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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 22, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the market there in the bay. nice sunshine, too. yeah, seems like it's going to be a good day when you think if this is true, lots of sunshine. good james and darya. good morning, everybody. however, fog is lingering in some little spots around the bay. you know, the problem areas such as the golden gate bridge. >> it just tends to hover there a little bit, however, on balance mostly sunny skies except maybe along the coast with some bit of a problem area here it is hate to be gloom and doom. it those fog just hanging out a little bit. meanwhile, what we've got is the thunder shower activity down to the south way down south and off to nevada as we get into the weekend. this is a good start. bubbling up to the north and it's next week we're particularly watching to see if that bears any fruit that we don't want in terms of getting any dry lightning anything like that. that's tba on that 60's going on in the east bay 50's up to the north bay. 62 meanwhile for san jose. here's this the quick comparison. we're pretty close to this time yesterday, give or take a degree. either way. the breakdown for you. 76 at high noon at 3 85 most readings will be subbed 90 for
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today. bump that up a little bit for your t g i f and then into the weekend clouds kind of in and out of the forecast. we'll break all that down coming for you in a bit. right now breaking down traffic and today we are steadily see more accidents out there, have another one on the peninsula this out and sam, a tail. >> one. oh, one southbound at east hillsdale boulevard, which is you can see he's already had an impact on the san mateo bridge. no major issues along 2.80, as you're traveling there. but heading across towards the peninsula. 15 minutes for your drive time. they will keep a close eye on that. in case that changes as you're traveling heading into the city a little under 15 minutes to get to that fremont street exit from the east bay the air traveling along 5 1880. we're starting to see some delays. another traffic accident. this is 5, 8 eastbound at palo verde road in hayward will check in on 5 1880, but you can see just a little slow down along 8.80 will a close eye on everything that's happening this thursday morning. daryn, james, back to you. thank you. ran kron 4 is your local election
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headquarters and this morning we have a new exclusive inside california politics. >> emerson college poll that shows a majority of californians approve of the job. the governor newsom is doing. yeah. the first question we asked, do you approve or disapprove and those who approve of his job so far total 49%. those who disapprove 42. so the majority approve, however. >> when you take a look at the unsure. no opinion that's still about 10% depending on how that splits up. we could see that got close. >> and we also asked about do you think you think the governor should be recalled or do want to keep governor newson. and you can see kind of along the same lines here. 43 1% would recall in 48% would keep the governor and then 9%. our undecided. so the big question is going to be for newsom. is that too close for comfort. and then we asked another interesting question here which was regardless of the recall effort. would you vote to reelect. >> the governor in 2022 or do you think it's time for
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someone new. and you can see there by the results that a vast majority of those who participate in the survey said they actually think it's time for somebody new when the governor's office comes up for reelection in 2022. now let's take a look at the question where we asked to rate his job when it comes to handling covid. >> and as you can see, if you add up the excellence and the goods that's 48% think he's doing a very good good to excellent job and handling covid. when responded fair. those are the people at least as far as the governor is concerned, he'd need to be more worried about because 19% of the people say he only has done a fair job at handling the pandemic and then 33% flat out. think he did a poor job at it in the pandemic. of course, is one of the big motivating factors behind the recall. so that's what they're going to be battling about. that's what the other candidates are going to be talking about to absolutely.
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in fact, on kron 4 dot com. we've got. >> the full results from the entire survey. the poll that we did, which did touch on other topics, too. as it relates to the governor. everything from the drought to his handling of the wildfires. you can read the full story. take a look at all those results at kron 4 dot com when it comes to his opponents. larry elder will be on the it with the secretary of state. he actually sued because he wanted to appear on the ballot. >> and the secretary of state's office said that he pouldn't be because what they called an issue with his tax returns. well, a judge says that the law but the tax returns is meant for primary elections. only not for special or recall elections. so you will see larry elder on the ballot and now he is the 43rd candidate that you'll see that is in the race to unseat newsome. yeah. and so we also surveyed. >> who would you replace the governor within the recall. if you're in favor of the recall. so we want to show you some of those results and larry elder's. glad he's on the ballot because in our survey
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he's getting the most support right now at 16%. you can see following behind him is john and kevin faulconer. they both have 6% and then kevin kiley and caitlin jenner. they're trailing behind with 4%. everybody receiving less than that. look at the undecided. the bottom right corner of this graphic. 53% still undecided. don't know who they're going to back. so these numbers could swing wildly between now and when that recall election happens, kron 4 actually just spoke with larry elder about the court's decision and the latest poll result resultan. >> he there's a lot of reasons why he's doing well, but only decided to run fairly recently and i was the last major person to get into the race. and so i've only really begun campaigning. i think the reason i've done so well is because i'm pretty well known in the state have been a talk show host here for 30 years. ago in every major market from sacramento down to san diego. i've been talking about crime and homelessness and the rising cost of living for a
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long time. the best ideas about what to do about it. and i think i can communicate in ways they can get independents and democrats have never voted for a republican to vote for me. >> so the secretary of state now, now that the list is official. the candidate list. they can send that off to the counties. recall ballots will then be sent out in a few weeks from now. so keep an eye out for it. >> time now is 8. '06 in the east bay a man is wanted for a brazen crime in oakland. yeah. caught on camera, by the way, breaking into several cars along a busy street. that's the story. the kron four's camila barco has been following live for us from the newsroom this morning. commute. >> now sorry, jane. this video shows no matter the time of day, a crime can happen at any time. the suspect broke into cars in broad daylight steps away from a local bank with plenty of people around. now police are asking the public to help them find the person responsible for breaking into multiple cars. take a look at this video. cameras caught the man hop out out of the dark lexus sedan on lakeshore avenue near downtown oakland
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yesterday around 12:30pm. he smashes the rear wing, the rear window of one parked car. you can see it right there. and then moves on to the next vehicle to do the same exact thing. oakland police chief says it took place in one of the busiest business districts and now investigators are looking for this man who was wearing a yellow beanie black sweat pants with yellow gold stripes on the side gold shoes. and this colorful jacket with the words sugarhill written across the top. now the local precinct where this recent crime happened reports 748 auto burglaries. as of june 20th in the north oakland uptown area alone. it's a 41% decline compared to that time last year, oakland police reports 1000 270 car break ins by june 2020 in that area. now oakland police encourage people to
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report all crimes no matter how small or big they are. and now they are asking anyone who has information about these car break ins to call the police department darya james, back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. camilla. >> now to another big story that we're following this morning. governor newsome announcing aggressive plan to target the surge that we've seen in retail thefts all across the bay area and across the state. so the governor signed a bill which will now extend the chp. these property crimes task force operations until the year 2026. now, according to chp data, organized retail theft has become a 30 billion dollar crime industry and it often funds other crimes like car theft and human trafficking narcotics. the governor says this bill is designed specifically to stop retail thefts. >> we've all seen the images of people rushing in some member was right to highlight just one of them at macy's, you're seeing them all across the state of california. those organized efforts and they are organized disproportionate
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efforts and we want to go after those ranks. we want to go those organized. well organized teams of folks that are connected, not just within communities but all across the state of california. >> the chp says that they also need the public's help to stop these crimes. in fact, to that end, the agency has launched a web based portal 4 members of the community and for the owners of shops to report tips directly to them so they can solve these crimes. >> stockton man is behind bars after police tracked a missing berkeley teenager to his house. the girl was reported missing by her family tuesday morning. she's back home now investigators say that love preet saying now faces a number of charges including child stealing and statutory rape. >> ended up working through the night. we put our community messages hoping for the public's input. they had any tips about where she may be. thankful we were able to
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reunite the teen with her family as an adult. >> you should know not to. >> entice or. and encourage a person under age and engage in any type relationship with them. and an appropriate manner. >> berkeley police say that saying the girl had communicated before she disappear. detectives are urging parents to keep tabs on their kids at all times and have a current picture of your children as well and a list of places they usually hang out. >> we'll take a break. it is a 10 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news pg and e announcing new plans that they say will help prevent wildfires will take a closer look. >> and big day for future students of the u c system coming up. i'll tell you why you might want to start saving and a live report. and the fog is breaking up. there were a will is all but we're still
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hanging on to a little bit along the east bay hills 76 it looks like high noon 3 o'clock in the mid 80's. we'll have look at that monsoon to rain. >> and i'm tracking in accident along one, a one on the peninsula that slowing down the san mateo bridge commute just a little bit. also looking at your updated drive times. we'll have more on that once we get back from break.
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>> we're back. 8.13 is the time pg e has announced a new plan to better protect communities. >> and prevent wildfires the utility plans to expand underground power lines in the areas that have a high fire danger. kron four's. gayle ong has more. >> pg e says they've already started burying lines in butte county near the site of the 2018 camp fire. this whole project is expected to take several years. >> we're committing to bury 10,000 miles of lines. starting in our highest fire threat districts and our highest risk areas, pacific gas and electric ceo patti poppe be announcing at a news conference wednesday. the utility's efforts tackling what they sny is the largest effort in the country. >> to put power lines underground the press briefing taking place and she go near the dixie fire that has burned more than 85,000 acres in butte county. the utility
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believe that equipment may have sparked the fire as of today, more than 25,000 miles of power lines overhead in high-risk areas are maintained by pg and e poppy says work is underway to enhance current infrastructure. the hardening of our lines, hundreds of miles of hardening 3300,000 trees will be removed this year. >> a million trees over a million trees will be trimmed pg e began evaluating overhead, power lines following the devastating fires in 2017 2018 sonoma county resident jeremy cabrera says it's a step in the right direction. it's for the better of sonoma county. and we pride ourselves in having. >> this like amazing wildlife all around us. and this like beautiful hiking trails and that it's a shame to see it. get burned down over something as many skill as a tree branch falling on to some wiring. >> will be hosting a number of sessions across to stay together ideas from
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policymakers, local and state leaders and environmental groups reporting in santa rosa along kron 4 news. >> time now is 8.15, and before you head out the door. let's take a peek at the weather. yeah, we've got day with a look at that is in the weather center right now in today on whole, i guess we're looking pretty good. for july. this is good stuff. means a darned. good morning. good morning, everybody. and we're still having a little bit of that fog linger a bit. the shot from u c berkeley. but all this morning, even before dog for the sun. join us. we had the light up of the east bay shoreline, all the lights we could see through that solis. the fog was in that thick going on going forward. now the big issue is to watch out for the monsoon. this will be really into early next week. it may be problematic 71 antioch, mostly 60's in the east bay 50's line up the east bay shoreline and also up the north bay too 62 for san jose stormtracker 4. you can really see anything going on in our region. its way down to the south where the it is all balled up. complements of this low that's been kind of shielding us. we'll lose that influence going forward. now
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over the next few days. now, today, again, temperatures pretty mild complements of all of that. there's the flareup of showers that happen in the mountains. that's somewhat typical this time of year. but will be fortified later on with the monsoon really have some monsoon clouds coming in here tomorrow. just a little bit in the way some high cloudiness to kind of pass the day of that. here's how it breaks down today. we've got temperatures sub 90 just about everywhere on our map, got some clouds and cool conditions along the coast, particularly again, tomorrow. we're up in those temps a little bit near about 80 in parts of the east bay shoreline into the weekend. this we start to get the monsoon clouds in and out. and that's all it appears at this point might start to build some humidity, too, particularly early into next week. but it's a really big issue of that dry lightning forecast today. 64 with the morning clouds still pleasant. 64 san francisco 70 for oakland mostly sunny and cool about that. 77 san jose and of the wider real estate antioch still popping at 91, but
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mostly upper 80's going on in the east bay 86 up to santa rosa east bay shoreline mid 70's to coming up a little bit. we'll take a look at those longer range forecast models for you and the 4 zone. but right now rain was take a look at traffic. what's going on today. we've got a really busy morning this morning. several traffic collisions like this 1. one. oh, one southbound at east hillsdale boulevard. >> and they just got this cleared off of the road there. sam, a tale. this did not cost too bad of a delay headed across towards the peninsula. we just have gotten up to about 16 minutes or so. so we're typically at about 14. so that's not too. too bad. keep a close eye on that to see if anything changes traveling into the city are pretty busy here. a little under 17 minutes to make that drive from the maze to that fremont street exit 5, 1880. we're also seeing some slowdown along there here in hayward, eastbound at palo verde road traffic, collision, slowing things down along 5.80. what? you finally hit 8.80. you've got just a slight delay. the air and down here in campbell, we still have that accident. northbound 17
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at east hamilton avenue. so again, in the south bay we're seeing some slowdowns will have more on that coming up with daryn james, back to you. thanks a lot. of state 18 and a big story this morning. college could become more expensive for students going to use the school starting next year. as we know, it's already expensive enough. so this is not good news for parents and future students. >> they're thinking maybe not this fall that perhaps fall of next year to implement this kron four's will tran is live at u c berkeley with how much we're talking about will. you might want to start saving. not this year. but for the 2022 season because they are talking about. >> voting today to raise tuition and opponents of this. they're calling this the hike instead of one big tuition increase 9.10%, that we saw say a decade ago, they're going to spread this over several years, which is why opponents are calling this the first ever hike. so get ready to save up if they pass this,
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you're looking at paying approximately $534 every time you pay tuition and some colleges. i know when i went to college, i pay twice a year. so that's $534 and we're talking approximately $13,000. there are 10 schools within the u c systems of the costs they vary from school to school. some schools cost as much as $14,000. and we're talking in-state students. >> that are coming into the system or transferring into the system. this on top of the fees. so it's going to be really expensive. opponents are very angry by this because they say the use the system. they recently got a 1 billion dollars governor gavin newsom to keep things running. but the use the system, they're saying that that money does not cover the cost of education, especially with the explosion of students within their system. they say with higher cost of tuition. the
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students can possibly tap into more financial aid and grants. so it could be offset. but many people are not happy about this, especially coming off the pandemic when the families were already suffering. keep in mind this is for incoming students. if you're already at u c berkeley or some of the other schools within the u c system. you should be ok, but any raise intuition obviously for many families will be a race simply too much to handle. back to you. all right. thank you very much. well. >> we'll take a break. it's a 21. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a new effort under way in the south bay right now to get vaccines to the unvaccinated as the delta variant continues to spread that story and more coming up.
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>> 8.24 in the south bay health care workers are going door to door now to help spread the word about getting the coronavirus vaccine. yeah. they want to get the word out there. signing up the unvaccinated trying to get. >> the shot to people who need help from the most who've been hurt the most by the pandemic prefers offline about takes a look. >> the community who work are coming now working on because county public health. >> in santa clara county healthcare worker gabriel reyes spent the day knocking on doors here in east san jose's hard-hit 9, 5, 1, to 2
8:25 am
zip code where some 8,000 people have contracted covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. vaccination rates have improved dramatically here. but his reyes's job to convince the unvaccinated to get the shot. we're still looking for their you know. >> 20 ish percent in the county. that is still you know, miss missing the vaccine. they more comfortable when someone is there is plane i was going on except clean the community. explain what's going on with the aisle with a vaccines reyes and his partner ms ryan mendoza or with working partnerships usa. >> a team that is conducting door to door outreach on behalf of county health. they are providing information about the vaccine where to get vaccinated and how to get help with rent and other needs associated with the pandemic. a lot of these areas have been hit pretty hard by the pandemic. >> both in terms of just like covid rates as well as in terms of like losing their struggling to make it through the pandemic that financially
8:26 am
as they provide multi-lingual information on the spot counseling to those who might be hesitant are mistrustful of the vaccine reyes and his team can actually schedule an appointment on the spot for those who want the shot, who don't got vaccinated months ago that would like to see all his neighbors. do so as well. that good idea. >> we know boat need to have that. you know. for but for every liberal. >> and you told me that everybody vaccinated over that. but this woman told raise her entire family contracted and survived covid clearly moved by his encounters with people who have been hurt by the pandemic. ray has told me he has succeeded in signing up 4 out of 5 unvaccinated people to go ahead and get the shot big-time pro big said inflation at the end of the day. >> you feel and we're saving lives. so far the team has knocked out at least 170,000 doors. >> engage some 37,000
8:27 am
businesses and made personal contact with at least a 115,000 individuals, many of whom were signed up to get vaccinated is san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> 8.26e is the time. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news extreme drought in the south bay. you can see how low our reservoirs are. we're going to talk to congressman ro about what's being done to try to address the drought and the wildfires and all of that in santa clara county.
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>> it 29 right now. and we're taking a look at the flag blowing in and you can see the breeze out there this morning and the gray that some people are in just a touch on thursday morning as we're waking up with the weekend in sight. >> and in mind, another wildfire is burning. luckily though. we're not dealing with the smoke from that just yet, which is kind of nice. yes, it is. let's see if that's going to hold or what dave sphar is in for john. this ring had a good morning john and james and darya. it's the >> that would be jane today. we've got a lot of sunshine for today. those temperatures will be maintaining a decent level. that means sub 90 today. we're taking a little bit of a break. a little warm up is expected tomorrow but will be kind of been range so nothing too crazy and we've
8:31 am
been talking a lot about pg. any and all that sort of thing about the fires and everything. we don't see offshore winds happening that use the alarm bell for problems there. so that's the good news. but the only thing we're looking out for is the monsoon getting and next week that may be problematic. and i said maybe maybe now here's what our sunshine is going. look at this opening it up from the fog. a little bit of hazy sunshine is what we have 71 for antioch. we've got a lot of 60's off to the east bay near 60 along the east bay shoreline. 54 santa rosa 55 for half moon bay speaking of those winds. we do have a little bit of a breeze there pretty much single digits. although getting off to the delta. there's a bit of clip happening there and the breakdown for you today 76 by high noon 3 o'clock word 85 most readings all be sub 90 today. a little bit closer, though, tomorrow. we'll have more locations getting into the 90's department. there until we have the influx of some clouds coming and going next weekend for this weekend. we'll have more on your longer range forecast coming up in a
8:32 am
bit. runner. reyna harvey standing by with an update on traffic dave, thanks for that. you see how busy it is at the bay bridge. we do have some accidents out there like this one in hayward finding eastbound at palo verde row, slowing things down a lot. 5.80. >> it's not as bad, but it is pretty slow along 8 80's. well, as you're traveling there heading into the city this morning. look at that. a little under 17 minutes. let's go back to that 17 minutes as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. once you reach that fremont street exit. you can do that in under 17. and it's also fairly slow along 5, 1880, as you're traveling as well, heading across towards the peninsula. we got up to about 16 minutes or so because of an accident along the peninsula right there. one. oh, one that has since been clear, thankfully and we didn't go up past that back down to 15 minutes for you to make it across the richmond. sandra fell commute as you're traveling near richmond so things certainly are busy here this morning and really with a look at the golden gate bridge travel into the city. a little under 21 minutes for your drive time. have more on that coming up during james, back to you. all
8:33 am
right. back to our coverage of the wildfires that are burning across the state this morning. there are new mandatory evacuations because of the dixie fire. it is so far the fire has burned more than a 103,000 acres in plumas and counties. and that's another jump this morning. >> from where it was earlier. it's now 70% contained. that number also rising but not nearly fast enough. dennis shanahan has the latest. >> looking toward the northeast from lake oroville, the plume in the distance towers over the feather river canyon. what we found in the shadow of that plume is a sobering example of how easily flames are able to decimate a forest that looked lush and green just days ago. >> red retardant, decorating the landscape gives testimony to how hard firefighters to try to suppress the dixie fire, but the drought stressed trees and the wind whipping through the canyon along highway 70 are formidable opponent. >> the players pushing to the northeast toward lake eleanor and area added to wednesday's
8:34 am
mandatory evacuation orders. it's burning on both sides of highway 70, but the most active flames are moving away from the highway itself into remote areas that are hard to access. we talk about the feather river canyon as being sparsely populated. but some people do live here and many more vacation here. some resort getaways like belden town sit well, within the evacuation zone. but the crews and pg and e have their work cut out for them along the dixie fire's path. >> we saw several downed power lines near bill done. >> and off caribou road over the north fork of the feather river. the remains of a burned bridge are barely holding together as they continue to smolder burned firehose left behind alongside the bridge suggest these flames moved through here so quickly. >> firefighters may have had to make a hasty retreat. >> a few yards away. a wooden bridge outfitted with sprinklers is left standing in their ongoing race against nature firefighting aircraft took advantage of every last available. minutes of daylight. it was just before 8.30, with south. this helicopter filling up for what could be his last water drop
8:35 am
in daylight as we rounded the corner on our way to find cell service. we saw flames still actively burning in the cool of night. dennis shanahan, fox 40 news. >> let's continue our coverage of the environment now with the chair of the environmental oversight committee. and that is congressman ro congressman kind of thank you so much for joining us this morning. first of all, we just came out of that story, talking about. >> the dixie fire, how big it's gotten and how devastating wildfires have been here so far this year. and in years past i know you're on the forefront of trying to get some relief, trying to get some things done to prevent this going forward. first of all, good morning. and your thoughts on the wildfire season so far. >> good well, it's a deeply concerning. i mean, it is affecting our air quality. it's affecting not just health does your i was going to pick with bernie sanders was saying that the year paul in for being affected by what's going on in california, did. and of course, we have drier weather. we have hotter weather caused
8:36 am
by climate crisis that are making these fall far as much worse and we're doing everything we can. but speaker pelosi to bring resources to support the governor support our firefighters and the emergency teams to put these fires out to the deck them have prescribed burns. but ultimately we have to deal with the climate crisis okay. another crisis that we're still in the midst of very much so. is covid. >> and i'm wondering what your thoughts are right now on that as. >> we're looking at various different states and counties deal with outbreaks in the delta variant and. >> decisions about masking. >> well, the delta variant is very concerning. need to take it seriously. looking at totally. i've heard as many people have a breakthrough cases. people have been vaccinated and still got room. delta variant action now be don't miss tilly get hospitalized or and they and they are dying, but they are still becoming carrier. so my own view is exercise caution. i wear a when i needed place that is i believe that the
8:37 am
more wear if they think that there's any risk the better and our kids are still unvaccinated. and that's a big a risk factor. >> but we haven't gone as far as to mandate masks. and i'm wondering if you think that that has anything to do with health or safety or more about politics. we did a poll and we just asked people what they think about how the governor's been handling the pandemic. and that's a big part of the recall effort. obviously so right. yeah. what do you think about, you know, as far as the governor, the recall effort and how out. >> the plaza well, the it showed that overall most people were in favor of the way he's handled the pandemic. but however, there are about 19%. that said fair and there are about 33%. it said he handled it poorly. >> well, look, i think it's a very difficult parade. any governor. i think he is not a
8:38 am
good job and really as confronted a lot of ball fires mix the mobile wave, the pandemic. i do believe, though, that caution is a better way forward, at least until our kids are vaccinated and we get the vaccination so i support the localities like a loss and to less than half said that they want to mess. and it i think we can leave that for our county to county as they look at the numbers. we have to monitor the case the cases continue to rise and we may need to do it statewide. but i i believe the governor is taking a cautious approach to this. and that's the right well, and then we know that the pandemic and the response is one of the driving forces behind this recall effort that we're all going to be voting on. >> in september. one of our poll questions were addressed that specifically, do you support the recall of the governor and we can put up the results on the screen right now for people to see 43% said that they would vote to recall governor newsom said they would vote to keep him in office with 9% being
8:39 am
undecided. your thoughts on the recall, the job, the governor's done what your stance on all of this. well, you know that surprisingly close all and concerned of those are the numbers. think the governor's done that. >> a very good job and he shouldn't be recalled. and i think having millions of dollars spent to recall a governor and right before plenty plenty to what we will have an election makes no sense. let him finish out his term. you don't like him. vote him out and 2022 and this is a massive distraction. but as your number shall apply point to say very close race. it's a race that could go either way with turnout. and so i think it's important the governor takes very seriously, which i know he is and that everyone take this seriously. >> all right. thank you so much for all of your perspectives on politics and life as we know, right. we appreciate thank you. thank you for your bring all the important issues. thank you so much. we'll see you in. >> we'll be right back.
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we're back in a 42 former 40 niner and raider coach greg knapp was hit by a car over the weekend. he still in critical condition at john medical center in walnut creek. the 58 year-old who is currently a coach with the new york jets was hit by a driver
8:43 am
in san ramon saturday afternoon. police say that nap who lives in danville was riding on a bicycle down doherty in the bike lane just north of north monarch, road when he was hit by a car traveling that same direction. police say the driver was not under the influence or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. take a listen. >> if cole was involved in which struck a single bicyclist remained on scene. heaps fully cooperative with our investigation. >> this all comes just one week away from when the new york jets report for training camp prior to being hired by the jets nap served as the offensive coordinator for several nfl teams including the san francisco forty-niners and the oakland raiders. we'll take a break 43. we'll be right back.
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8:46 am
>> 46 is the time right now. and we're checking out the weather on a thursday. it's looking pretty good. bad out there should be good to get a walk-in. we've got dave spahr in the weather center with more on our forecast for today and also pick ahead of the weekend. good morning, dave. that will do good morning, james and darya. good morning, everybody. live from the nor cal honda weather center. and for this weekend and beyond. the big thing to look out for is what the impacts will be of we know are getting moisture and mid layers and upper layers of the atmosphere. what second materialize into that's being worked on the shot for right now. well, we have that sunshine peering through as we
8:47 am
see the fog kind of that parade a way that this that tends to do this time of day. we have 3 major features to look for an of this somewhat global picture. everything first false the months and that's been hanging around the 4 corner states. what's been insulating us has been this low up in the northwest and provides on shore, wind and brings the fog in each morning too. and also to the south. all of that is the tropical traffic now, even if we get a nothing system, it's still that moisture that pops up here. this a problem that was the collection. everything we had last august, we had problems. weather service also pointed out a little bit to look at because sometimes the models take a while to pick up on this was a little disturbance down, run baja, california that help. shovel everything to the north and or general direction. so that's why we have to wait a little bit later on to find out what this all means to put the pieces together. what we have for now there's that high pretty much firmly in place and talk about the smoke. it's being sent up to the north and we get just that fog and the mild weather for mid july. that is latter july as we go long range. you can see that
8:48 am
high. still spinning around. here comes the moisture as we get into the weekend. so we'll have some scattered clouds and into next week. for now, we don't see any green painted in our next and our neck of the woods, although there is plenty in the mountains into the north of us. 4 zone forecast for your thursday. 64 san francisco, lower 60's cover us along the coast bayside 60's and 70's. when you get south foster city 73 san carlos 75 77 for palo alto in the south bay. mostly upper 70's, although some 80's making their way here. 85 los gatos. morgan hill 8678 cupertino. he's bay shoreline to the south, even mid 70's, although tomorrow think to crack into the lower 80's pleasanton livermore mid-eighties going on there as we head north 86 walnut creek, concord 8868 for richmond and vallejo at 71 with 89 fairfield. we're going to build on these numbers tomorrow. 85, it looks like sonoma and 86 for santa rosa in the 7 day forecast again. pretty good today, tomorrow
8:49 am
warming up a little bit interruption from some cloud cover. this will be the monsoon business feeling a little bit more humid at the surface too. as we venture into some lower 90's. but rob ac, though lower 70's, it looks like along the east bay shoreline, although some 80's will pop here and there. and 60's remain at the coast. checking bay area traffic out reyna filson, thank you for that. so we do have a new accident this time. >> it's up here. southbound at monument boulevard in pleasant hill. if you try to get around that like maybe you're traveling along highway 4. you can take valley road. get back on 6.80 to try to get around that. slowing is not too bad, though. we just have this accident cleared off the road. this one out and palo verde on that road. 5.80 eastbound there. so again, we're still seeing residual delays because traffic collision was there for the past 40 minutes or slow slowing things down along 5.80, heading into the city up to 18 minutes for your drive time. there's things are getting slower. more traffic is building as you're traveling to the fremont street exit. like i said, it will take a little under 19
8:50 am
minutes there to make that drive. the richmond sandra fell commute. we had earlier issues here and that was an uptick about 16 minutes or so. now we're back down to 13 there and the san mateo bridge traveling across towards the peninsula. you can do that under 60 minutes story. and james, back to you. thanks a lot. of tate 49 bought in japan. it is in tokyo. it's already tomorrow. it's already friday. and as you can see, the first lady, joe biden is already in japan and ready for the opening ceremonies for the olympics that start 10. well, tonight they're trying and so there she is coming down the staircase being greeted by dignitaries. there. >> again, i don't know what her plans are after the opening ceremonies. she may come back. i know that they're dealing with a lot of problems with covid and the variant, which is really been spiking there impacting athletes and lot of folks are trying to navigate and still determine if the games can go on successful. everything is day to day as they continue to see more and more people connected
8:51 am
with the olympics come down with covid. let's take a look. covid-19 precautions are putting an emphasis on numbers. one meter or more space for social distancing. a body temperatures 37.5 degrees celsius or less are very important. >> sightseeing may be prohibited, but on our media designated routes, you can't deny the numbers that point to an olympics worth watching 30 over 30 us olympians are either current student athlete at stanford university or from 2016 bronze medal men's volleyball team members. erik shoji and his brother tv khashoggi. >> to gold medal favorite in tokyo and discuss athlete. valerie allman. the cardinal will be well represented in tokyo. 15 in tokyo games comes in at the most expensive olympics in history with the total cost of the olympic and paralympic games and over 15 billion dollars.
8:52 am
>> the number of olympic medals. us swimmer katie ledecky could end up with 5 games in. >> with 5 gold and one silver the 3 time olympian will be slated for 5 events in tokyo, 3 of which she already has world records in 7 team usa equestrian member philip dunne will compete in his 7th olympics. >> and it's 57 the 2 time gold medalist is the oldest member on the roster. any competed in his first 3 olympics with his native country, australia. 2. that's the number of total mascots from both the olympic and paralympic games symbolizing a future full of eternal hope. and 80 emphasizing the english phrase so mighty in tokyo. justin surrency kron 4 news. >> well, as we go to commercial break there's a live look at the skyline of tokyo. japan. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
>> 8.55. is the time. let's talk the san francisco giants coming from behind to beat the dodgers in la and extending their lead in the national league west. we'll cut to the action 9th ending we go. wilmer flores at the plate with a runner on first in here. he is crushing the ball. >> over the left-field wall. that was good for that. 2 run homerun giving the giants the
8:56 am
lead and then they would add another run to that in the end, do extend it even further final score 4 to 2 giants with the now a 2 game lead over the dodgers in the nl west. now they go for the series win tonight with first pitch set for 7.10. >> it is a 55 and coming up, police in the east. bay are looking for a burglar caught on camera breaking into cars will have the latest in live report. plus, it might push toward us and your kids to college. and i don't mean away. i mean, right here in state. we're going to tell you about a tuition hike that's being talked about right now for all the you see schools and we have a new exclusive poll on governor newsom's job approval and how many californians think he should be removed in the recall or not. we'll take a look at the numbers.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> and thanks for joining just in time for the finest hour 9 o'clock, wholesome one day 2 the finest day to wear on the eve of that on this thursday morning. thank you for joining us. as we start the hour with a check of weather. >> as we like to do this nice. it sure is. and hopefully get
9:00 am
nicer. dave, what do you say? >> hey, good dorian james, good morning, everybody. we are looking at a day to day where temperatures are going to hate themselves. a lot of sunshine. our traditional onshore flow is going continue as well. but upstream, we're looking for an interruption of the monsoon coming a little bit this weekend and into early next week. now it is nice over. most of the bay, however, around the golden gate. it's still the fog hang around. there's the onshore wind. you can see from that. flag flapping a little bit as we take a look at stormtracker 4. yeah. that green that just means the severe storms prediction center saying there's going to be some widely scattered thundershowers as the no big deal. and that's all pretty much balled up to. well, to our south here now temperature check. we have a couple 70's breaking in already antioch and conquered elsewhere. it's the 60's for the east bay freemont of 59 60's up to the north bay. also 65 san jose for comparison. sake were degree or 2 above or below where we were yesterday. most a midday is a little bit ahead. however, and for today, 80 by 1 o'clock and 4 o'clo


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