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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> a big increase in vaccinations for california just in the last day, governor newsom tweeting that more than 100,000 californians got their shot yesterday on average right now. california is administering about 66,000 shots per day. governor newsome says this marks the most shots given in a day over the past 3 weeks. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waldman in for grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the latest numbers from the state show 62% of eligible people are now
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fully vaccinated and almost 10% are still waiting to get their second shot. so that means almost 30% of the eligible population has yet to roll up their sleeves to get a vaccine. but health officials say they're seeing significant progress in the rate of vaccination. yeah. that's the good news in the south bay. santa clara county now has the most fully vaccinated. people of any large county in the entire nation. our first has details now on that he is live from santa clara county for us. >> that's right. vicki santa clara county. now closing in on having 78% of its residents fully vaccinated and there's also significant progress report and getting the vaccine out to those neighborhoods, especially hard hit by the virus. let's take a look. >> like most other parts of the bay area. santa clara county is battling a surge of infection related to the covid-19 delta variant the 3 county own hospitals are seeing new cases almost
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exclusively related to unvaccinated people. but on the upside. officials here say that among counties with at least 1.5 million people santa clara county is the most fully vaccinated people in the entire country says seal luna rate. we're at. >> so close to 70% of fully vaccinated. people in this county is about 1.3 million and counting. 85 close to 85% of our residents are vaccinated with at least one dose doctor luna tributes. the high numbers too aggressive ongoing vaccination outreach efforts. >> significant progress has been made to vaccinate people in parts of the san jose and other communities hardest hit by the virus are numbers. you know, in the latinx community, initially were incredibly low. i'm very proud let the nose over the age of 50 are now so close to 76% fully vaccinated. this is really testament to our commitment to communities of east side. and of course, to the many, many people that have worked alongside our
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teens. the new case rate here is about 10%. again, mostly among the unvaccinated who tend to be younger people. that's going to be the focus of a new outreach efforts going forward to try and minimize the inevitable outbreaks that might occur with many schools set to resume in-person classes next month. very proud that we will be other story road off a king in story starting next week. i'm offering both testing and vaccination and we continue our at overfelt high school are happy he said union school district really came through for a son because of that where we have the numbers that we do. meanwhile, santa clara is expected to get to require all 22,000 county employees to be vaccinated. no formal announcement has come out just yet. but i am told that the policy and how this will all work out is expected to be announced soon. >> live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank
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you so much. rob and starting today, no covid shot, no shots at the bar. hundreds of bars in san francisco will require either a proof of vaccination. >> or a negative covid-19 test from customers. bar owners say they're doing this to protect their employees and their families. however, bars will allow people without a vaccine card or a test for salt to sit outside. it is up to each bar on how we will ask customers for proof that could mean seeing a physical or digital copy of your vaccine record. >> developing now israel is about to become the first country with the western covid-19 vaccines to offer a booster shot. israel's prime minister announced that the country would offer a 3rd shot to people over 60 who have already been vaccinated. that decision came at a time of rising infections and concerns of the vaccine's efficacy dwindles over time. but it's not yet proven if that 3rd dose helps. >> exposed to covid. well, you
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better get tested. the cdc now says anyone who has potentially been exposed should get tested even if they're fully vaccinated this new guidance goes against the cdc's previous recommendation for testing. it had suggested that fully vaccinated. people only needed to be tested if they were showing symptoms. now, this is coming as the cdc's new data showing most of the u.s. should be wearing masks indoors under current guidelines. right now. nearly 70% of counties in the country are experiencing high or substantial risk of infection. yeah, that includes all of the bay area, the counties with the worst transmission. those are the ones in the bright red there. >> san francisco solano contra costa alameda, they're all considered to have high levels of transmission, at least right now. it's not much better if you're in the orange, which includes more and napa sonoma san mateo and santa clara counties. they're all experiencing substantial levels of transmission, san francisco, you know, was typically the first out of the
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gate when it comes to more, you know, restrictive rules protect people from covid-19. but that's not been the case with the return of masking requirements, la yolo. and just today sacramento county have started requiring everybody to wear masks when they're indoors. san francisco has stopped short of starting a requirement but a mask mandate for san francisco could be right around the corner. kron four's dan kerman live for us now in the city with more. >> on this. this is taking us in the wrong direction. well, the mayor is talking about it right now and she is kind of laying the groundwork for the fact that the city might impose a mask mandate. >> she talked about it today while signing the budget. >> we anticipate that if we do absolutely nothing and we continue down this path. we can be assured that at least 300 people will die within a short time period. a dire prediction from san francisco mayor london breed about the need to protect city residents
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from the covid-19 delta variant. >> that's why city leaders are now considering requiring everyone vaccinated or not to wear masks indoors. >> yes, we are looking at mask mandate for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. yes, we are looking at mandatory vaccines for folks who are not necessarily just city employees. we're looking at those with the city attorney's office. now, as soon as we have the details of what we are able to do. >> we will do them if mandated san francisco would join less than a handful of other california counties which have turned to federal and state masking recommendation into a requirement. >> i think it's unfortunate that we need to move back to masking. but looking at the numbers and how incredibly aggressive this delta variant seems to be in terms of transmission capability. we are very supportive of that laurie thomas is executive director of the golden gate
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restaurant association. >> she says a survey of its members last week found 66% of those responding supportive of an indoor mask mandate despite the fact that many restaurants are now just getting back up on their feet. >> we want to keep our restaurants open. we want to keep that the capacity levels we are. and if this can help maybe cut back the surge than what we've we've been supportive of it. >> no word on when the city will make a decision about a mask mandate, but probably a good idea to keep one of these in hand just in case live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news, thank you so much, dan. and we checked in with the 8 other bay area counties and at this time all are following federal and state guidelines are recommending everyone wear a mask indoors. >> while all county say they're monitoring the data and none are quite ready just yet to require masking for all. >> on the peninsula. foster city is the latest city to require everyone to wear face
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coverings indoors. the city's masking requirement goes into effect today and only applies to city operated facilities announcement is meant to align with recent federal and regional health recommendations that have recommended but not yet required masking when going into most indoor public spaces. some tail county implemented a similar masking requirement earlier this week for everyone entering a county facility and for many school districts here in the bay area. the new school year starts in just a couple of weeks as our kron four's haaziq madyun reports tonight some of the safety measures put in place for the summer session to prevent the spread of covid-19 will actually carry over into the new school year. >> over 5,000 students across 13 campuses attended the summer school session in san jose's east side union high school district. >> and then how many transmissions are outbreaks of covid-19. did you have we had 0. >> and the associate superintendent of educational
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services teresa marquez says the east side union high school district will keep the same mitigation measures in place with the new school year set to begin in a couple of sticking with the mask usage for our students and our staff that really allowed us to any kind transmission or spread of covid to the to the fact that we had 0 we had us. >> and santizers across all of our classrooms of crosse, all our common areas. we also had a cleaning schedule for custodians where they were able to go across to clean the restrooms. i know more frequent basis. >> although san ramon valley unified school district's summer session experienced 2 cases of covid-19 superintendent john malloy explains why they intend to follow the same covid-19 prevention protocols when students return for the new school year. so we serve approximately 4,000 students in our summer program here in the san ramon valley unified
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school district. >> and we followed all of the requirements of public health. i think the most important requirement is the masking a mask mandate will also be in place in the east side union high school district in san jose. >> and they'll be adding covid-19 testing on campus as well. we already currently have it for our staff. they're able to get tested on a weekly basis across all of our school site in a district is it will be looking to implement that as well for students that we were required to test last year and we did. >> this year. it's not a requirement, but we are presently reviewing that to see what might be helpful at this point. a final decision hasn't been made has kron 4 news. >> some sad news for san francisco tonight. co-founder of glide church and former san francisco poet laureate. janice, america tiny has died. glide memorial church announced today that your cut tiny passed away this morning with friends and family by her
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side. she was married to glide, pastor and co-founder reverend cecil williams. tony was a well known activist in the tenderloin and her work touched many in the community and a glide church. janice, america tani was 80 years old. francisco mayor london breed releasing a statement this afternoon that reads in part through her work at glide memorial church along with her husband, the reverend cecil williams. she served our most vulnerable residents for decades and provided a place of refuge in low for all she was bound listener energy and in her devotion to the city and to her fellow san franciscans. my heart goes out to friends and family, especially to cecil she was loved and will never be forgotten. >> coming up, holding off on heading back into the office could affect more than just one business employees. how small businesses in the south. they are reacting to tech companies. opting to work from home a little bit longer.
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>> plus the president's next steps in fighting the pandemic, how he hopes to encourage more americans to get vaccinated. >> meteorologist laura kona, lots of sunshine for most of their that fog is already starting to move. back in, though, where it's headed. though, where it's headed. we'll tell you coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ though, where it's headed. we'll tell you coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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quality advisory is in effect due to the smoke coming from the wildfires. placer county officials issued that order of
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right on through tomorrow the smoke hovered over sacramento on wednesday before brees. you know, push it into the el dorado hills for some of the residents. the poor air quality brought back memories of summers past when smoke filled the skies for weeks on end. >> i think last season was so bad because it is so constant that it just you know, let me with some headaches and other, you know, issues. but i think what it being the way it is right now. it's really not. >> as terrible as what we're used to. >> so far. the flames from the dixie fire had destroyed 54 buildings were burning. more than 221,000 acres. the fire is still 23% contained. multiple evacuation orders and warnings remain in place at this hour. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and near the california nevada border crews are still working to contain the tamarack fire. it has been burning for nearly a month now after being sparked by a
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lightning strike. >> up in alpine county. a mandatory evacuations are in place for dozens of community. still more than 68,000 acres have been burned. containment is now at 54%. right now kron 4 dot com. we have tips for fire season just scan the qr code there on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll get information on how to create defensible space speculation checklists and wildfire preparedness. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at the smoke tracker. we're still in good shape here in the bay area's. stay that way. we've been fortunate. but like you mentioned, you know, someplace placer county. you know, the winds kind of subsided yesterday. so that smoke just kind of sat down in and around the fire. now things have changed a little bit this evening. the winds start to pick up a little bit. just we'll show you. >> where it's headed coming up here. today kind of an active, they've got fog along the coastline. all of a sudden thunderstorms again, firing up over the sierra nevada not want to see. but here comes the monsoon again, up near the tamarack fire right through. they're bringing some showers.
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it was some heavier rain drops move into parts of the sierra nevada in around the quincy fire. you can see some of those raindrops, even a lightning strike. there. they may even start to develop some pyrocumulonimbus generated from some of the heat from the fire there. as you get some the monsoon continue to roll on up above now, the winds that had subsided yesterday have started to pick up a little bit today we're starting to see a little more of a westerly component to some of those wind. you see out of the west there at quincy at 12 miles an hour. 21 in susanville. so that smoke from that fire going to start to travel more in this direction. we're going to see start to wind these ways instead of making its way directly to the northeast. in fact, the computer models are starting to pick up on that track. now has some of that smoke begin to move. so so just sitting there in and around where that fire was that it started to move out just a bit begin to mix out somewhat. so here's the latest forecast on our smoke models here and they're showing you that smoke is going to start work its way. unfortunately into the reno area in further
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east into parts of central nevada. so it's going to be on the move but taking more of a westerly component. so those winds of the west and that's where it's headed as we head into the next 18 hours. so they're going to be dealing with more smoke. there. here in the bay area. no smoke to speak of just some fog and some low clouds will have more on that coming up us. thank you so much. lawrence. in san francisco city officials announced a special fund designated to help small businesses in chinatown deal with a recent rash and ada lawsuits. mayor london breed says chinatown merchants are being targeted. >> by a southern california law firm representing serial plaintiffs. the funding will help business owners offset costs associated with dealing with these cases. the city is also providing a total $550,000 to help businesses comply with ada rules. >> at a time when you have so many businesses that are actually struggling who are barely beginning to start to season business comeback. that's a funding challenge that many cannot afford. and so when we heard about this,
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we really wanted to start to pull folks together in my role as administrator course. i had the mayor's office of disability. that is within our shot that we're very interested in continuing to pull together the resources within our cities organizations. the department of building inspection department aging services just to make sure that we are covering the things is we're talking through what some of our options would >> mayor london breed and city administrators. carmen chu are calling on chinatown merchants who may have received. any demand letters are ada lawsuits to now come forward. they say funding is key to preventing businesses from shutting down. >> state officials joined san francisco city leaders today to support the jewish community and raise public awareness about rising antisemitism and hate in san francisco. this following a string of violent anti semitic hate crimes and an increase in antisemitic incidents. san francisco mayor breed and several other officials spoke at congregation of man u l discussing the rise in hate crimes, especially during the
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pandemic state attorney general rob bonta spoke as well. he says that there's no place for hate in california. there is no place for in california or anywhere any time. >> period. full stop. end of story. and it's not welcome. it's not acceptable. and we cannot accept the unacceptable. i'm saddened in this moment. the jewish american community does not feel safe and does not feel secure. and i will do my part. to change that. you know, it was mentioned. this is personal to me. this is personal to me. >> organizers say that they're currently in the pilot phase of the program. serve downtown chinatown. but hope to expand the surrounding neighborhood coming up. >> how state leaders are responding now to california is in an exceptional drought. >> and continuing to work from home could impact more the
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just the people who are in your office will explain why after the break.
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>> any business districts all across the bay area will remain quiet for a little longer. major tech companies, including twitter and facebook just announced that they're keeping their employees at home until at least fall citing concerns over the delta variant today. kron four's charles clifford spoke with a restaurant owner who says the delay is yet another blow to his business.
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>> as many of the larger businesses around the bay area like apple and google decide to delay the return of employees to their offices. that is having a trickle down effect on businesses like restaurants that rely on those customers ashes and brews restaurant and bar sits along cherry avenue in san bruno before the pandemic. the restaurant would see a steady flow of people for breakfast, lunch and dinner coming from the youtube and walmart office buildings that are literally across the street now those offices are empty and the restaurant has been struggling to survive. word that google which owns youtube has delayed the return of employees to the office is unwelcome news to owner danny bhutto's. it's not good because we've been struggling all this time and we'r going to continue struggling too. >> make ends meet bhutto says that on top of the lack of customers. he has had a hard time finding workers. the price of food has gone up in some cases doubling and delivery truck sometimes arrive without the things he ordered. he's now working 20 hours a day to keep things
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going and it's taking a toll i thank god for my residential housing in the back of the restaurant. they're the ones that are supporting us and they're there for us. and that's why we're here who chose hopes that the youtube and walmart customers will return soon despite the challenges he's vowing to keep going i mean, not be the last soldier here, but i'll be standing and i'll keep the doors open. google has said it hopes to have employees return to the office is starting in october. but for now in san bruno, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> and starting today, apple is requiring customers to wear masks, whether they're vaccinated or not. apple has encouraged its employees to get vaccinated. but it is not required at this time. apple started mandating face coverings for employees earlier this month. and now masks are required for all customers at more than half of its 270 us stores. >> awesome that they that because, you know, a lot of people vaccinated yet and
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those people that are and should be vaccinated for is not to at least that's another way to keep others safe. and i think it's smart for apple to do that and their customers and their >> now we checked the apple web site and it appears that all of the bay area locations are requiring masks for everyone. >> nexus evening on the news at 5 california's drought conditions continue to deteriorate. how state officials are responding to the latest data plus another push to vaccinate americans. president biden's plan to get more shots in arms as the delta variant surges. an it's draft day. the warriors getting ready to make their
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>> most california now considered to be in extreme drought conditions. take a look at this map are both mask soaring over both of them. but this right here, this is last week's drought monitor. >> a lot of red, but still some spots of yellow and orange. but yeah, a lot of red on the side. yes. so here's the latest data. this is coming out this morning that dark red that is showing everywhere. that's exceptional drought conditions including most of the bay area. a new poll is showing the drought and the water supply is the top environmental concern for most california voters. kron four's. ashley zavala explains how state leaders are now responding. >> this latest survey coming from the public policy institute


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