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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 28, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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us started for rest of our week, not even the we get the rest of our week lean into the weekend. good morning good morning. and good morning, everybody. and it's going to feel like it is very much like e watch those inland temperatures pop again for this afternoon. >> have a little flavor. the monsoon back left with some scattered clouds to kind of throw in there. and actually, if we get too much collection of that inland. we may bus the forecast high but we'll go with some of these near 100 or degree or so above for right now we're still negotiating through the fog in and around the immediate. they the east bay shoreline is all covered up, as you can see, but in the foreground, we can make out some of the shrubbery there. so here's how it looks like on storm tracker. 4 of everything going on. again, some of that month soon will be climbing up in terms of some cloud cover kind of left over. but what we're going to see next week is a slight a nice cooling going on and because of a low up in the gulf of alaska temperature check. we do have some warm 60's inland still hanging on 50's cover the north bay cover. the bay and 63 meanwhile, to san jose.
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meanwhile, the comparison sake. what we have from 24 hours ago, touch warmer inland around the bay, a degree or so cooler. and there are the winds still kind of on shore or buried, particularly in the inland areas. but they're pretty much all single digits except around the delta look ahead for today, 67 by 08:00am by 11. let's called 82 on its way to see some locations pop their 100. we'll see what's going on in your neighborhood with the 4 zone forecast in just a bit. has a check of the bridges in such tough day. thanks for that. we're start with the bay bridge as you're heading into the city this morning from the east bay. a little under. >> 11 minutes for your drive times. so things are looking great here. also our richmond simmer for san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. you can do that and under 13 minutes. so we're off to a great start on this wednesday morning and then look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond can do that under 9 minutes for your drive time. these are looking great. there. a lot of fog along the golden gate bridge. 20 minutes for your drive. so just take your time as you're commuting.
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well, today marks 2 years since the deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. 3 people were killed, 17 others injured when a 19 year-old man bypass security gates and metal detectors came on to the site started firing today. just going to be a ceremony to remember the victims, the 3 of them on your screen. it's going to start at 10 o'clock this morning at christmas hill, people who attend are being asked to follow social distancing and wear mask and those protocols. a community is in mourning in the east bay. the tragic loss of a husband, a wife and their child. investigators say the families from piedmont and they were visiting minnesota when they were killed in a car crash over the weekend. kron four's dan thorn has that story. >> the piedmont community gathering in exit drip last. and to remember the lives of a family killed in a horrifying crash. john and jill saint john and their 13 year-old daughter. claire died sunday in a 2 car collision in la
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sewer county, minnesota. it's a sad. >> sad thing to lose. 3 people just like that. >> the saint john's provisioning family when the tragic accident happened. the le sewer county sheriff says 4 people were killed, including a 9 year-old boy and 3 others were injured, including the saint john's 15 year-old son clears friends remembering her as someone they always wanted to be around to the best people i've ever met. >> heartbroken. neighbors have been leaving flowers and messages on the doorstep of the family's piedmont home. the saint john's were remembered for being helpful is a very nice to sing. i'm sick. i'm a very said this stunt tight knit community is struggling to come to grips with the loss, but they say coming together will help everyone with healing. think it was that. >> everybody there was shocked that it did happen. was just very nice to see everybody there. >> reporting in piedmont. dan
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thorn kron 4 news. >> 4 is your local election headquarters and we're following the recall election against governor gavin newsome. another new poll shows support for the governor's recall as it continues to grow. ashley zavala explains the latest numbers and how the governor is responding to all of us. >> this latest berkeley igs poll says governor newsom's approval rating is under water. among those who are most likely to vote in this recall. >> we're going to defeat this. a partisan effort. governor gavin newsome responding to recent polls showing a growing number of voters are leaning in an unfavorable direction for him now weeks before his recall election. a new berkeley igs and la times poll released tuesday showed 47% of likely voters would vote yes to recall the governor with 50% saying they would keep him in office. the poll echoing results from an inside california politics and emerson college poll which showed a similar scenario. if the recall were held today, pointing to recent budget action. he's taken in fresno tuesday. the governor says
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he's confident he'll overcome the special election on september 14th continue to do that. good work. >> think we're going to be okay on election day. the california republican party pounced on the ball chairwoman jessica millan patterson tuesday tweeted we're ready to win the latest poll noted turnout is likely to be far higher among republicans. the democrats and no party preference voters newsom's anti recall campaign says it's working to boost democrat enthusiasm to participate. they need to appreciate what's at stake. >> i think a lot of californians i mean, look state i think they take for granted that we are and they don't take this recall seriously. so we have got to just like our inside california politics poll this poll also showed conservative talk show host larry elder is the preferred pick to replace governor gavin newsome. >> but still a significant amount of voters about 40% say they're still undecided on a replacement candidate in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, one of the leading candidates to replace governor newsome in the upcoming recall
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election was on the campaign trail and san francisco. can the faulkner says governor newsom has not been tough enough on crime. he says his experience as mayor of san diego should prove to voters that he can do better. >> gavin newsom has failed this great city and he's failing our great state and i'm proud again that we were voted the safest big city in america. i was i was proud that we did not defund the police. >> and i was proud that we stand up and we do the right thing. >> also said he does not support a statewide mask mandate. the recall election is set for 14th. undocumented californians aged 50 and older were have access to cheaper health care starting next year. that's because of a new law. governor newsome sign allowing undocumented residents to receive extended care through medicare out state health officials say nearly 200,000 undocumented people will have medical benefits within 5 years. in
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the south bay crews were out all night, making sure a grass fire did not reignite there. it started burning in milpitas and jumped over coyote creek in a san jose prompting a shelter-in-place order kron four's tell exactly has the latest for us there. >> flames and hot spots burning in san jose and milpitas on tuesday, causing plumes of smoke across the south bay lee. our containment lines are drawn tasmin. >> montague along north mccarthy and also cisco and san jose. our estimation right now is roughly 25 acres, but that number could change higher fighters say the location and conditions of this fire when it difficult to access any dry large vegetation. >> access and cross your lines because this creek or does both know us in san jose. so gaining access to the fire and water supply right now, isn't >> battalion chief galahad zamora says the winds help stop this fire from threatening any homes near mill river lane, the area where the fire was first
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reported. however, the flames did affect multiple homeless encampments nearby the cause of the fire is undetermined. but yes, there are multiple homeless encampments in the area and they're currently displaced. >> our working with san jose fire city services to see where we provide support to get in milpitas sackey kron 4 news. >> the mural that spark controversy at george washington high school in san francisco will remain displayed. >> after efforts to cover up in 2019, a judge overturn a decision. >> by the san francisco unified school district to remove it really that the school board failed to conduct an environmental review of covering the artwork, the 1936 meal is titled life of washington and it has been criticized as offensive for its depiction of native americans and african-americans. well, school district spokeswoman said the district was still reviewing the order while the alumni association was not immediately available to comment on the judge's ruling. we're also learning more about
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a small jet that crashed near the truckee tahoe airport, killing all 4 people onboard happened monday as the jet was trying to land fell between 2 homes on one of the golf course. is there an exploded into a fireball. the resident of one of those homes as the flames were so intense it wasn't much of the airplane left. with all the fire danger to see the that the trees go up and play right there. immediately to. >> members of the ntsb were on scene yesterday to search. >> for parts of the wreckage and possibly human remains the jet that crashed typically requires a pilot and copilot, meaning the other 2 victims are passengers. the investigation into the crash is expected to take several weeks. for your money, driver soon could get a break at the pump, but it will last long according to gasbuddy dot com, the national average gas price drop this week about $0.3. analysts believe that's because of an increase in oil production. you're going to want to cash in on the lower prices when you can because
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the demand for gas still high and the prices could easily spike up again here in the bay area. according to aaa, the most expensive is in san francisco at $4 and a half at 4 and a half dollars, a gallon. now the least expensive in solano county at $4 and $0.32. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news bar is closer to returning. >> to prepandemic levels and they are actually ahead of schedule will have a look at that when we get back.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now is 4 42 04:43am, and maybe year. >> get ready to head out you're trying to figure out what should i wear? should i bring a change of clothes in the carmel. dave sphar has the answer to that question. good morning. david also depends on your geography. 2 right now when you travel a little bit going on like that. yeah, i mean, the nor cal honda weather center as we check out a little bit of a heat. spike working its magic, particularly for. >> those inland valleys. so if you're traveling from the bay from the coast inland, you're going to feel a different climate going on which we see a lot of times in the summer. hey, we have this fog working its magic to lighten up on the east bay shoreline there too. we can see the shrubbery in the foreground. we're getting some progress on that front before dawn. so wider perspective is the
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continuation of broken record, if you will, of those showers in the southwest. now, some of this moisture is going to bubble up to our neck of the woods later on for today and technically it might even bus the forecast high in some locations. we get too much clouding up with us and those inland areas for too long. that may pose an issue later on upstream, though, the gulf of alaska low that's going provide some relief as we get into next week. so here how the players fair up for today. there's that high. that's pretty much anchored over the west. meanwhile, remains quite hot for most of the west with all of this going on, the flareup of thunder showers in the mountains will be with a mixed bag of sun and clouds. the gun. the more of a threat of those and thunder showers. just some leftover clouds going on for today and you see them pulsating as you get the daytime heating each day right in through the weekend then later on we switch over to this low which provides us with some insulation to the high backs off a little bit and we'll get some cooling influence coming in from the pacific. i'm still going to be
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some are like, but at least we'll bring those highs down. sub 90 in spots that are looking at 100 or so for today. yeah, i know i would hoping to get some rain out of that. but no, doesn't probably not very likely remain dry through the period. let's check it out. your 4 zone forecast for this wednesday. 69 san francisco, coastal numbers upper 60's. it looks like as we go to the peninsula, 77 burlingame and we are getting up to the mid 80's palo alto at 8486 for redwood city to the south bay numbers about 83 for san jose. again noting some scattered clouds 92 morgan hill cupertino 8580's along the southern and the east bay shoreline tri valley will be popping in the upper 90's near 100 dublin 93 walnut creek. 100 also looking at one o one for conquered. so eastern contra costa county. you're going to be running away near 100 or so berkeley at 70 looks like 73 valais 93 fairfield 87 for napa. not as intrusive in the north bay here 93 for sonoma and 92 center rose as
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we see some 90's, though penetrate a little bit further to the south now that 7 day forecast. it looks like we'll get some scattered clouds early on for today. then as we get into saturday, this will be watched with some of that monsoon potential. we don't see, though, the flareup of thunder showers yet and then getting into next week. we dry out compliments of that low off the pacific and will follow suit along the bay and the coast with all of that to check on bay area bridges reyna phyllis and they thanks for that bridges are looking great at this hour for you. 4.46. >> heading into the city from the east. a little under 10 minutes for your drive. time to make it 2 dash fremont street exit the golden gate bridge, lot of dense fog there. you can barely see still says 20 minute drive as you're heading into the city. but you want to take your time there. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond at traffic's picking up the about 9 minutes for your drive time. we'll have more on that. but for now, let's talk about bart are going to be increasing their services. that schedule to near regular service starting on monday. that's one month
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earlier than originally planned changes include are going to be increasing the frequency of trains during peak hours every half hour, every 15 minutes. closing time has been extended from 09:00pm to midnight mondays to saturdays and saturday service will begin at 06:00am. there's also going to be will new tips or 7. the trips offered as a foam. the agency says although ridership is nowhere near pre-pandemic levels. it's already seen a steady uptick in recent weeks. now, the coronavirus pandemic decimated many businesses, including one industry that didn't get much attention neighborhood dry cleaners, a group of korean american dry cleaner owners. they've launched a petition to try and get more funding to save mom and pop dry cleaning businesses around the bay area. they say many of them were deny funding when that last round of stimulus funds or available. the head of the federation of korean dry cleaners association says they simply don't have the political strength the many other industries have over lawmakers. >> about 90% is moment of sort
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so we don't ever saws to call to the problem. n they did. this is all trade show and we need problem and help. the ppp or on. that has to be a was providing or we got that most public dry got the first one. but second ppp, which is they give them a lot more. then. but the and. in my cell. i didn't get that. >> well, the national leaders associations are one of 6 dry cleaning businesses had to close their doors due to the pandemic. but losses among asian-americans businesses may be even higher. the petitions will be sent to lawmakers in sacramento >> apartment. rental prices increased about 3% month over month. in san francisco. that is even higher than the national rental market believe it or not, you can still find a one-bedroom apartment in the bay area for less than $2000.
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kron four's has a noon has the more. >> apartment rental prices in the nation's 100 largest cities are on the rise. according to the online rental for san francisco holds the top spot for the priciest one bedroom in the u.s. averaging just over $2700. both san jose and oakland also making it into the top 10. however, it is still possible to find a one-bedroom apartment for less than $2000 here in the bay area. >> that is if you're willing to hit the road to east contra costa county like here at the mosaic apartments in the city of pittsburgh. >> where these attractive one-bedrooms start at around $1795 and come equipped with a pool. a few miles up the road in the city of antioch. the price for a one-bedroom apartment is even lower at the village west departments. $1595 will set you up with a
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one bedroom here. and it also comes with a swimming right out here late. we found the lowest monthly rent for a one-bedroom required a little more traveling deeper into the east contra costa county to the town of oakley here at the commons grothe. a one-bedroom apartment is just over $1400. and there are other apartments listed in all 3 cities where you will find the rental price for a one-bedroom and a $2000. >> a bridge oakland. it took about 40 minutes to get here from the city during the non commute. our obviously the travel time will be extended during the morning and evening. but that's not a problem for you. you might want to consider making a move to the east bay. haaziq kron 4 news. >> we'll be right back. now to
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the bay area, baseball that looking to extend their lead in the national west taking on the dodgers. bottom of the 6 buster posey with a base hit to center one run scores to tie the game the bottom of the 8th with the game still tied. karen rough grounds one to second. he's out as first cody bellinger with a horrible way over the 3rd baseman's head he
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scores of the giants takes the lead. they go on to win by a final of 2 to one. they're now 3 games up and la in the national west the 2 teams will play again tonight. first pitch is going to be at 6.45. now the a's did not get as lucky in san diego taking on the padres oakland had a three-run lead start any. but they couldn't hold it. pulled ahead and never looked back. san diego winds by final of 74 2 teams play again this afternoon that first pitch is going to be one 10 in san diego. training camp is underway for the forty-niners today. the players will strap on the pads and hit the practice field. the team is training at their facilities. nearly vi stadium. this year. the niners have had high expectations to win players and coaches are getting tested regularly for covid. and after last season where the team that a lot of injuries at coach kyle shanahan wants them to stay as healthy as possible to be successful. >> the goal is you want to get players to week one. but you also want to make sure they can get healthy. they can stay
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healthy to those first 4 weeks. i feel like if you can stay healthy to those first 4 weeks and you got a better chance of having a callous and making it through the year. >> the forty-niners will start the regular season on the road on sunday september 12th. they're going to be facing the detroit lions. well, coming up in the next hour say why power alert is in effect this afternoon because. >> of the heat expected across the bay area. we're going to have the details and a livt report. and nor universities in california are requiring students and staff to get the covid vaccine will have details in a live report.
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just what you want. fancy feast petites. love is in the details. there's an invisible threat in your backyard that could cause deadly heartworm disease for your dog. but not if you protect him every month with heartgard plus, the #1 choice of dogs. digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. ask your vet for heartgard plus. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a wet wednesday goes, sometimes can be tricky, but we try to roll with it. i'm and james fletcher. yeah, we're halfway through the week and we're starting off obviously on the dark side this morning. i notice quite a bit of fog on my way and i don't know if you hate him or it was sort of a blur. but because of the it's pretty sure that the golden gate bridge, especially right now. we've got in for john in
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the weather center this morning with all the details. good morning. david. good morning, daryn. james, good morning. everybody. and the fog has greeted us again this morning sure. i'm not going to stay long too long. it will mix out and we go into a nice heat spell going on. >> particularly in those inland valleys. but in the meantime, yeah, it will caution the area roadways or get a little bit the way some sprinkles to if you're near the coast or near the water of the east bay shoreline right now. here's what the fog looks like. as you can see, kind of covered up the east bay shoreline from this vantage point. also the glaze of the golden gate. it's kind of think there. they also have the southern route. they're working on some construction stuff there you can see the shrubbery in the foreground. says already started the mixing process. there is the golden gate bridge there as well. and the lights lit up for where they're going. some construction work. so we have a couple little systems at work. a macro systems. we have that low up in the gulf of alaska, not a player this week gets on the bench right now. then. meanwhile, the far south we have a little low helping to bring some of the leftover monsoon up our way in the form of some cloud cover will be
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some of that today. maybe a little bit tomorrow. but we're really watching for the see what happens on saturday 67 at this hour. antioch got some 60's off to the east bay. east bay shoreline is upper 50's 50's litter the north bay with 56 san francisco for comparison sake. bit warmer happening inland. so off to a slight warm start slightly cooler along the east bay shoreline edge the winds kind of variable about. but generally speaking, it's up on shore flow pattern. so let's break it down for you. 72 at 09:00am by high noon. we'll try 87 and we're not done yet. some inland spots will reach to near 100 or so. but more of that in just a bit. right now rain was to check out what's going on with traffic right now. thanks for that. will you showed us the golden gate bridge. you can see the dense fog there. it will be about a 20 minute drive for you as you're heading into the city. >> but looking at the bay bridge a little under 2 minutes for your drive time there. so you're off to a pretty great start. 5, 1880 also going pretty fast for you this morning. heading across towards the peninsula. we had a major hot spot. the air yesterday slowed us down quite


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