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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 23, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. now. attend the rapidly spreading delta variant of covid-19 forcing doctors to issue a dire warning to the unvaccinated. >> they say do not wait until it's too late. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10, everybody. i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. tonight. california health officials are pleading with people to get vaccinated. the state recorded almost 8,000 new cases just in the last 24 hours, the average positive
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test rate over 7 days is more than 5% and that is almost 5 times higher than just one month ago. most cases are among the unvaccinated and they're dominated by the delta variant and there is some good news on the national scale. according to the cdc more than 2 million people got their first shots this week and that is up 14% from the week before. so. >> in some regards, the messaging is working more people are getting vaccinated than had been. but tonight a new poll also reveals that a lot of people who haven't got the vaccine say they are not planning to do so in that associated press poll, 45% of americans who have not yet received the covid vaccine say. >> they definitely won't get it. 35% say they probably won't get it. 16% say they will and just 3% say they definitely will get those shots. infectious disease. experts say while these numbers are disappointing, there's reason to believe that they will change. i'm going to
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stay hopeful that we're getting that people are hearing the news hearing about the venerable deaths and thinking about getting the shot. things change in society. for example. >> more and more businesses say that you have to be. vaccinated if you want to work here or businesses say you're you have to be vaccinated if you want to come in here. i think people are going to change their attitudes pretty quickly. >> with cases on the rise. vaccination mandates have been growing in popularity across the bay area. san francisco announced last month it will require city workers to get the covid vaccine. once they are fully approved by the fda. but now santa clara county is taking things a step further. yeah, much further kron four's. dan thorn has the story from san jose. this expected vaccine mandate here in santa clara county affects 22,000 county employees. this push coming after the city and county of san francisco. >> said that they were going to be requiring their
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government employees to get vaccinated last month. the next step now is when this is going to be implemented and if there's going to be any push back. there's now 2 bay area jurisdictions looking to implement required covid-19 vaccines for government employees. santa clara county officials say most of their 22,000 workers are already fully vaccinated. but as cases have recently got up more precautions are being taken mandatory vaccine policies. >> our lawful peter brown is a labor and employment attorney. he says there is expected to be legal challenges to the vaccine requirement. and that's partly because the vaccine has only received emergency use authorization in the u.s. the food and drug administration has not given its full approval for a vaccine just yet leaving the door open for a possible fight with the drugs still only approved by an emergency use authorization. someone can say i right under the food drug and cosmetic act to not take
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the vaccine question. is there a lawsuit there because you're mandating i do something which federal law says i don't have to do health officials in santa clara and san francisco as well as contra costa county have recently urged private employers to also require vaccinations for workers. >> health leaders have cited the highly contagious. delta variant and workplace covid exposures leading the illnesses and deaths as the biggest reasons facing this pressure. brown says employers and agencies are likely hoping legal challenges will come quickly. we all want the rain dance want to know what our rights are employers ought to be able to make a decision feeling fairly confident that the decision they're making his loft. >> santa clara county officials say they are still working on a specific vaccine policy and also a timeline for implementation. >> san francisco county officials say that they are only going to be requiring their government employees to get the shots once the fda gives full approval reporting
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in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 meantime, the u.s. government has purchased an additional 200 million doses of the pfizer vaccine. those doses will be delivered from october of this year through april of 2022 president biden says he wants those doses on hand to prepare for future vaccination demands including administering shots to children 12 years old and under and having doses available for boosters if necessary. the u.s. has purchased a total of somewhere between 50600 million doses since the pandemic began. in the meantime, the biden administration is in talks with the cdc on whether there should be an updated mask mandate as infections continue to surge across the country. president is trying to keep a hands off approach and leave it up to the health experts to determine whether or not to change the guidelines. >> all the major scientific operations in this country. and a 25 person. looking all
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>> and every fast. if you are >> your city. >> right now. the cdc says fully vaccinated. people do not need to wear masks, but that is leaving mask mandates up to local communities. >> a new exclusive inside california politics. emerson college poll suggests californians are split on a potential statewide indoor mask mandate coming back. but they are leaning more in favor of one side. we surveyed more than a 1000 california voters this week. 49 1% say they with support such a mandate while 39% say now they are against it enough with the masks. governor newsome said that he is still considering whether to bring back a statewide mask requirement. analysts say it's a move he will not make
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lightly, especially considering this recall election that he has now less than 2 months from now. well, if he had to go in one direction, he would probably go towards the mask mandate as he would have more support for that mandate. >> the problem is the opposition towards the mask mandate might be more intense than the people that actually want the mandate. so if he creates the mandate, those who are opposed to about 40%. they might actually boat at a higher propensity come the recall election. we also asked california voters how they feel about possible vaccine mandates. a slim majority. 51% said. >> shops, restaurants and offices should not require proof of vaccination while 35% said they should. but when that same question was asked for large public venues, things like concert hall stadiums. 49% said that they should require proof of vaccination. there. 40% said no, you should not. governor newsome says there is no plan
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for any kind of statewide vaccine passport system. and he's also said that he is not going to bring back any type of lockdown, measure or physical distancing restrictions. if you want to see the full results from this poll as well as the latest on the mask guidelines in vaccination efforts across the bay area. just use your phone open the camera hold up to this qr code. that will take you right to the link on our website. kron 4 dot com. thank you. grant. turning now to our wildfire coverage. the dixie fire has been burning for almost 10 days and it's exploded to a 167,000 acres that makes it the largest active wildfire in california right now and it's expected to get even bigger over the weekend. the flames are only 18% contained and prompted new evacuation orders in the butte meadows area of butte county gurajpal sangha is in butte county tonight with the latest. but i'm not leaving. >> but in all, the dixie fire
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spreading a radically prompted the evacuation to butte meadows friday afternoon. but most people left. a few are waiting it out. we're down here at the bam bn. >> on the deck and one of fire engines pulled up. and so that's something ation and wasn't a surprise. >> the blaze now becoming the largest wildfire burning in the state so far this year. even though some few meadows homeowners who have chosen to go against fire. officials warnings. >> and orders to leave for their safety. they're monitoring this fire very closely at 07:00am. >> 9 miles catch, really small. really quick by money says they're packed and ready to go when the time comes. well, we have a degree of choice. we're work. we're choosing to remain and kind of watch and monitor. that's kind of where we are right and of course, if things get worse, if things get worse, there's not a soul here that wants to be a superhero. the dixie fire has burned more than 167,000 acres in butte and plumas counties. and it isn't letting up. >> as of last night to this morning. it grew nearly 30,000
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acres so far says weather hasn't been cooperating with those winds to come out. that's burning. so hot that those numbers are able to kind of get sent out. you know, start spot fires. the dixie fire has yet to arrive in this town of jonesville. but fire crews are here on scene. >> doing structure protection just in case in the meantime, homeowners are checking their phones. social media is your friend get you first hand me information. >> from all the resources that you need to know. you county sheriff page, the plumas county sheriff page. >> and most county has added some evacuation orders. so looking at their sites as well. >> again, that was gurajpal sangha reporting for us tonight. meantime, there is new video from the scene of the tamarack fire. that's just south of lake tahoe. we've seen these before.
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firefighters say these fire nato's are capable of spreading the fire even faster over a larger area. the tamarack fire was sparked by lightning back on july. 4th. it's now burned more than 90 square miles and destroyed at least 10 buildings. the fire is only 4% contained. governor newsom has secured 12 additional firefighting aircraft to support the state's wildfire response. 9 of the 12 have already been dispatched to aid crews in the ongoing firefight. authorities say the additional resources are a welcome tool to their arsenal. of course, especially when battling fires in more remote areas. but they also say california is bone dry conditions make the containment efforts far more difficult. >> these fires that were seen in continuing to see as we deeper into the summer and into the warmer parts of year. when you're just indicative of the conditions that we are facing regardless of the location. >> cal fire says one of the biggest wildfire threats they face is human activity and they urge everyone to take
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caution as we head into another dry weekend meteorologists mabrisa rodriguez is in for a large tonight. she joins us now with more on those conditions marissa. hey there, ken and grant. yeah, let's take a look at current conditions out there right now in plumas county because we're tracking. >> still pretty mild temperatures out there for this 10 o'clock hour 63 degrees and wind gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour. so we are getting a little bit of that offshore flow with winds out of the north-northeast dropping relative humidity to 39% out there. so not only is it the dixie fire, but that fly fire as well. that is bringing smoke and ash for this and this year's going to see calmer winds. so they are going to notice pretty poor air quality all weekend long. but closer to home here in the bay area. it looks like a heavenly sight out there right now from our east bay camera over berkeley. we can barely make out the tip of the sales force tower out there right now this evening. but it's
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pretty blanketed with that low cloud cover out there with right now. visibility upwards of 8 mile. so please drive safely because we are starting to see reduced visibility along our bay area coastline as well with the return of that marine layer. we are going to track, though pretty seasonal temperatures to start out your weekend forecast slightly cooler tomorrow than today. today, downtown san francisco warmed up to 67 degrees by tomorrow. 65 degrees. a little change. their sunset district in the mid-fifties with the widespread low 60's. for those of you in daly city and pacifica half moon bay as well. strong sea breeze will continue with winds out of the southwest for the peninsula, 30 miles per hour or it is going to be the gusty as white along the peninsula. but very comfortable temperatures from brisbane all the way into burlingame into the mid 70's upper 70's for those of you in san carlos paulo, alto, 79 degrees. so also flirting with a tease there mid to upper
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80's for the south bay with milpitas at 87 degrees and san jose at 85 degrees and out of the upper 90's for those of you in livermore, your 10 degrees above normal today. tomorrow 4 degrees above average. so some relief there cooling down to 92 degrees walnut creek and conquered the same. for those of you in richmond. 75 degrees with oakland cooling down but holding steady in the low 70's. so very seasonal forecast there. one outlier, though vacaville flirting with that triple digit heat in solano county pittsburgh in antioch in the low 90's napa and the the low 80's and santa rosa and avato in the mid 80's. so overall, very dry seasonal outlook for your next 7 days. but hey, it's 10 o'clock. let's take a look at your 10 at 10 outlook. we're going to see monsoonal moisture arriving monday into tuesday and as my gosh, come on, really? having technical difficulties right now. there must be a full moon, ok. you
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guys. it was looking great. i'll have that 10. it's been outlook. coming up in just a few minutes. typhoon out there some place. yeah, but it's it's not the bay area is a there is that book moon and. >> very fitting since the bucks won nba finals here and beer, the deer. that's why the buckman got its name because of the male deer growing out their antlers this time of year. so enjoy it out there in the kitchen. fun fact learn something new mexico thanks and the recent alright, like are we have the time fix things sorted out. yeah. all right. other news tonight san jose police again asking for help. this is serious to track down a driver suspected in a fatal hit and run. >> police say a woman was walking along tully road around 2 o'clock. this mornings when she was hit by a red suv. she was taken to a local hospital where she later died this is san jose's 32nd traffic fatality of the year and the city has seen for traffic related deaths in just the past 2 weeks. these most
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recent deaths took place on streets and city workers say have been flagged for potential upgrades. >> since and has a are very. >> much designed for cars. and when there's an increase in pedestrian fatalities as we have seen actually a lot of other cities in the u.s. have particularly since 2009. we need to think about how we can redesign the streets to be a lot more friendly to pedestrians. >> the latest fatality also marks the 7th fatal hit and run in san jose this year. police say drivers involved in such crashes. crashes have a legal duty to stop and failing to do so. could result in felony criminal charges. san jose. police say they busted in illegal gambling operation officers confiscated $320,000 in cash. 2 gold bars to assault pistols and 10 gambling machines. 3 people were arrested. these pay walnut creek. police have arrested a 22 year-old brentwood man who they say
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opened fire on a group of people over the weekend killing one person. >> and injuring 3 others. jose flores was arrested during a traffic stop yesterday. police say they found a gun and ammo at his home. the shooting happened early sunday morning outside of the spoontonic lounge near north main street in san luis road. 25 year-old lieutenant bush of san pablo was killed. the other 3 victims are expected to survive. the cause of the shooting is under investigation and he's fame. other is looking for justice after her son was killed while he was delivering for doordash. stacy corley. >> was shot last month in walnut creek just a few weeks shy of his 26th birthday. he was the victim of road rage. according to police and his mother tells kron forcefully to go, why she believes the investigation into his death has gone on far enough. it and aspiring rapper 25 year-old stacy corley's mother. kimberly thanks. says her son enjoyed being creative.
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>> and making people happy everyone. >> literally he just was a light in this world alight that on june 17th that night. bank says stacy was making a delivery for doordash and downtown walnut creek. >> and was involved in a road rage incident with people in another car. ultimately the contra costa county district attorney's office says 18 year-old dylan baker of martinez opened fire killing stacy. >> he has been charged with 2 felonies murder and shooting at an occupied motor vehicle. 22 year-old jason co of martinez and a 17 year-old boy were also taken into custody. but later released as of now baker is the only person who has been charged in the case there should not have even been a choice that. >> any of them had to decide that they can pick up a firearm. chase. someone. attempt to end their life. and
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then make the conscious decision to get out of a car. i can to and some >> that stacy had a girlfriend for siblings and 2 step siblings. but he was his mother's only child. he really has something to year to this world and that. >> to have it taken away. just tragic the district attorney's office says the case remains active dylan baker is due in court in september. >> he remains in custody in martinez. his bail set at 2 million dollars. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> in response to a rise in gun violence across the u.s. the justice department has officially launched 5 anti gun trafficking task forces in 5 locations. you have the bay area los angeles, chicago, washington, dc and new york attorney general merrick garland says they'll be cooperating with local law enforcement try to crack down on gun trafficking. corridors.
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>> but here from washington to tell you what to do and hear from washington to find out what we can do. i can help in the federal government have to do everything we can in cooperation with state, local partners. i can bring thing that violence down. >> the strike forces are just one part of the department's broader strategy to prevent violent crime. it also includes community violence intervention programs and stricter penalties for rogue gun dealers. >> new at 10, a chinese researcher from u c davis is now on our way back to china after spending almost a year in custody for visa fraud charges. us prosecutors asked a judge yesterday to dismiss the case against scientists to juan tang. the justice department charge her and 3 other sites is living in the u.s. last july saying they lied about their status as members of china's military in visa applications and in fbi interviews agents said they believe tang sought refuge at
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the chinese consulate here in san francisco. she was ultimately taken into federal custody where she remained for about a year until the judge dismissed the case today. still ahead tonight, a woman ambushed on the sidewalk and beaten with a kitchen pot. walker was stolen. >> cruel crime all caught on camera. plus a precious resource in california is now even greater risk. how authorities say are stealing. >> billions of gallons of water. concerns. definitely concerned >> you know, and you wonder why it's happening. >> and quiet. he's been neighborhood shaken by a violent carjacking. the alarming attack that left a woman unconscious next.
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>> a disturbing display of violence and a street in harlem as a woman using a walker is beaten and robbed by a group of people. police say the 61 year-old victim was confronted by 3 women and a man as the woman tried to walk away video surveillance shows one woman pushed the victim into. metals scaffolding while another hits her with a pot. the others then join in kicking and dragging her along the sidewalk. they stole her walker. and about $22 she had in cash. police say the woman is now recovering after that
10:25 pm
ordeal and they are still searching for her attackers. >> he's faber hoods on edge tonight. police say a carjacker in the open hills neighborhood of piedmont pines knocked the woman unconscious in front of her home happened about one 30 this morning on ascot drive. police say when the woman woke up her keys in her car were gone. all smash and grabs aren't exactly new in oakland. neighbors say they never expected the crime to be so violent. we're happened so close to home. it's one thing to just bust the window and lever take what you want from a vehicle. but when someone's life is at risk like that. it's a little worrisome we have seen carjackings up 95%. >> it's a steep increase from last year. >> the unidentified carjacker drove off in the victim's start color. 2013 subaru anyone with information is asked to call oakland police san francisco police reported a break in at the city's aids
10:26 pm
foundation today forcing organization to cancel all of its services for the day at its market street location have about 9 o'clock this morning. police say the glass doors and windows were shattered. the office was ransacked with items scattered all over. it's not clear, though. if anything was actually even stolen investigation is still ongoing. >> next. attend gilroy garlic festival is back this year. how organizers have to re. imagine the event to try to make it safer for all even in a pandemic. plus, unemployment benefits are slowly eroding across the u.s.. what does that mean, though, for the workforce, the data that might surprise you and why one central valley restaurant has added a robot to the team, the stories and much more coming up next on kron, 4 news at 10.
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>> in the the gilroy garlic festival is back for the first time since the mass shooting in 2019 and it looks a lot different this year. crawford's gayle ong was there today and shows us what to expect and why you'll need to plan ahead. >> organizers say people from across the state are visiting gilroy to attend this year's garlic festival which looks a little different. it's a drive-thru this year. but people are happy to be back. >> and some pepper centcom bows, some scampi, some garlic bread garlic fries. >> a little bit. everything. ryan out of fremont worked at the gilroy garlic festival in high school and could not miss this year's event. he brought
10:30 pm
his family to see would love for it to be back to what it, you know, always has been. but yeah, anytime we can come out and support. >> the community and give back a little bit. it's it's a great opportunity the festival is drive-thru style this year because of covid guests must pre order their food and pick it up. we had to find a way and looking at the best way to do it. and this was to us that the most manageable way possible way to to to do it. the festival is taking place at the gilroy presbyterian church for the re imagined allie the fire and sizzle still there. but no music or bands like previous years. it's also the first time the festivals back since the fatal 2019 shooting. i think of resiliency. the city and the people here in different groups and how everyone's come together and work together. >> you know, especially going to covid and what what everyone went through and coming out of all that. i think gilroy. >> personally, i think it's a great city and everyone works together support each other. and this is demonstrating that
10:31 pm
to me the garlic festival will continue to take place over the next 2 weekends and organizers say it's best to order early. >> here in gilroy. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> across the u.s. a lot of events from concerts to festivals are back on this year after being canceled last year. of course, because of covid. now, mpny people are asking is it safe to go rolling. loud is underway. that is in miami. lot of people there. it is the first really major music festival in the u.s. to return. but the event is also raising covid concerns since organizers are not requiring proof of vaccination and covid cases are spiking in florida. it's different though, in chicago where a lot palooza is now setting up organizers. there are requiring a covid test or vaccination card to get through the doors there. other events from wisconsin to new york, texas vegas. they all have fans excited for the months ahead. we just all need this. it's been a rough 17 months. i got my vaccine. get a vaccine.
10:32 pm
>> even though health experts say outdoor events are safer. >> these concerts can be pretty tightly packed following a music festival in the netherlands with 20,000 vaccinated attendees more than 1000 tested positive for covid. and we just mentioned rolling loud. that's the festival in south florida. talk about a setback when one of the stages there partially collapsed. yeah. what a mess. it happkned when a giant screen fell on top of the stage during the construction of it. this is at the hard rock stadium in south florida festival. organizers said nobody was injured. fortunately and the show will go on as planned. >> also in florida, members of the urban search and rescue florida task force one have returned home. this specialized team had worked for weeks trying to reach survivors and inevitably the to recover the bodies in surfside, florida at that
10:33 pm
condo collapse. it was almost a month after the collapse that they were finally cut loose, at least 97 people died in that catastrophe. and this is what remains from after it's cleared lot police and forensic specialists will continue their work to try to identify human remains that were found in that disaster. we have new video from central china of firefighters struggling to rescue more than 200 people trapped on a highway as they were surrounded by flood waters region has sustained very heavy rain lightning since last week. people on that we're getting out their cars and trucks even scooters as they waited in line to climb down a ladder to a vehicle that was waiting for them down below to drive them to safety. here at home. the severe drought like conditions are leading to a new problem. water theft, both states and local officials say thieves are making off with billions of gallons of water. they're tapping into fire hydrants, rivers, even stealing from
10:34 pm
family homes and farms in some areas of california. officials are having to place locks on fire hydrants are justcremove them all together. they say water saft is an ongoing problem, but it's magnified now to the state's water supply so scarce. it's estimated that more than 12 billion gallons of water have been stolen across california since 2013. and as the drought worsens, one of the state's major power plants will soon have to go offline. >> the lake oroville power plant is going offline is heat and drought conditions worsen across the state. the california energy commission says the hyatt power plant at lake oroville will shut down sometime in august in an effort to conserve water. the plant cannot generate power once lake elevation falls below 630 640 feet right in that range. the lake level right now is 665 feet. this would be the first time the plant has stopped generating power because of low lake levels of statement. the cdc
10:35 pm
says they're actively planning for an inevitable loss of power from the plant. it is not clear just how far reaching that will be meteorologists. but greece or a drug is has been tracking conditions across the state. she joins us now with more. boy muprhy. so that is not good. >> i mean, i've never heard of that even being possible apparently it's never happened before. so that's why. let's take a look at current drought conditions. the latest drought monitor map released yesterday for the bay area. and we're tracking exceptional drought and that is the driest category for the north bay and most of the east bay for the majority of the south bay and san francisco peninsula under extreme drought. and as you could see, most of the west coast, especially california under that extreme to exceptional drought ranging to abnormal. so everyone under some form of a drought category out there this evening and high temperatures today, though, taking a look at our bay area forecast above
10:36 pm
average, especially those of livermore. you are actually about 10 degrees above normal warming up near the triple digits to 97 degrees pretty seasonable everywhere else. and as we take a live look outside san francisco international airport seeing the return of that fog being visibility now at or near 0 for downtown san francisco, please drive safely for your friday night. still seeing a warm air mass out there with that cool sea breeze not extending into our east bay, valleys, livermore and conquered in the low 70's. but the winner tonight and chuck, 78 degrees. nearly 25 degrees warmer than downtown san francisco in half moon bay currently in the mid-fifties when tracker for though, tracking the return of that cool sea breeze, extending now into the east bay shoreline. and we're going to see patchy coastal drizzle. another day of a shallow marine layer, though. but plenty of sunshine for your saturday overnight lows low to mid and upper 50's antioch, though, on the mild
10:37 pm
side 64 degrees once again in the low 90's for livermore and conquered. but near average along the coast and east bay shoreline thing so that marine layer downtown san francisco mid 60's low 70's for oakland in mountain view in the mid 80's and don't forget, it is the gilroy garlic festival. and even hough it's a drive-thru temperatures, very nice and seasonable. we're going to be on the mild side, mid 80's with the cool sea breeze there. but overall, taking a look. finally at your 1010, all right. i don't want to over click of the button. but as you can see. >> no heat waves insights and no triple digit heat 60's and 70's along the coast and east bay shoreline. so it was a fun malfunction. is that what was the problem? it was definitely human error trying to blame anybody fall giver of nightmares that like the clicker will or can. this is my first time hopefully i'm hoping this is the last the last first. but don't even think about it. more. >> i don't that over time is over. back to you guys. thank
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lot of the onus hospitals in the bay is about to get a massive upgrade need to see medical center in daly city. >> will receive a 60 million dollars seismic upgrade and hope things is going to get a lot more modern once this is done, the hospital is a key care facility for working class families in northern san mateo county and parts of san francisco helps about 27,000 patients every year, although the renovations are expected to take years to complete the hospital will remain open. >> for your money tonight. this is pretty big. the future of mercedes-benz is green. the luxury car brand says it's pushing to transition to all electric cars by the year 2030, a son too far away. the company is planning on investing. get this 48 billion dollars in battery driven cars in the next 60 years. and it says it's setting up 8 factories to help produce only electric cars. if you're still waiting on that child tax credit payments from the government. you're not alone. the first round of payments went out last week. the many
10:39 pm
families still haven't received them. parents who filed taxes should automatically get that money in their bank accounts. if the irs has all your current information. there are reports the rollout has had some hiccups for those with children who haven't filed taxes. you can sign up for the tax credit through the irs website. governor gavin newsom has signed a new law expanding access to childcare for working families 200,000 child-care slots will be phased in over the next 5 years. a majority of those slots are expected to be available in the next 2 years we've long. >> been advocating to raise awareness to to race. consciousness around the essential nature of our care economy broadly defined but particularly childcare workers. more than half a billion dollars will be used to support child care and preschool providers another 250 million dollars. >> will be used to build and renovate childcare facilities focusing on those in
10:40 pm
underserved communities. >> a major change to the state's unemployment payouts could unlock money for thousands of california. it's the employment development department has announced it will no longer freeze payments meeting. thousands of people will continue to receive unemployment even if their eligibility is currently under scrutiny. the change applies only to people who have been certified for benefits and who have already received at least one week of payments in the past. many have criticized those extra benefits during the pandemic as providing an incentive for americans not to look for work. however, new data from the census bureau shows that cutting those benefits did not result in any significant improvements and people going back into the workforce, at least 25 states have ended the extra $300 a week. unemployment benefit while several other states are expected to do so in the coming months, the white house announced yesterday weekly jobless claims jumped to 419,000 last week. and take a
10:41 pm
look at this. a stockton restaurant hit hard by the labor shortage is turning to technology for help by using a food delivery robot. the restaurant bought the robot to help support their limited staff service can load up the bought with food and drinks and then just send it off to customers with the touch of a button. if you don't spill the restaurant says feedback from customers has been very positive so far. they love interacting with it. the reasons i'm set to. >> a fan of this restaurant. it's because of the people here. they make you feel at home >> somebody says it when it's like oh, my know who i am. you know, it makes me feel important. but this second is the wave of the future. her her member after she >> is that the yeah, i mean,
10:42 pm
then that i work on that is there a little oil might help different upgrades or. >> restaurant says they have not named their new robot server. >> but listen to the voice. when you name it, customers can submit suggestions when they come in and dominate squeak squeak >> still to come in sports, the giants back at home looking to continue their hot streak taking on the pirates. we have the highlights next in sports. and here's a live picture in tokyo for the summer games are now officially under way. how one of the city's time honored traditions has found a home
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>> after your long delay due to the pandemic. the tokyo olympics are officially underway. the opening ceremony kicked off the fireworks show at olympic stadium was around 4 o'clock in the morning. our time, critics, though, want the event canceled because of a growing number of covid cases but organizers say they hope the excitement of the games. we'll offsets that widespread opposition. meantime in japan spring is marked by the cherry blossom trees that every year across the country, roughly a million people flock to see the flowers every year and hubs such as tokyo, even more people do the same thing here on the west coast in cities such as portland, we're cherry blossoms are considered a gift. elizabeth dunn has the story. >> blink and you'll miss them. the cherry blossoms are only around for a short period of time. that's why most of the
10:46 pm
year this is the beautiful get along. the waterfront still nice to look at. we just don't have the flowers. along the banks of the willamette river in downtown portland, oregon. >> 100 cherry trees erupt with color every spring. the type of cherry blossom our is a beautiful and delicate gift from the japanese grain importers association to the city. 31 years ago. >> they're full of all to the weather, the rain, the way >> and if you blink, you might miss them. they only stay in bloom for a very short while in japanese culture cherry blossom symbolize the spring a time of renewal in the fleeting nature of life. a 1000 year old custom known not me. >> which translates to flower viewing brings people together to do just that.
10:47 pm
>> sit beneath the trees and take it all both tourists and portlanders flocked to the japanese american historical plaza to do the same. but the place also serves as a reminder of past struggle and tragedy. >> part of this history that missed memory to hear this down. it's an engraved with the names of the 10 herman at concentration camps that were located throughout the united states. >> in 1942 roughly 120,000 japanese americans were forced to stay in these camps under tough conditions until world war 2 ended. >> even though many of them fought for the united states. >> we hoped that when people come here and contemplate the beauty of these cherry blossoms that they also contemplate what this plaza stands for. our freedom, our democracy. it's just as vulnerable to and racism and by better understanding the past. >> we inch closer toward all the sec symbolizes hope and
10:48 pm
new beginnings and deeper appreciation for the here and now reporting in portland, i'm elizabeth tin. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> beautiful blossoms. they're beautiful win for the giants last night in fresh off that wild victory in l a jay is back on today hosting the lowly pirates for the start of a three-game set. there's a giants fan known as red rhino. right now, is ready to roll and the giants. they did. you read the roll again. 7th inning and lamont wade junior can't. >> figure it out. defensively giants have been good with the gloves, but rather comes in from second. he scores three-run 7th inning for pittsburgh. they take a 6, 3, lead. bottom 9 now a little life for the giants wade try
10:49 pm
to make up for drives one into the right center field gap know what he gets at darin ruf comes into score way junior in the 3rd rbi triple giants. can they do it. your strengths key. with 2 outs in the 9th. it caught the court. the inside corner yes, didn't like itt but. call them out and the judge really can't complain pyres calls after the 2. they got last night giants fall 64 tonight. still first place in their division game 2 of the series tomorrow night here in the city, a stake in on the mariners game 2 of their 4 game set in seattle. top of the 5th phase down by a run one on for chapman who lined it into left. it will kick up their right against the wall. run comes into score a's tied bottom. 7 now seattle with a runner on 3rd and jake diekman that is not how you do it. 35. it's in the dirt gets past
10:50 pm
catcher. sean murphy, the run scores and just like take a 4, 3, lead and that is all they would a fall for 3 and they're now 3 and a half games back in the al west after the astros, one their game to date. alright basketball now warriors. who are they going to add those draft picks are maybe a veteran help, you know, steph klay and has their in their prime get another ring. well, bradley beal is a stock and he's reportedly on the top of the dubs wish lists. the state willing to trade bunch draft pick 7, certainly 7.14 may be a number one down the road. maybe james to get that veteran presence. that report according to marcus thompson of the athletic was supposed to be on team usa in tokyo and he was with team usa but had to be placed on covid protocol list shortly after. >> it was determined that he wouldn't be able to make the trip to tokyo with the rest of
10:51 pm
the because of pandemic related issues. too bad they're back to baseball early today for some cleveland indians announcing they will officially change their name to the cleveland guardians next season. you see some of the new designs of the logo that cleveland will done next season. the team had been known as the indian since 1915 in the team's new name references, the guardians of traffic statues near progressive field which is located on the hope memorial bridge. so there's that. they're out of a job. these 2 nfl coaches not head coaches but assistance. well paid out of a job because of their decisions related to the vaccine. don't want it patriots. co offensive line coach cole popovich. we saw there on the right and the vikings assistant. he's an offensive line running game coach rick dennison. both said no thanks to the vaccine and in turn they were relieved of their respective positions. this comes a day after the nfl announced that if a covid
10:52 pm
outbreak occurs among or is sparked by unvaccinated players and staff. and that outbreak results in the team not having enough players to compete in a scheduled game. the team well, then have to forfeit the game. it would be a loss. the players would not get paid. now players do have the option to get vaccinated or not. but coaches staff members organizational personnel. they have to get vaccinated. those 2 guys said no thanks. the team said no thanks. that's sports. w
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>> a luxury travel agencies now selling tickets to fly virgin galactic the space. it's a one hour trip. there's no age restriction. they do require that you be physically fit and you can't go if you've recently had surgery. i have to be able to afford. of course, $250,000 a person so far. 8 tickets have been sold. >> the dutch kid, the one who went up in space youngest person ever to travel to space after he won that ride with jeff bezos. some the blue origin rocket. well, it turns out that could shock the billionaire when he told him this actually i thought jeff i actually never i think and it was like, oh, well. >> oh, yeah. you don't meet people like that. usually the 18 year-old physics student oliver daemen scored a seat on tuesdays 10 minutes space trip after the original winner of the blue origin. auction
10:56 pm
canceled at the last minute he said his scheduling conflict after bidding 28 million. he's going to he's going to go on another trip. it's like the money is gone. but damon's father, the kid's father. it was the next highest bidder and so he became the winner and the guy let his son become the passenger and go up in space them in road along the businesses brother an 82 year-old while the folk who is the oldest person ever to go to space. and she was an astronaut. many, many years ago and was a pilot and wants to go back and she was not allowed to go to space back then because she was a woman. but right now she's up there and i wouldn't i wouldn't think anything will stop her from doing more trips. well, it wasn't a trip to space, but it did take some big horse power to rescue a writer and his animal after they got stuck in the valley and san diego. the horses named mackey. >> areas him and its owner were out for a ride yesterday when they tumble down the steep embankment. the dramatic
10:57 pm
rescue began on the ground and ended with the horse here in a harness being air lifted to safety. as you can imagine, all this was an easy at one point mac. he broke free stumbling and getting tangled up in the harness obviously use little rattled by the whole experience. veterinarians finally got him into a carrier ban. he was checked out. and here's the best news mackey. and as writer are going to be ok, well, that's good. yeah. happy ending. >> happy weekend debris said yeah, you as well. don't tell law runs about my 10 at 10 snafu flawless forecast secret
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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♪ >> let the games begin. here they are, team usa. an olympics like no other, where is everybody? then destination covid. las vegas, branson. to get the new travel warnings. >> call him joe cool. a car slammed into his house and he hardly budgets. >> it looks like nothing happened. >> the shocking moment this man in his boxers was tased. and how low can you go.


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