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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 16, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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start by sunday. we start to feel a lot hotter. >> and also start to feel a little bit muggy as we get some monsoonal moisture that works its way back into the picture could actually result in an isolated thunderstorm or 2 come late sunday into early monday. so keep your eyes out for that later on in this forecast. as for today, though, we're still staying relatively on the moderate side of things. we are going to be seeing temperatures a little bit warmer today, but still fairly comfortable for most of us low cloud cover sitting over the east bay right here. you're berkeley hills cam. yeah. it's not showing much. that's because this low cloudy blankets routing the east bay hills, half moon bay nevado santa rosa and livermore each of these facilities do have visibility falling below a mile in one spot or another. so just be mindful of this is you do make your way into work this morning. 50's for your current temps with oakland at 58 dublin, alameda conquered and pittsburgh right now starting things off at 56 degrees. now, later today, daytime highs, as i mentioned, we'll start to get a little warmer climbing back into the 80's for a few inland spots.
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staying in the 60's 70's for most of our beside cities. >> reyna john, thank you for that. keeping close eye on your morning commute as you travel from the east bay into the city right now. once he hit the may's to that famous to exit a little under 11 minutes for your drive time there. it's also head over look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes. and let's check out the richmond. sandra fell out of richmond. about 9 minutes till very quiet as you're traveling this morning. we'll have more on your morning commute for you this friday. but for now, let's get back to the news. a los gatos man is behind bars after police found weapons drugs and a manifesto threatening to kill minorities. it was a local businessman who realize something was wrong and called police kron four's. michelle kingston has the details. there. >> a business owner here on east. sunny oaks avenue in campbell sideman looking into cars in a storage shed on his property on his security cameras. he quickly called police. and now that man has
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been arrested when police pulled up to a business on the sunny oaks avenue last week. they found a man prowling in a used car parking lot in that man's vehicle assault weapons silencers. the makings of a pipe bomb heroin meth in a handwritten manifesto saying he wanted to wipe out the black hispanic and jewish population also in that journal, a plan to go to a sporting goods store dress up as an employee in thai everybody up. there were bullets that he had written on any written on those bullets. >> a cop's widow. this is from the grim reaper. a good start. he had body armor this was a very dangerous situation. yeah. and well, we'll never know if he was going to carry out this plan. what we do know is because of the quick work of the campbell resident and the campbell police department. this person is now in custody and will not be able to hurt anyone. 32 year-old wesley charles martines is being held on
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$300,000 bail. police say patrol officers are seeing more and more assault rifles and vehicles. this year and that while the situation was scary, they're thankful everyone is ok trying to determine. >> really what was the intent? was this an intent to commit a crime with these weapons. was this an attempt to commit a mass there's certainly a lot to suggest that. something very bad was was going to occur. and i believe wholeheartedly that our officers prevented you know, tragedy from occurring in our area. so in campbell michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> the san francisco police have arrested a man they say robbed a store on 5th street near folsom in the south of market street. it happened monday and was caught on camera. you're looking at right now. police say the suspect it's 38 year-old craig smith of oakland. a cashier told police that a man walked into the store with a gun and demanded money. police say that after arrested smith, they found a ghost gun. this means it's untraceable police
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say this remains an active investigation. now, here's an update to a story we brought you earlier this week, a san jose employee who worked with children has been fired after being accused of trying to meet up with a minor 53 year-old call. mister man. he was the director of education at the nonprofit pure curiosity curie odyssey. that's an museum in san mateo. a california group cut the cc units as members caught instrument planning to meet up with a 14 year-old boy. he met online but the person he met with was a vigilante group and is behind the camera here. you're looking at members of that group of them posing as minors on line since 2018 and they catch suspects on video. san jose police say they are investigating the incident. 2 bay area. men have been charged with planning to attack democratic headquarters in sacramento court documents say napa resident ian rogers and resident jarrett copeland
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started making their plans after the 2020 election. according to the indictment they were planning to use explosives to carry out the attack and hope the attack would spark a movement. law enforcement search rogers home and found dozens of guns. thousands of rounds of ammo and 5 pipe bombs. both men face up to 20 years in prison. it's a big story we're following this morning major wildfires burning all across the west coast flames from the dixie fire are creeping along the burn scars of the disasters camp fire devastated the town of paradise back in 2018 and it is just one of dozens of wildfires burning up and down the west coast. the fires have been fully and fueled by extreme drought. we're experiencing also triple-digit temperatures and experts say things will get better anytime soon. nancy loo has that story. >> the massive plume from the dixie fire in butte county leaves no doubt that the firefight is a big one. it is
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mainly an air attack due to very steep terrain, which is just north of the burn scar from the 2018 camp fire. i lost everything area. residents are clearly anxious and keeping close tabs on the new fire which is nearing 5,000 acres seeing the plumes of smoke. it really raises everyone's anxiety level. >> union pacific is in on the fight. deploying water tankers to zap hillside, flames and protect israel tracks. but cal fire says onlookers and drone activity are an issue. please do not come into the area. weather driving into the area or you think you can fly a drone into the area because we're going to have to stop or suppression efforts from the air. >> to the north. a massive bootleg fire continues to ravage southern oregon. it has grown to over 227,000 acres and is just 7% but firefighters now have the upper hand on the beckwourth complex fire along the
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california-nevada line. we're lucky we out with their lives. residents of the small town of doyle have been allowed to return. but some have nothing to return to. and no, i did in this world every detail. >> because i'm not a rich person again, just buy >> boom right there. >> many one owners in napa county say they're concerned about the looming threat of wildfires. they're asking county officials to vests. more on the area's firefighting capabilities last year. the hennessey fire for more than 300,000 acres in napa county kron 4 news obtained a letter by a collective of wine growers asking the napa board of supervisors to explore creating its own independent county rush fire department. now the county currently has a contract with cal fire to help with fire prevention. but one official tells us there could be room for some improvement there. >> is cal-fire said the best partner for napa county, maybe. but we have an opportunity to valley or is it
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better served by a local department. and again, we need to understand the fiscal constraints. with that being also the recognition that we need to invest a lot more in preventing fires that's equally as port. >> last year's hit as the fire was one of more than a dozen wildfires in california sparked by dry lightning and the national weather service is forecasting the possibility of dry thunderstorms in the bay area this weekend. officials at muni are defending their decision to wait to restore near full-service until 2023 the agency has received more than 1 billion dollars in federal funding. and this week san francisco supervisor dean preston introduced a resolution urging you need to return to pre-pandemic service levels by december 31st. 12 bus lines are still discontinued and agency has expressed concerns that the ridership demand is not where it needs to be. many points to a recent report from the san francisco controller's office which found that in the month of may. our ridership to the city's downtown station. it
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was only at 12% of prepandemic levels. meanwhile, there are new plans in the works to expand bart all the way to sag. this is the map showing where those routes are going to go watch pop song. that takes a closer look. at the sacramento valley station. it was a steady flow of passengers. >> unfortunately, the same could be said for cars on i 80. i don't like driving while it can be difficult to ease the congestion. transportation officials across northern california believe they might have found the solution. it's a long process. it's very complex billing 21 program is a collaboration between capitol corridor. bart and several other cities and transportation agencies across northern california is 21 county mega region. it looks to connect more rail systems provide safe efficient and affordable travel. the goal is to put more frequency out there and make it faster and give people choices. >> so that they have an option rather than, you know,
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thinking they got a driver thursday evening with the project still in the early phases link 21 hold a virtual workshop in hopes of gathering feedback to plan the best passenger rail transportation system for the region. those who want to see northern california as a as a quality place to live and not be condemned to really congested highway and those kind of things. i think it's good for them to get involved. and those already using the train belief, the more options, the better i agree with all that chatter taishan that the state tried to put. >> provide. we may just and a few more years to our life. and on this planet. >> that was garage pasando reporting. now the project is not likely to start until 2024 and it's projected that the service will be ready until 2040. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, the bay area's woman's journey to reconnecting with her parents. how kron 4 documentary actually made that all possible. we'll have a look at that once we get back. well,
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welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news here we are friday. >> july 16th and again, the weekend is supposed to be
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lovely. but john can back me up on that. good morning, john. yeah, weekend looking good. it's going to be a mild start today and then we start to warm things up. continuously. >> as we work our way, especially into sunday and monday to start the new work week as we work our way through today, though you will notice this touch of a warmer feel you're nor cal in the weather center forecast right now is showing some low cloud cover sitting over the coast. half moon bay cam right here. right now it's still a little bit dark. but you can see that foggy blanket that sitting right above us. there are a few spots out there. we're fog actually does make contact with the ground and is resulting in some lower visibility. and if you missed the spots as well. high pressure to the east is going to start resurging just enough. that temperatures are gradually going to start climbing. we're still on the cooler and the things, though. just a little warmer than yesterday, which was the coolest of the forecast. lighter winds from the coastline today will still help to push marine layer and just not quite as deep as areas further inland and that means those inland highs are going to start to warm a
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little bit highs in the city today anywhere from the 50's to 60's. you will get some sunshine along the bay shore a little less of that sunshine near the coastline. expect a predominantly gray day for coastal areas. temperatures for the bayshore mostly into the 70's. a few 60's, though redwood city at 76 mountain view at 75 all san jose. a nice 78 warming into the low 80's for campbell saratoga in los gatos. well, temperatures in the 70's to 80's across the east bay pleasant today 83 today. back to the 80's for danville walnut creek and concord. in the meantime, oakland you hold on to the upper 60's antioch in vacaville inching close to 90 degrees. not quite getting there, though. and then santa rosa and nevado each at 80 degrees getting your lookahead here next 7 days warming back up into sunday and monday. now you notice those thunderstorms they have on monday's forecast. we do have a chance of dry lightning. it doesn't look like the frequency of this lightning. if we do even see it will be very significant, but any time you do see that. that does up fire danger. in addition to hotter
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temperatures that means we need to be extra cautious in extra vigilant as we do start the new week right now. thank you, john. create feisty year traveling this morning. no major issues at this hour for 4 to 06:00am. >> looking at the bay bridge heading into the city wants you finally hit the may's a little under 11 minutes for your drive time there. let's also check out things and see what's happening along the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under. 12 minutes for you to make that drive this morning. so things are looking great on your friday commute and the golden gate bridge not seen any major fog causing some delays. so it'll take about 20 minutes travel into the also checking our highways. not seeing any major delays in the south bay along one oh, one to 8087 and the richmond sandra fell bridge out of richmond. look at that as traffic picks up still nice life for you. about 9 minutes. we're going stay on top of this and more of a for now,
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let's get back to us. the news. now for a story you're only going to see on kron 4 was nearly 60 years ago. a san francisco woman was the subject of a kron 4 documentary on her adoption. she's been wondering about that video since her parents passed away in the 90's after years of searching for it, it's finally been found kron four's. we'll have all shown our story as the woman reconnects with her past. >> and one thing summer just how lucky we were to get a pretty chad. >> and then it a voice. she longs to hear and the faces she long mess error mannerisms that my father had that i haven't seen in 30 years. >> and i was just like blown away triana fitzpatrick was born in 1963 shortly after she was adopted by mike and and pull a catholic san francisco couple whose story was the subject of a 1965 kron. 4 news special assignment called
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adopted child. >> my parents had a at least they had a flyer from the broadcast date which would have been 1965. >> so i was always aware from the flyer that was around the house. >> and then they would tell me the stories. she says her parents made her feel special all her life and losing them both in the early 90's was hard to come to terms with my parents had died before my children on board. and so they never had the opportunity to meet my parents. >> and then i think with the advent of. the and the idea that you could reach out easily. i thought maybe i'll just reach out to carolyn and see if i can find any information about this. >> her journey to find the archived footage of the special began in 2000. one, the tapes, however, were difficult to find the film itself had been sitting in involved the 10 years before. >> i found it with an intern call's shira and in 2000, 12.
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>> alex jeriann is the television archivist at san francisco state university. >> it probably would have been destroyed if we hadn't found it. and since then it's been sitting out of all. wait 10 for tree on a to reach out to me and ask do you have the adopt a child. >> triana reached out to alex back in april about finding the lost footage and he says the timing was serendipitous since november of last year. we've been able to transfer a 16 millimeter film in full frame for k. and just after that point when everything was set up and operational. >> triano reaches out to was we have the film sitting in the boat. we have some cutting edge equipment which we can use to remaster the film. it was meant to date after 20 years of searching triana could finally reconnect with her parents. >> and the footage was much more than she anticipated. it was quite. >> shocking to find out what was on there because i had no idea it was a long.
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>> term process. the 25 minute documentary special details. her parents struggles to have their own children and the push back they received from friends and family as the idea of adoption was not widely accepted at the time even shows the moment triano was first placed in her mother's we knew we were going to bring bring her home right then and there. >> it certainly could not explain. it's it's just a feeling that's there. >> was awesome. i mean, it was it was more than that. it was. it was a confirmation of all the stories that they told me being true. >> alex says stories like tree on us or why archiving is so important. we all have stories to tell. >> and many of the stories and preserved on film. and it has a way of reaching out to people in touching them. i feel like my parents would be very pleased that i. >> persevered san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news.
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what an awesome story. if you want to watch the full adopted child documentary that air back in 1965 we have a link on our web site over at kron 4 dot com. we'll be right back after the break. welcome
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back. 4.53, we're looking at
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cloud cover sitting right across much of the bay area to kick off this friday morning. yes, we're ending the week like we've spent it. >> full of clouds during morning hours. but with some sunshine during the afternoon hours and still some nice mild temperatures overall for the vast majority of us. so we do have a lot to look forward to as we kick off this friday, you look outside from the financial district right here does show that low gray shrouding a bit of the top of the transamerica pyramid overall, though visibility in san francisco is okay. as for current temperatures. well, we're in the 50's later today. it will be 60's 70's and the return of some 80's at least antioch up to 85 will happen bay on the other side of things right at the coast only in the upper 50's oakland hayward and san francisco in the meantime, each in the 60's. maybe you're heading out to santa cruz today. we'll do expect some afternoon sunshine out there. but a gray morning for sure is going to keep temperatures in the 50's all the way through 10:00am. after that daytime highs in santa cruz rise into the upper 60's. as for lake tahoe this
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weekend. watch for sunday night into monday. we'll be looking at thunderstorms are turning up in the sierra nevada, hopefully along with more rain than any lightning. but this dry lightning does up fire potential not just for lake tahoe but also right here in the bay area come early next week, don, thanks for that. now to bay area baseball. the giants returns to action tonight after the all-star break. >> they have the best record in baseball and today they're going to get a 3 game series against the cardinals. >> san francisco's carly in the middle of a four-game winning streak. the giant robin at buster posey will be able to return from the injured list during the series. first pitch tonight is set for 5.15 is louis. meanwhile, open days will be at home taking on cleveland asia. carly 3 and a half games behind houston in last first pitch is set for 6.40 at the coliseum. coming up in the next hour, growing concerns over the spread of the delta
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variant. now some are wondering if bay area counties will bring back mask mandate. >> and more help is on the way to prevent wildfires. how officials in the east bay plan to spend millions of dollars to keep people safe.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news on. >> it's friday. 05:00am. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher and we're starting off this friday on. well, let's find out. i don't remember noticing anything major on the way. and so is a nice mild, it was mild. the biggest thing got my attention was. >> i brought my mask back on given our lead story. i'm not sure what to do anymore. we'll be let's first get a check of weather and forget all that. john, good morning. i had ehat moment of questioning i don't know any more of it is going to be another nice one this afternoon. we've got sunshine pushing its way back out through the clouds that we do still have this morning. so it's going to take a while to get there as we do work our way through this morning. grade that, hey, worst ending the week, just like we started it with. >> your view outside at our berkeley hills camera right here. can't see anything down
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below as that low cloud cover is blocking out your view of berkeley currently we are seeing a couple of spots out there where visibility has been diminished due to this low cloud cover and fog including portions of the inland east bay. the north bay as well as areas right along the coastline. but as a promise you we will get that dose of sunshine later today. more so than not fairly cloudy at the coast, though, our current temperatures are mostly in the 50's right now with oakland at 58 degrees alameda, dublin and pittsburgh each at 56. i've got more on your forecast over the weekend. still to come. but let's go to rein in first with your early check of the roads. thank you for that, john. right now early looks great on this friday and hopefully we'll stay fairly light where we are right now. if you're heading from the east bay into the city right now. a little under 8 minutes for your drive time this morning. the san mateo bridge also nice and clear traveling across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes. so still looks great. there. and our richmond sandra commute as you're traveling at a richmond. a few cars sprinkle there under 8 minutes staying on top of your friday


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