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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 26, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news. it is july. >> 26. all right. harvey, we have to start this morning with a check of weather. but first, john, did you know, this is the last monday and the month of july. i was just saying i'm not too long ago. you're getting ready for for the july and all these other things and now we're getting ready to go into another month. hopefully strong hopefully not as warm. >> yeah. i mean, thoso are good things to hope for. i
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completely we are going to be looking at today. quite a variety of weather going on. we're starting with some cool conditions, a little bit of low cloud cover foggy drizzly conditions in some spots. we're actually going to be ending today with the chance, a slight chance at that of some dry thunderstorms across the bay area. and this we'll be upping fire danger towards the finish of your monday on into tuesday just around the corner. you're live camera view from our berkeley hills cam to show that low cloud cover and fog. it's pretty intrusive this morning making its way into the east bay hills trying to push of the car key as to where you're going to notice some breezy conditions as you travel on routes like 80 between fairfield and vacaville visibility in the north bay is to be most affected as it will also be along the coast of the peninsula to current temperatures are mostly in the 50's with fremont, alameda and oakland at 57 degrees each livermore dublin in concord at 59 while san francisco, san mateo berkeley among spots at 56 right now. later on today after the low clouds and fog clear off this morning. we will have brief clearing in the early afternoon followed
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by a resurgence of some cloud cover later as monsoonal moisture returns, building a chance. and i say a chance because it really is just a slight chance of thunderstorms towards the finish of the day. i'll be tracking all that talking about her potential of that still to come in this forecast john, thank you for that as you're waking up this morning, you are hitting the roads early. if you're hitting the roads right now. >> you don't have much of anything to worry about. there was an earlier crash along highway 4. but that has since been cleared out. the air. and again, traveling into the city from the east bay once you hit so that free must exit is going to be a little under 10 minutes to make that drive. so things are looking good. the san mateo bridge. also a nice commute for you as your head in a cross towards defendants. listen, no major delays there. and let's check out the golden gate bridge. look at that. traffic is moving this morning along the golden gate bridge. you might have a little condensation. so looks like a little water on the bridge. so you just want to take your time as you're driving, but it will be about 20 minutes for you to make that drive will
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have more on your morning commute. for now, let's get back to the news. >> you might want to consider. if you want to go the extra mile and safety even though you're vaccinated when you're indoors, particularly in crowded places you might want to consider wearing a mask. >> our top story this morning. america's top infectious disease doctor says covid cases are heading in the wrong direction and now recommends wearing mask indoors doctor fauci also warned of another possible summer surge because of the delta variant say that a lack of vaccinations are to blame for the rise in infections. there. well, public health officials say unvaccinated people are being treated at hospitals in california and nationwide at alarming rates on saturday in marin county. they recorded their first covid-19 deaths since may. the county's 186 covid deaths have all been among people who have not been vaccinated infectious disease experts warn that the more the virus spreads among
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unvaccinated people. the more resistant it becomes. >> thank you. patients being admitted to the hospital right now who would compete vaccinated and had finished the 2 weeks after the second dose and but these individuals i still capable of transmitting not as much as an unvaccinated individual might, but they can still transmit. >> and as covid cases begin to rise across the bay area. >> some restaurant owners are now telling customers proof of vaccination is a requirement, more than a dozen restaurants and bars across the bay are now requiring patrons to show proof that their vaccinated if they want to get inside some health experts say an indoor dining is one of the risk your things people can do that because you can't really wear a mask while you're eating and drinking for us. amanda hari spoke to 2 owners about why they made that decision to require vaccinations and how customers are reacting to that. >> one owner told me they started requiring proof of
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vaccination back on june 15 when the reopening happen. another one said this weekend was the first time they were requiring proof of vaccination. but both agree there doing it because they believe it's the safest option. >> we're we're trying to business make the right decisions to stay open. a can take things in our i spoke to chef and owner of in san francisco. mark zimmerman. >> and he and the staff prepare their dining room for the dinner we're in an area this obviously surrounded >> so i think it's important to make sure that everybody's is a restaurant. and patrons are in close proximity. >> this was the first week in the restaurant required proof of vaccination. we can do something to make that. >> safer and more comfortable environment him and told me so far people have been supportive.
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>> but it was a different story for club deluxe on haight street. this is video of protesters outside the club saturday >> in san jose haberdashery is has been requiring proof of vaccination since the june 15th reopening and we need to put in place and >> even in place until the teap that helped decide to remove it, not really up to me. it's up to the coup is a hold until they start feeling more comfortable owner cash. bohren says luckily most of their patrons understand the policy. we had a couple it's actually the first time his wife had left out to mark twenty-twenty. their son is immunocompromised, but they felt safe going to have her dashers and they really express their gratitude for fact that they knew everyone in the room was vaccinated. the owner of hubbard asher says some people have been upset about the vaccination policy. >> but he says those people are not the regular customers in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news.
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>> well, happening today, anyone goes inside a san mateo county building, whether you're vaccinated or not, you're going to have to wear a mask. all things are changing right now. the mask mandate comes as the county is seeing an increase in covid-19 cases. according to the health department. 89 1% of residents over the age of 12 are vaccinated. the county officials say that there's no end date for the county building. mask mandate. if covid cases keep climbing, consider reinstating mask mandate at all. indoor public locations, including restaurant and stores. well, one teen celebrated her 12th birthday. i guess east teen. right. but received her first dose of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine while it may not be the ideal way to celebrate a birthday. she couldn't wait to get vaccinated. chip yost has that story for us. >> and we've >> getting a covid vaccine shot is not the most traditional way to spend one's 12th birthday. but for sydney,
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hogue of tustin. this is exactly where she wanted to be. and exactly what she wanted to be doing. >> i just wanted to get it first chance that i could so that i don't carry on to anyone and i we can help stop this pandemic. >> she wasn't the only 12 year-old at this whole vaccine clinic in twins cooper and brody mueller just turned 12 yesterday was idea. was this for you guys to get vaccinated today. >> well, they're getting their shots. those who still have not are apparently becoming harder to convince a new poll by the associated press norc center for public affairs research says of those still unvaccinated 45% said they definitely will not get a vaccination shot. and 35% said they probably won't. only 3% said they definitely will. for sure. i did a lot of introspection.
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>> and thinking that i that this is just it could it could have been prevented. >> killed. 56 year-old ted route of santa monica. among those who was reluctant to get the shot and now definitely wishes he would have he recently spent a week in the hospital after catching covid-19 in response he wrote a social media post about his regrets while urging others to get the shot now my experience and some of the things have i have 3 of my very, very close friends when that the vaccine this week. >> which warms my heart and i'm hoping that by by being on tv and in this interview with you that we can reach out to, you know, countless more people so they don't have to potentially lose their lives. >> i'm chip yost. ktla 5 news. >> right now at kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid-19 numbers along with where to get a vaccine and mask guidelines across the bay area. just go ahead, use your phone. remember, you can scan
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that qr code your camera and it will take you straight over there. >> on the possible morning news. we're going go to the gilroy garlic festival. has it. welcome guests back for the first time, just a 2019 deadly mass shootings. plus a restaurant owner. san francisco says he's ready to up and leave after an explosion destroyed his business when investigators believe caused the blast. and after the break, the latest on the wildfires burning across the state is more firefighters being sent out to the front line.
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>> the largest fire burning in california is the dixie fire. firefighters say it's now the 15th largest fire in state history. evacuation orders are still in effect. authorities are telling people to leave the area right away warning if you stay crews might not be able to save raj shows us the damage from the fire and the challenges that the crews are still facing. >> it's been nearly 2 weeks as the big the fire started and is showing no signs of letting up and fire crews are worried about it. the erratic behavior. >> remnants of a destroyed neighborhood. this is what is left in the wake of the massive dixie fire. the winds. >> and the chief factor for the firestone ago.
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>> in small town of indian fault. if an example how destructive the dixie fire has been this home completely leveled right on the other 5 fire crews were able to save this home. but in this small town, a lot of destruction are. and in fall. subdivision was really hard just a few miles north in crescent >> things but you market remains open even though the town was evacuated. 3 days ago. i decided to stay open for them. them being the fire crews helping protect the town's buildings and homes. it's been a difficult fight for the crews on the front lines. >> the fly fire and the main body of the dixie fire all merge together. crews say the highly active fire continues to put off heavy smoke. times making the firefight difficult from the air generating its own weather causing dangerous conditions for fire crews on the ground. for the hot gases move. very rapidly something has to replace those gases. so
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air rushes in from all around for that space. >> which means we get high winds right around will fight fires causing even more headaches while the fire has a guide to crescent mills. ginger gamble, real praise. it doesn't. so she can continue to feed the fire crews having grown up in texas and being married to the town's fire chief. he says it doesn't get easier. i have a high level of anxiety. >> as you know, i'm used to hurricanes, hurricanes or predictable. you can't predict a fire. you don't know where it's going coming out here and do what i can takes my mind off that and fire crews just crossing their fingers, hoping for the conditions to improve. >> so they can try to get the upper hand reporting just outside of quincy garge-paul sunga. >> the tamarack fire near lake tahoe is now burned nearly 67,000 acres. it's 27% contained looking at that video right now. lightning sparked the fire back on july 4. the fire has forced the closing of highways. it's now threatening communities across
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the state line in nevada. so far the fire has destroyed nearly 30 structures forced more than 2400 people to evacuate. here's the latest statewide fire summary from cal fire. more than 7200 firefighters, a battle in 6 wildfires. the complex is right now to date. wildfires have consumed 456,000 acres this year alone. there are currently more than a 150 fire crews working active fires at this exact moment right now. while myers here in the west are changing the color of the sky. thousands miles away for the folks on the east coast. smoke from the fires burning in california, oregon and idaho as push east changing the color of the sun and moon. this is what it looked like from washington, dc saturday. nigh see that slow zoom in there. several bright white is color. the moon looks. >> more lot of little reddish orange. right now over kron 4.
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we've got tips for fire season. go ahead to get your phone scan. that qr code. you're going to get all that information. remember, we want to make sure you're prepared. you got to back a checklist over on our website. kron 4. all right. well, back here at home been talking about the sky over on the east. let's talk about the sky back you over at john. all right. this fortunately, we have not tapped into that smoke yet for the bay area which is really good news. if you are heading out to the central valley. you can expect. >> to start to see some of that smoke from fire such as the tamarac and the dixie fires beginning to settle into especially the eastern edge of the central valley. as i mentioned, that's not an impact that we're seeing here in the bay area can breathe easy knowing that views like this are filled the fog rather than any sort of smoke or haze this morning. it is the low gray that we're seeing having sifted in across the bay area. actually a pretty active weather day across the region. we have or turn a monsoonal moisture pushing in from the south this afternoon which will result in our best chance
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of thunderstorms early morning tomorrow. even at that chances of thunderstorms are very slight. the storm prediction center has us in that light is category of any sort of chance of thunderstorms that still does that fire danger, though hazy conditions to the north and east of us as those fires continue to burn sending smoke mostly to the north and east and out across the rest of the country. getting a look at futurecast. you do see how this thunderstorm activity builds from the south. there's your monsoonal moisture. best chance of thunderstorms for areas like los angeles out to the eastern deserts. you also see this activity really breaks apart by the time it moves a little bit further northward. this is 10:45pm tonight. still not really looking at much. if any sort of chance of thunderstorms here in the bay area. best chance will be during morning hours tomorrow, especially during predawn hours even that this chance is very light. but something i want to know in regardless as it does up fire danger over the next 24 to 48 hours. temperatures today range from the 60's right along the coastline to the 70's 80's for bayshore cities
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burlingame at 74 while redwood city and san carlos and 82 degrees. south bay temperatures mostly ow to mid 80's san jose 83 temperatures in the east bay 70's, 80's union city hayward on up through oakland in the low 70's while concord and walnut creek up 84 degrees each. our warmest temperature today is antioch at 90 degrees. in the meantime, we've got sonoma now in the mid 70's to low 80's. not a bad day cooler than yesterday was santa rosa down through center fell. also only 70's today. a look ahead in our next 7 days shows that best chance of thunderstorms early tomorrow morning. aside from that. this is actually a pretty going forecast temperatures do rise into the latter part of the week back into the mid 90's for daytime highs. whereas 80's will be seen right along the bay shore after today for most areas john, thank you for that. i am checking your morning commute here on this monday morning. >> no major delays not tracking any major hot spot at this hour as you head into the
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city from the east bay to get to that fremont street exit a little under 11 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge also really nice commute for you. look at that. a solid 13 minutes for you to make it across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge also looks great at about 9 minutes 20 minutes for the golden gate bridge. to an incredible story out of reading first responders assigned to the dixie fire saved a boy who was drowning at a hotel pool. here's the story is told by cal fire officials. >> we're just right there at the right time. it was a tragedy prevented at a reading hotel when a group of paramedics assigned to the dixie fire heard an anguished mother scream that i heard those screams a 10 year-old boy was unresponsive. still partially in the pool water in the long as he was not breathing and he had no pulse. we know that means it's time work. we jumped offense without time. these key cards. >> they began cpr and administered the necessary
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lifesaving measures. and when the little boy finally set up and cry sigh relief. sigh of relief. it's funny as paramedics kids cry. that's good. it means way. and though they say the light it's a reminder that we are on the front lines of an emergency takes an emotional call. >> i do have at 4. you know, light. it's hard not to look at the kids hate. could make it. >> no matter the department this is a win for first responders. everywhere who are always on the job even when they're not on the clock for us being in the right spot in the right time. we would never have that opportunity. these are the one that you remember. 25 30 years and for one mother who is shirley grateful for the forces that brought them together. she was in and was revenues floyd until it's going to be okay. and i to be this is going to be it's going to be okay.
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>> right. pretty incredible. >> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news new developments for dreamers. why the dhaka program will no longer be accepting new applications will have that. we get back.
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>> limits for dreamers. the dhaka program will no longer be accepting new applications after a federal judge in texas ruled the program unconstitutional. the ruling involved a lawsuit that had been filed by texas and 8 other states against the program last week in a statement, the u.s. citizenship and immigration agency said it will comply with a court order while existing recipients won't be affected. immigration attorneys say the ruling has once again put young immigrants and legal limbo. meantime, us senators from both parties say a bipartisan infrastructure bill could be finalized as early as today. the biden administration saint senators are close to a deal. >> we're in the final strokes are in the final days where optimistic we are all engaging daily multiple times a day with members of the senate and
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we're feeling really good about it. >> secretary of commerce, gina raimondo says the negotiations are complex, but she's confident the 1 trillion dollar package will get the 60 senate votes needed to pass. democrats are also working on a separate and much bigger proposal. they can pass without republican support. we'll be right back after the break. welcome back to the
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kron 4 morning news it's time for you now is for 28 am okay. we've been talking about the weather, the really focused in on the weather over the past couple of days, especially the weekend. and so now we're here on monday morning what is the forecast going to bring us for the next couple of days how she dressed today, john. well, today you just put on those layers like you usually do. well. they are up this morning because it's cool. it's cloudy. >> lot of fog out there, especially near the coastline in the north bay where we are looking at some drizzly conditions in spots as well. a view outside at the coast this morning does show cloud blanket hanging out above half moon bay and this view. but we do have pockets of lower visibility in the north bay and at times along the coastline s f 2. so be mindful of this as we work our way into the afternoon shed a couple those layers definitely
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enjoy what will be a warm feel, especially in the bay shore and inland 50's for most of our current temps dublin livermore concord each at 59 was oakland and alameda at 57 we've got app and avato in san francisco. 55 degrees. so after a cool morning, we do see some clearing and then a chance. a very slight chance of some afternoon thunderstorms. build again, it will better chance into early tomorrow morning. but even that our chances of thunderstorms are very light keeping into the forecast. those looking to be a heads up as well as the notifying you that fire danger is increased over the next 24 hours. ray to john, thank you for that actively tracking your monday morning commute here at 04:30am, we start with the bay bridge. >> as you're traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. so things are looking great as you're waking up this morning. no major hot spots or issues there. let's look at the san mateo bridge traveling across towards the peninsula under 12 minutes for your drive times. so that looks great as you're traveling the richmond. sandra


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