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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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bring out the bold™ >> now at 3 wildfires burning in northern california. now causing smoky skies in the bay area. we have the latest on the air quality and weather conditions from chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. and 10's of thousands of students in the bay area are getting ready to return to the classroom. many of them for the first time since the pandemic hit. hear from local doctors about how to make sure your kids stay healthy. plus the heated debate in the south bay after study reveals an airport could expose kids to unhealthy amounts of lead. we'llhhave the latest push to shut it down. now from the
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area's local news station. >> this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> now at 3. no, that's not clouds or fog in the scene. but rather smoke from wildfires to our north. that's what's starting to stream here through the bay area. we're taking a live look cameras throughout the bay area showing hazy conditions out there this afternoon. some residents. the north bay have reported they're smelling smoke at this hour. thank you for joining us this friday afternoon here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm tahernia the bay area. air quality management district is extending an air quality advisory for wildfire smoke through tomorrow. the smoke isn't being considered unhealthy for us here, but it is something we are monitoring closely. so let's turn things over to our experts. kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow learns. how are the winds behaving this afternoon. yes. and as we get more of a westerly wind right down to the surface. and that's really helping us out. but. >> you get above about 500 feet or so higher than that. if you live in the oakland
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hills, you're feeling that smoke in your smell in a 2. and even the north. they are seeing some of them. but the haze is out there all around. you can notice right away when you got up this morning and look at your sky would just that awkward gray shade of color, not the true blue that we're used to. and so yeah, that's what we're seeing out there right now. good air quality even with the haze out there most that again is above the service. so we're looking good guerneville all the way down in the bottle with the san francisco in the san mateo, san francisco just just clicked over to some good air quality. some poor air quality now begin to mix in places like conquered and further inland. but we've got a long way to go. we've got those active fires burning. any change the wind pattern can affect all the bay area. weather quality as you're going to see the smoke filter back. in fact, we've got high pressure now building in off the pacific in the circulation around that ridge is starting to bring some of that smoke right back in the bay area. so we're seeing that right now as we get into weekend. i think we may get a little more westerly component from the winds at the surface. and that
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should allow for some improving conditions. you can see right now the smoke forecast models picking up on all that smoke. but as we head night that sea breeze really cares law that smoke out of the bay area will probably see a couple of pockets of smoke. but we're not going to be done. the fires are still active and we've got some changing weather patterns coming our way. we'll let you know. we can expect more smoke in the bay area coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. >> now all the smoke that we're seeing is due to the massive wildfires to our north north. as we mentioned, the dixie fire in butte and plumas counties grew to more than 70,000 acres overnight to now from 70,000 to a 433,000 acres making it the 3rd largest wildfire in state history and remains just 35% contained pedro rivera shows us a scene from canyon dam in plumas county. >> the dixie fire exploding overnight. a 100,000 acres burning in just 24 hours. the numbers now 433,000 acres burned just 35% containment,
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91 structures destroyed as you drive through areas like canyon dam where it once stood you notice a lot of things like this vehicles burned to a crisp. and this is the site you'll see as you pass by highway 89 this where we're standing at this moment. the post office still standing giving you some signs of optimism. but the side of the building certainly suffered some damage crews. they were able to remove some of the siding to avoid the fire from really spreading inside. so that's at least some good news that this one sign of life still here in canyon dam. but even next door were used to be the quail lodge burned to a crisp. take a look here that we used to be one structure sitting there you see the chimney is all that is left behind as crews battling the wildfire, the thick smoke in the region and trees that have still crumbled down on the roadways. want to see video here, but we came across on highway one 47 near lake out door. this is a hillside burning. all these hot spots, the embers things like this is
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what you're going to come across as you pass your way through, of course, evacuation orders are in effect for the asking people not to make their way into the area that wildfire was very active overnight with those warm temperatures and overnight winds. the fire moving towards control lines. the good news here is that humidity is expected to recover today to help crews make headway on containment lines. we have seen our crews out all morning long, getting together as assessment teams are scouring the area to see just how much damage left behind by the dixie fire. but just to repeat those numbers quickly for you. 433,000 acres have burned just 35% containment. so far. hopefully with the winds not being so strong right now. crews will be able to get a better handle of those flames try to get some headway to make sure it doesn't get closer to the east. a lake our more our more area where there are some homes that also westwood, which is a town to our north reporting in canyon dam. pedro rivera.
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>> and now some other news next week. thousands of bay area students return to classrooms for the new academic year. this while covid-19 continues to spread in our communities. kron four's, phillipe djegal speaks with an east bay pediatrician who shares tips on how to keep your kids safe. >> as students prepare to return to classrooms for in-person instruction. doctor robin knees and says parents should ready for mixed emotions excitement and anxiety, especially for those who continued with distance learning in the spring and that's okay. those feelings are really unacceptable and we have to just. >> take the time that dinner hear about the day here, about the stressors and we've planned for tomorrow to help support them. doctor knees and his inner into based pediatrician for john muir health in her area. contra costa health services says covid-19 spreading in schools among students is much less common. the novel coronavirus spread. >> in the community from indoor social gatherings.
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doctor news and says parents should trust their school districts have effective safety plans. most important thing we can do is wear a mask wear a mask, wear them properly. >> that will she not only our children safe but the staff as well with limited exceptions regardless of vaccination status. the state requires k through 12 students, teachers and staff to wear masks indoors. but the state is not mandating minimum distancing in classrooms for the new academic year. >> doctor knees and says students will inevitably need to share some equipment and common touch points like door knobs. she says wash your hands frequently, if you want to send your kid with a small container of hand sanitizer that they can use. >> before snack or lunch. i think that's a very good but they can also get to a sink to wash their hands. that's excellent is what schools are expected to ensure good ventilation in classrooms. doctor knees and says
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temperature checks have been found not to be effective in diagnosing covid-19 infections. she says keep it simple. if your student shows any physical signs of whole. believe all kron 4 >> happening today. there is a new place to get your covid vaccine in oakland. kaiser permanente is hosting a vaccination clinic at oakland technical high school from 03:30pm, until 06:00pm this is in anticipation of the upcoming school year and to ensure underserved parts of oakland have easy access to the vaccine. anyone 12 and older can get it and no appointment is necessary. and this is a back to school season like no other. so kron 4 and kronon want to help you get ready tune in all next week for updates on covid protocols at various bay area school districts also advice for parents information on how students are dealing with various challenges to get kronon ready for school to scan the qr code on your straight to your phone's app
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store so you could download kron-on for free. we go to the south bay now where opponents of santa clara county's reid hillview airport are keeping the pressure on in the long-running campaign to shut down the airport in east san jose kron four's. rob fladeboe joins us live in san jose with the details. good afternoon, rob. >> good afternoon. sun us. that's right to a new report released earlier this week concludes that lead levels in children who live around the airport here. equal to what we found in the water in flint, michigan a few years ago. now pilots are pushing back on this saying that they can stop using a lead based aviation fuel. but critics who want the airport shut down say that's too little too late. here's more. >> when they're fighting to survive that aircraft buzzed overhead san jose city council member sylvia remiss and other community leaders called on the county to close reid hillview airport as soon as
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possible. >> calling the general aviation hub a threat to public health to. we have to ask our supervisors. all of them to vote in favor of not only just closing this airport closing this early airport. critics say thousands of airport neighbors are at risk following the release of a county commission report. >> that found children living within 1.5 miles of the airport that elevated levels of lead in their blood. >> door. okay. no lives across the street from the airport. they were, you know, i don't want these airplanes passing by another dane now that i know all lead is in the my kids know pilots group. meantime, disputes the report's findings arguing the study failed to consider legacy lead contamination. >> from along the front nearby racetrack lead paint in cars that formerly burned leaded fuel. they are offering to switch to unload aviation fuel going forward so we can solve 90% of the problem right now. and then within a year have a 100% of the problem solved. no more lead coming out of the
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skies over reveal to you. >> citing noise crashes and growing community opposition county supervisors in 2000, 18 approved action to stop accepting federal funds which could lead to closing the airport by 2031 in a statement santa clara county wrote, quote, we understand and recognize the public's anguish, the county administration is working a set of recommendations to respond to the findings of the airborne lead study. we will be prepared to issue recommendations at the end of next week. >> now airport supporters also have long argued that the airport was here a long before there were a shopping malls and development in the county should not have approved a all of that development, all this. it likely coming to a head later this month when the board of supervisors is expected to review that let lead study is also anticipated. there may be a vote to petition the to allow the county to close the airport much sooner. we'll have more on this coming up for at 5 o'clock in san jose.
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rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you, rob. >> an investigation is now underway after an 87 year-old woman was stabbed in san francisco last night. according to police officers responded to the area of sunset boulevard and rivera street on a report of a possible stabbing at the scene. officers found the victim suffering from an apparent stab wound on her upper body. the victim was taken to the hospital. the victim's family had reported her missing 2 prior after prior finding her after she left her home around 06:30pm for a walk and did not return at this time. investigators are working to determine a foul play was a factor in this incident. and that much more coming up here at 3, including hundreds of spirit airlines flights being canceled across the country. >> we'll hear from stranded passengers and the reason behind the chaos. and attention this spring customers. the mobile network is planning to shut down
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details on a timeline and what carriers customers will have to switch to. and after the break, the great highway in san francisco will reopen just in time for back to school and people going back to work. but there will be some modifications to the reopening details are straight ahead. california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today.
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>> now at 3.15, the great
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highway which has been closed to car traffic for nearly a year and a half. well, once again reopened to traffic beginning august 16th. but there are some conditions for when you'll be able to drive through it. kron four's charles clifford has the details. >> well, here in san francisco starting on august 16th cars will once again be allowed to drive on the great highway. albeit not for every day of the week. now the great highway closed down to vehicle traffic back in april of 2000, 20. since then, it has become and open space where people can ride their bikes and go for walks has become extremely people love coming down here, but it did disrupt the traffic flow and some of the neighbors in the area weren't too happy about that. so the cities compromise is that they're going to allow cars on this roadway monday through friday. but on weekends, you can still come down here and go for a walk or ride. your bikes will be closed to vehicular traffic. now, i did talk to one neighbor here who says she can see both sides of this issue. >> you know, i think it's been a wonderful opportunity to be able to come down here through
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this whole time to walk on the great highway. but having been born and raised in this neighborhood. i can see that the neighborhood and trying to get out of your house with all the traffic going along the lower great highway would be kind of frustrating after all this time. so i think what the city is offering is a good balance. they're still trying to keep it open at times but allow the neighborhood to again, get back to kind of normal traffic routine. >> so once again, vehicles will be allowed back on the great highway monday through friday starting on august 16th the way it will work is that at noon on fridays until 6 o'clock in the morning on monday's. the road will be closed to vehicles. and that's when bikers and hikers and people can come out here and walk on the roadway also be closed to vehicular traffic on holidays as well. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> in northern california. major hydroelectric power plants at lake oroville is offline after water levels at lake reached historic lows this week. this is the first
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time the water levels have forced the plant to shut down since it opened in 1967 it's currently at a record low of about 641 feet compared to 900 feet when full the plant provides electricity to at least 80,000 customers. energy officials expect the rate can absorb this loss, but they add it raises the risk of more blackouts in the meantime, they're asking residents to reduce their water use by 15%. and as in national news nightmare scenarios for thousands of passengers stranded in airports across the country as airlines struggle to keep up with the summer travel surge, spirit airlines canceling hundreds of flights for the 5th day straight, leaving a frustrated travelers with no clear answers insight and weeks of busy travel. still ahead. and on planes, new alarming data from the faa. more than 3,000 incidents of unruly passengers since the first of the year leading the nation's top 88 or to push for charges against passengers who won't play by
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the rules. reporter brian entin brings us the latest. >> spirit airlines terminals around the country are still a mess. long lines outside and inside families camped out on the floor and try to get to maryland. it's just 38. this is the 3rd day so hopefully something may happen tomorrow. >> crockett anderson has been here since monday. you know, i just hope for the best. >> great to borrow that will get out of here. have the staying calm. others like this couple can't hold back the anger. it is the curse is sunday. >> we have not been accommodating. no rules, no nothing. we've missed book. we had to have our family soon as money and now we ran out of money. so where we put the goat. what are we supposed to do. we've been sleeping on a fire on the floor. >> spirit airlines canceled 400 flights today alone. they're blaming the meltdown on whether technology outages
3:20 pm
in staffing the chaos on the ground comes after months of chaos in the air. the frontier flight attendant duct taping accused groping passenger. just the latest in a series of violent passenger so far this year. the faa says there have been more than 3700 unruly passenger reports it's gotten so bad. the faa sent this letter to airport leaders urging that they do more saying many of these passengers were interviewed by local police and released without criminal charges of any kind. back at the spirit terminal strangers sat together in a mini therapy session trying to stay calm. first night. i slept here at the airport today. here on this floor right here, right. yeah, i slept right here on this floor for a 2 day right. >> but this is so there's some of that >> i really. >> that was brian entin reporting for us spirit
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airlines ceo says the situation is not over just yet. the airline will apparently need to cancel even more flights over the next several days to regain its footing. >> excuse me, switching gears now to talk about our weather. this is a live look at sfo conditions. look relatively clear in the foreground. you could see far away. it is hazy. we do have an air quality advisory that's been extended through tomorrow from the wildfire smoke to our north kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us from the studio with more. lawrence this morning. i thought this was fog. yeah. i know really had that kind of a graze you to it. >> but you look a little bit closer to go my goodness. that's not fog. that is smoke all around the bay area. now specially above about 500 feet or so. you're smelling that smoke. so a lot of folks here in the bay area living at those levels. and you can see here on our satellite image. you see that smoke filtering back in toward the bay area coming down from these fires in northern california moving back in our direction. i think that's something we may have to deal with again as we head toward the first part of this
3:22 pm
next week. right now getting a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in that sea breeze going to ramp up. that means we're going to see more that on shore flow getting that fresh air from the ocean and that should be enough to clean out your skies a little bit overnight tonight. model start to pick up on that as well. that said tomorrow. still moderate amounts of pollutants in the atmosphere. it's going to be a little bit hazy out. there are some of that smoke outside. again, most of that. not at the surface. we're breathing it. but you get upwards of some of the mountains here locally above 500 to a 1000 feet. you'll be smelling that smoke outside overnight tonight. we're going to see some low clouds and fog reforming moving back on shore, pushing inside the bay, maybe a couple patches of drizzle coach side. and that's about it. then here comes that sunshine and temperatures going to be nice tomorrow afternoon. it will be hot inland. we'll be back in the 90's and many of the valleys by tomorrow afternoon. 19 conquered about 93 in lemore 83 in san jose back along the coastline. you're back in the 60's next couple a little hazy outside for tomorrow. more sunshine on the way on sunday and then that hayes returns again, maybe a little bit of an offshore wind smoke may be more of an issue right down to
3:23 pm
the surface. i think as we head in toward monday and tuesday of next week. thank you, lawrence. >> still ahead at 3.45 today is a live look at this. should a crossing in tokyo right now. it's the final week of the 2020 summer olympics when talking about the closing ceremony with a reporter on the ground. but after the break, people who use the sprint mobile network will have to switch to t-mobile or find a new carrier will have details on when this powers will shut down.
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>> welcome back. in today's tech smart cell phones that use the sprint network will soon be a thing of the past and amazon has a new gadget to help you wash your hands. which tomorrow has the details. >> here's what's happening in the tech world t-mobile says june 30th 2022 is the end of the line for the sprint lte network. this means if you still have a phone that display sprint as the carrier. you'll need to upgrade by then. the shutdown is part of t-mobile and sprint's 26 billion dollar merger which closed last year. t-mobile has been busy building out its new 5 g network and says about 33% of sprint customers have so far moved over to t mobile towers. the news was first reported by the website. light reading amazon has a new alexa connected soap dispenser. the $55 smart dispenser uses led lights to help visually
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countdown. the proper handwashing time of 20 seconds. it can be paired with an echo speaker to play jokes or fax to listen to while you scrub the dispenser does not have a built-in speaker or microphone. it's powered by a rechargeable battery which lasts about 3 months. one unique feature is how it can dispense different amounts of soap depending on how far you hold your hand from the nozzle. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> time for a quick break. but we come back, to the dangerous delta variant has a relative and it's been discovered in the bay area. we'll tell you what you need to know about delta plus. also the white house is developing its plan to reopen international travelers to the u.s. the requirements travelers may have to use. and after the break, some parents in the east bay are opting out of gives me in person learning for the children. the high demand now for a virtual school in antioch.
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your friday afternoon, students in an east bay. school district are back in class this week for the start of a new school year. >> as kron four's haaziq madyun reports, a growing number of those students chose to enroll in a virtual academy as the pandemic continues. >> the new school year began this week for students in the antioch unified school district while the vast majority of the district
3:31 pm
16,000 students are returning to real classrooms for in-person instruction. a significant number of students opted instead for distance learning through the district's thomas gains virtual academy. so we're all meant is increasing by the day and unified school district associate superintendent christine, the bar we started. i want to say at the end of last week, we were around 300 students overall. >> we are now 600 students fast approaching 700 for virtual unrolled. that includes students from other school districts in contra, costa county, including mount diablo oakley brentwood and nights and the thomas games virtual academy is available for a transitional kindergarten through 8th grade and prospects. virtual independent study for high school students laptops and other school supplies are readily available as needed christine ybarra says this educational effort was prompted by the covid-19 pandemic and now it appears it's here to stay.
3:32 pm
>> we heard what our parents and teachers were staying and our students. and we thought, you know what we like to be able to continue to provide this option when school resumes. plus, we understood too, that there were probably going to be some families. so which they weren't ready to bring their students back this year and so that that was another another way to accommodate those families and their needs haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> california will not be mandating educators get vaccinated. at least not yet. today while visiting school in san bernardino. the governor. >> said that he is confident in the measures. his office has mandated to keep kids safe during in-person instruction. we're confident the approach. >> that the district of taking we put 4.6 billion dollars up someone members and legislature to focus on improving ventilation. to improving the access to ppe. and other. sanitation
3:33 pm
investments. i'm asking the testing contact tracing. components. the partnerships with the county's improving our relationship to our own state run lunch, elapsed testing. facility and to provide an abundance of resource with the flexibility to get our kids safely back in school at the end of last school year. we were successful in that effort. i'm confident will be successful into this school year. and that's where we are today. >> newsom was asked to respond to districts who oppose the mask mandate. the governor said his office will, quote, hold firm with their recommendations which he said are in line with the cdc's the governor also highlighted new investments in education. thanks to a budget surplus california lawmakers were able to approve a 123 billion dollars, education budget. that budget will fund universal transitional kindergarten after school for
3:34 pm
all programs and new investments in mental and behavioral health services. nonessential international travelers from some countries are still barred from traveling to the united states while travelers from other countries are allowed in our washington correspondent alexandra le mon reports the biden administration is starting to plan for the return of more international travelers to the u.s. but says the u.s. isn't quite ready for that quite yet. >> the international travel industry is going broke. if we don't do anything now by the end of the year. us was 90 billion dollars and 1.5 million jobs. roger dow, president and ceo of the u.s. travel association says international travel is crucial to the u.s. economy, but the biden administration says now is not the time to open the u.s. to international travelers. we plan to maintain existing travel restrictions. >> at this point. the biden administration says agencies are starting to develop plans for international travelers to be able to return to the u.s.
3:35 pm
in a safe and consistent way, but only when the time is right. white house covid response coordinator jeff zients says when the u.s. does open to tourists and other nonessential travelers. foreign nationals traveling. >> she united states. this. they're still policy work being done here may need to have some type of a requirement. we're okay with this being a first step over the long term. we think the travel community and countries have to figure out how multiple ways you can enter country. dow says one travelers return the money and jobs will to in washington. >> alexandra limon. >> here's another reason to get a covid vaccine. a new strain of the delta variant has been detected here in the bay area. it's called delta. plus and officials say it's the most contagious variant we've seen delta. plus was first detected in europe back in march. doctors say it's more transmissible than the
3:36 pm
original delta variant that latches onto lung cells more easily. >> it's kind of like delta, but it's taken some super powers data which was this is from the south africa. and that's why it's by like delta. but the pluses, it increase. vision like the south beta variant. >> as of last week, 298 people in santa clara county had the delta variant's and 47 tested positive for delta. plus, alameda county reports fewer thanananan cases of delta plus, as of last tuesday and contra costa county health officials say less than 7% of its detected a delta cases have been dealt a plus. for your money. now new numbers out today showing the u.s. added more than 900,000 jobs last mon that surpassed what many economists were expecting and ment rate is also dropped data ows many of the new jobs were in leisure and hospitality education and
3:37 pm
professional services. meanwhile, many employers have offered higher pay that led to the wages that were up 4% in june compared to the same month last yearexperts say the labor market is rebounding. . asell, after last year's pandemic collapse. which years now to talk about our weather. this is a live look outside in san francisco. very hazy in the bay area right now. from that wildfire. smoke drifting in from the northern california wildfires kron. 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is in the studio, lawrence, that look, i know it's not fog, it looks like he cut with a knife. i mean, it looks very thick out there. but most that, thank goodness is above the surface, but. >> you get above 500 feet or so. you're probably smelled some of that smoke. very hazy out there all around the bay area looking from the berkeley hills out over the bay of some of that smoke from the fires moving in here. wee going to see looks like a change in the pattern overnight tonight, maybe a little more of a sea breeze. we'll clear our skies a little bit for tomorrow. temperatures outside right now
3:38 pm
it's hot inland. you got 90's d livermore got 85 in san jose, 69 degrees in san francisco tomorrow. the numbers are going to come down a little bit. not much change coast side. you've got some 60's in the san francisco that 63% it with some patchy fog. 70 in millbrae with some sunshine in the afternoon 71 in burlingame, 76 in redwood city. then you're looking temperatures in the 80's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. still some 90 showing up inland by tomorrow. you look at about 94 in pleasanton about 95 degrees in danvie and 90 in concord. so number still hot away from the coastline a little bit hazy out there as well. so some of that smoke from t t t fires lik to linger, especially parts of the north and the east bay next couple days. those temperatures will start to come down a little bit more that haze as we see more smoke on monday and tuesday of next week's thank you, lawrence. >> coming up this hour, finding your carbon footprint is why scientists say single men are contributing more to climate change them. the rest of us. plus, if a road trip to the grand canyon is in your
3:39 pm
plans this weekend. you might want to think twice about don's the weather warning you need to know about thaafter the break.
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so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ temperatures at the grand canyon are forcing officials to urge park goers to stay away the base of the canyon. 4,000 feet down. >> is expected to hit up to a 115 degrees today. according to the national weather service, extreme heat in the lower elevations as a result,
3:42 pm
a compression of air as it descends into the canyon hikers are being asked to avoid going into the canyon until after 04:00pm and go no further than a mile and a half into the canyon. a new study says single men on average produce more greenhouse emissions than women. the study was published in the journal of industrial ecology swedish researchers say men are responsible for 16% more greenhouse gases than women. and this is likely due to men buying more items. that leave large carbon footprints like meat, tobacco and gasoline. women were found to spend more money on health care clothing and furniture. the study also found men are more likely to drive during vacation which releases more emissions into the atmosphere. still ahead, this is a live look into tokyo japan. look at those clouds will win. the games are winding down. we'll be talking about the closing ceremony with our reporter who is on the ground.
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but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. >> welcome back. it's 3.45 and it's time to check on the weather live look at conditions out in walnut creek can see in this shot very hazy situation in the east bay and the weather pattern could change in the coming days. let's get the details from con for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow we haven't had to deal with the snobs. the patterns been kind of stable that's been keeping all the smoke out of the bay area. will things changed overnight. and now the smoke sweeping in.
3:46 pm
you can see the latest air quality. it's good right now to san francisco and san mateo and fremont. but look at little more now they're looking at some poor air quality that is now begin to move in moderate amounts some of the pollutants in the cocker now and into oakland in fairfield as well. so we're going to see more that overnight tonight. just hazy out there. >> no fog. but this is very gray out there just because of all the smoke in our skies. temperatures are hot inland. you're looking at 93 right now in livermore. does 93 also in concord, 90 in dublin, 80 in san mateo. 72 in alameda, 69 degrees in san francisco. 87 in santa rosa 97 for friends and hot in cloverdale tonight, low clouds and fog are going to return. that will be a good thing. we'll see more of a westerly component. the winds that will be at the surface and that's going help to cleanse out the atmosphere a bit is that sea breeze kicks in. so i think that will help us going into saturday. i think they're quality even though maybe a little bit hazy. i think it improves on saturday, but i think as we get to next week. i think maybe monday and tuesday we get a little northerly component to the wind again, like i think we could be back into the smoke down the
3:47 pm
surface temperatures for tomorrow plan on some 90's in hot inland 60's along the coastline next couple days. those temperatures drop off just a little bit hazy, maybe smoking on monday. >> if the final weekend of the 2020 summer olympics in tokyo. the closing ceremony is on sunday. kron four's andrew martin joins us from tokyo with all things olympics. and you told us yesterday by your excitement for allyson felix in a 400 meter one run. what an accomplishment for her. >> yes, she did its she wins bronze in the 400 meter final for allyson felix. it's her 10th career olympic medal. she is now the most decorated female track and field athlete in history. she's 35 years old, this. her 5th olympic games. she's a mom for the first time and her time last night here in tokyo was a season-best. so what a way to go out for allyson felix. that is amazing. >> us men and women's basketball team go for the
3:48 pm
gold this weekend and for them and it's not the battle against luka doncic that had anticipated. >> so the men are taking on france and they should win that game. but they already lost to france. earlier in these olympics. that was their first game here in tokyo and after the game, rudy gobare who was playing for team france. of course he said that if we see the united states again. it could look like a very different team that us men's basketball team was without 3 of its players because you had 3 guys. so we're still competing in the nba finals. and i think they have less than 48 hours to get here to tokyo for the first game. but since that loss team usa has bounced back and will be going for its 4th straight gold medal. this one not as guaranteed as the women's one in my mind and the mind of others. but team usa should win on the men's side as well. so knots. what's the prediction for the women's game. so the women you could probably just give them the gold medal right now. sanaa's. i know they're not going to do that. but if they wanted to, i don't think there would be any objections. the u.s. olympic
3:49 pm
women's basketball team has not lost a game at the olympics since the semifinals back in 1992. they've won 54 straight olympic games 6 straight olympic gold medals. they should win easily. that's a safe bet. >> now the closing ceremony is this sunday. what can we expect from that ceremony. >> well, we assume that it's going to be pared down just like the opening ceremony was covid-19 protocols and restrictions in place. we can tell you that kara winger is going to be the flag bearer for team usa. she's a four-time olympian, a track and field athlete who finished 17th in the javelin here in tokyo. >> and so i'm so sad because this is going to be our live shot with you. when are you coming home. >> excellent question. i'm sure there are people back in california that hope that i stay away and stay out of the country for as long as we get back on tuesday and because of the time difference and because of the travel we actually leave tokyo on tuesday and arrived back in
3:50 pm
california on tuesday. have a safe trip back home. thanks so much. >> the oakland a's will now have to make a final of their push to postseason without their star. outfielder ramon lauriano. the announcement was made earlier today that the 27 year-old had received an 80 game suspension without pay after testing positive for nand are alone, which is a performance enhancing substance. this is of course, a violation of major league baseball's joint drug prevention and treatment program. loriano has a batting average of 2.46 with 14 home runs and 39 rbi ys. now after the announcement was made loriano issued this statement saying, quote, i would never knowingly ingest any banned substance and put the game. i've loved all my life at risk when i found out that i tested positive for nand alone. i was shocked. i'm devastated anyone who truly knows me as a person knows how much i love the game and that i would never intentionally do something
3:51 pm
like this. and good news for domination. andre iguodala is coming back to the bay area today. the former nba finals mvp agreed to a one-year contract with the warriors. the 37 year-old played 6 seasons for the warriors and won 3 nba titles. it was all a has spent the last 2 seasons with the miami heat. but he says he's excited to return to the bay to finish his career. he told the new york times quotes the relationship with the fans. the relationship with the bay the opportunity to end it here. was just something special. up next, pumpkin spice season is around the corner. but this product is. >> i my opinion taking a little too far. details on where you can find fun pumpkin spice noodles.
3:52 pm
[announcement on pa] introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's.
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3:54 pm
>> we're not sure how to feel about this story. but pumpkin spice season is right around the corner and walmart is kicking it off with pumpkin spice noodles. the concoction by raman brand cup of noodles will exclusively hill hit walmart shelves nationwide in october. the company promises the products will be the tastiest and most outlandish dish of the pumpkin spice craze. so far. i know about the tastiest, but the outlandish. i think they might be on plan on par with that. and it's finally friday and this is the guy at the sand. this guy at the cincinnati zoo
3:55 pm
knows at this adorable. not so little guy named johnny joe cannot contain his excitement. >> while he has a case of the zoomies in his enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. the zoo posted this video to their twitter accounts. and on the video. you can hear the squeaky little guy just making his way around zoo keepers say rhinos use a wide variety of vocalizations in order to communicate, including squeaks, moos and trumpets. i kind those sounds get excited too. time now check with newsnation to see what they're working for us. working on for us tonight. tonight on the don, the report. hundreds of people connected to 9.11 till president biden to stay away. why they don't want him at the upcoming memorials. >> and vaccine passport apps already facing problems. the man who faked his profile. >> explains how we did it. now here's leland vittert with a preview of on ballot. >> thanks, joe. reeducation camps right in our own backyard. why some parents
3:56 pm
fear what's being taught in public school is on par with chinese indoctrination. that's coming up on balance tonight followed by news nation, prime. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed here. we also have details available on our website kron 4 dot com. now before we sign off, let's get one final check on air quality and the weekend forecast. but lawrence, a their son os. yeah. that smoke just kind of walking about remember, these are just really micro small particles so things can change quickly. so far it is looking good for most of the bay area, but to get into oakland part of richmond martinez. yeah. that's when you start to moderate amounts of air quality and then start poor air quality in place like livermore and also in the san ramon. and you could just see it out there all a's from that smoke sitting right up above most that so far. >> is being held aloft. but some of that start to mix down just a bit. so numbers right now. i'm still in the hot side. at inland. you've got some 90's in the valleys. you got 60's out toward the coastline but looks like those temperatures may cool just slightly as we head in toward
3:57 pm
tomorrow afternoon. put on fog at the beaches and that's good news. little sea breeze and fog and on shore flow help that could clear things out. but still hot 90's inland. and then the next couple days. here we go. looks like the weekend looks like sunday. i think the air quality should improve by monday and tuesday watching that closely. we may get a little more northerly wind snow as we get the normally when we got those fires up to our north and that drags that smoke right back into the bay area. awesome. lawrence, thank you so much. >> and that wraps it up for kron 4 news at 3. our coverage continues at the top i'm tahernia. thanks for watching. bay area homeowners,
3:58 pm
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