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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 27, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3, the cdc reverses course recommending indoor mask once again for some vaccinated americans. what you need to know about the new guidance. and a warning before you take a trip to sin city health officials say if you go to vegas, you'll very likely catch covid-19. and olympic gymnast simone biles pulls out of the women's team final during the competition saying she needs to focus on her mental health. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> now at 3 changing course on
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masking guidelines for official. federal officials now recommending americans return to wearing their masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia new today. the cdc is now recommending fully-vaccinated americans wear masks indoors if they live in areas with high covid-19 transmission rates. this comes just 2 months after the agency said it was ok for them to unmask in some indoor settings. the change in guidance comes as the highly contagious delta variant is causing cases and hospitalizations to spike the cdc also recommended indoor masks for all k through 12 that teachers and staff regardless of vaccination status, cdc director doctor rochelle walensky says she acknowledges that many americans are weary of the pandemic and do not want to return to prevention measures, but she adds the new scientific data has forced the federal agency's decision to change the guidance yet again.
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>> today we have new science related to the delta variant that requires us to update the guidance regarding what you can do when you are fully vaccinated unvaccinated individuals should get vaccinated and continue masking until they are fully vaccinated in areas with substantial and high transmission. cdc recommends fully vaccinated. people wear masks in public indoor settings to help prevent the spread of the delta variant and protect others. >> kron four's. dan kerman is following the latest mask guidelines, including what bay area counties, fall under which ones fall under a high transmission area. his report, a full report is coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 5. and attention college families. the california state university has announced that it will implement a covid-19 vaccination requirements for all faculty staff and students who plan on returning to campus this fall. the
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announcement comes amid a surge in covid cases due to the highly infectious delta variant. everyone must be able to prove vaccination status by september 30th 2021 several csu campuses are serving as host facilities for vaccine distribution, students and employees will be to try and get medical or religious exemptions. all you see. schools are also requiring a covid-19 vaccine for its campuses this fall. and today governor newsom signed a new bill expanding health care access to more californians and encourage more residents to get vaccinated. the bill expands eligibility in medical to documented californians over the age of 50. the governor says this is a big step in the journey toward universal health care. the bill also includes billions of dollars towards improving mental health care for all californians. >> 4.3 billion dollars to provide comprehensive universal screening for mental
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health for every child aged 0 to 25. this is the biggest investment. this state has ever made in this space for support screening and service is the most comprehensive investment to really focus on brain health in a detailed culturally competent. bottom up way. >> today's signing was the last a bill signing of this record breaking state budget. stay away from las vegas and florida. that's the warning from officials across the country as covid-19 cases spike in those regions. in fact, last week the white house said las vegas was the worst large city in the nation for transmission of the coronavirus. and this week, 3 florida cities take over the top spots. kron four's will tran is at sfo and explains. >> you can see all the travelers at sfo. this is vacation season. a lot of people taking off. travel advisers are saying if you're not vaccinated do not go to
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las vegas. it's hot right now. and they just don't mean the temperature. we're talking covid-19 cases. it's around 14% positivity rate and the vaccination rates. they're not as high as some of the other places in the country only at 39%. so yeah, all those things together. plus you're indoors for long periods of time. you're pretty close to your fellow gambler and you're exposed to people not just within the united states were coming to vegas. but people from across the globe coming to vegas as well in let's face it, many people are not vaccinated and that is why they're saying this is a gamble you do not want to take a lot of flights are still taking off to vegas. many people are vaccinated. so your chances of having something tragic go down, but it's always a possibility. got a chance to talk to some travelers. they say they are not willing to roll the dice. if they're not vaccinated,
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they shouldn't be going if they're vaccinated, they probably shouldn't be going given how little we know about. >> actually the the how it spreads potentially from infected to an infected. it seems like a risk that i would willing to take everyone inside. i think everyone is vaccinated. it should be able to do whatever they want. >> if people are and they end up getting covid that's on them. >> let's talk about some of the other cities. las vegas was the worst spot in the country last year for a population of a million or more. as far as the spread of covid-19. now 3 other cities join that list and bump vegas off the top spot. we're talking orlando, jacksonville and miami, las vegas right now, the don't have a mask mandate across the board. but we'll just have to wait and see if they will follow cdc guidelines. back to you. >> now for more on masking guidelines and the latest covid numbers scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to kron 4 dot coms page, which is dedicated specifically to pandemic
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information. and now to a big story this tuesday olympic star simone biles has withdrawn from the women's gymnastics team. final competition. the american star withdrew from the competition following one rotation, tuesday night. now something felt off and biles decided enough was enough. she was done for now. the move opened the door for the team of russian athletes to win gold for the first time in nearly 3 decades. biles is the latest in a series of high-profile athletes including tennis star naomi osaka who have used their platforms to discuss their mental health struggles now will be discussing the evolution of being open about mental health and well-being, particularly in sports coming up at 3.15. and now to california politics. another new poll shows support for governor newsom's recall continues to grow our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the latest numbers and how the governor is responding.
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>> we're going to feet this. a partisan effort. governor gavin newsome responding to recent polls showing a growing number of voters are leaning in an unfavorable direction for him now weeks before his recall election. a new berkeley igs and la times poll released tuesday showed 47% of likely voters would vote yes to recall the governor with 50% saying they would keep him in office. the poll echoing results from an inside california politics and emerson college poll which showed a similar scenario. if the recall were held today, pointing to recent budget action. he's taken in fresno tuesday. the governor says he's confident he'll overcome the special election on september 14th continue to do that. good work. >> i think we're going to be okay on election day. the california republican party pounced on the ball chairwoman jessica millan patterson tuesday tweeted we're ready to win the latest poll noted turnout is likely to be far higher among republicans than democrats and no party preference voters. >> newsom's anti recall campaign says it's working to boost democrat enthusiasm to participate. they need to appreciate what's at stake. >> i think a lot of
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californians look work state. i think they take for granted that we re and they don't take this recall seriously. so we have got to voters in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and speaking of the recall gubernatorial candidate kevin faulconer was in san francisco today to address his plan on tackling california's rise in crime. kron four's charles clifford joins us now live with more on his visit. charles. >> yeah. well, we're less than 2 months out from the recall election and republican kevin faulconer o'connor was here in san francisco really laying into governor newsom and saying that he is the man who should be the next governor of the state. >> speaking with the media tuesday morning, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer leveled harsh criticism of governor gavin newson in particular. he believes the governor has not been tough enough on crime. gavin newsom has failed this great city and he's failing our great state. as violent crime is skyrocketing in every part of
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california. faulconer who left office last december claim that his experiences as mare qualify him to be governor when pressed to explain a recent increase in violent crime in san diego faulconer deferred to his record as mayor proud again, that we were voted the safest big city in america. i was i was proud that we did not defund the police and i was proud that we stand up and we do the right thing. faulconer also said that even though the delta variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in california. he does not support a statewide mask. mandate. know he did concede he would consider the idea if the cdc were to recommend it will always listen to what they said will look to see what they come out. what. >> and i think you have to constantly adapt as things get closer. >> back live now the cdc did updated guidelines earlier today. no word yet about mister faulconer. i has any opinion on that. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> charles, thank you for that. coming up here on kron
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4. excuse me, news at 3 rent prices are on the rise again for 3 bay area cities, but not all hope is lost we'll show you which parts of the bay area are still pretty affordable to call home. plus, emotional testimony from police officers who defended the capitol during the deadly january 6th attack. and after the break, we continue our live pics team coverage in tokyo following a stunning move by gymnast are simone
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>> big news at the olympics today. simone biles has withdrawn from the women's jeannette's gymnastics team finals for mental health reasons. kron four's andrew martin joins us now from tokyo. andrew, what's the latest on the stunning news. >> good morning. sanaa's from tokyo. it was last night for us earlier today for you guys. but yeah, you talk about the bombshell simone biles, the goat. her legacy already intact did not finish the final competition for the u.s. women's gymnastics team. she withdrew and it had everything to do with mental health. in the biggest upset for the u.s. at the tokyo games. reigning olympic gymnastics champion simone biles pulled out of the team competition. usa gymnastics said in a statement simone biles has withdrawn from the team. final competition due to a medical
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issue. she will be assessed daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions, but at a press conference biles set the record straight. no injuries, thankfully. and that's why i took a. >> setback because i didn't want to do something silly out there and get injured. so i thought it was best if these girls took over the 4 time gold medalist said this has been a very different olympics experience. it's been really stressful. this olympic games. i think just as a whole, i'm not having an audience. there are a lot of different variables going into its been a long week. it's been a long, olympic process after a rocky start on the vault. biles headed backstage to talk with her team. doctors. she then returned to the arena, put on warm-up gear and hugged her teammates. she stayed on the sidelines and cheer them on for the rest of their routines. i just felt like it would be a little bit better to take a work on my. mindfulness. and i knew that the girls would you have an absolutely great job and i didn't want to risk the medal for. >> kind of my scrubs because
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they worked way too hard for that teammate grace mccallum weighed in on biles decision. it's really hard to lose the best in the world and we definitely feel a little more but i'm really proud of how we did. and i think we did. >> amazing. they really fought the u.s. women's gymnastics team did go on to take the silver medal. as for whether or not biles plans to compete in the individual all around competition. we're going to take it a day at a know tomorrow that we have a half day or at least the morning off. so it will be a good mental rest. and so we'll take it from there. >> so that's the $64,000 question right now. will simone biles compete in the individual all around. she is the olympic champion from 2016 trying to become the first woman to repeat as olympic champion since 1968 sue moss. >> andrew, thank you so much for that report. >> young athletes often feel pressured and maybe even fearful to be watched so closely in some have started to speak out and share their
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stories of anxiety and depression on their social media like tennis superstar naomi osaka. but they need our help and want us to listen. joining us now for more on mental health and well-being is author mental health coach and former national champion college gymnast lee summit. so, lisa, thanks so much for joining us today. >> thank you for having i'm so excited to be able to share some of the tools and just awareness, you know, how we can support all of these young athletes with mental health and strategies. you know, when they are under pressure. >> it definitely not a new concept. i just feel that maybe more and more people are more comfortable talking about it because it's becoming less stigmatized them before. as a former champion, champion athlete yourself. talk to us about what the pressure is like for athletes to have to come out on top. >> well, it starts with the
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talk all around you. you know, whether it's your parents are teammates or coaches or friends and i you know, i can relate so well because, you know, once you're national champion or world champion. you know, the expectation is is to repeat. and when i was at the university of utah. we worked with a sports psychologist every year in the only reason i believe and i've talked, you know, with teammates for years about the pressure. the only reason we could deal with the pressure was because we didn't focus on results. and i think that that's one thing that we do as parents and coaches is that we tend to talk about or focus on the result. how good that was and is that going to score high enough. and are you going to go to the next level and and so we need to kind of pull back and really value where they're at right now who they are as a person, how to give them some calming strategies and really think about just
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present moment and not the results. >> absolutely. no to successful athlete or an athlete, you know, at at all you do have to have somewhat of a competitive nature. is it hard to have to dial it back for the sake of your mental health is that drive to win difficult to put aside. >> a pullback or or something for your mental health. i don't i don't believe that. that's how i woodward or even think about it. it's always a balance. it is always a balance. so training hard being driven vehicle oriented is fantastic. you don't need to draw that or pull it in. it's just knowing when you feel this is about self-awareness and emotional awareness. and this is what i write about in my books. is how to start. see that. i'm nervous. what are the signs of
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being nervous. hey, do i have butterflies? are my hands or feet getting sweaty and my getting shaky. i started my thoughts are racing. all these things and naomi osaka vials, whatever they were feeling. they knew it's something was not in ballots. and so the pressure and the pressure in the push and push can be so much. and the expectations, then they stay push it down. push it down until all of a sudden it's too much. we can train actually guide athletes to success and be mentally healthy. it's not one or the other. it's i mean, that is you that that is a very, very good way of putting it. i didn't necessarily mean that it should be one or the other. but i can imagine that being an athlete in wanting to win. >> you know, got to be difficult to to have to deal with something like that.
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>> where do you draw the i'm not an athlete. but you know where if an athlete is feeling those nerves that anxiety. how do you know whether it's detrimental a mental health issue or just nerves. and and just normal for, you know, before going out on the field are going out on to the court or, you know, whatever it is that you do as an athlete. >> thank you. son so what it is when you see a pattern. all right. if it's just nerves every once in a you know, that's normal. if the if it goes over to, you know, whether you know, some gym this will actually going throw up. and you know, they they can't concentrate their shaking. and there may be breaking down in tears. you're seeing more like extreme type reactions to the stress. and when you see a pattern of that, then something is really wrong. so you want to start to notice that the beginning of
3:22 pm
when your thoughts start to spin, when your heart is racing and learning in advance of any extreme pressure like this should be part of the regular. >> thing in >> learning to manage that and feeling your muscles, relax and knowing what a peaceful feeling is really light. and knowing that you are valuable no matter what because what we keep doing is we keep stuffing it down and pushing it. and so the extreme is when you see a pattern of it happening over and over or your triggered by a person, whether it's a coach or somebody and you see that pattern that there triggered by that situation. that's when your knowing that this is a mental health issue rather than, you know, just regular nerves and stuff and maybe they do start to get depressed. maybe they start to isolate themselves. maybe they start to have no motivation
3:23 pm
whatsoever over a period of time. so you can see the signs and i'm certified and mental health first aid and this is a wonderful, wonderful program for coaches in every sport to be able to notice the signs so that we can help guide them towards balancing out. >> well, obviously we never want anyone to feel like this. but it is very that athletes like simone and naomi are using their platform to the discussion surrounding mental health and athletes because a lot of times you may associate an athlete, especially a gold medalist with that kind of a personal issue. so it is nice that they're shedding light on it. so we really appreciate you taking the time out to speak with us about such an important issue. thank so much for joining us today. >> thank you. thanks, everybody. >> still ahead at 3.45 a reckless driver is recovering today the wild ride that smashed cars and what neighbors are saying about what they saw. and after the
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break, rent prices may be going up again following a pandemic dropped. but there are for your money. now.
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apartment. rental prices have increased 3.2% month to month in san francisco. that's even higher than the national rental market. >> which saw a 2.5% increase over the same period. but believe it or not, you could still find a one-bedroom
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apartment for less than $2000 a month here in the bay area kron four's haaziq madyun shows us where. >> apartment rental prices in the nation's 100 largest cities are on the rise. according to the online rental for san francisco holds the top spot for the priciest one bedroom in the u.s. averaging just over $2700. both san jose and oakland also making it into the top 10. however, it is still possible to find a one-bedroom apartment for less than $2000 here in the bay area. that is if you're willing to hit the road to east contra costa county like here at the mosaic apartments in the city of pittsburgh where these attractive one-bedrooms start at around $1795 and come equipped with a pool. a few miles up the road in the city of antioch. the price for a one-bedroom apartment is even lower at the village west departments. $1595 will set you up with a one bedroom here. and it also comes with a swimming pool. we
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found the lowest monthly rent for a one-bedroom required. a little more traveling deeper into the east contra costa county to the town of oakley here at the commons grothe. a one-bedroom apartment is just over $1400. it took about 40 minutes to get here from the city during the non commute hour. obviously the travel time will be extended during the morning and evening. but that's not a problem for you. you might want to consider making a move to the east bay. >> haaziq kron 4 news. >> next here at 3 stunning images from a pga camera engulfed by flames from the dixie fire that continues to rage in butte county. and from a raging fire to california's drought residents in one north bay city now being asked to reduce water consumption will lay out all the details. and right after the break, we'll go live to washington dc for the chilling testimony this morning from capitol police officers and what they faced
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retire better >> a law enforcement officer. and i do my best to keep politics out of my job. but in this circumstance, i responded. well, i voted for joe biden. does my vote not count. and my nobody that prompted a torrent of racial epithets. then the crowd perhaps around 20 people. joined in screaming. >> boom.
3:32 pm
>> no one had ever. while wearing the uniform of a capitol police officer. >> testimony today as lawmakers held their first hearing on the investigation into that deadly attack on the capitol on january 6th 4 police officers who fought on the front lines that day testified our washington, dc correspondent raquel martin joins us now live. raquel, this was a gripping hearing. >> it definitely was. and this wasn't the first hearing looking into this topic, but it definitely was the most emotional. what we saw several of these police officers as well as some lawmakers watching back this footage hooking up with tears as they recounted the day of january 6. >> the indifference shown to my colleagues is to some emotions boiled over tuesday as officers who fought to
3:33 pm
defend the capital against a violent mob on january 6 called on congress to uncover the true i was grant beaten tased. all while be called a traitor to my country. officer michael fanone says he suffered a heart attack and concussion after being dragged down the steps of the capitol officers continue to hurt. >> it's physica ly and emotionally. >> officer harry dunn told lawmakers the mob repeatedly yelled racial slurs at him and 2 other black officer now receiving private counseling therapy. >> for the persistent emotional trauma of that day. people need to know the truth. just 2 republicans sit on the committee after the majority of republicans opposed it. >> one of them. congressman adam kinzinger fought back tears. you know, democracies. >> are not defined. by our bad days. we're defined by how we come back from days committee members vow to go after anyone responsible for the attack. we must also know what happened
3:34 pm
every minute of that day in the white house. >> every phone call, every conversation. if congress does not act responsibly. this will remain a cancer on our constitutional republic. >> now, even before today's here we saw house republican leadership hold their own press conference calling today's hearing partisan and unfair. but don't expect that to slow democrats investigation down. they say they want to quickly move to get out the subpoenas. and also they want to have another panel tested by next month. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> raquel, thank you for that. the georgia man accused of killing 8 people at 3 asian massage businesses and atlanta has been sentenced to life without parole. robert aaron long pleaded guilty to all charges and the first for shooting deaths that took place in cherokee county, georgia. long's he still faces murder and domestic terrorism charges for 4 shootings in
3:35 pm
atlanta. the prosecutor in cherokee county said investigators saw no evidence of racial bias. but the district attorney in atlanta says she intends to seek hate crime enhancements. governor gavin newsom asked all californians to voluntarily reduce our water use by 15% last month in american canyon city leaders have taken a step taken it a step further. the city council has declared a stage to drought emergency calling for mandatory water conservation kron forcefully all reports the city wants residents and businesses to cut consumption by 20%. >> josie been ito's family in american canyon is taking advantage of a practical way. >> to reduce their water use every drop counts. the sign on her yard says despite replacing her irrigation system. >> need maintain their landscape with free recycled water provided by the city. we just feel horrible like with the water shortages for the farmers who grow our food.
3:36 pm
>> that we're using. we don't want to use drinking for, you know, are our for landscaping. the city of american canyon is pnoviding free access to water containers and recycled water at to fill stations in town. one of them at the wastewater treatment plant. >> and soon the city will make deliveries to homes and businesses requesting recycled water we going with philip probably got a 2 point worsened. once we found the bunny toes have been sticking to their routine for about a month. >> that's when the city asked residents to cut their water use by 10%. >> then last week the city council declared a stage to drought emergency requiring residents and businesses to limit their water consumption by 20%. so far felix hernandez. the city's director of maintenance and utilities says residents are catching on this point. residential use is down about 15%. >> but he says businesses are trending the opposite
3:37 pm
direction. >> and have seen an increase in usage of about 10%. last year we had this pandemic, lot of businesses closed. so. >> we did expect a little bit uptick commercial usage. and we're seeing mayor leon garcia says everyone needs to limit their water use on a daily basis between noon and 6 o'clock in the evening. >> no gardening or car washes and eliminate all runoff customers can monitor their usage through an online portal provided by the city. we're not coming down with at this moment. we're hoping that the message gets out to people that, you know, this is serious. >> we all need to come back. yes, everybody, it's a community effort. >> in american canyon phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> and now to our wildfire coverage. take a look at this time lapse footage from a pg. any wildfire camera shows the moments a camera out in plumas county was engulfed by flames from the dixie fire. the fire has scorched more than 208,000
3:38 pm
acres and is currently 23% contained. thousands of people remain under evacuation orders. let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look outside from our mount tam camera. little warmer today. but kind of muggy as well. prof are meteorologist john shrable has a look at our forecast. >> well, conditions out there today. not necessarily feeling all that familiar. it's getting hotter. but it is notably a bit more on the humid side. that's because of some monsoonal moisture that has worked its way our direction from the south, adding to that muggy feel looking outside at berkeley skies are mix of clear. but you do see some high level clouds out there. time to time. futurecast has shown that by the time we reached the latter part of the day today. most thunderstorm in rainfall potential as well. cleared out of the bay area after morning couple of sprinkles. we really dodged those thunderstorms as they pass to our west skies will grow clear for the rest of the day ahead of us. and we're actually going to be looking at some really nice conditions to close things out as we round out your tuesday
3:39 pm
temperatures today in the 90's. that's not something we saw yesterday returning to the 90's for areas like antioch, conquered livermore as well as morgan hill while a noticeably warmer day, all the same in areas like san jose fremont, redwood city climbing back into the mid 80's today. if you need an escape from the heat. you can head to the coast. but it's still going to have that muggy feel to it. one of the reasons even coastal areas are going to be a touch warmer in the upper 60's in areas like half moon bay san francisco. a nice 73 today. >> coming up here at 3 a plan to reduce downtown traffic by making drivers pay during busy times you should know about the congestion pricing being considered for san francisco. plus bart moving closer to prepandemic scheduling. we'll have details on why they're making the changes sooner than expected. and after the break, costco could raise its membership fees. how much of an increase and you could se
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after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> for your money. now. get your wallets ready. stifle analysts forecast. that costco will raise membership fees in the next year. the increase would move gold star level membership up $5 to $65 a year. an executive membership up $10 to a 130 per year. costco has benefited from the pandemic is member stocked up on essentials. still ahead,
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san francisco is considering downtown congestion pricing will tell you how much
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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>> for your money. now we could cost you more. just to drive into san francisco's busiest neighborhoods. officials are exploring a proposal called. >> congestion pricing. now those who drive into the quote, downtown core on weekdays during commute hours would be charged as much as
3:46 pm
$6.50 each of the first 2 times they enter the zone. the fee would be on a sliding scale based on annual income. now the current proposal has 2 versions of what would be considered the downtown core the yellow area is bordered by van ness and laguna to the west. the embarcadero to the east broadway to the north and a vision and mission creek to the south. a larger core ads mission bay to the south and russian hill north beach and fisherman's war to the north the idea is to reduce gridlock, but not everyone is convinced that the plan would work seems a little bit crazy to stack. >> that feed just to get into downtown drive through very quickly. on top of the existing bridge fees. the money that could be raised from congestion pricing. we go into making other forms of transit such as my that can go into a community service. >> the transportation authority is hoping to submit a plan to the board of supervisors by the end of the
3:47 pm
year. but officials say even if congestion pricing is approved, it wouldn't take effect for at least 3 years. and next monday, bart will be increasing its service schedule. this comes a month earlier than originally planned agency says, though ridership is nowhere near pre-pandemic levels. it has seen a steady uptick recently during the pandemic schedules. they were scaled back to 09:00pm closures. but this expansion brings bart back to its midnight closures. bart will also be increasing the frequency of its trains instead of every 30 minutes and the non peak times will go back to every 15 minutes between trains. >> so that's going to be from our weekdays, 4 weekdays and saturdays are going to have a midnight closure sunday's. we're still going to close at 9 but to have trains every 15 minutes from 5 in the morning until 8 at night. and then after able go back to 30 minute frequencies. we really just trying to look where the demand was and really ramp up wherever we could.
3:48 pm
>> bart says it worked with labor partners to accelerate hiring station agents to make sure you could ramp up service. the new schedule goes into effect monday, august seconds. we're in the peninsula now we're daly city police are asking for the public's help to find this man suspected of stealing packages from a porch. the incident happened on july 25th and police say he has multiple tattoos on his hands, arms and head. if you see this man, you're asked to give daly city police a call. and new details in connection to this wild video of san francisco. you can see the driver slammed into multiple parked cars. this happened over the weekend. on mcallister street in the city's richmond district kron four's, taylor bisacky spoke to a neighbor and witness who says he's never seen or experienced anything like this before. >> pretty scary. it was really, really loud tires screeching. and he's like this tires are coming out. that's
3:49 pm
>> much pressing the throttle neighbor ji soo kim describes these terrifying moments from saturday when he says this driver hit multiple parked cars in almost right over somebody working outside >> 2 cars right there. and he went back and forth maybe about 3 or 4 times. it all happened on the callous or street in san francisco's richmond district. kim says the driver only stopped because his van dai to someone's mulling over cars or neighborhood. >> never seen the whole time living here. don't understand. can figure out what happened when they arrived on scene. san francisco police say they found multiple unoccupied vehicles damaged. they say the driver complained of injuries not related to the collision. >> he was later transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. thankfully no one else was hurt. in a statement on monday. sfpd said, quote, officers developed probable cause to arrest the driver for speeding unsafe backing no proof of insurance and driving with a suspended license in
3:50 pm
san francisco tiller key kron 4 news. >> the san jose earthquakes are mourning the loss of the team's first coach ivan top lack the team posted this remembrance on twitter saying top black was a world class manager who left a lasting impact on the players. he coached he coached at sanford before joining the earthquakes in 1974. it is weather time as we take a live look outside towards downtown san francisco. clear blue skies here in san francisco and out along the east bay shoreline. prof are meteorologist john shrable has our forecast well, today definitely comes along with a different feel than the past couple of days. did i hope you enjoyed yesterday's cool field monsoonal moisture has returned to the bay area. >> that's resulted in some high level clouds and that muggy feel you may have noticed as you stepped outside of points, san jose skies of definitely brightened up and that started in the south bay will continue as monsoonal moisture continues to exit the region just couple of sprinkles this morning. we can
3:51 pm
be thankful that we didn't really tap into the thunderstorm activity that staying offshore during early morning hours skies are going to return to their sunny afternoon conditions as we work our way through the rest of this forecast and you can expect a much drier feel after today's mcgee feel as you're getting out there 60's and 70's for your highs in san francisco and 60's right along the coastline today. temperatures along the bay shore mostly in the 70's 80's burlingame 83 foster city right at 80 degrees. redwood city at 85 south bay daytime highs, mostly mid 80's. but we do have a couple of 90's back for morgan hill knows gatos more than just a couple of 90's for the east bay. some of our hottest of temperatures in east bay inland valleys. among those danville at 96, a full 20 degrees cooler. if you want to head on over to oakland at 76 vacaville. also reaching that 96 degree daytime high today making for a really warm what as you step outside. so we're going to be ending on a july on a really warm note after today. we don't have the humidity, but we still have
3:52 pm
the 90's wednesday, thursday friday into saturday. your last days of the month. we cool little bit into the start of next month. >> up next, one to drive like bay area native tom hanks that could soon be a reality. you will tell you what his toyota land
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. >> you soon can be driving hollywood star and oakland native tom hanks personal four-wheel drive hanks is
3:55 pm
putting his customized 1980 toyota landcruiser up for auction. the jeep like vehicle has been upgraded has an upgraded engine that turns out a 180 horse powers also been lifted and fitted with off-road tires. the interior sports a pair of porch high back seats in the dash was also autographed by hanks himself. the land cruisers expected to get between 75,000 and a $125,000 when it goes on the bottoms quail lodge auction on august 13th. >> love is in the air. that's hugo and is straight and the endangered galapagos tortoise is meeting up for the first phase time workers at a reptile park in australia say hugo is 70 in finally ready to settle down. so they arranged for a stray. it arrived from germany, but pandemic restrictions are forcing them to stay apart. so the park decided this ritual date could hold them over for now. now
3:56 pm
chemistry, as you can see was apparently the 7 kids. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on tonight. joe donlon brings us a preview from chicago. >> tonight on the donlon report. a punch to the gut masks coming back. just when we thought it was safe. what is the ever changing guidance due to the spirit of america. plus, one of the world's best athletes walks away during the olympics. does it send a message about mental health. now here's a new and better with a preview of on >> thanks, joe. testimony capitol hill riots americans deserve answers with both sides pointing fingers. what we all have to gain when it's said and done. that's coming up tonight on balance followed by news nation. prime. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed here. we also have details available on our website. kron 4 dot com. now the news doesn't end here. our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app. and here's a look at what's coming up. search crews
3:57 pm
are looking for a missing hiker in yosemite. plus, another bay area city. the soon declared a water emergency. >> just use your phone to scan the qr code you see on your screen right now to catch those stories and more this qr code that will take you directly to your phone's app store where you can download the kron on app. >> for free. >> that's it for kron 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia. thanks for watching.
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