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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 28, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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to our
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wildfire coverage right now and governors from california nevada today toward devastation from the tamarack fire. that fire began here in california and then burned into western nevada. >> fire officials are saying that is now 59% contained as crews make slow and steady
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progress force. ashley zavala explains the urgent message right now from both governors. >> after touring the devastation here in gardnerville, nevada, california governor gavin newsome and nevada governor steve sisolak have a plea to the federal government. and then we've got this money. >> hundreds of thousands of acres of land to predict we need more body is bodies -hat we need more support in order to be effective in doing so. what we've got has been great and we could not ask more of the men or women that have been out here fighting it. but we need more governors from nevada and california urging the biden administration to step up the country's fire fighting and preventing resources. it's not a. >> indictments, not finger pointing and it's not novel. it's not new to the biden administration. even the previous administration. >> we just have framework that has to be thrown out. governor sisolak and governor newsome taking in the destruction from the tamarack fire. >> which is so far destroyed dozens of structures and forced thousands to flee standing in front of flattened, homes and twisted steel. the governor's noted this fire started on federal
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land in california and scorched into nevada. sisolak said the u.s. forest service is understaffed and under resourced and has been for years, which may have contributed to the spires condition. >> this one didn't start. is that big of situation and unfortunate was priortize down because they thought it was going to be this bad if we didn't have enough resources we could knock this one out early and prevented lot newsome noting 13 states are working to put out 90 large scale fires burning across the country as the west coast rice further into a mega drought. this is very consequential. and as a consequence. >> we need to disabuse ourselves that we can continue to do. we've got. >> both governors say they will be following up on these issues and having a discussion with president joe biden's later this week in gardnerville, nevada, ashley zavala kron 4 news. we're also monitoring the dixie fire that continues to burn up in butte and plumas counties. according to cal fire. >> the flames have charred more than 217,000 acres this
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incident only 23% contained evacuation orders. they are still in place in several areas. it's now the 14th largest fire in state history. the fire was sparked 2 weeks ago today the cause is still unknown. on our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now tracking the latest on the fire conditions. >> and also the smoke too. >> yeah, boy, just a ton of that smoke. and we've been very fortunate, the bay area. but speer. we've had more of a a westerly component. winds we haven't seen any of that smoke for us in this has been going on for quite some time. this pattern set itself up and usually see during the summer months and there you go. high pressure over the 4 corner states. you see the circulation around that ridge all that stuff. moving up on the south at a northward and then over the top of that ridge of high pressure that big dome and that has kept us pretty much smoke free tamarack area. you're seeing more storms rolling through their even some lightning strikes for today. some of the rain moving the fire sections. that's where start to worry about some flash flooding in some debris flow. we were to
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get some heavy rains rolling on through right now. that's not the case. but that could toward the quincy fire. you see some of the smoke settling down early on in the canyon area. then it gets a little tough used as we get some of the monsoonal moisture kind of rolling over the top but again, most that smoke eastward towards susan ville, bringing them a lot of smoke, a wind, not as big of an issue today. it's been a little breezy in spots. but for the most part, you're talking about some winds around 6 miles an hour right now. so that's a fairly light wind. you can see kicking up to 11 there in quincy and then back to 6 again. but the winds, not all that strong around the fire. so that is some good news that will slow the progress of that fire this evening. but still those fires continuing to burn the smoke a forecast shona not much in the way of wind for the next 24 hours. that means love that smoke kind of settle in and around that area. so you got place like chester, you've got susanville, you've got quincy, you've got those areas that will be sitting there in that smoke. right now looks like this pattern. no major changes in the forecast. that smoke
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will continue to move in those directions. guys, back to you. >> thank you so much. the impact of california's drought could soon spread beyond our state's borders. the possible shutdown of hydro electric power plants like the one at lake oroville. >> would require energy energy to be shifted to us from other places within the grid that could affect the power supply that's available for about 25 million people in california, nevada and arizona. >> normal california gets about 50% of its electricity from hydroelectric power. we might get half of that about this year. just because been so dry. >> water levels are also low across the entire west and utah. the great salt lake is at a historic low level and the second largest reservoir in the u.s. lake powell on the colorado river has officially dropped to its lowest level on record. back now to our coronavirus coverage and the
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cdc is recommending people wear masks indoors. if they're living in a covid hotspot in this new guidance applies to americans who are vaccinated and unvaccinated and now those mask rules have emerged on capitol hill. proffers raquel martin joins us now live from washington. raquel, i can only imagine this decision is sparking. >> some controversy with some members. that's right. it definitely is some frustration on capitol hill coming from republicans who say these new rules are confusing and also unfair to vaccinated americans. they also argue that they don't think they'll work in the end. >> we have a crisis at our border. and we're playing footsie with mask mandates in the people's house. republicans on capitol hill are in an uproar after house speaker nancy pelosi reinstated mask school mascot once again be required in the hall of the house the about mandates, not about science. i think that's what causes a lot of problems before meeting the
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capitol physician wednesday, republican leader kevin mccarthy fly on the new rules. >> this is what people are the decision comes just a day after the cdc issued new guidance, recommending americans living in covid hotspots mascot while indoors, whether vaccinated or not, we have new science. we have a country that's full of downtown. >> delta is more transmissible virus. cdc also recommends new safety measures for kids returning to school in those indoor settings. everyone should be masked. missouri senator josh hawley says democrats are sending mixed messages and it could back fire. people will say whoa. >> so you're telling me the vaccines are really effective will and i'm not going to get one. so i think this is a mistake. but speaker pelosi wednesday is standing by. new rules to say that wearing a mask is not based on science. i think if it is not. >> and even after a meeting with the capitol physician leader mccarthy said he stands by his initial position. that
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will be dyed administration will be taking things a step for tomorrow will be requiring all federal employees to either get vaccinated or undergo regular testing. for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> all right, raquel coming up after the break, a shocking shakeup in oakland today which players now on their way to miami. and getting ready to go back to school already. yeah. well, it's time to start shopping for supplies why you might run into some shortages as you're checking off your school supply list. yeah. but you may have more money in your pocket for that school shopping when gas prices are
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>> drivers could soon get a break at the pump. unfortunately, what last long, according to gasbuddy dot com the national average gas price drop this week by about $0.3. analysts believe that because it's so well. there's an increase in oil production. you want to cash in on the lower prices. when you can, though, the demand for gas still pretty high and the prices could easily spike upwards again. here in the bay area. according to triple a the most expensive gas is in san francisco as per usual at 4 and a half bucks a gallon. the least expensive in solano county of $4 and $0.32. let's take a live look at tokyo right now as we head to break because we come back, we'll get the latest on a record
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breaking covid surge that happen
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>> the oakland a's announced a surprising trade today while they make a push to catch the houston astro's the a's and dealt left handed pitcher jesus luzardo to the miami marlins in exchange for outfielder starling marte. hey marte. hey, will be a free agent after this season. and the marlins have agreed to pay the remaining 4 million
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dollars of his salary. so he's essentially a rental picked up to bolster the a's lineup for just that. few months. meanwhile, jesus luzardo will not be a free agent hill. 2027 the 23 year-old was recently optioned down to triple a after struggling this season but is still considered a top prospect, is management says mark tate can make a real difference now. you know, not only just to give. >> us a baton in solid defense is also a dynamic got politically, you know, is is run. dynamic. he steals bases. he does everything with this is a this is a big time player. so this adds to our team right now for sure. >> the great and before their win over san diego. the a's had lost 4 in a row and fall in 6 games. back in the ale west mart. hey, is expected to be in oakland uniform for their game tomorrow. let's take a live look right now. as tokyo japan where the olympic
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games are under way despite a rise in covid cases tokyo has now exceeded 3,000 new covid cases for the first time days since the start of the olympics. the city has been under a 4th state of emergency since july 12 experts say tokyo surge is being propelled by the new more contagious delta variant. us gymnast simone biles has officially withdrawn from the individual all around competition to focus on her mental earlier today i got a chance to speak with kron four's olympic correspondent andrew marden in tokyo and biles decision to stick to step back and also to find out what's next for the u.s. gymnastics team. us gymnastics star simone biles will remain on the sidelines for another day. she withdrew from the individual all around competition to focus on her mental health. >> kron four's andrew martin joins us now from tokyo. so, andrew, this is the second competition that simone has withdrew from is there talk in tokyo that she might do this
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again for her other competitions. >> great question. justine, at this point. it's all up to some own biles. now, when she pulled out of the team competition the other day we weren't sure if she was going to compete in the all around, which is scheduled to take place here in tokyo tonight, simone biles, the defending gold medalist in the all around and she was trying to become just the first woman to win back to back olympic gold medals in this event since 1968 without her in this competition. look for sunni lead to potentially win the gold medal. but simone biles is the goat for a reason. in every single all around competition that she is enter going back to 2000, 13. she has won. so she's not competing tonight here in tokyo. the question now is as you asked, will she compete in the individual events next week. at this point. i think all signs are leaning towards. no, but only she would have the answer to that question. >> let's start with this question. how is she doing? knowing that mental health is not something we hear about
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often with athletes pulling out from games or competition. we know how she's doing. >> well. we know that she needs the rest that we know that her teammates and really everyone back in the united states is behind her usa gymnastics put out a statement that says we support simone biles. you've seen countless athletes in so many sports out there and not even just athletes celebrities business moguls. they're all coming out in support of simone biles saying, look, mental health is a real thing that needs to be addressed and we need to find ways. you know, as a society to cope with something like this. michael phelps is an analyst here in tokyo. of course he is the goat in swimming and he talked about how difficult it is to mentally train mentally prepare to be at this stage compete at this level for so many years when the pressure of the world is literally on your shoulder. so i know that's a long answer to your question. but we don't know exactly how she's doing. but the rest will definitely do
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her good. >> a lot of pressure to be under. so without some own. what would be individual all around. look like for team usa. >> well, suny lee right now is the name to watch. we know that jade carey is going to take biles place. but suni lee is the one that you want to watch for. she has the potential to win gold for team usa and on the medal count, the u.s. is now in double digits when it comes to gold medals. double digits of course, in overall medals, the u.s. has won a ton of medals in the pool in swimming. look for that to continue later today here in tokyo just seen. >> andrew martin, thank you so much. the drama continues in tokyo. >> let's take a live look outside right now from our sutro tower camera. the fog slowly coming in on this wednesday as with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here talking. >> baseball. do you know what i little too much dodger blue like you're wearing vicki yet
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to oh, boy. yeah. you're going to get the of all. i there's a big game with the bark tonight. and i did see people walking over there and they should be a great of the ballpark some partly cloudy skies game time. 6.45 temperatures will be dropping off those starting out in the 60's and probably some low 60's late in the inning and just a little bit breezy out there out of the west about 15 to 20 miles per hour. that fog is moving in. so be prepared for that. likely see some of the fog of the ballpark, at least a lot of part of the innings around the bay area for tomorrow fog early on. giving way to some sunshine but not so much along the coastline. think we're seeing more fog beginning to move in. even some of that early on across parts of the peninsula as well. but you warm things up, especially in the south bay, you're selling the hot side. some 80's and 90's there. well, in those temperatures soaring into the 90's and some of the hotspots triple digits. you make when the central valley up toward the coastline. those numbers could be the fog mainly in the 50's and the 60's guys. all
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right, lawrence, don't put off your back to school shopping for too long life could be.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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switch back from computers to classrooms. their parents may be finding back to school necessities in short supply. i had never heard anything. i see it. flores says her family just finished shopping at a big box store. i noticed that there was great for kids like younger kids. they work in the low on a lot of stuff good range. the backpacks pals supply chains across many industries are experiencing a pandemic fueled bottleneck and having trouble keeping up with the rising demands. shipments are clogging ports with a lack of workers to keep things moving this as the national retail federation predicts a record breaking back to school spending for teachers. >> gone up quite a bit because they didn't decorate their rooms last year. they didn't have anything to decorate for at least the son of gw school supply says the shortage will most likely impact backpacks. the shoes laptops and tablets which won't affect their inventory of pretty much everything else we have pencils, binders could ports basically anything for school. we have it. the sun says they're on the brink of the back to school rush were
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mostly like the week before school starts. so this next couple weeks it's going to be packed with inventory expected to be tight. shoppers are urged to avoid waiting until the last minut i recommend you get your shopping done early. >> and because everybody right now is everywhere. >> cal, you know, little blingy due those pencil cases. all kinds of decorated one's sure that the plain vanilla stuff that i remember back in the day turn of the century ot that was aj kato reporting for us. and that wraps up 4 news. the 5. we have all sorts of fun sparkly folders. and think from like that. >> no, not we're on the dirt. >> rome with class wasn't in a cave wrote on the walls. dinosaurs outside play in recess all right. thank you, guys. here's part of what we're working on for 6 to talk about a big step backwards in the pandemic.
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>> masks are being recommended again indoors. and this is for everybody and pfizer's renewing its call for a booster shot, although health experts say not so fast in welcome change to the city budget. more money will now be used to make the community more safe. we're going hear from a lifelong resident says right now violent crime is the worse she has ever seen. >> i'm and i'm catherin
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> the fact that you have meeting immunity isn't enough of a reason to, you know, justify a public health recommendation at this point. >> 6 local health professionals and infectious disease experts say a booster shot is not yet needed. at least the science doesn't suggest it yet. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan and for pam moore tonight, a new study shows that pfizer's 2 dose covid vaccine does remain affective after 6 months. >> but not as strongly as first thought. now pfizer is again recommending a booster shot. however, medical experts say that at this point studies do not indicate the booster is needed. >> kron four's dan kerman live for a cent at ucsf with more. dan. officials say what? >>


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