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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. >> when time from the bay area's local news station.
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you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and now attend the delta variant is spreading quickly across california. how the alarming surges leading most bay area. health officials now to recommend that everybody mask up. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm grant lotus. ken wayne also has the night off yesterday marked one month since california technically reopens. but today. >> 7 bay area counties joined a growing list in the state recommending people wear masks indonrs. even if you are fully vaxxed and kron four's ella sogomonian us here in the studio with more on why they're telling us to do this yeah, we're going to go over that. but just to reiterate would grant said this is still a recommendation. it is not a mandate at this time. >> but at this point a majority of the bay area health officers field the risk of contracting. this virus is so high that wearing the mask is the best thing that we can
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all do to protect ourselves. this is because of an alarming surge in coronavirus infections. and as of tonight, california's covid-19 positivity rate is at 3.7% that number has nearly tripled from the start of july when the rate at that point was 1.4% to give you an idea here. so cases are rising both locally and across the state. there were more than 4600 new covid-19 cases reported just today and more than 2000 people are being treated for symptoms in hospital right now. so those numbers are the highest since april. and last month the more contagious delta variant was blamed for 43% of all cases in california. so given all those numbers and statistics in the people behind them today help officers representing these 7 counties that alameda contra costa marin san francisco, san mateo and santa clara as well as sonoma counties. well, they've issued that mask recommendation. they say that more needs to be done to encourage unvaccinated people to wear masks indoors.
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>> making this recommendation for everyone regardless of vaccination status with both help businesses and individuals ensure that able to have unvaccinated folks comply with the requirements to wear masks indoors and at a layer of protection for everyone by asking the vaccinated individuals to wear masks indoors in public as well. >> so masks will provide better protection in high-risk settings such as a grocery store, a retail store or movie theaters. we should also note that napa and solano counties are sticking with the state guidelines and they are not recommending that vaccinated. people wear masks while inside solano county health officials released the following statement to kron 4 saying in part, quote, vaccinating as many people as possible as soon as possible is our best defense against covid-19 the delta variant and the harm that it can do to our communities. it's a lot of county public health and the state monitor. the delta variant spread in our community. we will continue to
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align with the state's recommendations. we're following emerging data and science and we will adjust approach as needed. well, health officers say that they're going to be continuing to adapt. they're masking recommendations based on the case. rates variance and how sick people are getting and grant. and katharine. meantime, just to compare los angeles county had their recommendation instated back on june 28th and then that became a mandate just 2 weeks later. >> thank thanks, ella and a lot of people in the bay area are now having to more thought to whether or not to cover up again inside if they're fully vaccinated. we caught up with some shoppers and business owners in the city of alameda to get their reaction after today's big announcement. >> i don't mind keeping my mask on inside. i i do it automatically. we have a 2 year-old and. >> it can get vaccinated yet. so we just are going indoors anywhere with him setting overall, it's like it's a, but it's a good thing. our main clientele are children and they cannot be vaccinated.
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>> we also have a lot of people who are immune compromised people a cancer that are going down here to kaiser. >> it may be trying to find some sunshine and happiness in their life and. >> well, you know, we want to support them. >> and on our kron 4 facebook page. we have a poll asking people about these new indoor masking recommendations. question is are you going to wear a mask inside. now 72% say yes, i will. 28% say no, i will not. new tonight at 10 health officials in las vegas are now advising everyone vaccinated or not. to wear face coverings in crowds and indoor places just like the bay, not a requirement but the recommendation includes casinos, concerts and clubs where business has been booming since restrictions were lifted. now almost 2 months ago. a union representing 60,000 casino workers says their members are at risk by unvaccinated patriots sept 97% of nevada's recent hospitalizations are
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people who have not been vaccinated. >> and just about 24 hours, the mask mandate is going to take effect in los angeles county again because of the alarming surge of covid-19 cases fueled by the delta variant today county health officials reported nearly 2000 new cases more than 450 people are hospitalized there. and that's more than double the number from just last month. cases are climbing in nearly all 50 states and that has led the white house to issue a new warning saying that covid-19 dis information on social media is literally killing people as allison harris reports, the biden administration wants to get rid of the bad information get hesitant. americans finally to take the shot. >> this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. the cdc director putting it plainly more than 97% of people hospitalized with covid right now. are not vaccinated. i'm
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undergoing a lot of the facts, charlie in missouri was among i thought covid. it's just that and ammonia, but it wasn't going to be that bad. well, i was wrong. from the icu. he started taking it seriously. covid is real. the president today placing some of the blame for people not getting vaccinated on the lies being spread on social media sites like facebook. >> the only pandemic we have a of action. >> i think friday is spokesperson addressing some of the misinformation today. the full sadia that vaccines cause infertility which is not true. and des proven time and time again. this is troubling. but a persistent narrative. the dis information is spreading as fast as the delta variant now affecting more younger americans as many elderly people are already vaccinated, children ages 12
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to 15 are least likely to have gotten the shots. 12 year-old grace here. so in texas just the impacts for the community and our family. we are seen younger people hospitalized right now relatively speaking. >> to a more extended than we were before. >> that was allison harris reporting. you can stay up to date on the latest covid information by using your smartphone to scan the qr code. you see it will take you directly to our coronavirus section at kron 4 dot com, you'll find to things like the current mask guidelines and the latest on vaccination efforts and the bay area. >> now to another big story. this is in the east bay where a young teenager has been arrested on suspicion of killing his mom and injuring his father police say this happened in a fremont home early this morning near the area of paseo padre parkway fremont boulevard. >> that's where they found 2 stabbing victims the suspects parents cross was gayle ong is
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live at the fremont police department tonight. she joins us with the latest on this really disturbing case scale. >> grant and katharine. police say a 14 year-old boy fatally stabbed his mother and seriously injured. his father inside their home earlier this morning. >> officers responded to a home on sylvester drive off the sale padre just after 1230 friday morning. there. they found a woman in the man with stab wounds. the woman pronounced dead at the scene. the man taken to the hospital where he is recovering investigators learned the suspect was the victim's son within 30 minutes of searching the area. a resident in the neighborhood reported seeing the suspect covered in blood a mile away from the home. and that's when officers detained the boy. the juvenile was taken into custody without incident. >> detectives have been notify any are taking over the investigation now, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. what exactly happened, the home some of those questions detectives are trying to figure out why this occurred and what led to the
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injuries, the boy's name is not being released because he is a juvenile. one of the things we are asking. >> it is for respect for this neighborhood, for the people involved in this case it is truly a very sad and tragic. i do. we want to reach out to our community and say. >> if anybody here out there has any information about this case. please contact our investigations section. >> and police are not naming the victims at this time because they're trying to notify family live in fremont. gayle ong kron 4 news, thank you, gayle. >> meantime, 3 people are dead after a plane crashed into a vineyard in napa county. that happened shortly before 9 this morning in angwin. that's about 40 minutes north of napa. the faa says the single engine plane clipped some trees as the pilot was trying to land at the when airport, there were 3 people on board the pilot to passengers the napa county sheriff's office says some vineyard workers saw
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the crash and saw the plane go up in flames. >> cal fire. firefighters put fire out at this time. i can tragically and sadly that all 3 on board are deceased. >> the identities of the victims have not yet been released to the public. the ntsb is investigating the cause. santa clara police say a man shot somebody who was trying to break in hit them his home. it happened last sunday about 2 in the morning on santa clara street. police say the people in the home woke up to the sounds of somebody pounding and kicking at their door. police say the suspect as 26 year-old spencer alston. they say he broke a window kicked open a back door. and that's when one of the resident shot and wounded him. he was arrested for burglary taken to a local hospital. police say there's no known association at this point between olson and those
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victims oakland police tonight are investigating after there were 2 attacks in less than 24 hours on the same block in the city's chinatown neighborhood. >> specifically the 200 block of 9th street. both incidents were caught on camera and here's video from today. you can see 3 suspects here hop out of this silver sedan and they charge at 2 asian women who try to run away, but they get pin down. their bags are stolen. the suspects then scamper back into this vehicle. once they get with their looking for the victims. here are elderly. one of the women in her 80's the other in her 50's. so i guess one of the women was elderly. they were just steps away from the spot where a man was robbed less than 24 hours before that. and this is video of that attack. 2 guys, pistol whipped and hurt by 2 attackers here. robbers oakland police say one of the victims i was just standing there on 9th street when these 2 guys approached him well and
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had a gun and another man, the guy in helmet saw what was going on. tried to help. but he too, is pistol-whipped. police are describing the suspects only as black men in their 20's. so that's not helpful. this video was sent to us by karl chan. ithe's with the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce who tells us he's just disheartened spy. this latest act of violence in his community. so upset when we're staying. >> you know, mostly all seniors and folksksbeing attacked. they up to date since to us that they don't wouldn't care just wanna do it no matter what time of the day. >> according to police, it is still too early in the investigation to say if these incidents involved the same suspects. oaklandndndpolice shu down an illegal casino operation that was on 14th avenue and international near san antonio park officers found 8 guns 30 high capacity magazines. see officers working there there were
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bullet proof vests, large quantities of narcotics. they say with a street value of $76,000 including meth. heroin and 60 bottles of put them at the scene. officers also found more than $21,000 in cashsh and 18 illal casino gaming machines. police say one person was taken into custody. oakland's police chief leronne armstrong gave credit to the community for lending a hand in the investigation. >> growing concern over possible thunderstorms this end. . . course, that means a greater threat of wildfires. experts say the storms could bring lightning and probably not much rain. unfortunately, some of the biggest and most destructive fires in state history began with lightning. erick rucker has the story from vacaville work dry lightning sparked a devastating fire. just last year. >> shortly after the lnu complex fire burned down the home on this vacaville property last august. the
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owner here says he bought this fire truck a symbolic gesture of the lightning-caused fire that took so much from him. other victims around these rts are still rebuilding this weekend. the threat of lightning is expected to return specifically dry lightning dry lightning there sporadic a hidden areas. they're oftentimes overnight. the national weather service has issued a fire weather watch because of anticipated thunderstorms sunday into monday the potential for thunderstorms little to no rainfall. while the national weather service has placed a large portion of northern california under a fire watch meteorologist at the higher elevations s r ve a greater likelihood of seeing the storor since april. we've been talking about the conditions that were already facing and the sacramento region. >> if lightning does cause a fire sunday or monday firefighters like chris vest with metro fire say the fight will be like if it were happening 6 weeks into the
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future. aa week. rain and snow season has pushed up what can dry out by about a month and a half. >> now july. we're looking like late august even september. that's when we used to get our fastest growing fires are most critical fire behavior even dangerous conditions. >> and that was eric rucker reported. >> and meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the more so we're talking about the dry lightning and it's not what you would think of its not like truly drive, but what happens the water. these are high bay storms about a 1000, maybe 10,000 feet. and so they start to rain out. but that water evaporates before it makes its w to the surface. so by the time the lightning strikes, the ground is still dry. so certainly something we need to watch this weekend really as we head through a lot of parts of summer. we see these monsoons on and off throughout the summer months. and here we go again. so how these develop we've got high pressure over the 4 corner states. that ridge of high pressure going to start to build back and actually extend back totorerd the bay area. a
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lot of times we just see that a isture over the sierer nevada. we saw that actually during the week this time around, though,ooks like that ridge is going to start a bold. just a little closer to the west coast and that's going to bring some of some tropical moisture back in our direction that monsoonal moisture. so it's not really organized kind of a disorganized ban wrapping around that system. so hard to tell you exactly where we might see those lightning strikes, but there's a potential for some that role and tear. you're going to see that on the computer models for the first part. looks like just fog low clouds to start out your weekend. that's not bad. we've been seeing that almost all summer long, at least through month of july. but then as we get sunday morning. all that wrap around moisture that mom soon begins to work its way north to the models begin to pick up on showers thunderstorms in the sierra nevada. if you're headed up there to go. campin. got to watch out that continues right through monday morning. and then that kind of moves out. but you know what? after little bit of a break during the middle of the week, we may visit the monsoons again. looks like late next week as well. so that's going
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to be recurring pattern. and of course, got to worry about fires. fire. weather watches are up for good part of the bay area, especially over the mountain tops possibility of those thunderstorms and then you get those downdraft from those thunderstorms should a fire start. you get those real gusty winds that could make things extremely dangerous. guys, back to you. thanks, lawrence. more than 8,000 acres have been burned in the dixie fire. that's up in butte county crews say. >> very hard time containing the fire because of the steep terrain fires near the burn scar of that deadly camp fire in paradise. it is 9% contained. >> and right now strong winds continue to hamper efforts to contain the beckwourth complex fire in northern california. this is near the nevada border. it's burned more than 105,000 acres 70% contained tonight and they're saying more than 30 homes have been destroyed in the small town of doyle. fire officials say this fire did spark from lightning strike. the river fire is
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burning in mariposa not far from yosemite. cal fire says the flames have burned. >> 9500 acres. the river fire is now 59% contained. >> and another news hope for a brand new waterfront ballpark for the a's in oakland the seems to be a hope seemed to be fading even more. the city of oakland has come out with its latest financial plan for the development. say it is a step in the wrong direction and say no deal, at least not right now. kron four's, dan kerman explains why. >> plans to create a new waterfront home for the oakland a's at the howard terminal have hit another roadblock. >> say the city of oakland's latest financial plan for the development is not one they can support the offer we received this morning was really a step backwards. you know, we've been negotiating for almost 3 straight days. 18 hours a day. >> but it's actually farther apart than we were oakland. a's president dave campbell says the city's proposal doesn't address who pays for
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offside infrastructure. the a's don't think it's their responsibility. they want to create a special assessment districts to generate 450 million dollars to pay for on-site, infrastructure and say the ci can use the rest of the money generated to pay for affordable housing. but the city's proposal says the age should pay for affordable housing, which amounts to 303030 of all ho ing built this part of the development. the city lso wants to set up a single special assessment distct to help the a's pay for infrastructure improvements on site. in a statement, mayoyol libby schaff said the city's plan moves us one step closer to making the vision of a world class ballpark, a reality. we appreciate the a's working with us to reach consensus. but the a's are running out of patience. the plan that they actually propose today if they vote on that. a yes on that. that's a no on the project. that's not somethininin we agree to. there no consensus within the city council is set to vote on the city's proposal tuesday. >> the a's wowod d rather they vote on the team's proposal
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and approved that this is our last option and oakland, like i said, we're down to our last at-bat again, the city council ten this to vo latest financing proposal on tuesday. the a's indicating that if they approve this proposal, it will be a message to the a's to start looking elsewhere to play baseball. >> dan kerman kron 4 news while the future of the a's does remain up in the air. another pro sports team is a a p step closer to coming to oakland the african american. >> sports and entertainment group. it's trying to bring a wnba team to the east bay today. they did get approval totoleegotiate a lease with the arena. and that means the potential group ownership group can finish putting together a proposal to submit to the leak. the plan is to bring a woman's pro team to the arena and that's part of a bigger effort t try to revitalize the surrounding area, including the current home of the a's, the oakland coliseum. the incredible comeback of a pro baseball
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player who the attempted suicide has come to a bittersweet ending. you might say 29 year-old drew robinson, we reported on his story. >> he has spent the past 2 and % half months playing for the giants triple a affiliate minor league team in sacramento. and that is just one year after he tried to take his own life in 2017 2018 robinson made appearancein s the majors with the texas rangers st. louis cardinals. but in april of 2020 robinson shot himself in the head, but survived while doctors were forced to remove his rightye robinson eventually decided to return to baseball signing a minor league contract wi the giants robinson hit 3 home runs for the river cats before announcing his retirement today. but he's not going far. o be taking on a role in the giants front office has a mental health advocate. and if you or anyone you know, is struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm. you can call the national suicide prevention hotline at 1 800, 2, 7, 3 8255 we've but said that number
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there on the screen. >> still ahead tonight, an aggressive coyote has not killed after roman san francisco's botanical gardens. why animal experts say the death was preventable. >> plus 3 years after a dead expedition on a lake 3 men. the prosecutors say a responsible for the deaths of 17 people. we have an update there. >> and a brazen kidnapping attempt caught on camera. a child grabbed by a stranger broad daylight. you see it there. how the mother fought back. that's next.
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>> truly shocking video. this is in queens, new york. and happened so fast. but a quick thinking mom rescues. her child during an attempted kidnapping. it happened last night. but that guy there grabbed a 5 year-old boy from the sidewalk in quickly, ryan did put him in his car. but the mom rushed to pull her son out of the passenger side window before the suspect could get away. new york police say a second suspect was sitting in that passenger seat holding the boy. luckily the child was not hurt in the attack. the suspects have not been caught. saying in new york. police are also searching for the man who swept a scooter from kid who is writing it right in the middle of the day. you can see the man push the kid off
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before riding away on the scooter in the opposite direction. the nypd and brooklyn community leaders quickly rallied to get the 7 year-old a new scooter new helmet now that video is making the rounds. police hope somebody turns that the fan, the hashtag let's catch it is trending in the new york city area. >> in san francisco. federal officials say they have killed that coyote, was reported to have charged toddlers on 5 different occasions. this was happening on the city's botanical garden and golden gate park federal authorities from the u.s. department of agriculture were called in. that's after local officials were expressing concern. san francisco's animal care and control workers side. they say that they're blaming people who'd been feeding that coyote. they were giving at things like a the romney you see here it caused the animal to lose its natural fear of humans. >> once a coyote or any other
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wild animal loses their natural wariness of people, their behavior changes and that can take many different forms i understand that you think maybe you can make wildlife your friend. but you can't and end. you cannot control the fallout. so the fallout from people leaving this coyote food is now coyote is 10. >> legal to feed wild animals. not everybody realizes that if you're caught, you could be fined. you could even face jail time. there is new video tonight of coyotes in the inner sunset neighborhood. you're looking at dash cam video sent to us by a viewer. the animal spotted know noriega and 12th last night and reportedly it's the second time in as many weeks that coyotes have been spotted in that area. next at 10, a major court ruling on immigration the judge's decision that could leave so-called dreamers. >> in legal limbo. plus,
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catastrophic flooding in western europe. then with the death toll that's climbing by the hour. how rescuers are racing to save as many lives as they can from what experts are calling historic devastation and 2 bay area. man accused of it sinister plot. prosecutors say they were planning an attack on the california democratic headquarters. we're learning about their motivations that how they plan to do it. the stories and much more coming up next on kron, 4 news at 10.
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story tonight new details about what led to the arrest of 2 bay area man accused of planning an attack on the california democratic headquarters in sacramento. investigators say those men sent text messages. they. >> detail their plans to target the headquarters. and they also had an arsenal of guns and bobs kron four's terisa stasio has the story. >> rodgers and company were motivated by disappointment in the outcome of the last several election. that is fbi special agent john blair talking about ian rogers of napa shown here and jerry copeland of lego. the 2 now indicted for planning to attack targets today associated with democrats. >> following the presidential election. >> we're going to use explosives. to commit an act of violence motivated by their disappointment election, specifically asian blair says
10:33 pm
they focused on the democratic headquarters in sacramento. >> in a recorded conversation on january 11th 2021 agents say rogers told copeland, quote, i want to blow up a democrat building. bad unquote. agents say they also agreed a quote. let's see what happens after the 20th. we go to war, unquote. that reference relating to the inauguration of joe biden after congress certified the vote and those riots on capitol hill back in january agents. quickly closed in rogers in napa raiding his home finding guns and a card that said white privilege. we seized between 4550 firearms. >> 3 of which were fully automatic automatic firearms. along with 5 pipe bombs. >> officials say copeland learned of rogers arrest and destroyed evidence. prince directions from a militia group had contacted copeland was arrested thursday. in addition to planning to blow up the sacramento headquarters agents state in documents
10:34 pm
believed their attacks with start what they called a movement. also considering attacking tech companies unfriendly to then president trump both rogers and copeland face charges of conspiracy to destroy by fire or explosive of building rogers with additional weapons violations and copeland for destroying evidence convictions could be 20 years of imprisonment. remain in custody. theresa kron 4 news. >> a federal weapons charge was filed today against the man accused of trying to enter a federal building in downtown l a with knives and loaded guns. investigators say 34 year-old eric younger and was wearing body armor wednesday morning when he drove up to the employee parking building security guards detained him. they quickly discovered that arsenal inside his truck is facing up to a year in federal prison if he is convicted. >> alarming news tonight. for
10:35 pm
so-called dreamers. federal judge in texas has ruled that the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or daca is illegal. the judge says president obama exceeded his authority when he created the program by executive order in 2012 dhaka shields. hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants from deportation immigrants currently enrolled in the program. most brought to the u.s. as children will for now be able to live and work in the u.s. new applications have been blocked, but the biden administration is expected to appeal the ruling. california lawmakers, meanwhile, have set aside 156 million dollars to try to combat hate crimes against the asian american pacific islander community since march of 2020, the organization stop a p. i hate has received more than 6600 reports of a p. i hate incidents with more than 40% of them coming from california part of the new funding will be put toward a p. i victim
10:36 pm
services and prevention not just in the bay area but across the state and the state is not just providing money. on top of that, we're. >> doing additional data collection on racial equity because even even with the 6,000 incidents. i've always believe that that's probably only one percent early, 10% of what's going on that we're doing more data collection. through you see riverside to make sure that we get a really full picture. >> among other things, the money will also go towards supporting schools, including a project to address bullying and mental health for use end toward ethnic media outlets to try to reach a p i and other underserved communities in california. the california department of justice has launched a new office to help address. >> historic inequities in the state. it is called the office of community awareness response and engagement. our care. the attorney general says it will focus on building relationships with communities
10:37 pm
which have been underrepresented in california. >> the broad vision and goal and mission is to provide outreach to communities get out of the buildings that are the doj offices and into the communities where we can did with and be with and listen to community members to hear about their concerns, their challenges. the struggles that they're facing. attorney general bonta says it's all part of a bigger goal and a building trust and transparency. >> and the department of justice. turning now to the weather and we're looking at big old powerful hurricane hurricane felicia now a category 4 storm. >> churning in the pacific had this looks pretty intimidating, a kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. you've been watching this what, what's happening with extremely intense. hurricane spending now in the pacific boy, if this were right off the coast. we'd really be worried right now. police, though, making its way out in the pacific holding its strength in the category 4
10:38 pm
kind of an intense storm. but compact at the same time, hurricane force winds only extend outward about 15 miles from the center of felicia. that's pretty interesting. tropical storm-force winds only 60 miles usual. they go 100, maybe 150 miles even more so. this is a compact intense storm. >> and thank goodness for us. it's not headed anywhere near california or anywhere near mexico for that matter. the winds sustained at a 130 miles an hour moving west at 9 miles per hour. watch the latest track here right now. it's a category 4. it's going to begin to move into some cooler waters on the pacific. and here we go. should start the weekend starting tomorrow and the possibly as we get into early next week. maybe watching that all the way down graded to tropical storm and then begin to fade away as we head into wednesday and thursday of next week. the meantime, though, as we take it back to our coast. we've got some fog that is moving on shore over sfo right now. we'll see more of that into early tomorrow morning. in fact, temperatures today kind of cool in the san francisco
10:39 pm
60 degrees 63 with partly cloudy skies. you have 70 in oakland today. so comfortable temperature there, 70 in san jose 85 and warm in livermore, 88 right at the average in concord in 80 degrees in santa rosa, you get with forecast ahead of the monterey bay plan on some fog in the bay for tomorrow. and you can see that the santa cruz and monterey also carmel some sunshine in the afternoon. 70 in carmel valley. but southern california to see a lot of sunshine 77 in san diego about 86. and i'm 78 ventura. 73 in santa barbara high country. well, we've been talking about the monsoon. you don't worry about that tomorrow. they could have a beautiful day about 87 and truckee 85 in south lake tahoe. but if you're sticking around for the weekend that monsoon comes rolling in starting on sunday. expect thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada likely to continue into monday as well. all right. we are looking at changes coming our way high pressure going start to build in of the desert southwest just a bit. that's going to be enough to bring some of that monsoonal moisture back in the bay area
10:40 pm
but not tomorrow. tomorrow. looks like a very nice day, a little bit warmer around the bay area 80's upper 80's inland, 70's 80's around the bay and 50 the 60's up toward the coastline. the next 10 days starting a little muggy feel as we get into sunday with some of that monsoonal moisture coming in through monday. the high base thunderstorms rolling on through to back to normal weather looks like tuesday wednesday and thursday and then the following friday. i think we could very well see another round, maybe even a little more substantial around monsoonal moisture coming our way. and of course, we're talking about fire danger and lightning strikes and all that stuff next week, all over again. thanks. excellence. new tonight at 10, 3 men are facing dozens of charges in connection with that fatal 2018 sinking. >> of a duck boat during a storm on a missouri lake. you may remember 17 people, including 9 from one family lost their lives when the boat sank the ship's captain the general manager, the manager on duty the day of the accident are all facing 17
10:41 pm
counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say they failed to cease operations during a severe storm and recklessly caused the deaths of the passengers. and now to the latest on the devastating flooding in western europe. authorities say the rain has already led to the deaths of more than 120 people. the equivalent of 2 months of rain has fallen over just the past 2 days. yes, some of those scenes are terrible. experts are saying that this is in fact one of the worst natural disasters in that part of the world. >> in more than 50 years. rudabeh shahbazi has the story. >> in germany. more than 700 soldiers have been deployed to the western part of the country as the death toll rises to nearly 100 people. well of 100 people remain unaccounted for. >> and 100,000 have lost power
10:42 pm
almost as if obama was a matter of 2 minutes before the yard was flooded with waist-high waters as the survivor. we had to get out through the window and over the roof in order to save ourselves. >> in belgium. a day of mourning has been declared at least 22 people are dead from the rising waters. dozens missing. shows houses gutted by flames even as they stood surrounded by flood water. >> a witness capturing the moment a barge sank in the flooded river of week of rain finally coming to an end after reaching levels in some places. normally expected one in 200 years since does show the faith that she so we just not a single house was spared says the mayor-president stir not a single shot is able to function. there isn't a single house which is still ok, it's just and in the netherlands, the town of vulcan berg left mostly under water. emergency responders and around 100 soldiers deployed there. we're
10:43 pm
100 homes without power with more rain in the forecast. >> this touch business owner lost everything in the flood. all hittable next spot to nothing. absolutely nothing is undamaged. she says now everything is gone simply gone. european commission. president ursula von der land says the catastrophic flooding is directly attributable to climate change. this something where we really, really it shows the urgency. to the to act. that was rudabeh shahbazi reporting the full extent of that damage is still not clear. a lot of villages have been. >> cut off by the floods and landslides. authorities say many of the victims have only been discovered after flood waters receded. and in arizona, a father and daughter were saved from raging flood waters. they drove into what's normally a dry area of the city of tucson and they were hit with a rushing current. they got stranded. you're
10:44 pm
looking at drone video showing a rescue team making their way out to them. they brought rope lines. the 2 of them climbed on top of their cars. you santa try to avoid being washed away. everyone did make it out. ok, seasonal monsoon storm swept through parts of arizona this week. the threat of flash flooding, they say is going to last for several more days. >> still to come, in sports call it a jet i fact rick jed lowry hero. what a game for the a's. dramatic walk-off kylen mills shows us how it all played out next in sports.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> are typically known as a 2nd half team manager bob melvin said it himself before the all-star break. well, this season, they'll need to be if they want to catch the west-leading houston astros. that all starts tonight is the a's are hosting the cleveland indians in their first game since the all-star break. top of the 7th. all knotted at 3 bradley zimmer drives one deep straight away to center carries out indians go out in front. but in the bottom of the 9th with a runner on jed lowry hits a towering shot to,
10:48 pm
right. that is no doubt gone. he enjoys his walk-off celebration with teammates. lowry goes 3 for 5 with 3 rbi a's come from behind to walk it off. >> 5 for the final game 2 coming up tomorrow. >> the giants on the road in st. louis. this evening in their first game since the all-star break kirkus alley behind the plate, by the way, is giants all-star buster posey is day to day top of the 5th now tied at 1, 2, on for lamonte wade junior he's pulls this one deep to right that is gone. the three-run blast puts the giants ahead. then coming up in the 7th giants up by 3, 2, on for my kiss. trump's he crushes this one high and deep right at the wall on yaz is three-run shot offense. the giants lead to 6. they would go on to win 7 to game 2 of that series coming up tomorrow as well. nfl star and former 40 niner richard sherman is speaking for the first time since his arrest in redmond, washington earlier this week.
10:49 pm
he's accused of crashing his suv while impaired trying to break into his in-laws home and resisting arrest early wednesday morning in a 911, call made by sherman's wife. she tells the dispatcher that he was drunk and threatening to hurt himself today sherman pleaded not guilty to 5 non felony charges during his arraignment in a king county court. he also released a statement today saying, quote, i am deeply remorseful for my actions on tuesday night. i behaved in a manner. i am not proud of. i've been dealing with some personal challenges over the last several months. but that is not an excuse for how i acted the importance of mental and emotional health is extremely real. and i vowed to get the help i need and quote, he also went on to say i appreciate all the people who have reached out in support of me and my family, including our community here in seattle. i am grateful to have such an amazing wife, family and support system to lean on during this time. the road to the olympic games continues to be a rocky one for team usa
10:50 pm
basketball earlier today for kevin love announced he is withdrawing from the team. the 5 time all-star missed a large part of the nba season with a calf injury and didn't feel he was physically ready to compete in tokyo. this comes just one day after bradley beal was ruled out of playing because of health and safety protocols today teen usa announced 2 replacements denver nuggets center javale mcgee and spurs forward keldon johnson. the 2 selections were met with some criticism from fans though, who wanted to see bigger name stars mcgee averaged 14 minutes and 7 points per game coming in off the bench for denver, all keldon johnson averaged 12.8 points and 6 rebounds per game for san antonio. he also played with the team usa select team recently now teen usa placer final exhibition game on sunday night against spain. all right. now this is such a cool story. mlb all star shohei ohtani paying it forward after competing in the home run derby, even though he didn't win the angel sensation still received a $150,000 just for taking part now instead of
10:51 pm
pocketing the dough ohtani decided to give the money out to 30 a staff members. he handed out checks on friday today to trainers clubhouse workers and media relations staffers tommy was eliminated in the first round after losing in a dramatic tie breaker to want soto. he says if he had won first place in received a million dollars which is the prize for the winner. he planned to give out all the money as well. so awesome to see what a stand-up guy th take a look at this.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
astronomers calling this fireworks. this is what lead these were captured by an observatory. >> telescope in chile the lights are young stars and the gas warming up around them, give them a that lovely illumination. they're hoping the information will lead to understanding more about how stars are formed. and a japanese billionaire entrepreneur is looking for 8 artists and entertainers to accompany him on a space x starship for a mission around the moon. so far. the dear moon project as he calls it has attracted 1 million applicants. >> my name is matt moore and passionate about dance or kind in physics. but trust me,
10:55 pm
specifically to the project the first since i just in future, not really clear why he wants entertainers and performers. but that's what he's doing. the winners have not been officially selected yet. it's not clear when an announcement will be made. so if you're interested, you might still have a chance. the flight set for some time in 2023. >> here on earth. google maps is usually pretty reliable, right. but. >> hikers looking to climb up scotland's highest mountain say the app is sending them a potentially fatal routes. climber say people using google maps to navigate up ben nevis, a popular mountain tourist destination, maybe taking on a highly dangerous route even for experienced hikers mountaineering groups say google takes visitors to the parking lot. closest to the summit and then up the wrong side of the mountain. ben nevis is the highest mountain in the british isles. more than 4,000 feet up. their google says it is looking into the complaints. all right. final check on the forecast
10:56 pm
now, guys got for fun. things got a lot of stuff yeah. the kids. if you want to fun. this within this is a vigorous one. >> get on your hiking boots. this is a big hike. this about 11 miles. i believe round trip of the payoff. look at the water falls out there. mirror falls hike. that's point raise. if you're headed out there, boy, it starts at 9.30 at the trailhead and then they're going to be hiking out there plan to bring steady boots. some sunscreen, some water and some food. partly cloudy skies. mild temperatures. that hike is going to be on sunday there still a chance of some isolated thunderstorms. so make sure you check your weather before you go out about this with us or great one for the kids for the family. if you want to enjoy a nice free hands-on science workshop. that's going to be in san francisco. you can find a or fog and sunshine for tomorrow with some mild temperatures. a breezy afternoon that all starts at 10 o'clock in the morning. temperatures there in the mid 60's. we want to taste of what it was like to be a farmer way back when and how about the forced home farms that's going to be in san ramon that starts
10:57 pm
at 11 o'clock tomorrow. fact, if you want to go out there and enjoy all that stuff. there you have a great time out there. sunny skies warm temperatures and wear that sunscreen. and the fog city flea market. boy, that's going to take place on sunday. if you've ever been there, they've got every kind of nick nack. you can imagine should be a great time to get out there in the joy lot of stuff to do out there this weekend just be extra careful. there's that slight chance of thunderstorms as we head into sunday. >> all sounds like let's get thanks, lauren snake neck. patty give a talk about that a good weekend, everybody.
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