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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news 10. >> now it and the woman seen here, this video went on something of a frenzy of anger and irritation after store says it. they caught her shoplifting at the stonestown galleria in san francisco. good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken white jonathan mccall. pam moore has the night off. this all happened with the owners who say that they saw that woman stealing from a store called the pop up shop. it's owned by bay area rapper big rich and his wife kron four's aqi, talk to that couple tonight. she joins us live from the city with more on somewhat bizarre
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taylor. >> yeah. can you know the couple is very disappointed, especially seeing this happen so often across the city now over at their store. the pop-up shop. they say theft goes far beyond the owners. not only is it a new business, but it's also black owned and they only carry brands from new local entrepreneurs from the city who are just trying to get their feet off the ground. >> witnesses say this woman seen on cellphone video. it will sit in the parking lot of the stonestown galleria in san francisco after she was caught shoplifting at a store known as the pop-up show. >> which just officially opened its stores less than 2 weeks ago. employees there say they watched the woman put several items including a bathing suit in her bag is disappointing because these are all up becoming new businesses and they really can't afford. >> so, you know, have item stole me for 5 items can
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really like change the trajectory of their business. so it's unfortunate. richard is a popular bay area rapper known as big rich recently opened the pop-up shop with his wife, danielle banks to give local aspiring fashion designers in brand owners. >> he permanent platform to sell their products. pop-up shop is like a incubate. if all you young and old night is not a row age demographic but. >> its new businesses is trying to become more than all have online presence in like regular pop-up site on, you know, market stuff like that in a story like this, they say theft has a large ripple effect on others. when you're taking from somebody you're really taking from what they've been trying to build. they're trying to invest in their kids. some of the brands are like mother and father and mother and child own other pieces in the store were made by artists like bianca was just 13 years old. i have liked. >> just candy. like summer clothes and others like a diaz who also witnessed the alleged theft. i get we in the middle of pandemic pandemic. and i get that people are going
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through financial crisis. you know what the well get just continuing to widen. but it's easy when there's still no necessity. see when sides to get to. we don't condone it is there's other ways to get your - money. you know me build your own business. come to the pop-up shop. >> which of business in our in our in our store. it may be might not have to. you know what they call bit been in our city. maybe you might have to get as much. so. >> now the couple was able to get that stolen items, all those stolen items back, but anymore. so wanted to share their story to highlight the large impact that these sort of thefts happen live in san francisco tailored to sackey kron 4 news taylor, thank you. definitely frustrating for a lot of folks. governor newsome announcing an aggressive plan today to target that surgeon brazen retail thefts in the bay area. >> all over the state just like taylor was telling us about the governor signed assembly. bill. 3.31 into law. it extends the chp property crimes task force operations until 2026 according to chp
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data, organized retail theft has become a 30 billion dollar criminal industry that often funds other crimes just car theft and human and narcotics trafficking. we've been seeing more and more of these retail especially here in the bay area. the governor says it is these exact crimes that the bill is trying to target. we've all seen the images of people rushing in some member was right to highlight just one of them at macy's, you're seeing them all across the state of california. >> those organized efforts and they are organized disproportionate efforts and we want to go after those ranks. we want to go those organized. well organized teams of folks that are connected, not just within communities but all across the state of california. >> the california highway patrol says the public's help is needed in tackling the issue of organized retail saft the chp is asking community members and retailers to submit all tips and information to the chp by the
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way, san francisco's ranked number 5 out of the 10 top cities in the u.s. for organized crime. that's why the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce says he welcomes the announcement of the chp. let organized retail task force coming to the bay area. kron four's madyun has that part of the story. >> california governor gavin newsome signing the organized retail crime task force legislation sends a signal that help is on the way for bay area retailers overwhelmed by shoplifters. >> also, would you like to see the chp task force is up and running here in san francisco. now, yesterday. that sense of urgency is coming from the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce rodney phone. >> he says the chamber has been active on the state level lobbying for safer streets as the city recovers economically from the pandemic for. >> san francisco to fully recover economically. one 3rd of san francisco's economy is tourism based. and so it's so important we build that
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consumer confidence and also the confidence of business owners and shop keepers employees to feel safe going back, going to work the setting for that counter and subject themselves potentially to harm. and we want to make sure that that that that is removed. we were the sponsors of the so we brought the bill forward, although the california highway patrol will be the lead agency for the organized retail theft task force. the president and ceo of the california retailers association rachel michelin says we should expect to see officers patrolling shopping aisles inside of retail stores. they're not visible as that in terms that they're working behind the scenes pulling these cases together and doing a lot of the investigations. hopefully we'll see some. >> new programs coming out. that might be a little bit more visible. >> and that's something that we want to do. i mean, we want our consumers. we want our employees and we want the city of san francisco to be safe because san francisco, you know, it's always been a mecca for retail, right. i mean,
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that's where you and we want to bring that shining glory back to the city. >> has it made you in kron. 4 news. >> in other news tonight. a stockton man finds himself behind bars after police tracked him missing berkeley team to his house. that girl was reported missing by her family yesterday morning. tonight. she is back at home. investigators say that love preet singh now facing a number of charges including child stealing and statutory rape. >> ended up working through the night. we put our community messages hoping for the public's input. they had any tips about where she may be. thankful we were able to reunite the teen with her family as an adult. you should know not to. entice or. and encourage a person under age. you can and engage in any type relationship with them. and an appropriate manner. >> berkeley police say that seeing and that girl had communicated before she disappeared detectives
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tonight. now urging parents to keep a close tab on their kids at all times have a current picture of them available and a list of places that they typically hang out at caught on camera tonight. this is video from oakland in the last few hours showing a man reaching into cars with broken windows this afternoon. police say that man was breaking into cars near interstate 5.80, and lakeshore avenue. chief armstrong saying it all happened right in the middle of the day in one of the town's busiest business districts. the chief went on tonight to thank members of the community who not only reco ded that video but who also called 911. tonight. they say anyone with information on this incident now urge to give them a call in the south bay. the search continues tonight for a person wanted in connection with a fatal hit and run in san jose. >> family and friends been pleading for help after 24 year-old, jose, as parcel was killed in the crash saturday near mckee road and 33rd street kron four's. dan thorn has the latest on the search.
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it's been almost a week since that hit and run driver struck and killed the sparta and then ran away from the scene on foot. police say this an identified suspect was avoiding police and speeding when he smashed into a sparse is car. the 24 year-old being remembered as somebody who had a bright future that was tragically cut short heart ache in east san jose following the tragic killing of a youth counselor and respected member of the community jose us parcel was driving near mckee road and 33rd street early saturday morning when police say he was struck by another car and ejected through the windshield investigators releasing this picture of the suspect's car into tragic. just terrible, terrible they had to happen at als. and even more happened in the tokyo. a was a spar as his principal at over felt high school. >> he remembers the 24 year-old is a determined and humble student as well as a football star who overcame tremendous odds. but key allah says a sparse is goal from
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early on was always to give back us so hard working and so determined and so all that work was not for himself for his personal gain that can make a difference in the lives of others in. >> and we can all aspire to want san jose. police say the hit and run driver was avoiding a traffic stop before speeding through a red light and smashing into what sparked this car. >> the unidentified driver then took off on foot candles and flowers have been set up as a way to keep us pars this memory alive as police work to find who killed him some point this game. it was what he did and he's going have to leave it there for the rest of his life. and that's going to be a tremendous for whoever he is. >> a number of fundraisers have been set up to help us parses family pay for funeral expenses. those with information about this crash or who this driver might be are encouraged to contact san jose. police reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> the san francisco district
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attorney is investigating potentially fraudulent lawsuits that are targeting chinatown. merchant says lawsuits were launched targeting older buildings that were not up to the legal code for accommodating disabled customers. kron four's ella sogomonian live tonight in the studio to break down the can type in speaking at the chinese chamber of commerce today sfd a chase of a dean said that that. >> tragic reality is that these structural issues are actually found all across san francisco. most of the complaints are being filed against chinese owned businesses. people have been possibly filing illegitimate lawsuits against business owners in chinatown. >> under the guise of championing rights for the disabled. according to san francisco district attorney chase a routine despite the fact that many of the older buildings failed to meet the legal standards of the americans with disabilities act dean believes this is really a ploy to target chinese merchants who don't speak english they're easier targets. >> for extortion and checked and that is precisely why we're stepping in to stand up
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and stand in partnership with our chinese business leaders with our disability rights leaders to say enough is enough. the dean says although the issue is citywide. the sheer volume of lawsuits launched in chinatown. >> specifically gives him reason to believe that this may be a sinister attempt to extort them with the times up to $75,000 and demands. it is often cheaper to settle the case. >> and pay the shakedown see that it is to litigate and indicate you're right. or to remedy the violations of the ada that are at issue. >> he admits this isn't a new problem. but worries and merchants who luckily made it through the pandemic will be forced to shut down permanently if the plaintiffs get paid out. but proposes that local and state legislation help mom and pop shops that permitting inspection and the time that it takes to fix structural issues to comply with the ada act instead. well, team says that these lawsuits do not serve the disability community one slightest bit. >> so among other things, he has launched a fraud hotline and email to encourage
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business owners to report any of these types of demands to his office. we posted that phone number to kron 4 dot com live in the studio. ella sogomonian back to jonathan. >> thank you so much. new tonight, 10 o'clock, an update to breaking news that we've been following for you since kron 4 news at 5 tonight. colin fires now says at least 20 families have been displaced after a fire this afternoon in antioch. it happened along james donlon boulevard into board drive on fire says this started as a grass fire then officials said the wind carrying embers to the complex seriously damaging 4 units and even destroying 2 cars. the american red cross now helping those impacted families. tonight, the cause of the fire still under investigation. here are the very latest on the wildfires burning across california. this wednesday night mid to tory evacuations remain under way for the folks caught in the middle of the dixie fire. so far this fire has burned more than 91,000 acres in plumas and butte counties. the
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dixie fire has now grown to more than 91,000 acres and destroyed 2 buildings and his only said to be 15% contained so far more than 2000 firefighters are on the front lines battling the blaze, the tamarack fire near lake tahoe's has now crossed into nevada so far this fire has scorched through more than 43,000 acres. crews are working to protect homes along highway 88 by creating a dozer line round structures mandatory evacuations are in effect for the town of markleeville. but today officials in douglas county, nevada, ordered voluntary evacuations for everyone. there. today. pg and e also announced that a new plan to better protect communities and prevent wildfires the utility company says it plans to expand underground power lines in the areas with the highest fire threat kron four's. gayle ong has the details. >> pg e said they've already started burying lines in butte county near the site of the
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2018 camp fire. this whole project is expected to take several years. >> we're committing to bury 10,000 miles of lines. starting in our highest fire theeat districts and our highest risk areas, pacific gas and electric ceo patti poppe be announcing at a news conference wednesday. the utility's efforts tackling what they say is the largest effort in the country. >> to put power lines underground the press briefing taking place and she go near the dixie fire that has burned more than 85,000 acres in butte county. the utility believe that equipment may have sparked the fire as of today, more than 25,000 miles of power lines overhead in high-risk areas are maintained by pg and e poppy says work is underway to enhance current infrastructure. the hardening of our lines, hundreds of miles of hardening 3300,000 trees will be removed this year. >> a million trees over a million trees will be trimmed pg e began evaluating overhead, power lines following the devastating
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fires in 2017 2018 sonoma county resident jeremy cabrera says it's a step in the right direction for the better of sonoma county. we pride ourselves in having. >> this like amazing wildlife all around us. and this like beautiful hiking trails and that it's a shame to see it. get burned down over something as many skill as a tree branch falling on to some wiring. >> will be hosting a number of sessions across to stay together ideas from policymakers, local and state leaders and environmental groups reporting in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news. >> right now. kron 4 dot com. we have tips for fire season just scan that qr code that on your screen with your mobile device. you'll get information on how to create defensible space evacuation checklists and wildfire preparedness. >> now to our 4 zone forecast this wednesday night. a live look at the city and the transamerica pyramid in the
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background 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with more on the smoky conditions created by those fires. yeah, we've been very fortunate here in the bay area. we've had enough of a westerly wind to really keep all that smoke out of the bay area. and that's a good for us. but that's most got to go somewhere and it's affecting other parts of the country. in fact, many places you wouldn't be expecting all the way across the other side, the eastern seaboard right now. you see some of the smoke developing out there right now. here's the tamarack fire. and boy, that started to blow up in the afternoon. all that smoke beginning to make its way eastward in nevada near carson city. maybe some of that seeping back toward the tahoe area and then the quincy much larger fire now burning and all that starting out all the way down in the valleys early in the morning it that slack wind overnight and then some of the works its way and then office and that northwesterly wind kicks we head toward the afternoon, then they're all goes all that smoke toward susan bill and also toward nevada and beyond. by that i mean, really be on. as you can latest a forecast model showing that smoke continue to make its way eastward and then rising to
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the north and that means driving over the top of that ridge of high pressure right there. and following the circulation of kind of interesting moving up all the way into parts of canada seeing some of that smoke then dipping down through minnesota all the way down to the south and then up again on the eastern seaboard where they've been reporting some red moos an interesting sunrises and sunsets and hazy conditions. all smoke. that looks we're still catching a break that we've got that westerly wind outside. as long as we get that seabreeze going, that keeps all that smoke out of the bay area. that's way it's going to stay and looks like for the short term. high pressure still over the 4 corner likely to bring the monsoon possibly back into the bay area starting maybe on sunday in the monday and tuesday possibly more lightning strikes, more fires started by those strikes over the sierra nevada right now. looks like most bay area just going to see some passing clouds. but you can really the direction of all that haze and smoke making its way over the top of that ridge. and that's the way it's going to stay, at least for now. so good news is
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we've got pretty fresh air around the bay area. couple patches of fog rolling in right now. temperatures outside 60's inland got 1560's around the bay and cool fog and 50's along the coastline. more fog. low clouds overnight tonight, the little bit of a northerly wind develops as we head through the day tomorrow. that's going actually help to clear out some low clouds and the fog bring a little more sunshine, maybe even near the coastline just a couple of patches of fog out there. but this weekend that monsoon looks like we'll make a return. we'll take a close look at that coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence, thanks. other news tonight. kron 4. is your local election headquarters enter new exclusive inside california politics. emerson college poll. >> shows at radio host larry elder is leading the race to replace governor gavin newsome. if he is recalled. let's take a look at where the candidates stand right now. here are the numbers. more than a 1000 registered california voters were asked the question which candidate would you vote for to replace governor gavin newsome. if he is recalled those who have their minds made up largely favor elder bringing in 16% of
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the vote businessman. john, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer, each brought in about 6% of the vote. the next highest candidate for any the next highest number for any candidate. they were followed closely by state assembly member kevin kiley and reality star caitlyn jenner each with 4%, though elder radio host has a strong lead to replace governor newsom if he's recalled, it's still anyone's race and that numbers reflected right there in the bottom right corner that leaves a lot of hope for other names on the ballot 53% of people polled still have not made up their minds to they would vote for. meanwhile today a judge also ruled that larry elder can appear on the ballot in the upcoming recall election against governor gavin newsome. >> elder sue the secretary of state's office after the office left him off the ballot over what it says was an issue with his tax returns. the judge in the case said that the law that would have disqualified him is only meant for primary elections, not special or recall elections elder now the 43rd candidate
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in the race to try unseat governor newsome moments after that ruling. i got a chance to talk with larry elder this evening about the court's decision. he says he's happy with the outcome and looking forward to getting his message out to californians. >> i was shocked when the bell this came out in my name was on it. i have an account and half or he's been doing accounting for 40 years. i have to election law lawyers. look at it i before we them 300 pages. essentially it came down to this the effort to conference one copy had a 150 pages and one copy. it should be identical to the other 15843 pages. they had all the pages and they knew what the were. that was missing. but for some reason the secretary of state determined that i cannot comply with the law and therefore i was excluded from the bout. we mitigate it went to court and the judge ruled to that the law apply to the recall election. and b, if they didn't own a substantial income it was it was really my favorite. i'm going to be on the ballots. all the money in
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the election that on september. the 14th. >> and just moments ago. we want to pass along some breaking news just moments ago, the secretary of state's office has indeed now certified the list of candidates for this upcoming election against governor gavin newsome at this point. those ballots or get information will then be sent to the counties across california recall ballots will start to hit mailboxes across the state in a matter of weeks. the gilroy garlic festival is coming back this weekend. the changes. we'll let you know now being forced by covid. >> and how the festival will honor the victims of the deadly shooting 2 years ago. plus, homes continue to sell well above asking price here in the bay area for some a million dollars more. how long a lucrative trend could last for pe a
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new report found that one east bay city now has the hottest housing market in all of america. >> we'll do dot com looked at home sales and 1500 cities across america during the first 3 months of 2021 they found that homes in berkeley sold on average nearly 20% above asking price kron 4 talking to a nice to be a real estate agent who told us that the interest rates for mortgages are still low and that home buyers who have money saved up are willing to outbid to get the home that they want. >> the banks say they can borrow more money. they've saved more money. they have more money and they're building these houses up. i will say the the ultimate
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bitters, the ones that come in at the a lot of times are much higher than the closer relative offers. >> feed says that he believes that this trend is something that will continue at least for a while. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 10. why some bay area health officials are pushing back against the suggestion. the johnson and johnson vaccine will definitely require a booster shot. plus, how san francisco bars are teaming up to try to make sure they keep their businesses covid free. and then despite the recent deal, the a's are still searching for potential stadium sites and other cities how the mayor of north las vegas is trying to lure
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to kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock tonight. there are concerns about one of the vaccines used to fight covid-19 a new unpublished and an reviewed study is suggesting. >> that the single dose johnson johnson vaccine doesn't hold up as well against the delta variant. and those received the j and j vaccine should consider getting a second shot, but a number of bay area infectious disease experts told our dan kerman right now. it's too early to try and stand behind the report. >> a new and why you study is suggesting the single dose johnson and johnson vaccine is not as effective against the delta variant and recipients should consider getting a second shot to increase protection against the variants particularly stephon lee. don't go out and rush out
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and get a booster shot. not so fast says barry infectious disease experts, they say the study which has not been published or reviewed is flawed. they say looks at blood samples in a lab not actually the human response to covid my biggest question about the saudis that it's not human data in terms of how humans deal with disease. >> it's a virus in and a plea to essentially. and i think we have that data. these kinds of studies aren't really convincing to me. infectious disease. experts say another problem is that the vaccines trigger various responses to battle covid-19. >> and only one type antibodies was looked at in this study. >> what it didn't look at. it was another really important arms were immune system called t cells or cellular immune system. that appears to be of comparable in very important
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part of you respond to all viral infections, including the virus that causes covid medical experts don't rule out the possibility that at some point. >> the data will support recipients getting a second shot, but they say that data will have to suggest that they're getting breakthrough infections, causing them to be hospitalized. >> 3 vaccines that are approved. we're not seeing. people get hospitalized or die when it occurs and 70's vaccinated. really unusual. medical experts also say you don't make the decision to give someone a booster. >> based on one study alone. ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in the south bay. senator county is offering outreach efforts to help the hard-hit area combat the surge in the delta variant. the county is working with partnerships usa to conduct door to door services for people who are not vaccinated. the health workers. explain how the covid shots work and help people make appointments. they also provide multilingual
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information and counseling to those who might be hesitant or mistrustful of the vaccine. we're still looking for their you know. >> 20 ish percent in the county. that is still you know, miss missing the vaccine. they more comfortable when someone is there is plane i was going on clean the community. explain what's going on with the aisle with a vaccine. >> reyes tells us said in one east, san jose neighborhood. he's been able to sign up 4 out of 5 unvaccinated people to get their shots. no vaccination, no service. that's what san francisco bar owners are considering making a reality as covid cases begin % to rise around the bay area. a group of 500 bar owners are discussing a mandate for proof of vaccination for mall. patrons to protect staff and customers alike on force. has more from the city. >> we feel like we may opt to do everything in our power protect our staff and our families and our and our in
10:34 pm
our backs customers. >> irresponsible actions of a bunch frankly selfish people bar goers be prepared the next time you head out your nearby watering hole may require you show proof of vaccination before they let you win. i think, you know, first of all, i think a lot of us would prefer vaccination pro over mandatory asked ben bleiman owns 2 bars in san francisco and he's ahead of the sf bar owners alliance. he says bars across the city are starting to see covid cases among vaccinated staff members. >> and requiring proof of vaccination seems like the next best step to slow the spread. >> if anything, i think it will help our businesses. i think. most people are vaccinated and knowing that everybody around them committed will give them peace of mind. i personally would feel confident. >> knowing that everybody in here was vaccinated. david delgado is a bartender at the century saloon on polk street. he says the bar would support a proof of vaccination mandate
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and isn't worried about losing customers here in san francisco. you know, our vaccination rates are really high. people here are smart believe in the i think if it but it would be a very small amount and we would just make that up and just having a healthy and healthy customers on wednesday. governor newsom said he believed decisions like this up to individual business owners and some have already made the choice to do so as oasis posting on its facebook page. it will be in forcing proof of vaccination or a negative covid test for entry to any cabaret or nightclub events. blyden says the bar owners alliance will make an official decision next week and it will be up to each bar on how they would enforce it. we like to get out ahead of it because we're the ones paying supper. >> our are the ones who are getting sick in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> covid-19 now being blamed for lowering the life expectancy of americans. listen to this. according to the centers for disease control and prevention.
10:36 pm
americans born in 2020 will live on average to be 77 years old. that's actually down an entire year and a half before the pandemic and the biggest drop in life expectancy america since world war 2. the projected lifespan is lower for men and higher for women. that has never changed with covid-19 cases on the rise again across america. the biden administration is extending nonessential travel restrictions. if you're headed to the northern and southern borders. the restrictions are set to go into effect tomorrow and will remain in effect until august 21st the restrictions are not new. the u.s. has been limiting nonessential travel along both borders since the beginning of the pandemic, american citizens and lawful permanent residents as well as folks traveling for medical purposes or to attend school are exempt from those restrictions. administration official says although there has been positive development in the fight against the disease.
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recent outbreaks and continued transmission both here in the u.s. and globally pose a risk. right now at kron 4 dot com. you can find the latest headlines on the delta variant along with travel advisories mask guidelines and a vaccine tracker. just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen to get directed there. now the 4 zone forecast as we give me a beautiful shot looking for mount tam a pious across the bay. you see the bay bridge lights in the distonce. looks like may e the moon. >> out there. yeah. the fog rolling in. you can hanging over the city there. crawford chiefmeteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at what's on the way for the start of your thursday. yeah, it looks like a little bit cooler around parts of the bay area as we head in toward tomorrow afternoon but not bad temperatures running a little bit below the average for this time of year. but still pretty comfortable. most spots outside, though we do have that fog that is beginning to move back on shore. you see that in the san francisco to sliding on through kind of broken up there tonight, though. and i think that's
10:38 pm
what's going to stay as we head throughout the night tonight and it's tomorrow morning as well. the shot over san francisco looking toward the bay bridge led lights out there. just a couple patches of fog. but we're watching out for the month soon. of course, that's the big concern. we've already got the fires burning across parts of california. now. well, that monsoon could change everything at the month to moves in brings more thunderstorms. so let's look at long-range computer models show you what we've got coming ahead friday now doesn't look as big of a deal, even though we see a little monsoonal moisture coming up, maybe a couple pop-up showers over the southern parts of the sierra nevada that changee in lot of part of the weekend. we start getting into sunday. and here we go. more moisture coming up out of the south. their saturday right there. and some thunderstorms then on sunday, more than on the way. and then on monday we really get things going. in fact, you can see a lot of rain developing into the deserts of southern california. but sometimes models don't handle this very well. so we could very well see another flare up of a series of thunderstorms, maybe dozens of strikes as we get to monday and tuesday. now the good news for the bay area, not seeing the trigger. you
10:39 pm
need to get a little instability rolling across the bay area to trigger some of the buildup to the thunderstorms here. so doesn't look like that's going to happen for us. but we can get more fires going up over the high country, get another batch of subtropical moisture moves in the middle of the week. so we're kind of in that time of year where we start to see the monsoon affect our weather here in california bit. and of course with the full way things are with the drought conditions right now. i mean, some dangerous fire conditions ahead. temperatures for tomorrow. plans meetings in a lot of 70's inside the bay and 1560's along the coastline next couple days. temperatures warming up to that muggy. feel as we get into sunday, monday and tuesday of next week with that monsoon rolling into the state. all right, lawrence, thanks. the oakland a's president traveled to nevada again today to check out what offers might be on the table for the team. the move comes just one day after the oakland city council approved their deal on a financial agreement for the ballpark. >> the team says it's much different than the one that they had proposed kron four's terisa stasio has the latest on this back and forth and the sock. >> one stop shop for the a's.
10:40 pm
>> that is north las vegas mayor john lee throwing out his pitch to get the a's to call nevada home and he is not calling fau, but rather talking specifics about his play in this got a piece of property. 450 acres right now. >> to development zone that we could put together across. yeah. hospital at 135 acres. we could take that big 4.50 we can put the stadium on it. we could put the practice field and we can put the executive officers on one stop shop for the asian. welcome to the spectacular oakland waterfront. >> this is where oakland a's fans deserve america's favorite game played. on the other hand, the squeeze play by oakland city council members, including the mayor out in front at howard terminal. >> where the a's want to turn it into home plate. we are so excited. we are ready to keep
10:41 pm
plan. we're at and we believe that it is time for us to keep going on this visionary project as we took an important step to keep that is rooted in oakland. >> and we set the terms for the city to keep negotiating with the a's to bring not only a ballpark here but also a development that will be equitable that will be responsible in their vote tuesday. the council voted in favor of a new financial term sheet making several changes. >> that a's president dave campbell says caught the team by surprise. so much so he told me in an interview following the vote that they will need quite a bit of time to unravel it's hard say a 100% that i don't know what was voting yes on. >> fundamentally. it calls for a 35 year term agreement a 25 year non relocation agreement and a 35% affordable housing
10:42 pm
component to all of which isn't in the a's plan delivered back in april. >> as far as what happens next. well, it's really unclear. there's no set negotiations scheduled presented right now between the team and the city. we do know that in the fall, an environmental impact report on howard terminal is expected and there is a vote that will take place after that is presented. in the newsroom. theresa kron 4 news. >> you can track the fate of the oakland a's on line just scan this qr code with your phone. it will take you to our new digital page. all things a's the kron 4 dot com. next in sports, the giants taking on the dodgers in socal and some late inning heroics from the orange and jason has the
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> really, really ugly so crushing loss for the giants last night against the dodgers. but hey, they're looking to get the upper hand tonight in los angeles and look at it. the good ol hollywood sign. pretty iconic 3rd batter of the game. this is even more iconic. mike yastremski what a blast to right field. that's a solo home run his 4th since the all-star break. it's one nothing giants now in the 4th is a 1 one tie. aj pollack
10:46 pm
goes the opposite way. all the way into the coroner. cody bellinger comes all the way in from first to score the dodgers take a 2 to one lead. it was going to the one in the 9th until wilmer flores. i was standing right over there and watch this live that was awesome. gives them the 3, 2, lead. it was flores is first ever hit off. san francisco loaded the bases. adrian gonzalez looked like he had curt casali struck out looking but up call that low giant score and insurance one. gonzales can't believe it gave robbers even sense he got tossed shortly after bottom of the 9th tyler rogers. he gave up the walk-off last night and because he makes up for it tonight. an easy one to 3 ending for him to close it out. giants win. 42 they're now 2 games up on la in the national league west. he's
10:47 pm
evolved into arguably the best linebacker in football and today the forty-niners rewarded him for it. fred warner signed a 5 year 95 million dollar contract with. guess what, 40.5 million dollars guaranteed. fred, i need to hold something. the deal will make warner the highest paid off ball linebacker in nfl history. the 24 year-old was drafted by the niners back in 2018 last year with his best season yet he finished with a 125 tackles 2 interceptions and a sack on his way to being named first team, all pro. the earthquakes on the road taking on sporting kansas city heard amazing venue down there it is. yeah. i need you to get to kansas city. never been there. corner kick right there. nathan cardoso scores on a header. his first goal as an earthquake. it's one nothing stoppage time free cake. off the goal. but the goalie can't recover the save the rebound.
10:48 pm
kansas city takes advantage is a 1 one time the game ended in a tie. the quakes will head back home and take on houston on saturday goal for it was a shocker. it was actually the shocker of the young olympic season. the usa women's soccer team lost to sweden. 3 to nothing early this morning team usa had lost the game and 44 tries next up, new zealand on saturday. then australia following that you would think they'd have to win both of those. if they don't, it will get really dicey. they'd have to rely on other teams to help them advance past this stage. all right. now, one team that hasn't had any issues. the usa softball team today they improved their record to 2 and oh, they shut out canada. one to nothing behind a one-hitter from salinas native monica abbott. it was the second shut out in 2 games for the u.s. they beat italy 2 to nothing. yesterday that americans are the number one ranked team in the world and gold medal favorites. all right, folks
10:49 pm
that you look at sports. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. tonight at tokyo, japan where the summer olympics are set to get underway on friday. >> this is a crossing which many call the times square of tokyo, tokyo twenty-twenty will always be associated with covid-19. kron four's andrew
10:52 pm
marden martin is in japan with more on the restrictions of the protocols taking place. >> the challenges of holding an olympics during a pandemic. it actually began before everyone made their way to tokyo for the games. athletes broadcaster sponsors. everyone needing not one but 2 negative covid-19 tests just to enter the country once in japan, the first place we were tested was the airport immediately when we got off the plane, they also made sure we downloaded check app on our smartphones every day. we are in japan. we have to do a daily health check that includes taking our temperature and answering basic questions about how we're feeling. we're technically in what's known as a soft quarantine for 14 days. we are allowed to go outside our hotel. but if we go some place, that is not our workspace. an official olympic venue or the international broadcast center. >> there's a sign out sheet and they time us. we get 15 minutes on top of all that, we were given a handful of covid-19 test biles for our
10:53 pm
first 3 days here in tokyo and again on days, 1014. >> we are required to submit a daily saliva. test. and of course, we are required toe wear masks at all times and we're constantly reminded to regularly wash our hands and use hand sanitizer. >> in tokyo andrew marden kron 4 news. >> in the south bay after a two-year hiatus. the gilroy garlic festival will return for its 42nd year at the age of covid like most things. it will be a little different. the festival will take place the last 2 weekends of july as a drive-thru event. you can preorder your favorite food items and pick them up at a drive-thru set up at the gilroy presbyterian church.% there's also a farm to table dinner at 14 those wondering and the gulf. a vent at the gilroy golf course. this is also the first year for the event since 3 people were killed at the festival back in 2019. >> during to me as unique a community and it's very resilient. and i think that's the word you hear.
10:54 pm
>> it has come together over you know, through this process in it's just working my my board and working with the association. the volunteers and our different community leaders everyone really has come together to stop or support to work together to find that road to to where we are now. i think it demonstrates the uniqueness of cure and it is a great community. the festival for the 42 years represents that and it's made your what it is. >> a memorial service will also be held for the victims of that shooting on july 28th at christmas hill park. you can find more information on all of the events at gilroy garlic festival association, dot com. in the north bay, the city of santa rosa need your help to pick the art that will go on. one of the city's parking garages. >> take a look at the
10:55 pm
renderings the winner will have their art put on the parking garage at 5th street in downtown santa rosa, we have the link to the survey on our website. kron 4 dot com installation is expected to be finished by february of 2022. report from the wo wildlife fund shows that billions of tons in wasted food is actually hurting the environment. the report found that all of the wasted food accounts for about 10% of greenhouse gases. >> that's almost twice the annual emissions produced by all the cars driven in the u.s. and europe. scientists are calling on governments and the food industry to start reporting and measuring waist set reduction targets. model leyna bloom makes history as the first transgender woman to grace the cover of sports illustrated's annual swimsuit issue. the american actor and model took to instagram thanking the publication, recognizing the importance of representation. the 27 year-old rose to fame in 2019 when she appeared in martin scorsese's port authority. she
10:56 pm
also was the first openly transgender woman of color to appear in vogue, india back in 2017. before we go tonight, want to get a final quick check of the forecast. a live look at the golden gate bridge is we send you off to sleep. >> lawrence. not sleeping. what we're forecasting before tonight looks like it's going to be good one for tomorrow. temperatures, probably the cool off just a tad in spots may be the coolest day of the week, but still going to come from outside warm afternoon patchy fog over san francisco right now. kind of broken out there tomorrow. but we'll see that patchy fog along the coastline. but i think couple glimmers of sunshine out toward the beaches in the afternoon. 61 golden gate park 65 degrees in the marina 59 in daly city. you see that lingering cloud cover along the san mateo county coastline, but hopefully get a couple breaks as we head toward the afternoon about 60 degrees. south san francisco 62 of brisbane's 70 degrees in foster city 73 in redwood city about 72 degrees in palo alto.
10:57 pm
the south bay join those temperatures up in the 70's days. lots of sunshine all day long over the hills. you can see those numbers running up the mid 80's and a pleasanton livermore 71 in hayward 82 in moraga about 85 in walnut creek through the delta. see that breeze in the afternoon. help cool you down just a little bit. but up toward the coastline. those numbers mainly in the 50's and the 60's little more sunshine. latter part of the day. you're 1010 go tomorrow, warming up a little bit on friday. few more clouds come roy the months to come back you whether next. lawrence, thank you so much. that's it for us. have a good night,
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