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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. difference between getting covid when you're fully vaccinated. >> and getting covid if you're not vaccinated could be the difference between sniffles and suffocation. >> now at 10, a big reversal just one month after california's full reopening the delta variant of covid now triggering the return of mask mandates and new warnings for people who are unvaccinated. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan for ken wayne tonight. >> los angeles county has ordered a new indoor mask mandate. this is for people fully vaccinated and health officials in sacramento and yolo counties are urging people to wear their masks
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indoors. now, a lot of people are wondering whether the bay area is going to do the same for state of the psac ii talked with an infectious disease expert to get some answers. she joins us live from our newsroom tonight with more taylor. >> well, doctor peter chin-hong says the move out of la doesn't surprise him. >> they're seeing numbers that they haven't seen in months. however, he says the mandate seems to be an emotional response and he's not ruling it out for any of our bay area counties. >> as as uncertainty with delta and with a relatively lower vaccination rate in southern california can get to northern california. it is actually not surprising that the public health and political leaders, they would enact such a mandate on thursday, los angeles county reinstated its indoor mask mandate. >> now raising questions on what this may mean for the bay area infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says while los angeles county has hired cases and lower vaccination rates than the bay area counties. its numbers
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could have future impact on our mask mandates. i'm a little concerned just for the bay area as a whole because way. you look. >> because when you look at where the hot spots are right now in the state. it's actually above us in the sacramento area and below us and the la area. so you have the top and bottom. and i feel like we're being encouraged because again, people move freely and just because we have a high vaccination rates doesn't make us completely immune from what's happening around us. >> instead of a widespread mask mandate. doctor chin-hong says we could see county by county decide to follow his footsteps specifically for those with higher cases and lower vaccination rates like solano county, for example, meanwhile, san francisco's covid case rates in vaccinations have been some of the best as of tuesday. 83% of those eligible have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 76% of those eligible are fully vaccinated still forwardlooking data through this week. projects.
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case rates will rise to 73 cases per day. he sevenfold increase from mid-june. it's anybody's. >> guess whether not san francisco and other counties surrounding it well and not these mask mandates. again, if hospitalizations and deaths remain low, it will be more of an emotional response or maybe a call for people to get vaccinated. >> now. doctor peter chin-hong says the recent rise in cases doesn't mean that vaccines are in working. but rather it reveals that many californians still aren't vaccinated. he says this is the group that largest risk of the delta variant, which is now making its way through the bay area until reporting. back to taylor. thank you for that report. well, there are no plans right now anyway to bring back a mask mandate to the bay area. >> some experts are erring on the side of caution talked about laughter is chair of the department of medicine at ucsf. he joined us earlier tonight and explained why he has decided to again double mask in public.
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>> most of the places i go to. i don't know if there are unvaccinated people and if there and actually people i can't tell whether they're wearing masks or not. so i think reasonable to wear a mask. and i think if you're wearing a mask to try to prevent delta, which is much more infectious and the virus we were battling last year. it's reasonable to wear 2 i do at work. and i do when i go into the store. >> the doctor as well. we are not ready for a mask mandate in the bay area right now. he believes we could be in the next few weeks. >> san francisco mayor london breed says at this time there are no plans to reinstate a mask mandate in the city. however, she is monitoring a concerning rise in covid cases. there. >> health officials say most new cases are among those people who are unvaccinated and case 2 and a half times higher among latinos and african americans. and while they understand the hesitancy, the leaders say that times have changed and now is the time to step up and get
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vaccinated. >> this is for me. >> is a cry to my community. a cry to everyone who has not gotten a vaccine to say we need you to get vaccinated. it is important for you to keep yourself safe. for you to keep your family safe. and for you to keep the people around. you safe. >> only 60% of san francisco's african american population is vaccinated. >> in the north. a sonoma county has reopened an alternative care center. this is in healdsburg to help fight to specific covid outbreak. a lot of the people being quarantined are coming from a santa rosa homeless shelter. the first positive cases were reported at the samuel l jones homeless shelter, july 2nd as of this week, there are 59 people who have tested positive 26 other possible cases are under review. nearly half the confirmed cases were people who had been fully
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vaccinated 9 people with underlying conditions were hospitalized. most shelter. residents had received the johnson and johnson shot. it is not clear yet whether that played a role and the breakthrough infections. a private university in solano county is trying to make the vaccine as accessible as possible. turo university is partnering with the fairfield sassoon unified school district. they're trying to help get the shot to students to faculty staff members, the public health vaccination rates are low for young people under 40% for ages 12 to 15 just over 50% for ages 15 to 16. the first clinic will be tomorrow at the public safety academy. that's in fairfield. an urgent warning from the u.s. surgeon general to stop the spread of misinformation about covid-19 that follows the recent surge in cases around the nation.
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>> doctor vivek murthy says that lies and misinformation about the virus and about vaccines remains one of the biggest obstacles in the fight to end the pandemic. the doctor released a report today that calls for social media platforms and local government officials to stop spreading misinformation. >> misinformation poses an imminent, an insidious threat to our nation's health as we say in the advisory if you're not sure don't share every one of us has the power and the responsibility to make a difference in this fight. >> and april survey from the kaiser family foundation found that nearly 2 thirds of unvaccinated adults are not sure about vaccine myths or even believe them. the cdc says 99.5% of people who are getting sick are not vaccinated. you see system announced tonight that it will be requiring all students, all faculty and staff to be vaccinated before physically accessing the university's locations and programs.
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officials say the policy will require it schools to been called to begin collecting proof of vaccination and processing requests for exceptions and deferrals to plan ahead for the fall semester. >> fully vaccinated calif americans rather hand californians they will be allowed to enter canada next month. prime minister justin trudeau says he's planning to open the border for non essential travel in mid august and fully vaccinated travelers from all countries will likely be welcomed in by early september. canada leaves all g 20 countries with vaccination rates about 80% of eligible canadians have had at least one shot more than 50% have been a fully vaccinated. and you can stay up to date on the latest covid information. you can use your smart phone and scanned the qr code you see on the screen. it will take you directly to our coronavirus section kron 4 dot com, you'll find things like current mask guidelines and the latest on
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vaccination efforts. >> other news now a rest of the bay area. los gatos man behind bars tonight, charged with possession of a number of weapons drugs and the makings of a pipe bomb. police say they also found a handwritten manifesto in his car with racist and anti semitic writing our grant lotus is in the studio with details, including grant how other caught up fortunate that they did a foot. police are alleging is the case. >> it is a individual and the range. you you'll you might say. i mean this this is the man who is accused of all of this. again. convicted, this is wesley charles marteen's. he's been arrested and charged with multiple felonies. the arrest happened in the city of campbell sunny oaks avenue. police say marteen's this in this area caught on a local businesses surveillance camera in the parking lot here period windows. they say looking into
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a nearby storage shed the business owner saw this contacted police by the time they showed up. they say martinez was driving around in the area in a truck. so they pulled him over and that is what police say. startled that they say they found this cash our style rifles. a 9 millimeter handgun with the words cop killer inscribed on it also body armor. police say they found several drugs including heroin and a pipe bomb filled with pellets. also a journal handwritten manifesto saying he wanted to wipe out the black hispanic and jewish populations. additionally police say he wrote of a plan to go to a sporting goods. store dress up as an employee. tie up. everybody inside. while it's still very early in the investigation. police now say they're just thankful everybody's ok. >> trying to determine really what was the intent? was this an intent to commit a crime with these weapons. was this an attempt to to mass there's
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certainly a lot to suggest that. something very bad was was going to occur. what we do know is because of the quick work of the campbell resident and the campbell police department. >> this person is now in custody and will not be able to hurt anyone. >> prosecutors charge marteen's with possession of assault weapons silencers drugs and pipe bomb parts. he is currently being held on $300,000 bail. we'll keep you posted on this case. pam. catherine, now back to you. >> thank you. grant 2 bay area man been charged with planning to attack the democratic headquarters in sacramento. court. documents say that napa resident ian rogers and resident journey. copeland began making plans after the 2020 election. they are accused of planning to use explosives to carry out the attack. they hoped apparently that the attack would spark a movement. officers who searched rogers home found
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dozens of guns. thousands of rounds of ammunition. 5 pipe bombs. both men face up to 20 years in prison. san francisco police have arrested a man seen on surveillance video robbing a store on 5th street near folsom. this was the this is the south of market neighborhood happened monday. police say the suspect is 38 year-old craig smith of oakland. the cashier told police that a man walked into the store, pointed a gun and demanded money. police say after arresting smith, they also found a ghost gun which is an untraceable firearms. police say this is an active investigation. they're asking anyone with information to call san francisco police. >> so up to it on the hollywood walk of fame today. deadly gun fire breaking out at that popular tourist spot sending people running for cover. it happened about 1130 this morning after a number of
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people call. police say that a man was waving a handgun in the area. los angeles. police say at least one responding officer shot the man. authorities say the gun that the man had turned out to be fake. witnesses say they heard gunshots and saw officers trying to resuscitate the man down on the ground. the was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries. police say a woman was also injured during all of the chaos she had to be hospitalized as well. authorities say body camera video will be reviewed to determine exactly what led up to this incident. we have an update now on a story that we brought you this week. a san jose nonprofit worker has been fired. >> after being accused of trying to meet up with a minor 53 year-old carl oosterman. he was the director of education at the nonprofit curie odyssey. it's an outdoor zoo and museum in san mateo this week. a california group called the cc unit says that members caught musterman
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planning to meet with a 14 year-old boy. but the person he met with i was with the unit also the person that was behind the camera there. members of the unit had been posing as minors on line since 2018 to try to catch suspects on video. san jose police say they are investigating this incident. >> let's check on our 4 zone forecast with a live look outside tonight looking out over san francisco looks a little foggy, but still a lovely picture. it is a lovely picture. kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence, you're talking about some months soon, like weather which that yeah could get a little interesting in the latter part of the weekend into early next week, maybe even late next week to that's when we see the monsoon, we see a little subtropical moisture kind of wrapped around a ridge of high pressure and roll back up into the bay area. and that's a concern. >> then we start talking about lightning strikes. we certainly don't want to see that on top of everything else we've seen so far with the fires in california so far right now, though, it's all about that fog and that fog is
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surging on shore tonight. it's pretty thick out there again, going to see some drizzle overnight along the coastline. it was wet on and off all day long along the coast temperatures today you're kind of cool. 59 degrees in san francisco. that is well below the average 65 in oakland, 73 degrees in san jose. 80 in livermore, 83 degrees in concord and 77 degrees in santa rosa. all these temperatures running below the average for this time of year. all right. tonight, you can see the low clouds and the fog starting to make its way inside the bay overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. we'll see plenty of that that sea breeze is just too strong and that means it's going to pushing on shore. doesn't look like it's going to be as extensive as it yesterday. but you're still going to see a lot of it early on and then by the middle of the day. that is gone. but right now we're socked in the east bay hills filled with clouds. right now. the good news is you get that sea breeze in the air. quality is looking fantastic. so yeah, maybe foggy out there. but that sea breeze blowing help to clear things out. that fog likely to return overnight tonight stretching well, on shore and into the bay early
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morning. and then here's that drizzle models are picking up on it. he wants to paint some inside the bay by tomorrow morning. but by the afternoon we start to see a little bit of a northerly component to the wind that maybe just to be enough to clear out the beaches. maybe stinson beach gets a little more sunshine. maybe clearing along the coastline. otherwise temperatures going to warm up slightly by tomorrow afternoon, planning some 80's inland lot of 60's 70's around the base of 50's along the coastline. but we'll have more on that monsoonal moisture. take a closer look at that coming up in just a minute. i thank you, thanks. wants. >> still ahead tonight, taking bart from the bay area. the sacramento how close that plan is to becoming a reality. plus bay area one or ease increasingly concerned about the looming threat of wildfires. what they are asking local officials to do to help prevent more destruction. also the federal agency now suing amazon. why that could force the company to recall hundreds of thousands of products.
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>> the u.s. consumer product safety commission is suing amazon for allegedly selling hazardous products to its customers items ranging from carbon monoxide detectors that failed to alarm to hairdryers without the proper protection to reduce the risk of electrocution if they're dropped in the water. the products in question are being
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sold by 3rd parties on the amazon platform. the company says it has shared this information with customers and pulled some of the products. amazon. also claims, though, that it was not given enough information to address the products in question. there is a paris woke up to more money in their bank accounts today as the irs sent out the first monthly payments tied to the expanded child tax credit. they are part of the 1.9 trillion dollars stimulus plan passed in march. >> for the rest of the double families will get payments up to $300 for each child under 6 up to 250 for each child aged 6 to 17 and those payments will phase out at higher income levels. north bay. congressman john garamendi says it really is a lifeline to the middle class. >> we want every family to have the support that they need to pay for food to keep their car payments to pay their rent so that they can become an important part of the community and survive. it's family. first.
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>> around 36 million families qualify for this. if you filed taxes in 2019 or 2020 and you qualify those payments will arrive automatically families who have not filed. they will need to sign up through the irs website state lawmakers today passed a groundbreaking initiative to guarantee income to some californians the 35 million dollar plan would send payments to some pregnant women also to young adults recently out of foster care taxpayers will foot the bill for this. the plan is the first of its kind in the country. local governments would to control the program and decide the amounts of each payment. this is part of a bigger state bill which is being sent to the governor's desk for his signature. >> and as part of that same bill state lawmakers have also approved a 12 billion dollar plan to address california's homeless crisis. about half of that money will be spent improving what's called
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project homekey. that's the ptogram that allow cities and counties to turn hotels and vacant buildings into housing plan will also help support eligible first time homebuyers and provide grant money to local governments to boost housing production. >> our communities and small businesses are pleading for help in addressing homelessness on our streets with these needed resources. there must be accountability. real metrics in transparency to ensure that funds are being used effectively. >> governor newsom signal this week that he will sign that bill. and he also suggested his administration will be holding cities and counties accountable if they do not meet housing production goals. officials at noon. are defending their decision to wait to restore near full-service until 2023 the agency has received more than 1 billion dollars in federal money and this week san francisco supervisor dean preston introduced a resolution urging unity to return to pre pandemic service
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levels by december 31st of this year, 12 bus lines are still this continued and the agency has expressed concern that the ridership demand is not where it needs to be. unity points to a recent report from the san francisco controller's office which found that in the month of may. bart ridership, for example, through the city's downtown stations was only a 12% of pre pandemic levels. >> bart trains are once again providing a limited late night service. we have maps giving you an idea of where this is happening. there are 4 lines that leave from the embarcadero or the civic center. there are 8 stops between san francisco and the east bay, including daly city west oakland pleasant hill bay. fair. this limited service will run thursday through saturday nights, beginning august 2nd biden is planning to extend operating hours to midnight monday through saturday and there are separate plans in the works to expand barked even more taking
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the system all the way to sacramento gurajpal sangha has a closer look. >> at the sacramento valley station. it was a steady flow of passengers. unfortunately, the same could be said for cars on i 80. i don't like driving while it can be difficult to ease the congestion. transportation officials across northern california believe they might have found the solution. it's a long process. it's very complex. only 21 program is a collaboration between capitol corridor. bart and several other cities and transportation agencies across northern california is 21 county mega region. it looks to connect more rail systems provide safe efficient and affordable travel. the goal is to. >> put more frequency out there and make it faster and give people choices. >> so that they have an option rather than, you know, thinking they got to drive for thursday evening with the project still in the early phases link 21 hold a virtual workshop in hopes of gathering
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feedback to plan the best passenger rail transportation system for the region. those who want to see northern california is is a quality place to live and not be condemned to really congested highway and those kind of things. i think it's good for them to get involved. and those already using the train belief, the more options, the better i agree with all that chatter taishan that the state trying to put. >> provide. we may just and a few more years to our life. it on this planet. >> that was gurajpal sangha reporting. this is all going to take a while. the project might not start until 2024 and it's expected the service will not be ready until 20 40. >> next at 10. the worsening drought lady to tougher water restrictions, which city is now threatening to shut off your water if you do not follow the rules. >> my parents had died before my children on board. and so they never have the
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opportunity to meet my parents. i thought maybe i'll just reach out to kro n. >> and that work to reunion decades in the making. a bay area woman's journey to reconnect with her parents and our kron 4 documentary did make it possible. >> also why the weather is making the firefight exceptionally difficult as dozens of wildfires rage up and down the west coast.
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>> yeah. arizona has been hit very hard by flash flooding. look at this one person capturing the moments a car was floating down a flooded street. water grabbed everything in its path, including a parked cars and there were trucks and there's another video from an arizona sun reporter showing a moving mass of debris. this flowed through the mountains and was headed toward several neighborhoods in flagstaff. much of this area suffered burn scars 2019 wildfire. and that, of course, has made this region a lot more prone to flash flooding. amazing pictures. of course, here in california, we have our issues flames from the dixie fire. >> creeping along the burn scar of the disasters can't fire the devastated, the town of paradise back in 2000, 18 and it is just one of the dozens of wildfires burning up
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and down the west coast tonight. and these fires have been fueled by the extreme drought. the hot weather triple digit temperatures. >> experts say things will not be getting better anytime soon. nancy loo has that story. >> the massive plume from the dixie fire in butte county leaves no doubt that the firefight is a big one. it is mainly an air attack due to very steep terrain, which is just north of the burn scar from the 2018 camp fire. lost everything area. residents are clearly anxious and keeping close tabs on the new fire which is nearing 5,000 acres seeing the plumes of smoke. it really raises everyone's anxiety level. >> union pacific is in on the fight. deploying water tankers to zap hillside, flames and protect israel tracks. but cal fire says onlookers and drone activity or an issue. please do not come into the area. weather driving into the area or you think you can fly a
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drone into the area because we're going to have to stop or suppression efforts from the air. >> to the north. the massive bootleg fire continues to ravage southern oregon. it has grown to over 227,000 acres and is just 7% but firefighters now have the upper hand on the beckwourth complex fire along the california-nevada line. we're lucky. we out with their lives. residents of the small town of doyle have been allowed to return, but some have nothing to return to. and no, i did in this world every detail. >> because i'm not rich person again, by in house. >> boom right >> that nancy loo reporting governor newsome. meantime something more help to fight the bootleg fire in oregon is now the biggest wildfire in the country. this has burned an area bigger than new york city, california sending strike teams. a task force with 5 fire engines. the state has now sent a total of 40
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fire engines and crews to help in oregon. that of wildfire making everybody nervous. many winery owners in napa county say they are concerned about the looming threat of wildfires are asking county officials to invest more. >> in the areas firefighting capabilities last year. the hennessey fire burned more than 300,000 acres in napa county alone. kron 4 news obtained a letter by a collective of wine growers and tourism based. then there's asking than apple board of supervisors to explore creating his own independent county-run fire department napa currently has a contract with cal fire to help with fire prevention, mitigation knees. but one official tells us it could be room for improvement. >> is cal-fire said the best partner for napa county, maybe. but we have an opportunity to valley got or is it better served by a local department. and again, we need to understand the fiscal constraints. with that being also the recognition that we need to invest a lot more in
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preventing fires that's equally as port. >> last year's hennessey fire was one of more than a dozen wildfires in california. which were sparked by dry lightning and the national weather service is forecasting the possibility of dry thunderstorms in the bay area. this weekend. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by. lawrence, you've been talking about this. so what's the likelihood will face it. yes, certainly a possibility. it doesn't look like in the events like last year. that sparked all those terrible fires that we had that. >> that took place. we actually had a tropical storm kind of fall apart and give a lot of moisture up and feed the monsoon. but as they're still going to be a lot of moisture rolling on through. looks like as we head toward at least the latter part of the weekend that we have start to be concerned as we get into sunday and then again on monday and then maybe again later in the week, i'll show you that more in just a moment. next couple of days just about the low clouds and the fog as we get into the weekend on saturday. but even that a little less cloud cover. but all of a sudden the monsoon starts to build back in that ridge of high pressure
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over the 4 corner states start to build back toward the bay area just a little bit throws that moisture and there it is right there. pulling right back up across the state here. you can see picking up on some showers over the sierra nevada and likely some thunderstorms in the bay area there. certainly the possibility get some of that. some tropical moisture coming up the right time, especially if you get a coming through the afternoon. you could see give rise to some thunderstorms that continues as we head into monday too. you see the showers 12 pulling right up along the spine of the sierra nevada. so worried about the possibility of more thunderstorms and more fires started by those thunderstorms. but i think late next week look at all subtropical moisture that monsoon really brings it up across the bay area next thursday, friday and saturday. i think that's an area of concern as we'll see. i think you have a better chance of some of those monsoons and thunderstorms temperatures in the monterey bay tomorrow. you get away forecast 61 degrees in carmel about southern california going to be looking at some sunshine about 76 in san diego, 81 degrees in los angeles. 75 ventura about 73
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degrees in santa barbara. the high country. well, you're enjoying 84 degrees and sunny skies in truckee, 83 in south lake tahoe. hot 94 in reno. 92 degrees in carson city. alright woodard word to the wise. if you are staying up there over the for the whole weekend. be prepared. >> as we get into sunday. we're talking about those monsoons and certainly a possibility of some thunderstorms developing on sunday. if you're heading that direction. meantime, low cloud and fog moving along the kind of breaking up just a bit. and that's a sign of that ridge kind of start to road some of that the marine layer. so not going to see as much fog tomorrow morning. but enough along the peninsula. yeah, probably going to be dealing with some drizzle of drizzle on the san mateo county coast line temperatures, though, tomorrow probably going to be just a tad warmer. 1560 still cool on the coastline, 60's 70's in the bay. some 80's in the valleys next 10 days. here you go. you're dana. we're going to warm things up, bring that monsoonal moisture in starting on sunday and into monday a chance some thunderstorms and that dry
10:36 pm
lightning. it's not really dry. but what happens you have these hibees thunderstorms. maybe 8,000, maybe 10,000 feet up in the sky. it rains and all that water evaporates before it makes its way to the surface. so can't what the ground and the grasses in the trees. so then when you get a lightning strike, you can start a fire, much more easily. well, we're very depressed thank at all right. well, as the conditions. unfortunately get drier, local officials are beginning to step up their enforcement of the drought water restrictions of fact. >> petaluma residents who refused to follow those rules could now be fined or have their water shut off. they're trying to really tough. the city is under stage 3 of the water shortage contingency plan, meaning residents and businesses have to reduce by 25%. their use of water. >> mandatory reductions include to restaurants. only serving water when asked for the no washing of your cars at home. fountains have to be turned off. you can't fill a new pool or spa pool or spa
10:37 pm
and lawn watering can only happen during nighttime hours. anybody caught wasting water will get a warning at first. but repeat offenders face escalating penalties that could reach a $1000 per violation. people that we talked to say that they understand all of this given just how dry it >> i mean, we've got to protect our resources and. you as opposed to watering your lawn and and golf courses. i think that we should just everybody should just it up and and deal with what we have to deal with. >> the city of petaluma could restrict or even shut off water service of people continue to break the rules. the city of brisbane's public works director has declared a stage one drought and that comes with new restrictions. these take effect tuesday. some of this will be most unfamiliar the it they include a ban on washing sidewalks and driveways parking lot tennis
10:38 pm
courts irrigation will be to before 9 in the morning or after 6 at night, if you use a hose and has to have a shut-off nozzle and hotels have to give guests the option to reuse towels instead of replacing them every day. >> still ahead tonight, a small mountain town with a lot to offer why alpine could be a great choice for your next summer getaway and in sports, former forty-niners richard sherman was released from jail without bail today but not without some conditions. kylen mill has details next. >> and decades after losing her parents, a bay area. woman can now share her childhood memories with her own children will show you this story coming up next.
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[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash]
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[singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ >> now for a story you'll see only on kron 4 nearly 60 years ago, san francisco woman was the subject of a kron 4 documentary on her adoptions. she has been wondering about the video says her parents passed away in the 90's. and after years of searching for it. it has finally been found. >> force. noelle bellow shares her story as the woman reconnects with her past. >> and one thing want to remind how lucky we were to get such a pretty chad.
10:42 pm
>> and then it a voice. she longs to hear and the faces she long mess error mannerisms that my father had that i haven't seen in 30 years. >> and i was just like blown away triana fitzpatrick was born in 1963 shortly after she was adopted by mike and and pull off on t a catholic san francisco couple whose story was the subject of a 1965 kron. 4 news special assignment called adopted child. >> my parents had a lee's they had a flyover from the broadcast date which would have been 1965. >> so i was always aware from the flyer that was around the house. >> and then they would tell me the stories. she says her parents made her feel special all her life and losing them both in the early 90's was hard to come to terms with my parents had died before my children on board. and so they never had the opportunity to meet my parents. >> and then i think with the advent of. the and the idea
10:43 pm
that you could reach out easily. i thought maybe i'll just reach out to carolyn and see if i can find any information about this. >> her journey to find the archived footage of the special began in 2000. one, the tapes, however, were difficult to find the film itself had been sitting in a vault the 10 years before. >> i found it with an intern call's shira and in 2000, 12. >> alex jeriann is the television archivist at san francisco state university. >> it probably would have been destroyed if we hadn't found it. and since then it's been sitting out of all. wait 10 for tree on a to reach out to me and ask do you have the adopt a child. >> triana reached out to alex back in april about finding the lost footage and he says the timing was serendipitous since november of last year. we've been able to transfer a 16 millimeter film in full
10:44 pm
frame for k. and just after that point when everything was set up and operational. >> triano reaches out to was we have the film sitting in the boat. we have some cutting edge equipment which we can use to remaster the film. it was meant to after 20 years of searching triana could finally reconnect with her parents. >> and the footage was much more than she anticipated. it was quite. >> shocking to find out what was on there because i had no idea it was a long. >> term process. the 25 minute documentary special details. her parents struggles to have their own children and the push back they received from friends and family as the idea of adoption was not widely accepted at the time even shows the moment triano was first placed in her mother's we knew we were going to bring bring her home right then and there. >> it certainly could not explain. it's it's just a feeling that's it was awesome. i mean, it was it was more than that. it was it was it
10:45 pm
was a confirmation of all the stories that they told me being true. >> alex says stories like tree on us or why archiving is so important. we all have stories to tell. >> and many of the stories of preserved on film. and it has a way of reaching out to people and touching them in motion. i i feel like my parents would be very pleased that i. >> persevered san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> and if you would like to was the full adopt the child documentary that aired back in 1965 we have the link on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> former 40 niner in stanford alum. richard sherman was released from jail today with some conditions. a king county judge ordered that sherman cannot drink alcohol possess any firearms or have any contact with his father in
10:46 pm
law. this all comes after he was arrested by redmond police early yesterday morning. police believe that sherman was driving impaired when his suv crashed into a construction zone around 01:00am. police say he then went to his in-laws house and tried to break in and we have learned some new information about that encounter. the associated press is reporting that sherman's father law raman moss told police that sherman was ramming his shoulder into the door and yelling aggressively. according to a police report, moss fired pepper spray at sherman to keep him away. sherman is also accused of resisting arrest. he is facing for non felony charges in a 911. call. sherman's wife told the dispatcher that he was threatening to hurt himself. the british open back for the first time since 2019 at saint charles in sandwich, england. former cal player 2018 pga champion. collin morikawa with the long putt on the 16th and it is in for a birdie. he shot 3 under 67 is currently tied for 9th place. jordan speith
10:47 pm
the 2017 open champ nails a part of his own from the french on the 5th hole. he finished with a 5 under 65 and is currently tied for second one stroke. back of the leader and that is louise boost hasan finishing his round of 64 6 under par. he was the 2010 open champion. the nba draft is just 2 weeks away. and the warriors are ramping up their search for the right players to bring in that is if they decide to keep their first-round picks. the dubs currently have the 7th and 14 selections on draft night, but there have been rumors. both of those picks could be traded. still, the team is, look at prospects projected to go in the 7 to 14 range today. the warriors hosted some of those prospects including baylor's davion mitchell jalen johnson from to jones from texas and arkansas as moses moody after a workout at chase center of course, the prospects all were excited about the possibility of joining the dup's team usa
10:48 pm
basketball trying to find their footing before the olympics now facing a new hurdle usa, australia exhibition game set for tomorrow has been canceled due to safety protocols. we just learned earlier today, the nba star bradley beal will no longer be able to play in the olympics after being placed in covid-19 protocols. team usa coach gregg popovich says that jeremiah grant was also place in covid protocols out of precaution, but he should be able to travel with the team to tokyo on monday. now to another player has also entered and protocol. so we're told the team is supposed to play their final tune-up game against spain on sunday. us men's national soccer team taking on martinique in kansas city tonight as a part of the concacaf gold cup. the americans expected to dominate and they delivered martinique, by the way, is a small island in the caribbean. they're not even a member of the fa tonight, young star daryl dk put 2 in the back of the net becoming just the 3rd player 21 and under to score 2 goals for the u.s. and gold cup
10:49 pm
play. you just saw him there. however, most of the starters in tonight's match had not been a part of coach gregg berhalter is top player pool. so this was some of the younger guys, 6, 1, the final score they face canada on sunday in a game that will decide who wins groupie the u.s. did not qualify for the olympics by the way, that's a look at sports kron 4 news. we'll be right back.
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>> all right. this is a fun video. look at this. this was from southern california some bottle nose dolphins in newport beach caught on camera up playing and the seemingly chasing a tour and that that's amazing. the video was taken by america page of newport coastal adventure. that's a whale watching business. they got another trick. today, though everyone there says this was marvelous to with some dolphins leaping as high as 10 feet out of the water. they're playing. they're doing all they would have a fun. >> all right. it has been closed for more than a year. but as of friday, paris's iconic eiffel tower has officially reopened before the pandemic. the attraction. but in about 7 million visitors a year nearby businesses, of course, which used to rely on those 2 arrests have been hurting ever sense. only 10,000 people will be allowed to visit the tower each day right now and social distancing measures will also be in place. perez might not
10:53 pm
be in your summer vacation plans as yet, but there's still plenty that california has to offer. tonight. we continue our destination, california series and we've got a trip to the small town of alpine in san diego county. heather lake shows us what it has to offer. >> time for a day trip in the quaint town of alpine, california. and they can far without someone telling you about the famous baked goods same bakery. >> me a nice every single everything's fresh baked when we opened the i to you. seems already tell you just on fresh and free of preservatives chris on and the base for any the specialties last. it's meant to be viewed right away. one of the owners is from france and his for teams to locals and visitors alike. talk to the queen on the mountains. it's the perfect spot for free or close by or
10:54 pm
die situation. checking out the local animal sanctuary after you filled up for the day. you're going to grab a different kind of fuel and head out to the mountains. >> in alpine where this is the only place you can get up close and personal with a zebra. the children's nature retreat sits on 20 acres of land. they do private tours field trips and every animal has a story to have about a one different >> all those was the home i promise them that they would be death for home. they will have the best life possible. we had forces. we have a buy-in cables. so we have a different and more is also on site a maze built 345 all of trees that are growing and great for kids to enjoy. >> from exotic animals to farm favorites. the children's nature retreat has a unique environment where you get to interact with these animals. unlike any other. what i want them to do that how to behave reason how to know was because was when you all nice to them.
10:55 pm
they asked super nice to you when when you again everybody has a smile their face and that's what we i'm heather lake in alpine for destination, california. >> and if you scan this qr code with your phone will take you right. our destination, california section of our website. you can see some of the fun activities we've already covered and there will be a lot of other ideas for places to go. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. a brand new climate change themed mini golf course has opened. this is brooklyn. looks pretty nice. raising money for good causes an 18 hole course designed by local artists. the idea they say is to teach people about climate change, energy animal habitats, lot of the buildings are made from recycled items. most of the plants were picked because they are native to the area. >> well, that's very nice. yeah. especially since we're
10:56 pm
all going be a we've been talking all day about virus yeah. some good news. all right. we'll have some good here coming in off the ocean. >> that is going to be a great sight to see around the bay area, the fog. it's carrying that fog out there right now, too. >> and some drizzle along the coastline. but hey, how about that air quality looking good all the way around the bay area north bay the coast, the east bay, the south bay air quality looking fantastic for a friday. in fact, temperatures. not bad either. we'll start to warm the numbers up just a little bit along the coastline. how about this may be a little more clearing still a couple patches of fog 59 in the sunset about 64 in downtown san francisco along the coastline. it's been pretty gray and pretty wet almost since the beginning of july. temperatures going to be the 50's and the 60ms there. but i think by late in the day. you may even see a little more sunshine by tomorrow as we get a little more. more of a northerly component in the win 67 degrees in millbrae 68 in burning in about 70 degrees. redwood city, 72 in mount
10:57 pm
view. the south bay enjoy sunshine after a couple of patches of fog in the morning with 70's and 80's. there east bay no real heat just temperatures going to be warm talking about 82 in dublin. 83 in pleasanton about 69 in berkeley tomorrow. 82 in orinda about 73 degrees and play on those cooler along the coastline. but more clearing a place like stinson beach by tomorrow. afternoon. right to we'll warm things up. we're watching out for the possibility that monsoon as we head into sunday and monday. we'll have to see if that transpires is not thank goodness, have a good
10:58 pm
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