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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 22, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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yeah, it's typical july. but hey, nothing too terrible here will be in the upper 80's, maybe some lower 90's and all that. so looking good at that. and we're taking a break from the monsoon. i say taking a break because it will be back later on. looks like for this weekend and on into early next week. we'll be dealing with it as far as what it all means, putting it together. we're still working on that, whicp also, by the way, the fog clouds are also working their magic. as you can see, the shot from the city again, we have another hour or so. maybe of the fog to build a little bit before it goes back in the mix out mode. this is what it looks like later today. and again along the coast. that will be problematic. although i think we'll see some good peeks of sun going on even places like half moon, bay. i think a better effort. then earlier this week it returns again tonight for tomorrow morning. again, the same drill with the fog on the east bay shoreline as well. couple pockets up their the north bay too temperature check. we've got the upper 50's lining up the east bay shoreline. 63 antioch, 60 per concord 50's up to the north bay and 57 san jose 55 for half moon bay.
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this is pretty on target with where we were from yesterday, a degree or so ahead or behind. but for july day, it looks to be fairly mild and again tomorrow a little bit of minor trend and we like this is well, the onshore winds are still with us that not only brought in that marine layer for the fog. but that up in the northwest providing that good on shore. wind that insulate sus from the monsoon, which will be coming back again tonight, arms right this weekend and into the following week break in your day down and you can pick your attire as you want it, 60 at 08:00am by 11. we're talking 72, however, in lynn expect a better popped by the afternoon. well, in the upper 80's to some lower 90's. we're going into the woods into the weeds a bit coming up a little bit like 4 zone forecast. we'll look at the extended in with the tracks of this month soon that we're looking ahead right now. rain is going check out the highways and byways and bridges. thank you for getting us going this morning. day. so as we're looking at the bay bridge traveling from the east bay into the city. once you reach the maze to the fremont street exit a little
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under. >> 11 minutes. we do have some accidents out there. no major hot spots. but there's one 80 eastbound just east of university avenue in oakland doesn't look to be causing much of a backup or delay another one here in the city to 80 northbound south of cesar chavez street. so again, keeping a close eye on those. let's head over. look at the san mateo bridge. she had a cross towards the peninsula a little under 30 minutes for you to make that commute. the richmond sandra fell bridge pretty light for us this morning as traffic starts to filter out a little under 10 minutes. we're staying on top of your morning commute will have more. but for now, let's get back to the news. a big story we're following this morning. a new unpublished and an reviewed study suggesting that the johnson and johnson vaccine doesn't hold up as well against the delta variant. those who received the j and j vaccine should consider getting a second shot. the bay area infectious disease experts told kron four's dan kerman. it's just too soon to know for sure. >> a new and why you study is suggesting the single dose
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johnson and johnson vaccine is not as effective against the delta variant and recipients should consider getting a second shot to increase protection against the variants, particularly is definitely don't go out and rush out and get a booster shot. not so fast says barry infectious disease experts, they say the study which has not been published or reviewed is flawed. they say looks at blood samples in a lab not actually the human response to covid my biggest question about the saudis that it's not human data in terms of how humans deal with disease. >> it's a virus in and a plea to essential e. and i think we have that data. these kinds of studies aren't really convincing to me. infectious disease. experts say another problem is that the vaccines trigger various responses to battle covid-19. >> and only one type antibodies was looked at in this study. >> what it didn't look at. it was another really important
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arms were immune system called t cells or cellular immune system. that appears to be of comparable in very important part of our immune responses to all viral infections, including the virus that causes covid medical experts don't rule out the possibility that at some point. >> the data will support recipients getting a second shot, but they say that data will have to suggest that they're getting breakthrough infections, causing them to be hospitalized. >> 3 vaccines that are approved. we're not seeing. people get hospitalized or die when it occurs and 70's vaccinated. really unusual. medical experts also say you don't make the decision to give someone a booster. >> based on one study alone. ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news in the south bay santa clara counties offering outreach efforts. >> to help the hardest hit areas combat. the surging covid-19 delta variant the
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county's working partnerships usa to conduct door to door services for people who are unvaccinated. well, the health workers explain how the covid shots work and help people to make appointments. they also provide bow tie link will information counseling to those who might be hesitant are mistrustful of the vaccine. >> we're still looking for their you know, 28% in the county that is still you know, miss missing the vaccine. they more comfortable when someone is there is plane i was going on except clean the community. explain what's going on with with a vaccine. >> one person tells us that in one east san jose neighborhood. he's been able to sign up for out of 5 unvaccinated people to get the shot. >> no vaccine, no service. that's what san francisco bar owners are considering making a reality. >> as covid-19 cases begin to rise across the bay area. a group of 500 bar owners are discussing a mandate for proof
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of vaccination from all patrons to protect staff and customers alike raw force labelle has that for us. >> we feel like we may opt to do everything in our power protect our staff and our families and our and our and our backs customers. >> irresponsible actions of a bunch frankly selfish people bar goers be prepared the next time you head out your nearby watering hole may require you show proof of vaccination before they let you win. i think, you know, first of all, i think a lot of us would prefer a vaccination for over mandatory asked ben bleiman owns 2 bars in san francisco and he's ahead of the sf bar owners alliance. he says bars across the city are starting to see covid cases among vaccinated staff members. >> and requiring proof of vaccination seems like the next best step to slow the spread. >> if anything, i think it will help our businesses. i think. most people are vaccinated and knowing that
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everybody around them committed will give them peace of mind. i personally would feel confident. >> knowing that everybody in here was vaccinated. david delgado is a bartender at the century saloon on polk street. he says the bar would support a proof of vaccination mandate and isn't worried about losing customers here in san francisco. you know, our vaccination rates are really high. people here are smart believe in the i think if it but it would be a very small amount and we would just make that up and just having a healthy and healthy customers on wednesday. governor newsom said he believed decisions like this up to individual business owners and some have already made the choice to do so as oasis posting on its facebook page. it will be enforcing proof of vaccination or a negative covid test for entry to any cabaret or nightclub events. blyden says the bar owners alliance will make an official decision next week and it will be up to each bar on how they would enforce it. we like to get out ahead of it because we're the ones
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paying supper. >> our are the ones who are getting sick in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> well, the oakland a's president traveled to nevada again to check out what offers might be available for the team that move comes just a day after the oakland city council approved a deal on a financial agreement for the new howard terminal stadium project. the team says it's much different than the one they propose kron four's. terisa stasio has the latest on that. >> one. stop shop for the age. >> that is north las vegas mayor john lee throwing out his pitch to get the a's to call nevada home and he is not calling fau, but rather talking specifics about his play in this got a piece of property. 450 acres right now. >> that development zone that we could put together across you can be at hospital at 135 acres. we could take that big 4.50 we can put the stadium on it. we could put the practice
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field and we can put the executive officers on one stop shop for the asian. welcome to the spectacular oakland waterfront. >> this is where oakland a's fans deserve america's favorite game played. on the other hand, the squeeze play by oakland city council members, including the mayor out in front at howard terminal. >> where the a's want to turn it into home plate. we are so excited. we are ready to keep plan. we're at and we believe that it is time for us to keep going on this visionary project as we took an important step to keep that is rooted in oakland. >> and we set the terms for the city to keep negotiating with the a's to bring not only a ballpark here but also a development that will be equitable that will be responsible in their vote tuesday. the council voted in
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favor of a new financial term sheet making several changes. >> that a's president dave campbell says caught the team by surprise. so much so he told me in an interview following the vote that they will need quite a bit of time to unravel. it's hard to say a 100% that i don't know what was voted yes on. >> fundamentally. it calls for a 35 year term agreement a 25 year non relocation agreement and a 35% affordable housing component to all of which isn't in the a's plan delivered back in april. >> as far as what happens next. well, it's really unclear. there's no set negotiations scheduled presented right now between the team and the city. we do know that in the fall, an environmental impact report on howard terminal is expected and there is a vote that will take place after that is presented. in the newsroom. theresa kron 4 news.
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>> well, you can track the fate of the a's on line just scan this qr code on your screen is going to take you to our new digital page that everything a's over a kron 4 dot com. coming up on the coming up next on the kron 4 morning news people buy homes in one bay area city. >> willing to pay more than a $100,000 above asking price and experts say it is a trend that could last a while.
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>> several families have been displaced after a fire in antioch. it happened along james dolan boulevard and to board drive yesterday afternoon caught fire says this started as a grass fire officials say the wind carried embers to an apartment complex seriously damaging for unit destroyed 2 cars. the red cross now helping those impacted families in the cause of the fire is still being investigated at this hour. we're also tracking wildfires burning across the state this morning mandatory evacuations are underway for people in the middle of the dixie fire so far the fire has burned more than 91,000 acres in plumas and you counties 2 buildings. been destroyed. it's only 50% contained. the tamarack fire near lake tahoe has now crossed into nevada. so far the fires were more than
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43,000 acres there. crews are working to protect homes along highway 88 mandatory evacuations are in effect for the town of markleeville, which is south of lake tahoe and parts of nevada. and it seems like just can't catch a break right over kron 4 dot com. we have tips for fire season just go and scan a qr code your screen with your mobile device. it's going to take you to our website at kron 4 dot com or you can get more information on evacuation checklist and wildfire preparedness tips. we are planning our week and over the next couple of days as we make our way into the weekend. it's been a warm one. we have dave spahr joining us this morning. basically to get us started and help us figure out how to plan the next few days. good morning. day good morning. and good morning, everybody. i'm in the norco the weather center to check out what it's going to look like for your thursday. now. today we're getting a minor break from summer just ever so minor live shot coming in from downtown. >> that we have the fog clouds behind all of this and they're
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probably going testify. little bit. until we get the son, of course. joining us and we'll start the mixing out process beyond want to show you that global view of all this traffic. it's going on. we've got a couple things going on. this is all the tropical stuff. inter tropical convergence zone. all right. we got to watch those for hurricanes. tropical systems. all of that. you see obviously that will affect our coast directly but indirectly they can. there's the monsoon traffic right there in the southwest typical place. it's all bottled up because this low is providing a nice on shore. wind. things are going to change heading into the weekend and into next week as the monsoon winds. a little bit of the battle. how far it goes to be determined. but then we know we're getting moisture and cloud cover from it. well, the service was talking about this again into next week and they were comparing this a little bit mentioning last august, of course, with all the troubles we had. but there is another factor involved in that we did have some help from the tropics. i use help quotation marks that through and some moisture our way and that does not look like to be the case. this go-around, however, there
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could be other little wrinkles in the forecast getting to the weekend. so got to watch this as it develops rain was talking about the fires. of course, the only nice thing would be if they could get a nice little shower without lightning would be nice. but still, these monsoon come to the north can sometimes brlng some dry lightning with it again, we're being shielded by this low to the northwest. there's the high to the east. it will be a player come this weekend. future cast for today. see some of those clouds off to the southeast. they pop up a little bit in the mountains were affected by this. mostly sunny going on mild temperatures for the season. looks like fog returns again tonight. and already we're getting some that mid-level moisture in terms of just paid in the skies a little bit, not getting anything more substantive from that. but then they'll be new opportunities longer range forecast. look at the bubbling up happening from the southeast. again, getting into the weekend for the weekend. clouds in and out and then into next week it looks like a better commitment of cloud cover. question is will we get any moisture from that. we're getting the mid-level moisture with it. but with that amount
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to anything in terms of the convective action, particularly anything like dry lightning again to be determined highs today in the 4 zone forecast 64 san francisco 61 for daly city. look at about 60 going on for half moon bay. it will be fighting a lot of the fog clouds throughout much of the ballots of the day. but may be an opportunity for a few hours for the sun to come out. 73 burlingame down in the south, keeping most of the numbers here. sub 80 looks like 77 palo alto, santa clara county 76 for santa clara 77 san jose morgan hill and los gatos popping in the middle 80's 78 cupertino saratoga 81 got the mid to lower 70's lining up the east bay shoreline got the middle 80's off the tri valley, not 90's 80's 88 for concord. 66 for a berkeley. the 8 o 71 fairfield inn 89 ok back. it will has 94 today 79 for napa in 85 for sonoma santa rosa checking in at 86
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again tomorrow might get a few stray clouds working here that's that early hint to the monsoon. take a breather on saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. it looks like that's what the flow pattern throws that monsoon moisture our way details to be determined temperatures start to pop in about 90 in particularly inland, you might start to feel some of that humidity working there east bay shoreline at about 80 at the coast will keep it into the 60's. checking bay area bridges and roads at rain. what's happening. >> thank you for that, dave. as we are waking up this morning. many of you already hitting the roads out there. no major delays are hot spots traveling from the east bay into the city to that from a street exit. you can do to under 10 minutes. no major delays there. let's look at the golden gate bridge and check that out in a while about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city this morning. no major fog or delay slowing you down the richmond, sandra fell commute as that starts to pick up. still under 9 minutes for your drive time there. we're going to have ute and your weather. but for now, let's get back to the news. one east bay city has the hottest housing market in all
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of america. retailer, dot com looked at home sales and 1500 cities across the country during the first 3 months of the year found that homes in berkeley sold on average nearly 20% above asking prof or talk to and east a real estate agent told us that the interest rates for mortgages are still low and that homebuyers a will and out big to get the home they want. >> the banks say they can borrow more money. they've saved more money. they have more money and they're building these houses up. i will say the the ultimate bitters, the ones that come in at the a lot of times are much higher than the closer relative offers. >> the real estate agents also say that he thinks the trend will continue for the time being. new this morning. first lady jill biden is now in tokyo for the opening ceremony of the olympics. this is video for arriving this morning. the opening ceremonies take place tomorrow night. and as we get
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closer to the opening ceremony. health officials are still trying to figure out how to stop the spread of coronavirus at the games. they're hoping to prevent the olympics are becoming a super spreader event. matt barnes has the details for us. >> the olympics are here, but it's taking a lot of planning to get here, especially in regards to covid-19 due to a year ago following the decision to postpone the games. we realize that they would be a lot of work to be done to make sure we have the right measures in place. >> by this time this year to ensure the games will go ahead in a safe and secure way. doctor brian mccloskey has been advising olympic organizers on how to make these games the reality helping them develop a playbook for all involved in the event among his recommendations daily testing for athletes in the olympic village and testing 6 hours before competition. >> testing and location tracking on media and numerous other restrictions to keep everyone safe. but what it did not mean was mandatory vaccinations.
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>> we knew at that time for t-shirt me that it would be of action available. but we also knew the vaccine would not be equally available. run the word. and we didn't want a situation where essentially. rich countries could come to games athletes from for countries couldn't. >> the risk of infection remains, especially for those unvaccinated. and here in japan, that means more than 75% of the country. but organizers believe the olympic village bubble they've created one burst. we have to remember. >> particular relation to spreading outside the village. you know, the degree of contact between the international community inside of a cage and the local japanese population on side is extremely small. >> only time will tell if they got it right in tokyo. matt barnes kron 4 news. >> we'll be right back after the break. a live at. tokyo out there.
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>> now to baseball the san francisco giants come from behind to beat the dodgers in la the knife. any woman force. it's a second run home run that gives the giants the lead. they would add on another run in the inning. the giants win by final 42. they now have a 2 game lead over
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the dodgers and the nl west. the giants will go for the series win tonight. first pitch is set for coming up in the next hour, police in the east. bay are looking for a burglary suspect who was caught on camera breaking into cars. we have latest in a live report. >> and it could soon get more expensive to go to college at u c school university officials are now considering a to wish in height for in-state students. governor newsom taking steps to stop targeting stores in the bay area will have all those stories and more in the next hour.
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ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher waking up this morning to conditions that are pretty nice outside for now. john trouble is out for us this morning. but in his stead, we have the incomparable dave sphar with us this morning. good morning. to in a while. has had. good morning, daryn. james, good morning, everybody. >> off to a pretty good start. you know, we have our traditional fog on its magic in and around the immediate
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bay temperatures, though, this i afternoon. >> it's going to be warm because it's, you know, still july and all that. but at least we're taking a little bit of a breather from the really nasty stuff in looking at mostly upper 80's in the inland areas and also that fog clouds stuff that will stay around theacoast. it looks like for a little while starting things off right now with kind of a beauty shot. there's the east bay shoteline. and even though we do have fog, at least you can make out the lighting along the east bay shoreline. so it's not that thick yet. quite a bit of a glaze, though happening at the golden gate bridge to get things off to the start. we do like this onshore wind providing this fog because that keeps temperatures down keeps the monsoon at if you know when the pun, here's the mix out of the fog by later on today at the coast. again, we might be dealing with some of those fog clouds lingering into the afternoon, although i think we'll see a little bit more sun than we did earlier this week fog returns again for tomorrow morning. and again, the typical drill. now the thunder shower action remain to the south. it looks like in southern california. a this is expected bubble up. however, as we get into


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