help to locate 3 puppies that are still missing. kron four's phillipe reports the dogs were tracked down during the course of a year long investigation. >> reunited at long last a purebred french bulldog and one of her puppies are back with their owner. this after the san jose police department recovered the dogs worth $1000 each showing very well that these puppies and dogs are truly members of the family. they saw them as a way to make money. they saw them as a way to sell them on the black market or sell them online representing themselves as the owners of dogs were still in the possession of 3 gang members when they were taken into custody last week. but the police department says 3 puppies valued between 10 and
3:31 pm
$15,000. each are still missing. 23 year-old nelson vargas 19 year-old christopher rosales and 22 year-old omar to bora all from san jose were arrested in connection with a series of 10 violent crimes dating back a year, including carjackings armed robberies and possessing illegal guns in fact, cell phone video recovered from the suspects shows them using semi automatic pistols turned into machine can only imagine what kind of damage can be inflicted by these gang members using these types of weapons on the street is still trying to track down the 3 missing puppies officers. steve aponte's be cautious. if you are approached with an offer to buy them. make sure that everything's on the up and up most dealers and most people vendors of these types of animals have certidications. >> have lineage have documentation to prove that in fact, it is their dog is raised by them. if it's just a
3:32 pm
craig's list coming in a parking lot kind of situation buyer beware be aware and called in san jose police all run for news. >> all week long. kron four's getting you ready for schools to students in the san ramon valley unified school district are back in classrooms today and some parents are still arguing against mask mandates. kron four's will tran has details from iron horse middle school in san ramon. >> for the first time in 17 months. the kids are back inside the classrooms full-time. they were back on a hybrid level earlier this year. but this is the first time they are face to face with their teachers or should i say mask to mask because that is the requirement by the san ramon valley unified school district. the kids showed up before obviously school started and there were thousands of kids and their parents showing up at the same time taking pictures and reminding the kids. you have your mask right. because that
3:33 pm
is required indoors. now, if they're outdoors, they don't have to do that. but indoors definitely. also the school district says that they are going to well ventilate the rooms. they're going to social distance the kids as much as they possibly can. but it's going to be very limited with all of those kids back inside the classrooms. now, there was a big dust-up last week at the board meeting when a lot of parents led by a group called let them breathe. they were against the kids wearing masks at all saying that it inhibits their ability to breathe. it affects the brain. it affects their education got a chance to talk to some parents here's their reaction to the mask policy. i don't have a problem with it. you know, we've been doing it for a long time now we just got back from i have a 6 year-old. >> who unfortunately can't vaccinated. my 12 year-old who attends iron horse is vaccinated if it's required for a little bit lives, lou. but let's not make it you know, big deal. i mean, let
3:34 pm
them air it. okay. as long as it's needed. it. >> bht let's not push it very hard. and you'll see how it goes. right. i think the main idea is to keep the school open >> so the school district's stance and all of this is they are following the cdc and the contra. costa county health department's guidelines they are seeing mask up inside regardless of vaccination status and they say if that changes, then they will change. but in the meantime, they will follow the health experts. they believe that their teachers who are not required to vaccinate nor the students, although they're urging them to be vaccinated. they believe that about 90% of their teachers have been vaccinated as far as the kids who might be defiant and refused to wear their mask. both the principal and the school district. superintendent said that they will talk to them, try to persuade them to put on their masks. nothing punitive. but the try to work with the students. in the meantime, who
3:35 pm
might listen to some of their parents who are anti masters and refuse to wear their mask back to you. >> now. one of many students favorite parts of getting back to school is returning to their elective classes over at san lorenzo high school. the bay area digital arts program is ready to get back to work. the program offers several video production classes. the director called the last year, heartbreaking since students weren't able to utilize the school's video production facilities. he says getting back on campus learning will be a big benefit for those students. >> used to learning math science english, social studies and school. they come to high school and i have this amazing chance to offer them something they've likely never seen before in terms of in their classroom space. and i just get to take them out of that usual usual bubble of the day and give them something different. something unique and to be media savvy today is really important. knowing both. and how to create content and analyze content is more mportant now that i think it's ever been.
3:36 pm
>> mcveigh says the video production facilities are large enough for social distancing and fresh air flow won't to be a problem. another activity that's coming back to school. requires the california choral directors of association after a year of concerts via zoom the ready for students perform live once again. >> what we're doing here in palo alto. school district is that students are allowed to sing in some indoors. but with masks universal masking for all students where the where really really looking forward to sharing music. live music again. so in whichever in whatever way we can figure out to do that for the honor choirs. we are looking at having in-person experiences and you know, we usually do like an audition process in the early part of the year. pushing that audition process a little bit later to give students and their teachers and parents and everyone a little bit of time to sort of get acclimated to doing this music, making in person again.
3:37 pm
>> choir directors say they'll continue to follow the science when it comes to choosing how best to move forward with performances. and this is a back to school season like no other. so kron 4 and kronon want to help you get ready. tune in all week for updates on covid protocols at various bay area school districts will also have advice for parents and information on how students are dealing with various challenges to kron on ready for school scanned the qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to your app store so you can download kron-on for free. time for a look at our forecast now to take a live look outside at downtown san francisco kron 4 meteorologist john shrable has the details on this week's weather. >> sunshine prevailing across the bay area today which does make for beautiful scenes like what you're seeing in san jose, but also contributes to the really hot feel that we are in the midst of this afternoon. as for san jose, you can actually see some of this haze that's hovering right over the south bay. they
3:38 pm
we do have some impact from wildfire smoke across the bay. the good news is our impact is very minimal compared to some of our northern neighbors. but moderate pockets do exist across the bay area, including around livermore san jose and then up into northern portions of the bay area. obviously the deep reds and purples staying pretty isolated to our north and northeast as wildfire smoke in these areas continues to be put up smoke from fires burning in the north. coast ranges as well as right around the dixie fire, it's been so hard to see that devastation occurring right around lake allman or from that fire as for daytime highs, it 60's and 70's for san francisco and the rest of the coastline. mostly in the 60's with a good dose of sunshine that is going to contribute to some of the most comfortable feels that we have across the bay area today. we've got a lot of 80's popping up along the bayshore this afternoon and that is something that is going to feel a little unseasonably warm for some of us fremont at 85 pleasanton and livermore 96 for the high today. danville
3:39 pm
nearing triple digits. and it's not just you either but also around antioch in vacaville. if you need an escape head down 80 in on over towards richmond oakland and berkeley where highs will only be in the 70's 70's as well from mill valley. coming up on kron 4 news at 3. there's a new way to pay for your movie. talk to kids will tell you how. >> plus we'll have the latest on the political shake-up in new york after the resignation of governor cuomo. and next, the united states has added more
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>> back to that breaking news we brought to you at the top of the hour. the smoke near the chevron refinery. rather. you can see it's dissipated is a live look at the richmond area. the chevron fiery is reporting excess flaring with the release of sulfur doesn't look like we're seeing the smoke from this shot. but this is a level one incident, which is the lowest level of severity. we're told the people do not need to shelter in place. and now to our coronavirus coverage. the cdc adds a several countries to the do not travel list thailand the french polynesia are not are all now level 4 high-risk travel destinations that means people going to those countries had a higher risk of getting infected with covid-19 health officials say if you must travel, make sure
3:43 pm
you are fully vaccinated to avoid a serial serious illness and all 73 countries are on the do not travel list. stay with us here on kron. 4 news at 3. coming up, we'll have a live interview with the latest on
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
>> new york governor andrew cuomo has resigned following a state attorney general's report on harassment. this
3:46 pm
means in 2 weeks, new york will have their first woman governor as lieutenant governor kathy hochul. >> is set to take that post right now we're joined by washington post, senior editor marc fisher. marc, thanks so much for joining us today. good to be with you. now. cuomo has been denying these allegations against him. is it surprising that he has chosen to resign despite denying those allegations. >> well, a surprising if you look at his character and the way he's conducted himself in public office for all these years. he positions himself very much is a fighter and went down fighting in some ways. but actually it's not that surprising given that he really had no alternative. his party had completely abandoned them from president biden to his 2 new york democratic senators all the way down to local officials he was caught in a party that has near 0 tolerance for the kind of behavior that he's accused of. so with this very strange spectacle today of him at what's denying what he done and apologizing and saying that he done so simultaneously
3:47 pm
he kind of giving ground and fighting back. but he really had nowhere to go. >> now he could be facing criminal charges how soon could we see those charges be brought against him. >> well, that could take quite some time. i think the first thing that will learn is whether the new york state legislature goes ahead and tries to impeach him even though he's resigned from office, they would do that to try to prevent him from running for office again, more likely. i think the let this go and i his resignation today was even attempting to prevent the kind of the criminal charges that might be given the those strong allegations and in the investigative report and cuomo's own admission that he did number of the things he's accused of doing. >> now lieutenant governor houhul will be filling his position. what can we expect from as governor. >> she's a moderate to conservative democrat in the east part from buffalo area new york state. she has no
3:48 pm
real relationship with andrew cuomo. they did not get a long-term, be willing to not give her much to do in what was a largely ceremonial job as governor, but she has a great deal of political experience she's well liked within the party. she's made it her business to get around new york state, get know people. so sure. short 10 she may run for governor next year when full term is over. but her remaining time under cuomo's term as really just a bit more than a year. >> and as a has she made any statements with regard to the allegations against cuomo. >> indeed, she had was a strong supporter of the women who made accusations andrew cuomo from the from the beginning and she made she really broke with the governor urged the women be believed and taken so she has not exactly been backing him up at every turn as as many people, her position might. so she comes into office with
3:49 pm
considerable strength. given that she showed that independents. >> and cuomo made the announcement this morning mark. so what should we kind guess. keep an eye out for next. >> well, i think there's going to be a considerable discussion about this whole matter someone coolest position who comes from a different generation has a different set of standards in background and and expectations how he should have behaved team made clear that he did wrong and yet he denied every single one of these specific instances of harassment that women, was a very confusing statement from him i think will be a lot effort to find out what he really did and why he was so unwilling to conform to what obviously was a change a set of expectations and society. he said that he was acting as he always had that he had realize just how much the lines have moved on what was allowable permissible behavior. we have to lived in
3:50 pm
sensory deprivation chamber not to realize that that line that moved over recent years. and so it is curious that he was not willing to make those changes is personal behavior. i think we'll hear a lot more about that in the weeks and months to come. >> alright washington post senior editor mark fisher, we appreciate your time. thanks so much. great to be with. switching gears now to take a look at our forecast. is a live look outside from our mount tam camera looking over in to downtown san francisco in the distance. it's a very, very beautiful scene out there. but we do have some haze kind of floating through the area with the wildfires burning kron 4 meteorologist john shrable has the details. >> sunshine across the bay area today. a little bit of haze mixed in as well. as you can see here in your berkeley hills cam. we do have some nice clear skies. unfortunately, maybe a little bit too clear is that sunshine remains unimpeded pushing in across the bay area this afternoon resulting in some of those really hot temperatures that were already in the midst
3:51 pm
of pockets of moderate air quality settling in across the bay area today having pushed in from the coast. we did see wildfire smoke. racha moving its way south during the past couple of days. and with your on shore breeze you had earlier on today that did result in some of the haze that you may be noticing on the horizon. air quality is certainly much better than areas further to our north, though, as we haven't seen that northerly flow like we did over the weekend, which resulted in that really poor and hazy air. we had over the weekend. most of our wind is moving in from the coastline today. and that's actually going help us out the evening hours tonight helping to result in temperatures falling from the really hot day time highs that we have this afternoon to some moderating temperatures at least during the evening hours. most wildfire smoke will continue to be sent east of the sierra nevada and we will tap another dose of fog, especially near the coastline into our evening hours tonight as for today's temperatures were already in the midst of some of these hottest conditions as we speak. highs climbing well into the 90's for the remainder of this afternoon.
3:52 pm
areas like antioch at 98 degrees today. livermore concord, morgan hill well into the 90's too. while oakland of mill valley and san francisco, some of our more comfortable areas in the 70's. so enjoy those spots. if you do get a chance, maybe as we wrap up the work day here in the next few hours head out to oakland or berkeley. these are areas that will be nice for some outdoor dining for dinner temperatures tomorrow, just as warm as today's will be and well thursday and friday despite a little bit of a cool down. not bringing much relief. this is a forecast just to settle into the heat and the sunshine with dry weather remaining and going nowhere anytime soon. fire danger and fire safety remains our first priority. >> coming up next, a piece of basketball. hist bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages
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>> a pair of shoes. kobe bryant wore in his 1996 debut game with the lakers is going up for auction. kobe wore a pair of adidas in that match against the minnesota timberwolves. he gave them to a man from north dakota who attended the game and ask kobe beforehand. if you could have them what he's done. kobe oblige and also put his initials on them. the shoes along with a ticket stub from that game go up for auction tomorrow via the gotta have rock and roll auction site starting bid is a $100,000, but they are expected sell for half a million. and there's a new way to pay for your movie ticket and see new theaters just announced it will soon let you buy your tickets in
3:56 pm
bitcoin after the changes announced am c shares jumped more than 5% in after hours trading amc joins the growing list of companies now incorporating crypto currency into their business model. the change is expected to take place by the end of the year. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they are working on for us tonight. >> tonight on the dollar report, the governor of oregon causing some controversy, suspending some requirements for high school graduates. why that decision wasn't made public at first. that's tonight on the donlon report. now here's leland vittert with a preview of on ballots. thanks, joe. our exclusive reporting reveals what chicago's second highest ranked. >> police chief did this, not the fallen officer. >> and now we dive into the backlash against the head of chicago's police department. that's coming up on balance tonight followed by news nation, prime. >> newsnation airs at 08:00pm our time. you can find that in that on the channels. here. we
3:57 pm
also have details available on our website kron 4 dot com. well, the news doesn't end here. our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app. and here's a look at what's coming up. we'll have the latest from the dixie fire. plus, we'll tell you what acts have now pulled out of bottle. rock just grab your phone and scan the qr code you see on your screen right now. it will take you directly to your mobile devices app store where you can download kron-on for free. that's it for kron 4 news at 3 i'm thanks so much for joining us this afternoon.
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