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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 15, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading from never know when he was hours days, weeks away from committing a terrible tragedy or he was never going to commit a terrible tragedy or maybe just don't. >> know the answer to that. >> now at a weapons drugs, pipe bomb material and hateful messages. police on covering the potential makings of an alarming that attack. >> we know this makes a difference. this makes a difference, especially now more than ever. a month before students return to the classroom. one university is helping bring the covid vaccine to a group that is lagging way behind plus as infection rates surge in one part of california mask requirements are coming back
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even for those fully vaccinated. we're talking with a local doctor about whether we could see a similar fate. >> good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm pam moore. and i'm catherine heenan. ken wayne has the night off. >> a los gatos man behind bars tonight after the quick thinking of a business owner and police officers. 32 year-old wesley martinez has been charged with possession of assault weapons silencers drugs and the makings of a pipe bomb as kron four's. michelle kingston reports tonight. police also found a chilly handwritten manifesto in his vehicle with racist and anti-semitic writing a business owner here on east sunny oaks avenue in campbell sideman looking into cars in a storage shed on his property. >> on his security cameras. he quickly called police and now that man has been arrested when police pulled up to a business on the sunny oaks avenue last week. they found a man prowling in a used car parking lot in that man's
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vehicle assault weapons silencers, the makings of a pipe bomb heroin meth in a handwritten manifesto saying he wanted to wipe out the black hispanic and jewish population also in that journal, a plan to go to a sporting goods store dress up as an employee in thai everybody up. there were bullets that he had written on any written on those bullets. >> a cop's widow. this is from the grim reaper. a good start. he had body armor this was a very dangerous situation and well, we'll never know if he was going to carry out this plan. what we do know is because of the quick work of the campbell resident and the campbell police department. this person is now in custody and will not be able to hurt anyone. 32 year-old wesley charles martines is being held on $300,000 bail. police say patrol officers are seeing more and more assault rifles and vehicles this year and that while the situation was scary, they're thankful
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everyone is ok trying to determine. >> really what was the intent? was this an intent to commit a crime with these weapons. was this an attempt to commit a mass there's certainly a lot to suggest that. something very bad was was going to occur. and i believe wholeheartedly that our officers prevented you know, tragedy from occurring in our area. so in campbell michelle kingston kron 4 news, 2 bay area and then have been charged with planning to attack the democratic headquarters in sacramento. court documents say napa resident ian rogers and the late president gerald. >> copeland started making their plans after the 2020 election. according to the indictment. >> they were planning to use explosives to carry out the attack and hoped that the attack was sparked a movement law enforcement search rogers home and found dozens of guns. thousands of rounds of ammunition and 5 pipe bombs both men face up to 20 years in prison. in the east bay.
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you can add to that home depot in hercules to the growing list of retailers being hit by shoplifters. sometimes. >> over and over there's been a rash of incidents in the bay area. investigators say in some cases thieves loaded up shopping carts with tools and just walked out the door. they're now working with bay area. law enforcement in the hopes of tracking down suspects. we've had 3. >> deaths that have been reported to us just in the last couple of weeks about 15 deaths there since the first of the year. different things are happening particularly home people sometimes think they will still the item directly putting under a coat just putting the cart and walk out with it has happened near the day. get young men, a little bit of the courts and went out emergency exit in their car was parked right outside the door. >> hercules police officials say they do not have the staffing right now to dedicate
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an officer to patrol that parking lot for long periods of time. new details on a story we brought you earlier this week, a san jose nonprofit worker has been fired after he was caught on camera trying to meet up with a minor allegedly 53 year-old call was to men was the director of education at the nonprofit called kerry odyssey, which is an outdoor zoo and museum in san mateo. officials with the nonprofit announced use treatments termination yesterday. earlier this week. a california group that goes by the name cc unit sherman planning to meet up with a 14 year-old boy, according to the group instead of needing the minor. he met a man who goes by the name ghost with the cc unit ghost is the one behind the camera in this video. the cc unit has been posing as minors on line since 2018 to try and catch predators and then videotape the adults who show up san jose police tell us they are
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investigating this incident. a big story tonight coronavirus infections. they are climbing in california in the last 24 hours, there have been more than 3600 confirmed cases of the virus. >> 25 people have died. the state continues, of course, to push people to get vaccinated. so far more than 20 million californians have been vaccinated. that's about 60% of the population. ahead of the upcoming school year to our university in the north bay is partnering with fairfield sassoon unified school district. they want to make sure that people are getting vaccinated they are hosting the first vaccine clinic tomorrow at the public safety academy in fairfield outdoors. amanda hari explains why officials are doing this now. >> and we know this makes a difference. this makes a difference, especially now more than ever with delta variant that's going around with the first day of school, just more than a month away. for most students university is partnering with fairfield
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sassoon unified school district to get as many students faculty and staff ages 12. and up vaccinated. the fairfield schools district has been just amazing. they recently was over 21,000 households in over 12,000 students today really cali raise the senior project manager for the vaccine partnership according to county public health vaccination rates remain low for young people under 40% for ages 12 to 15. and just over 50% for ages 15 to 16. he says he knows how important it is for young people to get vaccinated. he's a father of a 13 year-old. they're safe. they're affected. we know they working to protect our children. in addition, he's been a pharmacist for almost 30 years. he says bringing the covid vaccine to as many people as possible has been special. and this is got to be one of the most rewarding is not the most rewarding thing i've ever been part at the vaccine clinics. anyone can get vaccinated for free.
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>> the johnson and johnson. one dose vaccine will be available for adults. those between the ages of 1217 will have to get the pfizer vaccine. they're already clinic set up for the second dose as well as some other vaccinations needed to return to school. >> we're doing it purposely because the second dose of vaccine that they're getting in 3 weeks. we're going to get them there. diphtheria tetanus and pertussis early get vaccine that they need is a standard requirement to get back into school. so we're going that free of charge with it. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> also in the north bay sonoma county has reopened an alternative care center and healdsburg to help fight a covid outbreak. a lot of people being quarantined are coming from a santa rosa homeless shelter. the first positive cases were reported at the samuel l jones homeless shelter, july 2nd as of this week, there are 59 people who have tested positive 26 other possible cases under review nearly half the confirmed
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cases where people who have been fully vaccinated 9 people with underlying conditions were hospitalized. most shelter residents are received. the johnson and johnson shot. it is not clear yet whether that played any kind of role in the breakthrough infections. san francisco officials are sounding the alarm today on rising covid cases that says the delta variant spreads in the city. city. officials said new infections are rising, particularly. >> and the african american and latino communities and most of the people in the hospital are unvaccinated and a quarter of those are under the age of 35. well for us. dan kerman reports. >> the difference between getting covid when you're fully vaccinated and getting covid if you're not vaccinated could be the difference between sniffles and suffocation. of warning thursday about how the delta variant is impacting san franciscans. >> every person that is in the hospital at san francisco general right now did not get
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the vaccine and disproportionately most of those people are african american city officials say in the last 12 days, san francisco has seen a threefold increase in covid-19 cases. >> and case rates are 2 and a half times higher among latinos and african americans with this new delta variants. we will see higher infections of those who are not vaccinated. and we can anticipate they'll be at least 250 more deaths and disproportionately those people. >> we'll be african americans and latinos. >> city leaders say san francisco's african americans are especially vulnerable because only 60% are vaccinated. >> family members and friends who. are not getting vaccinated because of the lack of trust vaccines and because of history and what has happened with the black community in terms of public health. >> and while they understand the hesitancy, they say times have changed and now is the time to step up and get
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vaccinated. this is for me. >> is a cry to my community. a cry to everyone who has not gotten the vaccine to say we need you to get vaccinated. it is important for you to keep yourself safe. for you to keep your family safe. and for you to keep the people around. you safe. >> the mayor was also asked if the city might revisit its mask mandate that is making everyone wear a mask indoors regardless. if they can. did not. the mayor said they are reviewing those guidelines and will come up with some new recommendations but she says there will be no mandate in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 8 california's biggest county is again mandating mask-wearing indoors. that's regardless of vaccination status and it's as infections spiked to more than a 1000 a day and remember double
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masking we are hearing why one local doctor who is vaccinated is deciding to do so. >> and we've got a lot of clouds rolling over san francisco parts of the bay area. now more to come. the forecast is next.
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>> the u.s. surgeon general is making a desperate plea to the
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american public saying misinformation about covid-19 is literally killing people speaking to reporters at the white house. doctor vivek murthy says that lies and misinformation about the virus may one of the biggest obstacles in the fight to end the pandemic. according to an april survey done by the kaiser family foundation. nearly 2 thirds of unvaccinated adults believe or are unsure about vaccine myths. and according to the cdc 99.5% of those who get sick have not been vaccinated. los angeles county authorities. they are again mandating mask-wearing indoors. and this is regardless of vaccination status. >> that's as covid cases are climbing again with a lot of concern over the delta variant. the county recorded more than 1500 new cases and the last 24 hours. and in the past week they spend more than a 1000 new cases a day. that's an 83% increase. the recent
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spike in covid cases is a combination of reopenings people not wearing masks and the more contagious delta variant to get an idea of whether a similar mask mandate in the bay area would make sense. we're joined now by professor and chair of the department of medicine at u c s f. >> and that's doctor bob thank you so much for being with us. so let's start with that. the los angeles county officials have decided to go back to mandating mask. what do you think? could that happen here and should it go at that. >> it definitely could happen here should probably not our case spike is not quite what they're seeing in los angeles. but as you know, we've all learned about exponential growth. once it starts going up. it's starts going up fast and we've gone from 10 cases day in san francisco up to 40 our test positivity rate is 3 or 4 times higher. what it was a couple weeks ago. so we're heading in the wrong direction. i've certainly become much more conservative that wearing masks than i was
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and i don't know that we're ready for mandate for everyone yet, but i'm guessing that we will be within a week or 2. >> yeah. doctor, here you are double masking. is advice that you would give people. when i go inside into a place if first of all, if i'm going to be with all vaccinated people and i'm sure of it. >> then i'm still comfortable. not wearing a mask, although now at ucsf, we are mandating that everybody's wearing masks all the time. again. but most of places i go to i don't know if there are unvaccinated people and if there and actually people i can't tell whether they're wearing masks or not. so i think it's reasonable to wear a mask. and i think if you're wearing a mask to try to prevent delta, which is much more infectious than the virus we were battling last year. it's reasonable to wear 2 i do at work. and i do when i go into the store. >> of course, we were all feeling a sense of freedom. we were told we did not have to wear masks anymore. the things we're opening up and there was really like jubilation. people
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were happy to see their friends faces again, all of that. are we now thinking that there's the potential we could go back to that only mandating mask but also shutdowns and closures of businesses. is that going its. >> you know, it's off of us want all of us enjoy the freedom and that sense that we were over the worst of it. i think if we had gotten up to a higher rate of vaccination. and if it wasn't for the delta virus the fact that the delta variant we would be in that fantastic place. i don't think we're going to go down to shutdowns in places like the bay area where the vaccination rate is so high, more than 3 quarters of people over age 12 are fully vaccinated. but i do think that it's reasonable for us to start taking some prudent precautions. this virus has gotten much better at its job of infecting people than the one we were dealing with last year. and so we're going to have to go a little bit backwards. nobody wants that. but the alternative is going to be more cases, not only an unvaccinated people but of if there is more virus
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around and even fully vaccinated, people are more likely to get brtakthrough infections and they would have been when our case rates are very low. >> doctor, do we have any idea which vaccines might be providing better protection against the delta variant. >> looks like pfizer and moderna work equally. well and the the bulk of the evidence is they both work very well against the delta variant. if you have completed both shots. that's really important. the first shot give you reasonable protection against the old virus. it gives you almost no protection against the delta virus. so if your strategy is to say, oh, i'll get vaccinated when things are getting pretty bad and i'll get that first shot now be protected. you really are not protected until about 6 weeks after that first shot. we're a couple weeks after that second shot the j j vaccine works reasonably well against delta, but a little bit less well, you know, it may very well be that we we need boosters for people who got the jj. it may be that we're all we all have boosters near future, although
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we're not ready for that yet. >> so the cdc not yet talking about masks for those who are vaccinated north talking about boosters. we heard one official today call the delta variant of covid on what kind of alarm bells would you send off at this point about the delta variant. >> yeah. i that that the the alarm bells are more caution for us to get ready to go a little bit backwards, which is really uncomfortable. none of us wants to do it. but it's the right thing to do. if you're unvaccinated. i would be ringing for alarm bells. i think that you your body is as susceptible as it was a year ago. but the virus is twice as good as infecting people as it was a year ago. so if you're unvaccinated, i think there's a very high risk that you can get this, this virus. we're still not sure that the virus is more severe. the virus that we had last year. but that virus last year was bad enough. if you're fully vaccinated. i don't think we should can be ringing should be ringing alarm bells. but i
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do think that we should become a little bit more cautious than we were about a month ago. i began when i went into a store, a crowded store. i sometimes will take the mask off and get a little sloppy. i don't anymore on too scared of this. this new variant. >> all right. good advice and interesting to know what you're doing. all right. doctor bob wachter, thank you so much for your time and thank you. >> fully vaccinated. americans could be able to enter canada next month. prime minister justin trudeau announced today that he is planning to open the border for nonessential travel in mid august and canada is expected to welcome fully vaccinated travelers from all countries by early september. trudeau noted that canada leaves all of that 20 countries in vaccination raise with about 80% of eligible canadians having received at least one dose and more than 50% of eligible canadians fully vaccinated. >> all right. time for a look at the forecast taking a live look, this is the view from mount tam and a lot of fog.
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yeah. a lot of fog. that means which of course means it is pretty cool out there, and then you're also have some concerns to talk about the possible lightning strikes. yeah. we're watching that closely and all this that time of year we start talking about. >> some of the monsoons and. enough the monsoons don't originated over the area of low pressure. it's usually left over. some tropical moisture may be a lot of trouble storms fall apart may be a hurricane gets kind of wrapped around a ridge of high pressure that actually ridge pump set back up in california. we're likely going to start to see some of that as we head into late sunday and monday. not yet, though. we've got that fog that is surging back on shore. plenty of clouds out there right now. there's a big dome of high pressure continue to sit a little further. the east, although it's going to strengthen a little bit. so a little less fog as we head in toward tomorrow morning. a little drizzle out there along the coastline. so it's going to be a little damp again. and it's been that way. almost all of july really along the coast as we see the thick fog at least out toward the beaches inside the bay. you're looking good tomorrow, 60's 70's mostly sunny after some
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morning fog 80's well inland then 50's 60's along the coastline. yeah. for the weekend, though you can watch the temperatures start to warm up nicely getting a little hot, maybe a little muggy late in the day on sunday and monday and that's that time period. we're worried about the possibility of some dry lightning strikes as we start to see some of those monsoonal clouds roll into the bay area. all right. thank you. lawns. >> still ahead tonight at a historic investments into california's 2 major troubling issues we're diving into th stat
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lawmakers today approved spending a historic amount of money to address california's homelessness and housing problems. >> our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the action taken today and the next steps for that money. >> all that's needed to set this in stone as governor gavin newsome signature. state leaders are hoping to make a significant impact on one of the state's biggest issues. >> i think none of us need to be reminded of the crisis step. the state is in california. lawmakers thursday passed, but they're hailing as historic investments in to the state's homelessness and housing issues. about half of the 12 billion dollar plan will be spent bolstering the state's project homekey the program allows cities and counties to turn hotels, vacant apartment buildings and other property in the housing for those without it, some of the money will also help support eligible first time homebuyers and provide grants to local governments to boost housing production the measure
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passed through the legislature with bipartisan support, our communities and small businesses are pleading for help in addressing homelessness on our streets. >> with these needed resources. there must be accountability. real metrics and transparency to ensure that funds are being used effectively governor newsome signal this week. he will sign the bill. >> the largest investment we have ever made on homelessness. his 950 million dollars. and we did that a year ago. this is a 12 billion dollar 2 to 3 year investment unprecedented. we have strategies plans that we have the political will to do things the state has never done in the past. >> newsome is adamant his administration will be holding accountable. the cities and counties that do not meet their housing production goals at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and next are date o'clock concern group of bay area wine is now asking the north bay county to beef up fire protection. also the local city where you can be fined and there are some to find if you are not following water
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conservation guidelines and a ride sharing service bringing back discounted rides where lift. well, once again, offer full kron 4 news at
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>> more remains on wildfire. watch tonight. there were 71 active large fires and complexes of multiple fly fires which have burned more than 1500 square miles of the united states mostly in the
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western states. that's according to the national interagency fire center in butte county here in california. flames from the dixie fire are along the burn scar of the disastrous campfire, the devastated, the town of paradise back in 2000, 18. this fire has burned nearly 5,000 acres containment is only at 7%. cal fire is using an aerial approach to try and stop the spread has some to rain is just too steep to access by a truck or on foot. the largest fire burning in california is leaving a destructive path near the border with nevada. the beckwourth complex plumas county. it's burned more than a 100,000 acres. >> it is 68% contained evacuations remain in place in parts of and lassen counties in washoe county, nevada fire district managers in the town of doyle are reporting 33 homes have been destroyed down in central california. fire crews are battling the river fire. this is happening near
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yosemite national park flames. it started in oakhurst have burned across 9500 acres already. >> containment sits at 36%. cal fire says 5 buildings have been destroyed. >> in the north bay. a group of concerned winegrowers wants to see the county do more to protect against wildfire has come for us to reports tonight the group is calling on napa county officials to consider forming a local fire district to help douse the flames. >> in the hennessey fire just last year, flames roared through napa county destroying homes, impacted communities and scorching valuable land. in response, an organization of wine country growers in tourism based vendors want to see some change in a letter obtained by kron 4 news. the collective is asking the napa board of supervisors to explore creating, quote, its own independent county run fire department, strengthening local firefighting capacity and investigating state and
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federal grants. this is not the county supervisor alfredo we understand the local frustration, the former bit nurse from our industry and also from a residence. you know, they've been dealing wildfires back to back on top of the pandemic. >> as a supervisor explained the county now contracts with cal fire to help with fire prevention and mitigation needs. we've had a very good relationship with cal fire in they have responded to napa county can really great in significant ways. i think what you have seen locally is when the whole state is on fire. there's multiple counties that fire. there's been resource limitations and it's completely acceptable. for a nap or residents say, well, use most important part in every residence going to see that in their local community. and i think what you're seeing residents are seeing their properties burn with not enough local resources being to address these wildfire dangers and you know, it happened more than once. and i
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think that is what we're seeing is a rolling motion of feeling helpless in making sure that there's enough resources for a community. and i think that is a question that they're asking the vendors group also pointed out neighboring sonoma county recently won the 37 million dollar grant. >> for wildfire mitigation and perhaps with a locally controlled fire agency napa to could apply. and when a grant to help with mitigation factors at this moment in time. >> is cal-fire said the best partner for napa county, maybe. but we have an opportunity to valley. got to validate that count for might be the best partner or is it better served by a local department. and again, we need to understand the fiscal constraints. with that being but also what it means to the outcomes. and i think now the county and cal fire want to see which is having safe communities on the suppression side. also the recognition that we need to invest a lot more in preventing fires that's equally as port to recess to kron 4 news. >> governor newsome is sending
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more help to fight the bootleg fire in oregon. oregon's governor had california's office of emergency services to help to send additional resources at 227,000 acres. that is now the biggest wildfire in the country. it's burned an area bigger than new york city. you're looking at satellite images, california's office of emergency services is sending as special wild land fire fast attack strike team 5 fire engines. california has sent 40 fire in total along with crews. >> our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with more on all of the smoke coming from those fires. yeah, it's really interesting watching explode. we started out this morning. we had the beckwourth fire setting all that smoke toward when the muck of them behind now, watch what happens. all of a sudden the dixon fire explodes and there goes all that smoke up towards susan bill. so it's all moving toward the northeast right now, but they're not the only ones. of course, we've got the fire up to the north of bootleg fire
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and that, of course producing a bunch of smoke up in that direction as well. and look at that as just kind fumes in around that fire and then really kind of rolls on to the northeast. and that's what we've been seen with so far the pattern has been taking most. the northeast. you may remember not too long ago we had some of those other fires in california. we have that offshore flow we had all that smoke roll back into the bay area will never forget that. and those orange skies not going to see that, though, here. we've got that on shore breeze taking the smoke away. we've got 80's inland tomorrow 60's 70's around the bay 50's and 60's co side next couple days. highpressure warming things up we're watching out for monsoonal moisture. the possibility of some lightning strikes in the state looking for around the bay area to sunday and possibly into monday. >> thank you, lawrence. well in the north bay petaluma rest. all residents who refuse to follow that route. water restrictions will now face fines. the city is in stage 3 of its water shortage contingency plan, meaning that residents and businesses in
8:37 pm
petaluma must reduce water use by 25%. and these a mandatory water but actions the restaurants can only serve water when requested there is no washing of cars at home. fountains must be turned off and no feeling of new pools or spas and lawn watering can only happen during nighttime hours. anybody caught wasting water will first receive a warning repeat offenders, though face escalating penalties that could reach $1000 per violation. the city also could restrict or shut off water service for those who continue to break the rules or who refuse to pay the penalties. the city of brisbane's public works director has declared a stage one drought and that means new restrictions. >> and they'll take effect next tuesday. they include no washing up sidewalks driveways parking lot. tennis courts irrigation will be limited to before 9 in the morning or after 6 at night, if you are
8:38 pm
using a house, should have a shut-off nozzle and hotels will have to give guests the option to reuse towels instead of having them replaced every day. >> in your apartment right now. >> yes. what >> still ahead. a we are hearing part of a chilling 911, call from inside the surfside florida condo as the building started to crumble. also buyers beware. some products sold on amazon might products sold on amazon might be hazardous where a lot of grass looks great, zeus! hey could you maybe trim the hydrangea too? sure thing, kevin. do you want me to do the boxwoods as well? no. finding the right person for the job isn't always easy... ...but when you have an insurance question, you can always count on your local geico agent. they can give you personalized advice and could help you save hundreds.
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hey medusa! let's boogie. for expert help with all your insurance needs, get to know your local geico agent today.
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>> the u.s. consumer product safety commission is suing amazon for allegedly selling hazardous products to its customers. some of the products named in the lawsuit include carbon monoxide detectors which failed to alarm and several children's pajamas that can catch fire. the products in question are not sold directly on amazon. they are sold by 3rd parties on the amazon platform many of them are foreign amazon says it does take swift action when it comes to safety problems. the company claims it. it was not given enough information to take action on the products in question. the rideshare app lyft is bringing back shared rides. there will be new rules. everybody in the car will have to wear a mask. >> shared rides will be limited to just 2 passengers. so they cannot maintain social distancing lyft is first going
8:42 pm
to do this and philadelphia chicago denver. but there are plans to add more cities in coming months. >> happening tonight. bar bringing back limited late night service for trains will run from either the embarcadero or civic center station at 11:30pm the trains will service 8 stops in san francisco and the east bay. you're looking at the map of the route. this will happen every thursday friday and saturday night for the rest of the month. next at 8 from defending cuba to defending themselves in front of a judge 2 florida men are believed to be the first in the state to be arrested under a new anti riot law. >> and in sports, former forty-niners richard sherman was released from jail without bail but not without some conditions. kylen mills has
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>> think the fire your purchase. >> and champagne travel is something going on here. you've got to get us out of here. what is the address? chef right. ours. okay. you're in your apartment right now. yes. what ok, are you able to get out through the their the sexes is closed. >> half the building is gone. chilling 911, calls from inside that surfside florida condominium as the building was collapsing tonight. more than 3 weeks later we're
8:46 pm
learning that recovery efforts might be coming to an end miami dade police identify 6 more victims today, meaning that 92 97 confirmed dead have now been identified. there are just a few people still classified as missing or potentially unaccounted for a cause has not yet been pinpointed for the collapse, although there were several previous warnings of major structural damage at that 40 year-old building florida governor meantime, ron desantis and other officials are pressing the white house to support efforts to preserve internet service to anti-government protesters in cuba. the republican governors saying it is important to do that in order to allow images of dissent to be. >> seen coming from the authoritarian nation. meantime, a to florida man protesting for the people of cuba. they appeared before a judge in tampa today. they were among hundreds of other a peaceful pro cuba in freedom activist. they were arrested tuesday. they're accused of
8:47 pm
violating the state's new anti riot law that bans obstructing streets or sidewalks. joseph maldonado passage of became a celebrity sensation because of his big cat sanctuary. he is going to be re sentenced following his conviction and a murder for hire plot. of course he's better known as joe exotic or the tiger king. he was sentenced in 2019 to 22 years in prison for 2 counts of plotting to kill carole baskin and more than a dozen wildlife charges. a judge affirmed his conviction but did decide to rule for a new sentence. he is going to remain in custody until that re sentencing happens. money starting today american families are receiving monthly child tax credit payments. they are part of the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus plan, which was. >> passed back in march. the payments offer up to $300 a month per child under age 6
8:48 pm
and up to $250 a month for each child between the age of 6.17. the money will be sent to the end of the year. another around 36 million families qualify for this credit. if you filed taxes in 2000, 19 o 2020 and qualify. the payments will come automatically families who have not filed taxes will need to sign up through the irs website. >> let's take a live look at tokyo japan. you're an area that while there near here, an area that's like times square, tokyo their 16 hours ahead of us. it is friday afternoon just about there. team usa touchdown today gymnast simone biles was i got off the plane wearing a mask. if you're going to see it or not. but there are really strict coronavirus protocols in place before being allowed to fly into tokyo. all overseas athletes had to take 2 covid tests over a four-day period there she is. and when they
8:49 pm
arrived in japan, the u.s. athletes, all of the athletes they have to be tested again and they will get tested daily while quarantining for 3 days. tokyo has declared a state of emergency because of the spike in covid cases. as you know, no spectators will be at the games. the olympics begin july 23rd. they are set to wrap up august 8. yes. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> we do have some more olympic news for you in just a moment. but first, 49 er and stanford alum. richard sherman was released from jail today with some conditions in place. a king county judge ordered that sherman cannot drink alcohol possess any firearms or have any contact with his father in law. now, this all comes after he was arrested by redmond police early yesterday morning. police believe that sherman was driving impaired when his suv crashed into a construction zone around
8:50 pm
01:00am. police say he then went to his in-laws house and tried to break in. we have learned some new information about that encounter specifically the associated press is reporting that sherman's father-in-law raman moss told police that sherman was ramming his shoulder into the door and yelling aggressively. according to a police report, moss fired pepper spray to get sherman to back off. sherman is also accused of resisting arrest once officers arrived. he is facing for non felony charges in a 911, call, sherman's wife told the dispatcher that he was threatening to hurt himself. the british open back for the first time since 2019 saint charles in sandwich, england. former cal player 2018 pga champion. collin morikawa with so long putt on the 16th and it is in for the birdie. he shot 3 under 67. he is currently tied for 9th place. jordan speith here. the 2017 open champ nails a part of his own from the french on the 5th hole. he finished with
8:51 pm
a 5 under 65 and is currently tied for second one stroke back of the leader and that is louise boost hasten finishing his round of 64 6 under par. he was the 2010 open champion. the nba draft is just 2 weeks away and the warriors are ramping up their search for the right players to bring in if they keep their first round picks. that is the dubs currently have the 7th and 14th selections on draft night. but there have been rumors that both of those picks could be traded. still, the team is taking a closer look at the prospects projected to go in the 7 to 14 range today. the warriors hosted baylor's davion mitchell jalen johnson from duke kai jones from texas and arkansas as moses moody after a workout at chase center. the prospects, all we're excited, of course, about the possibility of joining the dup's. and finally team usa basketball trying to find their footing out before the olympics. they're now facing another setback. >> the usa, australia exhibition game set for tomorrow has been canceled due
8:52 pm
to covid-19 protocols. we just learned earlier today, the nba star bradley beal will no longer be able to play in the olympics after being placed in covid-19 protocols. team usa coach gregg popovich said that jeremy grant was also placing covid-19 protocols out of precautions, but he should be able to travel with the team to tokyo on monday. now another player has entered protocols. so that obviously not the news that we want to hear. you know, just a week before the games get under way that they're having more and more players having to, you know, quarantine at this point. not good time. no, not at all. you just saw the precautions. they're taking trying to get their cases are spiking in japan. so just hopefully everyone can, you know, get through the games and play safely. yeah. thanks. cut. >> welcoming buckle up jeff pesos, his out of this world mission only days away tonight the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. it's the most comfortable, body-sensing, automatically-responding, energy-building, dually-adjustable,
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billionaire richard branson successfully traveled to space and back another billionaire is ready for launch. amazon founder jeff bezos, his blue origin rocket will blast off next week. and we now know who will be joining him markie. martin reports. >> come tuesday, july 20th is space to changes your relationship with this planet, with humanity it's one will take flight inside his blue origin rocket out of van horn,
8:56 pm
texas. the amazon founder slowly revealing who he will be taking along with him, starting with his brother. mark, i was just. >> well strong year is we're willing if you want and then female pilot wally funk. >> at 82. she'll be the oldest person to travel to space flight up in space. the world was later alerted when the last empty seat was bought anonymously at auctions 28 million dollars. what a day. but according to blue origin that wealthy winner is choosing a future flight instead citing scheduling conflicts and as of today taking their place is 18 year-old all of her damon little is known about the dutch teen other than his father was the auctions runner-up winner and chose to fly his son instead, space news journalists just faust telling news nation he thinks
8:57 pm
the team's participation will be inspiring. i don't think the matter of experience because the whole goal of efforts like up blue origin and virgin galactic is to provide experienced a whole different set of audiences different people who would >> otherwise qualify to be professional astronauts to get a taste of spaceflight. so have a young person and have no personal a safe flight. you know, i i think we're we're seeing a pretty broad base of people who are flying. we haven't yet heard from all over. but if he's anything like wally the excitement is hard to contain. >> way. >> oh, yeah. i love that she was. was going 82 year a pilot. that's great. that was markie. martin reporting him that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 think we're going to wait to the ticket prices come down a little bit. catholc a prime time coverage continues with our dear friends. grant lotus. vicki liviakis for companies in. i mentioned something just came up. >> there was more important we were trying to i don't get is
8:58 pm
dental appointment, right. got to get the is working on for kron. 4 news at 9 could new mask mandates. it. >> the on the horizon as cases are rising here in the bay. they have a new one in los angeles. that's going to affect soon to rescue a bay area. doctor. >> if we should prepare for something similar here. yeah. don't throw away yet and the use the system is announcing its vaccine policy for the fall semester. just who's going to be required to fully vaccinated before they can come back to campus. those stories and mu
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