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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 26, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> 2 months ago, 9 people were gunned down by a deranged co-worker at the valley transportation authority in san jose marking the grim anniversary was a church group dedicated to preserving the memory of crime victims while offering prayer for their families. kron four's rob fladeboe has more on this story. he's live tonight in san jose. rob. >> that's right. grant to the community is not likely to forget anytime soon. what happened 2 weeks ago this morning here at the vta railyard. but that today there were stories and prayers to help us remember the people who perished here on that terrible day. let's take a look.
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>> seeing was born in india was raising his family in union city. he worked for vta for 14 years and was a light rail operator just outside the still shuttered entrance to the vta railyard. the san jose diocese victims street ministry gathered to pray for the victims of those murdered here by a co-worker 2 months ago today holding a sign bearing the names of all 9 victims was claudia book near. we realized that it's like a tidal wave of people being involved it's it. is just so many. the victim street ministry is dedicated to calling attention to the stories behind the names of all murder victims in the community. >> sharing stories and memories of each of the vta 9 and calling on the community to remember those names whose group leader leak handlers. you know, life goes by quick enough as it is and these guys went to work that day. not knowing that would be their last day. so we're here to remember them and not and they're not forget. yes,
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echoing that sentiment was roberta fitzpatrick, whose great niece was murdered in 2005. >> even after the court things are over the public. is finished. the family still struggle. and i just don't want them forgotten the names of all 9 victims. also read aloud prayers included shooter. samuel cassidy. >> whose murderous rampage touched the lives of countless family members and friends. they too must not be forgotten, said claudia book, mary, we believe that the people who are are gone. our in resting safely in the arms of god. but. >> we do want we're seeing compassion to come down up on all those who left behind their loved ones. we want them to know that they are loved to know that they are loved and we wil >> and as you can see, the vta railyard here has been shut
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down for the past 2 months. not 2 weeks to 2 months since shooting occurred. there's been some talk that the building should be raised or torn down and a monument erected in his probably too soon to make a call on that. meantime, the light rail itself also shut for 2 months and probably won't be running again until the first part of next month if not later live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> thank you, rob. now to the east bay officials in oakland's chinatown say crimes against the a p i community are becoming more frequent and more violent, local and federal law enforcement gathered today outside of the chinese independent baptist church. we're 2 violent attacks took place earlier this month. oakland's new police chief leronne armstrong said they've increased patrols in the city's chinatown area and in the eastern part of the city where they have seen steep increases in crime recently, but he says even with more officers on patrol. they still need the public's help to catch an put people behind these crimes behind
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bars. >> clearly we've seen incidents happening open. that has shocked their the idea. was marginalized community. our seniors will be walking down the street and the positive assaulted and robbed. it's clearly unacceptable. the oakland police department we've been looking at these incidents. we've released video to the public because we truly do meet the public's help. somebody knows these individuals who are responsible for these crimes. and we hope. if they feel is important civic duty to report. let police know who they are so that they could stop committing these crimes in our community. >> during today's press conference. the fbi special agent in charge said nationwide. they've seen a 63% increase in hate crime reports since 2019 a new california law bans police from sharing mug shots of the those charged with nonviolent crimes. >> governor newsom signed the bill on friday after it passed with bipartisan support. according to assembly, bill
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1475 agencies must remove booking photos on social media of someone accused of a nonviolent crime unless the agency can provide a compelling argument as to why it should stay online. the california public defenders association says the bill will reduce bias and protect those found not guilty from public humiliation and serious consequences like loss of employment. our housing. >> it has been almost 2 weeks since the shared spaces program was made permanent in san francisco, allowing restaurants to operate on city sidewalks and on streets. and while that is great for so many struggling restaurants. it presents a host of new challenges for people with mobility issues come for still bellow has more from one man who experiences those challenges first hat. >> i've noticed awful lot of navigation problem. allan jones has lived in san francisco since 1960. >> born with spinal bifida. he's never been able to walk
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without assistance and currently uses a wheelchair scooter. he says he was a fan of the shared spaces program temporarily because he understood businesses needed help to stay afloat amid the pandemic. but now it's created an obstacle course for people like him noticed there was difficult just navigating. >> people are kind, but they feel we're just in the way the city of san francisco board of supervisors voted in mid july to make the program permanent. >> and though there are a host of rules in place to maintain straight clear paths of travel jones says the way many restaurants have their tables and chairs set up are not ada compliant. some of them are just perfectly fine. but i spent 3 days a week in newark. tell you it's a mess. there. the city. didn't honor system in allowing these businesses to comply with a get and on
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the 31st anniversary of the passing of 88. >> i'm making a stand and said. no. >> for more than 60 million americans living with disabilities. days so much more than a law is a source of opportunity participation. independent living and respect and dignity. president biden marked the anniversary of the americans with disabilities act on monday. >> jones says making sure all businesses are in compliance with ada should not be a tough ask there's no way in the world that does part it program is going to continue the blocked my path and the path of many others might need who have mobility challenges now jones has since filed in ada complaint with the state here kron 4. we've reached out to the san francisco board of supervisors and the mayor's office of disability. >> but have not yet heard back in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> all good night to eat
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outside san francisco. little bit of fog. but hey, welcome to summer as we head into a brand new week. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow back from his camping trip yeah. cap'n right there in the out of the waters that they don't like that. very nice. there was a day. look. exactly very with you might be surprised, though. it was sunday. most the time up there to great time lot of wonderful sea life up out there right now. we do have the clouds that are moving back on shore. the fog is getting thick in very damp toward the goal-line got the monsoon up above and this is no joke. look at the clouds rolling up over the sierra nevada again, here come the thunderstorms all across the spine of the sierra nevada watching some of the monsoon roll through the bay area, too. >> even some reports, some light sprinkles outside mainly in the north bay today. you can see that's where come they're located now up in northern sonoma county. otherwise a lot of cloud cover near the coastline. now, tomorrow we'll see those temperatures pretty nice, but it could be muggy out there on the tropical feel to it. so subtropical moisture going to hang around through at least the first part of the day and then by the afternoon that
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should begin to retreat. but we're looking at about 84 degrees in redwood city temperatures in the south bay, the 80's and 90's going to be hot and sticky muggy there 97 in livermore about 97 walnut creek 97 brentwood. so a hot day inland for tomorrow. very tropical feel too, especially in the first part of the day and then as we head to the next couple days. things going to start to clear out as far as the monsoon those clouds roll back in again by the weekend. temperatures stay pretty hot inland throughout the week. >> i lawrence, we are taking a live look right now at downtown tokyo. coming up after the break, which events usa is expected to medal in. plus, weather delays for upcoming events. >> and with just under 2 months until the recall election. some county say they're struggling to get ready for it. why getting set for this
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>> in the north, a marine county election officials are working overtime these days to prepare for this upcoming recall election. now the state gave the green light to the recall election will earlier this month with plans for the election to be held september. >> 14 now. that is less than 2 and a half months for counties and election officials to get ready. election officials in marine say they're now struggling. but expect to be ready come election day. >> we absolutely will get this done. we may have fewer locations, but everybody will get a ballot in the mail. so it shouldn't impact their ability to vote in this election. it off.
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>> now. normally in marin county elections department spends months preparing for an election hiring poll workers securing polling places and getting mail in ballots ready. but with this recall, officials have less than 75 days to get it all done. for those of us who are voting in this recall election. we have even less time to get ready because the deadline for voter registration is just about a month away. that's on august 30th. you can register online through the california secretary of state's website. that address is on your screen right now. >> still ahead tonight, team usa going for gold, which usa going for gold, which events will most likely end when a truck hit my car, usa going for gold, which eventthe insurance companyd wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores
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>> after a slow start team usa piled up the medals on day 3 in tokyo. in the pool. the m n grabbed a gold medal in the 4 by 100 freestyle relay. women's silver. that's good. women's 400 meter freestyle relay in the pool disappointing result, though, for katie ledecky. she was edged out by an australian swimmer in the women's 400 meter freestyle. >> but becky did snag silver in that event. it's pretty good in a bid of us olympic history as jagger eaton. he becomes the first american to win a medal. >> in skateboarding. the 20 year-old arizona native. he took the bronze in the street skating competition. let's send things over now to kron 4 sanaz tahernia with where the
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u.s. expects to bring its metals home next. >> we are coming off a golden weekend for team usa us athletes collected 14 medals so far in the 2020 summer olympic games, some of which are gold and that medal count will only keep climbing kron four's andrew martin joins us now from tokyo and re. where does the u.s. rank as we stand now wilson a second as a country right now. but you would expect team usa to get a lot more medals here today in tokyo. you've got for meddling events in swimming. ryan murphy expected to win in the men's 100 back in the best qualifying time. he has both the world record and the olympic record. he was a gold medalist in rio. lilly king is swimming today. expect her to do well in the pool. she's in the breaststroke. the women's 100 also coming up later tonight here in tokyo, the women's gymnastics final where all eyes will be on team usa, but specifically on some own bile. so right now in the medal count team usa second as
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a country expect those numbers to climb in just a few hours. so now i know simone biles as she is a star from which competition committee. can we expect more gold 14 us am assuming gymnastics has to be one of them. >> well, yes. and the u.s. women's gymnastics team has won gold in the last 2 olympics. they're going for a three-peat simone biles already considered the best gymnast of our time. she's going to compete in all 5 events and what's crazy about her is crazy in a good way. of course, as talented as she is, she still leads in the all around after having not her best day in the qualifying round where she stepped out of bounds. she tripped. it wasn't her best. but because the range of difficulty is so up there on the scale. she just blew everybody away. so simone biles should take gold and probably golden several events tonight. we're looking forward to it and are now it's season over there. how is the weather affecting the games or is it
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affecting it. >> well so far sanaa's, it has not affected the games yet. but today for the first time since we've been in tokyo and we've been here about a week and a half today. it's rainy today. it's windy. so things have cooled down a little bit. we've been dealing with the heat and humidity. but if this typhoon slash tropical storm lot of places are calling it a different classification. their part tech is its name. it potentially could affect the gold medal softball game tonight and the women soccer game against australia. so if those 2 events are postponed that we just have to wait a few days to see if team usa can continue in soccer to advance and when and potentially win gold in softball. but as of right now, the only events that have been postponed officially because of the par tech have been surfing events. so all right. well, all eyes on the weather and all eyes on team usa andrew martin reporting for us from tokyo, thanks so much.
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and here's a look at the medal count. the u.s. currently has 7 golds trailing japan which. >> just won its 8th gold in total medals. the u.s. is 14 trailing china, which has 18 total medals always wedding season in vegas. right. but lately it's been a bit busier than usual. the reason behind
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>> there's a question for you. how many people you think it married in vegas each year,
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but you're about apparently 10,000 couples get hits there every single month. so. you do the math on that was. yeah, we did it for us. so clearly it is already very busy out there for the chapels, which now say that they are seeing an uptick in nuptials madison kimbro has details. >> it's just nice actually get out and see people do things and feel like. >> some amount of normalcy. again, emily and her soon to be husband. ryan will say i do on sunday and what couples flocking to las vegas to get married is nothing new. there has been a covid wedding boom going on in clark county along with wedding venue. companies are noticing that alone months seemed to be all the rage. every sense. >> i the vaccinations have what people start to travel again, we have just been the bar. we are over 2019, which was already in very good year for us. i think what's happening this year is that
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there's such a backlog of because people had to postpone postponed, postpone or delay. >> but now people are thinking maybe i should just actually a little. so i we are seeing an uptick in numbers for sure. people like robert say they've been planning for this day for some time now. and now just feels like the right time to make it official. we have a chapel set up this evening. we're going to have the marriage ceremony there. just a small little get together and then we'll have a larger wedding at a more relaxed time in regards to the covid owner of cactus collected weddings mackenzie taylor says while she has seen a rise in interest. she's finding that more people are looking lopez venues are still so hard to find people were postponing for so that. >> now it's just like the surplus of people that are engaged. so there's no ben use. there is no resources for people actually have their wedding. >> there you go. we're just tired about if you could get hurt you you want to have all of us officiate for you by the
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way, that was madison. campbell reporting from. vegas. yeah. if you've seen the hangover. that that can we. you don't want to go that way, though. that wraps kron 4 news at 5. but we have a lot 4 news at 6. catherine heenan and ken wayne are here. >> thank you, vicki. thank you. grant your part of what we're working on coming up at 6 o'clock as pandemic traffic returns to san francisco. it could cost you to drive and city streets will tell you about the effort to ease congestion and how soon this could take effect and we are tracking the wildfires and rage across california. at least 9 of them are burning right now. 2 of them have merged to create an even mask more massive fire. we have the latest on the containment efforts i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan. the news at 6. coming up next.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. a fire meant. >> to prove you've been vaccinated and if you have not, you'll be tested. >> now it's 6 california governor gavin newsom is implementing a new policy requiring all state workers to show proof of vaccination and
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is encouraging the private sector to do the same, saying. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> it does appear that vaccine. hesitancy knows no boundaries when it comes to occupation. a recent report shows a huge number of health care workers remain unvaccinated for covid kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. >> with an all out effort to get people vaccinated for covid-19 most folks probably presume that every eligible health care worker has definitely had their shots right. not exactly. according to a recent web md report one in for hospital workers nationwide has not received a single dose of the covid-19 vaccination this includes hospital workers who work directly with patients among the nation's 50 largest hospitals. the percentage of unvaccinated appears to be even larger with about one in 3 hospital


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