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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 21, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> to be willfully ignorant. they're making it selfish decision. and frankly, i don't want them inside by stylish. >> new at 6. no vaccine, no service. that's what san francisco bar owners are considering making a reality as covid cases begin to rise across the bay area. thanks for joining us tonight for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne of jonathan mccall. pam moore has the night off tonight, a group of some 500 bar owners. now talking about possibly requiring proof of vaccinations from all of its guests to protect staff and customers alike. kron four's noelle bellow has the details from the city. >> we feel like we may opt to do everything in our power protect our staff and our families and our and our in our backs customers. >> irresponsible actions of a bunch frankly selfish people bar goers be prepared the next time you head out your nearby watering hole may require you
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show proof of vaccination before they let you win. well, i think, you know, first of i think a lot of us would prefer a vaccination for over mandatory asked ben bleiman owns 2 bars in san francisco. and he's ahead of the sf bar owners alliance. he says bars across the city are starting to see covid cases among vaccinated staff members. >> and requiring proof of vaccination seems like the next best step to slow the spread. >> if anything, i think it will help our businesses. i think. most people are vaccinated and knowing that everybody around them committed will give them peace of mind. i personally would feel confident. >> knowing that everybody in here was vaccinated. david delgado is a bartender at the century saloon on polk street. and isn't worried about losing customers here in san francisco. you know, our vaccination rates are really high. people here are smart believe in the i think if it but it would be a very small
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amount and we would just make that up and just having a healthy and healthy customers on wednesday. governor newsom said he believed decisions like this up to individual business owners and some have already made the choice to do so as oasis posting on its facebook page. it will be enforcing proof of vaccination or a negative covid test for entry to any cabaret or nightclub events. blyden says the bar owners alliance will make an official decision next week and it will be up to each bar on how they would enforce it. we like to get out ahead of it because we're the ones paying supper. >> our are the ones who are getting sick in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news while some bars in southern california are already requiring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test for customers. >> right now there are more than a dozen bars currently on the list they've posted these messages on social media to let their customers know about it. they're also hanging signs outside of each of their establishments. the notices
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say they'll continue to monitor the cdc and la county guidelines to keep guests and their staff safe right now. la county does require everyone to wear a mask indoors regardless of your vaccination status to the south bay in our health care workers are going door to door to help spread the word about coronavirus vaccines as kron four's. rob tells us are signing up the unvaccinated to get the shot and helping people hurt by the pandemic. at the same time. >> a community who work are working on because county public health. >> in santa clara county healthcare worker gabriel reyes spent the day knocking on doors here in east san jose's hard-hit 9, 5, 1, to 2 zip code where some 8,000 people have contracted covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. vaccination rates have improved dramatically here. but his reyes's job to convince the unvaccinated to get the shot. we're still looking for their you know. >> 20 ish percent in the county. that is still you
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know, miss missing the vaccine. they more comfortable when someone is there is plane i was going on clean the community. explain what's going on with the aisle with a vaccines reyes and his partner ms ryan mendoza or with working partnerships usa. >> a team that is conducting door to door outreach on behalf of county health. they are providing information about the vaccine where to get vaccinated and how to get help with rent and other needs associated with the pandemic. a lot of these areas have been hit pretty hard by the pandemic. >> both in terms of just like covid rates as well as in terms of like losing their struggling to make it through the pandemic that financially as they provide multi- ingual information on the spot counseling to those who might be hesitant are mistrustful of the vaccine reyes and his team can actually schedule an appointment on the spot for those who want the shot, who don't got vaccinated months ago that would like to see all his neighbors. do so as well. that good idea.
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>> we know boat need to have that. you know. for but every liberal. >> and you told me that everybody vaccinated over that. but this woman told raise her entire family contracted and survived covid clearly moved by his encounters with people who have been hurt by the pandemic. ray has told me he has succeeded in signing up 4 out of 5 unvaccinated people to go ahead and get the shot big-time pro big said inflation at the end of the day. >> you feel and we're saving lives. so far the team has knocked out at least 170,000 doors. >> engage some 37,000 businesses and made personal contact with at least a 115,000 individuals, many of whom were signed up to get vaccinated is san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news developing tonight there are new concerns about more of the vaccines being used to fight the covid-19 virus.
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>> a new unpublished in an reviewed study suggests that the single dose johnson and johnson vaccine may not be holding up as well against the delta variant as once thought and those who actually received the j and j vaccine should consider getting a second dose. however, bay area infectious disease. experts say it's too early to make that conclusion. kron four's. dan kerman live for us at ucsf with more. dan. we know medical experts are saying yes, there might be a time where studies show that you do need a booster shot, but they say this study in question does not suggest that that is necessarily true. >> a new and why you study is suggesting the single dose johnson and johnson vaccine is not as effective against the delta variant. >> and recipients should consider getting a second shot to increase protection against the variants, particularly definitely don't go out and rush out and get a booster shot. not so fast says barry infectious disease experts. >> they say the study which has not been published or reviewed is flawed. they say
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looks at blood samples in a lab not actually the human response to covid my biggest question about the saudis that it's not human data in terms of how humans deal with disease. >> it's a virus in that and a plea to essentially. and i think we have that data. these kinds of studies on really convincing to me infectious disease. experts say another problem is that the vaccines trigger various responses to battle covid-19. >> and only one type antibodies was looked at in this study. >> what it didn't look at was another really important arms were immune system called t cells or cellular immune system. that appears to be of comparable in very important part of our immune response viral infections, including the virus that causes covid. >> medical experts don't rule out the possibility that at
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some point the data will support recipients getting a second shot, but they say that data will have to suggest that they're getting breakthrough infections, causing them to be hospitalized. >> 3 vaccines that are approved. we're not seeing. people get hospitalized or die when occurs and 70's vaccinated really unusual. >> point out that while we might see a booster shot needed down the line that decision to do that will not simply be based on one small study live ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news. dan, thanks for that. and right now at kron 4 dot com. you can find the very latest headlines on the delta variant, the travel advisories out their mask guidelines and. >> a vaccine tracker. just use your mobile device and scan that qr code on the screen. it will take you right there tonight, new york jets assistant coach gregg now remains in critical condition at a bay area hospital. the
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danville resident was hit by car over the weekend and has been in the hospital ever since. kron four's phillipe djegal brings us an update on his condition. >> one week away from when the new york jets report for training camp football takes a backseat to concern for 58 year-old greg naps health. the team's new pass game specialist was hit by a driver in san ramon saturday afternoon. >> an accident threatening his life. we know a single vehicle was involved in which struck a single bicyclist. >> that bicyclist has been confirmed as mister knapp and he was also in the bike lane. san ramon police lieutenant tammy williams says knapp who lives in danville. >> was writing down dirty road just north of north when he was hit by a car traveling in the same direction. lieutenant william says the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. he remained on scene. >> heaps fully cooperative with our investigation. map is currently listed in critical condition at john muir medical center in walnut creek.
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>> prior to being hired by the jets. he served as offensive coordinator for several nfl teams, including the san francisco forty-niners, then the oakland raiders. in a statement released by his family through the jets. they say, quote, while many know him for his achievements as a coach. his impact as a father and husband are far greater. we are so fortunate to have him in our lives. we are sincerely thankful to all those who have continued to reach out and provide support it has meant the world to us. we're helmet when you're reading a bicycle in. >> drivers need to be aware of every line of on the road, whether it's a bicyclist or pedestrian, we all share the road. >> in san ramon phillipe djegal all kron 4 news in the east bay. tonight we're seeing on top of breaking news that we first brought you on kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock. >> khan fire crews have gotten a hold on that too. alarmed grass fire that broke out this afternoon. an antioch. this is a look at time lapse video of the fire. you can see the smoke coming up over the hill
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there. we have learned that the fire did burning and into an apartment building damaging for units at james donlon boulevard and to board drive in antioch at this time. only the people in the apartment building were asked to evacuate. so far no injuries were reported. we are still staying in contact with con fire crews to get more details on exactly how this large fire sparked 10 good news that the firefighters are not that thing down. let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, because winds always an issue when you're talking about fires. yeah. this the most dangerous time of the day to have those winds, most fire started out there. so, yeah, the firefighters really doing an excellent job. put that fire out in a hurry could have done a lot more damage is wind now blowing 1520 miles per hour. >> in and around that fire. there is a mountainous area in and around that fire to and that affects all that, the wind that kind of whips around there, too. you see james donlon boulevard to bore a drive where the fire was located there and that dry brush. but those winds continue to blow out there. but the good news is the fire
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has been put out still that delta breeze is blowing around the bay area more than on the way. in fact, look at san francisco gusting to 34 miles per hour within this last hour or so. little bit blustery in spots right now. is that on shore flow continues skies clearing out a little bit more. there was a little more more northerly component to win today and we've got more clear skies out there as a result, i think we'll see that again for tomorrow. still some patchy fog to deal with in the morning tomorrow afternoon. get some sunshine temperatures, probably the coolest of the week. mid 80's inland 70's around the bay and 50's 60's out of the coast. guys, back to you. thank you. lawrence. coming up on kron 4 news at 6 retail thefts are on the rise across the bay area. >> that has a lot of people on edge. now governor newsom is taking action. >> what he's trying to do to reduce the crime ways. plus conservative talk show host larry elder will appear on the upcoming ballot in california's recall election. we'll take a look at a new poll that you will only see here on kron. 4 news. the and
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>> welcome back, everyone. house minority leader kevin mccarthy is now threatening to pull all republican members from the committee investigating the january 6th riot at the u.s. capitol. the move comes after house speaker
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nancy pelosi rejected 2 of his nominees representatives jim banks of indiana and representative jim jordan of ohio making her decision today. pelosi question the integrity of the 2 republicans, both of them are close allies of former president donald trump and both voted to overturn president joe biden's election win just hours after the insurrection mccarthy called pelosi's decision an egregious abuse of power. >> house democrats must answer this question. why are you allowing a lame duck speaker to destroy this institution. this is the people's house, not pelosi's house. >> right now. there is only one republican on that committee that's wyoming. congresswoman liz cheney who was picked personally by pelosi. tackling organized retail crime. governor newsom announced an aggressive plan today to target the surgeon brazen retail thefts in the bay area and across the state.
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>> the governor signed assembly bill 3.31 into law reenacting the crime of organized retail theft and extending the highway patrol property crimes task force operations until january 2026 according to chp data, organized retail staff has become a 30 billion dollar criminal industry. but often funds other crimes such as car theft and human and narcotics trafficking. we have been seeing much more of these retail thefts here in the bay area. the governor says it's these exact crimes. the bill is trying to target. we've all seen the images of people rushing in some member was right to highlight just one of them at macy's, you're seeing them all across the state of california. >> those organized efforts and they are organized disproportionate efforts and we want to go after those ranks. we want to go those organized. well organized teams of folks that are connected, not just within communities but all across the state of california.
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>> the california highway patrol says the public's help is needed in tackling the issue of organized retail theft. the chp is asking community members and retailers to submit all tips and information they can to the officers. san francisco is ranks. number 5 out of the 10 top cities in the u.s. for organized crime. and that is why the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce says he welcomes the announcement of the chp. let organized retail task force coming to the bay area. kron four's haaziq has that part of the story. >> california governor gavin newsome signing the organized retail crime task force legislation sends a signal that help is on the way for bay area retailers overwhelmed by shoplifters. >> also, would you like to see the chp task force is up and running here in san francisco. now, yesterday. that sense of urgency is coming from the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce rodney phone. >> he says the chamber has
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been active on the state level lobbying for safer streets as the city recovers economically from the pandemic for. >> san francisco to fully recover nconomically. one 3rd of san francisco's economy is tourism based. and so it's so important we build that consumer confidence and also the confidence of business owners and shop keepers employees to feel safe going back, going to work the setting for that counter subjecting themselves potentially to harm and we want to make sure that that that that is removed. we were the sponsors of the so we brought the bill forward, although the california highway patrol will be the lead agency for the organized retail theft task force. the president and ceo of the california retailers association rachel michelin says we should expect to see officers patrolling shopping aisles inside of retail stores. they're not visible as that in terms that they're working behind the scenes pulling these cases together and doing a lot of the investigations. hopefully we'll see >> new programs coming out. that might be a little bit
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more visible. >> and that's something that we want to do. i mean, we want our consumers. we want our employees and we want the city of san francisco to be safe because san francisco, you know, it's always been a mecca for retail, right. i mean, that's where you and we want to bring that shining glory back to the city. >> has it made you in kron. 4 news. >> time now for the check of the weather and we give you a live view of downtown san francisco and clear blue skies. things definitely are going to cool down as we move further into the week. kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with a look at what's on the way for thursday. looks like temperatures are going to cool down public who'll say the week tomorrow as we're going to see high pressure that's been over the 4 corners going to continue to push eastward to bring more of a sea breeze on shore. a little hazy out there toward the golden gate bridge right now is there's a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. here is look right from the bridge, though, looks a lot nicer. there, a sea breeze continues to blow out there. not much in the way of fog right now is managed to clear off a bit. think we'll see that again. repeat itself more fog along the coastline
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early in the morning hours, then kind of giving ways that normally composed, the wind kind of blown it out. so today temperatures running a little below. the average in san francisco, 6369 in oakland 78 in san jose 88 warm and live more getting hot in concord and 92 and 89 in santa rosa breezy out there right now. we'll see some patchy fog out there as well. tomorrow, some clouds early on that plenty of sunshine. that breeze will pick up in the afternoon. looks like a warmer weekend, then that monsoon starts to creep into the skies again starting on sunday. some we have to watch very closely as we get into next week outside right now. still a very warm 80 degrees. a little more 87 in concord 82 in santa rosa right now. beautiful evening in san jose at 7365 in oakland in 62 and breezy in san francisco, low clouds and fog going to run reestablish themselves a little bit overnight tonight, going to be very patchy into early tomorrow morning, then start to clear out before coming back on shore by tomorrow evening. but other than that, looking good over the next couple days. little less fog, little more sunshine and a few
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more smiles, i think around the bay area special on the coastline where they've been very foggy for the better part of july temperatures. they're going to be the 50's and 60's still on the cool side. lot of 70's inside of a few 80's inland in the next couple days. we start to warm those temperatures up a few more clouds coming our way. the monsoon return, especially sunday, monday and tuesday. up next week. lawrence. thank you. still to come here on kron 4 news at 6. >> a new poll in the upcoming recall election. you'll see only here on kron 4, let you know who's leading the pack of candidates and what it could mean for governor newsom's mean for governor newsom's future. ♪ ♪ ♪ mean for governor newsom's future. ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase.
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control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> welcome back, everyone. com for your local election headquarters. a new exclusive inside california politics. emerson college poll shows that conservative radio host larry elder now leading the race to replace governor gavin newsome. if he is indeed recall these poll numbers will show you released as we're coming on the air this pevening. so let's take a look at where the candidates stand right now. more than a 1000 registered california voters were asked the question which candidate would you vote for to replace governor gavin newsome. if he is recalled those who have their minds made up largely favor elder bringing in 16% of the vote businessman john and former san diego mayor kevin faulconer each coming in with 6% of the vote. that's the next highest for any candidate that's then followed closely by state assembly member kevin kiley and reality star caitlyn
6:26 pm
jenner each with 4%, though elder has a strong lead to replace governor newsom. if he is recalled it is still, as you can see, anyone's race that the number in the bottom corner leaves a lot of hope for other names on the ballot 53% of people polled still have not made up their minds today we learned that larry elder will officially be on that recall ballot. this all comes after a court ordered required the secretary of state's office to add him to the ballot. kron four's ashley zavala. explain what happened in court and what comes next. >> larry elder is the 43rd recall candidate that will be certified in this list of candidates. hear from the secretary of state's office would almost left him off of the ballot was an issue with his tax return redactions his attorney told the sacramento superior court today he submitted 300 pages worth of tax returns to comply with the recent law. requiring candidates running for governor to submit that paperwork. but the judge in this case said the law is meant for primary elections, not special or recall elections like this one
6:27 pm
conservative radio talk show host reacting after the order came down. i want to thank judge for being fair, which she was that this election law to even apply to recall election that even if it did, i substantially comply. >> the secretary of state's office tonight is expected to finish up certifying this final list of candidates and we'll send it off to counties recall ballot. it mailboxes in just a few weeks. >> at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> coming up next, we'll be joined live by political analyst michael yaki. we're taking that we're talking about all the things about the recall right after the break.
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xiidra. back, everyone. our top story this wednesday night at 6.30, our exclusive inside california politics emerson college poll joining us now to talk about this new poll and the recall election trump for political analysts. >> michael yaki. michael, thanks for being with we saw that to larry elder, a radio talk show i don't even think is on the air anymore right now is leading the pack in the recall effort against gavin newsom. but with just 16%. what do you make of this poll and where things have stand right now. >> was really about name recognition. larry elder's been rare. republican party for quite some time. he said his own radio show for a while on on broadcast and on up. i'm on satellite radio. so i think that, you know, for the republicans who are looking at this ballot. he's only name thor


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