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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 29, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> most california now considered to be in extreme drought conditions. take a look at this map are both mask soaring over both of them. but this right here, this is last week's drought monitor. >> a lot of red, but still some spots of yellow and orange. but yeah, a lot of red on the side. yes. so here's the latest data. this is coming out this morning that dark red that is showing everywhere. that's exceptional drought conditions including most of the bay area. a new poll is showing the drought and the water supply is the top environmental concern for most california voters. kron four's. ashley zavala explains how state leaders are now responding. >> this latest survey coming from the public policy institute of california.
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nearly 2 thirds of likely voters say water supplies a big problem in their part of the state. i'm heartened that california is recognized drought. >> as a real challenge that all of us need to contend with california natural resources, secretary wade pro foot reacting to a new ppi. see a poll showing drought and water supply is the top environmental concern for likely california voters. governor newsom has taken some executive action putting 50 of california's 58 counties under a drought related emergency proclamation into the governor this week said the state is eyeing all water storage strategies are also looking to groundwater replenishment water, recycling storm, water capture. >> we're looking at can jump to view strategies. we're looking across the spectrum of fission season. we are i'm mindful of different approaches. >> in an effort to save water for now, state leaders are requesting california decrease their typical water use by 15%. but california secretary of natural resources says future limits on water use are
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a possibility. we're confident that california is going to step up and reduce their water usage. >> but we're also clear that we can stick our head in the sand. if the if the drought persists in conditions were sent the notion of mandatory restrictions for a wider swath of california will definitely need to be on the table. >> administration officials have said lessons learned from the last drought has helped equip state agencies and communities for this one for new has navigated route before. >> now a gated challenging wildfire seasons in and you energy challenges like we're facing. and so, you know, we will continue to. enable communities to prosper in california is to live their lives. but increasingly, we just need to work together to get through this challenging period. >> state leaders set aside 5 billion dollars to address california's water issues in this year's state budget. some of that money will go toward communities that need immediate improvements to their water systems this summer in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4
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>> let's talk about our weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside from our mount tam cam. little bit of fog out there quite a spread in temperatures across the area like to see the most the rest of the state is pretty hot and pretty dry chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now. >> you know, off camera we were talking about how we're in a very unusual. >> we are i mean, we may be looking back to something that we've never experienced or anybody that we've known have ever experience may be something they had back in the years. 800 to about 1400 ad. the medieval warm period. that's when they experience an exceptional war period in europe, in europe. flourished. but the western half of the united states. that's what we have droughts as long as a 100 and even 200 years or more can you imagine? so right now this what we're looking at only a drought in california, but along the western half the united otates look at all those colors. they are not good. extreme. an exceptional drought across a good part of the western half the u.s. right now. right now not getting any better. we've got a huge dome of high pressure
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overhead with a ridge like that sending any chance of any significant rain. well to the north. the exception you get some of that monsoon kind of didn't wind in all that circulation. and so you get some periods where you get some brief downpours in isolated locations. and of course, we've got the fires already burning already because of some of those lightning out there now kind of in a straight shot to see the low clouds begin to creep in. back on shore tonight into san francisco. up toward the golden gate bridge. it is very gray. that hours now disappearing under some of that dense fog out there as well. and that far really kind of locked in along the coastline. but the sierra still very, very active with some of those thunderstorms outside this evening. look at all the lightning strikes just pummeling the mountain tops there. in got a flash flood watch is up in the areas in red. well, we've got a couple warnings there. one to the north in looking at some flash flooding with maybe one to 2 inches already on the ground and one little further south in madera county as we're seeing those strong thunderstorms moving through there and some very heavy rainfall expected to see maybe another one to 2 inches. so a
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dangerous conditions there. the flooding continuing out there. but out west. we go along the coastline. fog low clouds begin all ready to move back on shore. more on the way. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. a team of ambassadors is now patrolling oakland's chinatown doing everything from cleaning the streets to helping the police de escalate situations. program is run by the nonprofit family. bridges. the ambassadors power wash the sidewalks. they clean litter from the streets, remove graffiti. >> and provide services to the homeless community and people who may be in crisis. >> but we don't just focus on the work that we do. we keep y ears and eyes open just in case there's a cry for help or any kind of disturbances. and we hear that we always try to, you know, being, for example. sometimes of folks come through with episodes and we hear that see what the end of bench will need and is used a simple thing as food or water. it will help provide that is in the back of my truck. we have food and water running.
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things like that are easy to deal with. >> well, bless these ambassadors, organizers say that they're currently in just the pilot phase of the ambassador program that currently serve downtown chinatown. but they do hope to expand to the surrounding neighborhood where it's much needed. >> new data shows huntington beach restaurant that has defied covid-19 guidelines accepted money from the government's covid-19 assistance program. according to a small business administration's loan database. the silicones pasta e vino has accepted more than $57,000 in paycheck protection program funds. the federal government offered that assistance as a lifeline to small businesses during the pandemic to help cover payroll costs recently. the restaurant put up signs in its windows, reading, quote, proof of being unvaccinated required. an employee says they're not actually checking customers vaccine status. the sign is
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more of a symbolic defiance against health orders. california's of eviction ban is in effect until the end of september. but nationwide, the biden administration will allow the federal ban on evictions to expire saturday. the white house says its hands are tied after the supreme court ruled the measure could only be extended until the end of the month. the moratorium was put in place last september by the cdc president biden is calling on congress to extend the eviction moratorium. and president joe biden made a big announcement today and it involves of federal guidelines for federal employees. yeah. this is the latest effort to drive vaccination numbers up. >> but for as washington correspondent basil john joins us now live with more on the president's announcement. basil. >> well, just vicki, good evening. the president says the government needs pull out all the stops or to boost those vaccination rates.
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>> we have the tools prevent this new wave of covid. from shutting down or business. our schools. our side on vaccinations president joe biden and the administration once the federal government to set an example for the rest of the country. every federal government employee will be asked test to their vaccination status. this is really helpful. way to ensure a safe workplace for employees thursday. the president announced federal employees must show proof they received a coronavirus vaccine or wear masks at work and undergo regular testing. the president must do everything. >> he can to ensure that that the administration and federal workers are protected and doing their part to tamp down this pandemic. us surgeon general vivek murthy says this could influence other companies to establish similar policies. you will see likely more of these decisions made by private institutions. and i think it's all part of. >> the steps. folks are taking to help reduce the spread a covid-19 and get us through this pandemic.
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>> but republicans like pennsylvania congressman scott perry says the biden administration is abusing its power. president biden's talking about mandates for vaccination for federal employees and contractors are watching speaker pelosi. what happens here because they know what happens here. it's going to come to their homes. the white house and the president emphasized that this is not the vaccination mandate. >> and those who are opposed to getting vaccinated will not face the risk of termination reporting live in washington. i'm basil john. >> thank you so much. and coming up, there's a lot to do in malibu and a lot more than just hitting the beach. all the spots. you should explore. that's coming up in this week's destination california. and we are looking live right now at tokyo and currently we can see some americans with some shiny new medals a few local this have the latest on team usa is wins. you ever had a hard time finding a parking
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themselves a predicament like this driver in the east bay accidentally hit the gas while trying to park yesterday morning. this is at the kaiser permanente medical center parking garage in richmond. the driver accidentally put the suv in drive instead of reverse and it ended up tilted on 2 wheels and then partially
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resting on a sedan. it's seemingly is double or triple parked between 2 cars as police called it on social media. no one was injured. but the damage there has been done hey, the picks are coming in. the warriors have the 7th pick the warriors have the 7th pick in this year's nba dr ♪ ♪ ♪ the warriors have the 7th pick in this year's nba dr ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> our olympic update. excuse
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all choked up over the goal that the team usa got in women's gymnastics and covid cases putting a damper on the game's earlier today, i spoke with kron four's olympic correspondent andrew marden. he's in tokyo. >> to see how the games are going. the coronavirus continues to plague the summer olympic games. kron four's andrew martin joins us now from tokyo. >> so, andrew, what's the case count as of today. >> well, it's up to 3800 per day here in tokyo. justine for the 3rd day in a row record setting numbers in tokyo. but those numbers are for the city of tokyo. not necessarily for the olympics, although there were 3 athletes who tested positive for the coronavirus yesterday, including an american pole vaulter sam kendricks. the world champion and a bronze medalist from 2016. so he has been sent home. first in isolation and then on his way home back to the united states. but yet the city of tokyo continues to deal with these case surges.
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>> so is there any effect on the upcoming competitions with the pandemic. >> thankfully no organizers have done a really good job of isolating everybody in what they're calling the olympic bubble and i'm included in that as well. we have been tested so many times justine 96 hours before it left the country almost 2 weeks ago. then 72 hours before a left the country. when i arrived in japan, i had another covid test at the airport before they let you go through customs the first 3 days we were here daily saliva tests. it's even more rigorous for the athletes they are tested every single day and 6 hours before competition. so they want to make sure that the athletes village in particular, they're calling it the most tested and safest place in the world. more than 300,000 tests. also that again, more than 300,000 tests of covid-19 have been administered in the athletes village. >> that's a lot. let's talk now about suni lee shoes. the
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new star for us gymnastics now a gold medal winner. how is she handling the spotlight. >> what a performance justine and she came into these games expecting to contend for silver because simone biles was the overwhelming favorite in the all around. but with simone biles withdrawing from the team competition and then declining to participate in the individual all around that opened the door for sunni lee and we knew that she was a favorite to win gold as soon as simone biles bout out what a performance on the uneven bars. she was fantastic on the floor in the final rotation. 18 year-old sunni lee, as you said, she's not quite the face of usa gymnastics that is still simone biles but she's only 18 years old. so we'll be seeing a lot of her in the next several years. and speaking of simone biles, will we see her compete again. this olympic games. that's the million-dollar question right now. justine, we did see her in the crowd last night supporting team usa and specifically suni lee and jade
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carey, the one who took simone biles place when she bowed out simone biles qualified and all of the individual events next week. and so it's totally up to her at this point if she will compete. but obviously us we want to see her compete because she is so great at what she does. but we understand that she's dealing with something right now that is bigger than just sports. so i wish i had the answer to that question will find out a few days. i'm sure. justine we will be watching kron four's. andrew marden for us in tokyo. thank you so much. >> and right now the nba draft is underway and the warriors have some big decisions on their hands. do they ever the dubs have 2 picks tonight and they have just made the 7th overall selection in the 2021 draft. our sports reporter kylen mills live for us at chase with who the next warrior. well, let us know. they >> okay. ladies. yes, very exciting news this pick just came in literally moments ago.
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the warriors have selected jonathan from democratic republic of congo to be there. next warrior. he was the 7th overall selection in tonight's nba draft. and that's not the last we'll hear from the warriors. however, coming, though, was a guy who was projected to go right around 7. so not a huge shock. this is who i saw the warriors picking on. he is a versatile defender. he's a power forward or small forward at 6 foot 6, 2, 100, 10 pounds. he's actually from the democratic republic of congo. like i mention move to the u.s. in 2016 just to play basketball. now he is a familiar face for anyone around the bay area who might follow the g league. he just finished up his first g league season with the nba ignite the g league ignite which place just down the road in walnut creek. so he's already familiar with the bay area, which is a great thing to see. he averaged 15.8 points per game and 7 rebounds per game with the ignite. so really had a successful season. we saw a lot of athleticism from him. he's a
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guy that actually kron 4. we've been following our sports director jason to moss has been covering him and showing a number of his highlights throughout the g league season because we knew that he has a lot of star power. however, it still remains to be seen whether both these picks will end up to be warriors. the warriors have been shopping their draft picks ahead of this week and it still is not set in stone that any of them could become we know that the words organization has been looking to pick up a veteran who could possibly come in and make an immediate impact that would fit in with the timeline of steph curry, klay thompson and draymond green still playing together because they are starting to get up there in age and they're looking for a guy to make an immediate impact. however, coming up may need a little bit of development but definitely has the athletic assets to be successful in the nba the warriors to have another pick coming up at number 14 and we will have an update for you coming up at 6 o'clock and in sports. we'll be hearing from those picks. we were just talking about and from warriors gm bob myers. for
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the rich and the famous com home. but there's something for everybody in this coastal city. mark mester takes us there in this week's destination, california. >> from views to shopping to hitting the beach. malibu is one of california's quintessential cities. let's start with hiking. there are dozens of trails to enjoy it. some are in the santa monica mountains. others are right along the coast. either way, you'll get breathtaking views. the pacific ocean and plenty of opportunities to take the perfect selfie. if shopping is your thing. check out malibu country mart their world renown stores along with restaurants and delhi's to grab a bite. >> as you can imagine eating a malibu can get pricey. that's why i'm here to country kitchen. i was rather direct this before heading to the beach. >> from zuma beach to paradise
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cove. there are plenty of places to put down at how along pacific coast highway. but for many surfrider beach provides the most fun with opportunities to catch raise and world class waves. you could rent boards just across the street or take a lesson up the point that aspect surf academy. >> actually only ages 6 to 14, but i'm around all year long for private surplus remember the beaches for everybody. but do your part to protect it. pick up some trash and leave it in a better condition than you found it respect the locals and have a good time. i'm mark mester in malibu for destination, california. >> very inviting. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. we have a lot more head during kron 4 news at 6 o'clock catherine heenan and ken wayne are here. >> with a look at what's coming up. >> thank you, justine and since the state is now requiring masks for everybody. despite vaccination status, lot of people now wondering if a mandate is find out where
5:57 pm
bay area counties stand right now on requiring masks against a presidential push to get vaccinated against the dangerous delta variant. >> president biden's bold plan to boost vaccination numbers in combat. climbing case numbers. i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan. the news at 6. coming up next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6.
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>> delta variant is very, very deadly. >> now it's 6 o'clock, san francisco is typically pretty much first out of the gate when it comes to more restrictive rules too. protect people from covid, but that is not the case with the return of masking requirements. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne los angeles yellow. and just today sacramento counties have all started requiring everyone to wear masks when they're indoors. >> san francisco has stopped short of instituting that requirement. but now a new mask mandate for san francisco could be just around the corner and kron four's dan kerman who is live in the city and has more on this. dan. >> that's right. the mayor is already talking about. it's kind of getting people ready for what might be coming speaking about it today during the signing of the budget. >> we have to think about what is happening with


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