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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 31, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at now. and 9 new data from san francisco health official shows the number of reported coronavirus cases in the city has risen tenfold. >> in just the last month demonstrating just how quickly the virus is spreading. once again. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. in the past week. san francisco has seen an average of 189 new cases every day. >> just last month, though, the city was averaging get this just 16 new cases a day. the numbers show those who are vaccinated are getting sick and hospitalized at more than twice the rate of those who have yet who have who have received the vaccine will take a wider look now here at the
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bay area. here's the latest map of transmission rates for each county. and as you can see, san francisco alameda contra costa and solano counties have the highest rates of transmission. that's the red. >> in the orange. there that substantial that takes up another big chunk of the bay area. >> the push to get more folks in underserved communities vaccinated with covid-19 vaccines continue today in richmond. local nonprofits teaming up for a pop-up clinic kron 4 sleep with all reports, people who are hesitant to get the vaccine say it's less of a concern now. >> compared to actually getting sick with the virus. >> as the delta variant of covid-19 continues to spread in contra costa county. the strain accounting for the majority of new positive cases richmond residents once on the fence about getting vaccinated are changing course. catch it concerns over what is in the vaccine and how it may affect their bodies is no longer a deal breaker. people are dying
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you don't hear many stories of people dying from the vaccination nonprofit organizations. lifelong medical care and life steps teamed up for a pop-up covid-19 vaccination clinic saturday. it was held in the community room at monterey. pines apartments. appointments were available but walk ins were accepted gift cards were handed out to those who received either a single dose of the johnson and johnson vaccine with the first dose of the pfizer shot polar green was inspired to get vaccinated after seeing loved ones battling the has tummy it. >> more >> i can make 16 people were vaccinated at the clinic. that may sound like a small number, but it actually makes a big difference 74.5% of contra costa county residents 12 years of age and older are fully vaccinated. but
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underserved communities like richmond have struggled to keep up. although the numbers are improving last month, less than 60% of the population was fully vaccinated, but that number has increased to 71.1% educating the community about the benefits of the vaccine appears to be working. and i think that just comes our the vaccines as the trials for a lot of >> think it was more important to engage our this clinic will return to the apartment complex on august 21st. that's when patients will receive their second dose of the vaccine. >> and will be fully vaccinated. in richmond phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> 2 of san francisco's largest hospital say that more than 250 members of its staff are now infected with covid-19 officials at san francisco general hospital and ucsf medical say most of the infections are breakthrough cases, folks who are fully
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vaccinated. the cases are among physicians nurses and administrative staff. the cases are out of 7500 hospital members hospital says nearly 100% of those cases were traced back to community spread the so-called breakthrough cases are not just popping up here in the bay area. but all across the country right now at an alarming rate. felicia bolden has a closer look at the new covid concerns. >> as party-goers head out to enjoy summer fun. the cdc is recommending to take caution as an increase in covid cases continue around the country, even vaccinated. people for some americans like patrick a sow. they are taking this warning to heart. i'm doing what i can. >> the proactive instead of reactive. i don't want to get sick. he's had covid before his mother died from it last year. now he's concerned about catching the delta variant vitamin c on a daily basis. >> i do i do. i do sublingualc as well. some taken by to me
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the vitamin d's. >> there. it really making sure everything i can do to prevent getting sick. is there a recent study by the cdc shows and july 2021 following multiple large public events and bar stable county, massachusetts. >> 469 covid-19 cases were identified among people who had traveled to that town during july 3rd through the 17th 74% of those infections occurred in fully vaccinated, people and more than 100 people caught the covid-19 delta variant. 4 people were hospitalized and no deaths occurred in florida. the state health department says cases jumped to 50% this week continuing a six-week search there as breakthrough infections continue health care workers say to boost your immune system and continue practicing social distancing. in addition to being vaccinated. certain things like the zinc are actually.
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>> viral antiviral. so they can actually cut short viral replication and help decrease viral. load of covid. >> felicia bolton reporting for us tonight. the new data published in the u.s. agency's morbidity and mortality weekly report also found that fully vaccinated, people who get infected carry as much as the virus in their nose as unvaccinated people, meaning they could still spread it to others right now on kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid numbers mask mandates and where to get a vaccine. just scan. the qr code with your mobile device and you'll be directed there. >> the federal moratorium on residential evictions will expire at midnight, putting hundreds of thousands if not millions of american tenants at risk of losing their homes. the ban was put in place near the start of the pandemic last year. but last month the supreme court allowed the order to stay in place until tonight and said congressional action would be needed to extend it. that did not happen
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as republicans opposed extending the ban. our national correspondent michael shure gets us up to date. >> and the victim moratorium ending today with house lawmakers on friday failing to pass a bill to extend the moratorium even for a few months and sending many renters into a panic. the uncertainty affecting renters across the country from a single mom in utah to carmel feeling parent. >> no parent wants to be in position, not be able to tell their kids. what the answer is going to be to an unemployed woman in new orleans. and i 5 around tulsa since the end of february. >> because i didn't have a job. the end of relieve has renter scared and some in congress fuming. >> we're here because people need to be house and we need to do our job and we're not leaving until we until this job is representatives alexandria ocasio cortez of new york and cori bush of missouri said in on the steps of congress demanding action from their now adjourned
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colleagues. >> estimated 7 million americans. there are currently at risk for addiction. congress. decided to leave town. for not just for the weekend but first, have been representative bush issuing a dear colleague letter ahead of the recess, urging action in that sense she and saying, quote, i have been on house and evicted. i've slept in my car and slept outdoors. i know what it's like and i wouldn't wish the trauma on anyone. this is a systemic problem. this is a structural problem that can be handled by the head of policy decisions. but members of congress represent landlords to do too. >> the moratorium can't get a one-out tennis, not pan. sales still wants his money on taxes. there are some democrats who face concerns about that. >> and how it continue or
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would the financial impact is folks. and they're saying that these concerns have been what torpedo any chance of extending a moratorium. the larger landlords. sure. they're feeling the pinch but they still have plenty of income coming in. >> the smaller guys, if they only have 2 or 3 rental houses and 2 or 3 rental has aren't paying any rent whatsoever. >> they're scared. they're going to lose their retirement to war. they're losing all of their income, new york magazine contributing political reporter ben jacobs doesn't see emergency legislation going anywhere congress is dealing with so many other major movie parks around the structure around voting rights in. it seems >> there's there's no chance for anything to happen. >> that was michael shure reporting for us tonight and recently governor gavin newsome extended california's eviction moratorium until september 30th. because the national moratorium is ending housing and homeless advocates service symbolic eviction. notice to speaker nancy pelosi
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is home in san francisco because she failed to call a vote on extending the moratorium before congress ended its latest session saying she can safely shelter in her home. well, covid cases surge. but kallis americans will be forced out of their homes as a result of the action. >> now to our 4 zone forecast this saturday night. a live look at san francisco and the downtown. >> our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with a look at the temperatures for the rest of the night and into sunday. >> yeah, we're going to stay on that cooler side. thanks to that fog bank knows sky july out there in full force. but tomorrow we're going to color fog. dust august 1st. can't believe it arrives at midnight tonight. let's take a look, though, from our downtown san francisco camera the shot. we also like to call our gotham city can because it looks amazing out there right now and. >> we're tracking upper 50's for pacifica and downtown san francisco already cooling down into the upper 50's for those
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of you in berkeley as well. 65 degrees for san jose. so enjoy those temperatures and low 70's finally for conquered and livermore. hope you enjoyed the 80's today's certainly deserve that in petaluma currently at 59 degrees. so finally seeing some relief for warmest inland valleys today. thanks to that stronger sea breeze right now seeing wind speeds out in the teens this evening and radar for tracking that fog bank along the coast making its way across the bay and expected to reach our inland valleys by your sunday morning and also tracking drier and calmer conditions for the sierra out there right now. we did see some pop-up thunderstorms fortunately, that is cleared up. but we're going to have another round of severe weather for your sunday afternoon as well with another flash flood watch going into effect as well. early sunday afternoon through sunday evening. but for us here in the bay area calmer conditions waking up to patchy coastal drizzle. but we're going to cool down just a little bit, right where we should be for this time of year. upper 80's for inland valleys but below
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average temperatures heading our way. details when in just a few minutes. back to you. jonathan just recent. thank you so much. more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9, including the latest. >> on a shooting that left a 16 year-old girl dead and the woman fighting for her life. >> where police are now in their investigation. >> but first, the search for a missing east by a hiker went on again today. more than 3 weeks after he first went missing will talk to his family next.
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>> it's now been 3 weeks since east bay runner field create check went missing in today. search and rescue crews went back out there looking for him again in the pleasanton hills, kron four's, camila barco brings us the very latest on the investigation. >> officers scaled back and slow down their operations about 2 weeks ago. but crews came back saturday morning to revisit some areas they believe can help find before really well supported by the that >> we feel much credit its overwhelming. what people have done for us. it's a incredibly lonely journey and. but the support we have received so the family of philip kray-chick expressing gratitude saturday for every person who has tracked the pleasanton hails. >> in search of the missing
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runner saturday morning. phillips wife jen doll and his parents keith and marsha watched at 17 agencies a 125 professionals, friends and family set off yet again to search for her husband. >> we enormous support from the local search and rescue agencies on july 10th philip one for a run on a new trail and he never returned home. >> since then, crews have combed that trail. but there's been no sign of the 37 year-old. >> now new data from the rescue teams mapping half crews focusing their efforts in t hawk canyon. we're using some highly school repellent teams to get down in some can is we haven't been to. >> today. so it's mostly we've covered all over high probability areas and now we're kind of doubling our efforts on to some of the lower probability areas. and that's what today is about. y'all says it's the first time her husband went running in the area and up until this point, the only lead officials have had to find him is a
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footprint at the top of the ridge there without shoe print, which is kind of at the. >> the middle part of his his run that he had planned on his phone from that point back to his car is a straight line through tehran. can. so we're kind of using those pieces to try to recreate possibilities despite technology search dogs and boots on the ground. >> there's been no sign of cray-chick. says the exhaustive efforts don't go unnoticed either. you. >> things where you're just. here, too, just being if you thing you didn't do it online. >> the boots on the ground. search is going to be scaled back after saturday. police will continue to investigate and crews plan to be back on scene once they find more clues in pleasanton. camila barco kron 4 news. >> and belmont police need the public's help finding this woman 36 year-old and it worked. and her 3 year-old son and they're both missing and
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police say the 2 of them left their home friday around 11:00am to visit family. her vehicle was then found parked down the street from her family's house. but the mother and the child have not been seen since then. the family tells police she may have left with her ex-boyfriend, 37 year-old isaiah sell a whole hernandez. he is known to drive a white nissan versa with this license plate. 7 s k h 1, 5, 2, anyone with information is asked to call belmar police. >> now wildfire coverage of the saturday night. the latest on the dixie fire which continues to burn out of control in butte plumas counties. according to cal fire. so far it has burned more than 244,000 acres since it first sparked 17 days ago tonight, evacuation orders remain in effect for parts of both of those counties. the fire only said to be 30% contained tonight. crews near lake tahoe meanwhile, continuing to make better progress on the tamarac fire.
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this fire has burned through more than 68,000 acres so far it is said to be 82% contained. fire officials estimate they won't have it fully contained until the end of august. >> a black bear, a little cub here suffering from burns is being nursed back to health at a wildlife center in south lake tahoe. the male cub was burned in the tamarack fire and now the 21 pound male cub is named tamarac. and he has burns on all 4 of his paws and was found walking on his elbows. looks like to get a little socks there. he'll officials at the lake tahoe wildlife care. if medicine fluids and treated his injuries. tamarac smother has not been located, but the cub is stable and resting. the center will likely keep the bear through winter and really son later this spring. right now on kron 4 dot com. we have tips for this fire season just scan. this qr code on your screen right now. you can get information and everything you need to know to keep yourself safe. this fire season.
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>> our 4 zone forecast tonight, a live look at coit tower lit up in its glory. we are still tracking dry conditions across the area that are not going away anytime soon. likely will be looking at that for a while. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with the latest drought monitor. yeah. hopefully we get some storms fingers crossed making its way to the bay area sometime in late october but for now. >> we still have exceptional to extreme drought conditions to contend with not just here in the state of california. but even near our california nevada state border for those of you in this but widespread exceptional drought getting worse as it inches closer towards the south bay still under that extreme drought, though, for most of the san francisco peninsula. but yeah, quite how are out there lit up for your saturday night and we are tracking that fog bank out there. fortunately not tracking the dense low clouds and fog, but we are seeing it lift just a little bit and just enough to make for to
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saturday night come you. but we are tracking radar for scattered showers trying to make its way into reno and carson city drying out. for those of you at south lake tahoe. but firmly severe weather there. pop up thunderstorms thunder and lightning reported that's why you're under a flash flood warning. but for the rest of this year. you're going to be under a flash flood watch through tonight because of debris flows and ponding. if any additional pop-up thunderstorms form. fortunately, though, tracking drier and calmer conditions this evening. but by sunday afternoon, early evening hours. we could get another round of that severe weather to look to stay to the eastern portions of the sierra not making its way into south lake tahoe. but we do have that chance. nonetheless, upper 70's for the sierra monday warming up, drying out and clearing out into the mid 80's. so one more day to go on for us here in the bay area slightly cooler temperatures upper 80's for conquered in livermore low 70's for oakland mid 60's for downtown san francisco and the late hole in the low 80's with the mountain
9:22 pm
view in the mid 70's and taking a look ahead at your next 3 day forecast. we're going to see very seasonable weather slight dip on wednesday. but then. no near average highs 7 days from now. so that's the good news. no big heat waves, no thunderstorms dry lightning threats. but more on that need to be cool down. coming up in a few minutes. all right, thank you. thanks. >> still to come tonight, we'll let you know why congress is holding a rare weekend session. why they believe it's the best chance to get huge lead. just look piece of legislation passed. the finish line. welcome back,
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everyone. lawmakers on capitol hill busy this saturday as the senate held a rare saturday session the goal to try to get the infrastructure bill. >> finally across the finish line our washington correspondent basil john reports on the progress of the bill and why both sides think that this is the best chance they have. >> of getting it passed. >> good evening. lawmakers. see this bill needs to pass. and this is the best chance they've had to make it a reality in a rare saturday session. the senate is working on the bipartisan infrastructure bill senators from the bipartisan group continue to finalizing the text of the agreement. senate majority leader chuck schumer says as soon as it's done, he'll bring it to the floor and then we can proceed to the consideration of additional amendments. the 1 trillion dollar bill has around
9:26 pm
550 iillion dollars. >> of new federal funding. it's a lot of dollars for our highways, for water, for airports. >> and i think as a country, it's something that people. >> feel is long, long overdue west virginia republican senator shelley moore capito supports the bill and says it will help expand broadband. we've got to make sure we keep it focused on where the real need is. and that's the underserved unserved areas and a lot of that sun, west virginia. democrats are also pushing for a separate 3.5 trillion dollar bill for what they call human infrastructure. republicans say they will fight to defeat that bill. the longer it takes to finish. the longer will be here. but we're going to get the job done. the clock is ticking as schumer promises to complete action on both bills before he lets the senate takes its august recess reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> and today we noticed really finally arriving for inland
9:27 pm
valleys. bring us to near average highs with the cooling trend will continue for the 2nd half of the weekend. details ahead in my full forecast after the break. a
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horrible story tonight. san francisco police looking for answers in a fatal shooting in the bay view neighborhood. >> police say a 16 year-old girl was killed. a 45 year-old woman also injured kron four's. gayle ong has the latest. details.
9:30 pm
>> so far no word on any arrests. police are hoping members of the public will come forward with clues to last night's fatal shooting video from the citizen app shows san francisco police canvassing the 100 block of earth. the lane. police say the call came in for a shooting around 6.45 friday evening when officers arrived, they were informed of 2 victims who are privately taken to the hospital. the 45 year-old female. >> and a 16 year-old female. >> the 45 year-old was brought there with non life threatening injuries and is expected to survive. unfortunately, 16 year-old female succumb to her injuries. at the hospital. investigators are seeking the public's help in locating the shooting suspect. any information you have. >> photos, video surveillance, anything. you know, you think might be able to help us and catching the suspect. please reach out to san francisco police department. what we do know is that a 16 year-old girl lost her life to gun violence last night and that's why it's so important why anybody with information come forward and help us in this investigation. it's important that the community come and
9:31 pm
work with us right now. >> we're told homicide detectives are working leads. it is unclear if the victims were the suspects intended targets here in san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. a bicyclist is dead after a crash on interstate 5.80 in oakland to happen overnight and the california highway patrol says it happened west of the macarthur boulevard exit. >> investigators say the man on the bicycle was riding in the wrong direction on the freeway when he was hit by 2 cars so far. investigators have not released the man's name. the crash is under investigation. now to a developing story out of southern california where the second victim in the theater shooting has now died. 19 year-old anthony behind us has been on life support since monday's shooting. he and 18 year-old riley goodrich were shot in the head while watching a movie at the theater in corona. employees did not discover riley until they were cleaning the theater
9:32 pm
after a viewing and riley was pronounced dead at the scene and anthony was rushed to the hospital 20 year-old joseph jimenez was arrested and charged with the murder. but no motive has been established tonight, friends and family in the community came out to hold a vigil for the 2 teens shot during their first date reporter brian and takes us there. >> are odds that court that 20 year-old just a few minutes made his first appearance in court following the shooting monday night of 18 year-old riley goodridge and her 19 year-old friend anthony barajas at a corona theater. >> are you able to have the rain year okay. >> the suspect did not enter a plea to murder charges but is expected to next thursday. barajas were both shot in the head from behind while watching a movie, the young woman died there in her seat.
9:33 pm
rojas remains hospitalized. you mendez was arrested, though the next night outside a trailer in el serino and police recovered what they believe is the murder weapon walking. as the sheffield suspect shuffled out of the courtroom riley good riches father who was nearby yell that the accused murderer. >> don't know >> mendez is charged with murder attempted murder, but also planning the attacks. we have filed a line in special circumstance and what that means is that this mean that makes eligible for the death penalty. >> in norcal riley good. rich's parents spoke to a crowd of more than a 100 people here at a vigil for their daughter at the new beginnings church. >> i made sure that i cain to just show the family. in the
9:34 pm
show on. riley support while 31 miles away and santa ana, a similar scene played out at modern day high school. >> we're barajas attended classes. and just a few minutes he's being held without bail. >> kron 4 monitoring a developing story tonight. the national hockey league says it is now looking into claims that san jose's sharks star forward. van der cain bet on his own games and intentionally trying to throw games in order to support a gambling addiction. the move comes after an instagram post made by cain's wife anna who claims her husband is a compulsive gambler and tried to throw games in order to win money. the nhl releasing this statement today saying in part the integrity of our game is paramount in the league takes the allegations very seriously going on to say that there will be a full investigation. take a look at this. large tree that fell on a home in castro valley that forced one family to evacuate. it
9:35 pm
happened last night. fire crews were luckily. we're able to get everyone inside that home out safely. no one was hurt. but we have been told that the house has now been deemed unsafe and unlivable for the time. be. well. >> let's talk about our weather forecast now as we take a live look outside from our camera on top of mount tam. the city is shining under there somewhere looks very celestial tonight. it's a big word. it haha. >> couple. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what's on the way for the start of your sunday. yeah, it certainly love that mount tam out of this world shot. let's take a look at today's temperatures because we finally cool down near average. >> for inland valleys that have been in the low to mid and upper 90's for much of this week. but finally cooling down to where you should be for this time of year. so temperatures today were in the mid 60's for downtown san francisco oakland in the low 70's. those of you in livermore cooling down into
9:36 pm
the low 90's. but just 2 degrees shy of your average high of 88 degrees. but the winner today, santa rosa 79 degrees, very pleasant temperatures for you when you should be in the mid 80's. so i hope you enjoyed that much needed much welcome relief. live look outside from the coit tower out there and we are tracking that high cloud cover. we are noticing dense, low clouds and fog along half moon bay. but fortunately better lifting, though, for downtown san francisco up to 9 miles visibility right now and future cast for going to show us apache coastal drizzle so that marine layer is going to become more widespread making its way into our inland valleys giving us about a degree or 2 of additional cooling from today's daytime highs. so i know for inland spots, that is great news, especially after being near triple digits earlier this week. but temperatures out there right now still in the mid 70's for antioch 74 degrees. most of you may not even need a sweater if you're heading out for your saturday night. upper 50's, though, along the bay area coastline
9:37 pm
for santa rosa downtown san francisco and even half moon bay pretty uniform numbers are about a 15 degree difference and overnight lows. tonight slightly cooler air mass, thanks to that cooler sea breeze. we're going to see widespread mid to upper 50's, low for those of you in mountain view and antioch cooling down to 62 degrees in daytime highs tomorrow exactly where we should be for this time of year. livermore 88 degrees right on par for where august first standards and oakland in hayward in the low 70's with an app that 78 degrees as his san jose and half moon bay 62 degrees with mid 60's. for those of you in downtown san francisco. so little change along the coast and east bay shoreline wednesday, though. we're going to see widespread 60's around the bay area shoreline. even our east bay valleys cooling down into the upper 60's with mid 80's for most of our warmest inland valley still enjoy those below average temperatures because we're going to rebound right where
9:38 pm
we should be for the next 7 days. back to you. jonathan just seen. >> marissa, thank you so much. already. so here's a story tonight. there is a new bill that is being pushed aimed and making america a four-day workweek country. sounds great. but the big question is will really work. it's for. >> 8 hour days. not 4.10, hour days. i was like the 4.10 hour days. but this is for 8 hours. yeah. >> i can do for to know what it is. i could just do 4 hours a day. california democratic representative say yes to the fore. 8 hour days and some members of congress are on board reporter nancy loo has the story. >> in the year and a half since the pandemic appended how and where many americans do their jobs. some companies also transition to a four-day workweek. we started within 90 days spearman, we told our team this may or may not work. let's give it 90 days to try it out and so what i did right
9:39 pm
off the bat. amy porterfield says her marketing team was happier. and just as productive, they started to get more efficient and very laser focused on what we're working on. meaning that they knew we didn't have a lot of extra time for any kind of flat like we did the same amount of work. but in 4 days. >> the proposed legislation introduced this week by california congressman mark takano seeks to reduce the national standard workweek from 40 hours to 32 the fact that we're seeing, you know, the first national legislation proposed. >> to move to a 32 hour work week just shows you how much one of the you know, are thinking about this has shifted in the last couple years. alex pang helps companies to transition to reduced hours and a key is more efficient use of meetings and overall time. >> he says increase down time leads to healthier and happier workers. it can also lead to less company turnover. >> makes the whole enterprise
9:40 pm
and people's careers alive. just more sustainable so that, you know, success ceases to be a kind of arms race or against burnout and become something that, you know, you can, you know, you can think about and enjoy for word of a longer period of your life. i never want to go back across me because we never go back. >> nancy loo ktla 5 news. >> let's talk olympics right now. as us gymnastics has just announced in a tweet tonight that star simone biles has withdrawn from the floor final and will make a decision about if she will compete in the beam later on this week. this is coming just a day after she announced she would not compete in the vault or and even bars either. she's been saying she the case of the twisties, which is really difficult for jim ness. they don't body can understand where the floor are the ground as. but again, she has withdrawn now from the latest competition, the floor final. and there to track and field athletes that revealing the
9:41 pm
timing of the original olympics just went to work for them. they say actually postponing the games gave them the opportunity of a lifetime. well, clay is the clear favorite in the triple jump competition and he ruptured his achilles tendon just months before the game's original start date and probably would not have been back in time had the pandemic not postpone the gates a trip to tokyo was also off the table it seems for world. number one hammer thrower, deanna price. >> the cavs have any issues that get out by digestion. play. find out have have low are i doubt. i have folks that likely helped twenty-twenty was here that i got to. a little bit more about my body and what it can do. >> timing is everything. and still ahead here tonight will continue our olympic coverage and take a look at how japan
9:42 pm
signature drink. it's getting a modern twist.
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>> nasa's rover is prepared to collect its first samples from mars. the mission comes after it marked its one year anniversary of touching down on the red planet. scientists say the samples will be useful in filling gaps of our geological understanding and
9:45 pm
bring researchers closer to knowing if there once was life on mars. the car size rover and its partner. launched for mars on july 30th of last year and first touchdown inside the 20 mile just 0 crater. 6 months later. so much to learn. percy and ingenuity. >> samsung, meanwhile, says they won't be making a popular phone this year and one of silicon valley's biggest tech companies is now hiring. rich demuro has more in tonight's tech smart. >> here's what's happening in the tech world samsung says it will not make a galaxy note smartphone this year in a new blog post. the company talked about what to expect from its august 11th event and what not to expect specifically. there will be no new version of the note. the company's flagship device that features a stylus. the company did say it will include a stylus for the first time in a foldable phone called the z fold. they also said that this generation of foldable phones will be more
9:46 pm
durable this time around. the price of bitcoin reached a recent high and all seems to stem from an amazon job listing the listing was spotted by a london newspaper. it's for a digital currency and block chain product to lead that led to speculation that amazon is aiming to accept bitcoin payments by the end of the year that sent the price of bitcoin up nearly 15% before it leveled off a bit. amazon is denying the report. they say they are focused on exploring what crypto currency could look like on amazon and they have no specific plans. facebook wants to build diverse and the company has 700 open jobs to do it. the listings are in its augmented reality and virtual reality unit. so what some adverse you ask. it's basically an entire world of places and experiences that only exist in a virtual setting, but facebook says the key here is that you'll feel like you're with other people. so think instead of video chatting on a
9:47 pm
screen and seeing someone's face. you would walk into a virtual coffee bar to sit down and chat of course you can design your avatar to look, however you want. it's a lofty idea. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> let's talk about our weather forecast now as we take a live look outside on the golden gate bridge happy saturday night. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what is on the way for the rest of your night. if you have some plans and first thing in the morning as you head off to brunch. >> yeah, exactly. and we're tracking right now. a great saturday night out there in the bay area a little bit gloomy out there, but that fog bank not as thick widespread as it was around this time yesterday. but we are noticing those high clouds overhead. san francisco international airport right now. we are seeing what right now with low clouds and fog up to 5 miles visibility. there. so not too bad. we're still as you make your way south into half moon
9:48 pm
bay. so please drive safely their but downtown san francisco's mission district holding steady in the mid 60's for your sunday micro climate outlook. and we're tracking low 60's for those of you pacifica and half moon bay 62 degrees of peace with winds out of the west-southwest at around 15 to 20 miles per hour. so not going to be as breezy as it has been the last couple of days. 60 degrees for brisbane and south san francisco. pretty seasonal temperatures there was detail. and san carlos in the mid 70's. so enjoy the slightly cooler forecast there. redwood city even cooling down into the upper 70's with widespread low to mid 80's for those of you in the south bay san jose, though 78 degrees. we will wake up to that fog bank out there. so august first officially arrives tomorrow. and this time of year. we like to call it august on account of that marine layer in the morning giving way to plenty of sunshine by the afternoon livermore 88 degrees and all in the low 80's with hayward at 72 degrees or india and
9:49 pm
moraga in the upper 70's with upper 80's for those of you in concord and walnut creek inland valleys, cooling down to where you should be for early august in benicia 77 degrees napa degree warmer at 78 degrees. and we're tracking mid 80's for those of you nevado in sandra fell 79 degrees with no valley in the mid 60's. so overall, very comfortable forecast by early august standards. we're going to be on cruise control, going to see a lot more sunshine monday, not going to do much though the temperature department by wednesday, though we will dip about 5 degrees below average from coast to valleys. we're going to see most of the bay area shoreline in the low to mid and upper 60's. but inland valleys mid 80's. so enjoy those pleasant temperatures there and then rebounding to very seasonable highs for the next 7 days almost showed you the 10 at 10 outlook, you have to wait an hour for that for that little sneak peek. i always jump ahead. i don't know why you need the 9 at 9. then i know. let's pitch
9:50 pm
>> 72. that's a lot of numbers. >> the 9 at 9. the going back out now. >> just times over that one, one bar to every hour. thanks for haven't you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. beverage dates back millennia. but it's making a 21st century
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splash. elizabeth dinh talking to one of america's largest importers of japanese talking about. >> why they say there's more to the drink that meets the eye. it's fun. it's so versatile >> a staple of japanese cuisine and culture. we know in the u.s. has a rice wine, but experts say not so fast. there are these misconceptions of k is and what it's not. it's a unique fusion of the familiar. we produce it like there because we are. >> from inning grain rather than fruit, but you actually drink it like wine and a simple beverage when you break it down, it's rice water. >> yeast in a special mold spore called but brewing it to perfection is an art form. it's not so forgiving steve full stack president and ceo of oregon based one has made nearly 2 dozen trips to japan over the last decade to really learn about
9:54 pm
>> learn about the culture. a culture he describes with 2 words hospitality and respect. they. >> make it make it a point not to let your glasgow here. cup. go empty with at the center of ceremonies gift giving and shared meals with friends. you pour. >> for everyone, but you don't port for yourself. someone else and takes it imports for you while it's japan's national beverage records of psaki brewing traced back to china. >> 500 bc. but the japanese sort of took a hold of it and really made it made it their own and they did it with koji. it's the magic ingredients that allows psaki to be old ands. i'm added to rice that then turns the starch in each grain to glucose paving the way for fermentation that technique was pioneered in the 8th century during japan's not a period which then led to the knee honshu. you've probably enjoyed it before and a small cup like this, which is called a this is the traditional way
9:55 pm
they drink. >> psaki in japan. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. there's actually 7 different temperatures. >> but psaki is served at depending upon the seas and the occasion in joe and died in josiah qasr. served chilled has a much freer quality. it's higher quality. more palatable to some drawing a new consumer base in recent years. psaki sales are. >> growing united states at more than twice the rate of. >> but the that says psaki's popularity in japan declines. it's nearly 10,000 breweries dwindled to roughly 1200 in last 2 decades stock a sort of perceived, as you know, the older generations during the japanese government is doing things now too. >> and hanssen encourage expansion of sock education around the globe. a mission importers like psaki. one are getting behind. >> helping make each sip taste less otherworldly and more
9:56 pm
like home reporting in portland. i'm elizabeth tin. >> these blue throw did macaws are keeping their beeks by some strong at the los angeles zoo. look how easy they can just tear right through those wood blocks. maccabi exor strong enough to buy through nuts and even wood the zoo shared this video to show just how strong because pixar. i haha. >> try to follow that. i want to know why. first, jonathan, i thought your name was jonathan mcconnell so how strong is your beak. strong enough to go 3 hours long. i'm talking about talk about.
9:57 pm
>> thank you for finally got it out of our >> we have a lot of this is there falling apart. you guys. all right. let's just take a quick look at the 7 i can. i know we had to here's a three-day. here's your 3 at 3 justine we should do that during the week. we're threes that managers. if you're watching a would never listen it. all >> was like this hour, news we're but don't go anywhere, though. kron 4 news at 10 o'clock is on the way evening we're
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. we don't know yet if it's been targeted, if it was random, we're not sure getting motivated. >> now at 10 o'clock, a 16 year-old girl killed in a double shooting tonight, police say they need your help, trying to track down her killer. this is where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock welcome jonathan mccall and i'm justine waltman, a 45 year-old woman was also injured in the shooting. kron four's gayle ong was in san francisco getting details from police. >> so far no word on any arrests. police are hoping members o


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