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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 26, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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thanks joining us on this monday morning. it is july 26th. >> i'm james fletcher harvey in for darya folsom anna, did you have a warm hot weekend. yeah, it's a pretty nice can't really complain and a guest. today we're starting off on a slightly cloudy for taking a live look outside. i wonder what the rest of the week has in store. and john, what do you think it's going to be cloudy mornings, that's for sure. but at least we'll get our afternoon sunshine. >> our inland areas. you're already getting that sunshine right now, at least for most spots embarcadero view. it's a little breezy. definitely cloudy, keep the jacket on hand as you venture outside to kick off your monday. a look outside right now at another view, the embarcadero. but situated towards the bay bridge sewing things brightening up and you can see the varying level of clouds. some of the low clouds behind the bridge in the distance and then a higher deck of clouds, right above it. visibility is the lowest up around santa rosa and surrounding areas of the north bay. most of the rest of us are actually sitting, ok as far as visibility goes, especially
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average level 50's and 60's for current temps with san jose at 60 degrees conquer dublin and livermore each at 59 cool enough for the light jacket but not for long. we've got a warm afternoon just around the corner. >> reyna john, thank you for that. so we do have a hot spot not on the roadways, but on bart there's a major delay on the san francisco line in the sfl mill rate daly city and east bay directions due to equipment problem on the track there. we're starting with the bay bridge as you're heading into the city. no major issues or delays little under 2 minutes for you to make it pthere from the east bay. also let's look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes for your drive time there. the golden gate bridge. we have a lot of fog. there are still some fog as you're traveling into the city. so that'll take about 20 minutes to make that drive. you just still want to take your time. we'll have more on your traffic and weather. but for now, let's go back to the news. >> you might want to consider. if you want to go the extra mile and safety even though
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you're vaccinated when you're indoors, particularly in crowded places you might want to consider wearing a mask. >> and that is our top story this morning. doctor fauci saying that covid cases are headed in the wrong direction and now recommends that everybody wear a mask indoors. doctor fauci says the delta variant of covid-19 is driving the spike that we're seeing in a low vaccination rates. he says that health officials are considering revising mask guidance for vaccinated americans to curb cases. and happening today, san mateo county isn't waiting for the federal government changed their mask mandate. >> exactly. face coverings are now required all county facilities. no matter your vaccination status. the kron four's will tran is live in san mateo county with the details will you never got rid of your mask to begin with. right. >> i have never gotten rid of my mask. it's in my pocket. always ready to go. anybody who gets close eye mask up and
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now if i happened to walk into the county facility which opens 8.30, this morning. 2 and a half hours from now, i will be required to wear my mask or else i will be turned away and it's not just me, but it's also you because they want to slow down covid-19 so effective immediately and they talked about this last week. effective immediately. it does not matter if you're an employee or a visitor to county facilities which includes clinics you are required to wear your mask. because covid-19, especially the delta variant is running while throughout california. in fact, they say more than 80% of the cases that are positive with covid-19. they involve the delta variant, which is why they're requiring you to do this. wear your mask moving forward. as far as the private businesses, they are not requiring that. but they are encouraging you to wear your mask if you go into a restaurant or a coffee shop and doctor fauci is also considering he says the federal government is considering once again to have
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people wear their masks outside like what we saw say 6 or 7 months ago. but that's still on the table. but as far as san mateo county. they are doing this because the case is not just in california but across the country are exploding roughly 40,000 cases of covid-19 that are happening just about every day and again, they are involving people who are unvaccinated and it's involving the delta variant, which is why james and they're calling this the pandemic among the unvaccinated reyna you talked about this. they don't care if you're fully vaccinated. the bottom line is if you don't see you wearing your mask. they will tell you to go back to your car. grab one. and if you don't have one, you're not allowed to go inside back to you. all right. thank you very much. well. >> i told the cases begin to rise across the bay area. some restaurant owners are now telling their customers you have to have proof of vaccination. if you want to come inside more than a dozen restaurants bars across the bay area are now require people to show that proof if
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they want to enter kron four's. amanda hari has the very latest there. >> one owner told me they started requiring proof of vaccination back on june 15 when the reopening happen. another one said this weekend was the first time they were requiring proof of vaccination. but both agree there doing it because they believe it's the safest option. >> we're trying to business make the right decisions to stay open. a can take things in our i spoke to chef and owner of in san francisco. mark zimmerman as he and the staff prepare their dining room for the dinner we're in an area this obviously surrounded >> think it's important make sure that everybody's is a restaurant. and patrons are in close proximity. >> this was the first week in the restaurant required proof of vaccination. we can do something to make that.
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>> safer and more comfortable and told me so far people have been supportive. >> but it was a different story for club. the locks on haight street. this is video of protesters outside the club saturday >> in san jose haberdashery is has been requiring proof of vaccination since the june 15th reopening and we need to put in place and >> leave in place until the team that helped decide to remove it, not really up to me. it's up to the coup is a hold until they start feeling more comfortable owner cash. bohren says luckily most of their patrons understand the policy. we had a couple it's actually the first time his wife has left york twenty-twenty their son is immunocompromised that they felt safe going to have her dashers and they really express their gratitude for the fact that they knew everyone in the room was vaccinated. the owner of hubbard asher says some people have been upset about the
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vaccination policy. >> but he says those people are not the regular customers in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> 6. '06, is the time happening today governor newsom will be in the east bay to talk about new efforts to get people vaccinated. the governor is going to be in alameda county. and this all comes, as we've been reporting is concern growing about fast-spreading. delta variant so far. california has given out more vaccines than any other state. nearly 75% of those eligible have already received at least one dose of the vaccine here in california. today's event is set for 1030 this morning and we will have coverage of it for you on our 24 hour. streaming news service kron on. well, 8 people now looking for a new place to live after a fire broke out in pacifica fire crews arrived on scene saturday to find smoke coming from the home crews contain the flames to the back bedroom. it didn't spread in e we're beyond that. so far. there's no word on what sparked that fire. but the investigation is now continuing.
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>> the largest fire burning in california is the dixie fire at this moment. firefighters say it's now the 15th largest fire. >> in state history and you can see video of that fire burning evacuation orders are still in effect. authorities are telling people to leave the area right away. we have brought paul tsongas now showing us the damage from the fire and the challenge that it's presented fire crews. >> it's been nearly 2 weeks as the big the fire started and is showing no signs of letting up and fire crews are worried about it. the erratic behavior. >> remnants of a destroyed neighborhood. this is what is left in the wake of the massive dixie fire. the winds. >> the chief factor with the firestone ago. >> in small town of indian fault. if example how destructive the dixie fire has been this home completely leveled right on the other 5 fire crews were able to save this home. but in this small town, a lot of destruction are. and in fall. subdivision was really hard just a few miles north in crescent
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>> things but you market remains open even though the town was evacuated. 3 days ago. i decided to stay open for them. them being the fire crews helping protect the town's buildings and homes. it's been a difficult fight for the crews on the front lines. >> the fly fire and the main body of the dixie fire all merge together. crews say the highly active fire continues to put off heavy smoke times making the firefight if cool from the air generating its own weather causing dangerous conditions for fire crews on the ground. for the hot gases move. very rapidly something has to replace those gases. so air rushes in from all around for that space. >> which means we get high winds right around spot fires causing even more headaches while the fire has a guide to crescent meals. ginger gamble, real praise. it doesn't. so she can continue to feed the fire crews having grown up in texas and being married to the
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town's fire chief. he says it doesn't get easier. i have a high and anxiety. >> as you know, i'm used to hurricanes, hurricanes or predictable. you can't predict a fire. you don't know where it's going coming out here and do what i can takes my mind off that and fire crews just crossing their fingers, hoping for the conditions to improve. >> so they can try to get the upper hand reporting just outside of quincy garge-paul sunga. >> well, the tamarack fire near lake tahoe is now burned nearly 67,000 acres. it's 27% contain lightning sparked that fire back on july 4th the fire has forced the closing of highways and is now threatening communities across the state line in nevada. so far the fire has destroyed nearly 30 structures forced more than 2400 people to evacuate. and again, you can out scan. a qr code because we have tips for you during this fire season we have information back. you asian checklist and defensible spaces will have on that. you can. it's a kron 4 dot com by
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scanning the qr code. >> we'll take a break here. 6.10. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news another freeway shooting over the weekend. this time in the east bay and the shooter is still on the loose this morning. we'll have meanwhile, after the break, us winds, there's first medals of the olympics as a typhoon bears down on the island. nation of japan could disrupt the games. we'll have a live look from tokyo with all the details. and we do have some clouds across the bay area this morning. some of those evident in the distance from sfo. >> after a morning spent in the 50's daytime highs today, mostly 70's 80's chance of thunderstorms on the way talking about at your forecast.
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>> 6.14 is the time in the south bay. pyro chefs are back in action again at the gilroy garlic festival. this year's festival is a drive-thru set up where you preorder your meal, then you drive through and pick it up. the event sold out on sunday. crawford's gayle ong spent the day in gilroy bringing us the sights and sounds. >> people are loving their garlic bread and garlic fries steak sandwiches and shrimp scampi, which is a main dish this year. overall, a great time with friends and family. >> for
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>> me, ali is alive again. and we're just having a great time means the world to us and we love this community event. it's great to have it back. >> you know where resident danielle brothers is happy. the annual gilroy garlic festival is back even though it looks different. no life music tense. you preorder your meal and drive over to pick it up. actually very organized. and i'm just excited to be my pepper steak organizers say people traveled near and far for the food a family drove from la broken going on friday. >> got their meals and went back to la on a friday. >> the garlic festival has raised more than 12 million dollars for local charities since 1979. this is the first event since the mass shooting in 2019 that killed 3 people and injured 17 others. the festival didn't happen last year due to covid the community and the public have shown such a response has been tremendous. we beyond our expectations. >> and i know the volunteers. they worked hard beckley has been a volunteer for 41 years. it's the community.
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>> doing it for the community and the nonprofits so worth it. >> in case you missed out this weekend. organizers have these tips for next time. >> they're doing it again next week and the food is good. so make sure you preorder it out there. orderly and order often. >> wednesday marks 2 years after the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival this week. the santa clara county district attorney's office will be hosting a series of events honoring the victims reporting from gilroy, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> all right. let's check bay area weather and traffic here in a moment. but first, the forecast. john. we've got a few clouds out there. what do you think it for the rest of the day. few clouds this morning. guys but skies will clear towards the afternoon. then we actually have a chance of thunderstorms towards the finish of the day. so quite a lot going on in today's forecast. this is your view down in san jose this morning. apple cloud coverage overhead certainly no fog in the south bay. you're seeing the biggest impact from fog up in the
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north bay this morning. quiet for the bay area. look at all this month, sudol moisture to our south, though we do have thunderstorms and rain showers pushing in right now from the east in areas like san diego as far north as los angeles. this a monsoonal moisture is eventually going to skirt its way further and further northward and reach the bay area with less chance of rainfall, but a chance of dry lightning. and that does up our fire danger. good news is a southerly flow is still ushering hazy conditions out of our direction out towards the northeast where you can see smoke as far east as washington, d c futurecast shows that chance of thunderstorms building further northward. we do have a chance of dry lightning this afternoon. but our best shot of it is unfortunately during predawn hours tomorrow morning may see a sprinkle or 2. but if you do here, a pop-up thunder that is that dry lightning that could be pushing across the bay area. again, come early tomorrow morning. 50's and 60's for your highs and san francisco as well as right along the coastline, bayshore cities today mostly 70's to 80's. pretty typical stuff for this time of year. honestly palo
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alto and mountain view each ride 80 degrees, south bay, temperatures low to mid 80's for you. well, looking at temperatures in the east bay in the 70's to 80's depending on how close to the bayshore. you are oakland right at 70. in the meantime, while the creek and concord each 84 antioch your loan spot at 90 today while nearby benicia not bad at all. and 76, you're sharing that number in petaluma. also at 76 degrees today temperatures tomorrow will be a little bit warmer. we have the chance of thunderstorms during morning hours after that, we really start to look at conditions out there warming up for the rest of the week into the mid 90's by wednesday, thursday and friday and staying in the 90's into the weekend. reyna. >> john, thank you so much for that. as a waking up on this monday morning. we do have a hot spot to tell you about. but it's not out on your roadways. are your bridges. it's over on bart. so there is a major delay on the san francisco line in the s a full mill rate daly city and east bay directions. so those are a lot of different directions
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there. if you are taking bart and the city. that's the san francisco line and the s a full millbrae daly city and east bay direction due to some equipment problems over there on the track. so again, keeping a close eye on what's going on. a bar. let's get our bridges, though, as you're heading into the city, you see the meteor lights are still off. so things are looking good. a little under 9 minutes as you're traveling from the east bay into the city to that from us to exit 5, 1880, also traveling pretty light at this hour. so things are looking good along the map there heading across towards the peninsula. no major issues for us. but traffic is picking up during the here for us. there's a traveling there. we'll take you a little under 30 minutes drive times may change in that area depend on that. let's head over and get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge as we head to richmond a little under 11 minutes. we are still seeing some business there across the richmond. sandra fell bridge the golden gate bridge. we have seen some fog. there is a fog advisory in place. so
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we're seeing pockets of fog as you're traveling into the city, but it will still take you a little under 20 minutes, nothing major. so again, if you are taking bart that major hot spot that we're seeing at this hour is going to be on the san francisco line and the sfo mill rate daly city east bay direction. we'll have more on that coming up now let's get back to the news. >> all right. let's turn our attention to the olympics. they are in full swing in tokyo with the u.s. picking up several medals over the weekend. as a matter of fact. and this comes as tokyo continues to deal with the pandemic. now, james, there's a typhoon on the way. can you believe that? we've got melissa marino joining us live from tokyo this morning with the very latest on this. melissa. first, the pandemic and now we're hearing word of a tie phone. good lord. >> we have. good morning. good evening here. we have the pandemic, the heat as if they could deal with anything else. these athletes and everyone here now we're talking about a typhoon sub formed over the
6:21 am
weekend. it is supposed to hit on tuesday. we just received an updated forecast winds in the 40's to 50 miles per hour wind gusts even higher than that. but they're warning that we could see dangerous tides and winds and heavy rain. we've already seen events also be impacted. rowing was scheduled for tomorrow has been moved to later on in the week surfing. they're seeing some really big waves. we've seen some competitions also pushed back for that organizers say so far everything else is staying put. but they're keeping an eye on this for sure. >> that's incredible. and yeah, i mean, with the possibility of events being postponed and pushed back. this could really jam up the scheduling for all the athletes to that's got to be a nightmare scenario for everybody. but despite that, i suppose the competition continues to move on. right. and we've got some metals to announce. >> yeah. we have a whole lot of metals and certainly our swimmers making a splash in the pool. let's talk about katie ledecky first. now, this was actually the upset she was supposed to win gold, but instead she won silver not so
6:22 am
bad. and you know what that is. ok because she has plenty more chances to try and win gold and her goal during the olympics is to win 5 medals. and by the way, her 400 meter freestyle. that is what she won silver in it was still her second best time in that she said she's not disappointed. and then we have caleb dressel. he won gold in the men's relay. so he started off the race. he was actually able to finish the race watching it and then after it he handed his gold medal to one of his teammates who actually taken part in the prelims for him. so really a touching moment. certainly they are making us proud. now. melissa, just as much as heard about. >> everyone who is winning doing well out there or also hear stories coming out about different covid restrictions and things that they have to deal with says they've been out there. so were some things that they still can and maybe cannot do. well tell you the athletes they are being tested every day, 6 hours before
6:23 am
their competition. >> and for us, we're being treated just like any other visitor. so we came in. we had to be tested before we got here, tested our first 3 days here and then we're going to be test again in big 10, which is tomorrow and a 14. we also can only go to our hotel and our work venues unless approved to go to some of the olympic sporting events. but i'll tell you, our approval has been limited so we're really, really restricted not getting to see a whole lot in terms of the actual city of tokyo. we're hoping we get to see more. obviously wants or 14 days or up in the whole goal is to keep us and everyone all the visitors away from japanese citizens to really hopefully slow the spread of covid-19. >> remarkable. alright be fascinating to see how the games continue to evolve over time, especially with the typhoon there. so we'll be anxiously awaiting updates. melissa, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> all right. time now 6.23. we'll be right back.
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to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. >> all right. well, we're back here. the morning news for another lovely day. a lot of sunshine out the area. >> it's a monday, but at least it's a pleasant monday to wake up to as we're taking a live look, here are mount tam camera with the clouds off in the distance john in the weather center with a look at our forecast for today. when you think of monday, but not bad start to the monday. and we are going to be looking at conditions this afternoon. >> little bit on the clear side, so much like yesterday. but there will be some inland heat, but a little bit of a cloudy start to the day looking out there at the embarcadero, some great hanging out noticeably overhead, very similar view. so the court quite our visibility is fine. it's just the low gray right above us visibility in the north bay is actually the most affected by some of this low gray right
6:30 am
now as cloud cover sink in a little bit lower and that you're actually running into it as you're making your way out of your house 50's for current temperatures san jose bucking that trend, though. you're at 60 degrees right now alameda in hayward as well as oakland sitting at a comfortably cool 58 light jackets this morning ahead of what will be some t-shirt weather later on reyna all like that t-shirt. weather. thanks for that. >> all right. well, we do have a hot spot out there, not of the bay bridge but on bar there's a major delay on the san francisco line in the sfl millbrae daly city and east bay direction due to an equipment problem on the track. we've also just turn the meteor lights on here at the bay bridge. so again, that's slowing things down a little bit for you as you're traveling into the city from the east bay. we'll take you a little under 14 minutes to make that drive into this morning. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge head across towards the peninsula. no major issues about 14 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling there. also the golden gate bridge where there is some fog there settle over the bridge. 20 minutes still for your drive time.
6:31 am
we'll have more on your weather and traffic. coming up for now. james, back to you. >> 6.30 on the clock. take a look at some dramatic video here surveillance cameras capturing the moment that an explosion went off inside of san francisco restaurant. it blew out some of the windows at lap. it's thai noodle bar in the tenderloin. the owner says his restaurant been vandalized before, but nothing like this. and now he's considering pulling up stakes in just moving out of the city altogether with proper force taylor sackett with the story. >> intense moments inside lapid's time noodle bar in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood surveillance cameras show an explosion that rattled the restaurant and its owner monday morning exposed deep in the mire sr. i was like. >> i was shocked that. i rushed to the scene and i saw the guys everywhere. couldn't believe that chef jones who says. >> there's been a lot of vandalism in the neighborhood over the last few weeks. but nothing like this
6:32 am
>> it's not like simple, you know, like. >> someone told a rock or someone you know, actively knows is different. >> is the bottom line. it is this desk and explosion blew out the glass windows at the restaurant which will likely cause jones who thousands to fix. >> for him. it's just another blow to his business it's been tough for me because of an you know, it's been almost 2 years now. the situation. you know, it's going to scare my customer. it's going it's going to affect my what people want to come to even my best so that they're going to feel is. and save neighborhood. it's kind of sketchy neighborhood. didn't want to come to my place is going if it might visit. >> of course, while police are still investigating what or who caused the explosion. chone sue says it may be the final push to move his restaurant out of the city is kind of unsafe for me.
6:33 am
>> you know, i pay for way my my family's safety. you i want scare it now it's you know, it's happened to that you happen to anyone else. it's in this neighborhood just. need to be more careful. the 40's to take more action. thankfully. no one was there when the explosion happened. so nobody was injured. however, this explosion has created a lot of damage and will definitely be a setback for the restaurant in san francisco to leave the psac ii kron 4 news. >> well, in san mateo, highlands multiple fire agencies responded to a structure fire early saturday morning. san mateo county fire central county fire and one cal fire czu engine were all dispatched a page, a drive-in x. the highlands authorities arrived on the scene to find light. smoke emerging from the roof. turns out a grease fire on the stove extended into the attic. he did tell the fire to the attic above the kitchen. firefighters able to quickly
6:34 am
extinguish that fire. there. in berkeley. fire crews are also busy battling a 2 acre grass fire near the marina on sunday. this is video from the citizens and you can see the smoke east bay regional parks remain on scene and keep watch over there. >> in the east bay. the california high patrol now investigating a fatal shooting along highway 4 that killed one person and injured a second. >> the driver who died was a 24 year-old woman. a kid was in the front passenger seat in stable condition now and an infant who was in the backseat was not hurt. >> kron four's camila barco reporting. now the shooting on this particular stretch of highway 4 unfortunately is not uncommon. >> i drive on highway almost every day and the traffic is always very heavy. i avoided as much as i can. it's always been a negative experience. contra, costa county residents. a highway for is notorious for traffic jams and car crashes. >> over the last few months. it's turned into a killing ground. saturday evening
6:35 am
bullets struck this black toyota camry and shattered the windows. >> the vehicle crashed into a metal guardrail. >> at the top of the port. chicago offering. >> the shooter killed one person wounded another and fled the scene and surprise witness price. i think that we have. >> sort of really used weapons stuff it was kind of just make it it's it's happening back in april. troopers responded to highway 4 in pittsburgh. >> after one driver was shot in the neck in his honda accord. he ended up hitting a big break on the railroad avenue. off-ramp and was sent to the hospital. it's a concern of mine there are so close to where i live and on. >> highways where i'm traveling on may first a man in a nissan was shot near the bailey road exit on the same stretch. >> about a week later bullets pierced 2 men west off
6:36 am
railroad avenue. some drivers don't feel they need to take measures into their own hands and surprised to hear about it. but i at the same time, i don't feel scared. >> like i need to take any immediate action. but people like caroline halston send want to see a proactive approach when it comes to these highway shootings. it would be devastating us to be in a situation like that. >> chp is asking for the public's help in figuring out what happened if you saw anything you are encouraged to call c h p's tip line. we have that number for you at kron 4 dot com in contra, costa county camila barco kron 4 news. >> the 2 men and a woman are recovering after an early morning shooting in antioch. now, again, all of this happened at romney's liquor store on east 18th street. there. and again, investigators say surveillance video showed 3 are men engaged in a shoot out officers found 2 of the victims at the scene. a 3rd showed up at the hospital short time later, police have arrested 2 of the
6:37 am
suspected shooters and are now looking for a 3rd. over the south bay san jose. police are investigating 2 separate shootings. the first was on. this could way around 8.30 where officers found what they describe as non life threatening injuries. then less than an hour later at 9.20. they got reports of the second shooting near created and fell than avenues. the victims of that shooting were also mail. no other information about either victim and no arrest has been made. >> well, sandra fell police are searching for answers. now following a deadly shooting that happened friday night in the parking lot of looting is place. a total of 6 people were hurt. the victims were located in 4 different locations. 2 of them died from their injuries. a salon owner near the scene was leaving town when he learned that several people were shot just steps away from a shop and he says this is not a representation of their community. >> does not rely on the side like i'm looking at this and i can't believe this is actually happening. you can't even go out and enjoy yourselves at a local nightclub and have to worry about either some type
6:38 am
of violence happening to you, especially in a parking garage. >> and the majority of the victims were said to be attending a rap concert in downtown sandra fell before the shooting. no suspects are in custody just yet. police are still asking if anybody watching this has any information to contact police immediately. 2 men are in custody in santa cruz for the vandalism of a black lives matter mural downtown brandon and hogan warren were both arrested saturday on suspicion of felony vandalism. santa cruz police chief andy mills says that they're working right now to determine if this was also a hate crime. chief mills says the 2 men took turns burning out their car's tires across the mural friday night. police say 2 other people may have been involved, but no further arrests have been made just yet. now to national headlines. lawmakers on capitol hill say they're still pushing to try and get a bipartisan infrastructure deal key lawmakers involved in the
6:39 am
negotiations say they think they're pretty close to reaching a deal. washington correspondent alexandra le mon. >> has the latest for us this morning. >> good morning. last week on the infrastructure package failed in the senate because republicans said they didn't have the details but they could be getting those details as soon as today. virginia senator mark warner says a bipartisan group of senators is close to having a revamped infrastructure package, deal worked out. we're down to the last couple of items. >> and i think you're going to see a bill monday afternoon, a procedural vote on the infrastructure package failed last week because republicans said the deal just wasn't ready. you are asked to vote on something that truly did not exist. democrats want to spend a trillion dollars on traditional infrastructure and 3 and a half trillion on so-called human infrastructure, including education, health care and paid family leave as well as big investments in green energy. but one big issue is how to pay for it all.
6:40 am
>> democrats wanted the irs to go after delinquent taxpayers, my republican colleagues did not want to use in enhanced or actually making sure we follow our irs tax laws and even though both sides say they want traditional infrastructure investments to happen. there's disagreement there to pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey says the government already spent too much on public transit because of emergency pandemic spending about 83 billion dollars. so that's more money than the operating budget and the capital budgets combined of every single transit agency in america to me says half of that money hasn't been used yet, but some democrats say if the deal doesn't include all of the public transit money. they want. they'll oppose it. and while we could see a final agreement come from that bipartisan group of senators that's no guarantee the package would be passed by the full senate. >> 60 senators would need to vote in favor of it for that
6:41 am
to happen. reporting in washington, alexandra le mon. >> thank you, alex. coming up in this morning's edition of in depth. we're going to take a look at that whole placed on firefighters mental health when fighting wildfires across the state and what's being done to help them. and skies are clearing for some of us right now. a little mix of cloud cover and some sun peeking back out at sfo. >> after what's been a grey start. we will have mostly sunny conditions later today. warm conditions, inland, even a chance of isolated thunderstorms will tell you more about that. still to come.
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>> 6.44. is the time and won a fire rips through community. it's everyone in this morning. we want to take an in-depth look at the toll that actually puts on the firefighters themselves who are battling those wildfires exactly. it's not only taking a physical toll on a lot of the crews, but it also affects their mental health across 4. sarah stinson shows us what's being done to make sure firefighters get the help that they actually need. >> in california unfortunately, wildfire season is no longer a season. but it's year round. so i caught up with napa fire to see how they deal with the emotional
6:45 am
stress is a fighting, a wildfire especially in their own backyard. >> there's no stigma anymore. it's out there that mental health is the number one priority right now, especially for first responders because. we're going out there in these situations that are extremely dangerous hot. we're not going to be seen our family for 14 to 21 days at a time in the past fire departments used to mainly stay within city or county limits. but nowadays firefighters respond to fires all over the state to provide aid fire doesn't stop at county lines at southern mutual aid system. >> really knows no boundaries and firefighters in the state. we can be pretty much anywhere in the state that we you could think of this forces fire crews to be away from their families even longer. >> but when a wildfire sparked within their own county. it's just as hard if not harder. >> we have members that live within napa county. and so in napa county is burning and they're out on a strike team. it's very difficult because they don't have that line of communication with their
6:46 am
family. you might not always know what is happening around the city and what's happening with your family just because you're out sometimes in the middle of nowhere. and so that definitely takes a toner crews to help firefighters deal with all this stress and pressure, a peer support program has been created within the napa fire department with. >> trained personnel that we can reach out to and we can talk to or if we even notice. hey, someone looks like they're having a bad day or they were just on a rough call. they will automatically reach out and begin discussing with them of hay. let's talk about it. >> what's going on? there's also mental and psychological trainings to help firefighters deal with all the devastation they see overcome the psychological things that you think of. >> while we did everything to try to save one home. we spent hours trying to prep it and defend it and we lost it. you know. and that's someone's home. that could be someone's livelihood. it takes a certain type of person to walk into the flames instead of fleeing from them. >> but as heroic as their efforts are, it's only human
6:47 am
to need help. >> i know personally are members. they get tired, you know, and although we're here to do a job and a lot of people look at us as you know, being superheroes. one thing that i try to remind my crews you know, my friends about is that we are just humans. >> i think everyone in the bay area in across california is emotionally bracing for the next big wildfire. the kinds that have a name on them. so we have to prepare our homes. make sure we have a defensible space so that when firefighters are out there and makes their jobs a little easier makes the the job of saving your home or your business, a little easier. we have resources on our website. kron 4 dot com reporting in napa. sarah stinson back to you. >> 6.47. is the time. hopefully we won't have too many wildfires to deal with that straining everybody firefighters included. but zach, this point still dry and it got to deal with that. and then back here at home as we.
6:48 am
>> going to our upcoming week and we don't have to deal with the heat that i experienced over the weekend. let's find out what temperatures going to be like this week, john. so the week starting a little bit cooler than we get kind of warm all over again. nothing exceptionally hot, though, which is good news. >> fire danger is increased today, though. i'll tell you why. first of all, your north calhoun. the weather center forecast is showing your view outside starting to blow a little bit here at the embarcadero in the as sunshine tries to peer its way through a thin marine layer that is bailing much of the bay at this moment. one of the reasons our fire danger is going to be higher over the next 24 hours. as monsoonal moisture that is already resulting in thunderstorms across southern california as this moves further and further northward storms lose steam as far as in the energy that would result in rainfall but dry lightning becomes a possibility in the bay area tonight leading into early tomorrow morning. one good thing about the southerly push. is it still keeping smoke pushed out of the region. so smoke is settled into portions of the eastern central valley. and certainly
6:49 am
the sierra but has yet to reach the bay area. nice little bit of news there. futurecast shows that abundant rainfall that areas like southern california will tap into along with thunderstorms as these move our direction coming along with less and less rain potential, just more and more dry lightning that's why fire danger looks to be higher. so we work our way into the evening and then especially early tomorrow morning as the energy passes to the north beyond us as for temperatures today for daytime highs. i mentioned it's a little bit cooler daytime highs. barely reaching the 90's for literally one or 2 spots. the rest of us in the 70's or 80's for the most part, especially along the bayshore redwood city and san carlos ej 82 south bay temperatures low to mid 80's today. that same spread of 70's 80's for most of the east bay. sure. we do have a few 60's closer to the coast berkeley enrichment may not be close to the coast. but you tap into that coastal breeze to the golden gate antioch at 90 degrees today while bunny should just down the road at quite the range of
6:50 am
temperatures depending on how far inland you are now tomorrow's temperatures begin their climb again after a morning chance of thunderstorms conditions really dry out for the rest of the forecast. wednesday, thursday and friday looking to be our warmest with highs in the mid 90's inland reyna that been actively tracking your morning commute and we do have a hot spot. >> it is on bart bart is recovering from an earlier problem. there's a major delay on the san francisco line in the sfo millbrae daly city and east bay direction due to the equipment problem on the track. they're still working on that as we speak, heading into the city to see things are getting busy to turn the metering lights on no major issues with a little under 13 minutes to make it to that from austin, texas. i 80 also starting to slow down just a little bit was also head over. get a look at this detail ridge as ready to cross towards the peninsula. no major issues under 13 minutes. things are looking great. there. now the richmond sandra fell bridge as we head over there. there's a traffic collision. 5.80, westbound
6:51 am
eckstein at main street. so again, the off-ramp there is affected and as a result of that traffic is slowing down a little under 14 minutes for you to make a cross towards across the richmond center fell commute and the golden gate bridge fog advisory in place. there is fog about 20 minutes for your drive will have more on your news, your weather, all those updates throughout the morning. but we'll be back after the commercial break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:52 am
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>> and we are back. 6.53 is that i bury a baseball giants taking on the pod for the pirates at oracle park and it was a big day for lamonte wade junior check this out. he led off the first inning with a solo home run. that one was out of here and then he did it once again in the 3rd inning 2 and that gave the giants the lead at that point. he now has 12 home runs on the season and there was home run for 2. there. the giants win by final 6 to one. they begin a three-game series against the dodgers starting tomorrow night. all right. now on the a's. they were in seattle taking on the mariners 3rd inning. that's what we're going to pick up the action with matt olson at the plate. there is the lined up to pitch the hit. and that one was out here to a 2 run lead with that hit. mariners, though, unfortunately would take the lead back in the bottom half of that inning and they never
6:55 am
looked back after that seattle went on to win by final. 43 a is now travel san diego. they'll be taking on the padres starting tomorrow night. >> if she looked down right now. >> well, they said in the video to people. >> in florida had a close encounter with a shark off the shore of panama city beach to swimmers were waiting in the water. what hammer head shark swam right by the james. what would you do. >> well, first scream right. and second, calmly. try and toward shore without making any splashes of leg. and like one of my worst fears for their luckily the swimmers there were able to get out the water safely and the shark swam away. i don't really know what the best tips are for folks when it comes to test. float float away. i heard if you make a lot of splashes you you've to them look like an injured ok animal. and that's a question that's not good.
6:56 am
then they come and investigate limits are splashed. that's right. well, the pacific marine mammal center continues its conservation work in the waters off southern california. this week. they released 2 more elephant seals. >> risk. you do we have by the center. their name. >> barracuda and shipped brett both animals have been rescued earlier this year from dana point harbor with the help of the orange county. >> sheriff's department harbor patrol. now, after months of rehab, their back where they belong little cutie pies got us going you to but take break at 6.56. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the delta variant of covid still spreading throughout the state. an now a lot of locations are going start requiring you show of vaccination. talk more about that. plus, we have the latest on the california wildfires has more than a dozen fires are burning now up and down the west coast. this morning. crews are battling at least 9 right here in california will have updates on the firefighting effort.
6:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us here at 07:00am. it is monday.
7:00 am
>> july 26, i'm james fletcher. radar harvey in for daryn fulsome and we're wait. we good if you're just waking up this morning. you actually have some pretty mild conditions outside john's been tracking it for us this morning. we've been seeing some nice clouds and some of our camera ohots all in all, not bad, john. yeah, little cloud cover. definitely not bad to start the morning is definitely not something you haven't seen before. we're quite used to the gray during morning hours. >> followed by a little sunshine come the afternoon, which is certainly about to be working its way back into the picture later on today. it's kind of wait for it as for current conditions at the coast. you do have a little bit of drizzle. look at this camera view at half moon bay right here. we've seen some coastal drizzle as well as sprinkle conditions across the north bay too. as we've seen some very low cloud cover and fog blocking out visibility for areas like sonoma and marin counties later today. it's all about the sunshine and temperatures will. that's rise. haven't seen a lot of movement just yet. we're still in the 50's to barely the low 60's as we've been all


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