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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 9, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading sweden in extremely. >> extremely well. job of vaccine. the most vulnerable people. >> now at age most of the bay area and san francisco specifically succeeding and keeping severe covid infections much lower than many other parts of the nation and the patients getting admitted to the hospital here are not the same group that we have seen in the past half a million acres burned is no end in sight. the dixie fire continues to threaten hundreds
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of homes and push dense, black smoke into northern california will have the latest from the fire lines. love the quick trip into the grocery store ends with a precious family pet still. and now the desperate effort to find it. good evening and thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore in san francisco. coronavirus infections are as high as they have been since the beginning of the year. but. >> there is a major difference when it comes to hospitalizations. take a look at the numbers that we're about to put up on the screen. san francisco's department of public health is reporting the latest seven-day infection average this is on august. 1st was 267 cases a day. the last time the seven-day average was that high was back on january 17th. but take a look at a key difference in hospitalizations. that number stood at 97 earlier this month. but the last time infections were at that rate. the number was much higher at 245 kron. four's amanda hari talked with an infectious disease disease expert about
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why things are better here than in other parts of the country. >> we have the right to be sure a show we're not seeing a flooding of the hospitalized patients ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says that's all. thanks to one think as we've done an extremely extremely well job of vaccine. the most vulnerable people but some other parts of the country aren't doing as well. low vaccination rates. hi hospital bursting at the seams probability. and that is happening. >> very, very vividly. not only over the country but even in california. if you look at what's happening in the central valley right now. doctor chin-hong says the delta variant is much worse than previous variations. unvaccinated person. >> right now is the most dangerous time we've ever had in the history of covid. he says with the delta variant more virus particles are produced and it's impacting
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people who may have thought they were safe from serious illness. we're seeing covid bring people into the hospital. why younger? so it's not the 80 year-old or the 70 year olds. the median age know as people in their 40's. he says the most important thing people can do to stay out of the hospital is spread less infection of the top 10 things you can do. number one, to 9 is get vaccinated and number 10 is william ask doctor chin-hong believes the delta variant cases will start to go down in early september. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> the peak of the delta virus surge could still be a few weeks away. scientists can only offer an estimation as nailing down an exact timeline for the virus to peak is complex. they're taking into account a number of different variables but say the main variable is social behavior health care professionals say what we do between now and then we'll determine how bad it will be when that peak arrives health officials advise if you're not feeling well to go out and get tested and above all else. if you
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haven't done so already, get vaccinated. >> first and foremost, go get your vaccine. that's going to take a couple to reduce the number of people who get sick because you need that immunity to kick him. so in the meantime, masking whether you're vaccinated or not. masking is absolutely key to stopping this virus and stopping the spread. we did it before we can do it to get. >> the doctor says current model show delta variant infections will likely peak sometime in september. stay with kron 4 for continuing coronavirus coverage right now on our website, we have what you need to know about mask mandates, breakthrough cases and much more just scan that qr code with your mobile device. it will take you straight to our web page dedicated to covid coverage. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> a big story we are following tonight. the dixie fire. it has exploded into the largest single source wildfire in california's history video from fire crews in plumas
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county show the harrowing scenes for the front line workers, firefighters surrounded by trees burning on both sides along highway 89. the fire has burned almost 500,000 acres and destroyed more than 400 structures. a live picture now. this is from the dixie fire. and as jennifer mcgraw reports, fire officials warn it could be weeks before they can contain this wildfire. >> the damages in comprehensible as the dixie fire continues to ravage communities. hundreds of homes and structures destroyed and more than 15,000 are being threatened. one of these days. >> fires to come over the ridge. from where i live. >> it moved so fast. i saw it all. >> mike orloff watched above the bluff as his city burned to the ground. one building after another. all my friends. >> his new home. handicapped all set up just burned to the
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ground he's praying for the other communities in the fire's path really going to come back to where they going to go. >> where are they going to go by monday. the thick smoke holding down winds and temperatures finally cleared allowing for firefighters to continue the battle in the air making water and retardant drops to contain what's now the second largest wildfire in california history, putting that into perspective that's now larger than the city of los angeles. that's 500 square miles. and sadly, it's not over as fire crews in the air and on the ground battle to save surrounding communities. >> you know, i'm a guy that's pretty on top of things and pretty sharp. this is just. >> that was jennifer mcgraw reporting the dixie fire is not the only wildfire burning in northern california we are also tracking the monument
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fire is burning in trinity county. so far more than 53,000 acres have burned their crews have that fire just 3% contained. this fire is burning along highway 29 about 100 miles northwest of redding evacuations remain in place for the river fire that's burning near the community of colfax near interstate 80 cal fire is reporting that 3 people were hurt and about 90 buildings have been destroyed. >> the river fires burned more than 2000 acres and is close to 70% contained. now take a look at this. this is being labeled unprecedented conditions across greece. >> a massive wildfire burning on the island the second largest in that country. in fact, this is called in the a fire and it has been burning for a week now. homes businesses and farce have already been destroyed. more than 600 firefighters are battling the flames, including crews from romania and from serbia. these major weather events are happening as the united nations releases what
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it calls a code red for humanity because of global warming. the inter intergovernmental panel on climate change released a 3,000 page report today that says. >> the planet is at a tipping point. it found there is no doubt humans are driving climate change. sea levels are rising faster and extreme such as wildfires heat waves, droughts floods and storms are all getting worse. >> world that we will be leaving our children and grandchildren. will be increasingly unhealthy and uninhabitable. look at california. >> yet another year of record breaking wildfires. >> the new un report says and doing damage from climate change could take centuries or even millennia and some damage could be irreversible. california senator alex padilla and other democrats are pushing a 3 and a half trillion dollar reconciliation package. part of it to combat climate change. they plan to vote in the coming days. but would need every democrat in the senate on board because
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republicans oppose the package. >> and as a happy birthday of sorts to smokey the bear and his slogan only you can prevent forest fires today. the cartoon bear their turns 77. for smoky. the bear was part of an ad campaign by the far service. then in 1950 a young bear cub was rescued in a fire in the mountains of new mexico and he became the real life mascot. this is a picture of smokey the bear he lived at the national zoo in washington, dc until he passed away in 1976 smokey was buried in a state park in new mexico near the site where he was rescued right kron 4 dot com. you can find tips for fire season scan that qr code on your screen with your mobile device. it will take you to the wildfire resources page on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> coming up on kron 4 news today. some east bay students returning to the classroom for the first time in nearly a year and a half. and while many have covid on their mind. there's something else
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stressing out. parents tension. powerball players, your chances of becoming a millionaire. our increase in. i'm just trying to fit. >> keep moving forward. i'm trying to stay positive. we're going to get him back soon. >> plus, the emotional plea from one bay area pet owner after his miniature australian shepherd is stolen. and that fog is creeping back on shore tonight. what does that mean for the week ahead. your forecast is coming up next.
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>> una tonight, a los gatos man is pleading for the public's help to help find his dog. this little dog named bo and the 2 year-old miniature australian shepherd was stolen from outside the north santa cruz avenue safeway store on friday. kron four's. michelle kingston has details. >> now everybody knows by dogs. and the 2, he's kind of a regular in town. this is bowie it. 2 year-old miniature australian shepherd his owner tie them up outside the north, santa cruz avenue safeway in los gatos on friday afternoon and within minutes, he was stolen it. i think it's just a few minutes. i was in very minutes or something. it was very brief. this is surveillance video showing the woman suspected of stealing bowie, walking toward him with a big dark bag. >> then walking away with him
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on leash before pulling out of the parking lot and this older model black mercedes-benz ml suv. the suspect is described as a middle aged woman with long reddish hair. somebody knows something. >> and that's my feeling is that. you know, somebody knows the woman or the vehicle or something. any leads that we can get would be great. bowie weighs about 15 pounds. he's gray and white with one blue eye and one half blue and half brown. i he was wearing a blue collar at the time he was taken. his owner says he is microchipped. >> he misses his friendly personality and their daily walks and has this message for the person who stole him, please bring him back. >> you know, he's my companion. you know, i don't have kids are or anything else, you know. so that's it's it's important to me. you know, i bonded with the dog and i believe, you know, i need him back. it's really
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heartbreaking out to go through this in most michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> in the east bay after 17 months at home. thousands of students in oakland went back to the classrooms today. children still have to follow several covid safety protocols. the district says classrooms will have good ventilation and students need to wear their masks. well, parents share concerns most are willing to let their children back to face to face learning. >> a little skeptical about it. just got out of the safe and go with the all. >> well, this new variant is. it's bad enough that kids can get oakland mayor libby schaff was there when the students return to the classroom today. she tells pound for if it was up to her all employees in oakland would have to prove that they are covid vaccinated or be subject to regular covid
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testing back to school means digging into the parents pockets. in fact, one in 3 parents of school age children. >> expect to go into debt when shopping for school supplies this year. back to school spending is expected to reach 32 and a half billion dollars for k through 12 students. that's because school supply prices have increased between 2030% this year. packs of crayons of nearly quadrupled in price and book bags cost as much as $45. our financial expert, rob black says a supply shortage is driving up the cost. >> the supply is limited so the supply chain kind of broke couple that and with pandemic and a couple years inflation. and it's it's a rough year for sure. it's looking for parents so shop early. it's going take a little bit of time to acquire which need clearly companies like target have 5% discount to the use your debit card through the red card. amazon got 5% discount as well. so you can save a little bit of money here and there.
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>> the addition of pandemic-related supplies is also increasing how much money families are spending this year. this is a back to school season like no other kron 4 and kronon want to help you get ready tune in all week for updates on covid protocols at various bay area school districts also advice for parents and information on how students are dealing with a number of different challenges to get kronon ready for school. you can scan that qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to your app store. so you can download kron on for free. >> in the north bay water tweeted out this graphic today. the reservoir stores there is currently at 40% capacity. in fact, in marin county, the last 2 years have been the driest in more than 140 years. in response, the moran water district is already approved mandatory water use restrictions including limiting outdoor daytime irrigation banning power, washing of homes and driveways as shut-off nozzles are now required on garden hoses. new figures from the
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santa clara valley water district show retailers are falling a bit short in conserving water back on june 9th the water district declared a drought emergency and ash all 2 million santa clara county residents to cut their water use by 15% from their 2019 levels in order to help the critically dry conditions all across the state. well, new numbers put out by the water agency show no change in the retailer water 2019 2021 officials with a water agency remain hopeful, though, that things could turn around. >> we're seeing the numbers going the right direction. and that's the good news. and we expect better numbers for july. these are the numbers for june. we expect number better numbers in july. we expect better numbers in august. you see those reservoirs, you understand this is a serious situation and we have record low reservoir levels, you know, across the state. so this is a very serious situation. people need to take conservation very seriously. start taking those actions now because every drop safe today some water that we can use in the future. and if
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we have another dry winter, it could be really, really dire circumstances in 2022. so. >> as the water district spokesperson mentioned the water agency expects to see stronger conservation efforts in july's water report. they are still urging residents to continue to do their part. now to our 4 zone forecast and a live look at something that does not look unusual despite all of the weather changes we've been talking about fog hanging over the golden gate bridge. i actually like seeing the fog hanging over the golden gate lawrence is going to be there all week. yeah. that fog is going to be sticking around coast side, least some of that making its way into the bay. other parts california not so lucky they're going to be seeing the sunshine. >> and some hot temperatures, especially inland. but we're worried about the drought. we're worried about where we're going to get our water. that's a major concern. maybe we need to start thinking about some more innovative ways to get water because we're in a bad situation not only here but along the western half of the united states just thirsty for a change in the weather pattern right now. looks like the long-range forecast as we head into this next season.
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probably a weak la nina conditions was for us probably means below normal rainfall and that is not what we want to hear on top of 2 of the driest years we've seen on record. so yeah, we're hoping for a major change. not going to come tomorrow. we've got high pressure building in overhead that will hold steady lot of the smoke continuing from the fires. but that is going to push more in an easterly direction away from the bay area, which is good news for us. we're getting nice westerly wind around the bay area that has brought with that. the clearing skies. in fact, that's going to be about 1, 2000 feet or so. the marine layer tonight and that will keep your nice and fresh from the ocean looks like that will be the case overnight tonight as we said, nice seabreeze continue throughout the night, then by tomorrow morning as sides. just a little bit only to pick up again by tomorrow afternoon. in fact, little breezy by tomorrow afternoon. maybe some of these winds near 30 miles an hour all the way to vacaville could be a little bit breezy through the delta by tomorrow. late in the day overnight tonight, fog low clouds begin to move back on shore, although not going to penetrate too far inland. i think just some patchy fog inside the bay and then we get
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going with some sunshine as we head toward the middle of the day in the afternoon, maybe even a little clearing along the coastline by tomorrow before the clouds begin to creep back on shore, temperatures are going to be hot in london. they really bought playing throughout the week as we'll see these numbers running the hot 90's almost triple digits in place like livermore concord tomorrow but out toward the beaches. those numbers over 30 degrees cooler 60's in the half moon bay about 16 san francisco. you've got some 70's 80's in around the bay next couple days down the hot side effect this week. yeah. it's going to be hot. may the valleys all week long with the temperatures hovering in the 90's, the better part of the week. maybe a little bit warmer on friday and saturday. and then as we get into the following week start. look at area of low pressure dropping down into the state that could bring us our first little hint yeah. we'll see if that all works. okay. thank you. >> the soon have more chances to become a millionaire starting august. 23rd powerball drawings will expand to 3 days a week. so then there will be drawings on
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mondays as well as wednesdays and saturdays tickets remain $2 each and jackpots will start at 20 million dollars. still ahead at a ready for the recall when to expect of mail in ballots for the recall election and what you will see when they
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grass looks great, zeus! hey could you maybe trim the hydrangea too? sure thing, kevin. do you want me to do the boxwoods as well?
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for the september 14th recall election are on their way to voters. most are expected to arrive by next monday, the ballot will consist of 2 questions. first, do you approve of the recall of governor gavin newsome and second, which of the 46 challengers do the do you the voter want to replace governor newsom in office once the voters drop off their ballots. they can track them through their county. registrar's. where's my ballot tool. you can find out more details on our website at kron 4 dot com and you can watch the republican candidates go head to head in a debate later this month. >> inside california politics will host a debate in our kron 4 studios. you can watch it right here next thursday night at 07:00pm. >> 8 o'clock. a south bay man is now a neighborhood hero after his quick response to a truck fire. plus, a concerning arrest in the midwest when police handcuffed a black realtor and his black clients after a wrong report of some kind of a home break-in and a
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party at an air bnb house in the bay area leads to a fatal shooting. learning about the victim and how air bnb is responding on 4 news
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>> so while video to show you a truck catching fire along northbound interstate one. oh, one in san jose flames ended up jumping into the nearby dry grab some once all of this unfolding and didn't hesitate to help kron four's. rob fladeboe talked with the good samaritan is being hailed as a
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hero. >> it was a chaotic scene just before 10 monday morning here along northbound highway, one o one just south of bailey avenue in san jose. the pickup truck was fully engulfed in flames. it was very windy. >> fearing. the flames would spread in touch of a larger fire milpitas resident, sir. raj, this tune in to groundskeepers from nearby coyote creek golf course, jumped into action to fight the fire as it began to spread into nearby grassland. i jumped out of the state of the fire and i saw 2 guys in the shop. police officer in front of me. so. >> he gave it up. i distinguish that i did what i could do. to be a good person. >> despite their efforts with shovels and a fire extinguisher. the flames quickly spread downwind a cal fire chopper and ground crews managed to contain the fire after it had scorched several acres east of the freeway. the 3 occupants of the pickup
8:30 pm
escaped without injury. it is going up the mountain and probably another 1000 acres would have gone on fire. but i think we see firefighters say it's best to just get out of the way and leave the fire fighting to them. >> but it's clear mister of is really fun than the others help small. the fire spread by a little extra time for what it was. a large crash response from those san jose and cal fire crews. >> later explaining he was thinking about the stories coming from the dixie fire up north. this one even said he simply could not stand by and do nothing. >> lot of people have lost their lives. and think it with thehfirefighters. because they a hard work. and this is small but i could do. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> officials announcing new details in the death of philip kreycik, a preliminary autopsy showing no signs of foul play in his death. try wake tech was reported missing after going for a run in the pleasanton hills last month. search crews worked for more
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than 3 weeks to locate his body at the height of the search. there were nearly 170 personnel and volunteers looking for him. his body was discovered last week about a quarter mile from his intended route. authorities say did not say when the final autopsy results might be n he leaves behind a wife and 2 young children. >> new developments in a story out of the south bay this evening. authorities have identified the teenager who was killed while attending a house party at a sunnyvale air bnb over the weekend. officers say between a 150, 200 people were at the home saturday night according to reports, shots were fired while officers tried to contact the homeowner. 2 people were struck by gunfire and taken to the hospital. 18 year-old honea died at a san jose hospital. a second man underwent surgery and is expected to survive. so far no arrests have been made. >> i'm sure there's a lot of witnesses. so we're we're looking at all different
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angles and social media and things like that. we are hoping that the committee will come forward. >> in a statement air bnb said the party was unauthorized adding that the host bans parties in her house rules. and as a company air bnb bands parties and party houses. 3 men were arrested in connection with violent crimes in san jose over the last few months. police say these alleged gang members were involved in carjackings shootings, vehicle, thefts and burglaries. but officers served search warrants. they say they seized ghost guns high capacity magazines, narcotics and stolen property. the suspects were booked into jail jail and will face a number of felony charges. >> a traumatizing day on the job for a michigan real estate agent when police arrested him at gunpoint along with his client and the clients. 15 year-old son. a neighbor
8:33 pm
wrongly reported that 3 black people were breaking into a home. this happened back on august. 1st police said that the house had recently been broken into. but that suspected already been arrested. the local police department is defending the officers actions saying that drawing their weapons follows protocol for responding to a reported home invasion. the agent client and teenager with an cuffed police apologized after realizing the mistake. in a statement after an internal review. the department denies allegations of racial profiling. a long line of cars formed at the canadian border today as the country began letting in us citizens who are vaccinated. >> this is the bridge scene at t niagara falls in new york near the border travelers must be fully vaccinated, at least 14 days before they can enter canada end. they have to provide a negative test for covid-19 within 3 days to get into the country. visitors must also fill out a detailed application online before
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crossing airlines are now allowed to fly into canada. as of today. and we're talking about travel will talk about flying. so here's a live look at sfo tonight with that thick. >> bank behind the air traffic control tower. lawrence karnow joining us with look like trouble out there tonight. you know, like yeah, it's going to be traveling in and out of all of our airports is a little fog out there in spots but not bad. you're seeing some more that move over san francisco right now the sea breeze is blowing and. >> well that will keep those temperatures down coast side in the 50's in the san francisco 57 with some patchy fog in half moon bay get over the hill. a lot of 60's inside of the bay right now. warm in places away from the influence of some of that marine air 78 right now in concord, 77 in antioch and 62 degrees right now in santa rosa today the temperatures a little below the average in the san francisco. not bad but 67 degrees. 72 in oakland. 82 degrees in san jose was hot in livermore at 93 hot also in concord and 93 in 83 degrees
8:35 pm
in santa rosa forecast looking at some of that fog forming along the california coastline. going to the high pressure building overhead were stunned to see enough of the sea breeze to keep the fog kind of locked in along the coast throughout the next couple of days and maybe the week ahead. it will be on and off there you'll get some glimmers of sunshine. but then that fog is going start creep back on shore and places inland are going to be away from the fog. they're going to heat up in a hurry. so get the hot spots inland by tomorrow, but not in san francisco will keep those numbers in the 60's. maybe some low 70's in the mission about 64 degrees in daly city. 64 also in half moon bay with a couple patches of fog. cau side 76 degrees in millbrae with some sunshine 76 also in burlingame, 83 and warm in san carlos 80 and woodside the south bay join some 80's and some 90's going to be hot. there by tomorrow afternoon about 97 degrees in pleasanton 98 and hot in live more tomorrow. 81 in hayward, 84 degrees in union city in 87, in free one 91 in moraga 98 it walnut creek and sunny,
8:36 pm
it will be about 75 should be very nice in the berkeley tomorrow afternoon. and 75 also in oakland through the delta tomorrow. we will get a little bit of a breeze as we head through the day. but what's going to be on the toasty side by the afternoon back along the coastline. just enough of that sea breeze and that cool fog moving in slowly breaking up throughout the day but still enough to keep those temperatures much, much cooler as much as 30 plus degrees. cooler up toward the beach next couple days. staying hot inland. a pretty nice inside the bay and a little cool out along the coastline with some patchy fog continuing off and on all week. thank you. lawrence said talk about road hogs. take a look at these little piggies cent got loose on a missouri freeway. >> they're in a tractor trailer last night when the vehicle overturned in many of those big scott lose roaming along the highway there venturing into grass divider as first responders closed off the ramp to try to corral the animals say eventually we're all caught and the road was reopened. >> still ahead. and a group of florida parents fighting back against the governor's
8:37 pm
executive order banning mask mandates in schools there. why they say it breaks the law. >> is it ok with it. this morning but it took >> new york officers rushing in when a father is found within unconscious. 5 month-old. we'll explain.
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>> is he talking was eating this morning. >> 3 book brooklyn police officers being called heroes after saving an unconscious 5 month-old baby. 3 officers are on duty last week when a passer by told them a father was holding his unconscious. child body camera video captured it all unfolding. they perform cpr until paramedics arrived. the baby said to be doing fine and is expected to make a full recovery. last week has been a nun for unforgettable ride for a 12 year-old who survived a shark attack jordan percent was bitten by a shark while vacationing with her family in ocean city, maryland despite getting 42 stitches, though the family think ation was not cut short. >> jordan even went back to the between the bite happened band is jen all few times before she went back home. >> her story gained national attention, something that she never imagined would happen.
8:41 pm
>> just to think being probably the only one in your school that's ever been shard or in plame's ever. it's just something i would never thought of happening to me. >> she also says this is not holding her back from returning to the soccer field when she starts 7th grade. she has a good school yearbook entry. they're next. in sports. the warriors were in summer league action in las vegas. >> all eyes are on their 2 prized rookies sports director jason dumas school show us how they did. coming up. plus new york governor andrew cuomo's top aide steps down as members of the state assembly move
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>> another day under fire for new york's governor at the state capitol lawmakers met to work on articles of impeachment and they say they are moving fast. as andrew cuomo loses one of his closest allies tom negovan reports. over the governor's mansion today. a sign there's some support left for andrew cuomo. >> very little of it at the state capitol with the general assembly judiciary committee is diving into the report by new york's attorney general. the content. >> of the report are deeply disturbing. we will review that report in detail, including the underlying evidence as they do the embattled governor endures another blow, his longtime
8:45 pm
secretary and stonework supporter. melissa derosa is gone. her statement doesn't mention the governor. but does note that the last 2 years have been emotionally and mentally trying. >> derosa's name appears in the attorney general's report. dozens of times accused of being involved in efforts to retaliate against one of the governor's 11 accusers blamed for normalizing a workplace often hostile toward women in that report. britney commisso's identified as executive assistant number one. and then when he went to go kiss me and the cheat sheet quickly turned his head. >> and he kissed me on the she filed a police report last week accusing cuomo of groping her now telling her story on network tv explaining her fear and reluctance to come forward. >> i didn't say anything. i didn't say anything. i didn't say anything. this whole time. people don't understand. that. this is the governor of the
8:46 pm
state of new york. >> that was tom negovan reporting it would be the first impeachment of a sitting governor in new york in more than a 100 years articles of impeachment could be ready by the first week of september. >> jury selection began today in new york city in the trial of r kelly. more than 2 years after he was first indicted, he's facing racketeering charges alleging he ran a criminal enterprise recruiting women and underage girls for. over 2 decades. prosecutors also say he made child and made hush money payments to silence his victims. prosecutors say they want to tell jurors about several additional allegations involving at least 15 other victims dating back as far as 1991 kelly has pleaded not guilty to all charges. opening statements are expected next week. testimony resumed today in the trial accusing real estate mogul robert durst of murder. the court had been in recess since thursday after an
8:47 pm
observer in the gallery tested positive for covid. >> there is expected to take the stand in his own defense this week. he has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the shooting death of his friend susan berman nearly 21 years ago. prosecutors say he shot from an inside her los angeles home because he feared that she would tell authorities about his involvement in his first wife's disappearance. a group of parents taking legal action against the state of florida. they are suing over governor ron desantis is executive order banning mask mandates. that school saying. >> it violates the americans with disabilities act. the parents maintain they're not comfortable sending their children with disabilities. back to class unless every student wears a mask. >> the public school option needs to remain safe and accessible for every child. and if we're not imposing a universal mask mandate. it's not safe for children like mine to go to school. >> about a 3rd of all new covid cases in the u.s. are coming in florida. still
8:48 pm
governor desantis is defending his executive order. same parents can make their own decisions about mask-wearing instead of school districts. >> versus top cruise liners from requiring vaccines, from passengers may be unconstitutional. a federal judge is blocking a florida law that barred cruises from requiring proof of vaccination status from its customers. florida governor desantis in this case is well set up that law claiming that he wanted to protect medical privacy and prevent discrimination against the unvaccinated the judge ruling says blocking the cruises from requiring vaccine prove may be a violation of free speech and also fails to protect the passengers. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> summer league action tonight. the warriors had their first game out in los vegas. they were taking on the
8:49 pm
obviously, though the focus was coming to and moses moody. let's get right to the highlights. james wiseman want to anderson and looney checking out the summer league game. taking on at thomas and mack center. i'm just going to look here at the video board that jonathan coming to tough tough slam. then he gets the steal on the fast break. slams it home. jonathan coming to. bullies his way in there. he's going to be a stud, then here's the guy. moses moody the rookie out of arkansas. he had a great game to 16 points. late in the game. there's jalen sub. he was a top draft pick as well. the magic they go on to win this game in a close one. the warriors are back in action in a couple of nights. all righty. we'll hear from them after the game. after that, we had a pretty good 1, 2, punch going. all you can
8:50 pm
>> you know, that's my guy. so he does what he needs to do. get finishes around the room. and i mean, i don't know shots that we got it. we play well off each other. i can play together at the day. i think that you have a trust level not come in his staff now need in the day on and off the ball. so as i was in the locker room us a i try to figure out just bought next. steph klay draymond, whoever it is. you're not going to have the ball. so just understand what it means to placate you know, make a decision to happen second, but then also be ready to shoot your way to pass rate it to dribble. >> dallas mavericks superstar luka doncic made some history today when he agreed to a 5 year 207 million dollars supermax rookie extension. the 22 year-old became the first player eligible for this extension because he has been twice named first team all nba one rookie of the year in his first year and then he's been first team all nba the past 2
8:51 pm
seasons. obviously only 4 players in nba history. >> have made all nba first team multiple times before their 23rd birthday. nfl pre season is already underway. kron 4 is the bay area, home of the raiders. you can watch the silver and black take on the seattle seahawks in their first preseason game this saturday on kron 4. it starts at 5.30, with the kron for raiders. pre-game show, followed by the game as 6 and then we'll have the kron 4 post-game show after that. so yes, football is already back. it's sad. in a very short offseason. so kate and i will host at on saturday. then the following saturday kylen mills and i will host their second preseason game. so we're getting everyone up to speed who is still here. route and on the raiders over and back lawrence wants to be a guest so lawrence, we've got to fill
8:52 pm
30 and anything zoom and a special tat haha. all right. thank you, jason. coming up, a mailman making the biggest delivery of his life when his wife goes into labor earlier than exp
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>> he runs a living delivering mail. ohio postal service worker recently assisted in the biggest delivery of his life. that's right. he delivered his own daughter. jennifer jordan reports it
8:55 pm
first and didn't even register. my my 28 year-old nick a bass case as it was the morning of august 6 when wife liz went into labor inside their home in parma. i woke up to my dishes. start tidying up the house a little bit. >> and just try to, you know, work through the contractions. nick is used to deliveries but of a different kind working as a u.s. postal service mail carrier based in middleburg heights. but this delivery was personal and a few days early had no idea it was coming. i had no idea i was that close. so with her contractions just minutes apart. liz screamed out to her husband from the bathroom with these exact words. but all of a sudden she said like wait, there's the couple had already been planning to have a home birth. but their midwife was an hour away and the baby just could not wait nick says luckily he paid attention to doctors when
8:56 pm
his second daughter was born last march. so he kind knew what to do. and i remember the doctor just kind of like clearing. >> like stuff off of her face and kind of like using your finger to go around to just. it's easier to come out. i guess you would think time would be of the essence. but in this case not really because macy had already entered the world nick says he called 911 and. >> parma firefighters were at the house within minutes to help cut the in the local court little macy joy, born inside her parents bedroom weighing 7 pounds. 14 ounces. >> joining one year-old sister amelia and 2 year-old sister reagan. he really stepped up it's great. >> was great mail handler. we all delivery. her. was there for jordan reporting and that wraps up kron 4 news today when they say grab the head of areas are from time coverage
8:57 pm
continues tonight at the top of the hour with catherine heenan and u.s. is hard for that package to get lost in the here's what we're working for 9 o'clock. >> all now 9 of the second largest fire in state history of course we're talking about the dixie fire. >> we're going to go live to greenville town that has been destroyed by flames and the family of an east bay. navy veteran has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the city of antioch in his death. >> we'll hear from the lawyer representing the family. don't representing the family. don't is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at the left behind a lot of stuff. >> fires ravaged through everything. >> now at 9 o'clock, the dixie fire. is the second biggest wildfire in california history. is forcing people again to flee their homes. more than 489,000 acres have burned tonight. firefighters have it only 21% contained. good evening, everyone. i'm catherine heenan. i'm jonathan mccall. this is kron 4 news at 9 o'clock this monday night grant in vicki. both. >> have the night off kron 4 has live team coverage tonight. we're tracking the dixie fire. as we mentioned, which is now the second-largest single wildfire here in


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