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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 15, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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want it to end. we will be pushing. >> to extend the child tax credit for as long as we possibly can. in washington, alexandra le mon. >> tonight, kron 4 is always tracking local stories. and here's a look at what's going on around the bay area right now. >> in the east bay. it is day 6 in the search for phillip cray-chick. the working man went missing during a run in pleasanton at pleasanton ridge national regional park rather the search is officially been scaled back with about 3 dozen people signing up to look for him this morning. the sheriff's office used infrared technology in a plane which picked up a lot of animals but never picked up any sign of crytek drones and helicopters were used yesterday to check out a report of someone hearing a cry for help in a canyon. but that led also went cold volunteers today say they are still holding on to hope that they can find him. >> got pulls off all kinds
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america's, you know, was a scorcher, but hopefully just out there and he's waiting for us today. the positive hopeful. >> pleasanton police have been tracking phillips movements from the moment he left his house on saturday to when he got to the trailhead investigaors will be focusing their efforts. now on specifically. also in the east bay police are investigating 3 shootings within 30 minutes this morning. one person was killed, 2 others injured. the first shooting happened at 4.30 at 16th avenue and marine way. that's just a few blocks from san antonio park. field and police say the victim was taken to the hospital. but is apparently going to be ok, the second shooting happened just before 5 o'clock on hunter avenue not far from 98th avenue and interstate 8.80, one man was injured but is going to be okay. and then just 2 minutes later and one block away. a 26 year-old man was shot and killed on gormley avenue. nobody has been arrested. police have not said if the shootings are connected.
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>> and the south bay an office building caught fire in santa clara. it happened saratoga avenue in the city of santa clara. according to fire crews are cleaning employee smelled smoke. and then notice what looked to be an outlet fire. the exact cause is still under investigation. nobody was injured. the national gun rights group is now fighting san jose's attempt to require and annual gun fee and gun liability insurance. if you have a firearm there, the national foundation for gun rights sent a cease and desist letter to mayor sam liccardo and the city council saying the requirements would violate the second amendment. a spokesperson for the group says, quote, right. the u have to pay a tax to exercise is not right at all. you would not dream of imposing a tax to attend church or read a newspaper which are protected by the first amendment, end quote. mayor liccardo is office says the city will move forward with its plans to spite that letter. the city council is expected to vote on the changes in september.
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>> to the north bay now shoppers in one santa rosa community aren't on edge tonight following a shooting in a safeway parking lot happened last night. the shopping center is on marlowe road in santa rosa shooting left one man in critical condition. we are told the victim's friends drove him to the hospital before police showed up. so far there's no information on a suspect also in the north bay. police are trying to find whoever killed a 15 year-old teen in the somebody reported a shooting on main street just east of mare island officers showed up and found a teenage boy who was shot and he died at the scene. >> on the peninsula. foster city has loosened covid restrictions for its 50th anniversary. concert series. all the social distancing rules have been canceled at the venue. leo ryan park organizers taking down the fences for crowd control and removing signs telling people to keep distance. in addition, the audience no longer needs to reserve seats. people who have paid for seat
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reservations will get their money back. concerts will be held the next 3 saturdays from 06:00pm to 08:00pm. also on the peninsula, a pest control company worker has been arrested. accused of stealing a homeowner's jewelry. the san mateo county sheriff's office says they found a large amount of jewelry at 23 year-old connor timmins home. this comes after the homeowner reported on july. 2nd, that jewelry went missing shortly after a worker from a pest control company left her home. investigators believe timmons used his job to steal the jewelry along with other thefts. anybody who has business connections with to mince and has any missing or stolen items is encouraged to call police. staying out late this weekend. well, you will have a ride home even if you don't have a car because starting tonight, bart is bringing back limited late night services. >> bart says the services mainly for restaurant workers and people in the hospitality business as the economy reopens. this is a map you can use to get around bart is
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offering 4 lines that will leave from embark daryl orr civic center. there are 8 stops between san francisco and the east bay like daly city west oakland, pleasant hill and bay. fair. the limited service runs thursdays, fridays and saturday nights. more details on kron. 4 dot com. >> all right. time for weather check. we've got that fog, low cloud cover. moving on shore already. it is going to thicken up again tonight. maybe not us. think as we had last night. but you can already see it making its way in toward sfo and a lot of folks are to travel around now and no delays being reported sfo oakland or san jose for that matter is we've got some conditions to get out there and travel. in fact, you want to drive around tomorrow, your getaway forecast in the monterey bay 62 degrees downtown carmel about 62 in monterey, 61 with some fog in santa cruz. southern california finds warmer weather 72 in long beach. a beautiful 76 in san diego 81 in los angeles and 72 degrees in santa barbara. the high country looking nice as we
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head in toward the weekend to 80's as you make your way toward trucking and south lake tahoe getting hot reno at 94 and 92 in carson city. now, if you plan to on through the weekend. the prepared, some thunderstorms may be moving in on sunday. little monsoonal moisture. coming up, the spine of the sierra nevada. so we'll watch out for that very closely. partly cloudy a slight chance of those thunderstorms on sunday. all right. clouds rolling along the coastline. now we're going to see more of that overnight tonight. some of that stretching inside the bay as that cloud that kind of thickens up now that not going to be think it was last night. we watched what is high pressure begin to strengthen temperatures outside right now it is 67 degrees in the napa valley 57 degrees in san francisco and 66 degrees in palo alto. the winds will continue overnight tonight bringing low cloud deck and that marine air that nice moist marine air. well, on shore again, but not going to be as thick overnight tonight as it was last night and then we wait for that sea breeze by the afternoon. again tomorrow. so that being said, the
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temperatures tomorrow going to start to warm up a few degrees. in fact, highs by tomorrow afternoon running up in the 80's and lucy, a lot ofr 70's around the bay and 50's and 60's along the coastline of that patchy fog. the next couple days we get ready for the weekend. the temperatures do start to heat up in fact, some 90's moving in as we head in towards sunday and monday, possibly mcgee little subtropical moisture that monsoon is going to work its way back in the bay area going to watch out for that. the possibility of some dry lightning. guys, back to you. >> all right, lawrence. coming up, amazon is being sued for selling hazardous products. how the company is responding to the accusations. and if you waited for hours on and stealing with delta. you're not alone. why the airline is dealing with the influx of customer calls. plus coco is known for innovation and the olympics are no exception. the special robots helping run the games tonight.
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>> olympic athletes will arrive to a special greeting for the upcoming tokyo games. tokyo is developing humanoid robots to interact with humans as the official mascot of the games. they are remote control by a human operator but have on board cameras that recognize faces and facial expressions kind of cute. can also interact with guests with handshakes head nods and blinking eyes. toyota says the tokyo 2020 games give them a unique opportunity to show off japanese robot technology despite fans being banned from
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the games. >> the u.s. consumer product safety commission is suing amazon for allegedly selling hazardous products to customers some of the products named in the suit include carbon monoxide detectors that don't actually work. several children's pajamas that can catch fire and nearly 400,000 hair dryers that could electrocute users if dropped in water, the products in question are not sold directly on amazon. they're sold by 3rd parties on the amazon platform. many of them are for amazon for its part, says it takes swift action when it comes to safety issues. but company executives claim they were just not given enough information before to take action on the products in question. >> still ahead, delays cancellations and long lines. the airlines struggling to keep up with the surg
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> air travel is taking off once again. yeah. more and more people are passing through airports for really some much needed summer vacations after a year and a half of pandemic. ing. yeah, no kidding. but more passengers means more traffic and longer delays at the terminal. >> believe it or not, airlines say that's actually ate good thing. marking martin explained. >> there's no doubt about it. americans are taking to the skies once again. people want to get the heck out of the house. i'm seeing the family 2
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and a half years now. it's time the summer surge helping the airline industry get back on track. this after 6 of the country's biggest carriers last 34 billion dollars in 2020, a crippling loss that is still being felt at airports around the world by flight was 3 and a half hours. the late july was pretty long. we've got it when we came out, it was really sure at first and then we got on the next side and it was a longer line airlines experiencing an unprecedented number of delays and cancellations due to staffing shortages. lack of airplane reserves, weather and tech issues. >> the week of july 4th southwest delayed. 51 1% of its flights american 34 and jetblue. 51% are plane was supposed to leave on friday. >> and delayed every hour. and rescheduled for monday. take a look at this video in saint lucia. >> american airlines passengers sleeping at the
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ticketing counters after their flight was rebooked for the following day and american couldn't offer overnight accommodations passenger aboard nolan calling it a nightmare. i think the animals in a kennel actually probably were treated better than they treated. >> their passengers at this point. but the traffic volume is favorable for airlines delta air lines on wednesday reporting its first quarterly profit since the pandemic hit. >> and american airlines on track toward recovery that carrier going from losing a 100 million dollars a day during the pandemic to banking. 1 million dollars a day. and i know it isn't fun. but when you see long lines to their security in the sea lines of people. >> waiting to buy something to eat or full airplanes and so on. that's progress. this is a good sign. >> that was markie martin reporting for us. the other travel headache right now is the lengthy process are trying to get your passport. according to the u.s. state department, the turnaround time for a passport is about
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18 weeks expedited passports can be delivered in 12 before the pandemic. it usually took about 6 to 8 weeks. lot of waiting, right. and if you need to reach delta airlines by phone any time soon. good luck with that. the airline ceo says call volume is beyond anything. >> delta is seen before. the airline says average. wait time is an hour, but some customers have reported waiting as long as 9 hours to get a human on the line. delta ceo says they have hired more people. but he does not expect wait times to improve until september at the earliest. >> i let's talk about the weather right our producer tells us that this is a live shot, believe it or not, of tokyo, the site of the olympics. lot of people walking around. it is about 10 o'clock in the morning. there. >> pretty cool about to ramp up. we've got the robots. they're saying hi to people blinking their eyes. yeah. chief meteorologist lawrence humans make mistakes. but
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yeah, you don't do that. thank you very much of yet. rarely rarely does that ever happen? a guys. we are. we are tracking some of though, that you have really keep a close eye on. we've been talking about all the drought conditions, the fire danger. well, now we've got the monsoon to worry about. and that's pretty typical of the bay area this time of year as high pressure builds in back out of the 4 corners office and you get some moisture wrapped around that and it can actually bring some rain, some thunderstorms to the states. really watch out for that the next couple of days so far looks like we're just dealing with some fog through saturday. now things begin to change that by sunday afternoon. you see this in pools of the clouds begin to roll back up into the bay area, even picking up on some moisture over the sierra nevada. now, sometimes you can get what's called dry lightning basically you get some thunderstorms that develop. but the air beneath those thunderstorms are so dry. any rain that falls evaporate before it can hit the ground. that makes it very dangerous because the ground doesn't get wet. if you get a lightning strike and so that
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fire can start very, very easily. now we're going to see that monsoon continue as we head into monday with some muggy conditions as well. after that things begin to settle down that ridge moves further the east again. but by the latter part of the week. it begins to roll back in. i think maybe the more substantial subtropical moisture making its way back into the bay area and across california. you have to be watching out for the fire situation because of those storms. all right. outside right now. we've got that nice fog. that is helping to suppress any fire conditions around the bay area. air quality is looking fantastic to you get that. nice see breeze and that clears out all the air from the north bay. the coast, the east bay, the south bay, you name it. we're looking good. now. the clouds are gathering again, but it doesn't look like it's going to be as thick overnight tonight temperatures all over the board right now. you've got 57 degrees and cool with the fog in san francisco and your sunny and 80 in concord. 76 in livermore, 70 in san jose and 63 degrees in oakland tomorrow. temperatures in the 60's into san francisco. you're still talking. maybe some 70's into oakland 76
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degrees in san jose. some pleasant weather there. still hot in parts of the state, though, may be as high as a 100 degrees in bakersfield tomorrow afternoon. 81 degrees, los angeles about 90 in sacramento, 98 in reading much cooler weather as you approach the coastline. so overnight tonight, low clouds going to surge on shore again. maybe not as thick as it's been, but we're still going to see some of that drizzle out for the beaches. we've been seeing a whole lot of that over the almost the entire month of july actually. but by the afternoon tomorrow, little bit of a northerly component. the winds that should be just enough to clear out your skies a bit and that's going help warm the temperatures up starting tomorrow more so on saturday and sunday. and then the muggy conditions, some of that monsoonal moisture rolls in late sunday and into monday, guys. thanks alerts. coming up, we continue our destination, california series with the trip to a small southern california town that has a little bit of something for the whole family.
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everything's fresh baked when we opened the by it seems now to tell you just on fresh and free of preservatives chris on and the base for any of the breakfast specialties last it's meant to be right away. one of the owners is from france and his for teams to locals and visitors alike. talk to the queen on the mountains. it's the perfect spot for free or close by or die situation. checking out the local animal sanctuary after you filled up for the day. you're going to grab a different kind of fuel and head out to the mountains. >> and alpine where this is the only place you can get up close and personal with a zebra. the children's nature retreat sits on 20 acres of land. they do private tours field trips and every animal has a story we have about a one different >> all those was the home i promise them that they would be there for home. they will have the best life possible. we had forces. we have a
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buy-in cables. so we have a meal friends and was also on site a maze built 345 all of trees that are growing and great for kids to enjoy. >> from exotic animals to farm favorites. the children's nature retreat has a unique environment where you get to interact with these animals. unlike any other. what i want them to is that how to behave yours, how to know. was because was when you all very nice to them. they asked hooper. nice to you you see all us everybody has a smile their face and that's what we will. i'm heather lake in alpine for destination, california. >> and you can scan this qr code with your phone. if you to go to our destination. california section. it's on our website. you can see some of the fun activities that we just showed you. we've been covering so will also find several stories on fun things to do across the entire state this summer. it's all on kron 4 dot com. i only cement is holiday trip to that's a long
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trip. i think that's right. you're already in diego and then they can pull it out. there you go. especially if you fuel up on those. >> cops, call watson to dine and dish special. it is to give me an idea. there you go. that wraps up. kron 4 news at 5 you being with us this hour. stick around, though. a lot more news ahead at kron 4 news at 6 pam moore is here with catherine heenan for that. all right. thank you. we're enjoying those destination, california. we want to take some they will come to. all right. coming up tonight at 6 o'clock concerns increasing tonight over the highly contagious covid delta variant health officials calling it covid on steroids as cases are increasing across california and now some counties implementing mask restrictions once again. >> and it is a huge growing problem in the bay area. we're talking about shoplifting shoplifters now targeting
5:57 pm
hardware stores and brazen theft. what's being done to try to stop a problem that's becoming. >> all too common. i'm catherine heenan i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6.
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>> at 6. the delta variant of the covid-19 virus is becoming more prevalent in california as a precaution. some counties are now recommending residents resume wearing masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne. it has been exactly a month since california got rid of that. the color-coded tier system. >> and finally, reopened. but because of the troubling spike in cases of the delta variant some places are bringing back mask mandates. officials in los angeles county are re implementing its mask mandate indoors. the county recorded more than 1500 new cases in the last 24 hours and in the past week each day has more than 1000 new cases. health officials say that's an 83% increase. the new masking order goes into effect there at 1159 saturday night.


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