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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 3, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na ♪ >> now at 3 masked up and get vaccinated. that's the message from officials across the mask mandate is now in effect for most of the bay area and vaccine rates are increasing. and not everyone is happy about that mask mandates. some parents are sounding off today saying their kids shouldn't have to wear masks school despite the dangerous delta variant spreading. plus the kron 4 exclusive. a new poll shows a support to recall governor newsom is growing and he's losing ground with one of the state's key demographics will break down those numbers. >> now from the area's local
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news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> good afternoon. and thank you so much for joining us here on this tuesday afternoon on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm tahernia today is the first day masks are required once again in the bay area. 7 of the 9 bay area counties are requiring masks again indoors as we're dealing with another spike in covid-19 cases, most of which are linked to the highly contagious. delta variance. this comes as there is a desperate push to get more people vaccinated. but there is some good news. governor newsom says the state has seen a 41% increase in vaccines over the last 2 weeks. according to the state's public health website. 63% of eligible californians have been fully vaccinated right now on your screen as a quick reminder that these are the these are the counties, rather requiring masks as of today. all but solano and napa
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counties are requiring you to mask up indoors once again. let's go to the south bay now when it comes to mask mandates and the return to the classroom for students in santa clara county. a majority of parents are in favor of having kids mask up on campus kron four's rob fladeboe has more. >> just as they did last spring when in-person classes resume to read books in elementary and across the san jose unified school district masks will be required amid a surge in the covid-19 delta variant, what worked in april can work again says superintendent man, see all the ron. we know that the factors that we used to >> that covid-19 virus that worked in the in the spring because we were very successful. and so we're going to continue to many of those things as school opens. lebron says a handful of parents have objected to the new mask mandate. >> which also requires masks in outdoor settings with exceptions for lunch, sports and special needs. but most
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agree masking is the best way to keep their kids safe says the superintendent and we always handle every case a very respectfully and have conversations with individuals to help them. >> adhere to the guidance. we believe everybody in our systems committed to keeping everybody safe. the district has stockpiled thousands of masks and other ppe in the 27,000 student district the south bay's largest. >> classrooms here at willow glen middle school will seat 4 students per table instead of 5 amid a 3 foot social distancing protocol principal paul slayton spoke about enforcing the mask mandate. the trick is getting a kid or student to understand. i have to wear the mask. >> it's to protect the community it to protect myself. if i don't, i won't be able to participate at the school in a classroom communicating that in a way that doesn't become a power struggle. that's how you work with students in school. >> well, some families welcome a return to classes. others want to retain some type of distance learning it's all
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about adaptability. says superintendent elber on. we have an independent study program. >> at libery alternative school, any family that has a health concern can. access the independent study program in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> this month. students all across the bay area will be returning to the classroom for the new school year and with the delta variant of the coronavirus surging in many kids still not eligible to be vaccinated. kron 4 and kron had been visiting school districts to see how they're preparing to keep kids safe. kron four's charles clifford joins us now from south san francisco with a look at some of the technology that's being used to keep the classrooms clean. charles. >> at berry berry elementary school in south san francisco. the school has installed new air filters in every classroom and stocked up on hand sanitizer and cleaning
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supplies students arriving on campus next week will also be required to wear a face mask and if they don't have one, the school will provide what we have a. >> a large stockpile of all that different. ppe or personal that protective equipment such that's mask. face shield. hasn't high-res. all the all things that needed to protect the staff as students. >> the schools also been using these uv light machines which can kill up to 99% of viruses in the air and on surfaces. the lights are used regularly in classrooms throughout the school district hoping to add yet another layer protection. the schools also recently purchased new air purifiers for every classroom with students and teachers eager to get back into full in person, learning the schools hoping these precautions will be enough to keep everyone safe. lot of us. it was apparent that aside double returning to school. >> the same time there are some that is also still worry because of the, you know, emerging delta variant we have lot in news for now. you know,
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want to make sure everybody is safe from the virus. so the like we have think of all all side of possible. we can to do that. >> all right. back live now of teachers will also be keeping windows open classrooms to improve ventilation. but for now in south san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> charles, thank you for that. now, this is definitely a back to school season like no other in kronon wants to get you and your students ready for school. so tune in all week next week for updates on covid-19 protocols and various bay area school districts available resources for students both on and off campus to overcome unique challenges and tips for parents such as how to shop smart for school to catch kron on's ready for school. we could grab your phone and scanned the qr code you see on your screen will take you straight to your phone's app store so you can download the kron on app for free. new york city will soon require proof of covid-19 vaccinations for
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indoor activities. mayor bill de blasio made the announcement this morning making the big apple, the first big city in the u.s. to impose such restrictions. the new requirement will go into effect. august 16th it will apply to all indoor dining gyms and into indoor entertainment venues. de blasio has focused on getting as many new yorkers vaccinated as possible while resisting calls to mandate masks indoors currently about 66% of adults in new york city are fully vaccinated. and coming up on kron 4 news at 5, our reporter dan kerman is checking in to see if any bay area counties might follow suit what new york is doing. be sure to stay tuned for his report at 5. and right now on kron 4 dot com, we have everything you need to know about mask mandates where you live. breakthrough covid-19 cases, transot schedules and much more just scan the qr code with your mobile device and you'll be directed to our web page dedicated to covid-19 coverage. and a new inside
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california politics emerson college poll shows support for governor newsom's recall continues to grow and the governor is losing ground with one of california's key demographics. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala is at the state capitol with those results. >> this latest poll shows just within the last couple of weeks more and more california voters are indicating bill support recalling governor gavin newsome. this latest inside california politics and emerson college poll went out into the field over the weekend to 1000 california voters in this poll. 46 1% said they would vote to recall governor gavin newsome versus 48% who say they would keep him in office. the amount of voters supporting the recall has increased 3% since our last poll, just 2 weeks ago. obviously the momentum based on these numbers are going in the wrong direction. for the but there's so much happening on the ground that it's not that surprising considering everything happening with covid. >> the opening of schools. there's a lot of anxiety among to voters in generally they
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take it out on the politicians. >> while voters are still split on whether to recall the governor most about 40% are still undecided on the pick to replace him among the candidates, the front runner here remains republican radio talk show host larry elder now at 23% of voters saying they would pick him up 7 points from just 2 weeks ago. that's where we see that huge number of democrats truly undecided of what to do. nearly 70%. >> don't know who to vote because there's really not an alternative for them to choose our pollsters found. governor newsom is losing support from hispanic voters. 54 1% of latino respondents to the poll said that they would vote to recall the governor. this is the only racial group with the majority indicating that they would do so he's going to have to make a large impact with that group of voters. now, with that said, he's really struggling with less educated voters. and i think that's for the covid pandemic really separates the society. so if you don't have a college degree, you seem to be more upset and you seem to want to
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recall the governor with a college degree less the case. you want to keep the governor to give you a breakdown of the party affiliation of those who responded to this poll. >> 46% identified as democrat about 23% identified as republican and about 30% said no party preference at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> now in response to this poll, governor newsom's campaign spokesperson nathan click said in a statement, quote, democratic voters are beginning to wake up to the reality that if they don't vote by september 14th. we could have a trump's supporting republican as governor of california in a normal election. this republican recall wouldn't have a snowball's chance in death valley. that's why republicans are trying to force the special election. they're banking on democrats not turning out californians. don't want republican takeover of our state. but if democrats don't vote, that's what could happen. you can catch more of this poll this weekend on inside california politics. it airs here on kron 4 every saturday evening at 6.30 and
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sunday mornings at 6.30. lawmakers throughout new york states and president biden are calling for governor andrew cuomo to resign as the latest report from the new york attorney general was made public earlier today. our washington correspondent basil john. he reports on what both democrats and republicans are now saying. >> you should president joe biden and top democrats on capitol hill are calling for governor andrew cuomo to step down. the reported actions of the governor were profoundly disturbing inappropriate and completely unacceptable. senate majority leader chuck schumer announced he and new york senator kirsten gillibrand, stand by the investigation's findings. is your reaction? i continue to believe the governor should resign still working deal with. as i said, i continue to believe that he should resign other congressional democrats, including jerry nadler, brian under jones, carolyn maloney, grace meng and alexandra ocasio cortez say cuomo should
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leave office quote, for the good of new york state. republicans are also calling for governor cuomo's resignation. >> new york republican congresswoman elise stefanik says the governor should never considered himself above the law. he is committed harassment as well as retaliation. that is illegal in new york state. >> it is a legal federally and he needs to be held accountable. if we don't have equal justice under the law. we start to lose our country. republican congresswoman claudia tenney says the governor won't be able to do his job. i don't think this guy is capable of governing i haven't thought of from day one. the party. >> particularly now he is so compromised lawmakers say if cuomo doesn't resign, the new york state assembly must begin impeachment proceedings reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> coming up. it's the question we've all asked the since the start of the pandemic were to covid-19 come from a new report claims to have. the answer will take a look at those findings. plus, mass covid-19 testing sites
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have shut down for the most part on the bay area. one bay area. lawmakers pushing for their return amid a rise in cases. intense moments at a school board meeting in the east bay. police were called after parents against mask mandates in schools showed up. we'll explain what happened.
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 3. we continue to monitor any guidance for
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covid-19 booster. shots the shots would essentially be given to a person a couple of months after they have been fully vaccinated to help further protect against new covid variants. well, the go department of public health says it has been giving supplemental covid-19 shots to patients who have been vaccinated with the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine. the department says, quote, the san francisco department of public health is currently accommodating special requests from individuals who have received the j j viral vector covid-19 vaccine and in many cases have consulted with their doctor and wish to receive a supplemental dose with an mrna vaccine such as pfizer or moderna this move does not represent a change in policy for sf dph. we continue to align with the centers for disease control and prevention guidance and do not recommend a booster shot at this time. we'll continue to review any new data and adjust our guidance if necessary. kron four's maureen kelly is working on the story for us
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tonight. she'll have more coming up on kron 4 news at 5. intense forced the delayed start of a board of education meeting in danville today. police were called to the san ramon valley unified school district. to the board meeting there after advocates against mask mandates rallied for more control over whether or not their students should wear face coverings kron forcefully. chagall shares. what happens. good morning, everyone. >> this morning we're friday. >> the first san ramon valley unified school district board of education meeting of the new school year got off to a rocky start tuesday morning. i think that we're going to have to recess time eating until. parents who refuse to wear masks for the meeting were asked to leave and watch it online or give their public
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comments outdoors. the board hosted the meeting in danville for about an hour until order was restored. the danville police department was called in, but no arrests were made. we need to do better for children. unlike last year all but about 750 districts. students will be returning to campuses for in-person instruction. >> but some parents are angry that the school district will follow state public health guidance and the contra costa health services mandate that everyone regardless of their covid-19 vaccination status. >> wear face coverings well, indoors reading in their eczema all day long. it's not natural. we didn't grow up with this the demonstration is a part of the grassroots. let them breathe a movement. families across the states pushing for students to attend class without masks. these parents say families should have a choice, not obstruct. >> any of their airways for their brain to for the brain to process to not silence people. when addressing the
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board superintendent john malloy says his district. >> is simply following public health guidance will not see those requirements. >> you decide we will certainly i don't think that the environment created when kids are a mask is conducive to socialization and learning. i think it is an environment of fear. some parents say they will consider enrolling their students elsewhere schools open next week in danville. fleet all kron. 4 news. >> and santa clara county officials released new information today on the negative impact. aircraft fuel has on children living near reid hillview airport last year. the santa clara county board of supervisors approved plans to begin the process of closing the airport by 2031 citing safety concerns plane crashes in excessive noise and pollution today results from a scientific study concluded children living close to the airport had blood lead levels. 20% higher than children
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living between half a mile and a mile and a half from the airports. the lead blood. >> level is a reflection of where they live. we know that is damaging to children's developing brains. it's been linked to lower icu's just increased success in school behavior problems. hypertension and coronary disease. what this very thorough study proves is that we literally have a crisis on our hands. this is a public health issue. it's an environmental justice issue and it's an equity issue because the people who live around reid hillview are among those that are least affluent in our community. >> on august will speak at the board of supervisors supervisors meeting about the specifics of that study. >> in san francisco. a woman is in critical condition at sf general hospital and now hospital officials need help identifying her. this is a picture of the woman on a hospital bed. it's unclear how she got hurt. but an ambulance
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took her to the hospital on saturday from 35 dorman avenue. she's about 30 years old. 5 foot 10 with short hair, a short brown hair. she has a tattoo of 2 skulls with bones on her right arm. anyone who knows her name is asked to call on contact the hospital. switching gears now to get a look at our forecast is a live look outside at downtown san francisco in part of the bay bridge. such a beautiful shots proper meteorologist dave spahr joins us with sanaa's good afternoon. good afternoon, everybody. this is a live shot coming in from the golden gate bridge is now turning to offense as it starts to spill over the bay. >> which will be the case for tonight getting a little stronger as we go bay. how about that blue skies. still a place here, although we're probably be fighting that a little bit more going forward as this marine layer gets thicker onshore flow pattern gets all the more intense. here's storm tracker. 4. the outlines you see here. this is a fire weather watch up in the sierra. meanwhile, that's a
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red flag warning up towards the north because we have a high to the east, a low to the west here. the working in tandem to drive a bit of an offshore wind or dry conditions which we're going to see in parts of the bay area in the next 48 hours to see off to the far east bay. we got 95 right now in antioch, 93 for livermore up to the north bay. some 70's and play santa rosa check-in. but 8490 by the way, for nevada. stuart. nice warm up going on here and we'll see that a little bit tomorrow before things start to cool off. everybody 83 by 7 by 10 67 again, bay area fog. but you go inland. it's going to stay mostly clear. and we'll take a look at bit about what lays ahead for the rest of the week. so knots. thank you, dave. >> it's time for a quick break. but before we go, this is a live look from our camera in tokyo. japan our coverage continues today at 3.45 will be talking bronze medals and basketball with our reporter there. also after the break, it's the question we've all asked since the start of the
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well, that investment can give you tax-free cash just when you need it. call for your free reverse mortgage loan guide look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> welcome back. a new report claims to prove the wuhan lab leak and says the chinese government was actively covering the covid outbreak as early as august or september of 2019 reporter joe khalil has more on the investigation by republican lawmakers.
3:26 pm
>> a new house republican report highlights the case for the theory that covid originated from a lab accident in wuhan not conclusive, but enough for many house republicans who say they're convinced what this amendment to the report shows is that there is now. >> tangible evidence of suspicious activities. the report concludes, quote, the preponderance of evidence suggests sars covid 2 was accidentally released from a wuhan institute of virology laboratory the report cites examples of chinese government officials making a public database with virus samples from bats and mice. >> disappear overnight. it also cites an outbreak of a serious illness at the military olympic games in wuhan before china shared information about coronavirus with the world and warnings from chinese scientists and the u.s. state department that the wuhan lab wasn't taking proper safety measures and that dangerous lab leaks were possible making it more infectious and something
3:27 pm
that's more lethal. >> in an environment. that's as loose and say a dentist office. the nation's top health experts haven't ruled out. the lab leak theory but say the data to conclude the true origins are not yet available in a heated exchange last month with senator rand paul doctor anthony fauci refuted claims that american dollars funded experiments which created covid-19. if you look at the viruses that we used in the experiments. it is molecularly impossible. >> that was joe khalil reporting for us. now back in may, president biden ordered his administration to look into the origins of covid. he gave them 90 days were a little over 60 days into that. so it will be interesting to see the results expected here shortly. up next, the oakland police chief has announced a decline in violent crimes across the city since he took office. details on what he believes is helping.
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>> and a california neighborhood on edge today. there are concerns over typhus after 2 neighbors learned they both contracted the fleet borne illness. how they believe they may became infected. and after the break, many covid-19 mass testing sites have closed around the ba
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>> the need for testing for the delta. variant is
3:31 pm
experiencing a bit of a surge of its own kron four's haaziq madyun takes a look at what's driving the push for more testing. >> if you are thinking that the need for covid-19 testing sites was a thing of the past. guess again. >> is county experiencing an increase in the demand for tests. >> yes, you know, county has noticed in a large increase in the demand for testing. there are definitely seeing an increase in testing. it started around 4th of july and it's been on a steady increase since then. that is the case. even though a growing number of people are vaccinated here in the bay area. >> in fact, health officials say the vaccinated population are the major contributors to the rise and testing of vaccinated individuals certainly can carry the delta variant. and it seems that they can spread it as well. so people want to know maybe because they know somebody that contracted covid-19. and so well, i wonder, maybe i was exposed. most bay area health departments say at this time they feel they're available. testing is sufficient. but
3:32 pm
they say they will continue to monitor the situation. however, san francisco supervisor matt haney says he would like to see a return of mass testing sites in the city. i reached out to our director of public health today. i communicated that i've been hearing a lot from my constituents that they had a hard time. >> getting tests. and so i do think it's important that the city restored bring back some of these mass testing sites that were demobilized. >> tonight is national night out. an annual community-building campaign promotes partnerships between police and their community. some cities like santa cruz have delayed the event this year due to covid-19. but in the east bay events will still go on to help protect residents against the virus. contra costa health services will be hosting free vaccination events. take a look at your screen. the vaccination teams will be out in richmond, pittsburgh and hercules. no appointments are necessary. however, officials recommend everyone keep their
3:33 pm
distance and mask up during national night out as it is a crowded outdoor setting. and the cdc has added 16 destinations to their list of locations that pose a very high risk of covid-19 infection for travelers including greece, ireland and the u.s. virgin islands. the cdc says the level for very high risk. a label means people should avoid traveling to these locations altogether. now, for those who must visit being fully vaccinated is strongly recommended regions are classified as very high risk when more than 500 new covid-19 cases are reported per 100,000 residents within the last month. the full list the bill. it is available on our website. kron 4 dot com. the city of oakland is participating in national night out tonight. police chief leronne armstrong marked the day by giving an update on crime trends across the city. armstrong said when he took office as chief back in february. the department was seeing a 500% increase in
3:34 pm
violent crimes in shootings were up over a 100%. he says due to an increased focus on violent crimes. both of those rates are down to just over 50%. now he says creating in violent crimes operation center has helped in their efforts. >> what that essentially did was centralized. all of our crime reduction teams and the one command structure so that we could be more focused and more nimble that has produced significant outcomes in terms of recovery of firearms and. the making of key arrests, particularly in violent crimes homicides and shootings as well. last significant done recovers. >> chief armstrong is encouraging the community to participate in national. i night out parties as a way to celebrate public safety and to get to know your officers. and now to an update to a big story out of arlington, virginia, investigators say an officer has died after being stabbed during a burst of violence right outside the
3:35 pm
pentagon depending on was a temporarily placed on lockdown this morning after gunshots were fired on a metro bus platform. that's just steps from the pentagon building. investigators say the suspect in also died after getting shot by police. investigators have not explained the connection between the stabbing and the gunshots. and today marks the second anniversary of the walmart shooting in el paso and on capitol hill today. senators heard from experts on domestic terror who are calling on congress to enact new laws to make it easier for law enforcement and prosecutors to fight back against domestic terrorism. washington correspondent alexandra limon has the story. >> senator gary peters says the federal government isn't doing enough to fight domestic terrorism. our nation is facing. >> the highest levels of violence based on religion race, and politics. >> in decades on the two-year anniversary of the shooting in el paso targeting hispanic
3:36 pm
americans. witnesses testified about other growing threats. >> i 60% of asian have heard people express racist or racially insensitive you just about people for asian experts told lawmakers the rise invisible white supremacy is a problem. and they said social media is a big factor in radicalizing people and helping to organize attacks. wade henderson said the attack on the u.s. capitol shows how dangerous the combination of radicalism and social media can be. we all saw confederate flag unfurled in the senate chamber that day. senator rob portman said domestic terrorism is carried out by people from all sides of the political spectrum it's important we recognize all communrties. >> that have been impacted by domestic terrorism. witnesses said the law needs to treat domestic terrorism as an independent crime. the absence of that category has led law enforcement to treat the tax. >> committed by violent extremists at times is isolated on connected
3:37 pm
incidents witnesses said congress also has the power to help fight domestic terrorism but may not have the political will in washington, alexandra le mon. >> time for a look at our weather as we take a live look outside at a shallow marine layer over the golden gate bridge cooler temperatures for some parts of the bay area. today's let's check in with kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr for those details today. only lingered like 1500 feet up in the air, you know, but it just never can never could clear got the golden gate bridge how much of the sunshine we had today. >> good afternoon. this is the shot from u c berkeley itself in that layer of fog is now it's playing the offense now coming back in spill across the bay and it's going to be stronger each time it does this little by tomorrow night is going to be stronger than that. the storm tracker 4 just shows the 2 layers of moisture. first of all, this is this marine layer to the covering most of it. you see here. but this little string of cloud cover. you can see some of the the shadows as it
3:38 pm
streams off off to view and this red that's a red flag warning to the north fire weather. watch off of the sierra de expected to be upgraded to a red flag warning that will be due to an offshore wind. it will dry out in the far east bay from our perspective but not for very long. the winds are coming on shore during the whole time. so it's all good news. here is the fog coming back again. there's the coverage at first light. what spills up in the summer in a valley is up there too covers the east bay shoreline very nicely by 9 15, 9.30 or so should be mixing out again. tonight's forecast reflecting all of that 54 san francisco keeping some drizzle. and there, of course, and for oakland along the shoreline will see some drizzle probably to 5658. meanwhile, for san jose on balance mostly clear in the interior portions of the east bay will probably stay only in the upper 50's lower 50's and some of the valleys up to the north bay and 58 for san jose. let's march through this, though, for the next about 48 hours here comes the fog returning again, note. we don't see the flareup of
3:39 pm
showers up in the sierra because that low's really pushing that highway. this really starts to thicken up quite a bit by thursday, as you can see was some drizzle going on quite thick. maybe to almost like rain trying to happen or light rain along the coast and along the east bay shoreline. and look ahead. we're talking tonight. we've got the fog and the and the coastal drizzle going on by midweek a little bit. the way of cooling off with this coastal drizzle and then later in the week a warm-up expected by friday just some are clearing its throat will have that 7 day in a bit. so knots. thank you, dave. >> coming up in health news, a cheese recall to let you know about the items to look out for coming from whole foods. and after the great a southern california woman thought she had covid. but after negative tests she discovered she contracted typhus and so had a neighbor. we'll tell you how they believe to be became infected.
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>> for your health. several people in one southern california neighborhood got infected with typhus after disposing of dead rats. one resident thought she had covid-19 because she had a fever and a headache. so she went to the doctor to get tested. but it came back negative. so she went back to the doctors several weeks later and found out she contracted the disease from a dead rat. she cleaned up from her backyard. the route appears to have been affected by fleas. that gave her typhus at least one of her neighbors also came in contact with a
3:43 pm
dead rat and also have the disease. some cases of type is can result in liver or kidney failure, even affect the brain holtzman hopes sharing her story can increase awareness and serve as a reminder to call animal control services and let dead rats lie. experts say that it's almost also important to use flea medication on your pets. >> is a live shot at tokyo's. we had a quick break. we'll have a team coverage of the olympic games. when we return. stick around. time for news at
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>> a triumphant return for simone biles. she won the bronze medal in the balance beam final, which was also her last competition in the 2020 summer olympics. kron four's andrew martin joins us from tokyo with a recap. >> andrew. it's a it's a great win to see you know, come out with a bronze, especially after everything she had gone through >> absolutely sanaa's. and one thing that wasn't public knowledge until after she competed last night here in tokyo is the fact that her and died a couple of days earlier. so she had to deal with that on top of everything else that she was going through. but she finished with the bronze and she had a a lighter dismount, i should say something that she hadn't done since she was 12 years old. a double backwards somersault, a double pike dismissed, which sounds incredibly difficult to me and to you, but for simone biles,
3:47 pm
it's something that she did 12 years ago. so she gets a bronze medal. it is her 7th olympic medal in her career that tie shannon miller for the most of any woman's gymnast in american history. simone biles still to go impressive saep down. and let's talk basketball. >> the u.s. men's team is advancing to semifinals to face off against australia. but many basketball fans are already looking forward to the gold medal game against slovenia where they would go up against luka dan the best up against luka dan the best basketball player in the world the about the potential of that happening. >> well, don't say that he's the best basketball player in the world. when you have kevin durant in that same breath golden state warriors fans know how sensitive kevin durant can be incredible talent on the court, but he still has those burner accounts on twitter right to rent scored 29 points in that win over spain yesterday. the expectation for team usa sanaa's is gold. this team has won 3 consecutive gold medals at the olympics and coming off that first loss to france. you know, they want to prove
3:48 pm
everybody wrong. all right. well, a huge congratulations to some on and now all eyes on basketball in tokyo. andrew, thanks so much for the report. >> golden state warriors all-star steph curry has signed a contract ext3nsion that will keep him a golden state warriors until 2026 according to reports, it's a 4 year, 215 million dollar deal. the new contract makes curry the first player in the nba in history of the nba to signed 2 deals worth more than 200 million dollars. curry has been with the warriors since they drafted him back in 2000, 7. a lot of money. let's talk about our weather now. sunny conditions on the san mateo bridge and it's almost 4 o'clock and traffic is moving along on that bridge as well. let's see what the 70 forecast has in store with our meteorologist dave dave, you know that the cup, those coupons anymore. hey, here's what's going hunt for this evening. good evening or afternoon, everybody. we still have that.
3:49 pm
>> nice blue sunshine work its magic across the bay. however, tonight the fog is coming back again and it will be. it's common of currents overnight next couple days, but it could be a little more aggressive in to get more drizzle. then we typically get out of the systems are a look at to the current situation. we already have some 90's going on in the far east bay antioch popping about 95 already today. now it's going to be interrupted for a couple of days. but friday back at this again, 84 going on for santa rosa 77 napa 93 for bottle 62 for san francisco and 77 san jose looking into the evening hours. we're 83 by 7 by 10 clear skies inland but around the bay already the fog building 67 or so will grab as the temperature there. now let's watch this over about the next 48 hours as we watch that marine layer come back tonight with some drizzle going on be along the east bay shoreline as well into the afternoon. notice nothing's flaring up in the sierra just some scattered clouds. that's about it. thursday morning. we're back to the rain a little bit along the coast. it looks like to maybe some bonafide rain, too. drizzle
3:50 pm
and some light rain with that, too. on the east bay shoreline and that fog mixes out to mostly sunny, though we have a low up in the gulf of alaska. we talked about. it's not really bring us much the way of rain. let's watch over the next couple of days. look at that. the monsoon pushed all the way off to the eastern rockies. so monsoon is taking a breather right now in august. this is really the peak of action. fact, it's really one only in southern new mexico that it's able to venture this far towards the west. let's take a gander that 7 day forecast. it moves around a little bit here we drop or couple of days. thursday, 80 degrees. so now this we need that coat. now it's getting chillier 8 degrees and then we're back to the mid 90's by friday and saturday cooled off a touch in early next week. not too bad for august. i had let the blanket thanks so much, dave. >> for your health now whole foods is recalling a brand of cheese in nearly 2 dozen states including california. this over listeria concerns the affected products are the cahill cheddar porter and whiskey cheddar and they come
3:51 pm
packaged in clear wrapping and have a label with dates from the 17th to july 26th. whole foods says no illnesses related to the products have been reported and any customers who bought the cheese should dispose of it. the fda says listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in children, older people and people with weakened immune systems that can also lead to miscarriages among pregnant people. you may not even be thinking about christmas just yet. but some job experts say it might be a good idea to start early this year. th pandemic related labor shortage is expected to go into the holiday season the typical seasonal jobs are expected to be plentiful this year but not enough people willing to fill those positions. one analyst says there are almost 70% more job vacancies heading into the holiday season and 10% fewer people looking for work. up next, the california corrections officer gets the surprise of her life after predator breaks into her car.
3:52 pm
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3:55 pm
find anything interesting in took off, leaving the door open when the officer initially found her car. she thought a human had tried to steal her belongings. clearly that wasn't the case. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working for us. working on for us tonight. >> tonight all the dollar report. it's not a mask mandate, but is it of the new rule. one city is implementing and is the government overstepping its bounds with the decision will explain tonight. now here's leland vittert with a preview of on ballot. >> thanks, joe. tonight, every day we're getting more evidence of the wuhan lab leak. how and why the new york times may have helped cover that theory up. that's coming up tonight on balance followed by news nation. prime. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed here. we also have details available on our website kron 4 dot com. let's get one final check on our weather with the spark a day. >> a this is one place where the fog just all day today has
3:56 pm
been recalcitrant stubborn just will not lift. this is why it's in wikipedia. when you look up infection fog one of the places it just like the hideout today just never broke up. and with that getting stronger the next couple o days. expect more of the same. speaking of which, here's the return and bay area coverage st locations hanging 00am around the coastal areas a little bit more so probably the golden gate as well. meanwhile, here's what it looks like going into the evening hours. 83 by 7, by 10 67 clear skies. that's well inland, however, around the bay comes the fog in the clouds. take a look at your ten-day forecast for sunday. we drop down 86 for tomorrow by thursday. that will be the coolest day in the bunch at about 80 for early august inland. that's not too bad. we do pop in the 90's going into the weekend afterwards. we're back in the business of the 80's. so all in all, this is a pretty sweet 7 day forecast for this time of year over not going to pay for the next couple of weeks with heat spike size. back to you. they have great use of the word recalcitrant. i love that.
3:57 pm
>> the news doesn't end here. our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app. and here's a look at what's coming up. state senators calling for action after students test positive for covid plus, we'll have an interview with the executive director of the forgot see boys chorus of silicon valley. just grab your phone scanned, the qr code you see on your screen right now. it will take you directly to your phone's app store where you can download the kron on app for free and catch all those stories and more. that's it for kron. 4 news at 3 i'm tahernia. thanks so much for watching.
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