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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 28, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3 today marks 2 years since a gunman opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival. how the community is honoring the victims. and new masking measures amid the surge of covid-19 cases in the state. health officials are now recommending everyone wear masks indoors once again and tracking your triple digit heat for warm. it's inland valleys in the east bay and north bay. >> find out how long these warm and hot temperatures are going to stick around in the bay area stick around properties at 3 starts right now. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> don't know if we will ever proper. i know that out of that tragic day. it's it's a pri. the park. this community was born. >> now it's 3 a community coming together. the city of gilroy marking 2 years since the tragic deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waltman. 3 innocent lives were taken on this day 2 years ago when the gunman opened fire kron four's charles clifford shows us how the city of gilroy is coming together today to honor the victims memories. >> it has been 2 years since a gunman cut through a fence and opened fire on a crowd of people during a concert at the gilroy garlic festival. 3 people were killed and 17 were wounded. the gunman ultimately took his own life. since then, the city of gilroy has constructed a memorial to honor the victims of that shooting. on wednesday, the mayor vice mayor and members of the community laid flowers
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at the memorial which is dedicated to 6 year-old stephen romero, 13 year-old kayla salazar and 25 year-old trevor irby. now this tragedy has had a big impact not only on the people who were here that day, but also on the entire community at the small service held today. the police chief and the mayor thanked everyone in the community for pulling together we the countless acts of heroism by members of our community. >> place himself in harm's way. in. we thank you for the acts of kindness and mistreated during the ensuing days. >> thank you to the entirety of the bill were community. we're helping each other. consoling each strengthening each other, listening to each other and a fall. all praying for each other. there. but for the grace of god. are we here? >> now the gilroy garlic festival was canceled last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. it is being held this year. albeit
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and a scaled down way. it is mainly a drive-thru event. you have to buy tickets online. it was held last weekend. very successful and they're doing it friday and saturday and sunday. this upcoming weekend again, you can go online and buy tickets. but for now in gilroy, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> and happening tonight, the city of gilroy is hosting a remembrance vigil for the garlic festival shooting victims. this event starts at 04:45am tonight at the gilroy strong resiliency center on monterey road. we will have a live report from the vigil starting during kron 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight. and now to our pandemic coverage of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the country yet again. take a look at this map from the cdc. it shows where covid is spreading the most red shows the highest level of covid transmission orange, which applies to us here in california shows substantial levels. yellow is moderate transmission levels. and you can see most of the cases where the red is that's in the south. let's take a closer
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look now at the cdc's map for here in the bay area of the 9 counties, 4 of them here are in the red level that solano contra, costa alameda and san francisco. 5 counties are in the orange substantial tier. and california is also recommending people mask-up again, the department of public health made the announcement today citing that more than 90% of californians are living in areas of substantial or high transmission rates. state is aligning with the cdc recommending everyone. indoors where masks despite your vaccination status. we found out today that google will require all workers to be vaccinated before they return to the office in the announcement today. the company also pushed back the date forward workers to return in-person work, all because of the spread of the delta variant of that return date is now some time in mid october. google is rolling out a new policy that will eventually require everyone to be
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vaccinated once their campuses are fully reopened. the company's decision to extend its remote work follows a similar move made by apple, which recently announced a delay and bringing workers back until october. but google is the first private company to impose a vaccine requirement. and in san francisco, mayor london breed says the city will not hire anyone who is not vaccinated that new policy starts today. all 35,000 current city employees are also required to get the shot but not until the fda grants full approval of a covid vaccine currently the pfizer moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines early approved for emergency use. we'll go now to the south bay where the south is largest school district may be the first in the bay area to announce a policy requiring teachers get vaccinated kron four's. rob fladeboe explains this new policy for us. he's live in san jose. good afternoon, rob. >> good afternoon, justine the
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policy. a pretty straightforward the message to teachers and staff get vaccinated or get tested. and don't forget to bring your mask to school. here's more. >> always quiet now here at willow glen high and dozens of other schools in the san jose unified school district. but when school starts on august 18th teachers and staff. we'll start be vaccinated or be subject to testing. suze district spokesperson. jennifer maddox. so we want to make sure that if we do have the virus up here in our schools which is going to happen at some point. >> that we find it as quickly as possible and don't allow it to spread throughout the school because the last thing we want to do once we get all of our kids back in person is have to close a school again, the district says about 90% of its 1400 teachers are already vaccinated. a small number are exempt for health or religious reasons. a system will be in place by the first day of school to test unvaccinated teachers and staff twice a week. we've been testing our employees since april last
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year. all employees have had to do surveillance testing at least once a month up to this point. >> we're now changing starting in august 2. if you're vaccinated, you no longer need to do surveillance testing. if you're not, then you need to move. you need to bump up to twice weekly for the testing. >> now it's less clear what percentage of the district 27,000 students have been vaccinated as a result. the district is also mandating that masks be worn with a few exceptions for p e and lunch both inside and outside of school buildings live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news and you can scan this qr code on your screen right now to get more on vaccines. mask guidelines in the latest covid numbers that qr code will take you right to kron. 4 dot coms page. >> that dedicated to pandemic information. governor newsom long with nevada's governor toured devastated areas from the tamarack fire today that fire began in california has burned into western nevada. fire officials say it is now
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59% contained as crews make slow and steady progress. kron four's. ashley zavala explains the urgent message that came from both governors today. >> after touring the devastation here in gardnerville, nevada, california governor gavin newsome and nevada governor steve sisolak have a plea to the federal government. we've got this money. >> hundreds of thousands of acres of land to predict we need more body is bodies that we need more support in order to be effective in doing so. what we've got has been great and we could not ask more of the men or women that have been out here fighting it. but we need more governors from nevada and california urging the biden administration to step up the country's fire fighting and preventing resources. it's not a. >> indictments, not finger pointing and it's not novel. it's not new to the biden administration. even the previous administration. >> we just have framework that has to be thrown out. governor sisolak and governor newsome taking in the destruction from the tamarack fire. >> which is so far destroyed dozens of structures and forced thousands to flee standing in front of flattened, homes and twisted
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steel. the governor's noted this fire started on federal land in california and scorched into nevada. sisolak said the u.s. forest service is understaffed and under resourced and has been for years, which may have contributed to the spires condition. >> this one didn't start. is that big of situation and unfortunate was priortize down because they thought it was going to be this bad. if we to have enough resources, we couldn't knock this one out early and prevented live just average newsome noting 13 states are working to put out 90 large scale fires burning across the country as the west coast rice further into a mega drought. this is very consequential. and as a consequence. >> we need to disabuse ourselves that we can continue to do. we've got. >> both governors say they will be following up on these issues and having a discussion with president joe biden's later this week in gardnerville, nevada, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> happening today. cal iso has issued a statewide flex alert urging everyone across the bay area to conserve
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power. this is says today's hot temperatures could lead to power disruptions and rolling blackouts. the power alert starts at 4 o'clock. so about 50 minutes from now and then it last until 9 o'clock tonight and everyone is encouraged to conserve energy and avoid using any major appliances during that time again from 49. let's talk about our weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside here in san francisco. there's quite tower. it's warm in the city. no fog here is we're not getting any that natural cool down right now. but to find out exactly how hot it is. we'll check in with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. we see some 90's out there already. yeah. and near triple digit heat as well. just in, livermore 97 degrees conquer not that far behind. >> currently in the mid 90's. so we're going to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average for warmest inland valleys in the east bay and north bay. pretty seasonable temperatures though, along the coast and east bay shoreline. >> thanks to that cool sea breeze influence right about where we should be for this time of year. mid 60's for
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downtown san francisco low 70's for oakland in hayward. and check out san jose in the low 80's. but it's our innermost valleys. the warmest ones. for those of you in solano county no surprise there near that triple digit heat 99 degrees right now with nevado in the mid 90's. thanks to those offshore winds. so these are these northerly winds also known as diablo winds. the wind direction. north to south. so that's why you're significantly warmer than those of you in santa rosa. let's take a look at radar for out there right now. we are tracking, though, that marine layer right along the coast and that's helping to keep our temperatures on the mild to average side away from the coastline, though, hot temperatures inland. but let's take a look at radar for right now. sierra tracking pop up thunderstorms. that's going to remain in effect for the next several days, but for us here in the bay area still tracking warm conditions inland. details ahead on how long it's going to last in just a few minutes. just in. back to you.
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thank you so mh of race and 're st getti started re on kron. 4 news at 3 o'o'lock today. comi up, the search is on for this north bay man. >> who was caught on camera vandalizing an art installation by police are calling this a hate crime. plus the pandemic may be putting a dent in your back to school shopping. why it may be a good idea. stock up on your supplies early. and after the break, we'll head to oakland where city officials have approved a new budget that hopes to tackle oakland sideshow and 91
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today.
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>> in the east bay public safety just got a financial boost from oakland city leaders who just amended the city's budget budget. one oakland city council member tells kron four's has minute how this new funding will be used to help keep people they're safe. >> and for former at the oakland city council approves amendments to the recently adopted city budget. these changes are aimed at increasing public safety in east oakland. we have about 4.5 million dollars of additional investments that came through these amendment, the majority of which are impacting. >> oakland city councilmember lauren taylor breaks down the specific security enhancements that are now on the way to his district. we are investing in walking patrols officers to walk the commercial corridors. we have investors into
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security cameras to help make those corridors safe. we also have investments in 2 traffic safety. so improving intersections by improving he means of deterring sideshows in east oakland. those participating side chains like to have a nice smooth scared when they're doing donuts were disrupting that we have more crimes. we have more shootings. >> we have more homicides here. but then the same time, we have less officers. >> that is about to change as the new budget will expedite police 911, response times in that part of town. >> there are investments pd to increase the availability of officers in the overtime for them during. >> peak period. haaziq kron 4 news. >> 3 this afterioon as this man here. look familiar because police in mill valley are searching for the suspect seen in this video vandalizing an art installation. it tampa high last week police say the
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suspect targeted to art murals and spray painted the words spray painted over the words equity and black lives matter. the department is investigating this as a hate crime. anyone with information is asked to call mill valley police. it has now been 2 months since an 84 year-old grandmother went missing in san francisco. jean fung was last seen around the safeway in the city's marina district after chp officers dropped her off. there she was last seen wearing a red or pink puffy jacket. a purple sweater brown pants, black boots and a red beanie fung has a home in the richmond district that because of her age and possible medical conditions. she's considered to be at risk flyers have gone up all over the city and also in parts of sausalito and marine city. fung does not speak english. so if you see her call police and crime for has reached out as apd for an update on this case. when we get one, we'll give it to you again. she's been missing now for 2 months.
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also in san francisco as the attacks against members of the asian american and pacific islander community are on the rise. the city's supervisor, catherine stefani proposes now to rename a street in the anza vista neighborhood after an elderly asian man who died after being violently shoved to the ground in january, the street is tenure lane and this is the video of that violent attack sun or lane is located just south of geary boulevard and east of masonic avenue. stephanie suggested naming it after the victim beach-front town of the incident happened on january 28th and 2 men have now been charged for attacking the 84 year-old and leaving him on the ground with life threatening injuries. he died 2 days later. stephanie said that people should not have to fear the unthinkable when they walk on city streets. we'll switch gears right now and talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside for mount tam cam. that's up in marine county, not too foggy in mill valley at the moment that we
3:19 pm
can see. there it is going over the bay. it's a hit and parts of san francisco. right now. pretty warm out there. if you're inland, how much longer will this heat last. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with our forecast. yes. so it looks like today's going to be the hottest day of the next 7. so relieved slowly inching its way closer and you can thank the marine layer for that pretty socked in along golden gate bridge. it's going to start to extend its way inland in the coming days. but from now until then. >> mainly hanging tight along our beaches and parts of our east bay shoreline. we are going to see a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day with temperatures mid 60's for downtown san francisco, learning with triple digit heat as you make your way in london and check some more than a 30 degree difference out there right now must be bay area summer. let's take a look at futurecast for not really tracking as much drizzle, but it is going to be that increase in high cloud cover going to bring us some relief inland for hottest inland valleys with widespread
3:20 pm
low to mid-nineties expected by your thursday afternoon forecast and overnight lows tonight going to say on the mild side as well. mid 50's along our bay area coastline. upper 50's as you make your way into the east bay shoreline with the widespread low 60's as you make your way in london to the east bay and even south bay as well. antioch, though, because you're near the triple digits today only going to cool down to 69 degrees. so yeah, flirting with 70's for your overnight lows. temperatures tomorrow, though some really but not really going to feel it mid-nineties as opposed to the mid to upper 90's. we're currently in right now for warmest inland valleys, low 90's for santa rosa and nevado. but we're going to hold steady right along the coast and east bay shoreline with mid 60's to mid 70's. thanks to that sea breeze and also that marine layer that's been pretty stubborn for the last couple of days. but we are tracking, though, everyone cooling down just in time for this weekend with seasonal weather heading our way and no
3:21 pm
threat of thunderstorms. just seen. so also a plus back to you caught the next couple days. thanks to it's time for a break. here. but at 3.45 we will. >> go to tokyo to take this live look there right now. american star simone biles has withdrawn from the individual all around competition. she says to focus on her mental health. so what does that mean for team usa will be talking with our reporters. there on the ground. also back to school yet. that is right around the corner and experts are warning that we should start stocking up on school
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retire better money this afternoon. summer is slowly starting to wind down and back to school shopping is now looming for many parents just got the kid. a new backpack yesterday. >> mainly because i found out we should not be waiting much longer to get our supplies. some experts are predicting a shortage of supplies which could lead to empty shelves down the road. aj kato explains. >> as many school age children switch back from computers to classrooms. their parents may be finding back to school necessities in short supply. i had never heard anything. i see it. flores says her family just finished shopping at a big box store. i noticed that there was great for kids like younger kids. they work in the low on a lot of stumbling. good dreams. the backpacks pals supply chains across many industries are experiencing a pandemic fueled bottleneck and having trouble keeping up with the rising demands. shipments are clogging ports with a lack of workers to keep things
3:25 pm
moving this as the national retail federation predicts a record breaking back to school spending for teachers. >> gone up quite a bit because they didn't decorate their rooms last year. they didn't. have anything to decorate for at least the son of gw school supply says the shortage will most likely impact backpacks. the shoes laptops and tablets which won't affect their inventory of pretty much everything else we have pencils, binders could ports basically anything for school. we have it. the sun says they're on the brink of the back to school rush were mostly like the week before school starts. so this next couple weeks it's going to be packed with inventory expected to be tight. shoppers are urged to avoid waiting until the last minute. i recommend you get your shopping done early. >> and because everybody right now is everywhere. >> i was aj kato reporting for us this afternoon in many schools here in the bay area. will return to campus for the first time in over a year. so the contra costa county sheriff's office is putting together some safety reminders
3:26 pm
first, if your kids walk to school, remind them to only cross at crosswalks in the streets. never in between cars if your kids are riding bikes or scooters to school. don't forget their helmets. and also they suggest bright clothing. and as for drivers, a reminder that you must stop when a bus has its red lights flashing and lalalaly always slow down around school zones and kids will be out and about during school hours again. so just a reminder to slow down, be safe. but up next year, a girls trip turned into a nightmare after a bay area teenager is attacked by a crocodile. >> we'll hear her story in just a few minutes. and tracking a stronger sea breeze for your thursday afternoon. that's going to bring some much needed relief starting to make its way into our inland valleys. details coming up in your micro climate outlook. >> and after the break, the city of antioch has approved body-worn cameras for its police officers. >> how officials say that this could help build trust and
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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3:30 pm
work. the streets in the city of antioch and all of them are being assigned body cameras. the first group to use them, activated their quick. and just before midnight tuesday, the cameras went live with the first shift. that started after the council meeting, the city council unanimously approved the police department's body and dashcam policies. the program was approved in march but the police oversight committee made up of council members worked over the past 4 months to finalize the details of their use. the police chief city attorney and committee all support the final draft, lieutenant the hills says the cameras will remain live for the entirety of an officer shift except for when they have to tend to personal matters and depending on the severity of the case recorded footage will stay in the police department's cloud system for a minimum of 3 years or forever if need be. and it's not just for the officers because it's for the district attorney to use it for attorneys to use and the 4 victims and witnesses and accused of crimes to use to so
3:31 pm
they can have some kind of. >> record of what happened when the officers come out there, the cameras are a product of a 5 year. one 0.4 million dollar contract with the manufacturer. >> mayor lamar thorpe says bringing these cameras to the city of antioch is decades overdue. this is a huge win for the city. all of these eastern contra, costa county and the bay area as well as the country because. >> people demanded police reform. we're delivering on that. the dash cameras are not expected to hit the streets until later this year. >> the city still needs time to retrofit patrol cars for their use in antioch believe all kron 4 news >> so it started out as a fun girls trip and ended up being a nightmare of a vacation for marine county teenager all had just finished dinner with her best friend on a resort in mexico when she says they decide to take a walk down the beach and within minutes, she says a crocodile attacked her, grabbing her leg and pulled
3:32 pm
her under water. she says it was at least 12 feet long and she was left there with big open wounds and cuts on her legs. jenna says she may not be able to walk for a few months because of all the nerve damage. >> it happened so quickly. i like didn't really have much emotion with i really remember was just being pulled in the first time in my friend trying to grab me, a that it was a joke, honestly. and then i was just like, yeah, right. you know, and then when i saw all the face time than i was just like, oh, my god, what is going on. and just mom instinct quickly caught the next flight out. >> canada is now recovering in a bay area hospital get well let's take a live look outside right now here along the golden gate bridge. but there is a lot of fog right now, but it's warm if not hot in some places in the bay area right now. mostly inland, a flex alert starts at 4 o'clock today. last until 9. we're being asked to conserve power and our meteorologist mabrisa
3:33 pm
rodriguez is joining us now here from the weather center with how warm it's going to be i and how long this some early heat wave is just some full blast. the kerry your card, you give a little blast of heat for a couple days. yes, some little pockets of summer, right. but still above average temperatures. >> not so much dangerous heat, but there are those spots like those of you in novato and even livermore antioch mid to upper 90's out there right now. so if you want relief head to the beach. even east bay shoreline. we're tracking cool temperatures there. thanks to that sea breeze that's going to remain in effect pretty much for the remainder of this week as well. downtown san francisco holding steady in the mid 60's. pretty seasonal temperatures there. but we are going to notice is stronger sea breeze. that's going to push some cloud cover along the coast and east bay shoreline even extending to our innermost valley. so tracking some relief there. half moon bay in the mid 60's for your thursday afternoon with low 80's from san bruno to burlingame. so we're going to see westerly winds 30 miles
3:34 pm
per hour or less. nit just along the coast but even extending into our inland valleys as well. san mateo and san carlos mid 80's low 80's. for those of you in paulo, alto with a mixture of 80's and 90's. as you make your way into the south bay cupertino and san jose mid 80's. but check out santa clara and milpitas low 90's. so we're going to be a few degrees above average. there about 5 degrees above normal. for those of you in livermore still holding steady in the mid 90's hayward mid 70's. take a look at all the 70's. for those of you throughout the east bay shoreline richmond trying to flirt with 80's. but 78 degrees. but walnut creek and conquered another toasty day with temperatures in the mid 90's mid 80's and even upper 80's for those of you in napa. but vacaville, you could warm up to a 104 degrees easily the warmest city in the bay area with 80's and 90's. for most of the north bay. but check out stinson beach, 59 degrees. but mill valley 84 degrees. so
3:35 pm
we are going to continue to see warm temperatures inland, but we will notice really finally arriving just in time for the weekend, saturday and sunday. so if you do have any outdoor plans this weekend from coastal valleys. enjoy and start planning ahead. back to you. just saying thank a zz top's longtime bases. dusty hill has died at the age of 72 and a heartfelt post on the group's facebook page. >> group members franken billy wright. we're saddened by the news today that our compound raid dusty hill has passed away in his sleep at home in houston. they also write you will be missed ego. the group did have a concert scheduled for tonight in south carolina. that has been canceled dusty as one of the founding members of zz top playing as the group's lead bass player since they launched back in 1969. we'll talk national is right now. and president joe biden now says his administration is weighing whether to require all federal employees to get
3:36 pm
vaccinated. >> consideration right now. not actually, you're not really as far as i it's those vaccine. back. >> earlier this week it was announced that health care workers with the department of veterans affairs would be required to get the shot within the next 2 months. officials say 4 employees of the department have now died from covid-19 in recent weeks. all of them. we're an vaccinated. the united kingdom is relaxing travel restrictions for fully vaccinated americans. this will start on august 2nd people from the u.s. will no longer have to quarantine upon arriving overseas. travelers will still be required to take a covid test before leaving for the u k and a pcr test up on the second day of their arrival. the white house says the u.s. has no plans to lift its travel restrictions for people coming into our country due to the rise of the delta
3:37 pm
variant. now, if you have covered california insurance, you can expect your premiums to go. up next year. state officials say premiums in the exchange will go up by just under 2% in the last year. nearly 250,000 people purchased insurance through covered california, bringing the total to one 0.6 million people. officials say the vast majority signed up since april. and they're crediting that increase enrollment to president joe biden's american rescue plan which reduces costs for some people and makes health insurance free from any others through 2022. coming up here. could it gas prices are falling. >> we'll take a look at bay area prices and what is driving this decline. plus, if you want to keep hackers away from your phone. there's a very simple thing that you can do to keep your device safe.
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drivers could soon get a break at the pump, but it's not going to last very long. according to gasbuddy dot com the national average gas price dropped this week by about $0.3. analysts believe that's because of an increase in oil production. you'll want to cash in, though. and these lower prices when you can because the demand for gas is still pretty high and that could cause prices to spike again shortly. now here in the bay area. according to triple a the most expensive gas is in san francisco at 4 and half dollars. a gallon. the least expensive is in solano county. that's at $4.32 again, that's just for regular. no surprise here. the bay area's among the worst places in the country for first time homebuyers, a ranking by wallet hub list. berkeley has the least affordable city in which to buy a home. it's followed by oakland san francisco in santa monica with la rounding out the top 5. the survey looked at 300 cities around the nation and included criteria
3:42 pm
like cost of living taxes, crime rates and quality of life. the most affordable city for first time homebuyers is in chesapeake, virginia. nowhere before we go to break, we'll take a live look at tokyo right now as we have team coverage of the. >> olympic games today after the break. the new threat athletes are facing coming from mother natu
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>> us gymnastics star simone biles will remain on the sidelines for another day. she withdrew from the individual all around competition to focus on her mental health. kron four's andrew martin joins us now from tokyo. so, andrew, this is the second competition that simone has withdrew from. >> is there talk in tokyo that she might do this again for her other competitions. >> great question. justine at this point. it's all up to some own biles. now, when she pulled out of the team competition the other day we weren't sure if she was going to compete in the all around, which is scheduled to take place here in tokyo tonight, simone biles, the defending gold medalist in the all around and she was trying to become just the first woman to win back to back olympic gold medals in this event since 1968 without her in this competition. look for sunni lead to potentially win the gold medal. but simone biles is the goat for a reason. in every single all around competition that she is enter going back to 2000, 13. she
3:46 pm
has won. so she's not competing tonight here in tokyo. the question now is as you asked, will she compete in the individual events next week. at this point. i think all signs are leaning towards. no, but only she would have the answer to that question. >> let's start with this question. how is she doing? knowing that mental health is not something we hear about often with athletes pulling out from games or competition. do we know how she's doing. >> well. we know that she needs the rest and we know that her teammates and really everyone back in the united states is behind her usa gymnastics put out a statement that says we support simone biles. you've seen countless athletes in so many sports out there and not even just athletes celebrities business moguls. they're all coming out in support of simone biles saying, look, mental health is a real thing that needs to be addressed and we need to find ways. you know, as a society to cope with something like this. michael phelps is an analyst here in tokyo. of
3:47 pm
course he is the goat in swimming and he talked about how difficult it is to mentally train mentally prepare to be at this stage compete at this level for so many years when the pressure of the world is literally on your shoulder. so i know that's a long answer to your question. but we don't know exactly how she's doing. but the rest will definitely do her good. >> a lot of pressure to be under. so without some own. what would be individual all around. look like for team usa. >> well, suny lee right now is the name to watch. we know that jade carey is going to take biles place. but suni lee is the one that you want to watch for. she has the potential to win gold for team usa and on the medal count, the u.s. is now in double digits when it comes to gold medals. double digits, of course, in overall medals, the u.s. has won a ton of medals in the pool in swimming. look for that to continue later today here in tokyo just seen. >> andrew martin, thank you so much. the drama continues in tokyo.
3:48 pm
>> athletes at the tokyo olympics are dealing with excessively high temperatures and humidity. the games are on pace to be among the hottest ever with peak temperatures averaging around 90 degrees. medical experts say that puts athletes in danger of heat stroke, especially when combined with humidity, olympic organizers have been forced to change some of n times in order to avoid having athletes compete in the heat athletes will get some relief, though as a tropical storm is bringing in so cooler weather there. they are trying stay hydrated. as we take a live look outside right now here on the peninsula there's the san mateo bridge. don't see a lot of fog here. the water looks nice and cool, though. kron meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with a closer look at our forecast for the rest of the week. yeah. no fog there in that live picture. but certainly hazy skies just in. and that's going to continue through the end of the workweek. >> due to those hot temperatures inland as well. but along the coast.
3:49 pm
>> cooler temperatures there you can carl father for that because we are tracking that fog bank out there along our beaches, better clearing at hot temperatures. as you make your way in london radar right now tracking the threat of pop-up thunderstorms right now through 9 o'clock tonight. and that's going to be the pattern. we're going to notice due to that daytime heating did see some lightning strikes earlier. so remember of you hear thunder or go indoors any pop-up thunderstorms that do form could bring gusty winds 40 miles per hour or less and pea sized hail as well. we're tracking another active day expected with severe weather. returning for those of you in this truckee mid 80's low 80's for those of you at south lake tahoe and temperatures in the low 80's all the way through friday, but then cooling down some into the mid 70's on saturday. still going to have that muggy tropical feel thanks to that monsoonal moisture. but as you make your way inland. i know some cities
3:50 pm
specifically residents in walnut creek woke up to that humidity this morning. so we're not out of the woods just yet tracking another hot day specially for inland valleys in the east bay and solano county mid-nineties to a 106 degrees will be possible for your thursday afternoon. santa rosa nevado in the low 90's. there with temperatures pretty seasonable, especially along the coast mid-sixties for half moon, bay and downtown san francisco in mid 70's throughout the east bay shoreline and taking a look ahead at your next 3 day outlook relief arriving for the 1st half the weekend continuing all weekend month. back to you. just in. thank you so much of a breeze. a new study is showing that the u.s. is dealing with a loneliness epidemic. the survey. >> center of american life found that the majority of americans have fewer friends than they did 3 decades ago. americans reported having fewer close friendships than they have in the past and that they are talking to their friends less often and that the relying less on their friends for personal support.
3:51 pm
the covid-19 lockdown is partially to blame for today's loneliness epidemic. according to the survey, nearly half of americans say they've lost touch with friends over the past 12 months. i'll be your friend. the iconic children's show arthur, which airs on pbs will come to an end after 25 years. the final season will air in winter of 2022 the show debuted in 1996 and is the longest running animated children's tv series in u.s. history. it is also one for daytime emmys for outstanding children's animated program as well as a peabody award. up next, these furry friends need a forever home. the new effort from the san francisco spca to help get the senior dogs. >> a loving home that they de
3:52 pm
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>> well, are you looking to add a furry friend to your family will maybe this might entice you take a look at all these adorable guys and gals that are up for adoption at the san francisco spca they're having a summer of love promotion right now. so all senior cats and dogs and all dogs over 30 pounds are free to adopt now through august 15th, senior animals and larger dogs often have a harder time getting adopted and the agency hopes that this promotion we'll help them find a forever home. there are a lot of cute faces on there. adoptions are by appointment only. so we have a link to the adoption agency on our website. kron 4 dot com. it's
3:55 pm
time now to check in with newsnation to see what the team there is working on for tonight. tonight on the dollar reporter retired nfl star suddenly tackled by dementia. why he blames the league for his failing health. >> and how race played a role in not getting the money. he says that news nation exclusive report tonight. now here's leland vittert with a preview of on >> thanks, joe. is state rep backed by trump lost a key seat in congress does the former president's blessing still carry weight. is this a warning sign for the gop next year. that's on balance tonight followed by news nation, prime. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here for details on our website. kron 4 dot coms 12. one final check now of the weather with mabrisa rodriguez is warm up there the flex alert starts in about 5 minutes. yeah, we can see why just mid to upper 90's for east bay valleys checkout antioch, 98 degrees.
3:56 pm
>> those of you in solano county near the triple digit mark as well. so if you are relieved just head to the beach. look at home comfortable. these temperatures are out there right now for those of you in downtown san francisco, mid 60's, low 70's for oakland. but we are seeing a 10 degree difference between santa rosa and avato even though you're both in the north bay. thanks to those northerly winds. fortunately in the teens for those of you in nevada. but just enough to warm you up in the mid 90's. so overnight lows tonight, widespread 50's and 60's and temperatures tomorrow, little change. we're still going to stay hot inland cooler temperatures along the coast. but very seasonable around the bay area shoreline mid 60's to mid 70's with mid 80's for san jose and widespread low to mid-nineties as you make your way inland with relieve finally returning from coast to valleys this weekend just in time for saturday and sunday and even continuing for the upcoming week as well. just steam. back to you. thank you so much. the news does not end here. our
3:57 pm
coverage continues at 4 o'clock. here's what's coming up on kron on a wealth manager was arraigned on manslaughter charges today in dublin. the health live report on what the victim's family said in court. >> plus, though get some road trip invites with triple a just use your phone to scan this qr code on your screen right now and we'll take you directly to that store so you can download the kron on app for free. >> thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. hope you have a great day. i'll see you tonight at 5 and also in prime time at 09:00pm.
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