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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 18, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> very devastated. >> of the situation that happened in didn't know the whole. the whole story of what happened. >> no update hit by a car and left for dead tonight, an east bay family searching for answers along with the driver connection to a hit and run crash. that is where we start this sunday night here on welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall and i'm just involvement. it happened in richmond near san pablo and
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avenues and it was caught on surveillance video. a good samaritan found the man. >> and was able to call police kron four's. amanda hari is live for us tonight after talking to the victim's family about how he's doing and their search now for the man who did this to their family. >> good evening. i spoke to and sister and she says the whole family is just heartbroken. i don't understand how something like this could ever even happened. we do have video of the moment he was hit by that car that's going to be in this story. it could be hard for some people to watch. so i just want to put out that warning. >> it's so devastating that this has to my brother when he should gardner says it's still hard to wrap her head around what happened to her brother. >> courtney even been very loving. >> loving person kind. joe
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jones star of the family on the morning of july 13th his life changed for ever. he was hit by car. they kept going. this is surveillance video from a nearby business of the moment bell was hit. >> it happened around 4.45 near san pablo and sly know avenues enrichment. >> what appears to be an suv. just kept going bad you know. >> fled the scene in faster and let him in the middle of the street to die. gardner says it was a good samaritan that called police about 14 minutes later. >> ballad has been lying in the middle of the intersection unconscious. >> he's now in intensive care unit. we have not been able to. >> communicate with him because he is unconscious. he needs assistance breathing. he has multiple broken ribs. a broken femur collapsed lungs and his kidneys aren't functioning properly. his medical bills are rising.
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rising rising. garner is trying to raise money to cover the expenses. but the family wants most is to know who did this. if you can please come forward to give us peace. >> his sister tells me she understands this may have all been an accident, but she's disappointed that the person that did this. it didn't stop to help him live. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> amanda, does the family have any idea when he will be released from the hospital. >> right now. doctors are telling them they're just taking it day by day. he needs more surgeries and he's in a medically induced coma. so they expect him to be even their first significant more about of time. >> just a horrible story. hopefully that family can get some answers, find the driver as well. a prom for savannah hard live for us tonight. thank you, amanda. right now san francisco police are
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looking for a driver who they say backed into an officer's patrol car this evening injuring that officer during a traffic stop. we first told you about this on kron 4 news tonight at 6 police say they pulled the driver over for traffic violations near missouri and turner terrorists in the patrol hill neighborhood. that's when police say the driver put his car into reverse hitting the officer's patrol car. we're told the officer did suffer minor injuries. we're still staying in contact with sfpd to get more details as soon as we learn them. we'll let you know. meanwhile, a 13 year-old boy and a woman. now recovering tonight after they were shot overnight in oakland. this is video from the citizen app of that scene around 1230 this morning. police were called to 14th street in harrison near downtown. they say when they got to the scene, they found the boy and the woman both shot. investigators say they were likely hit by stray bullets from another shooting that happened in that same area. the good news tonight both are said to be in stable condition.
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>> we'll stay in the east bay now go to walnut creek where police are investigating an early morning homicide. the shooting took place. an s o s drive near north main street outside of the spoon tonic nightclub just after one 30 this morning when officers arrived, they found for gunshot victims. one of those people died at the scene. the other 3 went to local hospitals, a witness who was at the bar says they did not know what was happening outside until the shooting was over. >> what are going want the club know what's happening. this is a few people were yelling outside like like what happened. the cuts are coming out late running around this. the parking on likes asking people. >> that you see where the who was the shooter. any will see anything. >> but then the little south. every every happened. the dew was shot on the ground. the police started coming over asking this. anyone saw anything. >> no information about a motive or suspects has been
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released by police at this point. we'll keep you updated. fire threat from 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with what this means for the chances of a fire starting. good evening. of greece. uh, yeah. and we're already tracking those monsoonal clouds starting to make its way into the east bay valleys. as i speak. >> primarily over central california right now. but let's take a look at that red flag warning. >> currently in effect for the north bay mountains, east bay hills, including the diablo range from now through 5 o'clock monday night. but a much different story and picture. for those of you along downtown san francisco. you're not tracking monsoonal clouds. you're tracking right now that marine layer beautiful blanket a flaw right now and we are seeing radar for tracking that monsoonal moisture to our east over central california with those
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monsoonal clouds now starting to make its way into the east bay, including cupertino and even ciries like conquer but future cast for is going to show an increase in that high cloud cover with that monsoonal moisture increasing tonight and we could see some pop-up thunderstorms mainly for those of you in the east bay valleys, you're conquered just to the south and east of your area by mid morning on monday. that's when the atmosphere is going to be most unstable. so we do have the threat of pop-up thunderstorms that could actually ignite dry lightning and with that spark potential wildfire concerns, primarily for those of you in the south bay hills and mountains, including those of you in our highest peaks in the east bay, including our hills and diablo range by monday afternoon tracking drier calmer conditions with the atmosphere stabilizing by monday night. but you can see we are in store for that potential for pop-up thunderstorms. early monday through early monday
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afternoon. that's when it's really going to be most unstable. so keep that in mind. if you hear thunder or go indoors. we return to more seasonal pattern by tuesday with temperatures cooling down and also seeing a lot more sunshine as well. details on that. in my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon just seen. back to you. thank you. right now there are at least 11 named fires burning across the golden state the sunday night. one of the fires as the dixie fire, which is burning right near paradise, evacuation orders remain in place tonight. >> as this continues to spread in butte county. the fire has grown out to more than 15,000 acres and is 15% contained. cal fire says crews are having a hard time containing this fire because it's in really steep terrain. more evacuations, meanwhile, have been ordered to night as crews try to contain the growing fire burning near lake tahoe. >> so far that fire sparked by lightning on july 4th tests burned through more than 18,000 acres so far and is still at 0% containment. the
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fire now threatening 200 homes in the tiny town of markley bill which is near the california-nevada border. 10 homes have already been burned in that area. >> and directly to the east of the dixie fire in the plumas national forest crews are still trying to gain the upper hand on the largest fire that's currently burning in california. the beckwourth complex fire. it has burned more than 105,000 acres. it is 73% contained mandatory evacuations remain in place for some people in lassen county. at least 33 homes. there have already been destroyed. governor gavin newsome declaring a state of emergency this weekend to help local governments in siskiyou county last and and lewis counties. >> the red flag warning is in effect here at home for the folks living in the east and north bay hills along with the santa cruz mountains. we're also monitoring for the threat of dry lightning that could spark a dangerous wildfires. kron four's gayle ong live for us now in berkeley with how firefighters are preparing for. >> the fire danger ahead.
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>> justine and jonathan. yeah, a concern for those who live in the berkeley hills. firefighters across the bay area, though they are staffed up with extra strike, teams dozers and air support hoping for the best. firefighters are keeping a close eye on the hills and mountains. a red flag warning is in effect monsoonal moisture from arizona could create dry thunderstorms here in the bay area. the concern dry lightning sparking new wildfires. we do have. >> of the few dozers that we can our disposal. you know, department we also have plenty of resources within our jurisdiction and the neighboring jurisdictions to assist each other with while in fires that. >> that could happen. alameda county battalion chief mark carter says preparations are in place since roe heels of this lightning >> it still there's a familiar reminder from from that that
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we do need to wildfire seriously and just be prepared and do things such as you know, not have limited purview. so. barbecuing and open fires for cooking and things of that nature in the city of berkeley. those living in the hills are urged to be prepared for an emergency and know your evacuation zone. >> the national weather service says the main threat for dry lightning is over. the diablo range for the east bay. and the red flag warning expires monday at 05:00pm live in berkeley. gayle ong kron 4 news, thank you so much. gallon right now on kron 4 dot com. we have tips and information to get you ready for fire season. >> just scan. the qr code on your screen right now with your mobile device and it will send you straight to kron 4 dot com. happening tomorrow. more than 100 animals needing homes are coming right here to the bay area on monday. this is to help an overcrowded shelter in tulsa, oklahoma, 13 shelters around the bay area are preparing to receive the
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cats dogs kittens and puppies. the animals will arrive via private charter jet and land at the hayward executive airport. >> tomorrow. still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 after the recent violent attacks against members of the a p i community here in the bay area. >> we talk with business owners in oakland's chinatown to learn more about the impact is now having on their neighborhoods. >> and later as cases of the delta variant of covid-19 continues to grow. how lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are ramping up their efforts to get more people efforts to get more people vaccinated. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit.
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making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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>> tonight we're learning more details about the shooting in washington dc that stopped the national padres baseball game last night. this was breaking news for you last night here on kron 4 news at 8 police say the shooting involved, folks in 2 separate cars shooting at one another outside of the stadium. 2 people. one of the cars were head along with the innocent bystander. felicia bolden brings us the latest on the investigation. >> to 4. >> that sounds of gunfire rang out saturday night at national park in d c many fans ran for safety. others duck for cover players and coaches rush their families in the dugout as well. like i said for me
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yesterday. >> try to protect them and many people as possible. really loud bangs, matalin, smedley attended the game. she says what she saw players ushering people away from the field. >> she realized she too, was in danger watching on the first a site where the nationals players wear. >> it looks like they were running into the stands and grabbing their families and pulling them into the dugout. and when the padres were opening up the and letting some fans going into their dugout. my section had nowhere to go. but we went up the stairs. we were fleeing towards the gunshots and we couldn't get onto the field. so we just hunkered down in their seats. according to dc police to cause that stage gunfire outside nationals park. >> wounding at least 3 people including a woman who was attending the games to one vehicle pulls up another vehicle pulled up next to it engage that first in gunfire. >> i don't citizen that was attending this game, but outside the stadium was struck by gunfire. it was a mobile seen all the vehicles left. they can down south on south
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capitol street. one of vehicles has been located as be processed by law enforcement on saturday. officers search for the second vehicle it's described as a gray toyota corolla. >> but the missing hubcap on the rear driver's side wheel and dark tinted windows displaying a virginia temporary tag inside the stadium at this time despite the chaos officials also say that at no time were any fans in the stadium in danger. and we're just feel very grateful that the shooter was an inside the park. >> because i can't even imagine what would have happened if the shooter did get in with all the people panicking. >> now let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here across the city of san francisco sales force tower sticking out there from the fog, which is rolling in pretty thick think you could make out from that couple meteorologist mabrisa . - rodriguez here tonight. >> for a look at what's on tap from the start of your monday
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yeah. we're going to notice temperatures. >> on the cooler side for the start of your workweek monday. but we're also going to see plenty of sunshine by your monday afternoon. but today. >> certainly warmed up in a big way, especially for those of you in livermore in concord, flirting with near triple digit heat. you are easily 10 degrees above average today. 9798 degrees for livermore and concord, but very seasonable weather for those of you in downtown san francisco in the mid 60's right around where you should be for this time of year and oakland 73 degrees. also very seasonal temperatures there in santa rosa about 5 degrees above average warming up to 87 degrees. but take a look at this thick fog bank out there right now throughout golden gate bridge can't even make out the bridge because of the dense low clouds and fog visibility right now at or near 0. so please drive safely for your sunday night commute. we're tracking some changes already without monsoonal moisture right now throughout
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central california and now starting to stream in to our east bay valleys in getting reports of those high monsoonal clouds in the east bay valleys specifically for those of you in cupertino and also conquered as well. temperatures are the most part as a result, quite the spread 55 degrees and mid 50's for downtown san francisco and pacifica in the mid 80's for conquered and livermore as a result of those monsoonal clouds increasing that humidity level and keeping our temperatures toasty far inland valleys. low to mid 60's, though, throughout the east bay shoreline san jose. very pleasant temperatures for you in the low 70's with low 70's for san anselmo and avato. so enjoy your sunday night there this evening overnight lows tonight going to be in the low to mid 50's. upper 50's for concord and low 60's for livermore in san jose antioch. those 66 degrees. so going to stay on the mild side thanks to that monsoonal moisture that's starting to creep into your neighborhood and high
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temperatures tomorrow. we're not going to be as hot as we were today cooling down into the low 90's. so we're going to be a few degrees above average. there with mid 80's holding steady for santa rosa and avato san jose in the low 80's and widespread low 70's for those of you throughout the east bay shoreline downtown san francisco at 65 degrees. watch out for that threat, though, of possible pop-up thunderstorms. it is going to be moisture starved but if any thunderstorms do form, they could have the potential bringing dry lightning. the last thing we need right now with our extreme to exceptional drought in the bay area calmer drier arrive by tuesday where we also cool down to seasonal temperatures below average child wednesday with temperatures for inland valleys. low 80's and low 60's along the coast. so quite the roller coaster ride for the next couple of days. but it's really autotrack monsoonal moisture making its way into the bay area. maybe they'll be the new normal. who knows with all these weather changes happening. talking some of my friends in vegas. and it's actually raining there from.
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>> the system. >> in some of that's how it goes. but now we're getting a taste of that here in the bay area. so enjoy. let's hope it doesn't spark any wildfires. so i think the rain not the light. yeah, yeah. i wish could just bring that right. not the threat of both, but i know i'm with you right there. already without serena williams. the u.s. olympic women's tennis team was dealt another blow before the games even begin reporter andrew martin is in tokyo with the details. >> it's monday here in tokyo sunday evening back in the united states and the coronavirus continues to be the biggest storyline of these olympics. the latest athlete to test positive for covid-19 tennis sensation coco gauff. she tweeted the news saying in part, it is always been a dream of mine to represent the usa at the olympics and i hope there will be many more chances for me to make this come true in the future. we'd like to think so. coco gauff is just 17 years old. she's ranked 25th in the world. it is unclear if she has been
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vaccinated. but coco gauff one of 3 athletes at the olympics to test positive for the coronavirus here on sunday in tokyo. 2 soccer players from teams, south africa in tokyo. i'm andrew marden. >> opening ceremonies anyway. still tonight here on fox news at 8. a strange and somewhat scary incident shut down some brides at knott's berry farm amusement park. yeah, that's a guy 5 all the way up there. more on what witnesses described as a chaotic situation. >> tonight. we don't know the 41 people who have signed up to try and challenge governor gavin newsom and his recall election, a breakdown of who they are. 41 challengers will
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take on governor gavin newsome in his upcoming september recall election. >> the secretary of state's office releasing the complete list last night. it includes 21 republicans 8 democrats, one libertarian 9 independence and 2 members of the green party. but the list, though, is still unsettled. conservative talk show host larry elder says he should be on that list. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer is in dispute over whether he can be listed as the city's retired there and a youtube creator says that he will sue to get
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his nickname included on the ballot. >> well, this week could be the final act after the city of oakland and its attempt to keep the a's from leaving the east bay on tuesday. morning. the city council will consider a vote on the a's proposed 12 billion dollar. howard terminal ballpark. the a's have made it clear that in order to stay. they need the deal or they are prepared to leave friday. the city released a term sheet between the 2 sides. but the a's say they are still very far. apart were talking. a lot of money here. city staff has recommended that the council at least in dorset tentative development agreement while the 2 sides continue to negotiate their respective financial obligations. but the city council cannot approve that agreement unless the a's got on board right here on kron. 4 will have complete coverage and reaction throughout the day. coming up on tuesday. now, check this out. really cool lightning show that's being put on.
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>> in the northeast this weekend. parts of new jersey and new york are getting severe thunderstorms, creating a natural light show that's been seen by millions summer storms can pop up anywhere when the weather settled to this video was shot in woodbridge, new jersey showing a lightning streaking across the sky in all directions. >> if you don't have a green thumb here on earth. you may want to try one in outer space. take a look at this for the first time ever, nasa astronauts are growing chili peppers aboard the international space station from seed to maturity. it's all part of nasa's food, crop production experiments. the peppers will grow for about 4 months in a growth chamber about the size of the kitchen oven which contains dozens of sensors that allow crews back on earth to control it. one of the experiments leaders say that chili peppers may have qualities to improve the well-being of astronauts. when you're on board the international space station. you need all the help you can get. i >> anyway. i believe it. all
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right. stay with us. we'll be right back. businesses in
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oakland's chinatown suffered this weekend after a violent couple of days that happened earlier in the week. >> surveillance video capturing the 2 consecutive attacks that happened on thursday and friday, kron
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four's taylor the second spent the day talking with store owners and shoppers about the recent robberies. >> already. many store owners here in oakland chinatown are taking precautions in closing down before dawn. a lot of them have also installed surveillance cameras with the continued violent attacks during broad daylight. many of them are at their wits end on how to fight this problem. a quiet day in oakland's chinatown neighborhood on sunday. >> where people's. kevin tong says it's been this way all weekend, especially after word traveled about the recent attacks. i don't. don't like it. >> and. >> because lawyer is. felt like this is too has a lot of customers because death afraid to come video shows the most recent attack that happened friday afternoon. >> 3 suspects, assaulted and robbed 2 women in broad daylight in just the day before in the same area. another violent robbery happened. 2 suspects are seen
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robbing an elderly man on the ground. and when another man tried to help. he was pistol-whipped disappointed like a the flame. >> bed. it's unwarranted the elderly they're being picked office like easy targets, whenever walking around chinatown. alice ching says she is on high alert, always be conscious of my surroundings and. >> i try to walk with people while many store owners have increased their surveillance in the last few minutes we saw the camera because. >> want that. people come to my stole something bad things. i myself and many of us feel very angry about situation. because, you know, we thought, you know, things are getting much, much better while we have to coming in and also having to police presence, i guess in a once a budget issue came out and i guess one city budget, you know, 5 june 30th. we realize in they were some cuts already know walking
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patrols. so we're saying despite of crime happening. in chinatown. karl chan is the president of oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. >> he says they lost foot patrols earlier this month and many stores are now concerned about the future of this area so, you know, may have a small businesses in chinatown and they have decided to close so even, you know, because doing a pandemic. they're a close early, but now they don't even close, even early at them before. so what it means the men said you know, they will be much, much off to finish up the pieces and especially you has a chance to come to try to hand over the last year. many community groups have formed in oakland's chinatown to protect this neighborhood. one group known as protect oakland chinatown has recently raised more than $27,000 to install more surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. >> in oakland's taylor kron 4 news. >> tomorrow morning. san francisco leaders are set to unveil a new plan that is aimed at protecting locals and
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tourists as more people returned to the city to visit after the pandemic. the plan now calls for more community policing and deployment of officers at very popular sites. the move comes as the city has seen a big jump in the number of car break-ins in several areas around the city in the past year, san francisco mayor london breed and police chief bill scott will be on hand for this announcement. live coverage for you tomorrow. a chaotic scene last night at knott's berry farm in southern california. listen to this. >> and somehow managed to scale a 325 foot tall right. and even refused to come down. it happened last night around 8 o'clock on the supreme scream. officials did not close the park, but instead they turned off most of the attractions and forced the guest to evacuate. one visitor, though, says it wasn't just the man climbing that should face consequences. >> i look up and i see a guy with the shirt off and he says, oh, they're dancing is the like tried this in case nose like movies that i don't
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even know how you got it there. but my team that did the securities to get fired is are, you and get up the. >> after about 90 minutes, the man gave up %nd he was arrested. authorities took him. the orange county fire. authorities took him into custody to get treated for mental issues. >> time now for our 4 zone forecast on this sunday. get ready for a busy week ahead how one at that's right. and we are under a red flag warning for many parts of the bay area. tonight, kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight. but look at what's on the way as you head out the door for the start of your monday. yeah, that's right. jonathan justine were already under red flag warning, meaning imminent fire danger. >> premier li for elevations above 2000 feet. so it affects all our local hills and mountains in the bay area, not just impacting the bay area, though. but also this as well because they're also going to be under a red-flag warning in effect right now through 11
8:36 pm
o'clock monday morning and they're already starting to see some changes out there. but take a look at this beautiful sunset with that fog bank out there at san francisco international airport we're tracking fairly dry calm conditions. but for those of you in the sierra especially in the eastern portions already tracking some light showers with the threat of these pop-up thunderstorms, though, throughout this evening, they are going to bring a lot of moisture with it. but one thing that they will bring gusty winds and the threat of dry lightning. so that is why that red flag warning is in effect through 11 o'clock monday for us in the bay area, though it's going to remain in effect a little bit longer through monday night. but we're tracking a very active severe weather pattern out there in this for the coming days. south lake tahoe cooling down to 79 degrees by monday. but we're going to notice temperatures warm up slightly into the low to mid 80's tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week. the upcoming thunderstorms, though, on tuesday and wednesday expected to bring some more rain
8:37 pm
associated with that decreasing that threat of possible sparked fires with the threat of dry lightning associated with that. so that's great news. but overnight through monday morning. that's going to be the critical time. so hopefully no new spot fires spark throughout portions of this for us here in the bay area. quite the spread low 60's along our bay area beaches and low 90's as you make your way inland must be bay area summer because we're tracking about a 30 degree difference to start your work week monday with the threat of those pop up thunderstorms for our highest peaks. they do form in the valleys. it could be in the east bay valleys. and even for those of you in this south bay as well. that threat, those seems minimal. but then we're going to dry out as atmosphere stabilizes starting monday night through tuesday bringing the seasonable weather mid 60's along the coast. low 70's aboard the bay area of shoreline by tuesday and then mid 80's for most of our inland valleys enroll going to cool down with midweek cooling
8:38 pm
arriving by wednesday of this coming week. we're all going to be below average. in fact, our inland valleys going to struggle to warm up into the low 80's jonathan and justine, back to you. thank you so much of dozens of people rallied near los angeles this afternoon. and supported the recent anti government protests in cuba. thousands of cubans have been taking the stand. >> against food, vaccine and medicine shortages making one of the country's largest demonstrations in decades. cuban activists say residents have had to go days without electricity while others wait in long lines for basic goods. local supporters are calling for change. >> so to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at new numbers from the cdc show just how far america it is away from ending the opioid pandemic. we'll let you know what the agency is now saying about america's overdose rate. plus says. >>ncases of the delta variant of covid-19 continues to grow
8:39 pm
lawmakers are saying more people need to get vaccinated and they're starting a new push to make that happen. >> also in sports. we'll tell you about a former cal student winning the golf major across the pond. jason is up next with the details. plus, j giants and a's highlights.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants looking to avoid losing their second straight series to the cardinals. final game in missouri before a big series at dodger stadium and check out the louis. i've never been there is a pretty cool city scoreless in the 3rd paul dejong. we just sat on that hanging site. johnny got it got attacked his own quicker than that as a solo home run. it is one to nothing cards top of the 4th. those jeriann ruff's drives one to turn to hop on a hanging curve ball. >> second deck home run rough 10th of the season. bottom of the 7th. now harrison bader check to swing the ball goes down to first base line and knocks off the glove of lamont wade junior. he pitches it. let's get to the pitcher, i should say. not quick enough. that scores a run and that's a
8:43 pm
tough way to lose cards, win 2 to one. they take 2 of 3 from the giants, san francisco remains a game up on the dodgers who lost on a walk-off in colorado. meanwhile, the a's, they were hosting the cleveland indians, bottom of the 5th. 2 to one tribe. brown gets a hold of that one. it's solo shot. aids tie it up at 2. but in the 7th. daniel johnson. crunches this one. and just like that is 3 to 2 cleveland that will prove to be the game winner bassitt pitched. well, though he only gave up 3 runs. he struck out 8 over 7, but it was not good enough. indians win 42 to take to a 3 from the a's, the a's post, the angels tomorrow. callum and world ranked number 3, golfer collin morikawa is now a 2 time major champion. he took the british open on that putt right there today.
8:44 pm
more callous shot a 4 under 66 just to hold off jordan speith by 2 strokes. he won the pga championship in san francisco in his first try. that was last year. now he's taken the claret jug at the british open in his first time playing in that event. get this. he's the first golfer to ever win 2 different majors in his first attempt. more 24 years old is here after the win. >> but 24 it's so hard to look back at the short 2 years that i've been a pro and see what done because i want more. you know, it's it's so early on and i enjoy these moments and i love it. and i think i need to teach myself to embrace it a little more, maybe spend a few extra days. sitting back and thinking out of this. but yeah, i need to your yeah. i just one more. >> colin just wants more. i just want to get him or sports night live. please. colin respond to my emails. i'm not going to stop mail. all right. that's your look at sports. we'll be right bac
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>> over the past week. the number of covid-19 cases in the united states increased by 70% compared to the previous seven-day period. us health officials say the delta variant and and vaccinaued individuals are driving the wave of this latest round of infections kron 4 washington correspondent alexandra limon tells us why the fight against the pandemic. >> is now a fight over social
8:48 pm
media. >> less than half of americans are fully vaccinated and louisiana has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. louisiana senator bill cassidy who is a physician believe vaccine hesitancy on democrats. we are going to be partisan. but over here you better trust us. that just doesn't work. senator cassidy encourage people to see medical professionals for accurate information and said he's trying to help share you choose either to be vaccinated. >> or to accept a higher rate of unnecessary death and the information that's found on social media platforms is the topic of contentious debate here in washington last week, president biden blamed social media platforms for allowing the spread of misinformation 2 thirds of the people. >> who. >> i have not gotten vaccinated say because they've got something off a social media. come on. >> senator amy klobuchar defendant president biden's
8:49 pm
comments. i really appreciate a president biden. >> calling this out and for months now i've been taking on the dirty dozen 12 people responsible for something like 60% of this misinformation the administration says social media companies must do more. facebook is pushing back saying it is promoting accurate information from sources like the cdc. >> facebook says the administration is looking for a scapegoat in washington. alexandra limon. >> you can stay up to date on the latest covid-19 information. just use your smartphone to scan the qr code on the left side of your screen and you'll be directed to our covid-19 section on our website at kron 4 dot com. there you can find current mask guidelines and the latest on vaccination efforts here in the bay area. >> drug overdose deaths rose by close to 30% of the united states last year hitting the highest number ever recorded the centers for disease control prevention has recently announced overdose statistics for 2020 and the
8:50 pm
numbers show that is one of the sharpest yearly upticks the country has ever seen in 2020 more than 93,000 people died from a drug overdose that's compared to 2019 when it was just shy of 70,000. it was a 30% increase in deaths in 2018 2019. it was only a 5% increase. >> it's been a challenging year and we know that anxiety and depression, then, you know, make temperature and so. it's been tough tough year and a half. >> some members of congress have blamed the fda for approving new synthetic opioids along the drug makers like purdue pharma who are prosecuted for their roles and marketing. the highly addictive drug oxi cotton. >> now to our 4 zone forecast tonight. plenty of changes on the way as we get ready for the start of the new workweek. meteorologist is here now with what we can expect. good evening. risa.
8:51 pm
>> and they're just seen in, jonathan. yeah, we're tracking monsoonal moisture making its way to our east bay valleys. and for those of you in the south bay with that thick fog bank right now. hanging tight along our bay area coastline. so quite the micro climate outlook. and that's going to be the key word in the coming days because we're tracking high fire danger, believe it or not because of the threat of dry lightning with monsoonal moisture. that is not going to bring us much rain. in fact, that dry lightning threat that is going to increase our threat for wildfires if any do spark specifically for our highest peaks in the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range pretty much elevations above 2000 feet that don't see this. the marine layer that we get during the coast in summer months. no sky. july, as you can see out in full force. and it's thanks to that fog bank that temperatures on the seasonable side, even for you at the start of your workweek monday. mid 60's for marina district in downtown san
8:52 pm
francisco. but our beaches going to cool down a bit low 60's for half moon bay but widespread low to mid 50's from el granada daly city pacifica 55 degrees. we are going to see an increase in wind speeds throughout the san francisco peninsula upwards of 30 miles per hour or less. a little bit breezier to start out your work week monday with millbrae and burlingame pleasant temperatures in the low 70's similar temperatures. for those of you in san mateo and san carlos in redwood city in the low 80's for your monday afternoon. now from do see any thunderstorms that do for it will primarily be under local hills and mountains in the south bay and east bay. that's where the atmosphere is really going to be most unstable monday morning through early monday afternoon on account of that daytime heating san jose in the low 80's campbell 87 degrees and low 90's. for those of you in livermore. so you were near triple digit heat today. but tomorrow you're going to see about 10 degrees of cooling. so enjoy that walnut creek and
8:53 pm
concord also cooling down into the low 90's with low 80's for india and moraga oakland 72 degrees in richmond in the mid 70's. so very seasonable weather for the coast and east bay shoreline. quite the spread, though, throughout parts of the north bay vacaville flirting with that triple digit heat 97 degrees yacht. they'll far behind at 94 degrees with napa and vallejo low to mid 80's their mill valley 79 degrees. but santa rosa holding steady at 87 degrees. but we're going to track seasonable weather returning by tuesday. in fact, the atmosphere going to dry out and stabilize as early as monday night and then we're going to begin a cooling trend through wednesday. we're going to be about 5 degrees below average from coast to valleys and then warming up near seasonable with temperatures by the end of next week's forecast into next weekend. and it looks like this is the only threat so far. monsoonal moisture with dry lightning next weekend. looks drier and calmer. so hopefully that pattern stays. and thank you, jonathan, for the millionaires
8:54 pm
bacon. i know just teens mind was blown today. she's never had it. >> jonathan brought us a little snack. and doughnuts. >> i mean, what i can good about. a trial wasn't so much bacon as it was like a piece of brisket. it's really really could substitute for that was amazing feel like a million are now a place rich. they shipped rice thanks to recent while outdoor experts are warning hikers to be careful when you're using your smartphone apps. >> many say they've actually seen an uptick in injuries on trails. rescuing hikers who say they've gotten loss from there. phone's gps leading them to remote areas series. not always right, folks. covers conservation officials say that phone screens are often too small to see important details and losing service on trails is common. sometimes smartphone apps are seen to lead hikers on more dangerous trolls than expected. some officials recommend actually using a paper map and a compass.
8:55 pm
>> and now for the couple. i'm not on your well, first he was an athlete and an activist and now he's an author. when colin kaepernick's new children's book is expected to hit
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
>> activists and former 40 niner colin kaepernick is releasing a new children's
8:58 pm
book. it's titled eichler myself different and it is focused on his upbringing as a black child in a white family. kaepernick says he hopes his book will honor the courage and bravery of young people everywhere by encouraging them to live with authenticity and purpose. the book set to be released in april of next year. but it's available for preorder right now. >> well, that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight. but we're just getting started here on prime time. don't go anywhere. kron 4 news
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