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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 1, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> no doubt o'clock as covid cases continue rising across the bay area. health officials now suggests that one group in particular could be driving the surge. but there's also some positive news for millions of californians already vaccinated. thank so much for spending time with us here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock the sunday. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. the latest numbers from the state department of health show that 3 bay area counties. >> are among the top 10 in the entire state when it comes to the number of new cases, the county's solano contra costa and san francisco. they are all above the statewide average for the number of cases per 100,000 people. most of those news cases and especially the case is being hospitalized are among the unvaccinated. according to the cdc less than 0, 0, 1%, of
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vaccinated. people have died from the disease. the cdc says that data proves vaccines are very effective at preventing serious illnesses and deaths from covid-19. >> luckily as delta variant concerns also rise. so our vaccination rates tonight, the cdc applauding americans in the past week for a rapid rise in the number of americans getting the vaccine in the past week, san francisco alone averaging nearly 200 new covid cases a day and health officials are working hard to try and keep up with those cases now popping up kron four's taylor sackey. >> reports. now the new data has pinpointed one group in particular is driving up cases. data shows that millennials are driving san francisco's latest surge in covid cases in july. 25 to 39 year olds accounted for 50% of new cases. >> same age group made up only 35% of new monthly cases 2 months prior a younger age group that 25 to see.
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>> you know, early 40's 89 is also the group that has the lowest vaccination in the city. so if you think about, you know, been hearing numbers of ot 70 or fo vaccination. when you look at age group is only in the 60's infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says. >> he's not surprised since this is the group with the lowest vaccination rates. it's also the group that has more tendencies to be social and out intermingling with the delta variant being more transmissible. doctor chin-hong says younger adults who are unvaccinated should be worried 99.6% of the hospitalized cases and those who are dying. >> are in the unvaccinated population. but if you vaccinated as young percent. yeah. definitely not invincible. he says those who are vaccinated also aren't invincible. but they definitely have a better shot of fighting covid with more mild cases. we're seeing a lot more breakthrough cases than we originally anticipated.
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>> it's still more in you know, it in the realm of much lower numbers than in the winter. but still we didn't expect to see this. and that's because we have a new war and that new war is is really against a new kind of area that we didn't even expect to be as transmissible. >> which is the delta variant san francisco's average daily new case count is one 94 the largest spike we've seen since january when average new daily cases reach 373. >> the surge in cases prompted hundreds of bars in san francisco this weekend to require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to remain inside doctor peter chin-hong says this again stresses the importance of getting vaccinated. if you haven't already. this all comes as the cdc is once again recommending that people wear their masks indoors and san francisco to lead the psac ii kron 4 news last night. we first told you about 2 of san francisco's largest hospitals. >> both seeing a number of its own workers come down with
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covid-19 tonight we're actually hearing from them about it. san francisco general released a statement today saying that the 55 employees that have. >> contracted covid are small portion of the more than 7,000 people who work there and they do not think any of them got covid while in the hospital going on to say it's just a ng on all across the nation. it's also not just ucsf. we told you yesterday that sf general hospital has also seen a number of its employees come down with covid as well. kron four's, camila barco spoke to doctors there about the dozens of vaccinated healthcare workers that are not able to work because of coronavirus. and ucsf is just another major health care provider seeing the spike in breakthrough cases in recent days we talk with ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong about the outbreak. >> and he agrees with what sf general says that it's nothing to be alarmed about.
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>> but the bottom line is most of these were actually from the community and they kind of just people who work in the hospital also live in the community and it probably is a smaller percentage of what we would expect. but it is a week a call not to work is but for all of us to really be, you know, wary of delta. you still wall likely the transmitted as of oxygen and oxidant person that a vaccinated person. >> meanwhile, in the east bay 15 staff members and students have tested positive for covid-19 in the brentwood unified school district. the school district. welcome back. students for the first time and in person classes just a few days ago. back on wednesday, the school district says that based on contact tracing they don't believe any of them actually contracted the virus at at school facilities right now. they say they are following contra, costa county's health guidelines requiring that everyone wear a mask regardless of your vaccination status right now. all of the district's 11 schools are still open right now. kron 4
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dot com. we have everything that you need to know about covid-19 on our dedicated covid page. just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed there. >> time now to take a live look outside here in san francisco across the city. no fog blocking the shot tonight. >> definitely not. a live look at the suit road from the center tower camera at the city. get you ready for the start of your new work week kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez who tonight with a look at what is on the way. yeah, absolutely. amazing shot out there even better because of that, lack of marine layer and the same for the transamerica pyramid as well. i haven't seen this shot looking this amazing at this time of night. >> usually we should be seeing the fog rolling in holding back those still out in the pacific but temperatures right now. pretty uniform low to mid 60's from coastal valleys for our coastline. we did see more sun today and that contributed to our slightly warmer temperatures. but as you major
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way inland, you finally got that cool sea breeze influence cooling you down there. but we're tracking low 60's are downtown san francisco livermore at 63 degrees in concord 65 degrees with alameda and oakland. also in the mid 60's santa rosa, those starting to cool down in the upper 50's 59 degrees. but we are a few degrees warmer around the bay area shoreline. but conquered and livermore 67 degrees of cooling compared around this time last night and we are seeing that westerly flow classic textbook example of that cool sea breeze influence in the teens. so a little bit stronger out there this evening. but radar for tracking august right off along the coast said newt is going to make its way inland during the overnight hours as you start out your workday monday commute. but as we take a look ahead at your next 3 day outlook, warming trend will continue through tuesday until we start to dip, we're all going to be about 5 degrees below average, find out if any heat waves are heading our way and what we
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can expect for your first full week of august in just a few minutes. jonathon, just think. back to you. thank you so much for free. 4 people are dead after a helicopter crash this afternoon. and caloosa county. according to the local sheriff's office. so far. it's unknown. >> where the helicopter took off from or where it was headed. the faa says it happened just after 1 o'clock this afternoon north of the calusa casino resort. so far the names of the people on board has not been released. the faa and the ntsb are on scene investigating. we're continuing to keep an eye on this story tonight will bring you updates as soon as they become available. and new tonight at 9, a car crashed in oakland earlier today and that started a fire of this is video of the smoke coming from that crash. those posted to the citizens app. oakland police have not released any information about what caused the crash or the condition of the driver and with the story as well as soon as any new updates coming to the newsroom. we will break them to you. >> one person is in the hospital with serious injuries
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after being hit by a car during an illegal sideshow last night in san jose police were responding to a number of those side shows across the city when they received this call. we're told the victim believed to have been a spectator at one of those locations taken to an area hospital after the incident. officials say the issue tickets for 17 folks for equipment violations and 15 tickets for spectators. a woman is dead, 2 others injured after a head-on crash that happened east of gilroy yesterday afternoon along the pacheco pass highway just west of lovers lane. police say a driver was headed west and made a wrong turn for unknown reasons. and when into coming traffic. that's when another car headed east caused that crash. the woman killed was a passenger in the second car. the driver of the second car was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the driver in the first car was also reported suffering minor injuries. we're told that drugs alcohol, not a factor in any of the crash.
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>> in the north bay a traffic stop led santa rosa police to arrest a man who is accused of possessing drugs for sale. this happened yesterday morning, a police say the suspect has a garage or padilla. calderon was driving on the northbound off-ramp to. i want to want one. oh, one. you want avenue and during the traffic stop, a police dog. notice the presence of narcotics police say they found more than 6 pounds of cocaine in the trump there's the dog there after searching the suspect's home police then say they found one pound of heroin and a half a pound of meth along with some items used for narcotics trafficking. not an update on a story we first brought you last night during kron 4 news at 6 belmont. police say that 36 year-old and a 2 and her 3 year-old son ian, have been found safely after going missing friday on a way to a family member's house. police have not released any other information, but we're staying in contact with them and we'll bring you any new updates as
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soon as we get them into 9 o'clock walnut creek. police say they want to add more officers to the nordstrom location at broadway plaza. >> to try and stop a series of smash-and-grab thefts at that location. officials believe the thefts could be tied to an organized retail crime ring and city leaders, though, would have to sign off on those extra patrols which would require voluntary over time for those officers which could cost more than $230,000 a year. nordstrom says it would reimburse the city for those costs. the city council is set to discuss the issue tuesday during its council meeting starting at 6 o'clock. still to come, tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9, more trains more >> now stepping up its service to near prepandemic levels. let you know what you can expect as you head out the door. first thing in the morning. >> and then the steps governor gavin newsom is taking to try to avoid massive rolling blackouts this summer as we see no breaks in the warm dry see no breaks in the warm dry weather.
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. >> the city of modesto is hoping to become the destination for cannabis kind of source. they're doing so by launching a campaign called town can pass reporter kristi gross has details. >> allman blossoms wine and the arts. now there's a modesto wants to this to the list of reasons to visit the city. i think it's a good
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idea. i mean, it brings more revenue to the city of this is a part of our economy is part of our workforce. >> and supporting them is no different than supporting any other part of our local businesses, todd aarons and with visit modesto says they're launching a first of its kind campaign called the motown. can a pass. >> targeting cannabis curious tourists there foodies their wine lovers. >> their pet lovers, their dog. people there outdoorsy, which fits into all the different types of traveler that we have coming here to modesto right now only cookies at cannabis retail dispensary has signed on to be a partner with the can it pass. >> but does a hopes other retailers will join it's not just about come in secure this product taken to heart walk. you know, go to the graffiti classic and go to the festival in car show. do what you want while you're here. >> don't just come for this one thing we have the all the % legs on the reservoirs. >> we have we have the farmers market and just, you know,
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there's a lot of there's a lot to do here. and this is just another thing according to visit modesto, there are nearly 2 dozen cannabis related businesses in the region for those who say they don't want the city to be known for cannabis aaronson says they're taking an educational approach. if we were talking about a beer passport. >> this would be old news. they're all over the country and beer wine whiskey. they're all regulated. the exact same ways cannabis. so we're going down this gently intelligently. we want to be an education aspect and help people learn and understand how to use it and where to acquire it legally. >> kristi gross. >> a team of firefighters have now started their 40 day track on a 3,000 mile ride across america to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. the 15 riders started their journey this morning at the santa monica pier down in southern california. they plan to arrive in new york city just in time to commemorate the 9.11 attacks. they hope to
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inspire the same sense of patriotism that emerged in the days after that terrible tragedy. >> maybe for a for a few weeks. you can take off your laker, flags. your dodger flags and maybe you can put up an american flag on your car or hang one from your house. let's let's get back to what this country was really all about. >> the group is also writing to raise awareness for firefighter related cancers along with mental health issues. >> good luck to them. now let's take a live look outside here and san francisco, that view showing of the golden gate bridge. we haven't seen the shot in a while, but the sun is setting now on the first sunday of. >> typically this is all covered in fog. nice to see the lights where to go. every son. i mean, it's out in the pacific. it's just taking its sweet time out there to make its way into the bay area. but don't worry, she will arrive during the overnight hours, even going to impact your monday morning commute. let's take a look at today's daytime
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highs, though. a lot more sunshine so fog us really cleared out quickly today allowing for downtown san francisco to warm up to 67 degrees. a few degrees of warming as well. for those of you in oakland still very seasonable temperatures in the low 70's there. but quite the cool down for those of you in livermore concord and santa rosa 4 to 8 degrees below average after being near the triple digits. you deserve it and i'm glad it happened during the weekends. you can really head out and enjoy it. let's take a live look outside at coit tower, not even tracking that high cloud cover out in the distance in fact, our fog bank well off into the pacific, but it is going to make its way inland in addition to dense low clouds and fog right now. future cast for tracking not too bad. visibility a little bit poor for those of you in half moon bay up to t miles there. so right now pretty seat driving conditions. but during your monday morning commute san jose santa rosa and even napa mean their innermost valleys
9:19 pm
in the south bay east bay and north bay going to see some dense low clouds and fog around the bay area shoreline going to lift fairly quickly, especially by midmorning. and also we're going to see a drizzle fat. so we're going to track some patchy coastal drizzle, not just along the coast but even extending into some of our inland valleys mix of sun and clouds throughout today and we will see a few degrees of warming tomorrow as well. but let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. pretty uniform low to mid 60's. we are typically used to seeing a 10 to 20 degree contras. but right now just a few degrees difference with half moon bay 58 degrees and overnight lows tonight mid-fifties. but those of you in antioch on the mild side, low 60's and for santa rosa 49 degrees a little bit chillier there. but temperatures tomorrow, low 90's for conquered in livermore. so warming up a few degrees from today's daytime highs. but fortunately no where near triple digit heat territory. oakland and hayward in the low to mid 70's with mid 60's
9:20 pm
right along the san francisco peninsula coastline and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. slight warming trend stops tuesday, then wednesday cooling down with most of our inland valleys in the mid 80's whites for low to mid 60's around the bay area shoreline. so not too bad. but then by thursday we'll be right where we should be back on cruise control for the next 7 days. warm couple of days and then not so bad. yeah, not too bad. i like it first week of august and the first day to really impress. this is great. good job. kudos to you. i mean, i try. authorities in baton rouge, louisiana are still putting together the pieces after a 28 year-old man went on a crime spree that left one person dead rochelle riley explains how it all started and what they say the suspect. >> may have been motivated by east baton rouge sheriff's office received a call before 9 o'clock this morning of a domestic incident. >> a miles long crime spree would later unfold. 28
9:21 pm
year-old, erin morgan stabs his grandmother to death before stabbing his mother in the neck. a map of the area lays out a chain of events that took place after leaving the residence where this took place more going said to have stolen his grandmother's car. he then flees the scene to the highland park market place where authorities believe he ditches his grandmother stolen car and attempts to steal another vehicle. he actually. >> fired 2 vehicles. there were 2. subjects in one vehicle that will both hit. he fired another vehicle. that subject was also hit. want to mention, too, that. thank god this happened right here are. urgent care because the people here snow. urgent care. rendered 8, all of these individuals and they've all been transported to a local hospital. >> and it doesn't in there after the shooting morgan does still another vehicle and flees the scene again. a short time later he is located by deputies before trying to run from that scene on foot. the
9:22 pm
suspect pointed a firearm at deputies and deputies and fired shots at the suspect. he was taken into custody with non life threatening injuries. erin morgan will be charged with his grandmother's murder as well as the other shootings. once he is released from the hospital. his grandmother, diane gafford would have celebrated her 79th birthday in just a few days on august 5th. >> that was rachel riley reporting for us tonight. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news in and the senate says. >> they are confident they will pass the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. but what happens next that they're you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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you'll say yes for less! >> welcome back, everyone. the senate continuing the rare weekend session today as democrats and republicans try to work out the details and get deal done on infrastructure. our washington, dc correspondent basal john has details on what is left to figure out. >> good evening, both republicans and democrats are confident the bill will pass in the coming days but are divided on what will come after the senate's get another day off to work on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. i work with my colleagues throughout the process. >> to help produce an outcome that all parties find acceptable. senate majority leader chuck schumer promises a vote on the bill sometime this week a real bipartisan agreement that provides a 6 significant down payment towards the level of infrastructure investing investment our country needs. it's going make us more
9:26 pm
competitive more productive on cnn state of the union maine republican senator susan collins. so the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure package will make critical upgrades to the country's roads. bridges, ports and transit. it's going to create good jobs and west virginia democratic senator joe manchin told cbs face the nation, the bill is built on compromise. we have a bill that mostly every democrat and every republican should be supporting that infrastructure goes to a c. >> schumer says it will take a few days to pass the package and then the senate will move on to the democrats. 3.5 trillion dollar budget bill. >> which will allow the senate to make historic investments in american jobs. american families and efforts to reverse climate agent says while he is confident in the infrastructure package. >> he could not guarantee passage of a larger bill reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> and coming up next.
9:27 pm
tracking dry and clear conditions for us in the bay area with another round of pop-up thunderstorms set to return for this year. your full sierra outlook after the break.
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>> good news for bay area commuters starting tomorrow morning bart will return to its near prepandemic levels. first thing in the morning and that includes the return of late night trains kron four's gayle ong reports on what people can expect for their
9:30 pm
monday commute. >> starting monday trains will be rolling through until midnight for the first time bart says a ridership is starting to climb. i'm really excited today. excitement was communicated from bart board. vice president rebecca saltzman about service resuming to near pre-pandemic. >> monday through saturday. weekdays are going to go from 05:00am to midnight 06:00am to midnight on saturday previously service starting at 08:00am trains will run every 15 minutes, both directions during the pandemic party experience extremely low ridership and lost several employees due to a hiring freeze and retirement incentives service was originally planned to return in mid september. >> but bart managed to start early. so in march, the hiring process started. they worked on hiring folks and then the training process is quite extensive because these are skilled positions. and so this is the absolute soonest. >> we could start service back up and with concerns about break due covid cases from the delta variant bart says its
9:31 pm
trains are safe. part is safe for them to in the closed building because the air is circulated much more quickly. so every 70 seconds the air gets circulated out of the train car and bart staff worked in the past year to install new even better air filters that filter out smaller air particles. these bart riders are looking forward to more service. it just takes the pressure off of. >> trying to get into school and at a reasonable time, especially when we go into events in the city like concert. now that they're opening up being able to come back home and be in a safe environment is very helpful, especially late at night. and it's just the way for us to that. go out and spend time with each other as friends. >> there will be no additional services on sundays. that's because work is being done on the tracks and the hours needed for single tracking. but there is this reminder masks are still required on bart reporting from orinda gayle ong kron 4 news.
9:32 pm
speaking of covid and traveled the canadian government has 5 to 2 american travelers. >> for having fake vaccination documents. the public health agency of canada find each of those travelers $16,000. the agency says the travelers had fake covid-19 vaccination records including negative covid-19 test canadian officials say that more serious penalties could include 6 months in prison or a fine up to $750,000. some alarming words from doctor anthony fauci today about the latest covid surge and what we can expect over the next few weeks across america. felicia bolden has the details. >> as covid-19 cases continue to surge this summer. doctor anthony fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert says the u.s. can expect more pain and suffering the head. >> and that most new infections are among the unvaccinated. but things are going to get worse if you look at the excel or asian of the number of cases, the seven-day average.
9:33 pm
>> has gone up substantially, you know what we really need to do. john, we say it over and over again. and it's the truth. we have a 100 million people in this country. are eligible to be vaccinated not getting vaccinated. >> in florida. the cdc says the state set a new record with more than 21,600 new covid cases reported friday florida's state health department reported coronavirus cases jumped 50% last week continuing a six-week surge and bringing numbers back to where they were in january just before vaccines became widely available and missouri covid cases tripled in july and in california, 2 of san francisco's largest hospitals say more than 250 members of its staff are infected with covid-19 officials at san francisco general hospital and u c s f medical say most of the infections are
9:34 pm
breakthrough cases of people who are fully vaccinated. the cases are among physicians nurses and administrative staff doctor fauci says breakthrough infections are mostly mild or without symptoms. where is unvaccinated. people are much more vulnerable unlikely to get a severe case that might lead to hospitalization or even death. despite the current surge in cases. doctor fauci says we are in a better situation than we were at the beginning of the pandemic. i don't think we're going to see lockdowns. i think we have enough of the percentage of people in the country, not enough to crush the outbreak. but i believe enough to not allow us to get into the situation. we were in last winter. but as a result of the climbing cases and the rising threat from the delta variant. doctors say more americans are rolling up their sleeves and getting their shots. that's what desperately needs to happen. if we're going to get this delta variant put back in its place because right now it's having a pretty big party in the middle of the country. >> felicia bolton reporting
9:35 pm
for us tonight. meanwhile, governor gavin newsom has issued an emergency proclamation to make sure that california does have enough power during what's turning out to be a very hot summer. the proclamation suspends certain permitting requirements and temporary lift some regulations. so large energy users. >> can tap into backup generators newsome hopes the move will ease the stress on the state's power grid and avoid rolling blackouts for the rest of the summer. we're already seeing the effects of extreme heat in bone-dry conditions across the state this week. ktla is jennifer mcgraw spoke with fire officials about the added difficulty, the springs. a frightening sight is a fast-moving brush fire rips through the foothills directly behind dozens of horse stables check where it is which way the wind is going and what rate i hook up first. >> i was ready to get out and
9:36 pm
ryan brown has been through this before at her and cantu equestrian center. she's an evacuation plan in place for her. 24 horses. thankfully. this time she was lucky, but she knows there's a next time. it's on my mind all the time. and because of every ours here around. so i yes, a fight. there's fire season, but. >> it seems like this is a year-round concern this year. fire season started early and firefighters say it's true. the firefight is year around every >> we go without that find it fuels that die, right unless they burn off which only occurs. and there's a fire is just building up as increasing the fire load firefighter specialist. david as he resumes that crews are on alert. it varies from day to day and temperature based on how and where those fires and going. >> but over the last week we've had a lot of starts. la county covering ground all through the mountains. the hungry fire breaking out near gorman and growing hundreds of acres saturday due to the
9:37 pm
critical fire weather conditions. extra staffing has been allocated to that region giving crews the upper hand. has a humidity drops in the temperatures increase. so too, does the risk 4 disastrous fires back and is ranchers like andrea are grateful for the swift response protecting life and property. so unbelievable. i mean, well, i can't say enough. they were going to phone. the firefighters for service and the police. they were absolutely fantastic. >> that was jennifer mcgraw reporting for us tonight. fire crews are reportedly racing to prevent the dixie fire from reaching the town of paradise. that was largely destroyed by the deadly camp fire in 2018. so far the dixie fire has burned nearly 383 square miles since it started by an unknown cause on july 13th more than 40 homes and other structures have been destroyed and some 10,000 more remain threatened.
9:38 pm
the fire is 32% contained authorities say unpredictable winds. dry fuels are creating a high risk of flare ups. >> meanwhile, the tamarack fire which is also still burning is near full containment. the fire burning near south south of lake tahoe near markleeville. authorities say storms bringing some much needed rain to parts of that fire area which allowed crews to gain more control of it last night at last check this fire has burned more than 68,000 acres and is 3082% contained. meanwhile, california leaders say a federal let it burn fire policy as reckless as wildfires across california. rage out of control. federal authorities have command over fires that ignite on their property even when the fire crosses into populated areas. the california department of forestry and fire protection, though, has a different philosophy aggressively working to stop blazes out early. the issue has led the national wildfire institute to
9:39 pm
call for an independent investigation into the decision to allow the tamarack fire to continue burning. >> right now on kron, 4 dot com. we have tips for this fire season just scan the qr code on your screen right now with your mobile device and you'll be taken straight to our dedicated fire season page. >> we'll talk about our 4 zone forecast the sunday night. a live look at the city courtesy of the mount tam cam. you can see all of the lights really lit up. >> sunday night fog not blocking the shot either. right now on our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with a look ahead towards the rest of the week. yeah. you can even see the bay bridge out there in the distance. let's take a look, though at our fire danger concerns because we're still under extreme to exceptional drought in the bay area getting a little bit of a break from mother nature, especially for inland valleys for those of you in this year, a widespread extreme drought. and for us in the bay area worsening drought conditions, especially for those of you in
9:40 pm
the east bay now starting to inch closer towards the south bay with the san francisco peninsula holding steady with extreme drought. but not really tracking any lower high cloud cover out there right now, especially from this vantage point of golden gate bridge. we can really make out the bridge out in the distance and it is going to make for safer sunday night commute. so enjoy that that cloud cover well off into the coast and we're tracking drier and calmer conditions for those of you in this year. so no threat of thunderstorms today. fortunately no flash flood watches either. but tomorrow we could see a flash flood watch go into effect. mainly for the eastern portions of this year. but south lake tahoe looking pretty dry and calm slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms that could produce dry lightning. but the one thing the showers have been doing from the recent active weather really cleaning out the air. remember last week we had very unhealthy air particles and now we're seeing good air particles out there on a count of those downpours.
9:41 pm
so it is really benefiting not just fires but air quality for people at truckee and even throughout south lake tahoe by tuesday and wednesday. we're going to see a lot of sunshine and temperatures holding steady in the mid 80's there. jonathan just seen back to you. >> take a listen. the golden gate park band summer symphony is back in action. the band's welcome back. concert took place earlier this afternoon. there's more music in the works. concerts will be held every sunday at one in till october, 3rd, they're free of charge and the teams will bury each week. and i'm told this is the incredibles theme song. so that was this week. we weren't sure when we played during a. but now we know it's the incredible we needed the kids here for and each week there's going to be different theme cultural celebrations.
9:42 pm
also music of dougs knee and pixar. and this is the 100 and 39th year. the band will be performing at sprinkles temple music in golden gate park's that gives you a little taste of what's ahead. devin jade nathaniel would have known that. >> right off the bat. very true. bring bring the kids to work. >> alright next. in sports. the giants newcomer chris bryant making his mark his first game as a giant. kate rooney has the highlights from oracle park up next.
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>> now it's time to talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look here. quick tower in san francisco. >> a gorgeous day outside what will monday have in store for of reese's here tonight with the answers. yeah. your microclimate monday outlook looking amazing. in fact, we're going to see. >> a few degrees of warming. but overall, very pleasant temperatures. our live cameras starting to reboot. beautiful shot of city hall out there right now this evening for your sunday night. hope you had a great weekend. bay area and a great start to august fog us, though, going to make an appearance early for your monday morning commute. but we're going to notice a mix of sun and clouds by monday afternoon marina district in downtown san francisco holding steady in the mid 60's. very seasonable temperatures there. low 60's for daly city. but pacific up through ding with 60's. but 59 degrees still going to be a little bit breezy right along the san francisco peninsula were we
9:46 pm
could see winds out of the southwest 15 to 20 miles per hour. but nothing too major there. mid 70's from san bruno and burlingame few degrees of warming there with mid 70's. for those of you in san mateo and san carlos redwood city 81 degrees with mountain view 78 degrees and widespread low to mid 80's for those of you in the south bay santa clara and san jose in the low 80's and livermore back in the 90's. but on the lower and low 90's air surges. 2 degrees above average there with union city warming up to 77 degrees in walnut creek and concord in the low 90's orinda and moraga in the low to mid 80's with moraga 83 degrees and taking a look at the north bay forecast. we are going to see valais and even napa warming up into the low 80's yacht bill low 90's with vacaville toasty temperatures. they're trying to flirt with that triple digit heat. sandra fell 81 degrees and mill valley. there you pleasant
9:47 pm
temperatures there, 77 degrees. so take a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook warming trend will be slightly higher by tuesday. wednesday, though we are going to cool down about 5 degrees below average. but then rounding out the next 7 days. very seasonable temperatures. but. there could be a heat wave. heading our way. details on that at your full 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes at 10 o'clock to 10. yes, at the 9 at 9. here we go again. >> we tried. please tell like one more sneak peek. ask lawrence and see what he says he's the boss. i'm just, you know, following order you may. i do have a good in with lauren you know, you can make that happen. i don't i don't think it's going to last long. if you mention 99. >> you like another graphic just seen right now. please let it let me know. he says. thanks for resale. >> but olympics continue. we've been paying tribute to japanese history and culture in tonight. we want to highlight the art of paper
9:48 pm
folding also known as oregon me. all right. so the first known book on oregon me was published back in the 1790's in japan and it still remains pretty popular today. >> kron four's amanda hari got a chance to learn more about this japanese art form. >> it's a basic concept that can reduce amazing results. the beauty of oregon. the is simply folding something with just your hands. you don't need any special tools just need a piece of paper and your hands owner of paper tree in san francisco. linda me. horace says she's been practicing the art of oregon me all her life. she says that's true of many people who grew up in the japanese culture in or you tell me is pretty much handed down from generation to generation from mother to child. the word oregon. me is japanese henri is the plural for 2 full
9:49 pm
column. e is the plural for paper. >> the heart is grandfather published. one of the first books in english and oregon me here in the united states. >> that was in the 1950's. but the first publication on oregon. the ever was in japan back in the 1790's to this day. the art form is still very popular oregon you think is has its advantages that can be done by anybody. i tested this theory late your points and hold it in place with one hand bihari guided me through creating a butterfly and a now she tells me oregon. we can range from simple folds like my heart to more complex forms like this dragon. it was created using 1, 6, by 6 foot piece of paper with no cuts. the principles are also being used in science and math heart stents in of the state has to go into the artery but then
9:50 pm
open evenly and efficiently and so they're using origami principles to do that. design. she says she's hopeful at some point will see oregon me spotlighted at the tokyo olympics. it's something that can be. you know, working there. so at some point reporting in san francisco. i'm amanda hari. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, what a week it's been for the orange and black series against 2 of the best teams in baseball and the dodgers and astros and the acquisition of kris bryant who made his eagerly anticipated debut today. let's go out to oracle park game 3 against the stros. yeah. we'll check out the newest giant getting a standing ovation. didn't see him before his first at-bat. then in his second at that bryant. do what he was brought here to do. why don't you he drills a liner to left field.
9:51 pm
it's a solo home run his 19th of the season. >> and first, of course, as a member of the gun to his and that cut the astro's early lead in half after rbi single give the giants the lead rough in the 5th does himself one better. a 2 run blast to left center. his 12th homer and second in 2 days as the giants win 5 to 3. they take 2 3 games from houston now they head out for a 7 game road still the best team in baseball. >> a's in action today against the angels daulton jefferies called up for his first start of the season. he gave up 3 runs over 5 bottom of the 3rd. it's 3. nothing angels. not all he says all take care of that. a three-run home run to tie it up all since 28th homer % of the season. he's got the 4th most in the majors. 3 batters later, john gomez playing his first game in a's uniform after coming over from the nationals, d down the
9:52 pm
left-field line. that's a 2 run blast and it gave the a's a 5, 3 lead gomez also had an rbi single pretty good acquisition for them. they're open wednesday to 3. they take 2 of 3 games from the angels next up the padres for 2 at the coliseum. well, here's a wild story unfolding in sharks territory for you. a day after star left wing of and or canes estranged wife accused him of gambling on his own games and also of throwing those games cain has responded. he is denying the accusations of his as he called her soon to be ex-wife. he said, quote, i have never gambled or bet on hockey. never gambled slash bet on the sharks game never gambled or bet on any of my games and never thrown a hockey game. i look forward to cooperating fully with the league's investigation. having my name cleared and looking forward to this upcoming season. so it's a pretty crazy story. here's the thing, though. he did have a really great season last year. so if you really was trying to for these games. maybe he's just not very good at that.
9:53 pm
>> no, but shade for the soon to be ex-wife in the statement that he was a range mentor to double down on saying that they're no longer associated so needless to say there's no love lost were not reconcile any time so now, ok, there's going to be investigation. so we'll keep you posted on what happens with that. all right. thanks, kate. kate, thanks. >> stay with us, everyone. we'll be right back.
9:54 pm
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9:56 pm
>> take a look at this and keep things to end our evening newscast tonight, thousands of paddle board stressed up and paddle their way through the waterways of st. petersburg. russia. the city hosted its annual stand up paddle boarding festival and borders are encouraged to don their favorite costumes f om fairy tales to superheroes and then paddle their way through the canals and rivers to explore the city looks like a big traffic right there in the middle of the river. try to get around that. now this is what i'm talking about. a zoo in mexico has now welcomed its newest star attraction. a baby hippopotamus at approximately one month old. the baby hippo weighs 110 pounds and it's already getting a lot of attention at the guadalajara zoo in western mexico. it's dotting mother, 19 year-old. tammy is never too far away and hit. those are the 3rd largest land animal by weight as full-grown adults. they can weigh over 3 times how cute
9:57 pm
that baby hippo already at a start off so small and cute. then they turned that's what happens when you feed them and you love them, send them to school. >> the girl a big they grow up and leave. you. it is so adorable. >> i really appreciate ending the newscast and a cute baby doesn't matter. doesn't matter what it is a hippo. >> a panda puppy. i just need that the cuteness cuteness. houston, especially when it's a hippo. but there's more cuteness on the way. at 10 o'clock. we're done. i'm so. >> we'll be back to what the cuter than a baby hippo. little. let's find out who got stuff on the way. kron 4 news at the
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and as the bexar grapples with a surge in the delta variant of covid-19 health experts are suggesting there's one particular group that's driving this latest surge in cases. thank you so much for joining us here tonight at 10. i'm justine waltman of jonathan mccall. the latest numbers from the california department of health show that 3 bay area counties. >> are among the top 10 in all of the golden state. but it comes to the number of new covid cases. those counties solano


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