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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> now at 6. the masks are coming back. >> if you work or visit at san mateo county facility face coverings will soon be required regardless of your vaccination status. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here on kron, news at 6 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. san mateo county health officials say that covid cases there have doubled in the past 2 weeks. kron four's gayle ong live for us tonight in san carlos with the details and obviously the news that. >> nobody wants to hear bill.
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>> and jonathan and just enough san mateo county officials say that they're seeing a rise in covid cases within the last 2 weeks or so. so the mask mandate is returning to certain county facilities out of an abundance of caution to keep people safe starting monday. face coverings will be required at san mateo county facilities. that goe to r people wa pay their property taxes. >> that means people want to. >> to the planning department if you don't want to receive, you know, hsa. what that means basically is now now whether you're vaccinated, you're not vaccinated. you have to wear. >> ask san mateo county supervisor david canepa says 89% of eligible county residents are fully vaccinated, but the increase of covid cases is a sign the pandemic is still here. we're trying to find a place where we're able to protect our employees protect the the public and really sort of. you know, look at the data and the
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science. what you know, what are we seeing. so 2 weeks ago we've seen just nearly a double in cases. san mateo county is one of the 7 bay area counties. recommending mask, use indoors. >> according to a new poll conducted by inside califordia politics and emerson college californians are split on a potential statewide indoor mask mandate. we surveyed more than 1000 california voters this week, 49% said they would support such a mandate while 39% say they are against it do it. carlson supports and indoor mask mandate i just think with the advent of delta and it being >> being catchable that it's a good idea. i don't usually wear them outside. i don't really think it's necessary, but it's too hard to take it off and on. but i do right now i think it's still a good idea to wear them inside. >> and the covid vaccine is widely available in san mateo county. and you can get that at pharmacies health care
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providers and clinics live in san carlos gayle ong kron 4 news. joe, thank you so much. tonight, here are the latest covid-19 california wide. >> according to the california department of public health. there are now more than 3.7 million confirmed cases of covid-19 here in the golden state. nearly 8,000 new cases were reported in just the past. 24 hours so far. 63,000 californians have died from the virus. 46 new deaths reported in just the past 24 hours. they also report that 21 million californians have been fully vaccinated so far. but that's only 61%. >> of the state in the east bay right now. 1 million out the county. residents are now fully vaccinated from covid-19 that makes up 70% of eligible residents public health officials say vaccination rates vary across communities in the county and they're seeing an increase in cases in areas where the vaccine rates are the lowest they say the most recent cases are among people who are not vaccinated.
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meanwhile, take a listen to this story. a snow leopard in the san diego zoo. now the second of its kind in all of america. >> to contract covid-19 officials say they noticed that ramel a snow leopard. there had a cough and a runny nose. several samples all coming back positive. the zoo now believes that the 3 other snow leopards in his habitat also likely have the virus that area and say that right now ramel has mild symptoms, but they are keeping a close eye right now at kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid-19 numbers along with where to get a vaccine along with mask guidelines currently across the bay area. just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen to get directed there. another big story we are following tonight. right now. sarah fell police searching for answers in a deadly overnight shooting that had 4 crime scenes ending with 2 people dead and 4 others hurt. almost alh the victims were in their mid to late 20's and kron four's camila barco breaks down. >> what happened. the shooting
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took place at this parking lot on place in downtown sandra fell. >> it's just one of 4 locations officers responded to as a result of that deadly shooting of i can look back at it right now. is this too despite bullet holes having shattered glass windows and damaging walls overnight. businesses running as usual on saturday at heroes and heroines in sandra fell in my town like this is this has never happened in the 37 years that i've lived here like this >> unbelievable. the salons manager jakari us murphy was leaving town when he learned several people were shot. >> steps away from the salon. this is not. >> does not rely on the side like i'm looking at this and i can't believe this is actually happening. shots rang out around 1040 friday night in the parking lot on lou vince place. >> when officers arrived. one noticed a black dodge charger speeding away. our officers took chase of that vehicle. that was eventually stopped and we did locate actual
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victims from the shooting in that car. back at the scene. officers came across another shooting victim. a 62 year-old local man who is expected to be okay. the 3rd crime scene involved a car crash near the police department officers found 2 men in that vehicle who had been shot. one was dead at the scene. the other was taken to get help a short time later, officers were then called to a local hospital where a man with gunshot wounds had been dropped off that victim later died. you can't even go out and enjoy yourselves. >> at a local nightclub and have to worry about either some type of violence happening to you, especially in a parking garage. sandra fell lieutenant dan fink says almost all the victims were % not from the area. >> many of them had come to town to attend a rap concert center fell as a as a very safe community. we have a. >> we enjoy a very good night life down here. this is very uncommon for us to murphy says this is not a representation of their community. >> and was determined not to
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let it affect business. you know, it's an unfortunate thing that there was, you know, tragedy, but. >> it is a business and we have to continue our business. >> the owner of that hair salon plans to board up the windows today. right now, officers don't have the person or people responsible for that damage or last night's shooting. they ask anyone with information to contact the local police department in sandra fell camila barco kron 4 news. >> got here tonight at 6, a community coming together to remember a san jose you counts are killed in a hit and run crash and also help his family. >> plus tonight santa cruz police looking for the person who vandalized a black lives matter mural the charges they could be facing once they're caught. new at 00:00pm
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tonight. santa cruz. police are looking for whoever vandalized this black lives matter mural on center street. there. >> those are trademarks from a car used to deface the mural. police say they do have video of that scene and have already identified at least one person of interest. the video so far has not been released to the public officials say they are investigating this incident as a hate crime. >> a small senior dogs. definitely helped animal control officers get their steps. and today after taking them in an hour's long chase near oracle park as animal
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care and control says they got the call of a small dog on the streets near 4th and townsend officers reportedly spoke the dog because she took off leading them on a chase that took about 5 hours. they did get the dog here. and when they did catcher. oh, poor thing turned out to be an 8 year-old female. she was taken to an area shelter where she was reunited with her family. >> and today we saw temperatures at or slightly below average back in the mid 90's for warmest east bay valleys a cooling trend will continue on sunday and monsoonal moisture arriving early this upcoming week. details on pos
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>> welcome back, everyone. it has been one week since 24 year-old san jose youth counselor hosting sparta was killed by hit-and-run driver tonight, investigators still working to try and find that suspect today kron 4 all stopped by a community fundraiser held to help. >> the victim's family. >> hot and fresh homemade mexican food and donations to help a grieving family. i miss him very much because his room was right next to so really still there week after 24 year-old jose, as far as a lost his life community rallies behind his loved in east san jose. his nieces say he was a caring mentor expect a lot from us. because he he knew that we had 10 shown he would push us a lot. the
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driver behind the wheel of this car slammed into jose last saturday morning. >> at mckee road and north 30's 3rd street. it was ejected from his car and died san jose police say the suspect ran a red light speeding away from an attempted traffic stop. >> and left the scene on foot. it's just a matter of time before we find him. >> you know, hat was a real power. the thing to do. you know, you never know. we could to save the clothes, a slide if he would've stopped you know, check up on them. make sure he was ok, the money raised at the fundraiser will go kirectly to the u.s. par as a family to help offset the financial stress those who knew the former standout athlete at over felt high school. >> say he deserved better spies. it was a great who's like a brother to me. so many members with them that i hope. we carrying on, you know, keep his legacy going. far as the
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family hopes the suspect comes to his senses and turns himself in. >> in san jose phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> other news tonight rodneya call also known as the dating game killer died this morning from natural causes. that's according to prison officials. officials, he was sentenced to death in 1980 for the kidnapping and murder of 12 year-old robin sam. so in orange county, there were decades of this conviction being overturned, then reinstated over and over again until 2010 when he was sentenced to death again after his dna was linked to evidence and other murders. he was 77 years old. >> about 120 east oakland folks is still in the dark tonight, all because of a 3 alarm warehouse fire that broke out late last night that is down from the height of those outages of more than 1400 customers when it first started crews were able to get a hold on this 3 alarm fire around one 30 this morning. this was the scene when fire crews got to the scene near
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45th avenue and east 12th street just after midnight. officials say that other buildings across the street we're also starting to catch on fire. but there were enough fire engines on scene to stop the flames from spreading. >> defensive on the fire building. as you can see behind me, we were able to put latter pipes up in position to be able find the fire ice tribute to the we had other buildings across the street starting catch on fire. but we engines in the right to be able to ensure yet know are the building. >> tonight, pga says that the power may not be fully restored for the folks in the dark until sometime around midnight ofd says than other firefighters were hurt. the fire is under investigation tonight. >> not for wildfire coverage to those fires are ravaging california and 12 other states putting firefighters in high demand officials about resources are being deployed at a-level normally seen later
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in the year as dozens of large active wildfires are already burning. gerard jebaily has more. >> progress is being made on the fire in oregon. it has already destroyed an area about half the size of rhode island. but the nation's largest wildfires less than 50% contained and more mandatory evacuations were ordered last night. we're not quite ready to say we've turned a corner, but we've had a couple of productive days and things are looking good state officials say the fire has slowed its growth but still threatens thousands of homes in eastern oregon day before yesterday, the fire put on 40,000 acres yesterday the fire put on a 1000 acres. so that's an indicator that fire behavior is moderated a little bit in montana. 5 firefighters were hurt when a thunderstorm with gusty winds blew a wildfire back on them. they were building a defensive fire line when the wind shifted suddenly, all 5 are still in the hospital crews from utah and california are headed to montana to assist their fire fight. in california. governor
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gavin newsome proclaimed a state of emergency for for northern counties. paving the way for more state support the tamarack fire just south of lake tahoe is threatening the communities on both sides of the california nevada state line. the fire was sparked by lightning on july 4th and has destroyed at least 10 buildings and fire crews in butte county say the dixie fire is now the largest fire in california. it continues to grow explosively prompting people living nearby to prepare for potential evacuation orders. i got everything packed up by the door and i'm ready to go as soon as the word comes. until then, i'm going to stay here and keep watering the lawn, the desert southwest, including southern california will continue to see scattered showers and thunderstorms due to the monsoon season. >> there's a chance for a few thunderstorms in northern california into oregon on tuesday. but lightning from those storms could spark new fires. >> now when it comes to fighting these massive
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wildfires firefighters are getting some high tech help. cal fire started using new computer modeling software that predicts how and where a wild fire will grow so far. that's helped hold 96% of this year wildfires to below 10 acres firefighting agencies are also installing cameras and remote areas to detect smoke plumes early along with satellite imaging and new mapping technologies right now at kron 4 dot com. we have tips for fire season just scan. this qr code on your screen with your mobile device and you can get information on how to create defensible space evacuation checklists and also what to do after a wildfire. >> now to our 4 zone forecast. a live look tonight from the mount tam cam, the city underneath that lincoln a fog right there tonight. and we will track the weather right now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah, that fog has really been our saving grace not only giving us some much needed moisture along the coast. but that cool sea breeze. >> pushing away all of that
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smoke and ash from nearby wildfires around the bay area. let's take a look at latest drought monitor map because we're going to see the worst drought category continuing for north bay and east bay with extreme drought for most of the san francisco peninsula and even south bay. so extreme drought conditions. but most of the western portions of the united states under some form of a drought abnormal to exceptional drought so no surprise. all of these fires are sparking especially with these above average temperatures. but fortunately today we did see a stronger sea breeze. and with that cooler temperatures were most of us either at or slightly below normal with the exception of our warmest east bay valleys, radar for going to see an increase in that high cloud cover with that monsoonal moisture. it is going to give us a muggy feel early this upcoming week with a slight chance of dry lightning monday into tuesday. but from now until then, it's going to help cool us down not
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just along the coast but even for our inland valleys temperatures out there right now. quite the spread low 90's for conquered with half moon bay in the mid-fifties thanks to that on shore flow and temperatures out there. we are seeing a few degrees of cooling with the exception of conquered in livermore actually tracking a slightly warmer air mass there and overnight lows. widespread 50's 2 outliers. those santa rosa cooling down into the upper 40's mid 60's for antioch. and here's that cooling trend. low 90's for concord in livermore out of the mid 80's like you were today oakland 69 degrees in downtown san francisco in the mid 60's. but we're going to warm up after this weekend peaking on wednesday. we could be 5 to 10 degrees above average, low 70's along the coast flirting with 80's along the bay with mid 90's. we're turning inland, not numbers. we want to see, especially in the middle of summer. but this is a new normal. here we go. this is that thanks to present recent. >> so this one will be right back. i have done.
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>> that is a very creative way to say hello to mommy after day at the pool at this nanny 3 year-old medics decided to share his good vibes with his mom. he got created by peeping into the ring camera and you heard him say hi and that he
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loves her. but he also went on to blow her a couple kisses. his mom, jennifer was at work when she got sweet surprise. it's like the new leaving a note in your lunchbox. you just talk through the main camera. >> for instead of, you know, parents doing for the kids. kids can flip it back on the parents. to the pool that where would you rather be a work or the >> great pool weather is coming yes day. that's a lot of day of the week. the hottest day of the next 7 days coming up, sell it mid 90's for most of our inland valleys flirting with 80's in the east bay and low 70's along the coast. so we're going to start that big warm up tuesday through wednesday and then taking a look ahead at the extended outlook, though we are going to see the monsoonal moisture returning monday into tuesday. very slight chance of dry lightning like the last time around. but we have to put that slight chance just in case because you never know
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what mother nature has in store for us for that unstable atmosphere allowing for that. >> muggy tropical feel to return. but then we are going to notice those still very warm and dry for the next 7 days. so enjoy the cooler weather on sunday. we will still good. pull weather. >> it is cooler being, you know, the relative opera that word there operative. >> yeah. all right. marissa, thank you. and toat does it for us here on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock. thanks so much for joining us. >> we'll see you tonight in prime time. starting at 8 o'clock.
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>> now on inside california politics a new exclusive poll indicates a shift in governor newsom's approval ratings right now the governor newsom is really in dissecting the state and high support for talk show host larry elder. >> i think it's pretty impressive only been a politician officially for 7 days never run for office for details on elders plan to rise above his republican competitors and take governor newsom job. >> casting across the golden state. this is california politics. >> thanks for joining us for inside california politics, i'm ashley zavala in sacramento, frank buckley and nicky lorenzo are off this
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