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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 27, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> thanks for waking up with us on a tuesday. big news about masks. we're going to have in a stage is first, though, weather and traffic will start off with john in the weather center get an idea of the forecast for this tuesday. guys definitely looking like a great one for much of the bay area right now. but look at this view, right near morning just a little bit. you can see that low cloud cover streaming through the golden gate right now and that sunshine peering its way back out beyond as well. a little bit of san francisco popping up behind those clouds. and we actually do have some thunderstorm activity just west of the city out offshore getting a look at radar. a lot of storms are heading to the north just off shore. the bay. this is actually really good news. you heard me talking about dry thunderstorm potential yesterday into early morning hours, we have seen offshore lightning but passing really quietly passed the bay and that actually reduces our fire
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risk. so this is good news. the showers where we want to see a knot on land 60's for current temperatures, livermore and fairfield beach at 67 oakland alameda in hayward back in the low 60's now berkeley and san francisco among spots still holding on to the 50's reyna. tom, thanks for that. a lot going on out there on this tuesday morning. we have a hot spot. >> here along the dunbarton 4 westbound. there's an accident blocking 2 lanes here. that is causing a delay all along 8.80, and a lot of people are often go ahead and take the san mateo bridge and drive times are going up over there as well. 22 minutes for you as you're heading across towards the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula, the air. and like i just mention along the dunbar bridge about 55 pits bay bridge. also pretty busy a little under 18 minutes for your drive time. there's a traffic picking up in this last 30 minutes or so across all of our bridges and the richmond sandra fell commute as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 14 things along the golden gate look pretty great. about 20 minutes for you there. daryn,
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james will have more coming up. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, renay to one is the time. some breaking news just into the kron 4 news room. the cdc is expected to revise its indoor mask guidance for fully vaccinated. people later today. the health experts say they're recommending fully vaccinated. people wear masks indoors in certain situations as the covid-19 virus surges. once again. they last updated. the mask rules on june 29th and the cdc at that point said anybody who is not fully vaccinated. >> and at least 2 yeais old to wear a mask when you're inside. but now you know, this this is the imminent that they're going to change this. the top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci says the u.s. is going in the wrong direction. the covid variant delta has started spreading. it is rampant among the unvaccinated and it's especially rampant and big cities where a lot of people like to gather. and one of the big warnings on that is coming out from a vegas. that's
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another story that we've been following live this morning. one of the big stories that we're that what's going on vegas in florida. and then also what bars are doing in san francisco because they before the cdc even today. they said you have to wear a mask indoors. and so now it looks like they're going to have the cdc's blessing with that. >> as well. vaccinated or not. you're going to have to show you that that you have a negative covid test or that you have recently been fully vaccinated. this is all part of the sf bar alliance or bar owners alliance. they say they're taking the steps affective this coming thursday proffers amanda hari takes a closer look at what they're planning to do. >> the founder of the alliance tells me that the delta variant made it a parent of a need to do something. the bar alliance has 500 members represent about 300 bars throughout san francisco. that's the majority of the bars. >> in the last few weeks. we started lar ming number of bar staff were vaccinated
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contracting the delta variant. >> founder of the san francisco bar owner alliance. ben bleiman says the situation was becoming dire. he says multiple bars had to shut down because of positive cases. they just took a look at the data. >> and you know, the data doesn't lie and it's very clear if you're unvaccinated much, much, much, much, much more likely to spread it blaming decided to reach out to the members of the informal alliance to see if they were interested in official position from the group about requiring proof of vaccination. we did a poll and we have over 80% of respondents before he says unvaccinated individuals can still patronize bars on my face. it outdoors. that's ok, but they want to step foot in our bars. they're going to be a better did he also says that the alliance's official stance is that parklets and patios are okay for unvaccinated individuals. but each bar countries to enforce things. however, they walked they can be more strict or not require
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any proof of vaccination. no, we're already seeing some of the most premier bars in san francisco. >> do this. you know, you have the edge in the castro, which is debatable. we want to not that you know, the most popular bar and castro. he says the bar industry has been hit hard by covid-19. >> and they need to do what they can to keep their doors open. we have mouths to feed your grants to pay for homes and for the first 12 months, this was a virus that we can control now we can control the founder tells me he's not necessarily trying to change minds, but that he's trying to protect workers and their families in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> 8. '05, a recent report show that huge number of healthcare workers are still unvaccinated for covid-19. in fact, one in for hospital workers nationwide hasn't even received a single dose of the vaccination over 50 national medical association sent organizations are now calling for a nationwide mandate for health care workers to get the
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shot. >> commissions and nurses are very much trusted by their patients. but, you know, if i'm going to ask you to do something. i do it myself. and so from that perspective, it's also leadership role for doctors and nurses who got who got to give good critical advice of their patients. and if we're not willing to take the vaccine. you know, how we tell our patients that is safe and effective for them. >> the state of california isn't waiting for a national vaccine mandate. governor newsome in fact, has announced plans to require health care workers to have proof of vaccination or negative test results starting sometime next month. and then there's the children. and if you have young kids who are too young to get vaccinated. i know you're especially concerned about them. well, pfizer and moderna. >> are expanding their covid vaccine trials to younger children hopefully to eventually say that it's safe for them. the fda has reportedly asked these companies to add 3,000 kids between the ages of 5 and 11 to go into their ongoing
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studies. they're at the same time you might have heard about a rare side effect was heart inflammation and some people under the age of 30 and the cdc does point out that most of those patients recovered quickly after getting treatment for that side effect. then there's what's going on in some big vegas. one of them and they is only behind florida more cities are having covid problem. yeah. and the warnings going out now. probably not a good idea to visit those cities. in fact, last week the white house singled out las vegas. >> saying according to data, it was the worst large city when it comes to transmission of coronavirus only to be unseated this week by those 3 cities in florida. kron four's will tran is at sfo. >> have you seen anybody who's heading off to vegas today. >> not yet because the first flight for vegas is at 10 o'clock this morning. so night yet, but i did talk to a man who came back from vegas a couple of weeks ago. so all
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have a stake in just a few moments. pretty interesting about his take on sin city opening before other places. and if you're going to sin city right now. it's a gamble. you might not want to take because the positivity rate for covid-19 is at 14%. the vaccination rate for clark county and las vegas is in clark county at around 39%. so that is not very high, which is why with james talked about when the white house is advising you perhaps you should not go to vegas if you're not vaccinated, that's never a good sign if you're vaccinated, you could still go. but we've done stories. we're even vaccinated. people have come down with covid-19 perhaps not fatal. but do you really want to roll the dice on that one. i for one, do not want to roll the dice. i know that there are 3 flights taking off, at least from this terminal to vegas today with the first one at 10 o'clock this morning. a lot of people they've heard about this. and as i promised, here's the
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gentleman who just got get back from vacant biggest a couple of weeks ago. here's his take on whether it was safe. >> a little bit, a little bit just because, you know, it's it's kind of new to be back open a 100%. see everybody else about the mask on you know, the pool parties the night clubs. you know, closed atmosphere, stuff like that is a little worrisome, but you know, it was nice to see certain people kind of the that keep the it and what weren't getting too close. everybody son. >> so he did say when he said a little bit. a little bit. what is he referring to? was he was a little bit nervous. and that's even before the uptick in covid-19 cases. he said he probably would not go now, he probably would go to the other 3 cities in florida as well. and here's the list for you. you guys talked about it las vegas number for the other 3 cities that bump vegas from the top spot. all 4 florida cities orlando, jacksonville and miami. so you got to be careful and we are waiting for the cdc to come
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out with their recommendation. and we'll see what they do with las vegas because las vegas skies. when they're telling people to advise him to wearing their mask indoors. that's an emergency for them because they were very resistant to that. we'll see what happens after the cdc comes down with a recommendation. but right now there's no mask mandate across the board in las vegas. back to okay. thanks a lot. well, and obviously with the cdc coming out this morning saying they're likely going to be. >> updating their guidelines. you're going to want to stay updated on the very latest with what's happening right now and what's coming down the way. >> just scan that qr code. it will take you to a special section of kron 4 dot com that we've set up to cover all things covid-19 related, including the latest guidelines not only nationally but locally as well. so stay up all of that. the kron 4 dot com 8.10, and new this morning, we have breaking news out of tokyo. first of all, us women. >> one, the silver in team
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gymnastics. they fell to russia, which won the gold and great britain took bronze. yeah. but that came after some drama superstar american gymnast simone biles pulled out of the team. final competition at the last minute after struggling. >> on the vault really been struggling from the get go. she wasn't seen leaving the arena with a medical staff member and then came back. luckily with her ankle taped to cheer her fellow competitors on from the sidelines. all team usa would say is that she is. coming recovering from a medical issue. but they weren't any more specific than that. so still a lot of question marks surrounding it, but it was a big development for viles. anthony us women's gymnastics team. they are. they were the favorites to win gold. but as daria said, they come away with the silver now and what about some about going forward. that's the question. so they're going to say they're going to assess or like on a daily basis and decided she's going to go into the other competitions that coming up. >> and also big news for team usa the women soccer team are yes. so we're on to the quarter finals berause we drew we had a draw with australia
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which is a good thing. as a good talker 0, 0, so 8.11 right now. and still ahead, a new push by the oakland police. the fbi to stop. >> crime will tell you what they're going to do. and after the break, it could be more expensive or get more expensive depending on what they decide to drive san francisco in certain parts with tell you where this charge zone might happen and how much it would plus, san francisco shared spaces program. a lot of businesses like it for outdoor dining. but we're going to tell you why some people are having a hard time navigating the sidewalks because of it. pretty comfortable on the coastline today with temperatures climbing into the upper 60's a lot of cloud cover out that way. as far as inland areas going to return of the 90's today. so warmer than yesterday was. >> your forecast is ahead. >> and we're actively stay on top of a hot spot along the john barton bridge and our other bridges are seen some pretty dense traffic as well. we'll have a look at that once we get back.
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with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >> 8.15 right now and for your money, it could cost you more just to drive through. san francisco's busiest neighborhoods. yeah, they're exploring the possibility of implementing what they're calling congestion pricing. >> so if you drive through the what they're going to find is the downtown during the weekdays during commute hours.
8:16 am
they're going to charge you upwards of 6 and a half dollars for each of the 2 times you come in first 2 times you come into the city during that were not. >> this is on top of the bridge. by the way, we're not talking about it will bridge tolls right. 6, but they say will be a sliding scale. so how they're going says on income. we're wondering how they're going force the whole thing and how they would take the tolls. yeah, but there's 2 different versions of where this zone would charging would be under one proposal. the corps would basically this be at this area in yellow boarded by broadway division. van ness and the bar coderre. then there's a larger definition of what the court could be and those would include the brown areas here that for yeah, i like it could. where attractions up top talk and russian hill. we're talking hill barkhad arrow up there near fisherman's wharf. >> you're 39. yeah, i this will reduce gridlock, although it would send everybody somewhere else. and i guess would net. let's let's take a listen. >> seems a little bit crazy to
8:17 am
stack. >> that feed just to get into downtown drive through very quickly. on top of the existing bridge fees. the money that could be raised from congestion pricing. we go into making other forms of transit such as my that can go into a community service. >> yeah, but here's the good part take a long time to figure they have to submit plans itself and even then they say that it would be 3 years before they acted. so we have time guys to get our car pulling together because of kron is in that, you know, we've got to go with it. so we have to leave our car and they go into the zone. that's my suggestion. i like that something 6 and a half dollars every day on top of the bridge tolls, the ickes late. you're you're just in the way this beautiful shot. hold on everywhere. we did this beautiful weather shot. everyone took their cameras out during the commercial break to take a picture of this picture. it's phenomenal perfect. yeah. i just yeah. mother nature showing us a little you know, little bit of
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aglow this morning. it's nice your thing. i'm going take while. talking there we go. there we go. due qr code on his right now. it is right now of it is really nice morning out there. in fact, we were talking dry thunderstorms that potential yesterday. fortunately those thunderstorms have passed over thus far with minimal impact across the bay area and see this little bit of a greater perspective from berkeley right here. we do have cloud cover overhead and you can see that we do have showers sitting right offshore this morning bay area actually relatively quiet looking a little bit further to the north. you can see this line of showers right here. it's come with lightning strike after a lightning strike during overnight hours. but right where you want to see that lightning over the ocean because had you seen that over the bay. that's where that risk of fire comes from as well. certainly we like to tap into the rain. but we didn't need those thunderstorms. honestly with high fire danger as high as it presently is
8:19 am
60's 70's for your daytime highs in san francisco as well as right along the coastline. well, temperatures right along the bay shore today in the 70's to 80's millbrae 80 warmer one in foster city. also 80 palo alto at 83 degrees. south bay temperatures mid 80's to low 90's depending on where you're talking. definitely a noticeably warmer one fremont on up to hayward in the 80's. well, pleasanton and livermore at 94 degrees each oakland a really nice escape from some of the hotter temperatures elsewhere in the east bay at 76 degrees right now 80's to 90's across the north bay to yesterday was a cool one in the 70's. so this is a noticeable change of pace from where we have her for your monday that just that slight chance of lingering thwnderstorms into the early afternoon after that. we're in the clear literally we're not looking at any chance of rainfall or thunderstorms for that matter. mid-nineties for your highs. wednesday, thursday and friday reyna. tom, thanks for that. it got so good news in regards to this hot spot. we've been actively following.
8:20 am
>> all throughout the morning along the dunbar bridge. so we were up to 50 minutes earlier. they just cleared the roadways here, 84 westbound that have been blocked at least 2 lanes there. all lanes are now clear. so again, it could take some time for that traffic to die down just a little bit. 33 minutes for you now and that's a big improvement from 55 minutes head in a cross towards the peninsula. an uptick in drive times because this is the closest bridge, jason to the dumbarton bridge. see a lot of people taking this bridge as a result of that. 24 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. the bay bridge also starting to look a little bit of that earlier up to about 19 minutes or so. there now we're down to under 16 is a traveling to that fremont street exit and the richmond. sandra fell bridge. we're in the double digits now as you're heading across towards center field at 14. we're staying on top of that and more of a darya and james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. 20 right now and it's been about 2 weeks now since the shared spaces program was made permanent and san francisco. this is where restaurants can have the outside dining yeah. parklets
8:21 am
and the businesses love it. right. however, not everybody is wild about the idea because some residents say pose challenges to those with mobility issues. >> kron four's noelle bellow explains. >> i know there's an awful lot of navigation problem. allan jones has lived in san francisco since 1960. >> born with spinal bifida. he's never been able to walk without assistance and currently uses a wheelchair or scooter. he says he was a fan of the shared spaces program temporarily because he understood businesses needed help to stay afloat amid the pandemic. but now it's created an obstacle course for people like him noticed there with difficult just navigating. >> people are kind, but they feel we're just in the way the city of san francisco board of supervisors voted in mid july to make the program permanent. >> and though there are a host of rules in place to maintain straight clear paths of travel jones says the way many
8:22 am
restaurants have their tables and chairs set up are not ada compliant. some of them are just perfectly fine. but i spent 3 days a week in newark. tell you it's a mess. there. the city. didn't honor system in allowing these businesses to comply with a get and on the 31st anniversary of the passing of 88. >> i'm making a stand and said. no. >> for more than 60 million americans living with disabilities. days so much more than a law is a source of opportunity participation. independent living and respect and dignity. president biden marked the anniversary of the americans with disabilities act on monday. >> jones says making sure all businesses are in compliance with ada should not be a tough ask there's no way in the world that does part it program is going to continue the blocked my path and the
8:23 am
path of many others like me who have mobility challenges now jones has since filed in ada complaint with the state here at kron 4. we've reached out to the san francisco board of supervisors and the mayor's office of disability. >> but have not yet heard back oom. noelle bellow
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san jose diocese victim street ministry hosted a vigil for all of those people who were killed by the vta railyard shooter. the victim street ministries dedicated. >> to calling attention to the stories behind the murder victims behind them. you know, these are people with faces and histories and. >> names and may read all of the 9 names of the victims and shared stories about them. >> we believe that the people who are are gone. our in resting safely in the arms of god. but we do want we're seeing compassion to come down up on all those who left behind their loved ones. we want them to know that they are loved and we will never forget.
8:27 am
>> and so, you know, it's not just about looking at their names and their ages. it was about what they did was sharing memories sharing stories, sharing photos. so really drive home the fact that these are real people who lost their lives and they want to remember them. >> a 26 is the time. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news former california senator barbara boxer was robbed in oakland. we'll tell you what happened and what police are doing to try to solve the crime. we'll be right back.
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>> 30's the time right now and we are checking out the well, it looks like it's been clearing. yeah. so a little bit fog out there and those are going to come back to get us. hopefully they're on their way out. we've got john weather center following it all. good morning, yeah, that fog is just sitting there at the coastlines looking at us. we do have great overhead elsewhere in the bay area. but fog's. >> staying pretty limited to the coastline this morning overall conditions out there today will clear out later on. you can senior center tower cam right here looking down at the city. it's sitting under that low gray currently good news actually in the way of the thunderstorms were talking about yesterday. lot of those are sitting offshore and you can actually see those pockets of heavier rainfall associated
8:31 am
with that cloud to ground lightning sitting away from us. so it's been a quiet morning for the bay area. it's actually what we need to ensure we love the rain, but we do not need the lightning as far as fire danger goes 50's and 60's for current temperatures. livermore dublin and fairfield. some of our warmer spots right now at 67 reyna. tom, thanks for that. and we're seeing a lot of improvement along the department bridge because remember, we have that hot spot there. >> now says they've been able to clear that off of the bridge there. 18 minutes for your drive time heading for a team in the park. so again, not down to where we normally have like true the were in the single digits here. it's going to take you a little almost 20 minutes way better than 60 minutes. the san mateo bridge. a lot of people taken that bridge because of that hot spot. look at where we're at almost 30 minutes for you to travel across towards pencil there. so keep that in mind. if you do have to travel heading into the city under 15 minutes about 14. it looks like we have bumper to bumper traffic and it's time to get much lower along 5.80, and 80 as you're traveling there. the
8:32 am
richmond sandra fell bridge were at 15. and again, keeping a close eye on that. so we'll have more that caryn. james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. renay 31 is the time and big story out of oakland police and federal leaders are joining forces now with a plan to try and stop crime in oakland's chinatown. as you probably know the last year they have seen a dramatic increase in robberies and attacks there. many targeting elderly asian americans. the kron four's dan storm with the story. >> local and federal law enforcement announced new action to keep violent crimes like this from happening in chinatown. the video from earlier this month showing 2 women being robbed in broad daylight along 9th street. the brazen crime happening in the same area where an elderly man with a cane was pistol whipped and robbed. the idea. >> that i most marginalized community. our seniors will be walking down the street and be accosted in assaulted and robbed clearly unacceptable. >> oakland police chief
8:33 am
leronne armstrong standing with other leaders, right where the 2 violent crimes happened. the chief says they'll be putting more uniformed officers on the streets. business leaders say perpetrators should also face stricter punishments and many, many criminals. >> they understand so well, but that many of us and especially many young people committing crimes. yes, they realizing that when they commit a crime, they can just walk rate easily. >> federal authorities, including the atf and the fbi will be helping oakland police. their focus is going after illegal guns and curbing hate crimes. we want you to know that we are listening and we will continue to listen and work. >> to combat that are acts of violence against the hpi community. oakland police have not said whether the 2 recent rohberies and assaults were acts of hate or crimes of opportunity. and we've been looking at these incidents. >> we released video to the public because we truly do need the public's help. somebody knows these individuals who are responsible for these crimes. and we hope.
8:34 am
>> that they feel is important. the civic duty to report it. >> reporting in oakland. dan thorn. >> kron 4 news also in oakland, former california senator barbara boxer was attacked and robbed near her home. >> she is 80 years old. she's lived there for years. she was robbed yesterday afternoon near oakland's jack london square. >> somebody pushed her in the back stoller phone and then jumped into a getaway car. >> senator boxer's, okay this morning, but she is the latest victim now of what we have seen happening more and more around the bay. people being attacked in broad daylight people live and work near jack london square are concerned. >> have no interest in breaking news. car break ins in common. but the idea some ways you know, actually putting people down mugging them. a totally different. >> we definitely try not to were, you know, just keep very
8:35 am
close eye on people walking around up security cameras are on the >> in the police are looking at those security camera's the video they gather from a number of buildings in the area. am. there's a $2000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. >> also in the east bay antioch mayor lamar thor unveiled a citywide plan to suppress crime. he wants utilize the city's public nuisance laws too as quickly as possible. clean up the neighborhoods. he says it will consist of removing young people that are committing crimes, take them off the streets and offer them instead a job. the first focus will be on the sycamore corridor. and then later expanding citywide. here's the mayor talking more about it. the mayor city apprenticeship program. >> that will hire minors and young adults that are involved in illicit activities. if you can show up at 08:00am here. this out. don't. you can show up to city hall. you can shop the public works. you can show up anywhere in this city to
8:36 am
earn a living the right way. we're more than happy to train. you were more than happy to provide the opportunities that you need, but you won't be doing this anymore. my city. >> antioch city council will be hearing his proposal tonight. in addition, there. thorpe has proposed police over time for proactive enforcement and also a partnership with the contra costa county probation department. the chp, by the way, still investigating that shooting on highway 4 that killed 24 year-old india. prince and left her brother seriously injured. this happened saturday night in concord, family members tell us that india was born and raised in the bay area was living in antioch at the time of the shooting. she has a 2 year-old son and they say she will be deeply missed. >> she was just an amazing spirit and she just she didn't. she didn't i believe that the community will come together we will find the person that killed my knees because she so much more live in to do.
8:37 am
>> and his aunt says that she was shot once in the heart died at the scene. her brother was shot 6 times and he still in the hospital. >> 8.36 in the north bay. a 14 year-old boy is dead and another boy is in police custody after a shooting in fairfield. it happened sunday. police went to a call of a possible collision on train tracks behind state street when they got there, found a 14 year-old boy who had been shot. he died and another 14 year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of murder. police say the shooting does not appear to have been gang related. if a 6 people face charges now following a chaotic sideshow over the weekend. it happened in vallejo. take a look from overhead. there were more than a 100 cars blocking the intersections of tennessee street and maple avenue as well as sonoma boulevard and lemon street. one of the windows of a patrol car was shattered and one of the vehicles in the sideshow was involved in a hit and run and
8:38 am
apparently the crowd got so rowdy that the chp air support was called out for assistance. all of those who are arrested are now facing felony charges. >> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news details on new efforts to get new polling places set up for the governor's recall election will tell you what officials are doing in marin county to get that done. plus wildfires continue to burn out of control across northern california will have very latest on the firefighting effort and we are seeing skies trying to clear across parts of the bay area as not all that bad. 70's 80's and the return of 90's today in this forecast. >> thunderstorm potential starts to diminish this afternoon. your forecast that. >> and the dunbarton bridges finally start to recover from a hot spot that we have the air, but we're seeing traffic spill over on to other bridges
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more.
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put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. >> and we're back 8.41. is the time. our wildfire coverage continues now with firefighters from all across california working together to try and contain the dixie fire. it's burned more than 208,000 acres. that's a new number this morning. it continues to grow. the fire has been burning up in butte and plumas counties. it's just 23% contained. that's a one percent increase from earlier this morning. so again, some progress on that front, too. crews have had to battle this blaze mostly from the air because you can see in this video just how rugged the terrain is pretty difficult to get around at least 22 structures have been burned to the ground so far with more
8:42 am
than 10,000 threatened several evacuation orders are still in place pg and e now reporting to california to the regulators that its equipment may have been what sparked that dixie fire. they're still looking into that. meanwhile, near the california-nevada border crews are still working to contain the tamarack fire. that's the one that's been burning for nearly 3 weeks now up in alpine county, mandatory evacuation orders are in place for about a dozen communities more than 68,000 acres has burned containment is now up at 54%. we'll take a break. >> time now is a 42. we'll be right back.
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8:44 am
8:45 am
>> 8.45 and that just didn't want to give you an update on the olympics naomi osaka is out and she had the best, you know, a limb pick start where she lit the candle and she let the ceremony of the called run. and we're also excited for her to come back to tennis and then but now. >> ye, yes. so she was out. so that was under 4 days. her whole adventure is over. she lost. and that's our ground and. >> that's a disappointment. so we've been talking about the u.s. women a move on to fires and saw for sure. so there's something to celebrate there. >> that despite the fact the number of covid cases is on the rise. that's been a constant worry. in fact, just this morning took the reported its highly daily number of covid infections with nearly
8:46 am
3,000 new infections. yeah, and they do have restrictions in place. but it's taking an impact on the whole town and city of tokyo. justin surrency has more. >> for the first time since january in tokyo. the rolling seven-day average of positive covid-19 cases is over 1500 the city continues to be in their 4th state of emergency. some restaurant owners feel like they are the ones taking the hit as most businesses return to normal as much of the world sees joy and jubilation as athletes reach their sport's pinnacle. >> restaurant owners in japan feel different. absolutely. does >> living in japan since 1996 marks spencer owns 3 restaurants in tokyo, including the how goblin british pub, where the coffee shops are open to public are open. disneyland is open. all these kind of places are open. >> menagement to focus restaurants. so, i mean, if the bounce pass for the international olympic committee could rake in an estimated 4 billion dollars in revenue from the olympics.
8:47 am
tokyo's 4th state of emergency weaves marks businesses. >> unable to serve alcohol in close by 08:00pm when when your >> you know. >> 60% of your cells is that was huge, huge impact. spencer also says restrictions of no fans during the olympics have left residents confused in seems contradictory the opening night. the olympics. there was a baseball stadium. really 500 meters away from big stadium and that had a crowded that despite the setback. >> spencer says with 20% of japanese adults, fully vaccinated science is creating a positive reaction, but can >> most of my friends will been vaccinated now much like hustling. back my cousin. you know, jane months ago that wasn't the case. >> in tokyo. i'm just concerned. but on a good note, there's that 17 year-old swimmer the u.s. what we a net won the gold, which is awesome. exciting. >> and then don't bring it down again. what about the backstroke the u.s. lawsuits have first time we lost since
8:48 am
92 before you were born probably don't worry. we're going. it will will get the medal count. we always do always have whether now with john. good morning, john, we've got to start practice backstrom so were going swimming in well, i don't know how they do it's going to hit the wall. they do the practice flip turn you guys can respect for well, 100 weather center forecast this morning showing a little bit of gray out there for sure. >> it has actually been a much calmer than what it could have been. we were talking those dry thunderstorms all morning. yesterday. >> preparing you for that potential this morning. lot of passed just off shore is this is actually really good for the bay area this morning. a berkeley definitely gray overhead right now starting to brighten up more and more over san jose. you can see exactly what i'm talking about when we're talking about how those storms of really passed to the west. there's a couple of sprinkles spots across the bay, mostly near the coastline
8:49 am
itself. but the heavier rainfall in the rain that's associated with any cloud to ground lightning is over the ocean or it's possible to start any fires have happened over the day. that's where your fire risk would have been a big issue. this line of storms is actually even more significant resulting in more and more lightning strikes but also passed just off shore. so really sparing the bay area that we're super 10 shull very thankfully 60's and 70's for your highs. in san francisco today and 60's right along the coastline temperatures along the bay shore in the 70's 80's burlingame 83 saying carlos 86 palo alto 83 degrees as well. while the south bay looking at a warmer afternoon. then yesterday mid 80's to low 90's depending on where you're at union city in fremont at 8284 pleasanton and livermore. you guys were so nice yesterday today it's 94 degrees oakland a great spot to get to the 76 degrees for your high today. it's danville and vacaville that are very hot spots at 96 degrees. each while santa rosa down through center fell in
8:50 am
the 80's tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's, but we're get rid of this thunderstorm potential really good news. thursday and friday a little bit warmer but not much different. and then we kick off august on sunday, temperatures start to drop a little bit into the start of the new month. reyna. tom, thanks for that. we are looking at the bay bridge where as you can see. >> traffic is the opposite of light or a little under 90 minutes for your drive. time to make it from the east bay to that fremont street exit. and again, we had an earlier hot spot along the dumb barton bridge. saw a lot of people taking the san mateo bridge to try to get over to the peninsula. 23 minutes for you. typically are under 13 minutes for your drive time around this time. but that's why we're seeing a delay here. dunbar bridge has recovered that down to 12 minutes, 8, 8, in the park will take the just about that much time and the richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond. a little under 13. we'll have more coming up throughout the morning. the daryn james, back to you. all right. rain, a thank you very 50 is the time some new details now
8:51 am
connection with his wild video out of san francisco. >> you can see the driver of this van is careening into multiple parked cars. a mystery onlookers were stunned to watch this play out over the weekend on mcallister street in the city's richmond district. in fact, offer super spoke with a neighbor in the area who says he has never seen anything like this. >> pretty scary. it was really, really loud. tires screeching. he's like this tires are coming out. that's >> much pressing the throttle neighbor ji soo kim describes these terrifying moments from saturday when he says this driver hit multiple parked cars and almost run over somebody working outside >> 2 cars right there. and he went back and forth maybe about 3 or 4 times. it all happened on the callous or street in san francisco's richmond district. kim says the driver only stopped because his van dai to someone's mulling over cars or neighborhood. >> never seen the whole time
8:52 am
living here. don't understand. can. >> figure out what happened when they arrived on scene. san francisco police say they found multiple unoccupied vehicles damaged. they say the driver complained of injuries not related to the collision. he was later transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. thankfully no one else was hurt. in a statement on monday. sfpd said, quote, officers developed probable cause to arrest the driver for speeding unsafe backing no proof of insurance and driving with a suspended license in san francisco tiller key kron 4 news. >> in the north bay, marin county officials for the election. they're working overtime to get ready for the recall election because they don't have much time normally they would have a couple of months, at least several months to complete prepare. you've got to hire poll workers secure the polling places, get the mail in ballots ready. but with this recall election run county officials have 2 months to get it all done. that's our team's
8:53 am
been just been making phone calls since july. second, the day after the election was called. >> getting location set up as well as starting to call poll workers to see who's available. >> but they're sure they're confident that anybody who wants to vote is going to be able to they're going to have covid safety in place and everything. speaking voting as we go to the break, what do you think is cooler. the flip term, the flood turn in the pool or nice tie. a nice dive, right. what's some of that pool party. okay. probe will use >> foot turn more often because not many died boards nobody does that anymore to liability with turn from. and we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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>> 56 the time quick update on barry baseball. we know the giants still have the best record in the nl west. we'll have to keep that up by beating the dodgers. those that come to oracle park tonight. the giants will have to win the series if they want to extend the lead. we know they've had a pretty good track record against the dodgers. at least they won the last series with them. when they were down in la. so we'll see what happens. first pitch for tonight's game 6.45 and then as for oakland, they want to turn their lives around. they're coming off a three-game slump. 3rd. >> yeah. i mean, to sound put a stop to sure as best we can.
8:57 am
but that's okay. we got the padres ahead. that series starts tonight. we'll see if we switch our fortune, your first pitch 7, 10, 8.56 coming up in the next hour, new push by governor newsom to get health care workers vaccinated. >> a new mandate begins in just a few days and stay away from vegas because what happens in vegas hasn't been staying in vegas. covid is spreading from people going there. when i tell you why it's not a safe bet. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> and thanks for waking up with us on the finest hour because you don't get up till 9 it be james lucky you. yeah. if you are waking up right now, you're waking up to a lot of sunshine and a good bit of the bay right now. yeah. but be a little green spots close to the coast bring about end of late. you can miss the good stuff for the bad stuff is today. it seems that you're just in i think everyone's just in time. if you're watching right now, you've got to sleep an and you're also seeing some of our nicest conditions we've seen so far this morning. >> because you didn't miss too much earlier. it's been pretty gray this morning. some good news during our overnight hours. we did not see a lot of thunderstorm development over


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