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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 30, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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when fun time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 8 and now a day to dramatic change in the battle against the dangerous delta variant by the nation's top health experts are sounding the alarm. >> the spread of the variant putting more patients in the hospital. we're live in the east bay where alameda county has seen a big surge. >> also to spend nearly a month since a runner missing in pleasanton. why that search is about to ramp up. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> and i'm ken wayne. the war
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against covid has changed. that's the message coming out of the centers for disease control and prevention tonight. there is a new evidence that shows the delta variant is more contagious than the common cold flu small pox and the ebola virus. >> and it is as contagious. they say as chicken pox and could be more dangerous studies from overseas show. the delta variant may pose a greater risk for hospitalization, intensive care treatment and death than previous versions. that is why health officials are recommending the both vaccinated and unvaccinated residents wear masks indoors. kron four's. dan kerman has the story. more disturbing data about the surge of covid-19 since the beginning of june. san francisco seen a tenfold increase in cases. >> and the rate of increase is higher than the 3 previous surges. >> we are now averaging a 176 cases of covid a day. and again, that number is increasing on a daily basis 176 compares to a low of 12
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where we late this spring and earlier in the summers hospitalizations are also up with rates among the unvaccinated 8 times higher. >> and all this is happening in the city were 77% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated. >> what it says is we're dealing with a different virus than we were 6 months ago. this one is significantly nastier than what we're used to. and we've got to get the vaccine rate up significantly higher than what we thought. the target would be ucsf. department of medicine chair. doctor robert wachter says not only did new study show the delta variant is more severe. >> but now backs a native people can pass it on to others. that's why he supports an indoor mask mandate for every one of us that we're out of this pickle. it's completely natural for everybody to be unhappy about it. and i'm not happy about that. talking about it. but those are the facts on the ground and you have to respond to the changes. >> san francisco is in discussion with surrounding counties about an indoor mask
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mandate. and doctor colfax says that will likely be instituted next week in the meantime, he has a warning for those most at risk. you're particularly vulnerable to covid 1965 and over are co-morbid conditions. i would very cautious how i would engage right in in public and settings you know, the company risk covid-19 long-term covid is another rsason to get vaccinated and to wear a mask according to doctor wachter. he points to an israeli study which found of those surveyed 19% still had symptoms 6 weeks down the line. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> covid hospitalizations are up across the bay area. and alameda county hospital hospitalizations jumped from 120 to 168 in a week. the number one from 81 to 128 in
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contra, costa county and san francisco. there was an increase of 41 patients and every other county did see an increase except for santa clara county, which actually has one fewer patients than a week ago. >> alameda county saw the biggest increase in hospitalizations since last week and it comes amid urgent request by government officials and health care providers for people to get vaccinated and kron four's gayle ong joins us live from fremont with the details. kale. >> and catherine and ken alameda county reports 50 new hospitalizations in a week. people i spoke with say they are taking extra precautions. >> in the district of fremont. people are still wearing masks outside. i think that we can all do we need to do. and if it's like just putting on a mask. while we're indoors or even outside. i think it's where they've been saying inside a little bit more going out was i always keep my mask
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on even though it's optional now and places both women we spoke with say they are worried about the delta variant. and i don't really want the world to shut down again like we had to do. >> we ought to shelter in place and stop on a little bit more concerned about college because i'm going back. so i don't know how that's going to be with this news stream coming out because we had agreed to go in person and online. but with this new strain, who for all going to go completely online or not. covid related hospitalizations are climbing in some bay area counties alameda county has seen the biggest increase since last week. the county was at 120 patients on july 22nd. and this week it is that 168. that's why public health officials are urging people to mask up in certain places regardless of vaccination status karen see has been moving indoor gatherings with friends outdoors, try to keep it more like. >> let's gather in someone's backyard just to make a little bit more comfortable for everybody because everyone's, you know, on a different spectrum of how comfortable they feel being indoors.
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>> and as of this month, alameda county reports that testing has increased. but meanwhile, covid vaccinations have decreased since june here in fremont, gayle ong kron 4 news, thank you, gayle. >> also in the east bay contra. costa county seeing a 64% increase in the number of covid patients at the contra costa regional medical center over just the past 2 weeks. john muir health says it's keeping a close watch on this but does not expect a repeat of last year when search temps were needed. doctors say they're also beginning to see a lot of people with other health problems. mostly people who were putting off treatment during the pandemic. a coalition of nonprofits is finding success in getting homeless people vaccinated today in san jose. there was a pop up clinic outside a homeless camp. it was held by the nonprofit's live freely. we hope and just surf roughly
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a 100 homeless. people have been vaccinated with the johnson and johnson vaccine this week alone. santa clara county has vaccinated nearly 2000 of its homeless population. >> and walmart to the list of companies requiring worker vaccinations nation's largest retailer says all employees at its headquarters in arkansas as well as managers who travel within the county must be vaccinated by october 4th. as for employees at stores clubs and other facilities in areas of high infection rates. they will be required to wear masks even if they are vaccinated. >> starting monday. the city of mountain view will require everybody regardless of vaccination status to wear masks indoors at city facilities that includes among other things, city hall. the library. the mountain view center for the performing arts, senior centers. the community center santa clara county is considered to be an area of substantial transmission and for more details, some things like
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vaccinations and mask guidelines. you can scan the qr code you see there. we'll take you to kron. 4 dot coms page dedicated to pandemic information. >> other news tonight. the search for phillup trade check will ramp up again tomorrow. he went missing almost a month ago that the pleasanton ridge regional park after saying is going for a run about a 120 search and rescue team members will be at the park tomorrow to make sure nothing was overlooked. the alameda county sheriff's department is working alongside the pleasanton ridge pleasanton police department in the case. pleasanton police are reviewing precheck steps before he left for his run on that day. alameda county sheriff's investigators say they believe he is still somewhere in the park but have no clues as to what happened. >> we wish that we knew we had some clues, some signs. you don't have any more clues today. then we beginning at the start of the search. so that has been very frustrating for everybody involved in it. so we're pretty mystified as to why we haven't found any clues at all. we need to
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exhaust every last avenue. every thought, every conceivable up there. and i think that we feel that tomorrow. we have some things that just don't we feel that we're not settled that we want to go back and make sure that you know, we're leaving no stone unturned that we've put a foot grant on every piece of that ground up there that we need to go back tomorrow and fine-tune some of our search efforts. >> search and rescue teams are not looking for volunteers, but there are community efforts in place, including a facebook group called find philip kreycik. it includes information for those who do want to get involved. >> all right. now for a look at the forecast and we have love and i love that it's still the slide out. but here's a live look from the camera on top of mount tam. yeah. this is more looking over san pablo bay and you can even see the wisps of fog over the east bay shoreline their orange. colonel here with details. yeah. the fog kind of gets squashed near the surface really looks. >> fascinating outside got a nice shot for you as well.
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this coming from our sutro camera, little fog. >> just kind of rolled over the hills there as a start to spread back on shore moving inside the bay. the kind of lit very neatly by fading sunlight to this evening and we're going to see more. the fog overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, too. speaking of fog, you've got plenty of that out of the golden gate bridge all covered up now in the low clouds that have swept on shore. little dense fog expected again along the coastline overnight tonight. watch out for that over the sierra nevada thunderstorms popping up again all across the sierra nevada, even across parts of the justices ski mountain range into the afternoon. things begin to just subside a bit. now. no storms here in the bay area. but plenty of fog being given moving in along the coastline. so we'll see that overnight tonight. temperature wise. not bad. in fact, fairly warm in parts of the south bay nos 70 degrees in san jose 71 in fremont, 77 degrees a little more still 80 in concord at 58 degrees in half moon bay tomorrow afternoon. we're going to see some
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sunshine and some patchy fog of the coastline, 50 to 60 ko side. still some hot 90's inland. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, a moment of silence for salmon, concern for what the fish are going through in the pacific northwest. you're trying to get a passport now good may people waited overnight just to find out. >> they can even be seen. also the big win for the people who've been helping to bring a wnba team to oakland's.
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>> us women's basketball team remains undefeated at the 2020 tokyo locally, a team of african american business leaders. they've been trying to bring the wnba to the bay area. >> kron four's haaziq madyun says they got a one of their own today. >> the wnba is now one step closer to establishing a professional women's basketball team in oakland. we are. >> talking now about a term of. 5 years. i it will be a win-win for parties in a rare unanimous vote. the oakland alameda county coliseum authority approved a non-binding term sheet clearing the way for a wnba team to play at the oakland arena city council president in oakland, vice mayor rebecca kaplan has been instrumental in paving the way for this moment.
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>> i am super excited and we know that oakland has a strong community that is ready to support women's basketball and come out to games and restore the energy of rakell at our reena. so this is one step closer to having a wnba team in oakland. this could be easily. one of the biggest. >> wnba. >> you know, you know. >> markets in the country for bobbitt is the founder of the african american sports and entertainment group that submitted the unanimously approved term sheet for the arena with this being a. relocating wnba team are starting up a brand new franchise right here we are requesting expansion. >> to be quite honest with you as openers. relocation is not something we really like to talk about. there are still several steps in the process, including submitting the new team ownership proposal to the of the wnba. >> followed by an expansion review and a vote by current
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wnba owners. he says we're talking at least a couple of years. but securing an agreement for the rena puts oakland in an advantageous position among other cities seeking expansion. we've talked to the wnba about that because we're in a pretty like we don't you know, we're not trying to wait let's go. >> we got next. haha. >> has he met you in kron 4 news. new details on the a's howard terminal project as the city fisa try to keep the athletics in oakland. mayor libby schaaf's office released a statement yesterday. it reads, quote, lawyers from both the city and the a's have agreed to continue working towards an approved project. mayor schaff and city staff are excited about the progress that is being made. this moves us one step closer to making the vision of a world class waterfront ballpark. a reality. we are monitoring the situation with the a's and the city of oakland use your mobile device to scan that qr code that on your screen and you'll be directed to our new digital page we can track the fate of the oakland a's.
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>> the santa clara county fair got underway today. plans for a drive-thru event. they were canceled because parts of the fairgrounds have been used and are being used for covid testing vaccinations. but the fair is now going to focus on livestock, exhibitions admission and parking all free and some of the events. so if you can actually be there in person like the livestock auctions. those will be live streamed. the fair runs through august 7th and another fare that's ongoing already underway. the sonoma county fair. the usual covid rules are in place like requiring visitors to wear masks at all times. if they are not vaccinated and at some of the pavilions, it is required for everybody and that fair runs until august 8th. >> we at midnight and waited outside 5.30 when finally let us come on to the property in park on the property. and only
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to find the sign after waiting for 5 and half hours that they're actually closed. thank you for calling. and they come by sea. you can't get that early. you can't go on their website. you can't get through the people are driving all the way out here for no reason. we're sitting out here and now they're not going walk ins at all and you can't make the payments with the point. >> frustrated would be travelers are overwhelming us passport offices. this is a look at the west. los angeles federal building where hundreds of passport applicants camped out overnight this week for same day appointments only to be told that walk ins are no longer being taken wait times for new passports and renewals are up to 18 weeks. officials encourage those without immediate travel plans to renew their passports by that would be frustrating. >> all right. time for another look at the forecast as we take a live look at sfo. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look at what to expect this weekend. yeah. get ready. now we're getting close. look like that fog roll
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back in right now and it's getting thick in spots. that's one thing you want to watch out for traveling near the coastline tonight into early tomorrow morning, watching out for some dense fog and then inside the bay are ok in the valleys probably the stay clear, the place like concord pleasanton and livermore overnight tonight dublin to see nice stars throughout the night, but not the san francisco. you're all fogged in right now. as you can see, the transamerica building as of august stretched back on shore. more. that overnight tonight, maybe a little drizzle along the coastline. thunderstorms firing up over the sierra nevada. again, it was really going this afternoon. this is all part of the monsoon as a rolled on through the high country. if you're headed up there tomorrow, the where you're likely to see another round of thunderstorms coming in, especially in the afternoon. look for the possibility of some flash flooding there as back in the bay area. no storms to worry about just that fog in the surge back on shore. we'll see more of that on the way temperatures today running a little bit below the average in san francisco 6671 in oakland 83 degrees in san jose. still hot inland though 97 in livermore 96 in concord and 84 degrees in santa rosa
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stepping outside tonight. can find some partly cloudy skies with that patchy fog out there. temperatures, cooling down but taking a while. stay fairly warm in many of the interior valleys. but along the coastline, the fog has already moved in. that's going to hang out there tomorrow during the day. but numbers in the 50's 60's out toward the beaches. pleasant 70's needs inside the bay and still some odd 90's in spots. well inland by tomorrow afternoon over the still a few more. the monsoonal clouds rolling on through tomorrow. and i think a little more sunshine as we head into sunday temperatures kind of hold steady. and i think we'll cool down a bit as we head in toward the middle of next week. sounds good. thank you, lawrence. well, there is a lot of concern that this summer could spell disaster for the sockeye salmon in the pacific northwest. thousands of them are dying because of overheated water in rivers. now at least 3 degrees higher than what's healthy for the fish. >> environmental advocates with the columbia river keeper tried to spark some action today holding a vigil for the species on the shore of the little white salmon river
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advocates say dams on the columbia and snake rivers are a big part of the problem because they make the rivers hotter. police in texas had to round up an alligator found in a backyard, hot you're looking at the scene here. this happened near the houston. >> local police had a little fun with that posting on their facebook page later that an unknown suspect entered a homeowner's backyard decided to go for a swim. it said the 2 responding officers observed the suspect swimming naked without regard to the owner's wishes. the suspect resisted at first but was soon arrested later released without further incident. use a a warning for those visiting certain parts of the east bay after a rattler is spotted. why one resident says she's lucky.
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>> pay very close attention. if you're planning to be walking around east bay parks. that is the warning from a pleasant hill woman who recently encountered our rattlesnake of more than one. actually, she told kron four's phillipe djegal she could easily have been bitten if the snake could not warned her first. >> my husband was bit ahead with the big dog and i was back here as sure older looney and her husband approached the pass on to go park exit in pleasant hill last week off gayle drive. cheryl spotted in northern pacific rattlesnake
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slithering from a mound in the grass and across the pavement in her 5 years living in the neighborhood. she has seen gopher snakes but never a venomous rattler is seeing and rattling and. it was kind of a little bit scary. she managed to pull her smaller dog away. and then the couple watched the snake move towards a tree where cheryl was able to snap a few photos. she was shocked to see it out in the heat at around noon that day. naturalists say snakes are typically more active in late evening say hissing and the rattling if. >> if that state can't have given us that morning. i i have no doubt that we could have been bitten. fortunately, she say her dogs were also least cheryl thinks the drought has led to more animal and reptile encounters in parks were seen all kinds of. >> critters coming closer lots and lots of coyotes around here coming closer to our homes just lately walking out on the street. it's just
8:26 pm
they're looking for food and that's closer to our homes. keep your head up. >> and your eyes down in pleasant hill. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> next. today. they are a hot item again, face mask flying off the shelves and there's a reason why sales could keep rising. plus alarming spike in catalytic converter thefts. so you can best avoid becoming the next victim and pga once again be held responsible for
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>> back to our top story tonight, the cdc now says the delta variant is as contagious as the chicken pox and can make you more sick than the initial covid strain reporter kareen wynter has more on the cdc's new covid memo. >> as the outcry continues over mask mandates in vaccinations comes you research by the cdc showing cases of the delta variant that continues to increase across the nation appears to cause more serious illness and is as contagious as chicken pox. what's more alarming thio data also revealed even fully vaccinated, people might be able to spread the delta variant at the same rate as unvaccinated individuals. this is what we're seeing in the delta. >> high viral loads mean you are more likely to spread it. so in the rare occasions that vaccinated people get delta in a breakthrough infection. they
8:30 pm
may be contagious. la county health leaders saying this week vaccination rates are generally higher in older age groups and that the groups with the highest rates of transmission hospitalizations and deaths continue to have the lowest levels of vaccination with transmission continue to rise. we do remain very concerned about low levels of vaccination. >> mine are black residents and other teens and young adults, the cdc is now urging people to wear facial coverings indoors in public places. despite their vaccination status earlier this week, city officials in los angeles sent this public safety alert to cellphones pushing the public to get their covid vaccines as quickly as possible as part of renewed efforts to tackle the recent spike in cases across the region. mainly from the delta variant with younger adults seeing the highest rate of increase in the county. la county covid hospitalizations have also reportedly more than doubled from more than 2 weeks ago. this leading medical expert telling cnn today we had the chance, i think to vaccinate our way out of this epidemic had we maintain high
8:31 pm
vaccination rates, especially across the south. >> the southern states in the mountain west and we've done this good a job as they're doing in vermont, massachusetts across the country. we would not be having this discussion right now, but that this is the reality medical experts say with the latest numbers headed in the wrong direction. this search will continue at a rapid rate since those who are unvaccinated or 5 times more likely to become infected by the virus has vaccinated individuals. if you are vaccinated. >> these vaccines are still going to protect you very well. this virus is circulating quickly. it is more contagious. it create causes more severe disease. so your risks are higher. this is not the same game. we were playing months ago. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us tonight. mask sales are on the rise again and probably this is because of the delta variant recent numbers show that mask sales have been going up in recent weeks sales up 24% this week
8:32 pm
over the last week. another reason people are buying the fact the cdc began recommending that even vaccinated. people should be wearing them indoors again. the san francisco based delivery company. instacart says mask sales have been going up some some 4th of july weekend and google searches not surprisingly. also way up as of today, masks were required indoors at disney parks guess 2 and a half years and older must use face coverings. one insider. >> on cover transportation, including the monorails and buses universal studios and 6 flags magic mountain in southern california began requiring masks for all guests last week. the policies are in effect regardless of vaccination status. mass will remain optional outdoors. claims for catalytic converter thefts were up 175% among state farm customers in california. >> this was from july of last year to this past june state farm says and fact california
8:33 pm
is the worst state for catalytic converter thefts. some basic advice to avoid becoming a victim. install a catalytic converter anti-theft device park fleet, vehicles and enclosed secured areas park your own car in a garage if you can, and consider installing motion sensor and security lights in driveways. if you can't. >> the shasta county district attorney's office says pg e is criminally liable for causing the zogg fire in 2020 that fire killed 4 people destroyed more than 200 homes. the 56,000 acre fire also caused widespread damage killed numerous wildlife as well. final charges and penalties will be decided before the one year anniversary of that fire on september 27th. the fire was sparked by a pine tree resting on pg electrical lines. the massive dixie fire in lewis and butte counties has now destroyed more than 60
8:34 pm
buildings and thousands more are threatened. the blaze which started in plumas county as well to more than 240,000 acres. that's an area larger than new york city. it's now the 11th largest wildfire in california history. the fire is just 23% contained. more on the weather fueling these flames chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with very hot away from the coastline. again saw some of that triple digit heat the mountains may be little cooler than that. but. >> the conditions were right for the fires to continue. although the monsoon pop up again. but look at all lightning strikes and that's just a major concern. yeah. we didn't get a little precipitation with that. and in some of the fires like the tamarack fire. we actually had some very heavy rainfall flash flood warnings going up for that. today. we are worried about the possibility some flash flooding in the burn area. maybe some debris flows. that's a concern. now with these fires is leave all that desolation behind. and of course you can see that the brief low develop very easily with some very heavy rainfall in the quincy area. you see a couple of scattered light showers moving through
8:35 pm
otherwise the winds were really not a big factor. they were fairly light today and that is somewhat of a concern as well. so a lot of that smoke just kind of hovering in kind of sitting around in and around the fire zone. you can see calm conditions right now in quincy. you're getting more of a northerly wind and chester. so they have a bit switching all over the place and some of that smoke. it's actually been seeping in making its way back into the central valley. very interesting for tomorrow. looks like we're going to see the pattern change even a little bit more and some of that smoke, according to our models is going to drift right back in to the central valley. so if you're going up by 5 plan on seeing some very smoky hazy conditions up toward reading is love. that smoke is going to filter and actually move back in the central valley. some of that will slide a little bit for the east as well into reno and then all of that being ejected over the top of that ridge of high pressure. but starting to see some signs now that ridge is going to start to move out of as we get into next week. so i think we're looking at a much needed change coming our
8:36 pm
way around the bay area tomorrow. not much in the way of smoke, which is great for us. looks like a nice day. the temperatures. now they're going to be cool along the coastline. but 30 degrees warmer in the valleys up in the 90's in place like conquered and liver. also the antioch inside the bay. you find some sunshine in oakland in the afternoon with a very pleasant temperature of 70 degrees about 76 in redwood city about 82 degrees in san jose next couple days. you can a return of a few more clouds tomorrow, maybe a little drizzle along the immediate coastline early tomorrow morning. and then as we get into sunday, just a few leftover clouds temperatures, very similar cooling off, though, as we head toward the middle of next week. >> thank you, lawrence. still ahead, at 8 o'clock words of warning for pet owners. certain dog foods right now could be dangerous for your pet. plus, california secretary of state shirley weber is weighing in on the upcoming recall election. we're hearing her promise to voters.
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>> kron 4. is your local election headquarters. secretary of state shirley weber is weighing in on the upcoming recall election. weber agreed to sit down for a virtual interview with our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >> well, i'm hoping in the next few weeks. they will get a chance to experience the fact that this is relatively simple yet very important election. secretary of state shirley weber and elections officials across the state are gearing up for governor gavin newsom's recall election in
8:40 pm
the last 6 months. weber has juggled transitioning into her new role. the logistics of this recall and other special elections that have popped up around the state. there were already people in in the our election, people who know what more about elections and i do. and so they were ready for whatever we had to do. we were ready. they were ready. and i had read and nothing had been indicted enough by them. >> that we're doing a really good job with the governor and recall candidates recently took weber to court because of their issues with the ballot newsome over his party preference and candidate larry elder over a tax return requirement. a judge sided with weber in the party preference case. but another judge sided with elder on taxes are is your office having any discussion with the legislature to maybe clarify some of these details. >> we will probably have some discussion when we did brief afterwards. this is not the time to start about making major changes and all those kinds of things because the rules they're the that have the and those are the we live by to this election whether promises this recall election
8:41 pm
will be transparent in our offices to completely committed to the fact that we're going to have a safe and transparent election and one that people can feel secure in their boat that we will count every vote should be counted in the election in san francisco, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> tune into inside california politics and airs right here on kron. 4 on weekends saturday evening at 06:30pm, and sunday mornings at 6.30. >> next today. how does a four-day workweek sound. we like it sounds pretty good. why it could happen sooner than you think. >> as for giants and a's get a huge boost to their roster at the trade deadline. kylen mills has the
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[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪
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[goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ does sound like a dream to most people and there is a new proposal in congress that could make it a reality. the four-day workweek pushes been gaining steam since the pandemic appended how and where many americans do their jobs. >> the proposed legislation introduced this week by california congressman mark takano seeks to reduce the national standard workweek from 40 hours to 32 he cites known benefits for both employees and employers companies that have already switched are vowing not switch back according to a consultant who helps employers to make the transition changes to improve unfit deficiency can greatly boost productivity since people become healthier and happier and that can also lead to less turnover.
8:45 pm
>> makes the whole enterprise and people's careers allies just more sustainable so that, you know, success ceases to be a kind of arms race or against burnout and become something that, you know, you can you can think about and enjoy for a longer period of your life. they started to get more efficient and very laser focused on what we're working on, meaning that they knew we didn't have a lot of extra time for any kind of flat like we did the same amount of work. >> but in 4 days. >> the four-day week is actually catching on globally positive results are reported companies in japan and new zealand trials are planned in spain and scotland in iceland. reduced hours are now permanent for about 15% of that workforce. >> sunshine mills has launched a voluntary recall of several of its top food brands. the problem elevated levels of a mold byproduct. the recalled food is all chicken and rice meal sold under the brands of
8:46 pm
triumph evolve wild harvest. make sure farms pure being and elm. they all have a best by date of february 11th 2022 there have been no reports of animals getting sick people can return the dog food for refunds. we have full details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> in national news tonight. the treasury department must turn over 6 years of former president trump's taxes to congress sets. according to the justice department, the legal opinion was released today which likely paves the way for their eventual release to congress and potentially to the public. the decision deals, a sharp blow to a years long campaign by trump to keep his tax information secret and it reverses the trump administration position that had shielded the documents from congress. house speaker nancy pelosi called the ruling a victory for the rule of law. she tweeted, quote, accessed of former president trump's tax returns as a matter of national security. the american people deserve to know the facts of his conflicts of interest and undermining of our security
8:47 pm
and democracy as president. house speaker pelosi is calling the justice department's ruling a victory for the rule of law. and again, she treat tweeted what we just described to you there. former president is accused of urging senior justice department officials to. declare the 2020 election results corrupt. that was in a december phone call. that is according to handwritten notes from one of the participants in the conversation, the notes of the call were released today by the democratic led house oversight committee. they underscore the link sewage. trump went to overturn the results of the election and to elicit the support of law enforcement officials and other government leaders in that effort show trump told justice department officials to quote just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk.
8:48 pm
>> the mlb trade deadline has come and gone. and the giants came out as massive winners san francisco made a huge splash trading for all-star. chris bryant just before the buzzer this afternoon. now, this is a little tough for me to talk about because i'm a born and raced cubs fan. but bryant is exactly what the giants needed. he's one of the best hitters that was swapped in the deadline and more importantly, he can play all over the field is really versatile and the giants in even have to give up any big prospects for the half-season rental san francisco also welcomes back a familiar face lefty tony watson returns to the giants in exchange for 3 pitching prospects and over across the bridge, it looks like the a's are all in for a 2021 postseason run oakland already landed starling marte. hey, yesterday. then today they added some more quality bass line up both josh harrison young goals from the washington nationals. we'll head to the east bay with harrison a former all-star into 96 hitter being the tool of the trade. yes. gave up 3
8:49 pm
prospects from josh, you have guys that have been experienced in the postseason. both these guys. >> you know that. they know what it's all about. they've been through before they you get motivated by that with guys like, you know, those guys play for. so you know, worried about them moving organizations when you're coming to a team that's in a pennant race because that's what it's all about for guys like that. >> the first week of 49 ers training camp is in the books and all eyes remain on the quarterback competition. these 2 in particular. rather not competition. i should say, according to head coach kyle shanahan. he said earlier this week that jimmy garoppolo is the forty-niners starter in not trey lance for now we'll see how long that lasts now absent today with star defensive end. nick bosa shanahan said he was taking a planned maintenance day since he's fresh off that acl injury now both made some headlines yesterday when he said in the post practice media session that he is not vaccinated. she didn't talk today about balancing the team's best interest and personal choices.
8:50 pm
>> we pressured anyone. you know, i think would have been a lot harder if we had a. a big group of guys not doing i think that was more of worry and then, you know, couple, you know, about a week up to camp. we got past 85%. i know. i think it's 5 or last night. i think it's 5. but i mean, those 5 are not going to pressure. it's been tough of water. team didn't have to do things different. but with the small mountain guys doing it and things i think are a lot tougher on them, but it doesn't affect the team that much. >> the golden state warriors. welcome their 2 newest additions to san francisco today. jonathan coming to a moses moody spoke with the media chase center this afternoon. commando was selected by the were 7th overall in the nba draft last night. he's coming off a successful season with the g league ignite moses. moody was selected 14th overall, the arkansas guard is the reigning sec freshman of the year and
8:51 pm
of course, they're both excited to wrapped dub nation and we are excited to have them. also, 2 exciting baseball games going on right now. the a's are up one nothing. and i think you just saw on that tv. can i saw you had your eye on the giants losing 3, 2, right now. the astros. so we're hoping they can pull that one out. they still have time. yes, they still have time. so we'll have that for you in just a bit. bosa is still at the practice. mingling with all the to know not vaccinated. there are 5 guys in the team. he does wear a mask so that was the requirement. we saw him also brandon aiyuk is another player who is not vaccinated. he spoke at media session today. he had a mask on thed whole time. so that's kind of the different. >> i think that they have to deal with. i think there also are additional testing protocols as well for unvaccinated players. all right. thank you. her. >> coming up, the photographers responsible for capturing some of the history making moment said the tokyo olympi
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>> taking a live picture in tokyo. this is simply a crossing and they are 16 hours ahead of us. so just about almost 1 o'clock in the afternoon on saturday. they're in tokyo. generation from now people will be looking back at pictures from these olympic games and wonder why are there any fans in the stands or they will remember all too well. but the job of catching those seems goes to the credential photographers covering each sport. >> jack doles has the story of one of them.
8:55 pm
>> what a game is on the line. you need somebody who's willing to take the big shot. gregory shamus is that guy for getty images in tokyo. it's a bucket list. i haven't covered olympics kill the shooting. every single basketball game. it's the site, thomas super arena, 4 games a day. i think for the first 16 day, gregory estimates. he'll take between 1506,000 pictures again. and he's usually operating about 5 different cameras. we're setting up remotes and were were composing frames are always looking to. given olympic flair. if we it's not always. but. >> sometimes it's a happy mistake and i'll be running through a frame and you'll have the rings perfectly behind them just as it is for the players crunch time adds a layer of pressure to his job yes, if the game is one point game inside of a yeah. the
8:56 pm
anxiety starts to build a little bit. but seamus has been doing this for a long time. so he knows how to work the big events golf tournaments ncaa tournaments. nba playoffs. he's been around the block a time or 2. i built a pretty good at a pretty good formula. there's there's definitely techniqfe to it. you're not just flying by see your feel pretty comfortable with my strategy going into that situation. his action shots are top of the line clear crisp beautifully framed. but that's not the shot a year and 4 on this assignment. you know, great action is good. but when you can get tears or joy, you know, with that olympic rings in the that's that's one you're kind of looking for in tokyo. i'm jack doles. and that wraps up kron 4 news 8 o'clock. our primetime news continues at the top of the hour with justine waltman and
8:57 pm
vicki liviakis. yeah. thank you catherine. thank you. can here's what we're working on for proper news at 9. the delta variant has is going backwards now in our fight against covid. and now the cdc is releasing new details about how just how transmissible this new variant is, what our country's health leaders are saying tonight and the rise in the delta variant is also leading to a rise in hospitalizations. >> how bay area hospitals are handling this recent surge in patients. those stories and a lot more co
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when >> fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at time. new evidence suggests that the delta variant is as contagious as the chicken pox and may be more dangerous than other versions of the coronavirus. >> officials also saying the breakthrough infections when vaccinated people still get the virus. maybe as transmissible as those in unvaccinated people. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm justine waldman in for grant lotus tonight and now this is all stemming from an internal report from the cdc. >> we'll get the latest now from reporter allison harris. >> the delta variant spreads like chicken pox that's the new information the cdc has on just how contagious this new variant is scientists saying it's even more transmissible than the common cold or ebola. we need more people to get vaccinated. >> that's if we want to stop the spread of this variant


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