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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 29, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when foreign tine from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at i just really folks to. >> hopefully start normalizing the idea of getting a vaccine of asking for one instead of it being such an outlier kind of a thing. for some reason it's controversial. >> yeah. more bars and restaurants all across the bay area requiring customers to be vaccinated earlier this week, hundreds of bars in san francisco came together to support the idea of showing proof of vaccination or leased a negative covid-19 for entry. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm justine waldman in for grant lotus tonight. now this new vaccination plan is catching on with business owners in the south bay. >> kron four's. dan thorn live for us now in san jose. he joins us with more. a bar there that's adopting these new roles. how's it going down.
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>> well, just vicki, the owner of the have a dasher bar here in san jose says that he is doing the proof of vaccination requirement for his customers in order to keep everyone safe, including his staff. the pandemic is not over as the delta variant continues to infect people all across the bay area and the owner says that this decision is not political and he's hoping that more businesses get on board with this idea. as the delta variant drives covid-19 cases up bars and restaurants are taking more steps to stop the spread have a dasher and san jose will not only be looking for your id but also your proof of vaccination. for some reason it's controversial. i. >> i don't understand why wait is what politics have to be involved with this. just feel smarter to protect ourselves as much as you can bar owner cash, poor and says the space within a speakeasy is a big part of his decision. but more importantly, he wants his staff and customers to feel safe. the response to the
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vaccination requirement has been mixed. so everyone is allowed their opinions. but when it comes to something like this. your opinion does not override my ability to protect staff. unlike san francisco san jose has not had an alliance of barr's come together to check customers vaccination status. the downtown association is also not expecting such an alliance. we have members on. >> all sides of every issue. we represent about 1800 different small businesses and they all have their own opinions on we do not have a stated position on this issue. bohren says vaccines should not be political nor controversial. >> but he understands there are bars and restaurants who cannot afford to turn customers away. i really like to see more and more folks getting behind this idea so that we through this rocket ship down again not to with covid 3 or 4 years from now. how long have a dasher will be looking at customers to be showing their proof of vaccination depends on the infection rates and also. >> how many more people get
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vaccinated. the owner of the bar says that he is going to be weighing in with his staff and making sure that they feel comfortable and they'll also continue to follow the science reporting live in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news side and also in the south bay santa clara county battling a surge of covid infections related to that delta variant with the 3 county. >> owned hospital seeing new cases almost exclusively related to. unvaccinated people but as a whole, the region has the most fully of any large county in the entire country. >> so close to 70% of fully vaccinated. people in this county is about 1.3 million and counting. 85 close to 85% of our residents are vaccinated with at least one dose for numbers. you know, in the latinx community, initially were incredibly low. i'm very proud let the nose over the age of 50 are now so close to 76% fully vaccinated.
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>> infections in santa clara county tend to be among younger people. that's going to be the focus of new outreach efforts with many schools set to resume in-person classes next month. >> and ambassador program in the east. bay is extending its boots on the ground approach to educating the community about the vaccine and helping people sign up the area that they're focusing on the fruitvale neighborhood in oakland. one of the hardest hit communities by covid as kron four's taylor. but zack explains right now some people on the fence about the vaccine are now starting to make their decision. >> walking around oakland's fruitvale neighborhood you've probably seen one of these community vaccine messengers educating residents about the vaccine and reducing barriers to get the shot. all the anticipated this to be a summer program. they're now extending their efforts due to the rising delta variant cases be >> you know, the issue was the lack of access and then we into removing barriers. rinehart is part is that they are trying to come beings.
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people don't want to get vaccinated. so in you know, like a 15 minute have even vaccinated. people say yes, but enough to make an appointment and right there. their support is literally turn into a longer conversation of ok, tell me you're concerned you tell diaz is with the unity council. >> an organization that works on this program in partnership with ucsf and the la clinica de la rasa to reduce fears were hesitation of the vaccine. >> in predominantly communities of color, a lot of areas already reached 70% vaccination. >> and last time i checked the bait out for for the neighborhoods that we serve. we are still below 60 percent. and you know that those are pretty only but the no a p i hood to help people better understand the safety of the vaccine. >> ucsf doctors like alicia fernandez train the 40 some college student ambassadors go door to door answering
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questions from the community from people are concerned. >> because they're hearing that all people who've been vaccinated have break some cases of covid. and some people are saying see the vaccine doesn't work. so why should i bother to get it. and makes no sense at all. it's like saying seatbelts don't work because some people still die in car crashes. well, she felt make cars a lot safer. and yes, some people still die in car crashes. all the oakland fruitvale investors have been met by many people on the fence or unwilling to get the vaccine. >> they say their recent efforts during this rising cases have helped many. they uk decisions to protect themselves against the virus. we're going continue to that the work until we know. >> everyone in our community is vaccinated. we know that the communities with sir. you know, low income immigrant communities or color are very vulnerable to the effects of of the pandemic until her bus
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actually reporting kron 4 news, the biden administration has announced new requirements for federal workers. those who do not verify being fully vaccinated. >> will be subject to universal masking have to get covid tested weekly physically distance from other employees and the subject. 2 restrictions on official travel. the guidelines are aimed at boosting vaccination rates. among the millions of americans who draw federal paychecks and the set an example for private employers all around the country. because of the delta variant the centers for disease control and prevention acknowledge tonight. it needs to change the attack in the war against covid-19. >> the washington post obtained an internal document from the cdc warning that the variant apparently causes more severe infections than earlier variants. and it can spread just as easily as chicken pox. it also cites unpublished data showing people who have been vaccinated can spread the delta variant just like
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unvaccinated people documents says that the cc knows it must now change its messaging. the director of the cdc reportedly shared some of the data in a private briefing with members of congress today. as us some health officials are recommending that vaccinated. people wear masks indoors. the cdc is also suggesting vaccinated. people get tested. >> if you've been exposed to covid kron four's. gayle ong spoke to an infectious disease expert from ucsf to get more details on this tonight. good evening, gayle. >> good evening just seen and vicki, the highly transmissible delta variant is believed to be leading to surge in covid cases in bay area counties. that's why health experts are urging people not to let your guard down. >> the more people who are infectious, the more people are walking around with infection, the more likely you are to come into contact with someone was infectious and the and the more likely it is that that will will be seeing breakthrough cases ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor george rutherford says
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he is already hearing about an apparent increase in testing. >> in the wake of the covid breakthrough cases driven by the delta variant was talking to somebody today who was down at in the mission and its. so there's a long line of people. yeah, i do want to get tested. most of whom are vaccinated already. they've been exposed and where. >> and we're worried san francisco covid testing data shows a drop in testing since january and a slight increase as of july 21st the city closed, the main testing site on the embarcadero in june after seeing a drop in cases and more people getting the vaccine at this time. the city is focusing on neighborhoods with the high covid positivity rate. meanwhile, data in santa clara county shows an increase in testing county public health officials say they plan to expand the fairgrounds testing location to 7 days a week starting july 31st in contra, costa county public health officials say there are many appointments available for testing every day and may make changes in the future. if demand changes other bay area counties have kept existing testing sites open.
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>> meantime, doctor rutherford says following health guidelines will help rule out breakthrough cases where masks if you're in indoor public spaces. >> and 2, if you if you have a known exposure. >> get tested with 3 to 5 days after that explosion. >> doctor about the for dads. if you develop covid symptoms, you should get tested regardless of vaccination status in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news, thank you, gayle. los angeles and sacramento counties have started requiring everyone wear masks when they're indoors. >> so far. san francisco stop short of doing the same. but it could be right around the corner. first and kerman reports tonight. >> we anticipate that if we do absolutely nothing and we continue down this path. we can be assured that at least 300 people will die within a short time period. a dire prediction from san francisco mayor london breed about the need to protect city residents from the covid-19 delta variant.
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>> that's why city leaders are now considering requiring everyone vaccinated or not to wear masks indoors. >> yes, we are looking at mask mandate for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. yes, we are looking at mandatory vaccines for folks who are not necessarily just city employees. we're looking at those with the city attorney's office. now, as soon as we have the details of what we are able to do. we will do them if mandated san francisco would join less than a handful of other california counties. >> which have turned to federal and state masking recommendation into a requirement. >> i think it's unfortunate that we need to move back to masking. but looking at the numbers and how incredibly aggressive this delta variant seems to be in terms of transmission capability. we are very supportive of that laurie thomas is executive director of the golden gate restaurant association. >> she says a survey of its members last week found 66% of
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those responding supportive of an indoor mask mandate despite the fact that many restaurants are now just getting back up on their feet. >> we want to keep our restaurants open. we want to keep, but the capacity levels we are. and if this can help maybe cut back the surge than what we've we've been supportive of it. no details on when the city will decide whether or not to impose a mask mandate. probably a good idea to keep one of these with you just in case that happens in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. meanwhile, san mateo county is not considering a mandate for masks or social distancing, at least at this time. this is according to a tweet from the county today. the health department does continue to recommend masking for everyone indoors. >> regardless of vaccination status and urges everyone to get vaccinated foster city is the latest city to require everybody to wear face coverings indoors. the city's masking requirement. it goes into effect today and only
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applies to city operated facilities. the announcement is meant to align with recent federal and regional health recommendations that have recommended better not yet required masking when going into most indoor public spaces, san mateo county implemented a similar masking requirement little earlier this week for everyone entering a county facility. and for more on covid vaccinations mask guidelines and the latest covid numbers just scan this qr code. it's on your screen. there will take it to kron 4 dot coms page. that is dedicated to pandemic information for you. >> well, most of california is now considered to be in extreme drought conditions will take a look at last week's map first. that's this one right here from the week of july. 19th. you'll see there's still a lot of red here, but there are some spots, especially down the bottom in orange and red. so this was last week. now this is the latest data that came out this morning that dark red showing everywhere is an exceptional drought, including most parts of the bay area and
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now there's a new poll out showing drought and the water supply is the top environmental concern for most california voters. kron four's. ashley zavala explains how state leaders are now responding. >> this latest survey coming from the public policy institute of california. nearly 2 thirds of likely voters say water supplies a big problem in their part of the state. i'm heartened that californians recognize drought. >> as a real challenge that all of us need to contend with california natural resources, secretary wade pro foot reacting to a new ppi. see a poll showing drought and water supply is the top environmental concern r likely california voters. governor newsom has taken some executive action putting 50 of california's 58 counties under a drought related emergency proclamation into the governor this week said the state is eyeing all water storage groundwater repleleleshment water, recycling storm, water capture. >> we're looking at can jump to view strategies. we're
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looking across the spectrum of fission season. we are i'm mindful of different approaches. >> in an effort to save water for now, state leaders are requesting californians decrease their typical water use by 15%. but california secretary of natural resources says future limits on water use are a possibility. we're confident that california is going to step up and reduce their water usage. >> but we're also clear that we can stick our head in the sand. if the if the drought onrsists and conditions were sent the notion of mandatory restrictions for a wider swath of california will definitely need to be on the table. >> administration officials have said lessons learned from the last drought has helped equip state agencies and communities for this one up for new has navigated route before. >> now a gated challenging wildfire seasons in and you energy challenges like we're facing. and so, you know, we will continue to. enable communities to prosper in california is to live their but increasingly, we just need to work together to get through this challenging
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period. >> state leaders set aside 5 billion dollars to address california's water issues in this year's state budget. some of that money will go toward communities that need immediate improvements to the r water systems this summer in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> it's time now to talk about our 4 zone forecast as take a live look outside over a fog out downtown san francisco beat. it is summer in the city coffers. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look. >> yeah, guys that fog out there. we've been talking about the drought, the certainly the concerns about that. but this may be a longer term issue. the lot of people really want to maybe even take a look at right now. so we've got to be concerned not only just the drought for now, but maybe this is something a little bit longer than none of us have experienced before. this coulde something that we're talking about, a mega drought may be something more likely seen in the years. 800 to about 400, 1400 as some of those drowns during that period lasted between a 100 and over 200 years we've got records of that from some of the trees that we've seen in
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just up above talk whole so that could certainly be a problem with that is the case. that will be a major issue with water ahead. right now. ca you can see this not only affecting california but the western half of the u.s.. so we'll keep our eyes on that for you right now. there doesn't seem to be much in the way of rainfall coming our way. but that's not unusual for this time of year. but that the old ridge of high pressure just sitting over the 4 corners baking in sunshine bring in that excessive evaporating, all the moisture from the atmosphere. more fires breaking out everywhere. e st kind of a mess out thth right now. as far as we're concerned. but hopefully we get back into things a little bit early in the rain season. that's a long way to go. so we have the monsoon kicng up that did bring some showers outside thunderstorms over the sierra nevada. the bay area. just seeing some of the fog and low clouds. but like numerous thunderstorms really ripping across the sierra nevada. this afternoon. we're watching out for the possibility some flash flooding up there likely to see that happen again by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures for tomorrow. yeah. kind of a normal day out there. you can see 60's along the coastline. 70's 80's inside the bay and some 90's
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in the valleys. i prefer to look at just the short. yes, in the long run yeah. keep looking, though. we'll find some good news for us. >> we have some more sad news sthis out of san francisco, co-founder of glide church. janice america ta nea has died light memorial church announcing today y at she passed away this morning with friends and family by her side. she was married to glide pastor and co-founder reference. cecil williams mirka connie was well known activist in the tenderloin in their work really touched many in the community and clyde church. janice merken tani was 80 years old. san francisco mayor london breed releasing a statement this afternoon that reads in part through her work at glide memorial along with her husband, the reverend cecil williams. she served our most vulnerable residents for decades and provided a place of refuge in love for all she was bounlistener energy and
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her devotion to the city into her fellow san franciscans. my heart goes out to her friends and family, especially to see some. she was loved and will never be forgotten. >> state leaders joined san francisco city leaders today to support the jewish community and raise public awareness about rising anti semitism and hate in san francisco. this is following a string of violent antisemitic hate crimes. an increase in anti-semitic incidents. san francisco mayor london breed and several other officials spoke at congregation manual l discussing the rise in hate crimes, especially during the pandemic state attorney general rob bonti spoke as well. he says that there is no place for hate in california. >> there's no place for in california or anywhere town. period full stop. end of story. and it's not welcome. it's not acceptable. and we cannot accept the unacceptable. i'm saddened in this moment. the jewish
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american community does not feel safe and does not feel secure. and i will do my part. to change that. you know, it was mentioned. this is personal to me. this is personal to me. >> members of various communities, not just the jewish community were in attendance to show their support. mayor breed says the challenges of racism and hate will not divide san francisco and san francisco city leaders also announced today a special fund that is now there to help small businesses in chinatown deal with a recent rash in ada lawsuits. mayor london breed says chinatown merchants are being targeted by a southern california law firm representing several plaintiffs. the funding will help business owners offset costs associated with defending against these cases. the city is also providing a total of $550,000 to help businesses comply with ada rules. >> at a time when you have so many businesses that are actually struggling who are barely beginning to start to
9:21 pm
season business comeback. that's a funding challenge that many cannot afford. and so when we heard about this, we really want to start to pull folks together in my role as administrator, of course, i had the mayor's office of disability. that is within our shot that we're very interested in continuing to pull together the resources within our cities organizations. the department of building inspection department aging services just to make sure that we are covering the things is we're talking through what some of our options would >> city leaders are chollet calling on chinatown merchants who may have received any rs are ada lawsuits to come forward. they say the funding is key to preventing businesses from shutting down. >> tonight. we're learning more about the lawsuit filed by victims and after the tragic gilroy garlic festival shooting. according to court documents century, arms llc. the gun manufacturer of the weapon used in that shooting has been added to the list of defendants that also includes the city of gilroy festival.
9:22 pm
organizers and the private security firm hired that weekend. the lawsuit was first filed back in november of 2019. and just last week, the santa clara county superior court granted approval to amend the complaint and add century arms as a defendant. 3 people were killed in that shooting. 17 others injured yesterday marked 2 years since the tragedy. >> having trouble finding parking don't do with this driver did how they got their car. triple parked and school districts are preparing for students to return to campus safely. details on the safety measures put in place to prevent the spread of covid-19. >> plus another wild sighting in a bay area neighborhood let you know where the latest coyote was just bought. it.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start
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to learn more, visit coyote walking around a south san francisco neighborhood this morning. there's the guy up there. they sent in this video and said that this was the second sighting this week in her neighborhood near tear she says she's not sure, though, if it's the same one and wildlife officials say if you come across a coyote, you're supposed to shout throw something in their direction. don't run away and definitely don't give them any food. but there's the coyote getting off there on out to the east bay richmond police stumbled upon something we don't see all that often. they're calling
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this a triple park situation. this is that the kaiser hospital parking garage in richmond this morning and police say a woman she accidentally accelerated the car in drive instead of going in reverse and that caused her car to fall on to the parking floor below and by taking a look at this took a little while to get all the cars towed and get where they needed to be. but no one was seriously hurt. >> kaiser and the oakland community are working to get students vaccinated ahead of the start of school. what resources will be available this weekend and supply chain experts now saying higher toy prices and shortages could hamper the holiday shopping season. plus pulling off on heading back into the office could affect more than just one business. businesses employees. how small businesses in the south bay are reacting to tech companies opting to work from home a little while longer.
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>> for many school districts here in the bay area. the new school year starts in just a couple weeks. coming up fast as kron four's haaziq madyun reports, though some of the safety measures that were put in place for the summer session and prevent the spread of covid-19. going to carry over into the new school year. >> over 5,000 students across 13 campuses attended the summer school session in san jose's east side union high school district. >> and then how many transmissions are outbreaks of covid-19. did you have we had
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0. >> and the associate superintendent of educational services teresa marquez says the east side union high school district will keep the same mitigation measures in place with the new school year set to begin in a couple of sticking with the mask usage for our students and our staff that really allowed us to any transmission or spread of covid to the to the fact that we had 0 we had its hand santizers across all of our classrooms. >> all our common areas. we also had a cleaning schedule for custodians where they were able to go across to clean the restrooms more frequent basis. >> although san ramon valley unified school district's summer session experienced 2 cases of covid-19 superintendent john malloy explains why they intend to follow the same covid-19 prevention protocols when students return for the new school year. so we serve
9:31 pm
approximately 4,000 students in our summer program here in the san ramon valley unified school district. >> and we followed all of the requirements of public health. i think the most important requirement is the masking a mask mandate will also be in place in the east side union high school district in san jose. >> and they'll be adding covid-19 testing on campus as well. we already currently have it for our staff. they're able to get tested on a weekly basis across all of our school site in a district that is as it will be looking to implement that as well for students. so we were required to test last year and we did. >> this year. it's not a requirement, but we are presently reviewing that to see what might be helpful at this point. a final decision hasn't been made has kron 4 news kaiser is partnering with bb memorial cathedral to get students ready for in-person learning children. 12 to 17 years old. they can receive
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free. >> covid-19 vaccine to and school supplies in downtown oakland on saturday. this part of a program that will be held at bb memorial cathedral on telegraph avenue from 10:00am to 03:00pm. anyone aged 12 and older who received the shot will also be eligible for a $25 target gift card. they'll also provide pfizer and johnson and johnson vaccines. many business districts across the bay area will remain quiet for a little bit longer. major tech companies, including twitter and facebook just announced that they're going to keep their employees at home. >> until at least the fall citing concerns over the delta variant today kron force. charles clifford spoke with a restaurant owner who says the delay is yet another blow to his business. >> as many of the larger businesses around the bay area like apple and google decide to delay the return of employees to their offices. that is having a trickle down effect on businesses like restaurants that rely on those customers ashes and brews restaurant and bar sits along cherry avenue in san bruno
9:33 pm
before the pandemic. the restaurant would see a steady flow of people for breakfast, lunch and dinner coming from the youtube and walmart office buildings that are literally across the street now those offices are empty and the restaurant has been struggling to survive. word that google which owns youtube has delayed the return of employees to the office is unwelcome news to owner danny bhutto's. it's not good because we've been struggling all this time and we're going to continue struggling too. >> make ends meet bhutto says that on top of the lack of customers. he has had a hard time finding workers. the price of food has gone up in some cases doubling and delivery truck sometimes arrive without the things he ordered. he's now working 20 hours a day to keep things going and it's taking a toll i thank god for my residential housing in the back of the restaurant. they're the ones that are supporting us and they're there for us. and that's why we're here who chose hopes that the youtube and walmart customers will return soon despite the challenges he's vowing to keep
9:34 pm
going i mean, not be the last soldier here, but i'll be standing and i'll keep the doors open. google has said it hopes to have employees return to the office is starting in october. but for now in san bruno, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> the number of americans collecting unemployment benefits live last week. another sign that the job market continues to recover. jobless claims dropped by 24,000 meeting that they were down to 400,000 last week. that's according to the labor department, the weekly applications have fallen steadily this year from a peak of 900, 4,000 in early january. but they remain high by historic standards before pandemic shutdowns in march 2020 claims were coming in at about 220,000 a week. >> toys and games are going to cost more this hasbro's expected to boost its prices in the fall. one analyst says that the increase will probably be in the single digits. reporter tom has reaction from tor rather toy
9:35 pm
store owners who say that this is news that just didn't want to hear. so here. our orders that were placed. >> months ago. >> and toy stores are still waiting. not just here but around the world. i was spanked out from this. >> i'm not getting merchandise son. i'm not getting anything. it's a mess. it's a total total mess. >> but why with the holiday shopping season still 4 months away. well, this is why a global supply and shipping backlog caused by the pandemic. twenty-twenty was bad 2021 promises to be brutal. the advice for parents shop early this year. and if you see something and you like it by its. >> and you believe we're even talking about christmas. well, retail analysts say we need to if we want to put anything under the tree this year. remember the container ship stuck in the suez canal it slow down shipping worldwide.
9:36 pm
think of that, then add a shortage of plastics being used to make syringes instead of toys. fewer dockworkers one container ships finally get to their destinations and those containers are getting really pricey. the spot rate for a 40 footer from shanghai to la is creeping closer to 10 grand 229% higher than a year ago. that caused gets passed on to the toy store and guess who they'll pass it on to the companies are now telling us that when you do get your new shipments in the prices of going to be astronomical. >> we don't even know the to go from 10, 2030%, higher. >> and that was tom negovan reporting for us tonight. >> well, that nice fog rolling on shore right now getting a little damp along the coastline. going to check out your bay area forecast the weekend. coming up to and are you a kindergartner in the kitchen might be time to learn a little something about the
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truffle shuffle. what one bay area food startup company is doing to turn microwave cooks in the master chefs in their own homes and in sports, we have more on the warriors. 2 lottery picks in the nba draft sports director jason dumas is here. he has reaction from both players. coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> well, if the night we've all been waiting for the warriors entered the draft with 2 lottery picks. one at 7, one at 14 and they ended up keeping and using them both at 7 they took this why do it in the arm. shoot suit. john. i think coming to his he spent last year playing for the g league ignite have a bit of a project, but he's just using with potential. he averaged about 18 7 in the g league last year at 14, the warriors selected moses moody. he came in tonight. all black out some bling around his neck feeling himself a little bit. he went to the university of arkansas moody the 6, 6, guard he loves to run the floor. he defend at a high level. great off the catch and shoot, but it will be able to guard at the nba level next year. we have we've chatted with both moody and come and go as soon as they got picked. let's hear from the newest warriors. >> phone stays as a team. it's a good team. and just maybe a
9:41 pm
select angola state. i feel the perfect for me and i'm really excited to be a part of it lacking get in and have a have a good place with the team that they have now really contribute as soon as possible. but i'm willing to wait develop as much as they need to. the giants wrapped up their three-game series against the dodgers today. brandon crawford. >> back up the i l and first at bat. he doubles down the left-field line. welcome back. beecroft 2 runs come in to score and they grab an early 2. nothing lead. now, how about johnny cueto has been up and down all year long. but today he was up here. you get max muncy swinging. felt that breeze from here. max. he would throw five-plus innings of shutout ball 5 strikeouts 6 ending. the giants. get out of a jam. 2 people were all with the bases loaded. i'm sorry, not to bases loaded guys where 5 is it they take 2 of 3 from
9:42 pm
the dodgers. they have the houston astros coming to town. that series starts tomorrow. day 2 of practice for the niners and one of the biggest storylines will be like bosa and the progress of his knee. he's regaining form slowly but surely the 2019 defensive rookie of the year says his goal is to be ready by week one. meanwhile, on the other side of the ball. trey lance, the rookie quarterback still learning how to be a pro and part of that entails fielding annoying questions about his relationship with jimmy g. we heard from both tray and they today. >> i'm really happy with where i'm at coming out actually. happy that i thought of like i was still some stuff, but since i've been out here, it's it's responded. amazing. we're going io take it slow. but. i'm very encouraged. >> feel like, you are more comfortable. definitely now
9:43 pm
that that i did or no you know, anytime you, you go through something and learn it and then get to take some time when kind of, you know, really learned about myself now coming through and doing it again for, you know, really learned the 3rd time through help the time announced time. you know, i can so the relationship my teammates i have now feel more comfortable here and feel more comfortable asked questions. >> all right. that's your look at sports. we'll still waiting to hear from warriors gm bob myers. hopefully we'll have that sound for you at 10. all right. he we'll see after the break.
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retail to restaurants. people had to do a little shuffling to stay alive during the pandemic lockdown. did they ever so tonight on dine and dish. we're actually going to do that. >> truffle shuffle. actually, it's the name of the bay area, food startup that caught the attention of tv shark tank and is now making its way on your screen and into your kitchen. >> welcome to truffle shuffle. and tonight show starring a shift tucker in how everybody doing today. >> it's a whole to cooking demo via zoom sam mckinney is one of the founders of truffle shuffle. i invited into my kitchen and showed up in for i try to make it look for the highly trained and pedigreed. sarah, it's all about the truffle truffle salt trouble. honey, you name it, though. i'm gonna put a little bit of the bodies truffle salt. there. that's what fill in the first place. so you know, but then came the pandemic and restaurants closed and store.
9:47 pm
stop buying. they panic fellow founders found themselves sitting on truffles and running out of cash. so they shuffled and change their tune to teach those of us stuck at home, how to make a high end. a meal caught the attention shark cage. and mark, if put his weight behind right on it. i'm so excited. i did a deal now truffle shuffle ships out kitchen kits with virtual team or years guys having musical guest being able to use. so we sound effects and d j brings it down to a level makes us feel very personal. and just. >> and then the end result looks everyone get to the end successful in being able to do things like cook the perfect steak or make the perfect unbroken hollandaise sauce every kid that sold portions go to the alameda food bank. the goal not so much to teach microwave cooks like >> but the creative million in
9:48 pm
their own homes. one tantalizing the truffle bite at a to go take exam francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> they're having way too much fun. you know, we are always looking for great places to dine in order to take out in your neighborhood. you can use the camera on your phone. here to scan. this qr code will take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to feature. i love the dj. now there's new data showing that a huntington beach restaurant that has defied covid-19 guidelines accepted money from the government's covid-19 assistance program. >> according to a small business administration's loan database. the so-called posse vino has accepted more than $57,000 in paycheck protection program funds. the federal government offered the assistance as a lifeline to small businesses during the pandemic to help cover payroll costs recently. the restaurant put up signs in its windows, reading, quote, proof of being unvaccinated required. an employee says they're not
9:49 pm
actually checking customers vaccine status. the sign is more of a symbolic defiance against health orders. your 4 zone forecast as we take a live look over the bay bridge toll plaza. our meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look ahead towards friday and the can't wait for that weekend. guys. looks it's going to be a nice one, too, although going to see some changes. >> as we head into the weekend, some fog and low clouds working their way back on shore right now. we're going to see a little bit more of that. it's tomorrow morning. that's kind of a compressed layer of fog and that means it's not going to be able to squeeze way all the way to the interior valleys to see it along the coastline. and just inside the bay and some local spots inland. but that fog pretty dances. your approach. san francisco right now. >> it is kind of moving in temperatures today, little bit below the average in san francisco at 66 degrees. 74 in oakland today. 82 degrees in san jose and warm. they got hot in some of the valley's 96 in livermore 95 degrees in concord and well, just about the average and 84 in santa
9:50 pm
rosa, the monsoon continuing out there, but not for the bay area. just a couple of passing high clouds that was it the fog kind of big story here is that moved along the coastline. but numerous thunderstorms firing up again over the sierra nevada low cloud deck and go to stretch back on shore tonight. but again, that is compressed or the surface. so with that sea breeze moving well on shore not to be able to make its way over the coastal hills into the east bay. so, yeah, we're going to start out a lot of sunshine least inland for tomorrow on the coastline. a different story. 57 of fog. now in pacifica 67 degrees in san mateo currently 83 and warm still in concord. 78 in livermore, 70 in pittsburgh 61 in a bottle and 55 degrees in petaluma tomorrow. we've got to make sure sunshine and some fog in the san francisco 63 oakland about 70 to 2 degrees and sunny and nice settles 85 sunny and warm by the afternoon. well, we're going to do with that monsoon here until we get rid of that ridge of high pressure. so i think as we get into saturday that monsoonal cloud cover rolls back in the bay area. keep
9:51 pm
things a little muggy. little humid at times. and then the pattern begins to change a bit. i think next week in fact, the long-range pattern, i think looking cooler than normal as we get in the first part of august maybe to about the middle of the month. these temperatures will start to cool down somewhat numbers around the bay or tomorrow. 66 and temperatures go about 65 degrees in daly city. 63 in half moon bay 78 degrees in burlingame. as you work your way down the peninsula's temperatures warming up in the 70's and the 80's and getting close to 90 degrees in morgan hill by tomorrow afternoon. maybe a size 95 in livermore about 95 in walnut creek 93 and a 70 enrichment 84 degrees in the should 79 in the napa valley back toward the coastline. we're keeping in the 60's with that patchy fog about 86 degrees in nevado. so next few days. i think we'll see tomorrow. very similar to today and then weekend weekend. i think that muggy cloud cover moves back in. you see some of the monsoon, then temperatures may cool down just a tad. but i think long way forecast as we get into august. i think maybe cooler than normal temperatures which
9:52 pm
will be certainly a nice sight to see would be a good see have got some happy thoughts. thanks for that laurel some okay. now look at some freakish a large funnel shaped cloud. this is in western ohio funnel clouds often precede the formation of a tornado. >> and this one came amid tornado warnings from the national weather service. a tornado was later confirmed via radar in ohio's jefferson county there. albert ramon has more on the severe midwest weather. >> severe thunderstorms moved through the midwest overnight spawning tornadoes causing widespread damage in leaving thousands without power. the national weather service in milwaukee confirmed 3 tornadoes touched down west of milwaukee bringing down power lines. trees in causing structural damage. wisconsin governor tony evers has declared a state of emergency due to the storms. arizona is expecting more rain and the threat of flooding as another monsoon pattern moves in the
9:53 pm
next several days. authorities are stressing to keep away from floodwaters. >> this after search and rescue volunteers found the body of missing 16 year-old. >> faith more last night who was swept away nearly a week ago. and that was albert ramon reporting for us tonight. american gymnast compete in the all around competition without simone biles. details without simone biles. details on the stunning results. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price.
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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>> actor will smith plays the real life father of venus and serena williams and a new warner brothers movie should be interesting. movie is inspired by the true story of richard williams. take a look. >> i want to check on we've got a future doctors lawyers. plus a couple tennis in this house, the chances of achieving that kind of success that you're talking about it's just very, very unlikely that you made a mistake. but i would like to make it. >> football. all right. the time in ames. i'm so what you think. >> okay. the new film shows how he took his daughters from compton to the world. tennis stage. venus and serena williams are executive producers on the project comes out november. we have some olympic results. so if you don't want to hea3 him now is your chance to turn down the volume but don't to miss out
9:57 pm
team usa continues to dominate the world all around gymnastics, even without miles 18 year-old american gymnast is sunisa. did i get that right to neely suni lee. i guess or formal name is so nice to anyone city. lee is how we know she took home the gold lee is the 5th consecutive american woman to do so in the all around competition in the 3rd woman of color to do so. biles and her teammates watched lee perform from the stands biles, of course, withdrew from the competition will earlier this week to take care of her mental health. dominating the sport americans. yeah. cool. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 kron. news at 10 will start at the top of the hour with can rain ken wayne and catherine heenan. i'm amazed by the gym. this. >> how they flip around and then land on the beam that elise, you know, is talking about that. she's a mom. maung it that i think they're from cambodia area and the hmong people really help the americans during the vietnam
9:58 pm
war. >> and that's why there's so many of them now here in california has more. hmong americans than any other state she's from minnesota, but yeah, so as fascinating story and first-time mom american to win a medal for proud over. yes, we are. thanks. good information right. i talk too much. sometimes. >> all right. here's what we're working on that as covid cases surge in the bay area. the demand for testing is once again going up as well. what one bay area county is doing to try to meet the demand and hundreds of bars and san francisco will now ask for your vaccination card. >> before you can go inside. we're going to ask bar owners in the south bay. if their customers can expect a similar policy any time soon. those policy any time soon. those stories and more coming up on after my car accident, policy any time soon. those stories and more coming up on i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm,
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