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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 15, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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previous days this week. so we're going to see more sunshine today and temperatures just a little bit more comfortable. this is going to add up to some really nice stuff. 50's for your current numbers. double in pittsburgh. livermore and conquered all of the mid 50's to start. so get the light jacket ready to go for your morning and then just look for to some nice weather later today i got more about that. still to come. first, though, on over to rain. it's still early. do we have any problems yet. it's still early. no major issues. we did have some earlier construction overnight. >> that was 80 westbound on that ash the avenue exit all lanes are closed there. 5.80, was still open. so you can still get around that. they just lifted that at 05:00am as you're traveling into the city this morning. a little under 10 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit still fairly light. 7 minutes looks great. there. remember, if you are taking bart today, they're extendin that late night service. we have a full list at the hours and locations on our website at kron 4 headed across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes for you and look at the richmond. sandra fell commute we'll have more
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throughout the morning daryn. james, back to you. >> thanks a lot of rain 5 o'clock and breaking news in the south bay fire crews responded to a building that was on fire. in santa clara. we've got crawford. julius evans live at the scene now with a closer look at how things are shaping up now. all we certainly see the fire still going early. >> yeah. well, you know, there's a fire truck just along the side of this building on saratoga avenue not too far from the 2.80 exit. but i just arrive maybe about 10 minutes ago. firefighters says they're still trying to put out some of the hot spots here. you know, this, the fire broke out late last around 10 o'clock. we'll show you video when it was just raging in. this was something given to us by some of our crime kron 4 viewers still no word on what caused this fire, but it was pretty scary. now this building seems to be. >> an office building in its smack in the middle and
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surrounded by residential apartment. so i'm sure it must have been pretty scary for some of the people around here. luckily, this building is located on a parking lot. so they're somewhat of a defensive line between the building and the residential areas. but it was a vicious fire just being out here right now. and trying to look through the dark. it looks like this whole building is basically demolished. it seemed like it the for the fire spread through all 4 corners of the building. it seems like this building has several businesses in it. it doesn't look like anyone is going to be able to function today out of out of this building. but if you want to come back out live to me to still see some of the flames going on. and this is. >> in inside the building right there. you can see that that's that's still pretty you know, a blazing still pretty strong out here. and so. >> i think firefighters are standing there letters. so
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right now so that they can shoot down on it be able to put it out. but as far as. >> you know, anybody getting hurt in this fire. luckily, one was hurt. it doesn't seem that people were in the building. but i still haven't quite come from that. most likely since it happened at 10 o'clock at night. >> somebody was working late or person. you know, we still don't know what caused this fire over her. >> back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot. we'll check in with you later and see what kind of progress to make annually. now to another big story this morning shoppers and one santa rosa community are on edge right now. following a shooting at a safeway parking lot will tran is live there this morning with the details will. >> daria james, it's quiet this morning. you can see plenty of cars in the parking lot unusual for 5 o'clock in the morning. presumably these cars are left behind because this was a crime scene. some more than likely they will have to come back a little bit
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later this morning to pick up their cars because for hours this whole parking lot. and there's a safe way right behind me. this whole parking lot was lockdown because investigators were here. now let me pull up a map for you. just so you know, this location, this is on marlowe road is about the 1800 block of marlowe road in santa rosa, which is off of highway 12 about 3 miles off of the freeway. this happened when there was still light up at the time or 8 o'clock at night. so there were shoppers moving about all of a sudden at least one shot was fired at a particular person. not sure if that person was targeted, if it was random. but we do know that the friend of this person actually took him to the hospital to be treated and reportedly at this particular time. that man is in critical condition and yes, it did happen in a parking lot. a lot of stores around surveillance video should be available. >> to the police department as the day moves on the shut it down for several hours, but it is clear this morning and even
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though there were shoppers out, there could be surveillance video at this particular child time. james and area. they have not been able to release a description of the shooter or shooters. but you can clearly see and let me step out of the way. just to show you. i've covered many stories in the morning at parking lots. and just to see. so many cars at this particular time that clearly says they can't be all workers. of course, that clearly says these people were told they have to come back at another time to pick up their cars because again, this was a crime scene. back to you. all right. thank you very much. well, time now is 5. '05, in the north bay. police are trying to find whoever killed a 15 year-old child in vallejo. >> there was a shooting on main street east of bear island way. and when the police got there, that's when they found the teenage boy who had been shot. he died at the scene. in the east bay. there's an effort to improve crimes and gun violence.
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oakland's police chief leronne armstrong is holding conversations with community leaders and residents. and while some activists appreciate the steps. they say that actions speak louder than words. they say that the neighborhoods need more resources and investment in youth programs. >> all these kids are trying to find their power and their safety and a way to sustain themselves. it is a job to provide that for them. and instead what we're doing is we're funding the police with almost most of the police. but budget to to just punish these kids who don't have the resources. you don't have the community programs going of the art classes and don't have the hope that their education system is going to try to push them into the prison pipeline. they keep trying to record conversations. it sounds like me trying to lead a woman's health group on how they should do what they need to do that's not what we need to know. people need them to listen. we need them to hear us and we need them to take
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the actions that we requesting of them if they do not do that, they cannot deal trucks. >> during the meeting. officials also stressed the importance of people understanding how the police department functions. many who attended the meeting. the police say do have very little knowledge about how the department runs. >> speaking of police departments of walnut creek police department has a new chief city officials say the san leandro police captain jamie knox will now lead the walnut creek police department knox will begin his duties on july 26 to take over for interim chief dan pratt has been on the job since april walnut creek slash permanent chief tom chaplin, retired late last year. also in the east bay, the search for phillip cray-chick who went missing during a run in pleasanton ridge regional park has now officially been scaled back there are still, however, volunteers out there looking for him. let's go to kron 4. sarah stinson. >> she's been covering this from the start in pleasanton. so sarah, why have the police
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suspended the search and others are still looking. >> because they said they have not found anything has been day 6. they really listen to their experts their search and rescue experts who a lot of them. hundreds of them are volunteers. but this is what they do for a living and they're good at what they do and they've been here for 6 days now and so when they tell the sheriff's office in the police department. we're finding anything and we're not quite sure if we will at this point. also, we heard yesterday from pleasanton pd is that they said, you know, it's a risk and reward type of thing. they're sending all these people up into a terrain that is very rugged and it's hurting people. we know at least one person for yesterday in the search and that kind of push police and officials to suspend or not spend really, but just kind of scale back. well, it feels like suspend because i'm here at the foothili high school right now and the command center has
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been completely broken down the video. you can see it well, a machine. it was busy here for the last couple of days. i've been here all week long. and now i'm the last one here. no news media, no police officers. nobody. nobody setting up to us to go up there today. so will be interesting to see if they go up at all what their plan is for the day out. we'll have to check in with them over the phone because it doesn't seem like there's going to be a briefing here. and of course, volunteers. they've never given up hope these are not only it's not only run by friends and family. but it's also just people in the running community and people all over the bay area wanting to help bring home 37 year-old phillip cray-chick who went missing on saturday went for a run and never returned home. i think a lot of people are invested in this and unfortunately nothing has come up in their search. let's hear now the sheriff's office. >> you know, we are definitely at a point where we are. i'm a little perplexed as to why we haven't found philip yet, but
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we'll keep working and where there's hopeful. we'll keep working the community support has been outstanding and obviously that's a story in and of itself. the community has been great and the the family once again, as has expressed her sincere gratitude. >> so while the search efforts on the officials side is truly scaling back. i i didn't expect to see nobody here in the command center broken down because yesterday in my interview with pleasanton pd. they said that they're going to be here today. but they won't be if experts tell them that it's not worth it at this point. and they said there's 2 scenarios. they've been saying this over and over either phillips up there and he's incapacitated and they can't find him in a it in for a technology picking him up. for a reason. and gosh, we hope it's not that or he's not up there at all. and that's where the investigation part comes in. a pleasant pd has been tracking phillips timeline from the moment he left his
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house to being at that trailhead here in pleasanton. yesterday they confirmed they saw him on video. you know, putting a package at a place sending off a just before coming on this run. so now they just need to track him down and figure out what happened because darya james, this is truly sad to see. i know a lot of people are wondering where is phill up an everyday. people thought, you know, this is the day and unfortunately today is day 6. and we're seeing this search effort really scaled down all chicken with volunteers and get back to you on the latest. thank you very much, sir. >> time now is 5.11. >> and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a bay area woman is arrested for a scam involving fake vaccine cards. we're going to have more about. what she also is accused of doing. and the bay area city is stepping up. shutting down a sports bar. we're going to tell you about
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why they're doing this. they're saying part of it is drugs and prostitution. and after the break, millions of americans could be waking up to find more money in their bank accounts. where did come from and who's getting it. and as you're stepping outside this morning, you'll notice still some fog in gray out there. but later today, the coast finally tapping into more and more sunshine you'll see a good dose of clear skies later on today. >> our inland and bay side cities. plenty of sunshine stays around. but our coolest temperatures of the week highs. mostly only in the 70's and what your forecast ahead. >> and your thursday morning commute has been light for the most part this morning to some earlier construction that has since been cleared off. we'll have a look at your drive times as you commute across the bay after the break.
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♪ ♪ without talking find a fridge that fits your budget. and your good taste. explore the showrooms of style at lowe's. shop exclusive hisense appliances. >> 5.15, right now. our checking out the weather really nothing in your way this morning. i don't know yeah. pretty as we were mentioning earlier. >> like unremarkable. yes, which is what you want as you're heading into work. you remarkable whether nothing getting in your way. yeah. and that's kind of i i want nothing to we want boring do we have that morning? you've got boring weather, but it's so boring. it's good excellent lake 70's and sunshine will take that kind of boring
5:16 am
weather in the day and today is going to be a boring but very nice looking outside this morning. you do have some cloud cover out there. >> back to the same. that is not a change from where we've been so far this week we've seen the low gray each and every day that actually clears a little bit quicker out today. so you're going to see some sunshine earlier on and you're going to get a healthier dose of sunshine at the coast and even you saw yesterday. so we really are in store for a nice one. the reason behind this, the high pressure ridge not influencing our weather pattern as much. and we're actually just at the very bottom of this trough that's drawing in some cooler air to the region and we're going to be tapping into that today resulting in the coolest temperatures of the week. today. winds from the coastline. not going to be remarkable on the lighter side. in fact, just enough to carry and a little bit of that fog that we do have this morning. 50's 60's for your highs and as staff as well as right along the coastline today. well, temperatures along or bayshore cities in the 60's to 70's burlingame at 67 saying carlo 72 palo alto, a perfect 74 like we said,
5:17 am
unremarkable. but nice san jose at 76 degrees today union city and hayward on up through oakland. all 60's well, conquered a nice 77 a break from the heat for sure. so no, but also at 77 only 3 80's popping up on the map. antioch pittsburgh in vacaville being those spots. santa rosa nevado each at 75 today. here's a look ahead. next 7 days do gradually. get a bit warmer so savor. this one, if you really enjoy the cool feel tomorrow. still really nice, though. just a warmer inland saturday and sunday getting a bit warmer yet by monday and tuesday. it's actually back to the 90's inland a little on the muggy side, too. so the start to the weekend and to this workweek looking beautiful tom, thank you for that. we are tracking your traffic this thursday morning. >> and here at the bay bridge a little under 2 minutes of traffic looks great. still at 8 minutes fairly early, though the san mateo bridge traveling across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays for
5:18 am
your morning commute. a little under 14 minutes. checking on things down in the south bay, one o one 8285 to 80 no major issues. we had some earlier accidents along since been cleared out about 27 minutes for your drive traveling towards middle park. also checking out 8.80. you can see looks pretty major delays along there as you're traveling san leandro to 38 to milpitas to 37. you can do that. about 90 minutes. we'll have more coming up during james, back to you. thank you, ray. 5.18. and today 10's of millions of families are going to start getting the first payment of their expanded. >> child tax credit eligible families with children. 17 and younger will begin receiving checks from the federal government. >> this is all part of president biden's plan to help families through this pandemic. let's go to washington, dc correspondent kelli meyer in dc for the very latest in details about this money. hi, kelly. hi, guys. parents. check your bank account because the federal government says the first payment is already on its way.
5:19 am
some families could receive a total of $3600 per child under the age of 6. >> beginning today. >> continued really from president joe biden's american rescue plan is heading to bank accounts this morning as we still work to recover from the pandemic as many as 39 million families could receive benefits from the federal child tax credit providing extra cash for parents through the end of the year and for a poor family that's worried about paying the rent. we're putting food on the table. this is a godsend parents could receive up to $300 a month for each child under the age of 6 $250 a month for each child ages 6 to 17 democrats are pushing to make the payments permanent so families can make these plans long term. but republicans say that comes with a price tag that's too high liberal policies are overspending. >> over borrowing. and hurting our economy.
5:20 am
>> republicans are calling the credit a child allowance and say it's keeping parents from returning to work. president biden will give an address on the rollout at the white house this morning. senate democrats plan to do the same here on capitol hill reporting live in washington. i'm kelly meyer. all right. thank you very much, kelly. 5.19 and governor newsome is promoting his california comeback plan. it's a package that includes 5.2 billion dollars. >> in rental assistance for low income tenants affected by the pandemic. and it also includes another 2 billion dollars to help with utilities eligible tenants can get 100% of their back and future rent through september paid off. regardless of their immigration status. >> this is available to all eligible individuals and families households earned anywhere from 50 to 80% of federal poverty, family of 4 in la county. ron $95,000 a year.
5:21 am
>> meantime, the state's pandemic related to eviction moratorium for those struggling to pay the rent expires, september 30th. governor newsome says it's unlikely that will be extended again as the economy continues vta railyard and the disturbing information he passed on to authorities. that story coming up.
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>> we're back at 5.24 in the south bay. newly obtained documents show details about the man who murdered 9 of his vta co-workers back in may in the report. details about a solo trip to sam cassidy took 5 years ago to the philippines. was there. the report says that during the baggage exam, some books about terrorism and fear and manifestos were found along with a black memo book filled with lots of notes and how he hates the vta. custom agents asked cassidy if you have problems at work with anyone and he said no and that he only had these books because he was curious. there were also notes apparently on his
5:25 am
dark thoughts about harming and vandalizing 2 specific people. again, that's a direct quote from authorities. they say the names are redacted in the report. so it's unclear if they are 2 of the 9 shooting victims. it's actually quite chilling, really this information was found. >> and this is what mr cassidy. ultimately did the responsibility for this horrible mass shooting is mister cassidy's. but as a district attorney, i'm determined to do everything i can to make sure you are that there's not another mass shooting like this and that means information sharing between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement. >> cassidy also apparently had a list of priorities for his trip written in his memo book and one of those priorities. apparently said was to die there. the santa clara county district attorney plans to meet with federal and local law enforcement in the next few weeks to talk about what
5:26 am
they'll do to make sure information like this is shared with local agencies in the future. >> time now is 5.25. coming up next, details about the arrest of former 40 niner richard sherman. we're going to listen to the 911, call that his wife may. >> and bart is getting closer to prepandemic life. i'm camila barco live in the newsroom with its a limited late by service starting today.
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>> 5.20. right now we're taking a look at coit tower all lit up. this morning. you can tell how foggy it is there. but on a scale of one to 10, it's about what you think to. yeah. i was going be a 3 2 or 3 along a foggy we've we've got low fog out there. john visibility on the high side actually doesn't look too bad out there. yeah. fog isn't too. too bad this morning. that's definitely right as you're making your way into work, you'll notice the grey sitting over head and maybe a couple of spots where you may be driving through here and there. but visibility hasn't been much of an issue so far this morning. >> and skies are actually going quite clear, even quicker than they did the past couple of days looking outside at our walnut creek camera. we have 24 moving along just fine
5:30 am
there underwater clear skies out towards walnut creek. it really is the coast in just the bay side. that's in the some areas of the low grade that we do have that, as i mentioned, are going to clear out on the quicker side, current temperatures are mostly in the 50's right now. it's alameda at 55 oakland, conquered hayward and fremont at 56 degrees. so jackets this morning. then look forward to a really nice afternoon, which i'll get to still to come, reyna don, thank you for that. we're tracking your traffic for you this morning headed into the city. no major issues or delays. >> a little under 10 minutes. 5.80, are also still pretty light at this hour. heading across towards the peninsula. san mateo bridge looks great. 13 minutes for your drive. we also had an overnight fatality, a traffic collision here. motorcyclists, foxworthy avenue and rubino drive in san jose and so that investigation is still ongoing. you can use alternate routes like hillsdale avenue. but it's not impacting any other major highways. no issues along 8782 or one. oh, one as you're traveling. they're also checking on highway 4 looks
5:31 am
pretty great. 14 minutes traveling towards concord at 2.42 daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot right now. so we're following a big story this morning. former 40 niner in stanford along richard sherman is sitting in a seattle jail this morning as he awaits a hearing today, as we know, he was denied bail after being accused of domestic burglary. domestic violence. >> all of this started early yesterday morning. washington state patrol was called about an suv. >> that crashed into a barrier in a construction zone and that vehicle is registered sherman. sherman. was there. the police were talking to him. and when they said that we have. cause to make an arrest. that's when he started to walk away. and they used a police dog. >> yeah. before that herman's wife called police saying he was apparently drunk trying to break into the home of his in-laws police arrived. and that's when as daryn mentioned, they arrested and while sherman didn't physically harm anyone. he was nonetheless charged with domestic burglary violence to
5:32 am
his relationship with the people inside of that house. and i do want to say that at this his wife statement is that he's a good person. >> this isn't is a character. we're doing all right. i want people to know that nobody was injured. but here's 911. call from his wife. and here's what she said on the night. he was arrested. >> he's trying to leave now and how it could be a growth of you directly with my uncle. he threatened to kill him. go. and he's saying that if the police are look, that please don't shoot is what i'm asking. >> and as i said, police didn't double using a canine to assist in the arrest. the results of the blood test for intoxication won't be known for weeks because the police said they could smell something in his wife did talk about him drinking a couple of bottles of alcohol sherman is currently a free agent in the nfl after doing 3 years with the forty-niners. so we'll keep you updated as more information comes in on this
5:33 am
story. >> also have a nice day. far is bringing back limited late night service kron four's camila barco with more on that. hi camilla. >> hello, daryn game. so, yeah, this limited service is going to give people more time to write as in-person work and nightlife resumes for many and bart will run this late night service starting today at 11:30pm. if you take a look at this map for trains will leave the embarcadero ourc civic center. there will be 8 stocks in san francisco. and in the east bay like daly city west oakland, pleasant hill and bay fair. no other stops will be made along the lines. the locations on this map. now limited service fronts, thursdays fridays and saturdays and it's an operation for the next 3 weekends until july 31st. but that's not all. this limited service help staff prep for longer hours of operation starting august. second part will then extend its operating hours to midnight on weekdays and saturdays. the trains will
5:34 am
run every 15 to 30 minutes depending on the time of day. and there are 4 trains per hour sunday's service will run until 09:00pm. and this is this will be the first time barr is running trains until midnight since the pandemic began. a majority of them were running until 09:00pm. once we went into lockdown and this is just another sign that we're moving on from the pandemic started. james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. camila. >> time now is 5.34 in the south bay, the city of san jose is taking a bold step to try to shut down gov a sports bar. it's a business where they say there are drugs and prostitution. the city recently filed a lawsuit asking a judge to close the bar down saying it's a public nuisance. this after more than a month after a deadly crash at that bar killed one woman and injured 2 others. investigators say the 32 year-old alex moreno was under the influence of drugs and
5:35 am
alcohol when he crashed his truck into a group that were dining and outdoor area and that killed diana to a worker at the bar. detectives say that shortly before the crash moreno got oral from a woman in that truck in the lawsuit. the city claims that that bar is draining police resources because of the number of emergency calls that are made their calls in which officers have responded to multiple reports of fights and drugs and weapons in gunfire. well, national gun rights group is now fighting san jose's attempt to require an annual gun fee and gun liability insurance. >> the national foundation for gun rightd sent a cease and desist letter to mayor sam liccardo and the city council saying that the requirements would violate the second amendment. a spokesperson for the group says and will quote him here. a right that you have to pay a tax to exercise is not right at all. you wouldn't dream of imposing a tax to attend a church or read a newspaper which are
5:36 am
protected by the first amendment end quote. now mair the coroner's office says the city will move forward with its plans despite this letter, the city council is expected to vote on the changes in september. an ap. a woman is under arrest now for reportedly offering medicine claiming it could prevent people from getting covid federal agents claim that the scheme involved fake vaccine cards with falsified dates and a lot of numbers of the moderna vaccine or lot numbers of the moderna vaccine. federal agents allege that julie cents neuropathic doctor offered to sell pallets to families and minor children telling them to, quote, unscrew the cap poor 2 to 4 pellets from the cap and dumped under the tongue. also stating that the palace would offer, quote, lifelong immunity to covid-19 agents also alleged that she was falsifying documents of children's immunization records for schools. financial records as well. she's currently in custody now and facing 2 federal charges of wire fraud and false
5:37 am
statements in relation to health care matters. >> new details about the plane that crashed into a home in monterey county. now investigators say both the pilot and the passenger were killed in the crash. nobody was in the home when that plane crash that happened in the montura ranch neighborhood off highway 68 and near the monterey airport. the faa says the plane had just taken off from that airport in monterey. they still don't know what happened. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a warning for pet owners in the south bay. >> several dogs have been attacked by coyotes. all in one particular neighborhood. we're going to tell you where. and after the break. from the grocery store to the gas station. everything is costing more. and we are going to be seeing clearing skies quicker than we have the past few days across the bay as a foe looks good. there's obviously great overhead, though. that's not going to last for long.
5:38 am
>> temperatures later on mostly in the 70's today, even for a further inland areas. i've got the details in your forecast. >> and we're keeping a close eye on your traffic on this thursday morning commute. i've got an accident to tell you about in the south, they will have more on that coming up. we'll get back from break. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. hide my skin? not me.
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book your annual eye exam now. lenscrafters. because sight. >> but she's mi 5.40. is the time for your money this
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morning. if you're finding your hard earned money isn't going as far as it used to because consumer prices are also continue to rise across the country and here in the bay area. well, you're not alone. lot of people feeling the pinch. and here's a quick example. over the last 2 months. the cost of meat poultry fish eggs. all of that's jumped more than 6%. and the reason behind this increase is apparently increased demand and limited supply. but even if the demand goes up. that supply catches up some economists believe the government must wind down its spending to curb these higher prices. >> people were able to save quite a bit during the pandemic because they simply weren't able to spend the money out at restaurants and shops the way we normally do. however, if we allow inflation to continue its going to pull away at that and make the money that people have accumulated less and less valuable over time. >> one way to curb inflation is through raising interest rates. but at this point the fed has indicated it has no plans to do that. we'll be
5:42 am
right back. my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth,
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and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. >> petaluma now has mandatory water use restrictions because of the drought. people who don't follow the rules could face a heavy fine. petaluma is
5:45 am
goal is to reduce consumption by 25%. so take a look at how watering lawns is restricted now only allowed to water from tuesday night until wednesday morning from thursday night until friday morning. and saturday night to sunday morning. other restrictions. no washing pavement or cars at home turn off all water fountains. no filling new pools or spas and these mandates will be enforced. first violation 100 bucks. second one could cost a 500. and the 3rd time they catch you violating $1000. interesting. all right. well, 5.45, let's get over to the weather center. talk about the. >> ongoing drought conditions that we're experiencing and how there really is. no end in sight at the moment. yeah. and you know, john, you never like to wash your car and i don't blame you write. so that doesn't wait. what but i just think about people who, you know, i know things, people like things clean. but seriously. can you imagine the if it right really need to
5:46 am
clean the pavement right now. i don't sell let it let it go, right. yeah. we don't need to clean up a clean sidewalks driveways that's below cars. yeah, it really is pretty low already we'll give you a shower. the you can do the shower with the water bottles >> we are looking at dry conditions. only persisting each and every thursday we do see a release of the new drought monitor. and we are looking at that latest drought monitor today not showing a whole lot of changes from where we were. but it doesn't show any positive changes either. just a little bit further expansion that exceptional drought further south of the bay area. you're nor cal how the weather center forecast this morning does show some low gray sitting right over the bay itself. the exploratorium cam right here in the midst of some of that fog. there are some misty spots out there to note. but what we are going to be seeing is a quicker clearing of this fog than what we have seen the past few days and yesterday we already cleared out quicker than the day before. so that's telling you something right
5:47 am
there skies will clear out and then we've got nice sunshine later on high pressure to the east. and we do have a nice little trough that's bringing along with it. some cooler air. so it's not even just that sea breeze but rather just a pattern change that is resulting in this nice little cool down. that really peaks today. today's daytime highs are going to be the coolest still a subtle sea breeze that's going to push that fog right along the coastline at times. but you do get a solid window of sun for most of our coastal areas, at least 50's and 60's for sf today. 50's for most of our coastal spots. little bit of sunshine out there. still a brisk wind, though. so keep the jackets on hand burlingame at 67 while foster city 68 redwood city down through mountain view and woodside each at 73 while looking at mid 70's for the south bay san jose at 76 today east bay daytime highs 60's to 70's for you too. no 80's in livermore danville, though. you're close. it's a comfortable range of 70's north bay temps. a couple of 80's mixed in there pittsburgh
5:48 am
in vacaville among those spots while napa at 72 sonoma at 77 santa rosa and nevada reach at 75 getting a look ahead at our next 7 days. so tomorrow saturday sunday we're mostly in the 80's back inland. so we start to get a little bit warmer into the weekend. but still comfortable intolerable monday and tuesday. our hottest days. that's when we'll see some 90's returning inland and also a muggy feel across the bay. so that's to say enjoy today. enjoy the weekend before we do get that warm up less comfortable feel into early next week. reyna john, thank you for that. we do have an accident here in the south bay. this is northbound. 6.80, south. >> king road. and as you can see, along not see much of a delay. it's just a little bit along one. oh, one, we're having some slow down there. >> traveling into the city this morning under 13 minutes for your drive time to that freeman street exit no major issues there. >> heading across towards the peninsula under 14. you can make that commute. richmond sandra fell bridge also nice and live for us at under 8 minutes tracking your thursday
5:49 am
morning commute. darren james, back to you. thanks a lot of rain. that's 5.48 the south bay close to a dozen dogs have been attacked. >> recently by coyotes and it's all happening in one san jose neighborhood. one person says his dog has been followed by code is more than one swift crop or says it you now with the story. >> multiple reports of aggressive coyotes preying small dogs who live with their owners inside this private gated senior living community at the villages golf and country club in settles. a some attacks have been deadly. >> we've seen them in norwalk and we've been followed by them. >> i would say we need you photo. that's coming >> yeah. she's a female. so there's been times where she's been followed by by coyotes. >> yeah, it's very concerning. david ballard has lived in this area for over 20 years and says he's noticed more coyotes of the neighborhood recently. i believe that the county coming down for the water causes little stream
5:50 am
that flows in this area, the these are also looking for alternative food sources says the spokesperson for california fish and wildlife. >> kid. probably a coat is are extremely adaptable animals that learned to live alongside humans in residential area and that they're normally afraid of right. but given access to food. they'll lose their fear will become habituated and will become aggressive the management at the villages golf and country club has a website dedicated to keep residents informed about coyote sightings. the best ways to coexist with the animals. >> so essentially the best ways to prevent coyotes from coming on your property is to eliminate or attracts that means seal your guard, feel your pet if you've got a bird or another source of water. make sure that's not accessible. when we do we do try to walk a little bit more quickly and we just want her back. >> make sure there's not going to you know, the times on a
5:51 am
pick up a stick or a rock or something to chase them away. >> in san has it wrote for news. >> five-fifty right now. a developing story. brittany spears. doing cartwheels a literally over the court's decision that she gets to have her own attorney and fight for her right to. be the boss of her own affairs. she tweeted out that video of her celebrating. so now she is going to take the next steps to try to get the conservatorship. and did she wants her father to not be in charge of her. you know, personal and financial stuff anymore. she described being denied things during this whole thanks 13 years now that she's been other people then running the show. things like she can't have coffee. she can ever driver's license in her possession. it just it to the point that she said she forced to be on birth control the attorney, an attorney for spears father disputes. a lot
5:52 am
of these claims saying the only saying that he is ever done over the pass 2 years he's ever been in charge of his her money, not her life per se. >> well, we'll see how this turns out that that's the latest chapter so far. we'll take a break. it's 5.51. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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time. if you use neutrogena or aveeno sunscreen. you're going want to check the bottle. several put. yeah. the been recalled several anyway. so let's tell you what you need to know. here's the list. johnsonejohnson which owns both brands identified benzene in some samples of the products. and although there were low levels. benzene can cause cancer with repeated exposure. so what you get rid of these bottles, a few, if any of these items that we should get a refund just like all the number that's on your screen while bottom and we put kron 4 dot com. that's not supposed to be in there. i mean, i don't look at it a million ingredients you know, so screen. make sure you check the brand and the type on the screen and then i like michael's store for a refund. your island. >> of like i said, hey, so kron, 4 dot com. we'll have that list up all day for so you're telling me to go let let this is about to know
5:56 am
where to look go. i'll go on the web in a second ago. >> 5.55 right now and the nba 2 k video game is making history this year announcing the first female basketball player to appear on the cover. chicago sky forward. candace parker on the w on the nba. 2 k 20 to cover for the wnba 25th anniversary. special edition. it is going to be released. september 10th. she says it means a lot to her. >> i think when you're young and you kind of like experience. he said things. it's kind like you're on to the next. but as got older kind of like really savor the moment and i grew up a video game fanatics. that's what i did. so the point where like my brothers used to give you the fake control or i was younger and i used to think i was playing. i was all i want do is just be like all of this adorable. >> this is a big thing, james and see people our age go make used to be a wheaties box. yes, you know, like that was now it's just a cover of a deal to she's 35 years old.
5:57 am
former mvp saying that she knows that there's a lot of players. >> who could have been the first so she is honored and humbled that she's the graduations to her or we'll take a break. it's 5.56 coming up in the 6 o'clock hour. >> a massive fire breaks out overnight in the south bay. we're going to be live at the scene with the breaking details on that and the search is on for that missing runner again. 6th day. now, first responders though it turns out are starting to scale back their search efforts. we'll have a live report from the
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for joining in. at 6 o'clock. we've got lots of good stuff for you this morning. start off the day and starting over pretty good weather to yeah, it looks nice outside john's got our forecast for today and. >> of course, we're always looking towards the weekend, john still looking. all right. we were already talking. we yeah. still looking good guys. i'd say enjoy today and the weekend because next week we do get a little hot and even a little bit muggy come monday. >> in the meantime, today we've got our coolest weather and some of our clear skies to even at the coastline. you've got a good dose of sunshine in store for you later on this morning into afternoon. as of right now, not talking a lot of sun just yet. most of us are still under this low gray, which is just become the norm during our morning hours. you're berkeley hills cam the same as its look the past few


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